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The letter F in a dream symbolizes a loss of stability because it's the letter E, without a foundation. F points to a failure to sacrifice or situation that has become negative.

F is also the 6th letter of the alphabet and 6 in numerology represents negativity.


To dream of a fable represents romantic notions or feeling good living a lie. A sign that you may be too enamored by your own lies or too happy to believe in something that you know isn't true because it feels too good.

Example: A man dreamed hearing music with lyrics that mentioned the word "Fable." In waking life she was pretending to be in love with two girls he was cheating on, but didn't want to let go of either one. He was feeling good experiencing himself being the perfect boyfriend to both girls.


To dream of choosing a type of fabric represents feelings about how you would like to make a situation feel. You may be testing out different themes or tones to a situation. Determining how you would like to cultivate a mood or social atmosphere. Testing out different social approaches to determine what mood or feelings you want to foster in other people.

Consider the color, pattern, and type of the material the fabric is made of for additional meaning.


To dream of a face represents the personality. Ugly faces represent negative aspects of your personality or things you don't like about yourself. Beautiful faces represent positive aspects of your personality or things that you do like about yourself. When you dream of a face it may reflect your awareness of personality changes in yourself or others.

When trying to decode the symbolism of a dream face try to focus on how the features of the face makes you feel.

To see your own face being attractive points to positive feelings about your own personality. Seeing your own face as ugly points to negative feelings you are having about yourself.

To dream of the left side of your face may represent the logical or honest aspect of your personality.

To dream of the right side of your face may represent the creative or dishonest aspect of your personality.

Example: A man dreamed of ugly, demonic, melting faces pouring down a wall of red paint. In waking life he had a powerful spiritual experience taking ayahuasca that started to make him reconsider his wish to kill himself. The ugly melting faces may have reflected his feelings about all the things he didn't like about himself that drove him to want to kill himself starting to "melt away" after he found God.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing blood on her face at work in a mirror. In waking life she was experiencing frustrations at work. The blood on her face may have reflected her feelings about arguments or problems at work making her personality look bad or with a lingering embarrassment of being mean to someone.

*Please See Faceless


To dream of social media represents feelings about managing social interactions with others that revolves around one's status or the ongoing affairs of others. Social interactions that seem more consequential than usual, as though everything you say or do is closely monitored or considered. A heightened sense of power or importance as you perceive others paying close attention to your status or activities. Awareness of other people's attention to your thoughts and actions, embodying social validation, attention, or recognition. Feelings about your social influence, reputation, or connections. Feelings about having to control yourself while everyone you know is aware of everything happening in your life.

Negatively, dreaming about Facebook may represent the stress of maintaining impersonal interactions that revolve around one's status or the ongoing affairs of others. Disliking social interaction that revolves around everyone being aware of your social status. Social connections that feel distant or detached. An unhealthy preoccupation with online validation or a fear of negative judgment, issues of self-comparison, or discomfort with the idea of keeping up with others' interest in you. A dislike for other people paying attention to what you're thinking or doing, feelings of insecurity or loneliness, or the fear of missing out. You might also be longing for more personal and intimate connections, rather than superficial interactions. Pressure to make others believe that everything in your life is progressing perfectly.

Alternatively, dreaming about Facebook may mirror actual waking life feelings about using Facebook.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting pregnant and looking up the father on Facebook. The scene suddenly changes to being with a guy she doesn't know. In waking life, she was separated from her husband, dating a guy she didn't like, while wanting to move homes. In this case, Facebook may have reflected her feelings about managing social interaction with other people that revolved around updating everyone she knew about her status with wanting to move away with her new boyfriend. The sudden change of scenery may have reflected her abrupt change of mind about moving away with the boyfriend she didn't like anymore.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of looking up the Facebook profile of a woman that was dating a man whom she wanted to date. She wanted to see the Facebook status or information on how long they have been dating, but couldn't find any. In waking life, she was jealous of another woman dating a man she wanted to date, but she had no idea who the woman was, but she was curious. In this case, Facebook may have reflected her feelings of managing her jealousy by seeking social cues or updates about her romantic interest's relationship status by asking people she knew.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of a Facebook scene where all his comments had been blocked out. This is followed by a scene of himself talking to his ex-girlfriend on the phone as though everything is working out well between them. Suddenly, even she goes silent and stays silent. In waking life, he was having problems getting over his ex-girlfriend. He was the one who broke up with her, but he regretted it while she had moved on. In this case, his Facebook comments being blocked out may have reflected his thoughts about feelings of being ignored or shut out by his ex-girlfriend after breaking up with her while being self-conscious about all his friends being aware of it and possibly thinking he's stupid because of it.

Example 4: A teenage girl dreamed of her father telling her to take an unusual picture of the moon and 3 stars and post it on Facebook. The moon scene faded out and was replaced by a smiling Indian woman. She never takes the picture. In waking life, she had a difficult time breaking up with her boyfriend and started talking to her ex-boyfriend who was a really good friend. She had a fear of being single. In this case, her father telling to her post a moon picture on Facebook may have reflected her thoughts about telling everyone she knew about her ex-boyfriend being interested in her so her ex would get jealous and it would make her single status more interesting looking to people she knew.

*Please See Websites


To dream of a faceless person represents feelings of uncertainty or ambiguity about the identity or characteristics of a person or situation in your life. It can indicate unknown or undefined expectations, confusion about roles or relationships, or a sense of unfamiliarity. An aspect of your personality that is undefined or undecided. Feelings about a person, relationship, or situation being undecided, uncertain, or unknown. Your feelings about an unknown future situation. Not knowing what to expect.

Positively, dreaming of a faceless person can represent a sense of freedom or possibility - an open canvas on which to project new ideas or aspirations without predefined limits or assumptions.

Negatively, a faceless person may symbolize anxieties or fears about the unknown, or a sense of insecurity about how to approach an unfamiliar situation. Not really knowing whether or not a person is supportive of you because you don't know them very well.

To dream of a faceless lover represents the dreamer's uncertainty about what they truly want in their love life, or their openness to exploring new possibilities without any preconceived notions or expectations.

Example: A woman dreamed of having sex with a faceless lover. In waking life, she was enjoying being single and trying new things. She felt a sense of freedom in not knowing what she really wanted in life. In this case, the faceless lover may have reflected her uncertainty about what she truly wanted in life, and the freedom to discover that without any preconceived notions or expectations.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a faceless man. In waking life, she was pregnant by a man she didn't know that well and was nervous about whether or not he would be a good father. In this case, the faceless man may have reflected her uncertainty about the future and the unknown qualities of the man she was pregnant by.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a faceless man bathing naked with her inside a bathtub. In waking life, she was unsure if she could ever be romantically involved with a man again after having a few bad experiences with men. In this case, the faceless man in the bathtub may have represented her feelings about her lack of clarity or fear about future romantic encounters along with her need to heal and cleanse herself from past relationship traumas before she can comfortably explore new romantic opportunities. She considered her sex life to be undecided, uncertain, or unknown.


To dream of a facelift represents feelings about making personality changes to increase confidence, self-image, or a new positive outlook on life. Your personality has been uplifted, inspired, or changed in a positive way. A strong new for other people to think of your personality in a new and improved way. A desire for a new self-identity and self-image. Maintaining appearances to stay competitive or to be taken seriously. Feelings about attempts to rejuvenate, refresh, or drastically change one's public image or perception by others. Making changes to try to reinvent yourself. Improving yourself so that people have to like you. Personal changes to yourself to make yourself more happening, "with it", or relevant to other people.

Positively, dreaming about a facelift may represent a proactive approach to self-improvement or personal development that influences what people think about you. A conscious decision to update your skills, knowledge, or attitude to keep up with changing times or to enhance your appeal in certain areas of life. A new beginning or a fresh start, suggesting a shedding of old, outdated aspects of oneself in favor of a more vibrant and updated version. A commitment to enhancing your self-image and confidence. A big change to the personality to make you or someone else nicer or more happening to interact with.

Negatively, dreaming about a facelift could represent feelings of insecurity about aging or losing relevance. A superficial or artificial approach to self-improvement, focusing on external appearance rather than genuine personal growth. Perhaps you feel pressured to conform to societal standards of beauty or success that don't align with your authentic self. A fear of being judged or becoming obsolete, leading to desperate measures to fit in or to maintain status.


