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To see the letter "C" in your dream symbolizes the passage of a waking day. It often appears in intuitive dreams that are pointing to a situation that will occur the next day. If you see two or three C's beside each other it represents 2 or 3 days.

The symbolism is based on the letter C being an incomplete circle where the circle reflects the cycle of a day and the open space reflects the sleep cycle.

Alternatively, may indicate being average. If used with other letters it can simply be a shorthand version of "see." The letter C is also the roman numeral for 100.


*Please See Taxi Cab


To dream of cabbage represents feelings that it's beneficial to be more honest than you usually are. Success that requires higher standards of honesty.

Negatively, cabbage may reflect feelings about honesty that is too honest for your comfort level. Feeling that telling the truth may make you look stupid or cost you in manner that is too much to lose. Anxiety about not trying your hardest to look perfectly honest. Honesty that is risky or dangerous. Fear of not being perfectly honest when you are successful. Taking time off immoral or criminal activity. Honesty that embarrasses you. Situations with low trust and a high demand for responsibility.

To dream of driving through a field of cabbage may reflect reckless or selfish decision-making that is intentionally disregarding the need to have higher than normal standards of honesty because it's not normal for you to be that honest. Selfishly believing you don't need to respect others wishes for you to have higher than normal standards of honesty.

Example: A woman dreamed of cabbage in a salad. In waking life she felt it was good idea to take some time off from her boyfriend so he could spend time with his wife. In this case the cabbage may have reflected her feelings about taking time off her extra-marital affair making her feel more honest than she usually is.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing cabbage on a table. In waking life she felt her job was too demanding with proving she was honest at all times. Low trust with high responsibility required to keep her job and it didn't feel good anymore.


To dream of a wood cabin represents a wish to be alone or to do something by yourself. You may need your privacy or don't feel like talking to anybody.

Example: A woman dreamed being inside a cabin. In waking life they were spending a lot of time alone writing a book.

Example 2: A man dreamed of driving out to a cabin and being offered drugs before deciding to leave to avoid doing the drugs. In waking life the man a recovered drug addict in school to be a drug counselor. He was feeling temptation to abandon school and do drugs again, but decided to return to school. The cabin reflected his wish to be alone and do drugs.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being in a cabin. In waking life she had taken time off work to be pregnant at home.

Cable Car

To dream of riding in a cable car (air based - not streetcar) represents feelings about being advised or easily taken care of by someone with more experience than you. Professional assistance that allows to easily see all the problems or potential pitfalls in the situation from a wiser mindset. Feeling easily carried by expert advice to reach a final destination in life.

Negatively, riding a cable car may reflect difficulty acting on expert advice while you enjoy listening to it. Using expert advice for entertainment or interesting conversation without ever wanting to really act on it. Enjoying thinking other people are stupider than you while an expert instructs you on how to get through a problem easily from beginning to end. Fearing acting on expert advice. Insecurity about taking action based on advice you're getting. Spending too much time awaiting an outcome. Anxiety about waiting for an outcome.

Example: A woman dreamed of riding in a cable car in the sky and looking down to see an foggy city. In waking life she was getting a lot of good advice from an expert to help her get through a difficult situation and some of the advice warned her of serious embarrassment waiting for people not getting the same advice. She spent a lot of time concerned about what would happen to all the other people who weren't as well advised as her.

*Please See Streetcar


To dream of a cactus represents feelings about behavior or a situation that thinks about why it's interesting to survive emptiness staying the way it is while it hurts you if you get too personal with it. Behavior that likes itself surviving emptiness the way it is and hurts you if you do anything except accept it. An individual or a situation that's interesting about staying the way it is in emptiness while being easily irritated, touchy, or difficult to deal with when you get too close and personal with them. Facing discomfort before learning how to move on from a situation. Situations that you feel are best left alone because you waste your time being close and personal with them. An individual or circumstance that's interesting about why it stays the same and can be "prickly" or difficult to engage with on a personal level.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting married to a cactus. In waking life, he was trying to commit herself to studying for her school exams for a course which she believed failure was an inevitability. She felt she looked stupid for even attempting to study the course material. In this case, being married to a cactus may have reflected her perception of her commitment to studying a failing course at school out of the interest of still potentially passing, while also feeling that going to class emotionally hurt her by feeling stupider than other people for getting too involved with it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of feeling cactus thorns in her feet, but when she looked down it was a black lizard. In waking life, she was taking care of her elderly father-in-law who was very ill. In this case, the cactus thorns may have reflected her feelings about her elderly father-in-law being interesting to take care of because he is family and her deceased husband's father, while at the same time not liking to think of too much personal cost with time and money once his health problems became too serious.


To dream of a medical cadaver represents feelings about using failure to learn. Using total failure to learn how to stop it from happening again. Gaining experience about why failure occurred. Using others neglected losses to learn.

Cadavers may also reflect an expert attitude about investigating failures and losses.

Negatively, medical cadavers in a dream may reflect an insensitive attitude about others losses or failures. A cold or callous attitude about learning to be mitigate failure.

*Please See Dead Body


To dream of a cadillac car represents a decision-making style that is focused on appearing impressive to others. A wish to be noticed impressive or always a winner. Showing others that you never lose.

Negatively, a cadillac car may represent going so far with having to look like a winner that other people don't like you.


To dream of a caduceus represents healing or a concern for health. Preoccupation with healing or improving your life somehow. The caduceus may be a sign that you need to take better care of yourself.

*Please See Doctors

*Please See Hospital


To dream of a cafe reflects your mindset feeling good while you wait for something to happen. It may also reflect enjoyment talking about something you really like that's being taken care of for you. You may be happy to be patient for something. Feeling good knowing that what you want is about to happen. Positive social interaction while be catered to.

Example: A woman dreamed of sitting in a cafe. In waking life she was waiting for an expert on the Internet to answer some of her questions. The cafe reflected the positive conversations with friends she was having about her questions as she waited for her answers to come.


To dream of a cafeteria represents issues, interests, or situations where other people are noticing what your doing. Mutual awareness of each other others interests or problems. Group sharing, group experiences, or unavoidable openness (e.g. discussing your love life). Casual and mutual awareness of others feelings about an experience.

Negatively, dreaming about a cafeteria may reflect embarrassment that your personal life being on display to others. A embarrassing moment of public honesty in front of friends or family.

An empty cafeteria may reflect your feeling that nobody cares about an issue in your life that can hide or that you feel you have to openly discuss (relationship problems). Alternatively, it may reflect you feelings that some area of your life will be out in the open soon.

A school cafeteria represents mutual open discussion about issues that concern you or give you anxiety (openly discussing your mutual anxiety about potential lovers rejecting you).

Example: A young woman dreamed of being in a cafeteria with a guy she liked. In waking life she was trying to closer to this guy and all her friends and family knew about it.

