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Beef Jerky

To dream of beef jerky represents feelings about sustaining yourself in a long-lasting, tough way, with a sense of being convenient or straightforward easy. Your perception of challenging experiences that you believe will require endurance, resilience, and the ability to sustain energy or enthusiasm over a long period without needing to think about it too seriously. Life situations that demand long-term resourcefulness or tenacity, but in a way that feels second nature or not overly burdensome to you.

Positively, dreaming about beef jerky may indicate that you feel well-prepared with a straightforward attitude for the long haul, whether that's a project, relationship, or any endeavor requiring sustained effort. It may symbolize the feeling of being 'tough enough' to get through whatever life throws at you, armed with resources that won't spoil or fade quickly.

Negatively, dreaming of beef jerky could represent feelings of a situation being a slog or a struggle, requiring you to continually tough it out with a sense of being an unimportant or easy person who doesn't mind it. It may suggest the perception that your current challenges aren't just a 'quick fix' but rather demand ongoing resilience while you might not be respecting yourself with current methods. You might also feel that the only available means of sustenance or progress in your life currently are far from luxurious or enjoyable.

Example: A man dreamed of sprinkling strips of dried beef with ground black pepper for a new beefy jerky product he was releasing. In waking life, he was preoccupied with avoiding wasting time and his perception of himself as being too masculine and confident. In this case, the product release of dried beef jerky may have reflected his feelings about offering advice to people professionally that was convenient and straightforward, yet effective for long-term challenges.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of being caught under a bed by her boyfriend's father's girlfriend and being insulted by her saying "What's this beef jerky doing here?" In waking life, she was insecure and had doubts about enjoying going away on vacation with her boyfriend in the coming summer vacation and being accepted by his family. In this case, being insulted as beefy jerky may have reflected her insecurities about being perceived as some desperate easy girlfriend who embarrasses herself being tough with readiness to endure a whole summer with her boyfriend's family without being a burden to them.


To dream of beer represents relaxed attitude that feels good not needing to care about about issue. Psychological relaxation on an issue such as taking a break from a serious issue or telling someone a secret you've been keeping. Choosing to reduce the seriousness of a situation. Being laid back about an issue. You or someone else may be very comfortable with the way things are. Choosing to not work very hard. Laziness or taking time off. Insensitively believing you deserve to relax. An attitude that says "thank goodness I don't have to care about someone else's feelings making me stressed out anymore" while you relax on an issue. Feeling that you deserve to relax because you are already confident about winning. Gestures made to calm to relax issues that improve socializing. A prelude to positive or negative social change. A relaxing influence.

Negatively, dreaming about beer represents a relaxed attitude that feels good not needing to care about anyone else's feelings. Insensitively taking time off an issue. Not wasting any time relaxing that is insensitive to others. Leisurely taking time off that is dangerous or reckless. Leisurely attitude about a non-serious sexual relationship. Being overconfident about deserving to relax. Opening up about secrets or guilty issues.

To get drunk off beer represents excessive pleasure, or enjoyment. You may be "overdoing it" in some area of your life. You are so interested in something that it clouds your judgment or ability to focus on other issues.

To dream of attacking someone with an empty beer bottle represents not feeling good believing that time was wasted on thinking nothing was serious.

To dream of a light or lite beer may reflect feelings about respecting yourself not being too serious about taking time off or relaxing on an issue.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the daughter of a man at her workplace she was interested in dating drinking a beer and smoking. In waking life she was disappointed by the guy she wanted to date when she found out he was only interested in dating her because a girl he was more interested in dating at her workplace was dating someone else. The beer in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the man she was interested in dating having an insensitive attitude about leisure romantic time spent with her while he waited for the woman he actually wanted to date to become single.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of holding a beer that she didn't drink. In waking life she was preparing to tell a friend a secret that might hurt the friend's feelings. The beer in this case may have reflected her feelings about needing to be insensitive about herself emotionally relaxing about the secret needing to be told to her friend.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of not wanting a light beer in a can and preferring it in a glass. In waking life she didn't like drifting apart from several relationships she had. In this case the light beer can that she didn't want while preferring a glass may have reflected her attitude about relaxing about accepting the loss of a relationship. She may not have wanted to feel empty about respectfully distancing herself from someone (can) and preferring to let the relationship go more respectfully (glass).

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To dream of beets represents feeling about experiences of feeling good that you don't have to like yourself in order to do something. A situation that is wonderful about why you have to do every single thing on your own without knowing what is going to happen next. Nothing exceptional is happening while needing to do everything yourself. A situation where nothing exceptional is happening while only feeling that it could be dangerous. Feeling that it's unusual that you'd have to safely do something dangerous looking. Feeling that an experience could be dangerous about needing to do everything yourself, but never is. Feeling good that nothing is fake, but you have to do everything yourself. A situation that feels good working or functioning because you have to do everything yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about beets may represent feeling good about self-defense that never needs to be violent. An healthy experience that notices no violence, while thinking about it. Jealousy of always needing to do things yourself in order to have a good time or feel safe. Nothing exceptional about why you have to do every single thing yourself in order to get something to work at all. Disliking being a professional when you don't want to be. Feeling exhausted in order to make a situation feel good working. Not wanting to lose something so you simply just keep on going.