To dream of getting a facial represents your wish to make absolutely certain that you don't embarrass yourself or project flaws of any kind to others. You may be receiving coaching on how to carry yourself with other people or act professionally. Choosing to take advice about your social conduct or change your personality flaws. Alternatively, a facial may reflect positive feelings you have about changes you are making to yourself.

Negatively, getting a facial may be a sign that you are trying to hard too project yourself to others as flawless or professional.

*Please See Facial Hair

Facial Hair

To dream of having facial hair may reflect feelings about your personality being masculine or assertive in a waking life situation.

To dream of a 5 o'clock shadow may represent the personality being unconcerned with being perfect or sensitive at all times.

To dream of a goatee may represent feelings about you or someone else being perceived as having a "dangerous" personality.

For a woman to dream of having light facial hair or "peach fuzz" may represent sensitivity about being noticed too masculine or assertive by others. If you are embarrassed by the facial hair it may reflect waking life regrets about having acted too assertive or unfeminine.

*Please See Beard

*Please See Moustache


To dream of a factory represents feelings about non-stop productivity or a productive process that is continuously working. Feelings about routine, work ethic, or the process of working towards goals or producing something in your life. Factories can represent the mind's ability to generate ideas, emotions, or experiences steadily and reliably. Your attitudes towards labor, routine, or the systematic organization of tasks.

Positively, dreaming about a factory might indicate efficiency, productivity, and the successful creation or achievement of goals. Feelings of accomplishment, progress, or fulfillment associated with your work or projects. A well-organized mindset or life situation where everything is working as it should, producing results, or moving towards a clear objective. A sense of purpose, discipline, or dedication to achieving your goals.

Negatively, dreaming about a factory may represent feelings of being trapped in monotony, overwork, or the dehumanization of being a small part of a larger, uncaring system. Negative behavior or bad habits that are repetitive and ongoing. Feeling trapped in routine. Feelings of overwhelm, stress, or pressure related to your workload or responsibilities. Fears of losing individuality, being consumed by work or responsibilities, or feeling like you are in an environment that is too mechanical or impersonal. Fear or jealousy of competition or enemies being highly productive. Feelings about a problem getting out of hand or becoming excessive with creating further problems. You may feel like you are being overworked or exploited in your job, or that your efforts are not being recognized or appreciated.

The type of factory or the conditions of the factory provide further insight into the kind of productivity or your ability to contribute, create, or get ahead in the world.

People who are paid well, but are unsatisfied with their jobs often dream of sweatshop factories filled with moaning and abused workers. This reflects their success restricting them and costing them happiness.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of being on a date with her crush that felt like being stuck inside a factory. In waking life, she was talking to her school crush more than usual. In this case, the factory may have reflected her feelings about her interactions with her crush being limited to ongoing school productivity with assignments.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of climbing an old factory silo in order to watch a nuclear explosion detonate. In waking life, his boss called the DEA to come to their restaurant with drug-sniffing dogs. The boss told the employees to get clean off drugs in 45 days or they'd be fired. The dreamer was already clean off drugs, but aware that other people may not keep their jobs due to being unable to get clean off drugs. In this case, the old factory may have reflected the dreamer's perception of themself as previously being involved with non-stop ongoing drug use or communication with drug dealers that was discontinued.


To dream of failure represents feelings of inadequacy. You may have been unable to prove yourself in a tough situation. It may also represent feelings of rejection.

Dreaming of failure may also reflect a low level of confidence or self-esteem. Performance anxiety. Not believing in yourself enough or spending too much time expecting failure. A sign that you are allowing pressure to get to you.


To dream of fainting represents you or someone else that feels a situation or problem is too much to handle.

Positively, fainting may reflect feelings about being so incredible or powerful that you overwhelm people.


To dream of a fairy represents a person or situation helps you with everything you need to stay out of trouble or carry you to more positive situations. Something that always seems to keep you away from danger. How amazing it feels to reduce a problem easily. Fairies in dream may also reflect feelings about how wonderful it feels to reduce pain when you are in severe pain.

Negatively, a fairy may represent a naive or deluded belief that all your problems will "magically" go away on their own. Desperation to believe in something wonderful. A dishonest attempt to make something honest go away easily. Expecting too much special treatment. Reducing problems with ease in ways that are not permanent or beneficial for the long-term.

To dream of an evil fairy may represent a negative personality trait or situation that always serve your interests.

Example: A woman dreamed of making little fairy houses. In waking life she was unhappy in her current marriage and was speaking to a psychic who told her that her future was going to be happy with 2 more children. The fairy houses may have reflected her preoccupation with the fantasy of her life getting better and leading her to happy future on all it's own. Possibly a reflection of her delusion or naive beliefs about what the psychic said having to be true.

Example 2: A very young girl named Jazz with a transgender disorder (born a boy living as girl) dreamed of a fairy telling her that it was going to magically turning her penis into a vagina. In waking life the fairy may have reflected her youthful delusions about her penis transforming into a vagina on it's own.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being a fairy and fighting another evil fairy. In waking life she felt the need to address her own pain problems instead of listening to advice on pain reduction that didn't work. The fairy symbolism is this case may have reflected her feelings about how wonderful it feels to reduce pain.


To dream of being faithless may be a sign that you don't believe in a person or situation enough. It may also be a sign that you don't believe in yourself enough.


To dream of something being fake represents feelings about inauthenticity, deception, or dishonesty in your waking life. A situation or a person who isn't genuine or trustworthy. Feelings about intentional deception, lying to trick people, or awareness of a lack of honesty. Feelings about conspiracies or planned lies with other people. Pretending to be the real thing. Dishonest advantages. Faked resumes, faked papers, or creating false appearances to boost confidence. Faking orgasms. Feeling that earning things or being genuine are not being important. Acceptance of a situation being dishonest. Issues with proving yourself honestly.

Negatively, fake things in a dream may represent self-doubt, insecurity, or a fear of being exposed as a fraud or not living up to expectations. Awareness of your own dishonesty. Awareness of yourself living a lie. Shock to discover that people have been lying to you. Pretending to be something you are not. Jealousy of other people getting away with dishonesty when you don't. Distrust, paranoia about people hiding things from you, or a general lack of confidence in being yourself.

Positively, dreaming of something fake may represent feelings of being protected or looked out for by something tricking evil. Shock or surprise that someone would lie for you or cover up something embarrassing for you. Catching dishonesty used to trick you.

To dream of faking death represents feelings about failure or losing being faked.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing fake money. In waking life, she was having problems getting a job and was growing frustrated that her friends could easily get a job by lying or using connections with less job qualification than her. In this case, the fake money may have reflected her feelings about her friends using their connections to get jobs instead of having to be perfectly honest like she had to. Feeling that earned power through experience wasn't important.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of conspiring with another person to fake something. In waking life, she had hired someone to help her with her resume and noticed that some facts about her past experience had been exaggerated. In this case, the fake situation in the dream may have reflected her feelings of accepting dishonesty on her resume because it was generally accepted that everyone lies a little on their resume.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing newspaper headlines that he believed were faked. In waking life, he worked in the same building as his ex-girlfriend and was expecting to hear rumors, but he ever did. He believed people were keeping the rumors quiet. In this case, the faked newspaper headlines may have reflected his feelings about the potential rumors being intentionally kept quiet or suppressed by people around him, as if they were creating a false appearance of harmony or normalcy in the workplace. In this situation, the fake headlines symbolize the deceptive nature of the silence and the hidden tensions or gossip that he suspected existed behind the scenes

Example 4: A man dreamed of faked magical stories about himself dying. In waking, life he was dying and wanted to feel better about himself in his last moments of life. In this case, the fake magical stories about himself dying may have reflected his desire for a more positive and extraordinary narrative about his life and impending death, as a way to cope with the difficult reality he was facing. In this situation, the fake stories symbolize his need for an uplifting or inspiring story to help him come to terms with his mortality and create a sense of meaning or legacy in his final moments.