Example 2: A girl dreamed of being in a cafeteria and being upset with her friend. In waking life she liked the same guy as the her friend and after talking about it with her started to notice her friend getting meaner. The cafeteria reflected her awareness of her friend noticing that he liked the same guy and their open discussion about their shared fondness for the guy.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing bankers sitting in a cafeteria. In waking life he was being humiliated by his father in front of his whole family because his father had made an enormous financial promise that he wasn't keeping and that required the dreamer to publicly reveal his personal issues with his father to his whole family.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being in a cafeteria. In waking life he was separated from his wife with everyone he knew being aware of it. The cafeteria may have reflected his feelings about his failing relationship experience being out in the open while noticing that other people relationship experiences weren't.


To dream of a cage represents some area of your life that is restricted, confined, or restrained. You may feel that someone is keeping a short leash on you or that you are lacking the freedom to act independently. Unable to achieve your goals. You may have repressed desires.

An area of your life where you feel imprisoned, captive, or trapped. An area of your life that you are desperate to escape. Feeling confined with to responsibilities or obligations. Feeling oppressed or subjugated.

Alternatively, a cage may represent your inhibitions or powerlessness in some area of your life.

To dream that you are putting an animal into a cage represents restriction or restrain on some aspect of yourself based on the symbolism of that animal. See our themes section for animal symbolism.

To see a bird in a cage suggests that you are feeling limited in your expression or freedom. You may be experiencing limitations to your spirituality or creativity.

To dream that you are in a cage underwater represents feelings of being overwhelmed by uncertainty while also being restrained. Feeling that a situation is terrible while also feeling that you can't do anything to free yourself from it. If you drown in a cage it may reflect feelings of loss or failure while being completely unable to stop it in anyway whatsoever. Feeling that your "hands are tied" during one of the worst moments of your life.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a cage. In waking life he was terminally ill and desperate to die. Doctors wouldn't let him die.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing crocodiles inside a cage that he feared would get loose. In waking life he was in the process of trying to help get a dangerous criminal put in jail. He feared the criminal would get out and hurt him.


To dream of a cake represents thoughts or feelings during a special occasion. Something amazing or wonderful is happening that rarely occurs. It may reflect feelings of being made to feel very welcome or special by someone else.

Negatively, cake may reflect enjoying short-term indulgences at the cost of your long-term goals. Choosing to spend money instead of saving it, losing your virginity instead of waiting, or taking a vacation during a crisis.

To dream of refusing to eat cake may reflect your strong will power or strong focus on long term goals over short-term pleasure. Alternatively, it may reflect difficulty getting away from your work. Problems relaxing.

Consider the flavor of the cake to give you an idea of what is happening during this special time. Chocolate cake may reflect self-reward on some kind.

Example: A man dreamed of being served chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating a cake. In waking life he was being made to feel very welcome at a friend's home.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone eating cakes all day. In waking life they had a very obese friend whom they felt could not stop eating fattening foods.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having difficulty resisting eating cake. In waking life she was having an affair with a married man and having difficulty resisting her sexual attraction for him.

Example 5: A woman had recurring dreams of cooking cakes. In waking life she had regular feelings of caring too much about other people and treating them too special without getting the same treatment.

*Please See Birthday Cake

*Please See Chocolate Cake

*Please See Wedding Cake

*Please See Frosting


To dream of a calculator represents carefully evaluating an issue or situation. You may want to make sure of something, consider alternative options, or reexamine beliefs and opinions.

A calculator may reflect doubts, or new developments that interest you in weighing or reconsidering choices.

Example: A young man dreamed of being given a calculator by a friend. In waking life he was planning on asking out girl he thought liked him before finding out that she didn't. The calculator reflected the information he received that made he rethink his plans.


To dream of calculus represents a very difficult life situation that is totally unforgiving to any mistakes, or wrong choices. A situation where you have to be absolutely perfect the entire time.


To dream of a calendar represents your awareness of the passing of time or waiting for something. Noticing how long something takes. The dream may be a sign that you are waiting for a special event, appointment, or important date in the future.

Alternatively, a calendar may reflect your anxieties about the future or your feeling that time is running out in some area of your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend pointing at a calendar. In real life her boyfriend was in jail and she was patiently waiting for him to get released.

Example 2: A few days after the 911 attacks on the WTC building a woman dreamed of being inside the WTC building and being unable to find a calendar to find out the date. In waking life she was watching the news every day and was nervous about any signals from the government that war was coming. Her wish to find a calendar and know the date reflected her wish to get closure about whether it not "it was time" for the government to go to war.


To dream of a calf (baby cow) represents love and nurturing that is an emotional priority. Caring or nurturing that you feel is too important to ignore or let go of.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a calf. In waking life he was fantasizing about how good it felt to have his ex-girlfriend love him and take care of him. He was having difficulty letting go of her.

*Please See Cows


To dream of California represents a mindset that is focused on having to feel good noticing that nothing matters. Cultivating a carefree atmosphere. It may also reflect a situation where you are purposely cultivating a pleasant atmosphere of togetherness.

Example: A woman dreamed of taking a vacation to California. In waking life her elderly parents had showed up to visit the family and she was encouraging family time.

Call Display Caller ID

To dream of caller ID represents foresight about how a situation will turn out, or expectations about how something might effect you emotionally if you choose to except it or embrace it. You know what something is or how it will turn out before you actually experience it.

To dream of not looking at your caller ID may represent not caring about how a situation will turn out or effect you emotionally.

To dream of seeing "Unknown Caller" on your caller ID represents foresight about a situation that makes you feel cautious or like it can't be trusted.

To dream of seeing a blank caller ID screen may symbolize your foresight about a situation never being what you want or hope it to be.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an old friend's name on their call display and picking up the phone. This friend was someone who always made them feel self-conscious. In real life the dreamer was about to make a dramatic lifestyle change. The friend's name on the call display reflected their foresight about how making the big change would begin to "connect" them to their concern about what other people think. They knew what to expect from the change as the time for change was at hand.

Call Girl

*Please See Prostitutes

Call Waiting

To dream of call waiting represents feelings about situations or relationships in your life that you want to connect with being "on hold." Feeling that someone is too busy to speak with you or spend time with you. Feeling annoyed that you have to wait too long to begin pursing your goals.

Negatively, call waiting may reflect feeling about situations or relationships being on hold with the constant annoyance of wondering when they may resume. To dream of using the phone and hearing the call waiting tone on your line may reflect feelings about obligations or people that aren't a priority making demands on you.

Example: A man dreamed of woman putting him on call waiting. In waking life he was passionately in love with the woman and was jealous of her speaking to another man. He felt she was intentionally ignoring him and just being nice about the possibility of being with him while really having a relationship with someone else.


To dream of calluses represents your indifference to how hard something is. You've hardened or become less sensitive to the difficulty of a relationship or situation. You do something so much that you don't think it's hard anymore.