To dream of berries represents a situation that feels good to choose. Enjoyment of choice you are making. Liking be able to decide something. Alternatively, it may reflect how nice it feels to have all that you like picked out for you.

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To dream of a beverage represents situations that are easy and replenish you. Taking a situation in without concern or difficulty. It may also reflect a situation that you can take your time with.

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Birthday Cake

To dream of a birthday cake represents a special occasion that makes you feel lucky or special. A special occasion that is shared with others. Something good has happened that is just for you. You may be getting exactly what you wanted. A wish may have been realized. Feelings about the specialness of pregnancy and socializing about it. Feeling that others need to notice and respect a situation being all about you.

If you see a birthday cake with blood on it may reflect a negative situation that overshadows your good luck or special occasion. It may also represent guilt you have with something negative you did to achieve your good fortune. Something bad has happened to overshadow or ruin socializing about a special occasion. A loss of some kind ruining a special occasion.

A pink birthday cake may reflect good fortune that you are obsessed with. Something good has happened and you want to experience it all the time. It may also reflect sexual favor during a special event. Someone may be flirting with during a special moment.

A cake with no candles may represent feelings about the specialness of a situation where you feel nobody is going to like you "making your wish" or choice.

Example: A woman dreamed that it was her friend's birthday and people showed up to ruin her birthday cake. In waking life the dreamer's friend was pregnant and the father was barely around to help her with the pregnancy. She felt she was never going to like having a child. The birthday cake being ruined in this case may have reflected feelings about the specialness of being pregnant or socializing to friends about it being ruined by the father of the pregnant woman not supporting the mother.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a birthday cake with no candles on it at the birthday party of a guy she liked. In waking she was single and liked 3 guys. The birthday cake with no candles on it may have reflected her feelings about the specialness of being lucky enough to pick from 3 guys that liked her while also thinking that 2 of the 3 guys wouldn't like her final decision or "making a wish" to be with one of the guys.

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To dream of biscuits represents feelings of enjoying knowing you are well behaved or that nothing you do is wrong. Enjoying thinking you are good person or are guilt free. Biscuits may be a sign that you are participating in activities that make you look like a good person or make you feel good about being a good person.

Negatively, a biscuits may reflect too much focus on telling yourself that you are a good person. Fearing looking guilty or that people think you are bad person. Fearing thinking that God doesn't think you are good person. Anxiety about thinking you are perfectly good person. Excessive need to prove you are a good person. A willingness to look stupid or waste money if it means you will be told you are good person. Giving up happiness in order to feel like a good person.

Example: A man dreamed of having picnics with biscuits he would butter. In waking life he was a devout born-again Christian who was making extra efforts to feel like a good person by doing as many Christian activities as he could.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating biscuits. In waking life he was accused of something serious and was quite persistent in defending his innocence.

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To dream of blackberries represents positive feelings about a dangerous situation. Liking knowing the worst is upon you or feeling good facing a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating a lot of blackberries. In real life she was pregnant and was enjoying herself getting ready to give birth knowing it may be difficult and painful.


To dream of blueberries represents feeling good about something that you realize isn't perfect. Enjoyment of something that you have a sobering opinion of. Enjoyment of something you are accustomed to. Enjoying something you feel could be better.

Often a dream symbol appearing to parents or expecting parents to reflect their feelings about the joys of parenthood being filled with constant headaches or hard work. Blueberries may also reflect the enjoyment of sex for the purpose of conceiving where enjoying the sex isn't a priority.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a blueberry tree covered in blueberries that hadn't fallen yet. In waking life she was trying to conceive and hadn't yet. The blueberry tree may have reflected her feelings about constant sex with her husband that wasn't perfectly enjoyable because she didn't care about anything except having children.


To dream of bologna sliced meat represents feelings of confidence that doesn't believe it's important to feel good. Sustenance or strength that you don't respect yourself having to tell anyone about. Confidence you have that isn't showing off feeling good richer than anyone else. Confidence that there is nothing special about or incredible about handling a problem on your own. Confidence that something is not special and doesn't need to be talked about. Confidence that you are not important, but still strong enough. A choice picked because you don't have to do anything else more important in the current moment. Confidence that doesn't need to reveal anything special about yourself. Nothing special type confidence on your own in the current moment and that you'll do something more important later on. A confident excuse that is only believable enough to help you in the current moment.

