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J - J2


The letter J in a dream is symbolic for changing your mind, or taking a new direction.

J is the 10th letter alphabet and in numerology 10 represents a new beginning.

Jack Black

To dream of Jack Black represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than other people about humor, irreverence, or unconventionality being used as a coping mechanism or as a way to make light of difficult situations. A casual attitude toward challenging circumstances, or a desire to minimize the seriousness of a situation through humor or playful behavior. Your own wish to approach life's challenges with a sense of humor or an unorthodox method. An aspect of your personality that attracts attention while believing in itself completely that terrifies others that it's reckless that it doesn't know what it's doing while actually ending up being safe about family life where everything works out great the way you wanted it to. Behavior that terrifies others that it's reckless about being awesome, but ends up being lovable about why it always wanted you to deserve to believe in yourself.

Positively, dreaming about Jack Black may signify that you're using humor or a light-hearted attitude to navigate difficult or stressful times effectively. Resilience, resourcefulness, and the ability to lift others' spirits even when faced with adversity. You might be someone who can always find the silver lining in any cloud or make the best out of a bad situation. Behavior that never is as dangerous as you first thought. Behavior that it might be embarrassing itself seeing the most awesome part, but ends up teaching you with unconventional methods that it was always there for you and just wanted you to see it yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about Jack Black may represent feelings of misunderstanding certain behavior as reckless when it was actually safe because you weren't listening or assumptions of always being right. Feeling surprised that you have to reverse believing you deserved to tell someone off for being reckless because they ended up being completely safe and wanted you to believe in yourself the whole time. Not wanting to think of someone as a winner because they didn't do everything perfect first.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Jack Black sitting at the end of a sidewalk and walking towards him. He is then temporarily immersed in water with 2 tigers, but the water recedes. He then continues walking down the sidewalk. In waking life, he was trained a skill by a friend that was supposed to help him, but appeared to end up causing a serious problem until the friend told him the complete details of his plans that made the future look wonderful. After being informed of the plans the dreamer confronted a final complication before everything cleared up. In this case, Jack Black may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about his friend's unconventional approach to teaching him a skill that seemed chaotic and reckless but is ultimately lovable and successful.


To dream of a jackal represents behavior that's listening to every single thing necessary to steal when the opportunity arises. Behavior that sees what someone else is doing and thinks of taking it for themselves. Taking what you have without asking. Cunning or deceitful behavior that's jealous of when it gets to take from someone else. Opportunistic scavenging that is greedy, dishonest or vicious, and may attempt to exploit or harm others for their own benefit. Feeling that once it's time someone is going to try to take something from you. A jackal dream could symbolize a need to be cautious of those who may try to exploit or harm you, or to pay attention to your own behavior and ensure that you are acting with integrity and fairness.

Jackal dreams are commonly mixed with Egyptian hieroglyphics symbolism. Jackal-like Gods of Egypt may reflect feelings about an authority figure that notices that once the time is appropriate it's taking something from others without asking.


*Please See Coat


To dream of a jackhammer represents a need to make big or drastic changes in your life. Breaking away from situations that you originally felt were permanent.

A jackhammer may also reflect last minute changes to something important you've neglected. Not wanting to see or feel something ever again that you originally felt wasn't a problem.


To dream of a jackknife represents feelings about conflict where you notice there is a problem, or conflict where you feel you need to deal with problems on your own.

Example: A man dreamed of crossing a bridge, wondering if the water was safe to swim in, and a voice said "no, there might be jackknife fish in the water." In waking life he was worried that if he killed himself that he might screw it up in the middle of it and not kill himself cleanly.


To dream of a jackpot represents feelings of luck, success, or a significant positive change happening in your waking life. It often reflects your feeling of achieving a seemingly impossible goal, receiving an unexpected gain, or experiencing a significant turn of events in your favor. A windfall. A lucky gain that you feel you can keep all to yourself.

Alternatively, it may reflect the attainment of a long-desired goal, the sudden arrival of abundance, or prosperity. A jackpot can also represent the idea of taking a risk or making a big gamble, with the possibility of great reward or great loss. It can symbolize the excitement and thrill of pursuing a big win, but also the uncertainty and unpredictability of life's outcomes.

Negatively, dreaming about a jackpot represents over-reliance on luck or chance to solve one's problems or achieve success. A lack of motivation or effort towards making meaningful changes in one's life, and can result in a cycle of disappointment and disillusionment when the desired outcome does not materialize. It may also lead to compulsive or addictive behaviors, such as excessive gambling, that can have serious negative consequences for one's well-being and relationships. Believing that a windfall is the only thing that can save you. Feelings about not being lucky yet, but that it will happen eventually.

To dream of a growing jackpot represents the potential for an even greater reward as time goes on. A sense of momentum and potential for even greater gain, windfall, or prize than you originally thought.

To dream of winning a jackpot represents achieving a significant success or achieved a valuable outcome. Discovering something of great value or importance. A sudden and unexpected gain, as if discovering a valuable resource or winning a large sum of money in a game of chance.

Alternatively, dreaming about a jackpot may represent the dreamer's hope for a sudden and significant financial windfall that will solve their current money problems and lead to a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. The dream may reflect a desire for material success and a need for a quick and easy solution to financial struggles. It could also indicate a fear of not being able to achieve financial security through hard work and perseverance, and a belief that luck or chance will play a greater role in achieving financial success.

