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To dream of a common pawpaw represents feelings about nothing looking like it's feeling good at all when you actually are. Feels good being completely safe that doesn't care about appearances at all. Feeling noticing you don't need to listen to anyone telling you that your problems matter. Feeling good with nothing except family. Feeling good that nobody needs to notice you. Noticing that you never need to care about something feeling good when you are actually are. Noticing that a situation is good for you is terrible, but it feels good noticing it anyway. Feelings about the simplest choice or situation in the world that nobody else will understand.

Feeling good that something is good for you doesn't have to look good. Feeling good that something is good for you being limited to just not being jealous. Happiness that doesn't need to think of anyone else's feelings either while they aren't thinking of yours. Feeling good that it's good for you to enjoy money on the inside without letting on to it on the outside. Feeling good that nobody needs to help you with a problem while you enjoy a situation the way it is. Feeling good that not noticing appearances will notice you never get caught. Covertly feeling good that it looks stupid to overtly never care about anyone else's feelings everyday.

To dream of a mountain pawpaw represents feeling good that it isn't impossible to deal with a problem. Feeling good that appearances aren't the biggest problem you have. Feeling good that a problem only looks like a big problem when it really isn't.

*Please See Papaya


To dream of a peach represents feelings about experiencing situations that are exceptionally favorable, simple, delightful, and perfectly aligned to your tastes that benefits you by not fighting it staying the way it is. An experience that feels good for you to think about liking a situation the way it is without once instance of a problem. Sensitivity, respectfulness, and objectivity about liking a situation the way it is with simplicity and ease. Feeling good deserving to accept a favorable situation the way it is without one instance of a problem. Feeling that there are benefits to objectively liking a situation the way it is without a single problem. Situations make you feel blissful, satisfied, or that everything is just "right." This dream could hint at your thoughts about special moments where things feel easier or more in tune with your desires if left exactly the way they are. Feelings of contentment, harmony, simplicity, and benefits with accepting a situation the way it is without noticing other people's problems. It could also hint at moments of appreciation, where you feel things are going particularly well for you. Life or a situation feels "peachy" to you. A situation works out simple the way you like it because someone listened to you.

Negatively, dreaming about peaches could represent feelings about overdoing enjoying a situation that feels exceptionally favorable, delightful, and perfectly aligned to your tastes. Temptations, or a fear of overindulgence. Taking something good for granted or the fear of a perfect situation turning sour.

To dream of peach juice represents feelings of effortless essence that gives you vitality, nourishment, or rejuvenation in a situation that feels favorable, simple, and perfectly aligned with your tastes. Life feels 'peachy' without any hindrance.

Example: A woman dreamed of being offered the choice of 2 drinks. One was pink lemonade and the other was pink lemonade mixed with peach. She chose the pink lemonade without peach. In waking life, she had to stay home from work with the flu. In this case, the pink lemonade may have reflected her feelings about making the best of a bad situation while sensitive about other people at work thinking of her feelings while working from home sick taking the day off. The pink lemonade mixed with peach may have reflected her feelings about making the best of a bad situation that's sensitive about her people at work thinking of her feelings while believing it was lucky and easy to enjoy taking the whole day off without a problem.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of picking up a bowl of peach juice off a table and pretending to pour it over his brother's head, but never did. People then got angry at him. In waking life, his brother had a history of disrespecting his possessions while the dreamer has learned to control his temper. In this case, the peach juice may have reflected the ease with which mutual respect and good feelings could be maintained without a single problem, even in the face of old issues, thereby allowing the two brothers to find it simple and beneficial to 'like the situation the way it is' without succumbing to anger or irritation. Pretending to spill the peach juice over his brother's head may have reflected a momentary temptation to disturb the peace, testing the waters of the newfound mutual respect.

*Please See Peach Color

Peanut Butter

To dream of peanut butter represents feelings about how quick, easy, and unimportant something is to you. It reflects a unconcerned or carefree attitude about something in your life. Smooth cooperation. Smooth easy experiences you don't respect.

Negatively, peanut butter may reflect feelings about easy sex or how easy something dishonest is to do. A lack of respect for something smooth and easy.

To dream of a peanut butter sandwich symbolizes being carefree, or unconcerned with something in order to get through a stressful or difficult situation. Not allowing something to get to you.

To dream of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich represents a carefree attitude while being hopeful, or upbeat during a stressful or difficult situation. Grape jelly reflects accepting a need for patience, and strawberry representing temporary pleasures that comfort you.

To dream of chocolate and peanut butter together would represent a carefree attitude with self-reward. You may be taking a break from stressful events that are hard for you to separate yourself from, or finally allowing yourself to relax.