To dream of feeling calm represents feelings of being aware of yourself waiting, being patient, or not reacting. Feeling good not needing to react. Feeling that nothing currently serious happening while thinking about a problem or uncertain situation. Accepting a situation as it is. Predictability or steadiness during uncertain or dangerous experiences. Feelings about a dangerous or uncertain situation not being a serious problem in the current moment, but that definitely has the potential to be. A general sense that nothing is wrong.

Negatively, dreaming of feeling calm may reflect feelings about how awful it feels to wait or be patient. Not reacting to something dangerous or awful. Feelings about other people being cold, empty, or patient with something very unpleasant or inconvenient for you. A cold all business mindset. Cold decisions that don't need to explain or feel empathy for others. Passive aggression. Noticing an obvious problem and not doing anything about it. Behavior that is "unflappable" to terrible news, embarrassment, or insults. Coldly listening without a reaction. A sign that you are too passive while experiencing a situation that deserves a more assertive reaction. Being completely remorseless or without a conscience while waiting for reactions or consequences to something dishonest you are doing. A general sense that nothing is wrong while overlooking or ignoring something dangerous.

To dream of calm water represents feelings about uncertainty in your life that is stable or not worrying you in the current moment. Uncertainty in your life that is predictable.

Example: A person dreamed of bear waiting calmly. In waking life they were aware of their nephew being in the hospital on life support with no chance of survival.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being very paranoid while her roommate was very calm. In waking life her roommate had surprised her with deciding to move out leaving her with needing to find a new accommodation within months. In this case the symbolism of seeing her roommate calm may have reflected her feelings about how easy it was for her roommate to be so cold and "all business" minded about moving out leaving her with a big problem of needing to find a new place.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing calm water while her son drifted off further way from her in the water. In waking life she felt that there was a potential problem with the relationship between her and her husband that might be getting worse without any obvious signals such as anger.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being calm while watching a tsunami coming towards her. In waking life she was expecting the wife of a man she was have a relationship to confront her. The feelings of calm may have reflected her feelings of remorseless for having an intimate relationship with married man while waiting for the wife to confront her.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being calm before rain started. In waking life she was waiting for medical lab results and was worried about the results.

Calves (Legs)

To dream of calves represents how powerful you or someone else is on their own. How well you are able to do things for yourself. A reflection or projection of self-sufficiency.

To dream of smaller women's calves may reflect you or someone else that has to have things done for them. It may also represent your feeling of needing to do things for someone else.


*Please See Video Camera


To dream of a camel represents difficult situations that require you to do everything you can to get though them. A camel may appear in a dream when you are confronted with people or situations that are totally uncaring and require you to do everything you can to get away from them. A current or expected situation that requires a very long wait to be successful.

Negatively, a camel may reflect feelings of accepting yourself being patient or compliant with others needs when their needs are excessive. Not respecting yourself enough to stand up to stand up for yourself to spare yourself a lot of time and needless effort. Allowing yourself to be a "patient loser" or overworking for someone else's wastefulness. Not asking for help while enduring an emotionally unbearable situation on your own. Avoiding actions that would help you save time. Not listening to advice that would save you time.

Example situations that may encourage a camel dream may be leaving a partner, changing professions, or getting through a difficult financial situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing camels that needed to get through a different journey. In waking life she was under a lot of stress during a relocation to another US State to take a new job. There was a lot to endure to complete the relocation.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing camels being slaughtered at the end of a very long line. In waking life he was experiencing his father trying to rip him off for $200,000 that was promised to him when the valuable family property was sold. His father tried to control his life and force him to move away with him into a trailer instead of getting to move away to beautiful place in South America that was planned. The dreamer had been waiting for the homes to be sold for 4 years before realizing that his father had been lying to him the whole time.


To dream of a camera represents the ability to decide how something will be remembered. Your perspective on a situation and how it may influence your memories or opinion of yourself later on. An important moment or crossroads that you get to decide the outcome of. Decisions that will effect how you remember the rest of your life. The ability to control how a situation will be remembered by your actions. A wish to look your best so that it will be remembered in a good way for years to come. A pivotal moment or choice that will decide how a situation will be remembered. A wish to avoid making history in a dishonest way.

Negatively, a camera may reflect feelings about bad choices that could effect the rest of your life. Knowing a choice may bring unhappiness, failure, or embarrassment for the rest of your life. Anxiety or paranoia about being remembered in a positive way for the rest of your life. An excessive need to plan how you will make your mark in the world and be remembered for it. A wish to make history in a dishonest way. Choices that will lead to remembering mistakes. Too much concern for appearances.

A camera may also reflect how beliefs or opinions you currently have will effect your memories or impression of a person or situation.

Any pictures taken with a camera in a dream represent impressions or memories that are being formed based on your beliefs or choices.

To dream of adjusting camera settings may reflect your attempts to change the way you see a situation before forming any final impressions or making an important decision.

Example: A man dreamed of someone he didn't like telling him how nice his camera was. In waking life he was warned by a co-worker that he had to appear at a company event or he'd be remembered by other employees like he didn't care about the company. He decided not to go to the company event anyway deciding to put up with whatever bad opinion was made about him. The camera in this case may have reflected his feelings about himself having the power to influence how he would be remembered for the rest of his professional life if he chose not to attend the company event.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her old broken camera working again. In waking life she had just gotten back together with an ex-boyfriend with whom she has had previous tried to sneak getting pregnant without asking him. The broken camera that was now working again might have reflected her feelings about her ability to choose how to remember the rest of her life if she returned to her attempts to get pregnant without asking her boyfriend.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of using a camera to take a picture of a meteor, but then realized that the image was not really a meteor. In waking life he was witnessing his friend doing something important and didn't want to ruin his memory of the moment.

*Please See Video Camera

Camouflage Clothing

To dream of camouflage clothing represents your personality during a time where you are trying to conceal your true feelings or intentions. You may also want to avoid standing out to other people. Experiencing conflict situations where you feel it's important to disguise your true intentions. Surviving. Deception. Emotional struggle. Attempting to defeat opposition in stealth. A stealth attempt to outsmart someone. Dishonestly trying to hide your true intentions to help only yourself. The personality that feels it must defend itself.

To dream of a camouflage car or vehicle represents a decision or a direction in life that's attempting to conceal true feelings.

Camouflage in any other manner simply points to concealment.

Example: A man dreamed of wearing camo fatigues. In waking life he was bored with job and was trying to conceal his efforts to look for another job while still working. He didn't want other people to learn of his intentions to leave the company as quickly as he could for something better out of fear of being fired.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing folded camouflage pants. In waking life he noticed he didn't need to defend himself so seriously anymore, but still had doubts.


To dream of going camping in the wilderness represents a mindset of self-reliance that shelters you through difficulties or serious life challenges. Feeling that you have to handle yourself through limited resources and unexpected obstacles. Having to experience yourself persevere, being resilient, and adapt skillfully in the face of major life changes. Using all your resources to survive a major financial difficulty or life obstacle as though it was only short-term.