Example: A man dreamed of quitting his job and then winning a "jackpot" of a girlfriend actress Hayden Panettiere. In waking life, he had actually quit his job and was feeling very confident about getting a much better new job. In this case, the jackpot girlfriend may have reflected his feelings about being confident and lucky about finding a new job so quickly and easily.

Example 2: A man dreamed of himself thinking a lot about a big jackpot win. In waking life, he was experiencing family problems with his father due to a huge debt he was in. In this case the jackpot winning may have reflected his desire for a quick financial fix to his debt problems with a financial windfall. The dreamer may have had a fear of not being able to achieve financial security through hard work and perseverance, and a belief that luck or chance will play a greater role in achieving financial success.


To dream of a jacuzzi represents a sense of total satisfaction with a negative or uncertain situation. Feeling that something you know is wrong is absolutely perfect. It may reflect pornography or masturbation.

*Please See Hot Tub


To dream of jade gemstones represents feelings about yourself being perfectly luckier than other people. Feeling good noticing that you are better than others and that nobody can do anything about it. Noticing yourself being blessed with more quality than other people in some way. Enjoying having a blessing that you don't even care about at all. Feeling that jealousy is impossible for you because you are too good. Being bored with your noticeable beauty or specialness.

Jade gemstones in dreams may also reflect feelings about enjoying yourself having so much of something you think it's pathetically easy. Feelings of enormous wealth or plentifulness meaning nothing to you.

Negatively, jade gemstones in dreams may reflect your enjoyment of a blessing that you have no appreciation for. Self-admiration of being too rich, beautiful, or gifted to care.

*Please See Emeralds

Jaguar Vehicle

To dream of a Jaguar brand vehicle represents a style of decision-making or control over a situation that notices heavily notices itself as excellent without problems. Excellence that isn't required to care about other people if it doesn't want to. An attitude that is noticing nothing little while nothing gets back at it. An attitude that notices it's not a stranger, but doesn't have to care who you are. A mindset that is excellent enough to notice nobody tells you anything is wrong with you. Doing nothing unattractive, and never needing to care about what someone else wants. Nothing is a disaster because you can never believe in yourself being poor. A reputation for not having any problems.

Negatively, dreaming about a Jaguar vehicle represents a style of decision-making or control over a situation that notices it's excellent while not feeling required to talk to or help other people. An attitude that richer than other people and doesn't need to think other people count. Not being a snob in the current moment, but will be if you ask too many questions. Feeling successful and never needing to respect other people's neediness. The emptiness of being successful without needing to notice other people's problems. The arrogance of excellence that emptily doesn't talk about it's own problems. Feeling richer than other people and not feeling you need to do anything else around people. Ignorance about not having any problems.

Example: A woman dreamed of her aunt driving a black Jaguar into a huge hole in the road and surviving with help. In waking life her husband had a drug addiction problem. In this case the black Jaguar driving into a huge hole may have reflected her feelings about her life feeling excellent without problems before confronting a big drug addiction problem for her husband. She may have been embarrassed that her reputation of having no problems and not needing to talk to anyone about her family's problems being tested.


To dream of a jaguar represents feelings of power, dominance, instincts, and independence self-serving that doesn't need to ask permission. Confidence and strength that is that doesn't need anyone else to believe in itself first. Behavior that you perceive as powerful, unpredictable, and confident about not needing the approval or support of others. Confidence that one doesn't need to listen to anyone or care what anyone else thinks. Aggression doesn't need other people and doesn't say what it's about to do. Behavior that is stronger than someone else about never having to listen while doing whatever it wants. Feelings about being an owner that doesn't have to ask permission to serve your own interests.

Positively, dreaming about a jaguar may represent a sense of empowerment, confidence, and instincts that doesn't need anyone. Your ability to navigate through life independently, using your instincts and intelligence. Your ability to assert yourself and pursue your goals without needing external approval or support. This dream may reflect a strong sense of self and the courage to take on challenges independently. Not being afraid of looking like a self-serving jerk who doesn't need to ask permission in order to survive a situation. Power, strength, and independence that doesn't need to react right away because it can take its time waiting to assert itself. Assertiveness and self-reliance that doesn't need to ask permission if someone else causes you a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about a jaguar may represent a fear or threat of someone or something in your life that is self-serving that doesn't need to ask permission. Behavior that's dangerous, scary, or overaggressive about taking what it wants without asking permission. Your fears or anxieties about an unpredictable situation or person in your life. Facing a formidable adversary or situation that takes whatever it wants without asking if you aren't careful. Feeling that someone independent might get angry at you. Alternatively, it could symbolize your own aggressive or predatory tendencies, which may need to be harnessed and controlled.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a jaguar giving birth that wanted to be left alone. The jaguar turned into his ex-girlfriend. In waking life, he felt that his ex-girlfriend was verbally and mentally abusive. He only spoke to her if it required it, such as discussing their young son together. In this case, the jaguar may have reflected his feelings about his ex being fiercely independent, unpredictable, and perhaps protective about her space and autonomy, especially in relation to their child. He may also perceive his ex to be aggressively self-serving without asking permission to turn people against him to get back at him or control him if he didn't respect her new life without him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of climbing up a tree and then seeing a scary growling purple jaguar coming down a hill. In waking life, she had been laid off from work and was recently separated. In this case, the jaguar may have reflected her fears of a bill collector or reminders about missed mortgage payments being self-serving to banks that didn't require permission to seize her property for missed payments.


