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The letter H in a dream is symbolic of cooperation, balance and team work. The symbol is based on the letter looking like two sides supporting each other in parallel.


To dream of hacking a computer represents your ability to manipulate other people through the understanding of their weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Feeling free to direct someone's thinking without their knowledge or ability stop you. Having the impunity to control others. Dishonest manipulation of thinking or social connections.

To dream of having your computer hacked represents feelings of embarrassment or frustration that someone is able to control you. Feeling that your emotions are being controlled or managed by someone else. Emotional violation. Feeling that you are being told what to do and can't do anything about it. Feeling that your privacy or personal space is being violated with impunity.

Example: A woman dreamed of her cellphone being hacked. In waking life she was feeling manipulated and cut off from people due to a friend that turned everyone against her. The hacking in this case may have reflected her feelings about the former friend having impunity to manipulate her social connections to make them turn against her.

*Please See Computers

*Please See Internet


To dream of an old woman hag represents feelings about an aspect of yourself or others that is passive with a sense of never deserving to do anything except be worn out, unattractive, useless, and jealous of nothing new happening ever again. Feelings about behavior that is used up, bitter, and jealous. A hag may reflect fears or anxieties related to aging, losing beauty, becoming irrelevant, or feeling less vital.

Negatively, dreaming about an old woman hag may represent behavior that is passive, ignorant, jealous, holding outdated views, and wise that was corrupted by time. Passive evil or ignorance that has wasted its time, is irrelevant, and ruins a situation for other people for not respecting it first. Feelings about an ignorant passive person that has ruined themself or worn themself out by wasting all their time and now tries to use you that distracts you from living your life. Feelings about an ignorant passive person who's wasted their time or entire life and feels evil about getting back at you for being near them doing things they can't do.

To dream of an evil old woman hag attacking you in your bed (old hag syndrome) by placing pressure on your chest represents feelings of being paralyzed by the demands or negativity of someone with passive behavior who has wasted their time, and the fear that giving into these demands could result in your own stagnation or decline. The overwhelming stress or emotional burden you feel in dealing with an irrelevant person who has grown bitter, resentful, or manipulative over time. This type of dream is often an amplification of your anxieties about being manipulated or used by someone who is stuck in a negative mindset and expects you to sacrifice your own well-being or progress for their sake. This dream may be a sign that you are holding back anger because you think it might get back at you. It may be best to avoid or cut off communication with someone passive who is causing you frustration which you have privately kept to yourself. Evil or ignorant irrelevant passivity that feels like it's sucking the life out of you while you avoid discussing it.

Example: A young man dreamed of being attacked in his sleep by an old hag who sucked in the energy of his words while he tried to curse at it. In waking life, he was dealing with a friend who wasted all their life never getting an education of any kind and then talking to him like he needed to help them build a business while doing all the work or be made to feel he wasn't a real friend. He felt trapped being unable to get angry about what he really wanted to say to his friend. In this case, the hag may have reflected his feelings of frustration about his friend's persistent passive behavior that was stuck in a negative state of jealousy, wasted time, with an unwillingness to change or improve their own life unless it was completely using the dreamer.

*Please See Sleep Paralysis


To dream of haggling represents feelings about negotiation, compromise, or striving to get the best possible deal or outcome in a situation. The dream may reflect your thoughts on your abilities to assert yourself, your worth, or your boundaries. This could pertain to emotional exchanges, business dealings, or any scenario where give-and-take is involved.

Positively, dreaming about haggling might symbolize your comfort and skill in navigating complex negotiations. It may indicate that you are aware of your self-worth and are willing to stand your ground to achieve a fair outcome. The dream could also represent your ability to find a middle ground in situations that require compromise, displaying your talents in diplomacy and conflict resolution.

Negatively, dreaming about haggling could represent feelings of dissatisfaction, unfairness, or imbalance in a relationship or situation. Difficulty letting go needing to get your way. You might feel like you are continually having to negotiate for what should be basic rights or courtesies, leaving you drained or undervalued. It could also indicate an overemphasis on material or superficial gains at the expense of deeper emotional or spiritual needs.

*Please See Negotiate


To dream of hail represents feelings of disappointment that feels intentionally hurtful. A serious matter or disappointment that is "nothing to laugh about." Feeling that someone else is ruining a good time in your life with vain anger or punishment. Disappointment that risks permanent or serious failure. A dangerous disappointment that you feel may be best to avoid for the short term. More failure or disappointment than you can handle. A disappointing situation that is so terrible it cancels out significant progress you've made. Difficult times.

You or someone else that is emotionally shutdown during a difficult time. Feelings about a dangerous aftermath to an unpleasant or difficult change. Angry bitter disappointed people in your life that make you feel like they intentionally don't want to support you or feel good about your choices.

Example: A young man dreamed of hail coming down on him. In waking life he was making big changes to his life that his family didn't like. He felt that they were being intentionally unsupportive of him so he would feel bad about the changes.

*Please See Rain

*Please See Ice


To dream of hair represents a thinking style that is noticeable or observable. Awareness of how you or someone else is thinking. Awareness of yourself thinking in a completely different way than you usually do. The color, length, and style of the hair represent the manner in which you are thinking. For example, organized hair reflects a systematic or methodical thinking style while messy or tangled hair reflects self-critical or hysterical thoughts.

To dream of red hair (color red, not "carrot top") represents a passionate, dangerous, or negative thinking style. A thinking style that is passionately persistent, completely obsessed with doing something all the time, disregards safety limits, or feels dangerously risky about "everything being on the line."

To dream of orange hair (redhead, ginger, or carrot top) in a dream represents a thinking style that is powerful, important, hard to avoid noticing, or that nothing is stronger than it. Beliefs, ideas, or thoughts that carry a sense of power, strength, or importance. A thinking style that is difficult to ignore. A thinking style that stands out. A thinking style that is overpowering your focus, can't go unnoticed, or has to come first. A thinking style that has assertiveness, confidence, or a strong desire to be heard and acknowledged. Orange hair could also indicate a bold, creative, or innovative approach to problem-solving, where you might be unafraid to challenge the status quo or take risks in order to achieve your goals. Negatively, orange hair may reflect a preoccupation with wanting to be strong or outrageous behavior that is impossible to ignore. A thinking style that is so strong that it might be too strong or isn't safe. Beliefs, emotions, or situations that are impossible to stop or avoid.

To dream of darker green hair represents a selfish thinking style. Jealousy, arrogance, greed, or preoccupation with the notion that you are a loser. A mindset driven by envy or self-centeredness, where you may prioritize your own interests above others' needs and well-being. Dark suicidal thinking.

To dream of light green hair represents feelings about thinking about yourself is important. Proactive, progressive, or mindset focused on healing. This type of thinking suggests that you are actively working on self-improvement, personal growth, or seeking solutions to challenges in your life. Striving to overcome obstacles and make the necessary changes to better yourself and your circumstances.

To dream of light purple hair represents thinking patterns that are neutral, indifferent, laidback, easy, or carefree. Not having a lot to worry about.

To dream of dark purple hair may represent thinking patterns that are heavily focused on neutrality or not minding what is happening. Negatively, purple hair may reflect a darker thinking style of neutrality or being dangerously unconcerned. Dark and uncaring thinking style that isn't concerned about it. Total powerlessness that accepts it.

To dream of light blue hair represents positive or thoughtful thinking patterns. Sensitivity, thoughtfulness, or truthfulness. A focus on good intentions, kindness, and safety. This type of thinking embodies an open-minded and considerate approach to life, with a strong desire to avoid negativity or harm. A nurturing and supportive thinking style, where you actively seek to uplift and encourage those around you. It suggests that you prioritize understanding, empathy, and emotional intelligence in your interactions with others.

To dream of dark blue hair represents insensitive, cold, or all business-style thinking patterns. Thinking that feels that rules and the truth must be completely adhered to.

To dream of black hair represents thinking that is professional, excessive, or causes fear. Dark, depressed, negative, thoughts.

To dream of white hair represents a thinking that is wise, experienced, or enlightened. White hair may also reflect a thinking style focused on purification or needing to be perfectly honest. It may also signify purity, spirituality, or a focus on higher ideals. Possibly a sign of self-improvement or positive change. Negatively, white hair may reflect issues with needing to maintain perfect thinking after improving yourself or making positive changes.

To dream of grey hair represents thinking that has wisdom, maturity, experience, and learned from past situations. Long-term experience, cynicism, professionalism or subject matter that has to be thought about a lot. Wisdom gained and applied. Feeling wiser than other people. Respecting yourself or others for being accomplished. Grey hair suggests that you prioritize stability, practicality, and emotional intelligence in your interactions with others. Negatively, grey hair may represent thinking that is outdated, obsolete, or no longer relevant in a particular situation. It may also suggest a fear of aging or mortality, or feeling like you have lost your vitality or passion for life.

To dream of having someone else's hair represents your thoughts or your style of thinking be based on whatever qualities, feelings, or memories stand out most about that person. It may also reflect similar a style of thinking to that person.

To dream of eating hair may represent feelings of disgust or embarrassment that you have to experience or think about someone else's problem. Revulsion towards a person's way of thinking or mental habits. Aversion towards certain mental patterns or behavior of others. An attempt to internalize or assimilate someone else's thoughts or ideas, even if they are unpleasant or unpalatable. It could indicate a need to distance oneself from someone who thinks differently or to change one's own way of thinking.

To dream of bugs in your hair represents annoyances, frustrations, or undesirable situations that interfere with your own thinking or thinking style. Feeling unable to stop thinking of something annoying. Annoyances that are distracting you from your goals or causing you anxiety. Feeling annoyed with small details that undermine your mental well-being.