Example: A man dreamed of a chocolate peanut butter. In waking life he was trying to have sex with a girl he didn't really care about at all. The chocolate peanut butter reflected how unimportant the girl he was trying to use was to him.

*Please See Jelly


To dream of a peanuts represents feeling good that something is easy, but annoyed that you need to keep making effort at something to keep it easy. Feelings about never being jealous of needing to do something yourself. An easy problem that isn't solved unless you do it yourself. Feeling good that it's no trouble to work for someone else. An easy solution to a problem that isn't glamorous. Easy experiences you enjoy while not needing to be rich.

Negatively, dreaming about peanuts represents thoughts about something being meager or not worth your time or money. Too much extra effort with something that isn't going to help you long-term. Lots of extra work that isn't going to pay your bills. A peanut may be a sign that you need to try new things, explore new ideas, or find a more effective method to deal with a problem. Feeling that it isn't intelligent to need to repeatedly fix something. Feeling no value in working for someone else. Easiness that doesn't pay well.

Peanut dreams are common to people who feel that they aren't being paid enough or can't see any benefit to doing something little that will never stop.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman putting green peanuts in bowls which annoyed her. In waking life she was getting annoyed with needing to fend off the sexual advances of a man she depended on to live with while waiting for own boyfriend to be able to afford an apartment to let her move out.


To dream of a pear represents feeling good being responsible or making responsible choices. Responsibility or responsible ideas that feel good being good for you. Feeling good being a good person or a responsible person. Feeling good that nothing happening is a disaster. Feeling good responsibly giving someone something. Feeling good having to accept responsibility taking care of someone. Choices that aren't sexy, but are good for you.

Example: A man dreamed of a woman he liked handing him a basket of pears. In waking life the man was spending a lot of time thinking about helping this woman with her struggling business.

Example 2: A very child dream of getting a ladder to climb a pear tree and then the ladder fell down. In this the pear symbolism may have reflected the child's wish to try something more mature or responsible then their age could handle.


To dream of peas represents feelings about situations or advice that are good for you, but that you weren't asking for. Parental criticism. Judgement on the quality of something in your life. Expert advice that you didn't ask for. Feelings about getting more than you ask for.

Example: A woman dreamed of swimming in pea soup. In waking life she felt that her mother was very judgmental about her life whenever she would visit her. The pea soup may have reflected her feelings about her mother always being ready to criticism or judge her or continue criticizing her where they last left off from their last conversation.


To dream of pecans represents feelings about enjoying something that is easy and has to like you. Feeling good noticing that something is too easy. Feeling that something is so wonderfully easy it likes doing everything for you. Feelings about something or someone being "lovely" or "wonderful."

Negatively, pecans may reflect an arrogant mindset that is enjoying using nice or helpful people because it makes your life easier. Feeling good never having to earn anything for yourself because someone is always around to do the hardest part for you. Becoming dependent on something that's too easy and enjoyable. Becoming spoiled with having something too easy and enjoyable. Risking embarrassment or shock that you don't know how to do something the hard way. Too much easy parenting.

To dream of eating only a few pecans while feeling you could eat more if you wanted to may reflect feelings about not wanting abuse or exhaust a beneficial relationship that makes your life enjoyable easier. Showing restraint with a resource that makes your life easier.

To dream of a pecan tree may reflect feelings about an area of your life that is both established and perfectly concerned with making your life feel good being easy. Feelings about a secure relationship or source of income that makes your life enjoyable easy all the time. Possibly a reflection of parents or lovers that always like spoiling you with an easy life.


To dream of peppermint represents an aspect of your personality that feels "positiver" than before. It may reflect feelings of new superiority or an awareness that something has improved. Situations that allow to know something is better than it used to be.

To dream of peppermint candy represents pleasant feelings about oneself being "positiver." You feel good knowing your better than someone or that you've improved yourself in some way.

Example: One person dreamed of light green mint candy after discovering a cure to a long standing health problem. The mint candy represented their positive outlook on their improved health.


To dream of vegetable peppers repesents feeling of noticing why it's good for you being more interesting, risky, dangerous, or potentially lethal than before. "Spicing up" a situation or some area of your life. Noticing that behavior is not terrible about why it wants to make life more interesting. Upping the level of interest or risk in a situation or relationship.

To dream of bell peppers represents feelings about something that's good for you being more interesting or risky than usual that cares about you for the rest of your life. Possibly a symbol for feelings of relationship loyalty mixed with an interesting sex life. Loyalty that likes noticing it isn't boring. "Spicy" family life or doing something more interesting than usual with family. Not being boring with your family like it's normal. Not having to speak about something being made more interesting. Accepting yourself the way you are without having to be bored by it.