*Please See Prison

*Please See Penitentiary


*Please See Jelly


To dream of Jamaica represents a mindset that is carefree or laid back. Not thinking that anything is important. You may have a non-serious attitude about something someone else is serious about. A possible symbol for going on holiday from work or enjoying time off from something serious. Feeling accepted not having to work too hard or be too serious about a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about Jamaica may represent feelings about situations where you are not expected to work hard. Laziness that has slowly developed in your life. Motivation to work hard is not imposed on you. A possible negative symbol for avoiding work or taking an issue seriously for too long.

Example: A man dreamed of being in Jamaica. In waking life a boss had not enforced being serious about his work for a long time making her more accepting of not having to work too hard.

James Franco

To dream of James Franco represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than someone else about believing in yourself without a problem living your life however want as though you're supposed to. Respecting yourself believable about doing whatever you want like you're supposed to while not embarrassing other people with it being insane. Believeableness about never being scolded for doing whatever you want. Behavior with the freedom or 'license' to act according to one's desires without facing negative repercussions. Behavior that appears to go about its life freely with both versatility and a kind of untouchable charisma. Doing whatever you want without anyone getting back at you as long as you're believable about doing whatever you're supposed to.

Positively, dreaming about James Franco may represent feeling good talking back to someone who didn't respect you while you were believing in yourself without a problem doing whatever you want like you're supposed to. Feeling respected you for the first time deserving to believe in yourself without a problem doing whatever you want as though you're normal.

Negatively, dreaming about James Franco may reflect feelings of being overshadowed or rejected by someone who is more believable than you thought about deserving to do whatever they're supposed to do. Feeling that someone embarrassed you or talked back to you about deserving to believe in themselves without a problem living their life however they want.

Example: A man dreamed of James Franco getting angry at someone else. In waking life, he got angry at his father for suggesting he stop doing something they had both agreed was supposed to be allowed permanently. In this case, James Franco may have reflected how he respected himself believing that he should be free to live his life however he wants as he and his father had previously agreed upon.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being in a bar and seeing a man and woman sitting down and talking to each other. The dreamer could read their minds. The couple was discussing how the woman had cheated on the man with James Franco which gave the man a strange grin. In waking life, all the dreamer's friends had canceled plans to give him a drive to a concert at the last minute. In this case, the woman cheating on the man with James Franco may have reflected his feelings about his friend canceling plans on him while annoying him with having the freedom or 'license' to live their life according to their desires without respecting scheduled plans.


*Please See Caretaker


To dream of the month of January represents an overall feeling about a terrible situation that you are slowly beginning to get used to. Feelings about getting used to situations where nobody is listening to anything your feeling, but you are adjusting. Feeling that there are no challenges, but that nobody wants to help you. Overall feeling in a situation that nothing shocks you that only terrible things are happening. An overall feeling in a terrible situations that you have no choice, but to care about yourself. Adjusting to emptiness, terribleness, struggling on your own without help. An overall feeling that there is nothing left to do to change a terrible situation except endure it. An overall feeling that you must accept a terrible situation as it is because a more terrible ending may be coming. An overall feeling about a terrible situation that scares you that you have no choice about accepting it. Feeling that it's not obvious that nobody wants to do anything in a terrible situation accept put up with it until it's over.

Positively, dreaming about January represents situations that are only terrible if you have to get involved yourself, preferring not to. Feeling that a situation has been settled, left feeling terrible with all people getting used to it, and simply accepting it that way until conditions improve. An overall feeling of "out with the old and in the with the new" that brings with it a lot of temporary terribleness.


To dream of Japan represents a mindset that is sensitive about positivity. You may be nervous about having things in their place or that everything is working at it should be. You don't want any problems or misunderstandings of any kind whatsoever and may be worried that something could go wrong.

Negatively, you may feel pressured into caring about something being perfect all the time. Japan could also reflect anxiety about people liking you or something you've done. Anxiety about illnesses returning or worsening.

Example: A man dreamed of being in Japan. In real life he was constantly worried that his hairloss would get worse. Japan reflected his constant need to check his hair to make sure that it wasn't falling out more.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a Japanese suburb. In waking life her doctor was worried that she was going to have a miscarriage so she was order to stay home and rest. Japan in this case may have reflected her feelings of heightened sensitivity about doing whatever it took to be perfectly healthy for the baby.

Japanese People

To dream of Japanese people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that is passionate about deserving to respect itself with honesty accepted all the time. Combined qualities of thinking that are highly disciplined, honorable, traditional, respectful, and orderly. Respecting itself believing in honesty all the time. Respecting onesself not liking anything out of order, immoral, dangerous, or dishonorable at all. Feeling that honestly honoring agreements or obligations is important. Being honorable enough to see something through until the end.

Negatively, dreaming about Japanese people represents aspects of the personality with a mindset that is overdoing being passionate about deserving to respect itself with honesty accepted all the time. Sensitivity about deserving respectful appearances of total honesty, perfect orderliness, perfect respect, or perfect professionalism. Feeling that it's impossible to honestly honor agreements or obligations you made. Feeling that you need to perfectly follow through on something in order to deserve respect. Feelings about people being angry with you for not being perfectly honest, clean, or professional.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a Japanese style church. In waking life she was frustrated over the current condition of her church not being faithful enough. In this case the Japanese style church may have reflected her own disciplined and respectful mindset, which is passionate about deserving to respect itself with honesty accepted all the time, and is seeking a spiritual community that reflects those values.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a Japanese man killing his friend. In waking life he had lost his confidence and was feeling down. In this case the Japanese man attacking his friend may have reflected he feelings about having his confidence hurt or withdrawn because he wasn't perfect enough to deserve someone else's respect.