To dream of hair being on fire represents thinking that is consumed by loss or the threat of loss. A feeling that your current way of thinking is unsustainable, a strong sense of urgency, or a need for rapid change or transformation in your thought processes. Preoccupation with a very serious situation. Dreams of hair being on fire may turn up when you or someone you know is faced with a terrible crisis such as the death of a loved one. A situation in which you feel powerless to extinguish the negativity and chaos consuming your mind.

To dream of smelling someone's hair may represent feelings or intuition about how you feel about a different thinking style. Sensing what someone else's type of thinking is doing. Liking smelling hair may reflect your approval or attraction to someone else's ideas. Not liking smelling hair may reflect your disapproval or disgust with someone else's ideas.

To dream of someone you are romantically interested in touching or playing with your hair may represent feelings of being teased, tantalized, or romantically interested in the person. Romantic tension or seduction. Feeling that someone is making you like them.

To dream of a single piece of loose hair represents feelings about lingering doubts, worries, or loose ends related to a specific aspect of your life. It could signify a minor concern or unresolved issue that is bothering you. The loose hair in the dream may symbolize an isolated problem or a detail that requires your attention.

Refer to the themes section for hair for a more in-depth look at hair symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a scary lady with green hair. In waking life, she was very jealous that her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend was more attractive and a better lover than she was. She couldn't stop thinking about it. In this case, the scary lady with green hair may have reflected the woman's jealousy and preoccupation with her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's abilities. It may also have reflected the dreamer being jealous that the ex-girlfriend was able to think of herself as a more confident lover.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of a guy touching and playing with her hair. In waking life, she had a romantic interest in the guy, and spending time with him was creating romantic tension. In this case, the guy touching and playing with her hair may have reflected the emotional and mental impact of their budding romantic relationship on her thought processes.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of discarding a single thick long hair from her purse. In waking life, she was in the final process of desperately trying to sell her home. In this case, the single piece of hair that she wanted to discard may have reflected her desire to eliminate any lingering doubts, worries, or loose ends related to the sale of her home. Plucking the hair from her purse symbolized her meticulous approach to resolving any potential issues or obstacles in the selling process, indicating her determination to complete the sale successfully and move forward in her life.

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Hair Curlers

To dream of hair curlers represents feelings about a thinking style that is privately holding itself repeating itself long enough in order to make itself look different, unique, or stand out as an interesting person. Effort to gain acceptance or fit in with a particular group or situation. A thinking style that is working on itself without having to talk about it. A period of transformation, adjustment, or preparation, often related to self-image, ideas, or life goals.

Positively, dreaming about hair curlers may represent patience and a willingness to put in the effort to stand out and be unique in your ideas, beliefs, or thinking style. A desire for self-improvement or personal transformation. A conscious effort to adapt or modify your approach to fit in, be accepted, or make a positive impression. A period of personal growth and development, where you are investing time and effort into presenting the best version of yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about hair curlers may represent a thinking style that doesn't want to show off while it's waiting to become more appealing. Wasting time privately holding yourself repeating yourself in order to look different, unique, or stand out as an interesting person. Superficiality or a preoccupation with appearances. Feelings of insecurity or a sense that you need to change or improve your thinking in order to fit in or gain acceptance. A fear of not being interesting or unique enough in your thoughts or ideas. Alternatively, it may suggest that you are overly concerned with your appearance or how you are perceived by others, leading to a lack of authenticity in your thinking style.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting ready for bed with a group of gay men who all put hair curlers in their hair. In waking life, she was having problems getting accepted into University and was experiencing being rejected for 2 years. She was accepted to a foreign University but is holding out for a more local one. She didn't like the idea of wasting another year waiting for local acceptance when she could leave the country at any time. In this case, the gay men with hair curlers may have reflected her feelings about the difficulty of being accepted (gay men) to a local university due to grades not being good enough while not talking to anyone about holding out for a good local university after easily being accepted to a foreign university. She may have felt a local university would make her look like a more interesting person to friends and family since the foreign university would make her ruin her life by moving to another country.

Hair Growth

To dream of the hair on your head growing represents awareness of yourself transforming into someone who is thinking in a certain manner more than before. Awareness of your thinking style being able to keep doing something for a long period of time. Awareness of your thinking style keeping itself busy doing something a lot.

To dream of seeing your hair grow long represents awareness of your thinking style becoming freer or allowing you to believe in yourself freely more than usual. Awareness of yourself having not done anything different for a while and realizing that you need to.

To dream of the hair on your arms growing represents awareness of a thinking style that is crazy, angry, or unafraid to take risks than normal with reaching for goals.

To dream of hair growing on your hands represents awareness of a thinking style that is crazy, angry, or unafraid to take risks than normal with capability. An aggressive approach to dealing with problems

To dream of the hair on your legs growing represents awareness of a thinking style that is crazy, angry, or unafraid to take risks than normal with independence or doing things on your own.

To dream of the hair on your feet growing represents awareness of a thinking style that is crazy, angry, or unafraid to take risks than normal with principles.

To dream of the hair on your chest growing represents awareness of a thinking style that is crazy, angry, or unafraid to take risks than normal by asserting yourself with power.

To dream of the hair on your back growing represents awareness of a thinking style that is crazy, angry, or unafraid to take risks than normal with the capability to carry the weight of responsibilities or expectations.

To dream of strange hair growth on the body represents awareness about a thinking style that is unusual or crazy to witness (consider the body part for additional meaning.) A thinking style that frightens you with being crazy or makes you uncomfortable to discuss it with other people. Awareness of yourself thinking in a way that is inappropriate, uncomfortable, or excessive to other people. Feelings about yourself or someone else thinking like a weirdo or angry person that goes overboard. A thinking style that is more aggressive than people are comfortable with.

To dream of being bald and growing your hair back represents awareness of yourself regaining confidence or a renewed sense of identity. Awareness of your thinking style transforming to become more confident about not having a problem. Recovering from a period of self-doubt, vulnerability, or feeling powerless. A fresh start or a new beginning in your life where you are rebuilding your self-esteem and personal strength. Awareness of your thinking style becoming comfortable with yourself. Awareness of yourself becoming less assertive. Regaining your confidence after a period of loss or insecurity. Awareness of a restored sense of self or a return to a previous state of thinking that you considered normal and strong. A newfound sense of self-assurance.

Consider the body part that the hair is growing for additional meaning.

Hair Loss

To dream of hair loss or balding represents losing confidence, self-esteem, or feelings of being or becoming powerless. Feeling distraught or frustrated.

To dream of your hair coming out in patches may reflect shock or surprise that your reputation or self-image is in ruins. It may also reflect a fear of permanent embarrassment. A sign that you may be desperate to head off any more embarrassment.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her hair coming out in patches. In waking life she was frustrated at about how negative a comment her husband made was about purposely manipulating her.

Example 2: A man dreamed of experiencing hair loss. In waking life he was worried about appearing to others as a total loser due to a failing business venture.


To dream of willingly getting a haircut represents a fresh start or change in your thinking style. Shedding unwanted thoughts, emotions, or life situations. Alternatively, you may have gone to far with something and are cutting back. Being set straight by someone else on an issue.

To have your haircut against your will represents a lost sense of freedom, power, or status. Some aspect of yourself is conforming or giving in. Unwanted changes in your life that force you to think in an undesirable way.

To dream of a haircut that cuts off long hair or too much hair represents a lost power or freedom. It may also reflect an undesirable change in your life.

To change hair styles represents a change in the way you are thinking or your attitude.

Example: A man dreamed of getting a haircut. In waking life his struggling new business finally took off.

Example 2: A grown man dreamed of seeing someone with a stupid looking haircut. In waking life he felt that he looked stupid living at home with his mother.

Example 3: A man dreamed of getting a really humiliating haircut. In waking life he rejected a movie role due to his religious values which caused the management of the film company to fire him. He felt he looked stupid in front of others for his religious values after being "groomed" by the film company for a year for films.

*Please See Barber Shop

*Please See Salon

*Please See Hairdresser


To dream of a hairdresser represents behavior, decisions you've made, or other people who interest you in making yourself appear more interesting to other people. Motivation to impress someone.

Alternatively, a hairdresser may represent a person or situation that is changing or improving the way you think.

Example: A woman dreamed of a hairdresser working on her hair. In waking life she just finished a terrible hospital stay and tried to start putting a positive spin on the experience to her friends and family.

*Please See Salon

*Please See Barber


*Please See Wigs


*Please See Bobby Pin


To dream of hairspray represents feelings about quick and convenient adjustments with controlling yourself to ensure perfect appearances of your thinking style to other people. A high level of ease or convenience with the capability to alter appearances of your thinking style in a situation where appearances are important. Quickly and conveniently changing the way you present yourself. Habits or action you could take to make certain that you look good or make a good impression. Concerns about making a good first impression. Quick adjustments to your thinking style to avoid embarrassment or looking like you have a problem. Feeling that first impressions are important and wanting to adapt to look good no matter what.

Positively, hairspray in a dream may represent a need to keep a perfect impression in a personal or professional situation. Feeling that it's important to make sure you don't make a mistake that will embarrass you. Not wanting others to know you have a problem. Wanting to keep up appearances or maintain a positive image. You may have a skill for adjusting your behavior or communication style to maintain a positive image. You may be resourceful in presenting yourself effectively in various situations.

Negatively, dreaming about hairspray represents feelings about overdoing quick and convenient adjustments with controlling yourself to ensure perfect appearances of your thinking style to other people. Being vain about believing quick adjustments to your personality to please others is easy. Feelings about needing to make quick adjustments to avoid being judged. Wanting to maintain a dishonest appearance in front of others. Wasting time trying to make a problem look perfect or like it never happened. Wasting time trying to make sure others don't think you made a mistake or have a problem. Wasting time trying to make others think you're perfect. Feelings about quick adjustments to your personality that failed to please others. You may care too much about what others think of you. An excessive need to be perceived as perfect or of sound mind. Uncomfortably controlling yourself or holding yourself back in order to make someone like you. Quick adjustments to your thinking style that looks fake, superficial, and unprofessional to other people. A superficial approach to relationships and professional interactions. Insecurity about quick adjustments being made to impress other people that doesn't want to leave anything to chance.