Example 5: A young man dreamed of faked tornadoes. In waking life, he discovered that a girl he liked hadn't actually broken up with her boyfriend and that it may have been a rumor to break him up with his girlfriend. In this case the faked tornadoes may have reflected the destructive power of lies and the whirlwind of emotions that can result from dishonesty and manipulation in romantic situations.


To dream of a falcon represents aspiration or objectives. You or someone else is very focused on achieving something. You know what you want or have goals that you are aiming for.

In a negative context a falcon may symbolize aspirations or goals that conflict with those of others or cause jealousy.


To dream that you are falling represents feelings of losing control. You may feel insecure or unable to "get a grip" on an issue. An area of your life may be getting out of hand. Difficulty letting go of power, control, or status. You may feel insecure or a lack support in your waking life. You may be experiencing a major struggle or overwhelming problem. A fear of losing everything, going under, or of appearing as a total failure. Feeling helpless to stop an unpleasant impending change.

Falling dreams may also be a warning signal about a need to start being more cautious about your actions in waking life. It may also reflect a situation in waking life that you feel to be a life or death crisis. A fear of losing social or financial status. Feeling "knocked off your pedestal" in life.

Alternatively, falling in a dream may be a sign that feel exhausted or that you've reached maximum capacity. You feel that you "can't hold on anymore" to you goals. You may need to slow down to allow yourself to adjust. Problems reaching out to others for support. Feeling that you have no support system.

If you aren't afraid while falling in a dream it may symbolize a lack of seriousness or importance about a situation you can no longer control. Negatively, falling without fear in a dream may reflect reflect a dangerous degree of complacency or lack of responsibility. Enjoying letting go of responsibility you don't want. Problems speaking up about preferring to not be involved in a project

Falling may imply that you have failed to achieve a goal that you have set for yourself.

To dream that you are falling through water indicates that you are feeling a loss of control while being overwhelmed by powerful negative emotions or uncertainty. Feelings of having completely lost all support systems or coping abilities. Feeling completely on your own with no way out.

To dream of falling and never hitting the ground represents feelings of losing of control with a constant sense of impending failure. It may also reflect feelings of having become a complete failure and never being able to do anything else ever again. A fear of having no end in sight to your continuing failure.

To dream of falling and hitting the ground represents the realization of consequences or errors. An unpleasant loss of status or power. Feeling that you have learned from a mistake. You may feel the need to start over or move on to something else. Confronting the embarrassment of a loss or failure you have experienced. Feelings of "hitting rock bottom" or that a situation can't get any worse. Feeling the full impact of your failure or mistake. It may also be a sign that you feel it's time to deal with your losses.

To dream of falling off a high building or skyscraper represents feelings of losing control after having reached the very high level of status, power, or achievement. Fearing total failure after reaching the highest level of confidence. Falling off high buildings may also reflect feelings of falling into depression after being very upbeat. A loss of an elevated state of mind. Feeling suddenly cut off from a high degree of support.

To dream of falling down stairs may represent feelings of having lost a higher level of achievement or a total reversal of something you worked hard for.

Example: The Roman Emperor Caligula dreamed, on the night before his assassination, that he was in heaven, standing before the throne of Jupiter. The god then kicked him back to earth. The dream is intuitive about the Emperor's feelings of losing all he as worked for after achieving the highest level of power after declaring himself as a god. A warning dream about being carelessly certain of himself and his impending loss of status.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of falling into an endless void. In waking life he had gained a reputation for being very good-looking and began to lose his hair to an incurable disease.


To dream of something being false represents some area of your life that you feel is just for show. It may also reflect possibilities or opportunities that are aware are only spoken about to make you or someone else feel good.

*Please See Deception

False Teeth

*Please See Dentures


*Please See Famous

Family Gathering

To dream of a family gathering represents an important decision that you may be considering. Weighing all options. It may also reflect how you are confronting a decision that you've already made.

Alternatively, a family gathering may reflect the various or conflicting aspects of your character as you deal with a situation or problem. All of your different opinions, feelings, or possibilities in front of you at once.

*Please See Family Members

*Please See Family Portrait

Family Members

To dream of a family member represents a quality in yourself based on your most honest feelings about them. Ask yourself what memories or feelings stand out the most about them and see how that quality may apply to your own life.

*Please See Mother

*Please See Father

*Please See Brothers

*Please See Sisters

*Please See Grandmother

*Please See Grandfather

*Please See Cousins

*Please See Aunts

*Please See Uncle

Family Portrait

To dream of a family portrait represents how you wish to remember your past decisions. The family's behavior and background all reflect on how you see choices you made.

A happy family portrait reflects satisfaction with your past choices. You want to remember certain choices and experiences as positive. Not remembering yourself having done anything wrong.

Negatively, you may be in denial about choices you made or trying to replay the past in your mind completely ignoring the unpleasant truth. A wish to remember the past like nothing wrong ever happened.

Family Tree

To dream of a family tree represents feelings about how interesting it is to see all the different experiences you've had making you into who you are today. All your past experiences coming together to form a new experience.

Alternatively, a Family Tree may represent insight into how all your past experiences are responsible for a problem you have today. Understanding where you went wrong.


To dream of famine represents restrictions or limitations. A situation leaves you unable to feel the way you would like or to indulge yourself. You may also be experiencing loss or a reduced sense of satisfaction or happiness in relationships, work, or personal life.

Alternatively, dreaming of a famine may reflect a sense of restriction associated with eating. Something a person with dietary restrictions may experience.


To dream of being famous represents a situation in your life where you are being noticed a lot. You may be getting a lot of attention for something you are doing. Popularity. Recognition for your achievements.

Negatively, fame may reflect a big embarrassment that everyone you know is aware of. Positively, it may reflect your need for attention, praise, or acknowledgment from a group of people. A negative attitude about making history.

Example: A man dreamed of being new famous and not liking it. In waking life his father had died leaving him a substantial inheritance and making him richest member of the family. His family was very jealous and taking behind his back a lot. He didn't like so much attention being drawn to him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his dead mother giving him tools for jewelry making and she told him that he would become famous if he took the tools. In waking life the man was just beginning to design art and shortly after became the well known Native American artist known as White Buffalo.

*Please See Celebrities


To dream of a cooling fan represents an aspect of your life that is keeping calm during an emotional crisis or bad situation. Reducing the severity of tense of highly charged emotional situation. Feeling comfortable knowing that you don't have to care about something negative that is happening.

Negatively, a cooling fan may reflect an excessively prolonged stressful situation that you are putting up with. Trying to keep calm all the time. Feeling that it's difficult to manage a crisis.

To dream of a celebrity fan represents an aspect of yourself or a type of situation that you really like a lot. Alternatively, a fan may reflect people or a situation in your life that makes you feel important or special. Feelings about people in your life being proud of you or proud something you did. A strong belief in something/someone. Appreciation for something incredible that you or someone else did.

Negatively, a celebrity fan may reflect your feelings about others that you feel are too impressed with your actions or achievements. Feeling annoyed by people who like you or what you've done in life. Alternatively, it may reflect your own obsession with another person or desirable situation.

Ask yourself what qualities stand out the most about the particular celebrity and how those qualities may apply to your life.

*Please See Celebrities


To dream of something fancy represents feelings about situations, behaviors, or choices intentionally caring about doing everything possible to be more impressive or special than usual. Indulgence, extravagance, or the desire for a special experience that requires care, attention, or preparation. Choices or experiences that deserve to feel they matter more than usual feeling special. An appreciation for the finer things in life, a desire for luxury, or a preference for an elevated standard of living. The dream could reflect your thoughts about the importance of appearance, social status, or impressing others. A special event situation that's impressive.

Positively, dreaming about something fancy may represent aspirations, ambitions, or the pursuit of excellence. It may reflect a desire to improve oneself, to stand out, or to be recognized for one's achievements or taste. A celebratory mindset, enjoying successes, or taking pride in one's accomplishments and lifestyle. It may represent a phase of life where you are enjoying the rewards of hard work or the pleasure of indulging in your personal interests and tastes. Your thoughts about the importance of experiencing the finer things in life or a desire to elevate your status and social standing.