Example 3: A woman dreamed being in a room with people wearing Japanese style robes. In waking life she had been catching up with old friends of whom she had no good or bad personal feelings about, but was careful to respect their feelings. In this case the Japanese symbolism may have reflected her mindset of being highly disciplined and respectful towards her friends the entire time talking to them, even if she didn't have strong personal feelings about them.

Example 4: A man had of a lot of Japanese symbolism in his dream such as a Japanese apartment, Japanese horror movie, and a Japanese Ghost demon. In waking life he was being separated from the military for being underweight and worried about his separation papers costing him a lot of money on uniforms due to mistakes in the forms. The Japanese symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about the military requiring him to respect himself honoring his obligations to deserve to remain a qualified soldier with a healthy weight.

*Please See Japan


To dream of a glass jar represents something about yourself or your life that that is safely observed and intentionally being preserved exactly the way it is. Awareness that you are preserving something a certain way on purpose. The option to use something that has been kept the way it is on purpose.

Negatively, dreaming about a jar may represent feelings about cheating someone and observing them being kept that way on purpose. Jealousy or ignorance that observes you being kept reduced, demoted, or cut off on purpose possibly while lying about ever reversing it. Feeling that there is nothing special about yourself or some area of your life intentionally being kept in observational status.

Example: A woman dreamed of an ugly lizard creature inside a jar. In waking life she liked talking about how horrible her cancer experience was. The creature in the jar represented the horrible experience of her cancer that she valued herself for confronting and liked being able to discuss as much as she wanted.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her supervisor handing her a jar of water. In waking life she was experiencing her supervisor demoting her and then observing her being kept that way on purpose.


To dream of a jaw represents stubbornness, determination, and will power.

To see a jaw missing represents a loss of confidence, and lack of desire to continue on.


To dream of jawbreaker candy represents feeling good experiencing a challenge. Enjoying having to be slow and patient with something difficult. Feeling good being kept on your toes or noticing how hard something is all the time. Liking to feel something being difficult to handle or control.


To dream of Jay-Z represents an aspect of personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that is notorious for feeling good being more arrogant than someone else about trusting it being more happening than other people while already deserving to be over every last problem because you don't even see yourself as a loser from the beginning. Self-perception of success that is far removed from the notion of failure or loss. Behavior that looks hooked up and problemless that doesn't have to explain it because someone already took care of problems for you. Showing off, being louder, or respecting yourself always being hooked up to something happening while moving on from whatever problems you have without difficulty like it's always easy.

Negatively, dreaming about Jay-Z may represent overdoing showing off with a self-perception that sees itself successful and effortlessly deserving to be problemless. Noticing you aren't lethal when there might be something lethal happening. Arrogance that brags to other people about moving on from whatever problems you have without difficulty like it's always easy.

Rap Stars in general may symbolize arrogance, toughness, or showing off about proving yourself that will never lose or give up. A rap star may also reflect behavior that likes to show off talking back to people with an attitude that other people can't do anything about.

Example: A woman dreamed of having sex with Jay-Z while Beyonce was in the next room. In waking life, she was concerned that her lesbian marriage was about to end due to conflict in the relationship. In this case, Jay-Z may have reflected her feelings about enjoying talking to someone other than her partner about a potential new life that could easily allow her to confidently move on from the relationship as though it was always easy.

*Please See Rapper

*Please See Rap Music


To dream of jazz music represents a style of feelings that is fluid, dynamic, and soulful all at once. It's a coolness that takes its time and isn't bothered by problems or distractions. Jazz evokes a feeling of freedom and enjoyment, without the need to explain or justify anything. Feeling that there is nothing serious about the a fluid and dynamic nature of a situation. A situation that enjoys feeling like a "cool cat" such as liking taking the day off to read an interesting book. Laid back feelings about not seeing yourself like other people because you need to notice that what you're doing is important to enjoy. Nothing feels perfecter than experiencing a situation for what it is and being cool about it. Feeling good seeing a situation for what it is with the nuances of being beautiful. Your feelings about a fluid and dynamic approach to relationships, where emotions and attractions can shift and change over time. Feeling that nothing is outrageous about having to see yourself however you have to see yourself. Feeling that nothing is your fault no matter what is going on. Feeling whatever happens happens and being laid back about it.

Negatively, dreaming of jazz music represents feeling too laid back or indifferent towards problems or responsibilities. A lack of motivation to make progress in life. Being too complacent and accepting of negative situations, rather than taking action to improve them. Additionally, constantly shifting emotions and attractions in relationships could make it difficult to form stable connections with others. A struggle with commitment and being too fluid in their relationships, causing confusion and potential hurt for themselves and others involved. Feeling in love with someone and that you'll never get over it.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of a jazz band. In waking life she was enjoying reading books. In this case the jazz music may have reflected her feelings about loving taking time off to read a good book.

Example 2: A young woman dream of a jazz piano. In waking life she was having different feelings for multiple men. She was strongly to a man she didn't love while strongly loving a man she wasn't attracted to. In this jazz music her fluid and dynamic feelings about relationships, where emotions and attractions can shift and change over time.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of ballroom dancing with a jazz twist. In waking life she experienced herself having to push people out of her life while also experiencing new feelings about random people she met everyday. She felt that people always tried to take a piece of her and she was just beginning to realize this and fight it. In this case the jazz twist may have reflected her feelings about the current state of her social life feeling fluid, dynamic, and soulful all at once.