To dream of something hairy represents feelings about behavior that is ridiculously excessive or overboard. A person's behavior or situation that is a "little bit crazy." Feelings about someone being too liberal with their freedom or own ideas. A lack of concern for other people's opinions of you. Embarrassing one's self with a lack of moderation. Feelings about people not being aware of their problems. A lack of vanity or appearances that may be unaware of how stupid it looks. Excessive honesty that may make others uncomfortable.

To dream of hairy hands represents feelings about yourself or someone else having a level of capability that is embarrassing or excessive. Having dangerous skills or capabilities with no concerns about what other people think about them. An excessive or greedy mindset about your capabilities. Skills or capabilities that others find embarrassing or disgusting. A lack of vanity with your superior capabilities that may look stupid to others.

To dream of hairy arms may reflect feelings about yourself or others having abilities or resourcefulness that are embarrassing, excessive, or completely unconcerned with how ridiculous other people feel about them. A personal or professional "reach" that lacks moderation. Showing off too much with how resourceful or powerful you are that may look stupid to others.

To dream of hairy legs represents feelings about yourself or someone else having a level independence that is perceived to be ridiculous or overboard. Doing too much all on your own to the point of embarrassment. It may also reflect feelings about independence that lacks vanity or any concern about what other people think.

To dream of a hairy pubic area may reflect feelings about excessive sexual behavior. Feelings that sexual behavior was lacking class or moderation. An excessive liberal attitude about sex. No shame about sex or sexual conduct.

To dream of a hairy back represents feelings about yourself or others being too honest about their burdens or problems. Embarrassment about problems you've discussed being more inappropriate than you first thought.

To dream of a hairy chest may reflect feelings of raw power being displayed. No vanity as power is revealed, displayed, or proven. Negatively, a hairy chest may reflect an embarrassing excessive display of power. Looking stupid to other trying too hard to be powerful. Someone in your life that is looks stupid showing off thinking they are perfectly powerful.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man wearing summer shorts who was extremely hairy all over his body. In waking life he learned about a business competitors stupid idea for total domination of the business market he was involved in. He was shocked by how stupid and lacking in moderation his competitor was. He felt that his competitor was so consumed with a need to dominate he couldn't do anything except make a fool of himself with his jealous need to prove himself better.


To dream of half represents feelings about situations, relationships, or aspects of your identity that are incomplete, divided, or partially fulfilled. A sense of imbalance, the need for compromise, or the recognition of partial success or understanding in some area of your life. Feelings of being half serious or half committed about an issue.

Positively, dreaming about half may represent your willingness to share, collaborate, or acknowledge that you are part of a bigger picture. A conscious decision to see things from another perspective, to meet someone halfway, or to appreciate the progress made even if a goal hasn't been fully achieved.

Negatively, dreaming about half represents feelings about situations, relationships, or aspects of your identity that don't have to do all that you want. Feelings of frustration, dissatisfaction, or a sense of being short-changed in some aspect of your life. Unresolved issues, feelings of being incomplete without someone or something, or fear that you are not living up to your full potential. A struggle with making decisions, feeling torn between two choices, or experiencing a conflict that leaves you feeling divided.

To dream of a door being half open represents feelings about an opportunity or potential that is only partially accessible or available to you. A sense of uncertainty or hesitation about moving forward with a decision or entering into a new phase of life. A need for exploration, curiosity, or a willingness to embrace the unknown.

To dream of food half eaten represents feelings of dissatisfaction or unfulfillment in regard to continuing an experience or option. A lack of satisfaction with your current circumstances or a feeling that something is lacking with a choice you made. The intake of an incomplete experience or option. Giving up on a bad experience halfway. Feeling that you should have given up right away.

To dream of half of a dead body represents feelings about partial evidence of a failure or loss in your life. Unresolved issues or lingering effects of a past trauma or setback. A need to confront and address unfinished business or emotional wounds associated with a loss or failure.

To dream of being half naked represents feelings of partial vulnerability, exposure, or embarrassment in a particular situation. A fear of being judged or criticized for your perceived shortcomings or insecurities.

Example: A woman dreamed of leaving a hotel room with the door left half open. In waking life, she was separated from her husband and had recently decided to get a divorce. She had a bit of fear about the divorce process and being single. In this case, the door that is left half open may have reflected her feelings of uncertainty and hesitation about fully committing to the divorce and embracing her new single life with a small opportunity "left open" to reconcile.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman with a half-eaten bagel who said to her "I think there is something in this that I'm allergic to." In waking life, she had met a man that she liked at first, but then stopped liking him because he was too needy. In this case, the half-eaten bagel may have reflected her feelings about initially being interested in the new relationship (the bagel) but then feeling dissatisfied and realizing that something about the relationship (or the man's neediness) was not agreeable to her.

Example 3: A man dreamed of dropping his cell phone into a bucket of water where it broke in half. Once it was retrieved, half the phone's screen still worked. In waking life, he had recently blocked a woman who he had wasted his time talking to on social media for 3 years and then quickly met a new woman online. In this case, the cellphone that broke in half after being dropped in a bucket of water yet still worked may have reflected his regret about accidentally going too far with blocking the woman on social media. He may have felt his social connection to her was incomplete with being able to see what she does online (working half of the phone) while never being able to talk to her again (broken half of the phone).

Hall Of Fame

To dream of the Hall Of Fame represents nostalgia about your greater accomplishments. It may also reflect your memories of how good something used to be.

Example: A man dreamed of being in the Hall Of Fame. In waking life he was a singer and had damaged his voice. The Hall Of Fame reflected his memory of good a singer he used to be.

Halle Berry

To dream of Halle Berry represents an aspect of personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that's attractive about respecting itself being in control of itself liking what's happening while not embarrassing anyone else with being jealous of anything. Intelligence, self-acceptance, and a positive approach to life without causing discomfort or embarrassment to others. Grace and confidence while liking what's happening in a situation. Feeling good that nobody is embarrassing themselves when they talk to you.

Negatively, dreaming about Halle Berry may represent behavior that overdoes respecting itself being in control of itself liking what's happening while not embarrassing anyone else during an interesting attention-getting situation because you're afraid you'll get in trouble. Robbing yourself by controlling yourself too much while dealing with people who get back at you no matter what because you are too nice about believing that nobody should be jealous of anything.

Example: A man dreamed of walking with Halle Berry through a children's public park. Suddenly, an airplane flew overhead and crashed into a water tower causing a shocking flood of water. He avoids the water, but Halle Berry jumps into a swimming pool. The water recedes and Halle Berry is left standing unharmed, but totally wet while in a bikini. In waking life, he was controlling his dying father's assets while his father was in the hospital. He was talking to real estate agents to determine the value of the home. He didn't want to sell his father's home too quickly while trying to keep a relative who was living in the home happy. After his father died he got into an argument with the relative and began to find the idea of telling the real estate agents to sell the home more attractive as a means to achieve closure and leave family issues behind. In this case, Halle Berry may have reflected his perception of himself as someone who could handle discussing the attractiveness of property's value with real estate agents without causing unnecessary embarrassment or conflict with the family until he couldn't resist anymore.


To dream of Halloween represents situations where you or others feel good scaring people. Feeling good faking being something you're not in order to scare someone. Situations where you or others feel good changing their personality to scare other people. It may also reflect feelings about scaring other people in order to change them. Faking scaring people with an advantage or sense of leverage. Pretending you're serious about something into to scare people into changing for you.

Negatively, dreaming about Halloween may represent a fake attitude or faked behavior intended to scare others. Intentionally trying to scare someone with fake threats of anger or provoking jealousy.

To dream of a Halloween party may represents group situations intended to enjoy scaring someone. Feeling good that other people are little because you are too scary. Enjoying socializing that you enjoy noticing it scares someone else with jealousy who can't stop you (such as making ex-partner jealous of enjoying spending time with another person). Feeling good that you never get taught a lesson that scares other people. Feeling good spending time with people knowing it scares a jealous friend or partner. Social situations where everyone is laughing at why someone scared doesn't matter.

Negatively, a Halloween party may reflect feelings about why a group of people are enjoying themselves socializing in a way that scares you that you can't stop it. Socializing that is both elite and arrogant about why it scares people and can't be stopped.

Example: A girl dreamed of picking up Halloween items from her own home which was now her ex-boyfriend's home. In waking life she was given a time limited opportunity to get back with her ex-boyfriend, but decided not to. The Halloween symbolism in this case may have reflected her thoughts about choosing to let go of the power to feel good scaring her ex-boyfriend with threatening to break up in order to control him. She officially let go of her power to scare her ex-boyfriend with her actions by accepting the relationship over.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed going to a Halloween party. In waking life she broke up with her ex, met a new guy, and was planning to enjoy herself as much as she could to make her ex jealous because she enjoyed the thought of her ex never being happy again.

*Please See Trick-Or-Treating

*Please See Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume

To dream of a Halloween costume represents feelings about you or someone else that changes themselves to scare other people. It may also reflect feelings about how you or someone else chooses to scare someone else into changing. A false negative persona. You may be trying to appear angrier or more dangerous than you really are. It may also reflect a deceptive attempt to scare other people. You or someone else that feels good pretending to have a negative or dangerous attitude. Not really being serious about how negative or dangerous you are acting. A phony negative persona.

Alternatively, dreaming about a Halloween costume may reflect enjoying yourself faking being something you are not or enjoying a rare opportunity to pretend to be something you are not. A situation so ridiculous you need to perfectly believe you are something you're not.

To dream of a Halloween mask represents feelings about faking your personality to scare someone into changing themselves for you. Feeling good noticing you are behaving in a way to scare someone into giving you something. Feeling good behaving in a way that scares someone with jealousy.