To dream of summer camp in a retreat or cabin style setting represents a mindset that is being taught self-reliance. Having a support system to train you to get through difficulties or serious life challenges without jealousy. A problem has arisen in your life, but you have support. Making a big change in your life while not having to worry. Living with family in order to restart your life while enjoying time off to not think of too serious. Laughing at why you have to get your life back to normal while living with people who give you a strong support system. Lots of socializing with lots of life adjustment.

Example: A woman once dreamed of going to a camp retreat. In real life she had lost her job and depended on her family while she got her life back to normal with another job.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being at a wilderness camp site in the forest with her husband. In waking life she had lost her job while holding her marriage together after experiencing her husband cheating on her. In this case the camping may have reflected her feelings about having to be self-reliant through financial and marital difficulties after losing her job.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of an evil camp that kids get sent because they were good at playing the piano. In waking life she felt scared of being forced to move away to restart her life again after already adapting to a new life . In this case the evil camp site may have reflected her feelings about how evil it felt to be forced to move away with her family to adjust to a new life making new friends all over again after already believing she was perfectly adapted to her social life at her current home. Her family moved around a lot.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of going to summer camp for the whole summer. In waking life he was planning to enlist in the military. In this case the summer camp may have reflected his feelings about the military fully supporting him as he's trained to become a soldier to start a new life after high school.

*Please See Boot Camp

*Please See Refugee


To dream of a camper represents a direction in life that is focused on necessity and unpredictability. It's your ability to make decisions during a difficult time where you are still sheltered from harsh realities.

A camper may reflect choices you make during an unpredictable phase while still having the resources and family support needed to keep you safe. A common symbol for unemployed people who have family or friends supporting them.

Example: A man dreamed of getting out of a camper to walk down a road that he didn't trust. In real life he had just landed a new job after being unemployed and living off savings for 2 months. He was uncertain about how well the job was going to turn out.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of living in a camper with her mother. In waking life she was unemployed, living at home with her mother, and fearing that her fiance was going to end their relationship because he hadn't spoke to her in months.


To dream of a campfire represents your attempt to keep a positive mindset during a difficult moment. Doing whatever you can to feel good or keep spirits high when life isn't working out for you. You may be ignoring your problems when they seem overwhelming or telling yourself that the future will be better.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting around a campfire. In waking life he was promised financial support and never got it. The campfire reflected his attempt to keep upbeat when financial when support wasn't forthcoming.

Example 2: An elderly man dreamed of being near a campfire with creepy people. In waking life he had a serious health problem with no end in sight. The campfire reflected his attempt to keep upbeat and hopeful about a solution to his health crisis while fearing death.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having a campfire in her back yard. In waking life her ex-husband was marrying a younger woman and she had to try her hardest to teach her kids to openly accept it. The campfire reflected her attempt to maintain a positive attitude in front of her child about something that bothered her a lot.


To dream of camping represents situations in your life you are doing everything to hold your ground. Adapting to a problem until it passes. Staying positive when there is nothing positive happening. Keeping you composure or keeping stable in the face of adversity. Depriving yourself to get through a situation.

*Please See Camper


To dream of a campus can represent a focus on potential personal development, growth, and learning. A need for structure, organization, and direction in your life. It can symbolize a desire for intellectual growth and expanding one's knowledge or skills. It may also represent a sense of community, social connectedness, or learning to navigate and be a part of a social community. Additionally, it may represent a need to explore new ideas or experiences, and to embrace a period of growth and self-discovery. A desire to learn from past mistakes and make better choices. A wish to pursue new experiences and opportunities. Learning about a person before you confront the reality of whether having a relationship is actually possible.

Dreaming about a campus may also reflect a mindset that is aware of issues you need to think about, learn about, or heavily concern yourself with while not having to focus too serious with them yet. Seeing the issue at hand while not worrying or overthinking in the current moment while you wait for other events to occur.

Negatively, dreaming of a campus represents feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the prospect of personal development, growth or learning. It may represent a fear of failure or a sense of being unprepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Learning to navigate and be a part of a social community in which are experiencing a lot of jealousy or anxiety.

Example: A young woman dreamed of walking across a college campus. In waking life she broke up with her ex-boyfriend years ago after being caught cheating on him. She has a new boyfriend, but feels that everything happening in her life is leading to getting back with her ex. In this case the college campus may have reflected her desire to learn from past mistakes and make better choices in her relationships. The campus may also reflect a need for structure, organization, and direction in her love life.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of walking on campus. In waking life her friends had boyfriends and she didn't while feeling left out of their socializing. In this case the campus may have reflected her feelings about not being part of a particular social group or community, and her desire to find a sense of belonging and connection with others.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of sitting in a room on a college campus with her mother. In waking life, she was feeling anxious about meeting her boyfriend's mother, worried about whether she would be accepted and liked by her. Being on campus with her mother reflected the dreamer's desire for guidance and support in navigating this social situation. It may also suggest that the dreamer is taking a practical and calculated approach to dealing with her anxiety, seeking to learn more about her boyfriend's mother and the expectations involved in meeting her. Ultimately, the dream may reflect the dreamer's need for a safe and secure environment to explore and understand her emotions and concerns before taking action.


To dream of Canada represents a state of mind that is sensitive about itself having to do more than others. It reflects awareness of one's self having to be more honest, helpful, nicer, or hard working than someone else in some way. Feeling that you are always doing more than others without getting credit for it. Being in Canada may also represent your awareness of yourself always being right in a argument with no recognition.

Positively, Canada may reflect your feelings about getting a last chance or getting help when nobody else will care about you. Feeling that everyone around you is beautifully "awesome" or totally concerned with your feelings.

Negatively, Canada may reflect your awareness of being right or "positiver" than someone who has more power than you. Jealousy of having done more than others or having acted perfect and getting no respect for it. Anger that other people are getting away with cheating or being arrogant when you aren't. Alternatively, Canada in a negative context may reflect too much giving without anything to show for it. Screwing yourself being too generous.

Dreaming being in Canada may also reflect feelings that everyone around you is jealous of something you have because they think they deserve it more than you.

Canadian Bacon

To dream of Canadian bacon represents excessive total self-gratification. It may also reflect a casual attitude to having something exactly the way you want it all the time.

Canadian bacon may be a sign that you are becoming bored, spoiled by , used to, or over-stimulated with pleasure.

Canadian People

To dream of a Canadian person represents an aspect of your personality that balances respect and a lightheartedness. A personality with a relaxed and easygoing mindset. This aspect values honesty, helpfulness, niceness, politeness and being laid back. Avoiding anything excessive or over-the-top. Avoiding humor at the expense of safety. Content with being just good enough. Not laughing at anything not being safe. Not being snob about letting something be. Behavior that intelligently avoids anything excessive. Behavior that accepts others never needing to be perfect. Behavior that accepts you avoiding something excessive. An aspect of your personality that is nicer than someone else. Behavior that feels it needs to do more than other people so other people can avoid something excessive.