To dream of jealousy represents feelings of insecurity, possessiveness, envy, resentment, or a sense of inadequacy. Feelings of being threatened, undermined, or left out, or a desire for something that you feel you cannot have. Feelings of unworthiness, inferiority, or insecurity. A desire to be more competitive. Frustration that others are enjoying a situation that you feel you deserve. Feeling that life is unfair or that you are unable to achieve what others have. Jealousy in a dream could reflect your thoughts about the importance of fairness, equality, or deservingness in your waking life. Feelings about losing something or someone important to you, such as a romantic partner, a friendship, or a position in your social circle.

Negatively, dreaming about Jealousy could represent toxic relationships, manipulative behavior, or a fear of losing something or someone valuable. A lack of self-esteem, insecurity, or the inability to trust others. A distorted perception of reality. A belief that you are not good enough as you are. An unhealthy attachment to material possessions. Resentment, or bitterness towards others who are perceived to have an easier or more successful life. Feelings of inferiority or a sense of being left behind. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to be happy for others' successes due to your own perceived failures or shortcomings. Feelings of being undervalued or not recognized for your efforts and contributions. Experiencing conflict or tension with someone due to jealousy.

Example: A man dreamed of being jealous of a friend whom he always viewed as being too lucky to fail. In waking life, he felt afraid that a corrupt business partner would get away with ripping him off and that he might be too powerful to be stopped. In this case, being jealous may have reflected the man's fear of being inadequate to stop being taken advantage of by his business partner.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of her jealousy building up and then jumped off a swing. In waking life, she was jealous of her boyfriend talking to a female friend. She decided to start talking to another guy friend whom she had ignored for a year. In this case, the jealousy may have reflected her feelings of insecurity and sense of inadequacy building up after witnessing her boyfriend being friends with another girl. Getting off the swing may represent her attempt to distract herself from her jealousy and focus on a different relationship.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing a husband telling his wife to get off the phone out of jealousy. In waking life, he was experiencing social anxiety. In this case, the jealousy may have reflected the young man's underlying anxiety about his own social skills and his fear of being rejected or abandoned.


To dream of seeing denim jeans represents a casual degree of discipline. A comfortable or casual attitude towards goals. Focus, discipline, or willpower that is comfortable not overly concerned. Your ability to persevere without worrying about anything.

Negatively, a pair of jeans may be a sign that you are not serious or focused enough. You are talking a very casually disciplined stance towards a situation. Casually accepting a situation the way it is without believing that being more serious is important to cause any desired changes,

To dream of folded blue jeans may reflect a conservative attitude that accepts a casual aspect of your life as no longer being important. e.g. An older person no longer believing that casually dating matters anymore in life.

To dream of a denim jean jacket represents feelings about protecting yourself from an unpleasantness with an casual attitude. A casuall attitude about asserting yourself. Intimidating other people that getting them back is easy if you needed to. A casual attitude about sticking up for yourself or defending yourself. A casual attitude about being tough to protect yourself. A casual attitude that never feels the need to explain itself.

Negatively, a denim jacket may reflect feelings about how casually mouthing off to people isn't working in your favor. Casually asserting yourself that isn't working.

Denim jeans are common to people experiencing a separation in some area of their life while having a casual attitude about it.

Example: An older aged woman dreamed of seeing a bedroom filled with folded denim blue jeans. In waking life she very casual about her single life while wondering if she would ever date a man again. The folded blue jeans may have reflected her older conservative attitude about no longer believing that casually dating was important anymore in life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his wife wearing a denim jacket. In waking life he was aware of his wife wanting to leave him and knew that she had been cheating on him. In this case the denim jacket may have reflected his feelings about his wife having a casual attitude about cheating on him without needing to explain herself.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing denim shorts. In waking life she was experiencing a separation that was likely to end up in divorce. She had no idea how to stop the divorce or fix the relationship so she casually accepted the relationship ending.

*Please See Pants


To dream of a Jedi represents total uncompromising morality during a situation that is weird, crazy, or totally unexpected. Defending "positivity" when you have no idea about what direction your life is about to take. A Jedi may also reflect perfect proper conduct in the face of a seemingly impossible and unpredictable threat.


To dream of a jeep represents decision making where you are only concerned with doing things you own way. Not needing anyone else. A direction in life where you can't be told what to do or people can't control you. Freedom on interfering motives. Free or independent lifestyle choices.

Jekyll and Hyde

To dream of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde represents extreme sensitivity about keeping a promise or doing what you said you'd do. Kindness or seduction before being irrational and arrogant. It may also reflect difficulty not being able to have something both ways.

Alternatively, Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde may represent a person that you feel was wonderful before shocking you with being terrible. You may feel shocked that someone is so arrogant or negative that they like hurting you after you thought they were your friend.


To dream of Jello represents behavior that feels good about itself not being terrible to you while not wasting any time. Personal caring gestures that didn't take a lot of time. Feelings about something wonderful and personal that cared about molding itself for you without a lot of effort. Feelings about something personal that cares about you by "noticing it was there." Behavior that is so wonderful it doesn't want you to believe that someone didn't try to care about you personally one time even if you don't really need it. Family life that doesn't want to embarrass you for the rest of your life.

Negatively, dreaming about Jello may reflect behavior that is feels empty about wonderful personal care because it does only enough to be present or slightly more than someone else. Annoyance with someone else's personal efforts to care about you because it isn't attractive or powerful enough. Difficulty respecting something too nice and personal for the rest of your life. Empty niceness or thoughtfulness. Feeling that someone cared about you, but then quickly moves on.