Halloween costumes are common to people who want to make their partner or ex-partner scare with jealousy in order to control them.

Consider the type of costume for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone wearing a Halloween mask. In waking life he was aware of himself needing fake his personality to scare other people into giving him money to deal with a problem.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being unable to find his Halloween costume. In waking life he was unable to find a way to scare his ex-girlfriend with jealousy in order to make her remain his girlfriend.


To dream of a hallucination represents a sense of feeling overwhelmed and threatened by imaginary or perceived dangers, even if they may not be real, and being unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy or past and present experiences. Feeling scared or anxious in a situation where there is no real danger, and realizing the irrationality of your fear.

Witnessing an event that nobody else seems to have seen or acknowledges. Being skeptical or questioning your sanity when experiencing something extraordinary or difficult to explain. Having an experience that you believe to be real but are unable to convince others of its authenticity.

Alternatively, dreams about hallucinations may reflect your feelings about real life experiences with hallucinogenic drugs and the real hallucinations you had while high. You may have had powerful experiences that you can't tell anyone about out of fear or getting caught or might have had hallucinations that you didn't understand.

Real hallucinations most often contain dream symbolism that is similar to dreaming. Real hallucinations can be compared dreaming while awake.

Example: A woman had a real waking hallucination of one her twin sons coming into her bedroom to pull her bed covers from her head. In this case the hallucination may be considered dreaming while awake where the symbolism is reflecting her earlier waking life experience where she feared danger to one of her twins when he ran outside the out when he wasn't supposed to. The hallucination may have tapped into the dreamer's anxieties about the safety of their children and their ability to protect them.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a face floating in the air while spooky music plays and being told it must have been a hallucination. In waking life he may have been fearing something that ended up not being as serious as he thought.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being in a forest and seeing powerful hallucinations. In waking life he taken a powerful hallucinogenic called ayahuasca in South America and was trying to process what he had seen at while at home. Besides being a literal reflection of the dreamer's experiences the symbol for hallucinations may reflect how the experience of Ayahuasca was so unbelievable that other people would have a hard time believing him if he told anyone.


To dream of a hallway represents a transition, change in the way you think, or change in the circumstances of your life as you progress to the next stage. Waiting for something else to happen after having completed a phase. Experience a process of change or improvement.

Negatively, dreaming of being in a hallway may reflect transitions in waking life that are uncertain, difficult, scary, or dangerous. Feeling uncomfortable waiting for something else to happen. Trying to move on with your life after experiencing a failed relationship or job.

Alternatively, a hallway may also reflect feelings of having re-transition back to an old way of living after having made significant efforts to transition to a new way of living.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to walk down a hallway to her office, when in real life her office was at the beginning of the hallway. In waking life this woman had transitioned to a new career, but felt she had to keep changing back to her old career lifestyle to please old clients that she didn't want to upset.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking down checkered floor hallway. In waking life he was experiencing a high degree of uncertainty in his life as he slowly changed careers.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being in a hallway. In waking life he was in the middle of a major clean up at his workplace.


To dream of a halo represents your feelings that a person, situation, or idea is a paragon of good behavior, kindness, or morality. Feelings about purity, or exceptional goodness. Feelings about being exceptionally virtuous, moral, or a good person. An ideal or a higher level of moral consciousness that you or someone else embodies. A person or situation in your life that is a paragon of good behavior, kindness, or morality. Behavior that is perceived as "saintly."

Positively, dreaming about a halo may represent feelings of admiration, reverence, or respect toward someone's moral integrity or virtuous actions. A role model or an aspiration to achieve a higher moral standard in your life. The dream could be a reminder to stay true to your principles and values or to recognize the goodness in yourself or others. Purity and positive influence.

Negatively, a halo in a dream could represent unrealistic expectations of yourself or others regarding moral standards, leading to feelings of guilt or inadequacy. Believing that someone else is morally superior. A sanctimonious or self-righteous attitude, where you or someone else thinks too highly of their moral standing. Alternatively, the dream may point to a situation where someone is perceived as too good to be true, hinting at hidden flaws or hypocrisy.

To dream of being aware of a halo not being present may represent feelings about being aware of yourself or someone else not being looked up to for their virtues or good deeds. A recognition of humility, unrecognized efforts, or the absence of acknowledgment for one's positive qualities or actions. A personal sense of modesty, feeling undervalued, or the perception that others are failing to recognize the inherent goodness or moral strength in a person or situation. Feeling that true goodness is not always visible or celebrated.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing an old man she thought was an angel, but he had no halo. He just helped customers pay bills. In waking life, she had to pay for her own school while helping her family home keep running safely. She felt that God was helping her manage her life and all its problems in a way that was more apparent than usual. In this case, the angel that is noticeably lacking a halo may have reflected her own feelings about herself not being looked up for being incredibly helpful to the family while believing God was helping her.

*Please See Angels

*Please See Heaven


To dream of ham represents your thoughts and feelings about things that you don't think are important, or don't take too seriously. You may think something is ridiculous or pointless.

To dream of a ham sandwich represents your frustrations about things you have to do during a situation you may feel is ridiculous, or pointless.

Example: A young man dreamed of eating a ham. In waking life he had a teacher that was forcing him to do extra work that other students didn't have to. The ham reflected his feelings about how ridiculous he felt his teacher was treating him.


To dream of a hamburger represents feelings about an straightforward settling of a problem the way you wanted to that isn't complicated. No jealousy in basic needs indulged that doesn't require intelligence. Strength that sustains you that doesn't need an explanation for why it mattered. Simplicity that resolves a problem, but doesn't have to be professional. Satisfaction that isn't serious. Confidence that a choice will work that doesn't need to be sophisticated. Simple power that doesn't need to be intelligent. Heaviness that satisifys you with strength that doesn't need to be a genius. Nothing uncomfortable about why a choice satisfied what you needed. Feeling good not saying anything you're doing in a problem because you can take care of it in simple manner.

Negatively, a hamburger may reflect easy sex without any emotional component. Waking life situations involving power, but leave you unsatisfied. Enjoying something that lacks some intellectual, emotional, physical, or even spiritual component that makes you feel whole. Satisfaction of settling something temporary without any long-term satisfaction. Not seeing yourself as satisfied for the rest of your life. A temporary choice that is not as beneficial for you as long-term permanent solution. Situations in waking life where you disagree with other people's choices because they lack sophistication and leave you unsatisfied.

Example: A man dreamed of eating a hamburger. In waking life he was told he could marry a really beautiful girl, but because of her personality he was unsatisfied by the offer. The hamburger in this case may have reflected his feelings about enjoying the possibility of indulging in having sex with the beautiful girl, but feeling there would never be any intellectual or emotional connection due to personality differences.

Example 2: A 16 year-old boy dreamed of wearing a hamburger suit. In waking life he was projecting an overconfident attitude about his driving abilities to others before he actually had to take his drivers test. The hamburger suit may have reflected his personality trying to project himself as a straightforward strong skilled driver that shouldn't be complicated to accept. He may have also trying to project a fake confident attitude about to other people to trust him as a good driver as though there was nothing overly sophisticated or serious about it.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of ordering a hamburger from a country store. In waking life she was experiencing financial difficulties and stress to find a new place to live. In this case the hamburger she order from the country store may have reflected her need to rely on family to settle her financial or housing problem temporarily because asking family was a straightforward and uncomplicated temporary solution.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of her friend ordering a hamburger that takes 3 hours to make. I waking life she disagreed with her friend's choices while her friend seemed to override all discussion and would get irritated if disagreed with. In this case the hamburger may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about her friend wasting time settling a problem while also reflecting the dreamer's view of the choice being unsatisfactory and not sophisticated enough.

Example 5: A man dreamed of cooking hamburgers in the oven, while noticing that his wife looked like she was on drugs. In waking life the man had entered alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous. In this case the hamburgers that were cooking may have reflected his feelings about comfortably settling his addiction problem by attending the meetings like it was a straightforward decision with nobody laughing at him handling himself.


To dream of a hammer represents feelings about strength, determination, and the capacity to make a situation permanently hold or "stay put." The strength, determination, and capacity to make a choice or change hold. Your motivation or ability to make a situation stay the way you want. The use of strength, determination, or willpower to accomplish tasks or overcome obstacles. Your thoughts about the necessity of hard work, effort, and assertiveness in life. A call to action, a reminder of the work that must be done to forge an outcome, to construct our realities, and to "nail down" our aspirations into tangible achievements.

Positively, dreaming about a hammer may represent your ability and readiness to effectively tackle problems or challenges with strength and precision. Your competence in making necessary changes in your life hold. Commitment to creating something meaningful and valuable in your life.

Negatively, dreaming about a hammer could represent excessive strength, determination, and capacity to make a situation permanently hold or "stay put." Aggression, destruction, or a heavy-handed approach to problem-solving where subtlety or diplomacy might be more appropriate. Perhaps you feel the need to 'hammer' your point across in waking life, risking relationships or opportunities in the process. You or someone else may be too forceful or controlling in a situation, potentially causing harm or discord. A tendency to be overly critical or destructive, breaking down rather than building up. Feelings about being the target of aggression or conflict that wants to you stay a certain way.

Dreams of hammers may be common to people trying to exert effort to make their school performance, health regimes, or relationship fixes hold.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a snake chasing her and killing it with a hammer. In waking life, she didn't like her brother's best friend because he thought she liked him due to a mistaken kiss. In this case, the hammer may have reflected strong determination and assertiveness to confront the situation and put an end to any misconceptions or discomfort caused by the friend's assumption.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of killing snakes with a hammer. In waking life, she was trying to dedicate herself more to reading the bible and being a better follower of Jesus. In this case, the hammer may have reflected her commitment and determination to overcome corrupting obstacles (represented by the snakes) in her spiritual journey and strengthen her faith.