Negatively, Canadian people may reflect a "nice guy" mentality that may hold you back. Being too content with being just good enough and avoiding anything excessive or over-the-top, leading to a lack of assertiveness or a tendency to conform to expectations, rather than pursuing one's own goals and desires. Feeling obligated to follow the same path and not take risks or make bold moves. This mentality may ultimately limit the dreamer's growth and personal fulfillment. Not being critical of other people because it scares you that you'll be seen rude or starting a fight. Believing problems aren't important to address until they become excessive. Arrogance or recklessness that expects to get off easy because punishment is "felt" to be excessive. Behavior that dislikes excellence, superiority, or something exceptional because it feels it's excessive.

Example: A man dreamed of being on all fours naked with his girlfriend who stuck an umbrella with the Canadian flag on it up his butt. In waking life the man was practicing celibacy as he believed it would enhance the vividness of his dreams. The Canadian flag on the umbrella in the dream could symbolize his girlfriend's attitude towards his celibacy - respectful and lighthearted. The man may have felt that his girlfriend might think that if he were to abandon his celibacy, she would be expected to have sex with him immediately.


To dream of a canal represents feelings about difficult or uncertain situations being possible to get through as long as you are perfectly safe and responsible. Showing restraint. Feeling that a situation doesn't have to be dangerous if you are careful.

Alternatively, dreaming of a canal may reflect solutions that have been specifically created for problems that were expected. Following a contingency plan perfectly to get yourself through a problematic event.

Example: A man dreamed walking beside a canal. In waking life he was being very careful financially because he felt that some people were trying very hard to take all his money as he made a transition in his life. The canal may have reflected his use of certain financial tools as a means to responsibly protect his money during the transition.


To dream of a canary represents feelings of optimism, positivity, joy, and the ability to simply move on from problems that don't support that type of thinking. Feelings of freedom to never care about anything except saying life is working out great because you can always move on. Feelings about never having to see yourself having a problem or being ruined because you can simply move on. An attitude of optimism or positive thinking as though it was the point of life that leaves all its problems behind if it isn't happy. A professional attitude about talking about your problems going away and moving on if you don't like what's happening. Getting attention for why you are always paying attention to never choosing problems because you can always leave problems behind. Positivity is what is always sought, and the freedom to move on if you don't like what is happening. Liking your life all the time and never being desperate to move on. Never being desperate for anything that isn't positivity that can be easily seen. Feelings about yourself not being a little kid about liking your life all the time and moving on if someone else doesn't want you to. Awareness of preferring to choose optimism and not wanting to be someone's friend if they don't like that about you. Awareness of yourself or someone else that isn't stupid about liking other people's feelings to make life likable.

Negatively, a canary may reflect feelings of never having anything to say except that everything in life is working out great to the point of looking stupid staying the way you are. Jealousy or annoyance about someone else never having a problem because they can simply move on if they want to. Happiness that doesn't like to talk about problems because it can move on.

To dream of a dead canary represents feelings of losing optimism, freedom, or the ability to move on from problems. A lost sense of joy, positivity, or the ability to escape from a difficult situation. Feelings of disappointment, hopelessness, or being trapped without the ability to seek a more positive situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing canaries chirping and wearing a canary pendant necklace. In waking life, she was very happy discussing moving from her home and having lots of money to do new things with the family, while not having any serious drive to sell her home in the way she discussed. In this case, the canary may have reflected her optimistic attitude and cheerful discussions about moving on to a new phase in life, while not being seriously committed to making the changes she talked about.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a growing canary in a birdcage. In waking life, she was planning to move out of his mother's house because her mother was emotionally abusive and had a "negative hold" on her. In this case, the canary in the birdcage may have reflected her feelings about optimism and positivity being confined or restricted. She may have felt that her ability to move on from problems and maintain a happy outlook was being stifled by her mother's emotional control.


To dream of the disease cancer represents emotional or situational decay. An area of your life that slowly eats away at your well-being, happiness, or power. It can also reflect feelings of hopelessness, restrictions, or fundamental flaws. Feeling that a situation can only get worse or will spread to other areas of your life if you don't start taking action. Feeling that a situation is hopeless or can only get worse. Feeling that something eating away are you.

Example situations that could encourage a dream about cancer may be a difficult illness, financial problems, or a relationship that stifles you.

Alternatively, cancer can also reflect real life situations were cancer is a real possibility or someone you know is living with it.

Example: A man dreamed of having cancer. In waking life he was very depressed about his life and felt that life couldn't only get worse for him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of having lung cancer. In waking life he was experiencing anxiety about his habit of smoking cigarettes giving him cancer if he didn't quit.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing cancerous smoke. In waking life he was worried about the economic crisis.

Example 4: A man dreamed about a cancer club for children where the children were beginning to feel hopeless. In waking life he felt that his life was only getting worse and people who had previously inspired him couldn't inspire him any more.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing someone with cancer. In waking life she felt that her marriage was slowly deteriorating.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of having cancer. In waking life she was experiencing her mental health slowly deteriorating.


To see a burning candle in your dream represents hope or possibility. A positive outlook or belief during an uncertain time. Beliefs that give you confidence in difficult situations.

Alternatively, you may be experiencing some good luck during a hard time.

Negatively, a candle may reflect blind hope or naive hope. Hoping that a problem will go away on it's own without trying to learn about the problem. It may also reflect your hope for something bad to happen to someone else.

To dream of a candle light dinner represents a concern for others feelings during the ending of a waking life situation. Being supportive during a time of closure. Giving others hope, sympathy, or respect when something important has finished. Feeling good getting a difficult situation over with.

To dream of a red candle may reflect your hope for something bad or dangerous to happen. Possibly a sign that you are hoping or wishing for something bad to happen to someone that you don't like.

Example: The day before an old woman died she dreamed of a lit candle on the windowsill of her bedroom. The candle blew out and she was filled with fear. The candle then reappeared lit outside the window. The candle may have reflected her hope that she would live while confronting the prospect of death. It blew out to symbolize her fear about the process of dying. The candle appears relit outside the window to represent her feelings about knowing she'll be OK after she's died and experiences herself living in heaven. The dream gave the woman peace before she died.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a candle being held close her leg by a nurse who kept slowly bringing the candle closer to her leg until she felt burned by the candle. In waking life she had leg pain that she hoped would go away and then woke up one day to discover that she had developed an infection in her bone marrow.\

Example 3: A woman dreamed of looking at herself in the mirror holding a red candle. In waking life she was very unhappy in a relationship that she feared leaving. She hope that something bad would happen to man she was in the relationship with so it would give her an honest excuse to leave him.


To dream of candy represents something that feels good to think about. Enjoyment or self-indulgence. You may be feeling joy or experiencing a special treat. A pleasurable experience you are having.