To dream of jelly or jam represents something you are doing or telling yourself in order to feel good during tough times. Hopeful beliefs, an upbeat attitude, or treating yourself during a difficult situation. Grape jelly reflects accepting the need for patience, and strawberry jelly represents temporary pleasures that comfort you.

*Please See Peanut Butter


To dream of jellybeans represents light-heartedness, positive vibes, and joy. Contentment and relaxation. Enjoying how wonderful a situations feels. Feeling good knowing that there is nothing to worry about or stress out about.

Alternatively, jelly beans may reflect how good it feels to be spoiled, looked after, or given free time.


To dream of jellyfish represents hidden hostility or beautiful situations that are overshadowed by a harsh reality. Jellyfish reflect issues that have allure, but cause you a lot of pain when you get too close to them.

A jellyfish could be an interesting person or situation that embarrasses you, scares you, or hurts your feelings when you get close to them. A jellyfish may also reflect rejection. A jellyfish indicates feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty and a lack of self-esteem. There may be some situation in which you are unable to assert yourself.

Example: A woman once dreamed of being stung by a jellyfish. In real life she was having trouble planning a wedding all by herself because everyone she knew lived in another state. The jellyfish represented the beautiful idea of a wedding combined with the painful realization that nobody cared enough to help her plan it.

Jennifer Lawrence

To dream of Jennifer Lawrence represents an aspect of your personality that's more incredible than other people (or gets more attention) for deserving to believe in yourself not seeing yourself being too attractive while not thinking about yourself being too serious about saying you're older than someone else. Not minding being a regular person who isn't too serious while believing in yourself mattering. Approachability, comfort in your own skin, deserving to matter, and unpretentiously successful. Feeling good that you'll survive a situation by having to have a sense of humor.


To dream of jerky meat represents confident choices or options that can be utilized at anytime because there is no deadlines or expirations. Confidence in something that will never go bad, spoil, or be unreliable. Feelings about not being stupid or goofy if you want to experience something anytime you want with confidence.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing beef jerky. In waking life he was experiencing someone telling lies about him being obsessed with a girl that he wasn't obsessed with. The person lying was making up stories about him as though he were embarrassing himself making over-confident open-ended relationship offers to a woman that he wasn't at all. The jerky in this case may have symbolized his feelings about the other person lying about him making over-confident open-ended relationship offers.


To dream of a sports jersey represents the personality being very focused on competing. A serious attitude about confronting a challenge. An overly competitive attitude. Feeling that other people don't like you and want to interfere with your goals. Negatively, a sports jersey may reflect a competitive attitude that is inappropriate.

Consider the sports team and how it makes you feel for additional meaning.


To dream of Jerusalem represents social interaction focused on being permanently remembered as being as honest as it could. Social interaction focused around a foundation of truth. A need to live up to societal or familial expectations as honest as you can. Respecting yourself being remembered honest with other people seeing it. A with to be remembered for one's truthfulness and moral character without question. Inner conflict around societal expectations and perceptions of morality. Societal pressure associating parenthood with moral integrity.

Example: A man dream of being at the Temple of Jerusalem holding a baby in his arms. He walks around the temple in a circle and then sees a snake disturbed by the child's presence and flees. In waking life, the man was having second thoughts about choosing to not have children with his wife. He suspected she was having doubts, too. In this case, being in Jerusalem may reflected social interaction with other people that felt the need to be viewed by others as being remembered as a moral person who had children, because people can often be considered immoral for getting old and not having children.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing the Temple of Jerusalem being on fire and broken down. In waking life, he was questioning his life because he was young, not in school while waiting to be accepted, and having issues with his mother due to not progressing enough in life. In this case, Jerusalem may have reflected his feelings about his social interaction with his mother that made him feel like being remembered for having integrity and honesty was in jeopardy due to his lagging progress in life. The broken and burning Temple of Jerusalem might symbolize his perceived failure to live up to societal or familial expectations and the resulting internal conflict around his own self-worth and moral character.

Jessica Alba

To dream of Jessica Alba represents feelings about getting attention, ease, and feeling superior all at once in some area of your life. This could reflect a situation in which you feel like you're getting attention or recognition for doing something that isn't very challenging, or that makes you feel attractive. A desire for financial success that comes easily and without much effort, but where there is a sense of needing to constantly talk about it or prove one's superiority.

Lots of attention for why something isn't difficult to interact with for why doing anything at all with it that makes you like feeling better than someone. Possibly a symbol for making money feeling easy with little work that never has to stop talking about it like you're better than other people.

Negatively, dreaming about Jessica Alba represents a desire for fame, ease, and feeling superior in some aspect of life. This could reflect a situation in which you feel like you're getting attention or recognition for doing something that isn't very challenging that makes you feel better than someone else. The dream may also symbolize a desire for financial success that comes easily and without much effort, but where there is a sense of needing to constantly talk about it or prove one's superiority. Unrealistic expectations or a feeling of inadequacy in regards to achieving fame, ease, or financial success. It may also indicate a tendency to focus too much on external validation or attention from others, instead of finding true satisfaction within oneself.

Example: A young man dreamed of Jessica Alba's face being orange giving him oral sex and then pulling away making the dreamer scream to her face "No, no, come back!!!" In waking life the man was a webmaster that had made an adjustment to his website that made $300 in a day making him feel that making money was easy, and then the sales stopped dead the day after. In this case Jessica Alba may have reflect his desire for making money feeling easy that didn't require much more than a link on a website which made him feel stop liking talking about himself better than other people as an example of success.

