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To dream of Budweiser beer represents feelings about the qualities of an experience that doesn't have to talk about itself being accomplished or best when while never having to stop relaxing until it's absolutely finished relaxing. A sense of satisfaction and ease with an experience that doesn't need validation or approval from others. It embodies the feeling of being the best without having to brag or prove oneself. An experience that doesn't have to prove itself as the best because it already is while staying relaxed. Feeling comfortable being a winner that doesn't have to talk about it while you relax. Being comfortable relaxing better than someone without ever needing to talk it. Deserving to be a jerk if someone doesn't let you relax because you already took care of the problem they are complaining about. Absolutely on top of your own life while you quietly don't think other people are.

Negatively, dreaming about Budweiser may represent relaxing that feels it's better than someone because you already did more than them while not talking about it. A jerk attitude that doesn't speak about why your time off is better than someone else's. Feeling relaxed being the best that doesn't need to explain it while feeling that other people are a loser if they don't accomplish something themself.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding an Budweiser beer can in her fiance's hand and being upset because he wasn't a drinker in real life. In waking life she was having a fight with her fiance about the finances when she was unemployed and he was employed. In this case the Budweiser beer in her fiance's hand may have reflected her perception of her fiance's attitude of being comfortable and relaxed in his position of financial stability, without having to prove himself or worry about financial difficulties. Overall, the dream may reflect the dreamer's frustration with her fiance's perceived lack of empathy or understanding towards her financial struggles due him having a job when she didn't. She may have felt the snobbery from him about deserving to relax because he's accomplished paying bills because he has a job while she hadn't paid any bills because she didn't have a job.

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