To dream of a jalopeno pepper represents feelings of noticing why it's good for you being more interesting or risky than usual that doesn't kill you. Interest or risk that you don't mind having a just little bit of. Feelings of something being wonderful about why it carries you through managed risk without having to be lethal.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating pepper soup that later revealed weird pieces of plastic in it. In waking life she was having relationship issues. The pepper in this case may have reflected her attempts to keep her relationship interesting.


To dream of pickles represents qualities of liking something more than you usually do in moderation and not overindulging. Feelings about nothing being unusual about saying to other people that you want a little bit of something once that doesn't have to keep doing it all the time. Feeling good not having to say something is problem because isn't excessive. Valuing moderation and finding joy in small experiences rather than overdoing it. Enjoying something a little bit, but not wanting to enjoy it all the time. Feelings about whether or not you have a healthy relationship with indulgences and prioritize balance in your life.

To dream of a dill pickle represents feelings about not being full of yourself having to have the right amount of something.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing pickles at Christmas time. In waking life she admitted that the dream happened after drinking way too much caffeine. In this case the pickles may symbolize a balance between enjoying coffee in moderation and not overindulging while liking it more than usual.


To dream of pie in a dream represents feelings about an experience that feels good about nothing being wrong with deserving to care about it being easy and simple without anyone else thinking it's a problem either. Feelings of reward for hard work or good deeds.

To dream of a pumpkin pie may represent feelings about nothing being wrong with deserving to enjoy experiencing a strong sense of closure that's good for you to be easy and simple without anyone else thinking it's a problem either. Feeling that you deserve the reward of closure.

To dream of an apple pie may represent feelings about deserving to enjoy experiencing being rewarded for being a perfect example of maintaining values, family life safety, or never having done anything wrong with a sense of simplicity and ease without anyone saying it's a problem either. Feeling good with nothing being wrong with deserving to experience being rewarded for perfectly being right about maintaining values for all your hard work or not giving up.

Example: A man dreamed of a pie being taken away from him. In waking life, he was in a competition at work for a raise and lost at it. He felt he deserved the raise more than the other person who got it. In this case, the pie being taken away from him may have reflected his feelings about not deserving a job promotion to be have handed to him like it was simple and easy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing pumpkin pie being eaten. In waking life, she wanted to end her marriage because her husband cheated on her. She was beginning to feel that she deserved a new life and closure in the relationship even though her husband was being difficult about it. In this case, seeing a person eating pumpkin pie may have reflected feelings about experiencing her husband cheating on her making her feel "a taste" of deserving to enjoy experiencing closure in the marriage with an easy divorce.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having apple pie. In waking life, she felt that her life had been through a lot of brave leaps and uncertainty, but she remained resilient due to the support of her family. In this case, the apple pie may have reflected her feelings about being rewarded for her perseverance and maintaining her values through challenging times.

Pig Roast

To dream of a pig roast represents a positive ending to a very selfish or arrogant situation. Noticing yourself or others letting other people enjoy themselves after a long period of not doing so. A celebratory moment of sharing or giving back to others.

A pig roast may also reflect enjoying yourself after defeating an arrogant enemy. Tyrannical behavior or bullying has been dealt with.

Positively, a pig roast may reflect enjoying time with family or feeling good not having to notice anything arrogant with people you care about.

Negatively, a pig roast may reflect an arrogant controlling need to never allow friends or family to ever get to talk to you like they are bigger or more powerful than you.

Example: A man dreamed of having a pig roast. In waking life he was finally considering letting his son leave home after totally controlling his life.


To dream of a pineapple represents feeling guarded or defensive about how you handle a situation that allows you to enjoy no obligations. Something that you want to enjoy, but also feel a bit cautious or hesitant about. A situation or opportunity might feel good with no obligations, but requires the confidence to let your guard down or leave certain issues behind. The opportunity to experience no worries, no work left, or no obligations that also makes you feel a bit uneasy or uncertain beginning to experience it. The prickly exterior of the pineapple symbolizes the need to navigate potential obstacles or challenges that may arise as you pursue this no-obligation opportunity. You may feel like you need to be careful in how you approach letting go of obligations in order to avoid any negative consequences. Feeling comfortable, confident, or self-assured about deserving a life without obligations.