Example 3: A man dreamed of needing to find a hammer. In waking life, a woman he had a crush on was about to move away. He had thought about trying to tell her how he felt for over a year. In this case, the hammer may have reflected his realization of the need to take action and assertively express his feelings to the woman before it was too late, symbolizing his determination to "nail down" his aspirations in his romantic life.

*Please See Nails (Hammering).


To dream of a hammock represents a leisurely or carefree attitude with a situation. You may be totally satisfied that everything is in order. It may reflect feelings that all hard work or difficulties are over. You don't feel the need to do anything else.

Positively, a hammock may reflect a well deserved break or feeling as though all hard work is behind you. Negatively, a hammock may reflect too much pleasure and leisure.

Negatively, a hammock may reflect wishful thinking about enjoying yourself escaping problems that you are not confident enough to act on. Enjoying daydreaming too much over taking realistic action.

To dream of falling out of a hammock represents a realization that more work or effort is required. A wake up call that there is still more to be done before you can enjoy yourself.

Example: A woman once dreamed of continually falling out of a hammock that she was in with her fiance. In real life she kept feeling that her fiance wasn't doing enough to prepare for the wedding reducing her level of certainty that everything was in order.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in paradise with man in a hammock. In waking life she in a terribly unhappy marriage, considering leaving it, but too afraid too do anything about it. The hammock scenery reflect her daydreaming about a better life away from her current husband that she was too afraid to realistically pursue.


To dream of a hamster represents feelings about not wanting attention or oversight no matter what you are up to regarding small obligations or responsibilities that you are dealing with all on your own. A desire for independence while handling small problems, and a dislike for being observed or engaged in conversation about these issues. Handling small problems yourself and not wanting anyone seeing you what you are up to. Feeling faster than other people about dealing with small obligations if you are left alone.

Example: A young man dreamed of a swarm of purple hamsters running towards him. In waking life, he was worried about depleting his bank savings while he couldn't pay rent or his bills. In this case, the swarm of hamsters running towards him may have reflected his overwhelming feelings of numerous small financial responsibilities rapidly consuming his savings as he tried to avoid discussing his paying bills with anyone while trying to quietly make money without anyone asking questions.

Hand Gun

To dream of a hand gun represents a decisions or control that's self-protective. Not being interested in losing or changing something. Being protective of your choices or decisions.

To dream of having a hand gun held on you by a criminal or evil person represents a negative aspect of yourself that doesn't want to change. A part of you that may not feel that certain positive changes are important or beneficial.

*Please See Guns

Hand Puppets

*Please See Puppets


To dream of a handbag represents your wish to feel good or look good always being prepared. Feeling good always being ready. It may also reflect sensitivity about always looking professional or savvy. Projecting the image to others that you are always succeeding, rich, beautiful, or never losing.

Negatively, a handbag may reflect sensitivity about the possibility of embarrassing yourself being unprepared. It may also reflect too much concern that other people think you're perfect.

*Please See Purse


To dream of handcuffs represents feelings about restrictions, limitations, or being held back in some aspects of your life regarding your capabilities. You or someone else who is limited, restrained, or controlled by another person or situation. A loss of freedom, autonomy, or the ability to make choices. Thoughts about being constrained by circumstances.

Positively, dreaming about handcuffs may represent the recognition of boundaries, the acceptance of consequences for one's actions, or the understanding of the importance of discipline and structure in life. Self-discipline and the need for restraint in certain aspects of your life. A conscious choice to limit impulsive behaviors or to take responsibility for your actions. A conscious choice to adhere to rules or obligations that are necessary for your safety, growth, or progress. This dream could also indicate a period of self-reflection, where you are coming to terms with aspects of yourself or your life that need to be controlled or moderated.

Negatively, dreaming about handcuffs could represent feelings of powerlessness, frustration, or oppression in terms of restrictions regarding your capabilities. A lack of freedom in a particular situation. Feeling unfairly restrained or punished, feeling trapped in a situation or relationship, or experiencing a lack of control over your own decisions and path in life. Perhaps you feel bound by external pressures, societal norms, or internal conflicts that restrict your capabilities. You may feel that your actions or choices are being restricted by external forces, authority figures, or societal norms. A sense of being held accountable for your actions.

Example: A man dreamed of having to restrain someone with handcuffs. In waking life, he was trying to change his lifestyle and life choices to healthier habits. In this case, having to restrain someone with handcuffs may have reflected his own need to enforce strict self-discipline and restraint to avoid falling back into unhealthy habits. He was metaphorically 'handcuffing' his old behaviors to prevent them from influencing his current path towards better health. This dream highlighted his recognition of the necessity for strict self-control and the willingness to take drastic measures to ensure his personal growth and health improvement.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being thrown to the ground and handcuffed. In waking life, she was dealing with issues of bulimia and was concerned about her weight. In this case, being handcuffed may have reflected her feelings about restricting and limiting her eating after vomiting up her food.


To dream of having a handicap represents a weakness, hindrance, or obstacle. It may also reflect a bad habit that negatively influences you. A handicap could also represent neediness or something you are emotionally dependent on.

A handicap in a dream is a sign that you are being confronted with a challenge and need to maximize your full potential. It may be a good idea to seek help or focus your will power.

Consider which part of the body is handicapped and its symbolism. Refer to the themes section for body parts for a more in depth look at body symbolism.

*Please See Wheelchair

*Please See Mobility Scooter

Handicapped Sign

To dream of a handicapped sign represents life situations where there is the possibility to excuse yourself from conventional rules if you need to. Positively, it may reflect a supportive way to bypass a weakness.

Negatively, a handicapped sign may reflect awareness of yourself going too far avoiding rules that apply to others. Cheating or arrogantly exploiting someone else's good nature to get ahead.


To dream of a handjob represents waking life situations where there is need to please someone else quickly or cheaply. A reluctant need to make someone else feel good to keep them happy or keep them supporting you. Pleasing someone whom is impatiently waiting. A mandatory need to show someone they matter. Talking about someone in a flattering way so they feel respected. Keeping a jerk happy.

Negatively, a handjob may reflect feelings of having to serve someone or make them feel good about themselves when it's inconvenient. Feeling like a loser that has to tell someone you don't respect that they matter. Making someone feel good so they will stop complaining. Feeling disgusted having to please someone. Feeling that you need to do a favor for someone you consider a lowlife, scumbag, or jerk.

To dream of getting a handjob represents feelings about being pleased by others with the intention to get it over with quickly. A quick solution to your complaints. Feeling good not being ignored. Feeling good being talked about in a flattering way. Feeling that someone has no choice about needing to show you that you matter. Feeling that someone is doing you quick favor in order to get you to shut up.

Negatively, dreaming about getting a handjob may reflect enjoyment of exploiting an opportunity to tell others what to do. Not trusting someone to respect your feelings at a later time. Demanding a quick or dirty solution that only feels good for you. Making someone who doesn't like you talk about you like they do. Awareness of yourself acting like a scumbag.


To dream of a handkerchief represents feelings about being professionally prepared about other people noticing you don't have any problems. Professionally prepared to help out anyone you can with avoiding looking unprofessional. Professionally not lethal to anyone around you. Professionally prepared for any embarrassments or mishaps without "getting your hands or face dirty." Preparation that makes you feel that no mistakes or embarrassments are lethal. Always prepared to prevent yourself from looking unprofessional by being ready for little problems that might turn up. Feeling good that you don't need to use some form of professional preparation for small problems.

Negatively, dreaming about a handkerchief may represent a tendency to be too serious about perfectly or professionally preparation for a problem that may never happen.

Example: A woman dreamed of being given an orange handkerchief. In waking life she skipped her period. The handkerchief in this case may have reflected her feelings about professionally avoiding embarrassment during a skipped period by using a tampon anyway.


To dream of a handle feelings about how easy it is to manage or control something difficult. Feelings about how easy it may be for someone else to manage or control you. Feelings about how competent you or someone else is with management or control. Feelings about being able to "handle yourself" in a particular situation. Awareness of yourself being ready to make use of something. Your ability to "handle" your job with professional skills.

To dream of handling something represents feelings about managing or controlling something difficult. Feeling that you "have a handle" on a difficult situation. Attempting to avoid confrontation or crisis by managing a difficult situation as best you can. Issues with handling danger properly. Thoughts about how much danger or difficulty you could handle if needed. Concerns about a situation changing badly. Feeling that if you can control a situation on the short-term that in the long-term it will go away on it's own.

To dream of a door handle may reflect feelings about how easy it can be to manage access, opportunities, or change. Feelings about how easy it is for someone to gain access to you or bother you.

To dream of a handle on a knife or weapon may reflect your readiness to make use of certain actions. Readiness to make a dangerous or serious choice. A knife handle may reflect your confidence or readiness to make conflicting actions against someone else. Readiness to deal with a problem. Readiness to get revenge. Feelings about how competent you are at making a dangerous or serious choice.

Example: A man dreamed of handling a snake. In waking life he was trying to manage a very difficult person and felt he was in danger of needing to confront the person.

Example 2: A woman dreamed seeing a door handle being shuffled. In waking life she was living a very hectic life with school, kids, and her husband always needing her for something.


To dream of hands represents capability, competence, and the ability to do what you want. The ability to execute certain behaviours or skills on your own. The capacity manifest your choices. Feelings of empowerment, control, or effectiveness. You may feel that you have the skills, resources, or abilities needed to influence your environment, achieve your goals, or express your creativity. Hands in dreams can reflect feelings of freedom, agency, and self-sufficiency. They might also symbolize communication, connection, or offering help to others.

To see two hands holding on to each other symbolizes partnership.

To wash your hands represents ridding yourself of a problem or rejecting a sense of responsibility.

To see a hand beckoning you represents an area of your life that is drawing you towards it. Choices, beliefs, or situations that are tempting you. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about immorality that is beckoning you or tempting you.