Negatively, dreaming about fancy things may represent feelings of overdoing the need for impressive appearances during a special or unusual situation. Concerns about becoming too preoccupied with appearances. An obsession with appearances, a fear of being perceived as inferior, or a sense of emptiness despite external successes. Perhaps you feel pressured to maintain a certain image or lifestyle that doesn't align with your true self or values. The belief that you are not living up to certain standards of sophistication. Feelings of inadequacy, superficiality, or materialism. Feelings of envy or jealousy towards others who you perceive as having more or living a better life. Feeling more sophisticated than other people about appearances.

To dream of fancy clothes represents the personality or a role that is projecting an image or trying to impress someone during a special event that doesn't happen very often. A desire to appear serious, formal, or put together. Striving for external validation.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of needing to choose between a fancy outfit or a casual one. In waking life, she had a romantic crush on a guy but wasn't sure if he liked her. In this case, the fancy outfit may have reflected her desire to impress the guy by talking to him more special than usual. The casual outfit, on the other hand, may have represented her reluctance to do anything unusual to try to impress her crush with special attention or appearances.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a woman in a fancy dress across the street at night. In waking life, the man was hoping that an inherited home to sell easily while arguing with family members with lawyers about moving out of it first. In this case, the fancy dress may have reflected the man's desire for a smooth and successful sale of the inherited home after a lot of work to prepare for the sale so that he could like collecting the large sum of money.

Example 3: A person dreamed of wearing fancy clothes. In waking life, they had to give someone a good funeral while paying respect to their memory. In this case, the fancy clothes may have reflected the person's feelings about their personality or role during the funeral as respectful about treating it as a special and meaningful occasion that required preparation and etiquette.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of needing to care for people inside a fancy house or museum. In waking life, she wanted to put distance between herself and her parents, but felt obligated to honor the bible's quote of "honoring thy mother and thy father." In this case, the fancy house or museum may have reflected the young woman's tendency to overdo believing she needed to keep up appearances of an impressive Christian person by maintaining a perfectly respectful and dutiful relationship with her parents to respect God's word from the bible as though it was a special moment to prove herself spiritually.


Fangs in a dream may reflect anger or a fear of someone intentionally choosing to hurt you. A fear of being "eaten alive" by an angry person, authority figure, or dangerous situation. An aggressor in your life.

To dream of vampire fangs represents behavior or intentions that is parasitic. Using others to get ahead or feeding of others. It may also reflect a fear of being totally powerless to stop yourself from being exploited. Aggressive or self-aware arrogant exploitation of others. A fear of being used or exploited.

To dream of animal fangs represents feelings about person or situation being terrifying. If someone with fangs scares you this may reflect a waking life problem that is starting to scare you. A fear of having to notice yourself being totally overtaken by your problem.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone with fangs opening their mouth at him. In waking life he was terrified of losing everything he had to bankruptcy.

Example 2: A young boy dreamed of seeing a scary creature with fangs grabbing him. In waking life he was afraid of his parents anger towards him.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of vicious dog with large fangs being close to attacking her son. In waking life she was worried about her new baby hurting the relationship with her first son.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing snakes fangs. In waking life she was thinking about the possibility of her husband cheating on her all day. The snakes fangs may have reflected her feelings about the potential cheating permanently destroying her marriage.

*Please See Teeth

*Please See Vampires


To dream of a fantasy represents feelings of enjoying escaping from reality. A reflection of being in a highly imaginative state in waking life. Thinking that is unrealistic. Sexual fantasies. Imagining what is possible or achievable.

Negatively, dreaming of a fantasy may represent a tendency towards feeling disconnected from reality. Escapism. Playing with something that isn't real and never thinking it matters. Difficulty "coming back to reality" after living isolated. Awareness of yourself becoming realistic after not being. Unrealistic thoughts about sexual attraction to the opposite sex.

Example: A young man has recurring dreams of a timeless fantasy home that he would always walk around in different rooms in each dream. In waking life he felt disconnected from reality with no sense of being a person. In this case the symbolism of the fantasy home reflect his tendency to towards escapism in his daily life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being accused of having fantasies. In waking life he was annoyed when someone told him that his belief that a woman was romantically interested in him might not be real.


*Please See Distance


To dream of a farm represents a productive mindset. Working hard to do something all the time. A situation where you are trying your hardest to make more of the something. A systematic mindset that is focused on cultivating in some manner. A mindset that wants to encourage development. Being very focused on maximizing outcomes or end results. Being very focused on maximizing personal growth. A wish for perfect productivity.

Negatively, a farm may reflect a dishonest, anti-social, or excessively serious attempt to improve some area of your life. Trying to maximize your potential in a manner that may be unnatural. Obsession with productivity. Productivity or personal development that you are not serious about. Promising to work hard improving when you have no serious motivation to do so.

Farm symbolism may be common to people raising children, teaching people, or trying to develop a successful business.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a farm sitting on a slope. In waking life she was a teacher who was very focused on trying to teach her students how to be responsible, independent, and think for themselves. The farm scenery may have reflected her feelings about trying to "cultivate her students intelligence.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being on a farm. In waking life he was thinking about how to maximize his social life and increase his number of friends. The farm symbolism may have reflected an unnatural method of socializing to increase his number of friends.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being on a farm with a group of farmers who were are getting along well and sharing costs for seeds. In waking life she had spent the day before speaking to a counselor on how to improve her life and change her thinking style. She had no serious motivation to do so.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being on a farm at night. In waking life she was observing her son growing up around other kids who she felt were a bad influences. The nighttime farm symbolism may have reflected her concerns with having trouble raising her son so he would grow up to be a successful person.

*Please See Harvester

*Please See Hay

*Please See Harvesting

*Please See Stable


To dream of a farmer represents an aspect of yourself that is working hard to be as productive as possible. Developing, nurturing, growing, or cultivating something all the time. A mindset that is constantly working to keep producing or making more of something. Preparations you are making based on your aspirations for the future.

Consider what the farmer is growing for further symbolism.

Negatively, dreaming about a farmer may reflect concerns with making a mistake that reduce your productivity or negatively impact the final result of your long-term work. Fears or concerns about wasting your time with a project that requires a lot of work.

Example: A woman dreamed of talking to a farmer about camels. In waking life she had been spending a very long time to develop a business website directory and was concerned about making a mistake.

*Please See Farm


To dream of farting represents behavior that has to be more embarrassing then you want it to be. Embarrassing behavior that you hope nobody else noticed or heard about. Embarrassing behavior that you feel will make other people not respect again if you do it again. Looking stupid thinking you aren't stupid. Issues that are embarrassing to you if revealed around other people. Embarrassing or humiliating mistakes made around other people. Feeling like a embarrassed loser for not being serious or professional. Embarrassing things said or done that leave a feeling of being a loser that behaved childish. Feelings of "Oopsie, people think I'm stupid."

To dream of wanting to leave a room to fart in private represents an effort to deal with an embarrassing issue on your own. Relieving yourself of something embarrassing or unprofessional away from other people. Avoiding embarrassment of something pathetically little.

To dream of holding in a fart represents attempts to conceal an embarrassing problem. If the fart gets harder to hold in it represents an escalation in your attempt to conceal your problems. Concern about something pathetically little happening that might make you look stupid.

To dream of accidentally letting out a fart in front of others represents embarrassing information or situations that were revealed to others. An embarrassing lapse of judgement, oversight, or lack of carefulness that makes you look like a fool. Having an "Oopsie, I'm stupid" moment.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the father of someone he doesn't like fart which left a terrible smelly "family life smell" in the room which he chose to walk away from after the friend's father chooses to leave the house to avoid embarrassment. In waking life the man made some statements to other people which he felt were too embarrassing to continue with making anymore.

Fast Food

To dream of fast food represents situations that encourage you to care about nothing except feeling good. A quick thrill. Enjoyment that lacks substance or deep emotion. It may also reflect casual sex.

Negatively, dreaming about fast food or junk food may reflect short term enjoyment that may cost you in the long term. Preferring to feel good while intentionally neglecting or avoiding responsible behavior.

Example: A man dreamed of eating junk food. In waking life he having difficulty becoming abstinent knowing full well that it was important to complete his religious training.