Negatively, bologna sliced meat may reflect feelings about confidence in dealing with a personal problem. Not liking someone and not telling them why. Confidence that doesn't have to be honest. Ridiculous untruths. Confidence with issues that are yours alone to deal with or that other people are not interested in caring about with you. Feeling that there is nothing incredible about believing in something. Lies that are strong enough to be believed short-term. Lies that other people notice as lies, but are still believed until you can perfectly disprove them. Cheap lies or cheap excuses. Dishonesty that technically gets away with it. Feelings about a scumbag that can technically get away with dishonesty that is obviously using a cheap excuse. Confidence about something not dangerous that doesn't listen to you.

Example: A man dreamed of throwing bologna sliced meat at a black angry dog. In waking life he had to tell an angry person an believable excuse to get them to calm down.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of her boyfriend's roommate throwing bologna at her. In waking life she felt that her boyfriend's roommate didn't like her and wasn't giving her an explanation for it. The bologna in this case may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend's roommate being confident about not liking her without proving a reason.

Bottled Water

To dream of bottled water represents a convenient and readily available emotional resource that helps you navigate challenging situations without experiencing jealousy or desperation. It symbolizes your ability to endure difficulties and maintain emotional well-being because you have access to something that sustains and supports you. This dream reflects your sense of security and preparedness in handling various life challenges. An emotional resource that helps you endure, feel sustained, avoid jealousy, or gets you through a situation as though it isn't difficult. Not worrying about experiencing or enduring a difficult, jealous, or desperate situation because you have something to keep you going. A resource or opportunity that you can utilize at your convenience to restore or maintain your well-being. The essential emotional resources you need to sustain yourself while you navigate challenges. Emotional backup to feel supported while never being jealous. Emotional and social support that never lets you feel jealous or desperate.

Positively, dreaming about bottled water signifies your ability to manage your emotional needs effectively. You may have established a reliable source of emotional support or coping mechanisms that provide you with comfort and reassurance. It represents your balanced approach to self-care, ensuring that you always have the resources needed to maintain your well-being. Comfortably and conveniently avoiding difficulty, jealousy, or desperation. Comfort, reassurance, or a sense of security provided by having easy access to resources or support. A conscious choice to maintain a source of renewal that you can turn to in times of need. A balanced approach to self-care, where you keep resources at hand to ensure your well-being.

Negatively, bottled water in a dream may represent an excessive focus on appearing composed and free from desperation to others. You may be overly concerned with not revealing your vulnerable emotions or showing signs of jealousy, even to your own detriment. This dream suggests that you might be making efforts to hide your true feelings and maintain a facade of emotional stability, possibly as a means of social survival. A desire for emotional resources in response to difficult or jealous circumstances. Not worrying about experiencing or enduring the worst thing ever because you have something to keep you going. Too much concern with needing to appear comfortable, paced, and without desperation to other people. Preparations you are making to fake that you are not jealous or desperate to someone else. Feelings about never saying anything about yourself jealous as a means to socially survive. Coping with uncomfortable emotions while maintaining her social facade. Controlling of emotions during new social interaction.

To dream of sparkling or carbonated bottled water implies that your source of emotional replenishment or support is more lively, exciting, or interesting than usual. A coping mechanism or resource that not only helps you endure challenges but also adds some level of excitement or vigor to the situation. A more lively or refreshing approach to handling difficulties or refreshing yourself emotionally.

Negatively, carbonated bottled water in a dream may represent a desire for more stimulating or exciting coping strategies or support systems, even if they are not necessarily beneficial in the long run. Your current means of emotional or psychological sustenance might feel dull, leading to a craving for something more exciting, even if it's not the most helpful or beneficial approach.

Example: A man dreamed of holding some bottled water. In waking life, he was having a problem meeting women and a friend told him he knew someone that would be perfect for him. In this case, the bottled water represented his feelings about preparing to behave in a way that appeared comfortable, paced, and never desperate while on a date with the woman he was being set up with.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of having pizza with her high school crush (male) and her best friend (also male). After collecting the pizza, she turned around to see her crush and best friend making out. She pretended she didn't see it and ditched them for other people. She never told anyone about her crush or her best friend, but at every mention of them, she felt like jumping off a cliff. The next day, she went to the vending machine and it only had sparkling water, which she hated. In waking life, she was angry at her best friend for embarrassing her in front of her crush. In this case, carbonated bottled water may have reflected feeling about needing to find new and more exciting ways (possibly lying or talking about liking someone else) to cope with her emotional discomfort and jealousy to endure the social embarrassment of having been embarrassed in front of her high school crush, yet being dissatisfied with the available options.