Candy may also reflect you enjoying yourself thinking of plans you have for the future.

Example: A girl dreamed of eating candy. In waking life she was enjoying herself getting closer to a boy she liked. The candy reflected how good she felt talking to the boy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of people with emotionless faces carrying sweets. In waking life she was waiting to get a divorce to leave a forced marriage. The carried candy may have reflected her feelings about enjoyable plans she was preparing to feel good with when the divorce was finished.

*Please See Lollipop

Candy Bar

*Please See Chocolate Bars

Candy Canes

To dream of a candy cane represents thoughts about a situation being more interesting than you think to notice that sharing doesn't cost much if you want to share as well. A sense of communal giving or sharing that doesn't cost much to keep it going. Keep the spirit of giving going that doesn't require significant personal sacrifices. Feeling that it didn't cost someone else much to share with you in order to encourage you to keep the spirit of giving going. Feelings of encouragement for others to enjoy a new idea to keep the spirit of sharing going with little personal cost. Feeling that it never hurts to try to interest someone else is keeping up the spirit of sharing and togetherness.

Negatively, dreaming about a candy cane may represent feelings about behavior that you feel is a stupid, lame, or cheap gesture about encouraging you to keep the spirit of giving or sharing going like it's a better idea than doing nothing. Not liking the idea of saving money by keeping a collective or communal effort of sharing going because someone else thought it was a good idea. Feelings of skepticism or cynicism towards acts of generosity or communal spirit. You might be hesitant to participate in group activities or share resources because you believe that it might be a waste of time. Familial or societal expectations about sharing being a good idea to keep going that hinders your independence.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of large plastic candy canes scattered on the floor that belong to a boy that disappeared. In waking life, she was just beginning to learn how to drive. In this case, the large plastic candy canes may have reflected her feelings about the initial shared spirit about the low cost of communal usage of the parents' vehicles that would help everyone learn to drive and get a driver's license mpre quickly. The group of friends may have may felt that learning to drive would be easy and cheap if they just kept up the spirit of sharing vehicle time with each other.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of a candy cane-colored spider. In waking life, she was preparing to start University within a month. In this case, the candy cane-colored spider may have reflected parents or other people encouraging a sense of sharing with other people all the time that made her feel trapped or hindered from preparing for her new independent life away from home as a university student.


To dream of using a cane represents a nagging problem or weakness. Some area of your life where you have to notice yourself being limited or weaker than you'd like to be. Doing the best you can with what you have during a difficulty. Deal with difficulty on your own if you have to. The ability to support yourself if needed.

Negatively, a can may reflect feelings about having to manage problems all by yourself. Enduring hardship by supporting yourself.

To dream of a cane used for blind people or "white cane" may reflect feelings about resources or people that assist you when it feels impossible to understand what is happening in your life on your own. Dependence on others to guide you or keep you informed during situations you have great difficulty understanding. Dependence of superstitious advice or psychics to live your life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone walking with a cane. In waking life he was waiting for agreement from a business partner in order to carry out a sale from a customer. The cane reflected him noticing himself being limited in making money because he choose to politely wait for his business partner to agree. He was doing the best he could on his own to keep customers happy without being able to finalize sales.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of no longer needing a blind person's cane. In waking she she was listening to a professional give her advice on her dreams and slowly began to feel that she didn't need the advice.


*Please See Marijuana


To dream of a cannibal represents destructive or forbidden obsessions with achieving goals. Turning on people you care about, breaking promises to suit yourself, or a "no holds barred" type mentality. No sanctity, morality, or social barriers to getting your way. Screwing over people you like to help yourself. Winning even if it means attacking friends, family, or co-workers.

Situations in waking life where you may be experiencing the ultimate act of selfishness, taboo, or greed. Desperation to survive a problem that drives one to hurt others who care about you or do something socially unacceptable.


To dream of cannoli represents feelings about an experience of indulgence, satisfaction, enjoying oneself, and the fulfillment of a desire where nobody considers it a problem. It may symbolize a moment or situation where treating oneself or celebrating doesn't bring about guilt or criticism. It could reflect a conscious choice to enjoy something special or pleasure without feeling guilty. Feelings about nobody being angry about why you personally felt good about something.

Negatively, dreaming about cannoli could represent feelings of letting yourself be overly indulgent, excessive, or failing to exercise self-restraint because nobody said anything about it being a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of her favorite hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers, winning a game and wanting to order cannolis from a bakery, but when they were pulled out, they looked frozen and very hard. In waking life, she was rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup finals, with one game left to win the championship. In this case, the frozen cannolis may have reflected her feelings about anticipating the joy of celebrating a potential victory, yet facing the reality of potential disappointment or challenges of not being able to justify post Stanley Cup winning partying or celebration expenses because they hadn't won the last game yet.


To dream of a cannon represents drastic measures or choices. Finally deciding to take action in a big way. Feeling that enough is enough. Being unwilling to put up with a problem ever again.


To dream of a canoe represents your feelings of ease and adaptability as you navigate uncertainty or negative situations. Self-determination as you confront change and life challenges. You are emotionally balanced, feeling powerful, and in control. Confronting problems the way you want to. Choosing how best confront a terrible situation on your own terms. Confidently navigating uncertain or negative events with a relaxed adult attitude.

To dream of a canoe that is upside down represents abandonment or neglect of your self-determination during a uncertain or negative situation. You may feel unable to easily navigate uncertainty in your life or deal with problems on your own terms.

Negatively, a canoe may reflect a selfish attitude about not having to listen to anyone else during a crisis or negative situation. Ignoring others feelings during a crisis or moment of powerful uncertainty. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about having to do things on your own during a difficult situation when you may not want to.

Positively, a canoe may reflect a need to ignore arrogant or less intelligent people during a negative situation so you handle problems however you feel is best. Enjoying doing things for yourself during a difficult or uncertain situation.

To dream of a canoe filling up with water or flipping over while you are using it may reflect feelings about yourself being inexperienced at handling difficult situations without oversight. Feelings that you weren't as prepared or practiced enough to do deal with problems in your own.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a canoe with his wife and then falling out and seeing the canoe go off without him. In waking life his wife was heavily pregnant and he after he made one mistake trying to support her he felt that his wife preferred to handle the rest of the pregnancy on her own.


To dream of a cantaloupe represents feelings of familiarity that feels good safe being accustomed to it. Familiarity of feeling safe that doesn't have to speak about it. Feeling accepted by what you are familiar of. Familiarity of feeling grownup that doesn't have to speak about it. Familiarity that's good for you to be accepting of it. Familiarity that feels good not being at war with anything because you're grown up. Enjoying a situation where nothing feels wrong because someone or something "knows you." Familiarity that feels good that it's always safe, always there, and already thinks of you as family. The dream may also be about feeling good respecting yourself and avoiding anything fake. It could indicate the comfort and security of a stable marriage or relationship. Feeling good respecting yourself never needing to do anything fake. Feeling good that your marriage or relationship has no surprises for why it's always there for you. Feeling good being adult about not having to say anything about an issue. Feeling that listening to you is something that a person you're close to will always do. Familiar feelings of happiness and safety 2 people feel in each other's company. Comfort and security felt in a relationship after resolving a problem without conflict.