*Please See Celebrities


To dream of a court jester represents you or someone that is always available to make someone laugh whenever they need it. You may be a "joker" with your friends. A Jester may also reflect self-embarrassment to make others feel good.

Alternatively, a jester may reflect you or someone else that is always called on to make them feel better.

Negatively, a jester may symbolize being used by others to cheer them up or have a good time.

*Please See Clowns

Jesus Christ

To dream of Jesus Christ represents an aspect of your personality that embodies selflessness, compassion, and sacrifice for a higher purpose or belief. Pain, suffering, unbearable challenges to overcome problems. Giving up what you like for the better good. Making history doing every single last thing you can to do what you believe God wants or to be completely moral. Making history making the strongest sacrifices to overcome negativity completely. Shedding things in your life that are unwanted or unneeded to become completely moral. Making history sacrificing something or feeling bad to achieve a goal because you believe it's for a greater good. Feeling that life is testing your strength.

Jesus often points to giving up bad habits or trying your hardest to to rid yourself of negativity because you want to become 100% moral, inline with God, or feel that you are good enough.

Positively, dreaming of Jesus Christ may reflect a strong desire for personal growth, moral support, or overcoming personal struggles. You may be striving for self-improvement, maintaining your faith, and facing challenges with grace and humility.

Negatively, Jesus Christ may reflect your feelings about overdoing making history sacrificing to do what you believe God wants or to be completely moral. Wasting yout time making history trying too hard to make difficult sacrifices to become moral. Enormous stress or suffering to make a serious change in your life. Fear of being a loser for rest of your life if you aren't perfect or don't suffer horribly for a good cause. Feelings of guilt, unworthiness, or failure in meeting your own moral or spiritual standards. A struggle with self-doubt, shame, or feelings of inadequacy. A critical inner voice that highlights your perceived shortcomings or reminds you of the importance of spiritual growth. Wasting your time never liking achieving redemption.

Alternatively, Jesus Christ in a dream may reflect your feelings about the strength of your faith and your commitment to moral or spiritual ideals. Your feelings about organized religion and how faithful you are to it. Negatively, Jesus may be a sign that you are too serious about organized religion.

To dream of the blood of Jesus Christ represents feelings of ultimate sacrifice, selflessness, and profound commitment to a higher purpose or belief. Feelings about the pain and suffering required to achieve spiritual growth or overcome personal challenges. Feelings about how awful, painful, or humiliating making history sacrificing was in order to do what God wants, experience salvation, or to be become completely moral.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing Jesus. In waking life, she was trying to quit smoking. In this case, Jesus may have reflected her strong desire to overcome her addiction to cigarettes and align her life with a higher purpose or healthier lifestyle because she believed it's what God wanted from her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Jesus being stabbed. In waking life, she was having conflicting feelings about her catholic faith and organized religion. In this case, Jesus may have reflected her inner struggle with her faith, feeling that her commitment to organized religion was causing her pain and suffering. The stabbing of Jesus in the dream could symbolize her feelings of being hurt or betrayed by her religious beliefs, or that her spiritual ideals were being challenged in a negative way.

Example 3: A man dreamed that Jesus came to him and said that "No one could get to the father, but through him." In waking life, he was too preoccupied with believing he needed religion to be complete as a person. In this case, Jesus may have reflected the man's strong belief in the importance of organized religion and his need for spiritual guidance in order to find personal fulfillment. The dream could be a reflection of his feelings that the only way to achieve a deep connection with God or higher power was through Jesus, which could be a sign of his overdependence on organized religion.

Example 4: A man dreamed of Jesus being beside him and that God had severely judged Jesus. This left the dreamer feeling uncomfortable while he felt that the judgement given to Jesus was actually directed towards him. In waking life, the man had tried everything he could to give up a drug problem, but relapsed. He felt he failed in God's eyes. In this case, Jesus may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about himself having the ability to make enormous spiritual or personal sacrifice to overcome drugs and feeling enormous guilt and regret when he couldn't succeed.


To dream of a jet represents involvement in some fast paced project or undertaking. A plan or project is getting off the ground very quickly. A progressive attitude that doesn't want to wait for anything. An attempt to restore stability or reverse a situation as quickly as you can.

Negatively, a dreaming about a jet may reflect haste to get a project or plan "off the ground." Impatience to get jobs done. Dangerous risks to get something done as quickly as you can. Jealousy that drives you towards rushing that could end up badly. Feelings about enemies who are trying to beat you as quickly as they can. Feeling that enemies are too fast for you.

*Please See Fighter Jet

Jet Ski

To dream of a jet ski represents an enthusiastic approach to uncertainty or enjoying confrontation with negative situations. It may reflect a eagerness to deal with problems. Alternatively, a jet ski may be a sign that you gain pleasure from risk or confrontation.

To dream of problems with a jet ski my represent a person or situation that prevents you from confronting problems in full force.


To dream of jewelry represents the value you place on relationships or commitments. It may also reflect knowledge, identity, or qualities in yourself that you value. An indication of feelings about status, self worth, or personal value.

*Please See Ring

*Please See Necklace

*Please See Anklet

*Please See Bracelet


To dream of a jewels (diamonds, emeralds, etc.) represents something about yourself or your life that you admire or cherish. Something you feel can never fail or lose power. Incorruptibility or permanence. Jewels may also reflect the strength of your will power or integrity. Qualities about yourself that can always be counted on or that others admire.