*Please See McDonalds Restaurant

*Please See Restaurant

*Please See Hamburger

*Please See French Fries

*Please See Milkshake

Fast Forward

To dream of seeing a movie or TV show in fast forward represents impatience. It may also reflect a need for expediency or wish to not waste time.

To dream that your life is moving in fast forward represents feelings about a situation in your life "being in the fast lane." A sign that you need to slow down. Dreaming of your life in fast forward may also be a sign that you feel that life is moving too quickly or that life is passing you by.


To dream of fasting represents feelings about intentionally withholding sustenance for period of time for your own betterment or benefit. Feeling that you can temporarily delay pleasure, self-gratification, or normal life for benefit. Feelings about yourself being stronger than everyone else in a specific area of your life. Feelings about withholding being easy. Forgoing temporary needs for longer-term goals. Feeling that withholding will make you a better person or stronger than before. Self-renewal or self-cleansing.

Negatively, dreaming about fasting may reflect self-punishment or a wish to draw attention to a conscious problem.


To dream that you or someone else is fat represents overindulgence, laziness, or a lack of discipline in some manner. You or some aspect of your personality is too focused on pleasure, taking it easy, or on unproductive thinking patterns.

Being fat in a dream may be a sign that you need to learn moderation in some area.

Alternatively, being fat in a dream may reflect feelings of being an undeserving loser. Feeling that you aren't enjoying your life as much as you want. Feeling that a problem that are holding you down and making you less fun to be around.

Example: A woman dreamed of an annoying fat woman that was near her and feeling pleased when the fat woman finally passed her by. In waking life she was experiencing menopause and was annoyed by having to be extra careful around the time of her expected period during Christmas time. The fat person in the dream may have reflected her feelings about not being able to enjoy herself during the holidays due the potential for a period to occur.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a fat woman. In waking life he didn't qualify for a promotion at work and felt like an undeserving loser who couldn't get ahead.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a disgusting fat person with a giant smile on his face. In waking life he felt powerless to stop someone who cheated him out of a lot of money and flaunted it to his face.

*Please See Obese


To dream of your father represents your conscience, your ability to make positive choices, or choose between right and wrong. Dreaming of your father may also reflect your feelings about a decision you've already made or are considering. Feelings about someone with authority making decisions for you. Fathers in dreams can also symbolize your current feelings about him if you have issues with him that need to be dealt with.

Positively, dreaming of your father may reflect the decision to make a moral or positive decision. Deciding to stand up for yourself or feeling that a problem has gotten out of control and deciding to do something about it. Choosing to be realistic or practical.

Negatively, dreaming of your father may reflect decisions you dislike having to make. Feeling that you need to make a choice that doesn't feel good at all or one that will not benefit you or cause long-term problems. A decision to keep doing something that isn't a good idea. Letting someone with authority make decisions for you or that aren't in your best interest. Feeling that you've made a terrible decision or horrible mistake.

If your father is angry or sad in a dream it may represent your feelings or disappointment or frustration about how a situation turned out based on a choice you made. Being angry at yourself for having made a wrong or stupid decision. Alternatively, it may reflect anger with your father or anger towards yourself due to past issues with your father.

To argue or fight with your father represents an inner struggle in your waking life with choice. Internal conflict or debate with yourself over what choice to make. Struggling to stand up for yourself.

To dream of getting married to your father may represent feelings about permanent decisions being made. Negatively, it be a sign that you feel you will be permanently stuck with an undesirable situation if you make a certain choice.

If your father dies in a dream it represents moral decay. You have lost your ability to make positive choices, to stand up to problems, or are cold and uncaring in your decisions. No longer caring about your conscience or having to do the right thing. Feeling that other people with authority don't get to make decisions for you anymore. Alternatively, it may reflect failed decisions or choices that didn't work out.

If you father is dead in real life and appears in your dream he is most likely just a symbol for your conscience unless you have issues with your father from your past that you haven't dealt with.

Alternatively, your father in a dream may reflect a father figure, role model, or person that has authority over you such as a boss. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about someone totally controlling you or making important decisions for you that makes you feel less important.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his father talking to his friend. In waking life, he was debating whether or not to call that friend on the telephone. In this case, the man's father may have reflected the man using his conscience to consider the choice about whether to call the friend or not.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unable to find her father. In waking life, she was felt unable to make the choice to confront people who were treating her poorly. In this case, the woman's missing father may have reflected her awareness of how difficult it was to make the choice to stand up to people.

Example 3: A man dreamed of biting his nails and anxiously trying to avoid his father's criticism for it. In waking life, he was very nervous about not upsetting his new boss. In this case, the father may have reflected his concerns about his boss being an decision making authority figure and the need for approval.

Example 4: A man dreamed of his father slowly sticking his penis into his anus. In waking life, he felt that he was close to make a decision that would totally screw him over in business. In this case, the father may have reflected own internal conflict and feelings of vulnerability regarding the decision, as well as the potential negative consequences he feared would arise from making the wrong choice.

Example 5: A man dreamed of his father telling him about alligators. In waking life, he made a decision that certain financial choices he had on his mind were too dangerous and needed to be avoided.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing her father fall through thin ice into freezing water. In waking life, she decided to move knowing it was expensive and then began to experience financial problems. In this case, seeing her father fall through ice may have reflected her feelings of vulnerability and the potential danger of her decision to move, as well as her need for guidance and support in navigating the challenges that arose from her choice.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of seeing her father worried and anxious. In waking life, she was worried about not being assisted spiritually by her deceased father. In this case, the father may have reflected her desire for guidance and support from her late father, especially in times of difficulty or uncertainty to the point of being irrational.

Father's Day

To dream of Father's day represents an event or special time in your life where you are very focused on doing the right thing, or making time to confront a problem.

The reason for this is because fathers in dream represent the conscience and fathers day is a time when you care about your father more than any other.


To see your father-in-law represents your conscience and choices that require compromises. You may be making choices that are in the best interest of others or a more positive outcome. You may also have to go up your own interests or principles to get something done.

*Please See In-Laws


*Please See Tired


To dream of a faucet represents access on demand that allows you to confidently manage, regulate, or control a situation by "tapping" a resource. Access to a steady flow of information and understanding about something that helps you. Confidence with control over managing a life situation, resources, or how money is spent. Faucets symbolize the flow of feelings, energy, or resources, and how you manage or regulate them in your life. Feelings about family or friends that allow you access or that can be "tapped" when needed. Feelings about parents or other people always being around to help you.

Negatively, dreaming about a faucet may represent feelings of abusing advantages or access on demand for a resource. Not appreciating easy access to information or resources. Using people as your personal "tap" to information or resources. Problems with access to resources.

Positively, dreaming of a faucet may reflect your ability to maintain a balance, control, or effectively manage your resources. A working faucet may signify that you have a healthy emotional state or a good handle on the various aspects of your life. Friends or family help you easily upon request. Access to good advice whenever you need it.

To dream of a bathroom faucet represents your ability to access resources and control taking care of yourself while confronting your personal problems. Control or discretion over fixing problems. Deciding when or how to get rid of something. Your ability to manage self-care with fixing problems or renewing yourself.

To dream of a kitchen faucet represents your ability to control taking care of yourself while preparing to experience something new. Your ability to manage self-care with preparing for new experiences or confronting new problems. An intuitive dream symbol about the future to prepare for accessing a resource on demand that is about to happen.

To dream of a hose faucet represents your ability to manage and direct situations so that nothing weird is happening with why your life is supposed to keep working properly. Managing uncertain situations maintaining common normal appearances is important. Managing normal appearances in public.

To dream of a running faucet reflects a constant access to a resource or consistent attempt to deal with a problem.

To broken or malfunctioning faucet may symbolize a sense of powerlessness or frustration in managing personal problems. A need to take time off to fix a more fundamental problem with lacking a strong ability to manage your life. Feelings about being unable to confidently control a situation when you feel you should be able to. Feeling that "can't do something about it."

To dream of a leaky hose faucet represents feelings of lacking perfect control or management ability over a situation. Feelings of not having 100% confidence to manage or regular a situation. Access on demand to resources is not working or stopping like it's supposed to. Issues that weaken your ability to control a situation. Loss, disappointments, fear, or frustrations may be distracting you. Difficulties in managing emotions or controlling the flow of resources, leading to stress and anxiety. It may also signify wasted energy or resources in your waking life.