To dream of losing a hand represents your feelings of being robbed of your capabilities. Feelings of powerlessness, incapability, or limitations. It might symbolize a perceived lack of skills, resources, or autonomy needed to achieve your desired outcomes. Feeling unable to execute your choices or manifest your skills. You can't do something you want or have something you feel you deserve. Feeling diminished or impotent and being unable to do anything about it.

To dream of cutting your hand represents conflict or personal struggle that negatively impacts your capabilities. Feeling hampered or that your skills are being held back by problems. Alternatively, a cut hand may reflect your skills, talents, or abilities being harmed by a negative influence or conflict. Temporarily being unable to do what you want.

To dream of hands reaching outwards towards others hoping they'll take your hands represents feelings of desire for the capability of connection, support, or mutual aid. It could suggest an attempt to reach out for help, companionship, or understanding in a difficult situation. You may be seeking validation, acceptance, or just a listening ear from those around you. Negatively, dreaming of hands reaching out with no one to grasp them may symbolize feelings of loneliness, rejection, or being ignored. It could reflect a situation where you feel your attempts to connect or communicate are being overlooked or dismissed.

Example: A woman hand a recurring dream of having both her hands cut off. In waking life, she felt totally reliant on her husband and felt she could do nothing for herself. In this case, her hands being cut off may have reflected her perceived inability to execute her choices, control her life, or act on her own capabilities due to her over-reliance on her husband.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend being in a car accident and missing his hands. In waking life, she got into a big argument with him and feared that her boyfriend couldn't do anything in life without her. In this case, the boyfriend missing his hands may have reflected her belief that her boyfriend lacks the necessary skills or resources to handle life's challenges on his own.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his hands being invisible. In waking life, he was frustrated with computer he couldn't get access to because he didn't remember the password. In this case, the invisible hands may have reflected his feelings of powerlessness and frustration regarding his inability to use his skills or capabilities to access to the computer with the password.

Example 4: A man dreamed of holding a rotting tomato and apple in his hands. In waking life, he was beginning to doubt his capability of being a healer to his sick daughter.

Example 5: A woman had recurring dreams of seeing a hand beckoning her from the opposite side of a river where the river got progressively narrower with each dream. In waking life, she had terminal cancer and was close to death. In this case, the hand may have reflected her feelings about being capable of dying if she let go of struggling to survive. The progressively narrowing river in this case may have reflected her changing feelings about the temporary state of pain or discomfort required to cross through in order to successfully die.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing both his hands reaching outwards hoping someone would grab them, but nobody ever did. In waking, the man tried everything to offer assistance to criminals to change their ways, but in the end it was for nothing and they had to be arrested. In this case, the ungrasped hands could reflect his feelings of frustration and disappointment about his failed attempts to connect with and help those who refused his aid.


To dream of a handshake represents co-operation or partnership. Choosing to not argue. Reaching an agreement.

To shake hands with an evil or bad person represents acceptance of negative thoughts, or giving in to negativity. Partnership with people who believe are dishonest or immoral. Willingly selling out your principles. Welcoming bad influences into your life.


*Please See Writing

Hang Gliding

To dream of hang gliding represents feelings about how easy it is to do something risky or dangerous all on your own.

Positively, hang gliding may represents a refusal to held back because others think a situation is too dangerous or difficult. Alternatively, hang gliding may reflect enjoyment of noticing how easy something others think is dangerous or risky is.

Negatively, a hang gliding may reflect scaring others or showing off with doing something perceived to be risky being too easy. It may also be a sign that you are taking too much of chance to do something by yourself. Thinking something risky or difficult is too easy.


To dream of seeing a hanging with a noose represents feelings about the gravity of your commitment to your thoughts and actions leading to embarrassing you with never mattering anymore. Feelings about yourself or someone else taking actions that will lead to their own downfall or self-sabotage. Making choices or saying things that will likely result in negative consequences. The gravity of the self-inflicted harm that one may cause through their own actions or words.

Negatively, dreaming about a hanging with a noose may represent intense feelings of despair, hopelessness, and self-devaluation. Feeling about actions, words, or life circumstances leading down a path of irreversible consequence. Acknowledgment that you have crossed a line from which there is no return. Surrendering to a fate you feel is inevitable. Anxieties about being entrapped by your own actions or decisions. Deep-seated fears of failure, public humiliation, or being caught in a situation from which there is no turning back.

Alternatively, dreaming about a hanging with a noose may reflect thoughts about preparing to commit suicide or suicidal ideation. You may have some powerful insecurities at the moment and may not believe in yourself enough. Hanging with nooses dreams can also occur for people with breathing difficulties to reflect their feelings about their breathing being cut off.

To dream that you are hanging someone else with a noose may reflect feelings of making sure someone confronts the gravity of their thoughts and actions with the embarrassment of seeing themselves never mattering again.

To dream of hanging on to something may reflect feelings of desperation, urgency, or fear of failure. It could symbolize a situation in your waking life where you feel you are at the end of your rope, either emotionally, financially, or in some other aspect. The act of hanging on in the dream might represent your struggle to maintain control, keep hope alive, or prevent a negative outcome.

Alternatively, the dream may indicate a determination or resolve to see something through to the end, even in the face of extreme challenges or adversity. It could be your subconscious highlighting your resilience and tenacity, urging you to "hold on" despite difficult circumstances.

Example: A man dreamed of being hung with a noose. In waking life, he was experiencing a progressive asthma condition which he felt was choking off his ability to breathe. In this case, being hung may have reflected his feelings about the escalating severity and constrictive nature of his asthma, making him feel trapped and as though he were sabotaging his own well-being by not adequately addressing or managing the condition by talking to someone else about it.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing someone preparing to hang themself. In waking life, he felt that his life was hopeless without any options left and was considering killing himself. In this case, seeing someone prepare to hang themself may have reflected her feelings about the gravity of the decision to kill himself potentially embarrassing his life with never mattering anymore.

*Please See Lynching


To dream of a hangover represents feelings about the negative aftermath or consequences of an indulgent, careless, or excessive-decision or behavior. Regrets or consequences for an obsession. You enjoyed yourself too much or went way overboard with something. It may also reflect your need for downtime after a really exciting or busy moment. Physical or emotional discomfort that follows a period of pleasure, excess, or a lack of self-control. Your thoughts about the importance of moderation, the consequences of your actions, and the need to deal with the repercussions of having gone too far in some aspect of your life.

Positively, dreaming about a hangover may represent learning from past mistakes, recognizing the need for balance, and the importance of self-control after a period of neglect or excess. Recognizing the need for moderation.

Negatively, dreaming about a hangover may represent feelings of regret, guilt, or shame about past behaviors or decisions. It might symbolize the harsh realization of having acted against your better judgment and facing the uncomfortable consequences. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the need to rectify mistakes, apologize, or deal with the fallout of your actions.

*Please See Beer

*Please See Wine

*Please See Alcohol


To dream of happiness may reflect waking life situations where you feeling good about not having to worry about a problem anymore. Relief, comfort, or contentment with how a situation has turned out. Feeling secure or loved. Alternatively, happiness may reflect waking life situations where you feel really lucky about something good that has happened. Self-love.

Negatively, happiness in a dream may be a sign that you are desperately avoid facing the truth of a problem or are involved in addictive or excessive behaviors. Compensating, daydreaming, or willful blindness to avoid pain. A desire for wish fulfillment. It may also reflect a tendency to live with desire for things you can't really believe you can have. Wishful thinking. Happiness in a dream may be a sign that you are having problems facing the reality of situation. Alternatively, dreaming of being happy may reflect a tendency to be too comfortable with ideas or situations that are not good for you. Feelings about other people being happy to see your fail or your or enjoyment of experiencing other failing.

Happy endings in a dream may reflect positive outcomes that you currently aren't confident enough to believe in. Negatively, they may reflect satisfaction with keeping others down.

Example: A young boy dreamed of his parents being happy together and choosing to not get divorced. In waking life his parents were getting divorced and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. The dream most likely reflected the young boy's irrational or uniformed desire for his parents to get back together. Using hope or telling himself that his parents would get back together to help himself cope.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of feeling happy inside. In waking life she was very happy to be divorced.


*Please See Happiness


To dream of harassment can represent feelings of being threatened, mistreated, or violated in your waking life, either physically or emotionally. It may indicate a sense of powerlessness or vulnerability, and a need to assert yourself and set boundaries. Feelings about being bullied that doesn't stop. A nagging problem that doesn't stop.

Alternatively, it may suggest that you are experiencing feelings of guilt or shame, or that you are struggling with self-doubt or low self-esteem. The context of the dream, as well as the identity of the harasser, can provide further insights into its meaning.

Example: A young woman dreamed of harassing her boyfriend after she caught him kissing another woman. In waking life the woman felt that she inaccurately judges. irritates, and frustrates her boyfriend. In this case the harrassing may reflect her own anxieties and insecurities about overstepping boundaries to assert control or dominance in order to feel secure.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of his sister being harassed and decided to walk out into the street to find the harasser. In waking life he felt that he had to confront someone he feared. In this case the dream decided to confront the harasser may have reflected dreamer's need to confront and overcome their own fears or insecurities in order to stand up for themselves to stop being bullied or mistreated.


To dream of a harbor represents a situation in waking life where you want a break from dealing with your problems. An intermission from facing uncertainty. Taking time off or getting shelter while confronting issues.

*Please See Marina

Hard Drive

To dream of a hard drive represents the accumulation of knowledge, beliefs, memories, or skills. Areas of your life that you have become adept at or experienced with. A cache of personal experience.

To dream of formatting a hard drive may represent a major change to your belief system or priorities. You may be giving up old interests for new ones. It may also represent new developments that change everything you know. A major correction of some kind.

To dream of throwing out a hard drive represents abandoning an area of your life. You are giving up something that you have a lot of experience with or that was of great interest to you.