Negatively, dreaming about pineapple may be a sign that you are experiencing a situations where you feel guarded or defensive about taking time off or letting go of obligations. Feeling uptight or guarded about a situation feeling too easy with having no obligations. Discomfort about taking a vacation because you think it will cost you money taking time off. Overdoing being comfortable with no obligations when it's dishonest or selfish. Feeling guarded or uptight is difficult to get past to feel relaxed or comfortable wito no obligations.

Example: A college graduate dreamed of eating a pineapple. In waking life, his parents paid for his tuition and he refused to pay them back. In this case, yhe pineapple reflected his dishonest sense of being guarded about never deserving to have any financial obligation to his parents.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of wanting to buy her ex-boyfriend pineapple juice, but couldn't. In waking life she still loved her ex-boyfriend. In this case, the pineapple juice may reflected her feelings about desiring a comfortable no-obligations sexual relationship with her ex while also feeling uptight about bring it up because she felt that he had moved on and might end the friendly as well.


To dream of whole pizza in a dream represents situations where you are casually enjoying a satisfying and customizable experience hanging out with other people that meets your expectations effortlessly. Taking time off to casually enjoy nothing being a problem with whatever is happening with a customized experience. Happy light hearted shared experiences. Hanging out with people having fun that turns out exactly as you expected.

Negatively, dreaming about pizza may represent options or situations that are too casual and indulgent about customization like it's simple that neglects the need for being special. Casual enjoyment or hanging out with people is ruining having more serious experience by yourself.

To dream of a single slice of pizza represents feelings of enjoying not being better than other people while you hang out enjoying and share a customized experience that meets your expectations effortlessly.

To dream of pizza that takes too long to be delivered represents feelings of frustration and disappointment when reality does not meet your expectations. It could indicate a situation where you are not getting what you want in a timely or casual manner,despite your demands or requests.

Example: A young woman dreamed of ordering pizza that took forever to be delivered and then sat in her car without gas eating her portion of the pizza while the rest went cold. In waking life, she broke up with her boyfriend because he couldn't sexually please her. In this case, the pizza may have reflected her feelings about wanting a satisfying romantic relationship that caters to her needs without a problem.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of a pizza that grew too big until it became a problem. In waking life, he had visited Las Vegas with friends. In this case, the pizza that grows too big may have reflected his feelings about wasting his time in Las Vegas or finding it too expensive when he expected to have a fun time hanging out with friends.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of eating pizza with her boss. In waking life, she was employed as an Assistant Director of a day camp for kids. In this case, the pizza may have reflected her feelings about her her casual and cooperative working relationship with her boss as they spent the day hanging out planning and customizing the camp experience for the children.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of eating a pizza that she found little and odd. In waking life, she was putting up with the covid pandemic and trying to stay sane. In this case, the pizza that was little and odd may have reflected her feelings about trying to find small moments of normalcy and enjoyment in casually hanging out with friends in an otherwise challenging and uncertain time. They may have enjoyed an unusual customized experience that was more limited than they are used to, symbolized by the small odd pizza.

Example 5: A man dreamed of someone cooking him a black pizza. In waking life, his Dad wanted to move away with him to paradise and he found the idea excessive while not telling his Dad what he really felt. In this case, the black pizza may have reflected his enjoyment of sharing discussion about moving to paradise while simultaneously harboring unease or negative feelings about the idea with his Dad.


To dream of plantains represents feelings of about an experience that is not satisfying an urge the way you want it to because it requires work or preparation to fulfill your needs. An experience that is behaves safer or more serious than you think it does and takes work to get something out of it. An experience that is not as enjoyable as you think because it requires putting work into it to get something out of it. An experience that doesn't have to be pleasurable, but requires work to make it worth it. A thinking style that is not crazy about too much pleasure.

Negatively, dreaming about plantains represents feelings about an experience that fools you all the time that satisfying an urge is easy because it takes work to fulfill your needs. Being unsatisfied with an experience that doesn't meet your needs or desires, despite your initial expectations. Disappointment for indulging in something you like without care or proper preparation. An area of your life is always "never ripe enough" to enjoy easily. Feeling stupid for thinking of doing something fun without carefully planning or thinking about it first. A sign that some area of your life that is pleasurable requires some care, forethought, or planning. A problem that is more work than you thought in order to easily move on from it.

To dream of cooked plantains may reflect feelings of enjoying something you took special care for or properly planned for. Responsible safe planned sexual behavior with your husband whenever he asks so you can get pregnant.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating cooked plantains. In waking life, she was trying to get pregnant, but found that having lots of sex to have a child required some quality planning to make the effort worth it. In this case, the cooked plantains may have reflected dreamer's effort with the process of trying to conceive, and her willingness to plan and prepare for a successful outcome.



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