Example: A young woman dreamed of black water coming out of the bathroom faucet. In waking life, she was afraid to make the choice to drop out of school due to problems because her parents would make her get a job. In this case, the bathroom faucet with black water may have reflected her feelings about herself having the ability to manage herself confronting personal problems, such as needing to decide whether or not to drop out of school and talk to her parents about it. The black water coming out of the faucet could symbolize her fear and negativity associated with the choice to drop out of school and be forced to have a less important job as someone without an education.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a faucet being broken. In waking life, she felt that she was wasting her life because she never entered Makeup Artistry school sooner which forced to live her current life with a regular job. In this case, the broken faucet in this care may have reflected her feelings of being unable to manage or fix her life situation to get a better job because she hadn't sought out her family as a resource to help take care of her while she takes time off to go back to school to fix the the problem.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of using her kitchen faucet to quench her thirst. In waking life, she was jealous of not knowing what her dreams meant so she kept asking an expert about their meaning. In this case, the faucet may have reflected her desire to access a steady flow of information and understanding about her dreams from the expert.

*Please See Leaks


To dream of a favor represents feeling of something being done for you that feels easy giving you a chance. Feelings of ease for being helped out in a situation. It could also represent feelings of gratitude or indebtedness towards someone who has helped you. Feeling helped out when you weren't expecting it.

Negatively, dreaming about a favor represents a feeling of indebtedness towards someone who has helped you. A sense that you are being given a pass on something, or that someone is doing you a favor out of obligation, rather than out of genuine desire to help you." It may also represent a feeling of guilt or obligation to return the favor. A fear of being dependent on others or feeling like you owe something to someone. A sense of vulnerability or weakness in needing the help. Expecting help to be easy that doesn't respect other people.

Example: A young man dreamed of his ex-girlfriend walking passed him saying "I need to speak with you for a moment" when she usually just nods hello to return the favor when he nods hello. In waking life he broke up with his girlfriend and was feeling confusion and guilt over it. In this case the favor may represent the dreamer's longing for their ex-partner to give them a chance to make things right and to ease their feelings of guilt.


*Please See Deer

Fax Machine

To dream of fax machine represents an expedient need to see results quickly and easily.

Dreaming of sending faxes may reflect communication with other people where you expect them to take the initiative or take action on their own. Believing that you have perfectly communicated exactly what you meant to someone so they can take it from there.

Negatively, a faxing something may reflect expecting too much action from other people from a comment or gesture you made.


To dream of the FBI represent discipline or enforcement of behavior that is permanent and uncompromising. A controlling mindset that is concerned with never allowing excuses or loopholes. Feelings about being caught and never allowed to do something ever again. People may dream of the FBI if they are fearing going to hell when they die.

To dream of being chased by the FBI may represent feelings of powerful feelings of guilt or regret that you feel you can't avoid. You may fear never doing what you want ever again if you get caught doing something you know is wrong. You may have pushed your limits too far and fear serious consequences. Fearing karma.

To dream of the FBI arresting you may reflect a big change that you have been forced to make against your will. No more excuses or loopholes. You must finally "face the music" or play by the rules after long time of avoiding it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing evil FBI agents off in the distance. In waking like the man was quite old and fearing "paying big" in death for the sins he felt he committed in life.


To dream of fear reflects a waking life situation that gives you anxiety or that scares you. You may have a problem confronting an issue. The fear may also reflect an unconscious aversion you have to a something happening.

Beliefs about yourself being little or powerless. Insecurity. Not believing in yourself enough. A lack of experience that forces you to hide facts from people or act cowardly. A fear of what other people think that drives you to cover up your problems. A sign that you need to speak about your problems to people or seek advice to address your problems properly.

To overcome your fears it's recommended that you talk people about your problems or to confront issues openly.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of feeling fear while cautiously entering a room. In waking life she was having regular financial problems and feared that she could never pay off her debts.


To dream of a feast represents a sense of freedom to indulge yourself. You may feel free to do as you please, or that there are no restrictions in some area of your life.

Food in a dream represents emotions or qualities we take in through our life experiences, and so a feast reflects an abundance of certain kinds of emotions through experiences we have. Life is allowing you to feel the way you want or to satisfy your needs or interests.

If you are gorging yourself at the feast, it represents over-stimulation, or excessive indulgence in certain habits or behaviors. It may also indicate greediness and selfishness.

If you are the only one who doesn't get to eat at a feast, then it may represents feelings of jealousy, being left out, or putting others needs ahead of your own.

Alternatively, dreaming of a feast may reflect a sense of freedom associated with eating. Something a person with dietary restrictions may experience.


To dream of a feather symbolizes inspiration or your potential. It may also reflect the first or initial thought about starting something with the potential to do a lot more. Freedom you are quiet about or keep to yourself. Thinking about freedom or transcendence that could be more.. Beliefs that uplift you, make you desire freedom, or interest you in wanting to do something amazing. You may be amazed at what someone else has achieved or want to follow in their footsteps. Knowing you can do something if you want to. Feelings of having freedom at all times. Feeling good doing something all the time that makes you feel free or that you could transcend your problems. Feeling lucky that you don't need to listen to limitation or obstacles all the time. Feeling free to do something that might take a long time or the rest of your life.

Negatively, a feather in a dream may reflect your anxiety about freely expressing yourself or being yourself. Jealousy of others having an easier experience or more freedom than you. Feeling that you can't be completely free to do what you want. A thought of free expression that you may be hesitant about.

Consider the color and type of bird for additional symbolism. Blue feathers would represent positive inspiration. Red feathers represent negative inspiration or realizing your potential to be deceptive or angry.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a feather. In waking life she was insecure about expressing her beliefs on Facebook to friends and family.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an ink pen with a feather handle. In waking life he had an idea to begin writing a book that would require years of research to finish. The feather pen in this case may have reflected his thoughts about beginning to get his ideas on paper and start his research for the first time.

Refer to the themes section for color for a more in depth look at color symbolism.


To dream of the month of February represents the overall feeling about a situation in your life being as empty and terrible as it can ever be. Feeling that you are confronting the worst there is to confront and that your life can only get better. Feeling that a situation is being chosen to be unbearable or not feel good at all for a little while longer.


To dream of feces or poop represents aspects of yourself that are unneeded or unwanted. Something in your life that is worthless to you or that you'd prefer to be rid of completely.

Feces appearing in a dream in an inappropriate manner may reflect a problem that's resurfacing of which you would prefer no involvement with. Problem situations you are careful to avoid.

Negatively, feces or poop in a dream may reflect problems that have been made worse. Reckless or irresponsible behavior that has aggravated a problem that will require attention to clean up.

To dream of eating feces or poop represents problems or undesirable situations being experienced. You or someone else that is accepting "shit" conditions into their life.

To dream of feces in your hands represents a problem you feel is "in your hands." Trouble you are dealing with. Possibly a symbol for having too much money, legal problems, or relationship trouble you need to deal with. Alternatively, having pooh or feces in your hands may be a sign that you feel stupid that something you planned will not work out as expected.

To dream of a home or property covered in feces may reflect waking life situations where you are experiencing a "shitty" situation or "real mess." A dangerous problem that has gotten out of hand.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing poop all over his house. In waking life he had intentionally ignored advice thinking he didn't have to listen to it and was shocked to discover that he had created an embarrassing problem that required him to carefully fix the problem and then finally follow the original advice.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing cow dung and being careful to avoid it. In waking life he felt the had created a problem by being too caring about a woman he had met in church. She became too obsessed with religion after he consoled her. He felt the need to avoid her because talking to her with her new obsession was now uncomfortable and embarrassing for him.

*Please See Defecation

*Please See Dog Poop

Federal Police

To dream of federal police represents feelings about intervention, discipline, enforcement, or correction of behavior on a broader or more official serious scale. A heightened sense of accountability or the need for a higher level of discipline. The power of authority to enforce significant changes or corrections on behaviors or situations that have gotten out of control. A need to comply with higher standards. Feelings about the need to comply with rules or laws that have a higher authority than usual. The imposition of stricter consequences or the need for a more significant change or adjustment in your life, possibly one that has wider implications or involves more people. Difficulty avoiding smaller scale levels of discipline and rule enforcement. A need for greater self-regulation or adherence to personal ethics and values. Concerns about the balance of power, intervention, or your sense of liberty.