Hard Liquor

*Please See Liquor

Hardware Store

To dream of a hardware store represents choices that are more serious than you first thought. Making the decision to get something over with. Self-improvement or attitude adjustments that you realize need more effort or resources. Noticing yourself having to do more than expected to get something done. You may be looking around for more powerful or serious solution to a nagging problem.

Negatively, a hardware store may be a warning to be cautious about being too hasty or allowing a problem to get out of hand.


*Please See Rabbits


To dream of a harmonica represents feelings of being down to earth and authentic about everyone else's feelings counting. Feeling good never being alone while never embarrassing anyone else. Feeling good that your feelings count while other people's feelings count with you. Sharing your feelings that are down to earth. Happiness to not think of anyone thinking they are better than anyone else. Happiness to not think of other people's problems so that you don't have to think of your own problems. Feelings of simplicity, comfort, and freedom amid complications. Feeling good not wasting your time that anything mattered at all. Feeling good being unimportant so that anything matters at all.

Negatively, you may be longing for an opportunity to escape your problems. Trying to distract yourself from your noticing your problems. Feelings of not being taken seriously during important or complicated situations. Downplaying the gravity of a situation or resorting to a carefree attitude during serious moments. Down to earth feelings while not being taken seriously during important or complicated situations. Feeling annoyed by a situation that's too concerned with being down to earth and not better than other people. Longing for simplicity or a sense of freedom from burdensome circumstances in waking life.


*Please See Music


To dream of a harp represents feelings of bringing forth perfect harmony, comfort, safety. Behavior that instills a feeling that no harm will come again or that nothing can be in trouble. Instilling feelings of the safety of a mother. A sense of inner peace and harmony amidst a hectic life. Alternatively, a harp may represents a desire for inner peace or a balance of the mind and spirit. It may also reflect spiritual balance or healing. Feeling that nothing bad can happen to you when you die. Intelligence about making a difficult situation or multiple problems feel better about coming together in perfect harmony.

To dream of a harp that is broken or out of tune may represent a disruption in harmony or balance. Feeling unable to intelligently bring forth perfect harmony, comfort, and safety.

Example: A man dreamed of having difficult playing a harp. In waking life, his girlfriend was in the hospital while he was having difficulty trying to relax after quitting smoking and required alcohol to keep his sleep schedule. In this case, the difficulty playing the harp may reflect his struggle to restore harmony and balance in his life amidst the turbulence of his girlfriend's health issues and his own struggles with quitting smoking. The inability to effectively play the harp in the dream may mirror his difficulties in managing stress and maintaining a sense of peace without resorting to substances such as alcohol for sleep regulation.


To dream of a harpoon represents feelings about targeting or focusing on a larger goal, challenge, or problem with determination and precision. Attempting to tackle, grapple, "take down", or engage with a larger problem or situation. A larger or "heavier" way to tackle a big problem or uncertain issue with a risk of engagement. Your thoughts about the importance of focus, accuracy, and the need to take decisive action during uncertain situations. Feeling that a problem in an uncertain situation is more serious than usual, requiring risking engagement.

Positively, dreaming about a harpoon may represent your ability to concentrate on a goal with precision and effectiveness without any fear of engagement. A conscious choice to single out a problem or opportunity and tackle it head-on. Your dedication, precision, and ability to target specific larger goals effectively.

Negatively, dreaming about a harpoon may represent feelings of aggression, hostility, or the use of excessive force while targeting goals or problems. Feelings about the potential risks of engaging with a larger goal or problem during an uncertain situation if you aren't precise enough. A confrontational approach to challenges, where subtlety or diplomacy might be more appropriate. Perhaps you feel the need to 'harpoon' your way through a situation, risking relationships or opportunities in the process.

Harry Potter

To dream of Harry Potter represents an aspect of your personality with ingenuity about being committed to "conjuring good luck" to overcome situations that feel like "conjured bad luck." Amazing accomplishments that other people might not think are possible when in the face of adversity or insurmountable hardships. Behavior that is cleverer than most people about creating a "magical solution" to a problem situation. A desire for a "magical solution" to problems, and a struggle to reconcile the mistakes made in the past to find a way to set things right in the present. Thinking you can keep doing one impressive act with good intentions to reverse a negative situation that feels equally powerful with how easy, fast, or controlling it is (e.g. Buy a gift to instantly reverse someone being angry at you for reasons beyond your control).

Harry Potter may symbolize the dreamer's commitment to never let negativity prevail over their life and to always prioritize doing good. The dreamer's desire to impress or control others in a way that reverses a negative situation. Overall, the dream suggests that the dreamer is using their intelligence to overcome bad luck and achieve a positive outcome. A dreamer's desire for an intelligent quick fix to romantic problems hoping for a happy ending or a miraculous turn of events to bring them together, despite the obstacles.

Negatively, Harry Potter may reflect your mind having a fantasy about correcting a negative situation in your life that feels like "bad magic spell" of coincidence. Daydreaming or fantasizing that you can fix feelings of being overwhelmed with bad luck. Knowing something isn't possible, but being overcommitted to wishing it could happen. A desire to find a magical solution to a real-world problem or difficulty that you feel is beyond your control or that you cannot handle with ordinary means. Good intentions might not be enough to quickly fix a negative situation.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a book with stage directions for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but it was written in his mother's handwriting. In waking life, he was thinking of buying concert tickets to Pink Floyd for a girl he missed out on prom with. The girl found out about his earlier intentions to go to prom with another girl that was unimportant, but she didn't understand and was jealous. The prom was also cancelled at the last minute. He felt like an "evil spell" of bad luck was cast on him and he had to do everything to correct it because it loved the girl. He thought concert tickets would be an intelligent quick "good spell" over his bad luck. In this case, Harry Potter may have reflected his inventive and clever approach in trying to fix the complicated situation he found himself in. Just like Harry Potter, he believed he could conjure a 'good spell' - buying concert tickets in this case - to counteract the 'evil spell' of bad luck and misunderstanding that had been cast on him. He was attempting to manifest a 'magical solution' to resolve the negative circumstances and win the affection of the girl he loved.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Harry Potter. In waking life, she was in a long distance relationship. She wished she could "magically" make him appear. In this case, Harry Potter may have reflected her deep longing and desire to effortlessly overcome the distance that separated her from her partner. The concept of Harry Potter and his magical abilities could symbolize her hope for an extraordinary, instant solution, akin to casting a spell, that could bring them together despite the geographical constraints.

*Please See Celebrities


To dream of a combine farming harvester represents decision making or intentions that are focused on getting everything you've been expecting as fast as you can get it. Easy taking.

To dream of a combine farming harvester driving towards you may reflect another person with expectations of you that you find dangerous to your happiness or wellbeing. A fear that you can't escape someone else taking all you have. A person or situation in your life that make you feel that all you have is for easy taking.


To dream of harvesting represents feelings about reaping the rewards or benefits of hard work, patience, efforts, or investments. Gathering or collecting the result of hard work, patience, efforts, or investments. You may have put a lot of hard work into something that is finally paying off. Plans or investments coming to fruition. Investment in relationships for benefits or enjoyment. Saving up your money to spend. Success that comes as a result of hard work, patience, or personal investment in the future.

Positively, dreaming about harvesting may indicate a sense of achievement, satisfaction, and fulfillment. It can represent the realization of your goals, the culmination of your efforts, or the successful completion of a project or endeavor. A sense of gratitude, appreciation, or enjoyment for the results of your hard work.

Negatively, dreaming of harvesting could suggest that you are taking advantage of others' efforts, resources, or strengths for your gain. Feelings about using or exploiting relationships by patiently waiting for results. Feelings about being used by people for the most important part. Feelings about lots of hard work, patience, efforts, or investments doing only what was needed without being special.

To dream of organ harvesting may represent feelings about using other people to survive, exploiting their resources or assistance for your own benefit without their consent or against their will. Utilization or exploitation of others' strengths or resources for personal gain, survival, or success. Ethical concerns about the means you are using to achieve your goals or the impact of your actions on others. A fear of being taken advantage of or having your resources forcibly taken away by someone else. A situation where you or someone else is benefiting from the talents, efforts, or sacrifices of others, possibly without due recognition or compensation. A sense of desperation, where survival or achieving goals necessitates taking advantage of others. Feelings of guilt, unethical behavior, or moral dilemmas. A lack of empathy or consideration for the well-being of others, focusing solely on personal benefits at the expense of others.

Example: A young woman dreamed of talking to a college professor about a past dream where she cut a hole in the floorboard in her bedroom to grow and harvest wheat. In waking life, she was renting a room in a house to go to college. She was the only female in a house of 6 men. In this case, talking to her college professor about a past dream of harvesting wheat in her bedroom may have reflected her wish to reap the benefits of avoiding people to privately study harder to get good grades.

Example 2: A person dreamed of hanging marijuana joints on a wall in order to harvest sea cucumbers. In waking life, they were trying to tame their emotions. In this case, the harvesting of sea cucumbers may have reflected their attempt to personally invest time, effort, and patience with not being serious about issues that usually make them over-emotional in order to reap benefits within their relationships by no longer needing to talk about the sensitive issues.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of living alone in a hut with a long beard while doing chores, harvesting crops, food, and maintaining tools. In waking life, he finally got over his ex-girlfriend and felt troubles related to the old relationship that still followed him. In this case, the harvesting of crops may have reflected his personal investment in hobbies or plans while single for his own benefit away from relationships.


*Please See Axe


To dream of hating someone or something represents feelings of serious resentment, frustration, or anger. Waking life grievances or strong dislike. Feelings of contempt. Powerful jealousy or envy. Frustrations with your own flaws or faults. Repressed aggression or fearing true confrontation. A complete lack of a sense of humor about a sensitive subject.

Alternatively, hate in a dream may mirror waking life feelings of hatred, frustration, or serious anger. A wish to seek revenge on someone. Having a true enemy.