Negatively, dreaming of a cantaloupe may reflect overdoing the avoidance of discussing anything wrong with a situation or someone's behavior because you are close to that person. Feelings of disliking a situation that is too comfortable or familiar with the way things are. Overindulging in the familiar which could lead to complacency or a lack of growth within the relationship or situation. Fear of confronting difficult issues or the unwillingness to change, despite knowing that it may be necessary for personal growth or the improvement of a relationship. Feelings of familiarity and comfort without needing explaining you have with an ex-partner that bothers you can't get over them because nobody feels the same.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a cantaloupe place in the center of a table by a kidnapper of a child. In waking life, the man was experiencing ransom demands being made for someone else's child. In this case, the cantaloupe may have reflected the hostage taker's attempt to offer a sense of familiarity and family-like comfort that would feel good and be accepted once the demands were met, ultimately leading to the return of the child.


To dream of a canteen represents planning or preparation for the worst. Having a backup plan to restore comfort or confidence in case a troubling or terrible situation comes up.

To dream of drinking from a canteen may represents your attempt to regain composure when a situation has gotten more difficult than you expected. Feeling more pressure than you had hoped for. It may also reflect desperation. Using your last resources to deal a difficulty.

To dream of an empty canteen may reflect a sense of hopelessness or that you've tried everything you could without any success. A situation is just too difficult to get through.

Canvas Shoes

To dream of a canvas shoes represents a casual attitude or approach to a situation. An approach to life or a situation that is laid back. Not taking anything too seriously or telling yourself that you'll just see how something goes.

Example: A man dreamed of wearing ugly light green canvas shoes. In waking life he was trying hard to respect someone he didn't like as he read through that person's research work. The canvas shoes reflected the casual attitude he was attempting to hold towards the person while being aware of himself not liking them.


To dream of a canyon represents feelings of having a lot of space, freedom or options, but feeling overwhelmed or unsure on how to use or utilize it effectively. Feelings of insignificance and smallness, as well as feelings of being overwhelmed by the challenges of life.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a canyon type area. In waking life she was looking for a new job and couldn't find one that was suitable. In this case the canyon might have reflected her feelings about the job market being so open with nothing suitable. Feelings about big enormous companies offering while feeling that couldn't do anything except move on.

Cap And Gown

To dream of a graduation cap and gown represents feelings of the successful completion of a phase or stage in your life with confidence, intelligence, and experience from everything you have had to learn or worry about. Personal growth, learning, and development, as well as the culmination of your hard work and dedication towards reaching a goal. A sense of pride in your accomplishments and the confidence to move forward with new opportunities and challenges. A sense of transition, closure, or completion as you move on from one phase of your life to the next.

Negatively, a graduation cap and gown in a dream might indicate feelings of anxiety or fear about an upcoming change, uncertainty about the future, or feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt about whether you are truly prepared for the next phase of your life. Not knowing what to do with the rest of your life after ending a phase of learning or experience.

Alternatively, dreaming about a graduation cap and gown may represent your feelings or anxieties about a real graduation. Post graduation insecurities or anxieties.

Example: A woman dreamed of being at her college graduation in green graduation gowns. Everyone has a different style of white collar more fashionable their hers. In waking life, she was unpaid leave from her employer of 20 years. She was considering starting a side business for about 2 years, but due to hectic job/work schedule she never had time to. In this case, the green graduating gowns may have reflected her feelings of finally having the opportunity to pursue her side business, marking the end of one phase and the beginning of a new chapter in her life. The different styles of white collars could represent her feelings of comparison or insecurity about her own abilities and preparation compared to others who may seem more destined for success in their pursuits.


To dream a wearing a cape represents feelings about an aspect of your personality that is an expert at being impressive or exceptional with situations that are perceived to be impossible by others. Personality traits that show off acting like a hero. Trying to impress or help others with superior skills. "Super-hero" superiority on display. Feelings about yourself or someone else that is so incredible that it just obvious.

Negatively, dreaming about a cape may reflect an excessive need to show off with superior skills. Excessive concern with impressing others with your presence or abilities. Feeling that you are so impressive that others are only inferior. Inflated ego about being superior or exceptional that drives you to show off. An inability to be as impressive as you wish to be. An inability to be as impressive in exceptionally difficult circumstances as you want to be. Feeling that someone you know is showing off too much.

To dream of a black cape may reflect feelings about a need to show off impressive abilities which you are feel are excessive or scary. Feelings about bad people showing off with impressive evil abilities.

The color of a cape may reflect the feelings or intentions of behavior that is trying to display exceptional skills to others.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing a creature with a cape chasing her. In waking life he school grades were dropping and nothing she did could help her get the grades back up. Being chased by a creature with a cape may have reflected her feelings about herself trying to avoid the scary expectations of needing to be exceptionally impressive with school grades as she was failing at school. She was also Asian and Asians tend to have parents who apply more pressure to their children with it comes to school. She may have felt it was impossible be an impressive student with perfect grades to impress her parents and was unable to meet expectations they had for her.

Capri Pants

To dream of capri pants represents discipline or decision-making that is sensitive about noticing how different you are being all the time. Capri pants may also reflects your enthusiasm for wanting to try new things all the time.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his Grandmother wearing capri pants. In waking life was adjusting to being newly divorced.


*Please See Hats


To dream of a boat capsizing represents a failed attempt to navigate or get through a negative situation. Feeling overwhelmed by uncertainty or problems. Your attempt to deal with an issue or get through a difficulty has failed.

Feeling that your attempt to get through a problem or uncertain situation carefully won't be possible or is overcome by the problems. Feeling overwhelmed by failure after trying your best to deal with an uncertain or negative situation.

Example: A man dreamed of being on a boat with his wife and of the boat nearly being capsized. In waking life he was fearing making a huge mistake when his pregnant wife finally had to birth.

*Please See Boat


To dream of being the captain of a sailing ship represents feelings about taking charge of a negative or uncertain situation. Taking charge of an emotionally charged situation. You or someone else with the ability to control how best to manage uncertain or negative situations. Experience that allows you to make expert decisions in emotional or turbulent situations.

To dream of being the captain of a sports team represents feelings about taking charge of a competitive conflict. An assertive attitude about confronting issues competitively. Experience that allows you to make expert decisions in competitive situations.