Positively, federal police in a dream could represent a powerful force of intervention that ensures fairness, justice, and adherence to higher principles or laws. The use of greater authority or resources to address serious misbehaviors, corruption, or problems that are affecting a large group or community. A more serious intervention in correcting a situation that has gone out of control. The enforcement of higher standards of behavior or the protection of more significant values and principles. A desire for ethical conduct, accountability, and the maintenance of high standards at all levels of operation.

Negatively, dreaming of federal police may represent feelings of oppression, excessive control, or the fear of being punished by a higher authority. Fears of being caught for something serious. Anxiety about facing severe consequences for your actions or the actions of others. Feeling that a situation is being excessively controlled or monitored by an authority with too much power. Feelings of oppression, being controlled, or restricted by rules and regulations that seem excessive or beyond one's personal control. Anxieties about personal or community safety.

Consider the country of the federal police force for additional symbolism based on the mindset of the country.

*Please See Police

*Please See FBI

Fedora Hat

To dream of a fedora hat represents a mood and attitude that looks good never having to be questioned by anyone about its professionalism because it's already confident about being believable. An attitude of confident integrity or an unspoken understanding of one's principles, character, or stance on a matter. Being professional about adherence to a code of personal ethics that doesn't have to talk about it.

Negatively, dreaming about a fedora hat represents an attitude that looks good confident, believable, or professional about never being questioned about underhanded or immoral behavior. Feeling pressured to maintain a facade of sophistication, confidence, and believableness that doesn't align with your true self. Not liking why someone else looks good never answering to you about dishonesty because they can sound confident and believable about not needing to. Dishonesty that looks good sounding right as the reason it can never be questioned. Dishonestly deflecting other people's questioning about an issue because you can project a false image of confidence, seriousness, or professionalism about already being on top of it. An attitude that feels that being believable is the reason you'll never get caught. Talking to other people as though you are too interesting or original to be caught being dishonest. An attitude about looking good being a professional criminal. An attitude that dangerously thinks it can professionally get away with whatever if it wants to. A criminal attitude about talking about yourself being more professional than other criminals. Delusions about being the most original professional criminal that ever lived.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband wearing a straw fedora hat. In waking life, she was having some trust issues with her husband. In this case, the fedora hat may have reflected her feelings about her her husband's behavior maintaining a facade of confidence and integrity while not fully disclosing his true dishonesty. She may have felt that her husband's personality was unusual about being professional about not discussing the issue with a confident believable attitude that dismissed needing to talk at all.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of approaching her daughter about an issue, but then a man in a fedora hat started talking to her. In waking life, she was trying to approach her daughter about financial issues, but kept experiencing her daughter avoiding needing to be partly responsible for finances that needed to be paid. In this case, the man in the fedora hat may have reflected her feelings about the facade of maturity or integrity that her daughter projected, masking an underlying reluctance or refusal to address the financial obligations. She may have not liked that her daughter was protecting herself with a believable attitude that everything was under controlwhile dishonesty avoiding talking about the financial issues.


Refer to the themes section for emotions for a more in depth look at emotion symbolism.


To dream of feet represents principles, moral foundation, or things you stand for. Honesty or integrity that you choose to "stand by." Responsible maintenance.

Alternatively, feet in a dream may reflect areas of your life that you feel are important to "stick with" or support long term.

To dream of an injured foot represents moral decay, corruption, or lower standards of thinking. Feeling that it's difficult to "stand by" or support something long term.

To dream of cutting off a foot represents feelings of losing confidence in yourself or not being able to believe yourself anymore. Losing the strength to stand for issues. Losing faith or strong loyalty. A strong feeling about thinking you don't matter or aren't important anymore.

To dream of washing feet may reflect attempts to improve on your moral principles. Forgiveness, humbleness, and humility. Becoming more devoted to a relationship or cause.

To dream of smelly feet represents feelings about moral stances or faith being stupid. Something feels wrong with a strong belief. Morality feels to be lacking in yourself or others.

To dream of kissing feet represents approval of moral principles, strong loyalty, or faith.

Example: A man dreamed of his foot bleeding. In waking life he was aware of himself cheating on test that he had to do in private. He was having problems being honest and wasn't liking himself having lower standards of integrity.

Example 2: A young child dreamed of rejecting their newborn sibling and saying to them "Ugh! Take her back. Her feet are orange." In waking life this child was jealous if her new sibling and didn't like how permanently supportive the parents were of the new baby once the new baby was brought home. The feet in this case may have reflected the child's perception of the parents responsibly maintaining their constant attention for the new baby.

*Please See Socks

*Please See Barefoot


*Please See Oral Sex


To dream of a female represents an area of you life where you are sensitive, passive, sympathetic, receptive, nurturing, intuitive, creative, or giving. Negatively, dreaming of being female reflects weakness or subordination in some way.

To dream of being a female when you are a male may represent feelings of being a loser in some way or that you always have to do what you are told to do. Feeling screwed over, weak, or subordinate. Being bossed around or having to do all the work. Feeling that someone has gotten the upper hand over you or never has to lose.

Example: A man dreamed of being a woman. In waking life he felt that his father was totally controlling and never had to lose no matter what.

*Please See Woman

Feminine Napkin

*Please See Maxi Pad


To dream of a fence represents emotional or relationship boundaries. Feelings about some kind of barrier being in your way. Feeling "fenced" in or restricted in what you can do. Feeling restricted from personal growth. Something about yourself or someone else that needs to be respected. A clear understanding about what kind of behavior is inappropriate. A clear understanding about what you know you aren't supposed to do. Feelings about established territory in a relationship.

Negatively, a fence may reflect a fear of angering someone or heightened sensitivity about upsetting someone. You may feel emotionally restricted. Feel separated from someone. Relationship constraints. Feeling unable to express yourself in a relationship or make progress in some way. A fence could also reflect your wish for privacy or to shut off others. Intentionally putting up a barrier between you and others. Obstacles or barriers that you don't like noticing in your life. Crossing other people's emotional boundaries or barriers. Anxiety about asking for help because you feel it's inappropriate.

To dream of a broken fence with boards missing may reflect chance opportunities to witness something you are not supposed to witness. Being exposed to a weakness or behavioral aberration that allows you to learn something nobody wants you learning. Bad behavior that goes unnoticed. Exposure to something awesome or dangerous not meant to be experienced. Learning about an opportunity to get ahead that nobody would teach you directly.

Fences may appear in dreams when you are experiencing a separation or argument in a relationship.

Example: A man dreamed of carefully walking along the top of a fence and feeling like he had to be very careful about it. He fell in the dream and broke the fence. In waking life his relationship with his wife was very fragile and he felt like he had to be very careful about respecting her while fearing a breakup.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a fence. In waking life he was experiencing a co-worker being very territorial about a computer at work.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a fence. In waking life he husband had been deployed to the Iraq war. The fence may have reflected her feelings about the army creating a difficult boundary for her relationship with her husband.

Example 4: A man dreamed of a ball landing in another person's yard and being insecure about asking permission to get the ball back. In waking life he needed help from someone, but felt that it would be inappropriate to ask.

Example 5: A man dreamed of building a fence around a pond. In waking life he found himself becoming more introverted.

Example 6: A young boy dreamed of a broken fence with boards missing. On the other side of the fence were bay bays who tried to copy whatever he did and do it faster. In waking life he was noticing himself getting away with bad behavior that let him get ahead of other people and became addicted or accustomed to the bad behavior because it always worked better for him than behaving honestly. The broken fence with boards missing may have reflected his chance encounter with experiencing himself getting away with bad behavior.

Example 7: A young woman dreamed of jumping over a fence and then celebrating and dancing. In waking life he had decided to lose her virginity with her boyfriend after long period of waiting.