Example 3: A man dreamed of girls with bottled water chasing him inside a McDonald's restaurant. He avoided them, but they squirted the water bottle into the face of a stranger who walked by. In waking life, he didn't want to talk to his mother ever again because she gossiped or said negative things behind his back. In this case, the bottled water may have reflected his feelings about people who heard his mother's gossip having the emotional resources needed to keep laughing at him or making fun of him.


To dream of bread represents feelings of deserving to get through a situation while thinking about yourself being simple, basic, or fundamental about needs being met. The fulfillment of basic needs, sustenance, and the essentials of life. Feelings about the fundamental aspects of your existence such as health, shelter, emotional well-being, or a simple income that's enough to pay bills. A sense of security in knowing that your needs are being taken care of. Bread may be a sign that you are trying to "survive" a situation with basic necessities. Basic provisions. The dreamer's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and make the most of available resources.

Negatively, dreaming about bread could represent feelings of scarcity, lack, deprivation, or unmet needs. It may also point to your emotions during a financial difficulty. Experiencing hardship, feeling that your basic necessities are not being provided for, or that you are struggling to provide for yourself or others. Learning about or addressing the root of a problem. A fear of poverty or destitution, or concerns about your ability to sustain yourself and your loved ones. Feelings of anxiety or insecurity regarding financial matters. A need to pay attention to your basic needs and take steps to ensure they are adequately met.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a loaf of bread. In waking life, she sought the help of a psychiatrist about problems with her love life. In this case, the loaf of bread may have reflected her feelings about the psychiatrist's advice allowing her to feel she deserved to get through her relationship problems by understanding her relationship in a more simple, basic, or fundamental way.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his mother giving him a loaf of bread. In waking life, he was having serious financial difficulties and had to do whatever he could to save money. In this case, the bread may have reflected his feelings about deserving to get through his financial problems by focusing on fundamental financial needs as he tried to save money with a more simple and basic lifestyle.

Example 3: A man dreamed of trying to sell bread to a shop, but he kept forgetting the prices. In waking life, he was trying to sell his art and art skills on the internet but kept forgetting to put up his prices or take his website seriously. In this case, the bread that he was trying to sell may have reflected his feelings about himself being a simple "starving artist" who made little money with his art in order to survive his life with basics or pay his bills.

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Brioche Bread

To dream of brioche bread represents feelings of deserving to be comfortable liking not having to be an expert while getting through a situation being simple, basic, or fundamental about needs being met without any difficult questions. Comfort, security, and basic needs. A sense of ease and simplicity in meeting your basic needs without facing difficult questions or complications. Feeling comfortable that it's easy to be better than someone else without being an expert while getting through a difficult situation with only basic needs. Believing it's easy to respect yourself never being uncomfortable while getting through a difficult situation with only basic, simple, or fundamental needs. Feeling confident in your ability to navigate difficulties with simplicity while maintaining a sense of self-worth and dignity.

Positively, dreaming about brioche bread may represent a belief in your own worthiness and the ease with which you handle adversity. Feelings about a situation being comfortable and simple about not minding waiting for a difficulty to end. Liking not being as desperate as other people about getting through a situation without any difficult questions. Comfort and simplicity about deserving to not have to experience a situation as difficult as other people do.

Negatively, dreaming of brioche bread may represent overdoing feelings of deserving to be comfortable liking being ahead of other people like it's simple. Being too concerned with believing it's easy to comfortably get through a difficult situation without being an expert. A situation where you may be setting yourself up for disappointment because you are too comfortable believing that it's easy or simple to achieve a goal without having to be an expert or face difficult questions.

*Please See Bread


To dream of broccoli represents feelings about something that is unpleasantly in your best interest. Benefiting from choices or behavior that don't feel good at all. Choosing safety or honesty as a last option because it spares you trouble. Disliking having to be honest.

Positively, broccoli may reflect unpleasant choices to improve yourself. Difficult honesty. Telling on people that are misbehaving or risking telling on a dangerous person who is misbehaving.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a bowl of yellow soup that was solidified with chunks of broccoli. In waking life she had rented a room at a doctor's office for an extended period of time due to her ongoing need for medical care. The chunks of broccoli may have reflected her unpleasant feelings about having to stay at the doctor's office because it was in her best interest for her health.


To dream of brownies represents pleasant feelings of deserving something nice. Feeling that you or someone else deserves to enjoy something nice. Negatively, brownies may reflect excessive indulgence in luxury or spending money shopping.

Example: A young woman dreamed of brownies she tried to hide. In waking life he was caught talking to another guy when she had a boyfriend. The brownies reflected how pleasant it felt to sneak talking to a good-looking guy behind her boyfriend's back.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating brownies out of the refrigerator and feeling that it would make his fungal infection worse if he ate them because the sugar in brownies would worsen his fungal infection. In waking life he was considering enjoying buying surprise gifts for his mother knowing that it may make his financial struggles worse. He felt his mother deserved something nice so he didn't care.



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