To dream that someone hates you represents feelings about situations or relationships that never produce happy outcomes when you interact with them. Feeling unlucky in some area of your life or that someone doesn't like you. Feeling that a situation in unwelcoming or unfriendly to your interests. Situations that feel bitter or jealous of you. Experiencing hostility to your presence or views. Fearing hostility or being yelled at. A naive or misinformed view of someone you believe hates you when you haven't even spent time speaking to them. Experiencing hostile ignorance or bigoted behavior.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling intense hatred for a man. In waking life she was a waitress who was frustrated by her boss forcing her to politely serve dinner to a child molester who had been mentioned in the news.

*Please See Anger


To dream of a hat represents your mood or attitude that is only display to others. How you choose to feel or how you like to feel about yourself. The mood you are projecting to others.

The color and style of hat suggest what kind of mood you are in.

Dreaming of a red hat may reflect an attitude being displayed to others that has dangerous or arrogant intentions. Showing others that you know you are being dangerous or mean.

To dream of trying on different hats may reflect your attempt to prepare for a new role. Trying to find the right attitude to approach a new situation. Testing out different personality types to discover what suits you best.

Alternatively, hats in dreams can sometimes reflect issues with hiding hair loss from others and anxiety about other people discovering your hair loss problem.

Fact: Headaches sufferers often dream of wearing hats that are too tight.

Example: A woman dreamed of hiding her perfect hair under a hat and not wanting others to discover it. In waking life she had a genetic hair loss problem and wore a hat to cover it up. She didn't want people she had just met to discover or question her problem when talking to them a second time.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a male friend wearing his favorite hat. In waking life the male friend had died and she was still in the process of grieving. In this case the hat may have reflected her mood or attitude about the dead friend being upbeat as she tried to hide her grieving from people while maintaining a positive attitude about him.

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To dream of being haunted represents unresolved issues from your past that are causing emotional disturbance. You may have a problem letting go of something that's happened to you. Traumas and repressed feelings or memories. You may have fear or guilt about your past.

*Please See Ghosts

*Please See Exorcism

Haunted House

To dream of a haunted house represents a perspective on life that is stuck with unresolved issues. There are bad memories or negative aspects of your life that are still effecting you to this day based past events. You may feel overwhelmed by feelings about your past. Feeling that you can never get over guilt or bad memories. Feeling that you are being constantly reminded of bad things that happened in your past. Living in a situation where you constantly fear your past coming back to "haunt you" or embarrass you.

Eerie feeling life, lingering feelings of being ineffective or ignored. Feelings about your life being completely negative while you put up with it.

Negatively, a haunted house may reflect your awareness of yourself living with trauma that you aren't dealing with.

A haunted house is a sign that you need to begin process negativity from your past. You may need to confront fears, learn to forgive, or try to develop confidence so that you can let go of the past. It may also be a sign that you need to try new things, move away, or try to start a new life to get your mind focused on the future. Change may be something you need to work very hard on to help yourself move in life.

Example: A woman dreamed of living in a haunted house. In waking life she regularly felt lingering fear that her choice to have a family when she was younger was going to rob her of having a more successful future.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of living in a haunted house. In waking life she felt fear that her choice to move away from her old home was mistake. The haunted house may have reflected her persistent uncertainties about living with an unresolved mistake.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of living in a haunted apartment. In waking life he felt she couldn't stop herself from neglecting her school studies to party with friends. She felt she could never return to her old studying habits anymore and felt a lingering anxiety about becoming a loser for the rest of her life because of poor academic performance from not studying hard enough. The haunted house may have reflected her willingness to put up with her feelings of lingering failure to return to her old studying habits. She was metaphorically "living with her dead former student self."


To dream of being in the US State of Hawaii represents a mindset that's feels good believing in yourself carefree and happy without a problem for the rest of your life that doesn't want to ruin it for anyone else either. A problemless life situation that doesn't want to bring up problems or say anything is wrong with it. Not wanting to disturb anyone with discussing problems when everything is working out great because it's better to keep the life problemless. A carefree, happy life away from problems or the past that respects why other people have to as well. Acceptance and peace with a situation, not wanting to disturb the joyful occasion with any past issues or negative emotions.

Negatively, Hawaii may represent your feelings about overdoing getting accustomed to feeling good believing in yourself without a problem that never has ruin it by talking to someone about a problem. Enjoying a problemless situation or relationship too much while never believing that confronting reality will eventually happen. Enjoying a relationship with someone older who you never want to discuss health problems with. Happiness for ex-lovers dating someone else while never wanting to bring up the past. Not feeling good confronting a crisis.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in Hawaii and realizing that she could spend the whole day together with her mother. She fantasized about all the things she would do with her mother. In waking life, when she woke up she found out that her mother had been taken to the hospital. In this case, Hawaii may have reflected her feelings about being too accustomed to enjoying her relationship with her mother as they aged, never believing that he'd finally confront a moment where she believed her mother was dying.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of talking to her ex-boyfriend about how she lived in Hawaii. In waking life, she was planning to visit her old hometown where her ex-boyfriend lived. She did eventually see him in person months later, but no flirting occurred even though they had some explicit texts a few weeks earlier. In this case, telling her ex-boyfriend that she lived in Hawaii may have reflected how she might have wanted to convey an image of having a problemless life since they broke up, avoiding bringing up any past issues or the intimate connection they once shared.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being in Hawaii to attend her ex-husband's wedding. In waking life, her ex-husband was getting married and she was extremely happy for him. In this case, attending her ex-husband's wedding in Hawaii may have reflected her feelings of joy and contentment about her ex-husband's new chapter in life. Despite their past, she harbored no resentment and sincerely wished him happiness. Being in Hawaii might symbolize her acceptance and peace with the situation, not wanting to disturb the joyful occasion with any past issues or negative emotions.


To dream of a hawk represents knowing what you want and taking it. It also reflects swift action and sound judgment. Noticing what someone else has and insensitivity taking it from them whenever you want. Never allowing a person or situation to get in your way if it's too important.

Negatively, a hawk may symbolize predatory instincts. You or someone else may be coming on too strong. An "as*hole" that takes what he wants.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a hawk sitting on a fence with another bird it had just killed. In waking life he was considering taking serious action against a friend that has screwed him over.


To dream of hay represents a burden, the necessity of hard work, or feelings that something mundane has to be done personally and repeatedly. You may also be feeling that a situation is too boring to endure, or hopelessly unimportant.

Example: A man dreamed of having his mouth completely stuffed with hay. In waking life he feared speaking out about his dislike of a demotion at work because he felt he had to show appreciation for having a job at all by accepting all the boring unimportant hard work and never speaking negatively about it.

*Please See Farm


To dream of a head represents intellect, attitude, personality or perspective. What guides your choices. How a person in control of themselves. Consider the shape, color, or size of the head for additional meaning of thinking style.

To dream of a head being cut off represents attitudes or perspectives that can no longer control decisions. Evil people losing their heads represents negative thinking patterns such as fears or bad intentions that no longer have any influence over you.

To see a blue head in a dream represents positive thinking and decision making style. Negatively, it may reflect insensitive thinking style that doesn't care about anything you are feeling.

The head differs from the brain as a symbol in that the head is more about personality and the brain is about processing and figuring things out.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a someones else's head shape being criticized as having something wrong with it. In waking life he was observing so someone being criticized for not being intelligent.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing 2 people carrying dark blue heads. In waking life he encountered 2 homosexual people whom he felt were very sensitive about homosexuality being accepted without a problem. In this case the dark blue heads may have reflected the dreamers feelings of how insensitive the 2 homosexual men might become if their efforts to be accepted as gay without issues wasn't forthcoming without issue.

*Please See Decapitation


To dream of a headache represents a problem or nuisance that you don't like having to put up with all the time. A distracting problem, annoyance, or burden that you feel forced to think about. A real problem. Something or someone that is "giving you a headache." Feeling that a problem too much work. Endless frustration or annoyance.

Example: A woman once dreamed of having a headache. In waking life she had a constant sinus infection that wouldn't go away.


To dream of an athletic headband or sweatband represents an attitude that notices it never worries or cares too much about something while working hard. Looking awesome about never believing in worrying. Never worrying about working hard or testing something new out. Looking good never worrying everyday. Looking good that you never worry about challengers. Feelings about practicing all the time. Feelings about professional training. Feeling good never asking for anything because you don't need to.

Negatively, dreaming about an athletic headband may reflect a serious competitive attitude that doesn't feel in charge. Being compeitively onguard and not wanting to show anyone you worry. Being competively more serious than everyone else. Looking stupid noticing that you don't have any challengers.

To dream of a fashion headband represents a passive attitude that noticeably doesn't like to be pessismisic or think of anything negative. Feeling good being a good person or having a good atttiude despite what is happening. Negatively, a fashion headband may reflect feeling good overlooking something negative because you don't want to be pessistic. A "wonderful" attitude that may be perceived by others as childish.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding a fashion headband with cat ears amongst a pile of skulls. In waking life she her family had experienced their mother stealing money and never coming back. The fashion headband with cat ears she found amongst the skulls may have reflected her feelings about not liking to think of anything negative with her mother while other people were.


To dream of a Native American headdress represents an attitude or mood that is preoccupied with standing it's ground. Purposely, never changing your stance or making it obvious to others that you will never cave in. Preoccupation with attacking problems head on.

Negatively, a headdress may reflect showing off with stubborn beliefs. Wanting to embarrass others that you'll never change a bad habit no matter what happens. Making it obvious to others that you don't care about them or anything they want.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Native America wearing a headdress. In waking life he was being very stubborn about keeping in line with the lifestyle requirements of a spiritual retreat. Other people weren't as serious about it as he was and he refused to stray from the rules even though other people were. The headdress reflected his preoccupation with being spiritually perfect.

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