To dream of a fencing fight represents a waking life conflict over respectability. A polite or witty argument. A conflict to outsmart someone that uses agility, sophistication, cunningness, and speed. A conflict over the opposite sex as two people attempt to respectability prove they are more worthy than the other. Two people respectably fighting over a business or financial opportunity. A situation in your life with a friendly competition.

To dream of a fencing match with a father may reflect an attempt to respectably prove that a decision is not worth listening to. Feeling conflicted about whether a decision you've made is respectable. Problems accepting a difficult choice and trying to find respectable ways around it.

Example: A young girl dreamed of being in a fencing match the father of a boy she had a crush on. In waking life she had moved far away from the boy she had a crush on and was conflicted about giving up on the boy even though the relationship was long-distance. Even though the relationship was impossible she kept trying to find excuses to not have to give up on the relationship.

*Please See Fences

*Please See Gate


To dream of a fern plant represents comfortable feelings about nothing being difficult at all. Being comfortable with your life the way it is. Feeling that it doesn't matter to do anything else.

Negatively, a fern may reflect a preference for inaction or the status quo. It may also reflect a preference for easiness or staying the same that others feel is empty. Feelings that other people are jerks if they want you to change. Not wanting to have anything "colorful" or more interesting in your life. Alternatively, a fern from a negative context may reflect jealousy of someone close to you trying something different because you are accustomed to how a situation is. Forcing a less interesting choice on others because you like it.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a fern plant coming out of her boyfriend's neck. In waking life her boyfriend shaved his beard, which she liked, and she didn't like the fact that her boyfriend has no issues with never asking her first. She was uncomfortable with how comfortable her boyfriend was thinking the change was easy and permanent.


To dream of a Ferrari represents feeling faster than other people with decision-making or control of a situation with an attitude that happily never needs to listen to anyone else all the time. Feelings of power or success that makes you feel that you never need to waste your time talking to anyone else if you don't want to. Noticing that everything you are doing is more attractive by other people while you don't need to talk about it. Feeling better than other people and not needing to tell them. Perfect confidence that doesn't have to care about what anyone else thinks. Deserving to respecting yourself for who you are as the reason you don't need to listen to other people. Confidence from success or attractiveness that doesn't need others. An attitude that gets away with not needing to listen to other people if it doesn't want to. Enjoying getting away with never waste time believing that other people lives matter when yours is better. Confidence that other people don't even know what success is when you do.

Decision-making that revolves around never having to do what your told ever again. Coming and going as you please while being too powerful to stop. Never having to explain yourself to anyone about your decisions. Choices you are making where you are too big to be stopped or told what to do.

Negatively, a Ferrari may reflect a wish to get away with arrogance or bad behavior to people's faces.

Example: A girl dreamed of seeing a guy driving a Ferrari who liked her. In waking life after 11 months of being broken up and depressed she finally began to believe that another guy liked her for who she was.

*Please See Cars


To dream of a ferret represents you or someone else that is noticing what everyone else is doing before doing anything yourself. Seeing what happens before doing anything serious.

Negatively, a ferret may reflect your suspicion or distrust of others.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a ferret. In waking life she wanted to merge families with her new boyfriend by making all the children live under one roof. However, she wasn't confident about making such a move so soon and wanted to see how the relationship would work out first.

Ferris Wheel

To dream of a ferris wheel represents an exciting or progressive experience that keeps pausing. Feeling good or enjoying progress that keeps stopping intermittently. Hoping that something exciting will not stop.

You may be puzzled about why you have to keep stopping or waiting for something you would like to continue uninterrupted. A wish to be free of interruptions. Feeling your patience tested. A situation that doesn't feel good noticing that it's stopping.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a ferris wheel off to her side, but then her view changed to a dangerous watery scene. In waking life she was enjoying flirting with a man in her church and secretly hoped it wouldn't stop, but then she found out the man was seeing another woman.

Ferry Boat

To dream of a ferry boat represents feelings about safely being helped navigate through uncertainty with a sense of easy transition towards a different phase of your life. Feelings about being helped through an uncertain situation while safely or comfortably taking your time thinking it's nice or wonderful that someone did it all for you. Feeling that it's someone else's job to help you safely get passed a difficult or uncertain situation. Feeling confidence or trust that you will be helped to make an uncertain transition with ease. Feeling optimistic about being safely carried through a problem situation that shouldn't be a problem with ease. Feelings about simply needing to pay someone to safely or professionally transition through an uncertain phase.

A ferry boat might also represent a sense of direction, progress, and smooth navigation through the uncertainties of life. A conscious adaptation to change and the optimistic anticipation of a new beginning or arrival at a different, potentially better, state of being. The dream might indicate trust in the process and the belief that the transitional journey you are on is necessary and beneficial.

Example: A woman dreamed about herself and her husband riding a ferry towards Angel Island. In waking life, she and her husband were being helped by doctors with in vitro fertilization to get pregnant. In this case, the ferry ride may have reflected her feelings about being safely and professionally aided by the doctors through the uncertain and challenging process of in vitro fertilization.

Example 2: A man had a nightmare of missing the ferry. In waking life, he was expecting an easy transition to a new job and feared potential problems arising that may end up making his new employer give the job to someone else. In this case, the missed ferry may have reflected his anxieties about missing out on an opportunity to safely and easily navigate the uncertainties and potential challenges associated with transitioning to a new job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being on a ferry, then getting off the ferry, and then seeing the ferry at a distance. In waking life, she was talking to lawyers about fighting a Child Protection Services problem with her grandchild. She called lawyers about the problem, but couldn't afford to pay lawyers. In this case, the ferry may have reflected her feelings about the possibility of being professionally and safely guided through the uncertainty and difficulties of dealing with Child Protection Services.


To dream of fertilizer represents behavior that encourages productivity, doing well, or happiness. Encouraging growth or creativity. A productive boost. An area of your life that you push or encourage to do better. Feelings that you need to take action to stop an area of your life from being held back. Helping to reduce struggling, stagnation, or being behind. Starting over that needs some encouragement or assistance to boost it.

*Please See Infertility


To dream of a festival represents pleasant feelings of mutual celebration or enjoyment of good news or positive change. A situation that encourages mutual sharing and joviality. Group happiness or bonding for a common cause. Holidays or milestones worth celebrating with friends and family.

Negatively, a festival in a dream may reflect feelings of joviality that is not equal among friends or family. An overeager need to share and help others if it's going to benefit one person in some manner. Happiness for others as long as you are selfishly getting something you want. Blending in with others or complying with peer pressure in order to keep a group mood happy.

Example: A father dreamed of being at a festival with his son and seeing his son get badly injured. In waking life he was enjoying the idea of his lazy son finally having to move out on his own. Secretly, he worried his son would experience failure if he moved out on his own. The festival symbolism may have reflected the father's initial feelings of jovial bonding and support moving out on his own and becoming a grown man.

Feta Cheese

To dream of feta cheese represents feelings of being easily supported deserving the right to enjoy having everyone like you the way you are more than you usually do without having to speak about it. Feelings of being supported deserving to enjoy thinking of yourself the way you are without a problem, easier than you usually do. Enjoying deserving family life supporting you the way you are with ease without having to talk about yourself too much.

Negatively, dreaming about feta cheese may represent feelings about overdoing expecting to be easily supported and deserving to enjoy people liking you the way you are without a discussion. Embarrassing yourself thinking a contract will be easily renewed without renegotiation naively believing people like you and support you without questioning it.

Example: A young woman dreamed of scooping out ruined feta cheese on spinach from a microwave to eat. In waking life, her boss told her that the company was considering not renewing her contract next year. In this case, the feta cheese may have reflected her initial feelings about saying things on her contract renewal request to make her superiors choose to be supportive of her contract being renewed without negotiations with ease. She may have been naive about believing her superiors would support her easily renewing her current contract without needing to talk about it.

Fetal Position

To dream of being in the fetal position may reflect a powerful need to avoid confrontation. Feeling perfectly passive. Self-protection or self-preservation that is desperate. Feeling nervous about anything else wrong happening. A perfectly fragile state. Caring about nothing except safety. A fear of taking action at all. Feeling that anything you could do is too dangerous.

Negatively, being in the fetal position may reflect feelings about yourself being exposed to others as totally sensitive, needy, or pathetic. "Wearing your heart on your sleeve."

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