Captain Crunch

To dream of Cap'n Crunch breakfast cereal represents feelings of beginning to enjoy noticing problems reduced or cancelled easily. Enjoying beginning to notice control that feels good taking over like it's easy.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Hunter Parrish eating Cap'n Crunch at his Grandmothers kitchen table. In waking life someone who had been cheap with him suddenly changed their mind and began to pay off all the dreamers bills without any arguments. The Cap'n Crunch in this case may have reflected the dreamers feelings about someone else paying his bills feeling good to notice problems being cancelled like it's easy.


*Please See Hostages


*Please See Caught

*Please See Kidnapped

Car Accident

*Please See Accident

Car Alarms

To dream of a car alarm represents feelings about warnings or alerting signals in life about interference with decision-making. Shock or surprise that someone is trying to cease control of decision-making or interfere with your ability to lead your own life. Fearing unwanted control over your decisions.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone jump off a building and smash through the back window of a car setting off the car alarm. In waking life she had decided to take a big chance and move away from her cheating husband which ended up making him respond by trying to stop her. The car alarm may have reflected her feelings about her husband being tipped off about her attempts to leave the home which would interfere with his ability to make decisions as the head of the home.

Car Battery

To dream of a car battery represents your energy level and ability to carry out work, projects, or function in relationships. Feeling too tired or empty to even start doing something. Diminished energy or enthusiasm.

If you dream of a dead car battery it symbolizes your thoughts and feelings of being drained, overworked, stressed out, or involved in a draining relationship or life situation.

Car Brands

*Please See Lamborghini

*Please See Ford

*Please See Hummer

*Please See Ferrari

*Please See BMW

*Please See Mercedes Benz

*Please See Land Rover

*Please See Nissan

*Please See Mazda

*Please See Jaguar Vehicle

*Please See Corvette

*Please See Porsche

*Please See Volkswagen

*Please See Lexus

Car Chase

To dream of a car chase represents feelings of being in pursuit of, needing to control, or trying to stop someone who is in control of decision-making over a situation and avoiding being stopped. Trying to control someone else being in control of their own life. Stress, pressure, anxieties, or challenges that feel urgent and out of control. Feelings about experiencing one person's decision-making style avoiding someone else's. Competition, conflict, or obstacles that you feel you must navigate quickly to avoid failure. Feelings of being chased by problems or responsibilities you are trying to avoid. A sense of urgency or pressure to achieve your goals while dealing with obstacles or rivals that are trying to overtake or hinder your progress. Feelings of jealousy that doesn't want someone else to be in control of a situation while making their own decisions.

Negatively, dreaming about a car chase could represent feelings of being pursued or threatened by problems, responsibilities, or adversaries with an opposing decision-making style. Avoiding someone who thinks they are better than you. Feelings of trying to avoid someone who you can't escape from.

To dream of being chased by another car represents feelings of being pursued or threatened by something you are trying to avoid stopping you from being in control of a situation or your own life. Feel unable to escape a person who is trying to stop you from believing in yourself making your own decisions. Doing everything possible to stay the way you are while in control of a situation while someone else doesn't want you to. Feelings of rivalry, competition, or conflict, where you feel that someone is directly opposing your goals or trying to undermine your autonomy.

To dream of chasing a car by running after it represents feelings of trying to keep up with someone else's decision-making style or life path but feeling disadvantaged or outpaced. Feelings of being left behind or struggling to keep up with the pace of change of situation someone else is easy in control of. Feelings of ineffectiveness or frustration regarding your ability to keep pace with others.

To dream of a police car chase represents feelings about a decision-making style that tries to stop someone else with a different decision-making style from avoiding discipline, intervention, and enforcement of behavior. An enforcement-type decision-making style trying to prevent someone else from getting away with something excessive. A decision-making style with a sense of duty or moral obligation to correct or restrain someone's actions that you or someone else perceives as wrong or out of control.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of chasing after a car while on foot. In waking life, she fell in love with a boy at church who left the church in order to serve a church mission. She dated someone else that ended badly, and now she wanted to wait for the first boy to return home. In this case, chasing the car on foot may have reflected her feelings of desperately trying to keep up with or reconnect with her romantic interest, despite the distance and circumstances that separated them. She may have felt unable to control or influence the boy's decisions while he was away without needing to believe in her ever again if he didn't choose it, mirroring the helplessness of chasing a car on foot.

Car Dealership

To dream of a car dealership represents your open-minded attempt to take a new direction in life. Considering a whole new way of decision-making style. Dreaming of being at a car dealership may be a sign that you are considering a new job.

Example: A person dreamed of being at a car dealership looking for a new car amongst the various different choices of cars. In waking life they were very stressed at work and were considering making a change in their career.

Car Door Locks

To dream of car door locks represents feelings of control over how safe your are while in control of a situation. Feeling that it helps you out to not do anything with other people at all while you are in control of a situation. The ability to protect yourself from other people stealing control of a situation while doing what you want to do. Feeling safe that nobody can do anything except accept you the way you are while in control. Accepting yourself as in control of whether or not you want to be safely in control of a situation.

Locked car doors you locked for protection or safety may represent noticing you're safely not a loser while someone else doesn't want you to be in control of your life. Feelings about not liking who other people are and needing to protect yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of car door locks being locked while dangerous people were outside the vehicle that he was concerned might come inside the vehicle to harm him or rob him. In waking life the man made a decision for safety purposes to avoid talking to people he thought we dangerous.

Car Doors

To dream of car doors represents feelings about opportunities or access in your life being opened or closed to you as you attempt to control or navigate various situations. Car doors may symbolize the ability to start or stop certain actions, to enter into new phases or projects, or to block out distractions or interference. The condition and action related to the car doors in the dream can reflect how you perceive your access to opportunities, control over your journey, or your sense of security as you move through different aspects of your life.

Positively, dreaming about car doors may represent the opening of new opportunities, the welcoming of changes, or the readiness to embark on new adventures. It may reflect a conscious choice to open yourself up to new experiences, to allow others to join you in your endeavors, or to feel secure in the knowledge that you can control which aspects of your life you open up to and which you keep closed.

Negatively, dreaming about car doors may represent feelings of being shut out, denied access, or blocked from achieving your goals. It might symbolize missed opportunities, feelings of insecurity, or the fear of unwanted elements intruding into your life. Problems with car doors, such as being unable to open them or finding them unexpectedly open, may reflect anxieties about losing control over certain areas of your life or a lack of preparedness for the changes happening around you.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the shadow of a man who was trying to open her car door, but he went away. In waking life, she was paranoid that someone was watching her. In this case, the shadow person attempting to open the car door may have reflected her paranoid feelings about someone watching her making her feel like it could control her ability to decisions for herself, but didn't.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of trying to fix a car door that wasn't closed properly. Once she did, a big frog appeared and stared at her. In waking life, she decided to break up an affair with a foreigner. She felt it was a good choice, but felt miserable. In this case, the car door that needed to be closed properly may have reflected her feelings about needing to decisively end the relationship to maintain control over her personal life and ensure her emotional security.

*Please See Cars

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