Jewish People

To dream of Jewish people represents an aspect of your personality with a mindset that deserves to accept itself as "just honest, nothing special" so that a situation works by not overlooking anything. A thinking style that feels nothing is personal about being "just honest." Eyefullness of about not doing anything wrong or dishonest at all. You or someone else that rejects anything that isn't perfectly proper, clean, or healthy. Perfect compliance with rules or policies. You or someone else that is behaving a manner that is perfectly honest about needing a fact respected. A sense of obligation and responsibility to adhere to facts. No sense of humor if you don't want to do something the right way.

Positively, Jewish people represent a positive attitude towards never doing anything immoral or guilty at all. Every fact, rule, or detail having to be adhered to in order to make a situation work. Attention to detail that makes something the best there is. Not wanting to embarrass others at all. Perfectly concerned with the integrity of friends or family. Family life enforcement of honesty on others to their benefit. Strict rules needing to be followed for protection. Feeling good not being guilty about a single thing because you follow all the rules. Feelings about people with financial expertise or those who have achieved financial success through their hard work, discipline, and wise investments. Not wasting an opportunity.

Negatively, a Jewish person may represent a mindset that is overdoing deserving to accept itself as "just honest, nothing special" so that a situation works by not overlooking anything. An overbearing mindset that demands strict adherence to rules, regulations, or policies. It can reflect a meticulous need to overlook nothing and leave no room for error. Hypocritical behavior that demands honesty from others but fails to practice it themselves. Annoyance with someone who is too honest, or a fear of not complying with policies. Controlling parents or authority figures who prioritize responsible behavior to an excessive degree. Taking advantage of dishonest opportunities with perfect professionalism, suggesting greed or an opportunistic attitude towards life. An "asshole" that is so by the book honest it ruins everything you planned. Annoyance with someone who is too honest. Fearing not complying with policies. A dishonest use of honesty as means to deny someone power or freedom.

To dream of an evil Jewish person may reflect people or situations that you feel are going overboard being concerned with something being proper or honest. Feeling afraid or frustrated with a requirement for perfect adherence to a high level of honesty or rules. A difficult or demanding situation in your life that requires a high level of honesty, causing fear or anxiety. A jerk or scary situation in your life that demands too much honesty from you. Fear of telling the truth. It may also reflect feelings that something is unfair or "too good" for you. Fear or anger with something that is too perfect for you to do yourself. It may also represent your own tendency to be insensitive or mean in order to make sure a situation is "kosher" or has nothing wrong with it. Feelings about parents being mean to you about the truth or following rules.

To dream of being held captive by Jewish people may reflect feelings about feeling trapped in a situation that demands too much honesty. Feeling trapped or held back by unfair policies. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about authority figures in your life holding you back because you are not honest enough to be independent. Feelings about parents or an authority figure never letting go of you because you aren't honest or adhering to rules enough.

Example: A woman dreamed of an evil Jewish couple. In waking life she felt her parents didn't want to be involved in her life when she was experiencing challenging times. The evil Jewish couple reflected her view of her parents attitude of "just honest, nothing special" while withholding interest or willingness to know her until her life was in perfectly in order.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing Jewish people discussing the rituals of a funeral. In waking life the man was aware of himself creating impossible financial requirements for his son in order to avoid having to give him $200,000 that was promised because he was jealous of his son moving away to paradise with the money. In this case the Jewish people may have reflected the father behaving in a manner that was "just honest, nothing special" towards his son by not overlooking rules and obligations that were designed to make the son feel it was too too challenging to leave the country.

Example 3: A middle aged woman dreamed of finding herself walking around a large and exquisitely furnished apartment where Jewish people are going about their business without paying any attention to her. Despite being impressed by the apartment's beauty, she feels a sense of exclusion and sadness because she believes that she and her family could never afford to live there. In waking life she was experiencing financial worries and fear of her financial future. In this case the The Jewish people in the dream may represent the financial elite or those who have achieved financial success through their hard work, discipline, and wise investments. The dreamer may feel a sense of envy towards those who seem to have everything figured out, including financial experts that she cannot afford to consult.

Jim Carrey

To dream of Jim Carrey represents an aspect of your personality that's more incredible than other people (or gets more attention) for being laughable about never believing it embarrasses itself seeing anything is wrong with why everyone saw it being completely insane without a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about Jim Carrey may represent feeling about being stuck with other people's perception of you needing to be laughable about never believing you embarrass yourself seeing anything is wrong with why everyone saw you being completely insane without a problem.

Example: A person dreamed of seeing Naomi Watts with Jim Carrey's face. In waking life, they had a mental illness which, according to their therapist, caused them to have a wild and abstract imagination. In this case, Jim Carry's face on Naomi Watts' body may have reflected the person's feelings about their sense of humor about talking about themself needing to go to therapy with their wild and abstract thoughts being incredibly noticeable and memorable to the others in a way that might not be taken seriously. This could signify their struggle with how their mental illness makes their perceptions or behaviors appear unusually exaggerated or humorous to others, similar to how Jim Carrey's characters often behave in a wildly expressive manner.


To dream of jiu-jitsu represents feelings about professional skills to pacify enemies or problems by holding them in place until they give up.

Joan Of Arc

To dream of Joan Of Arc represents feelings about carrying or leading others to success when it seems incredibly impossible. Leadership that feels totally selfless.

Negatively, Joan of Arc may reflect feelings of being obligated to help people when it may be more appropriate to help them help themselves.

Example: A woman dreamed of Joan Of Arc pointing down at her feet. In waking life the woman felt a strong moral obligation to pay her daughters tuition bills even though she was going broke herself. She felt that her daughters education was too important and would risk everything to help her finish it.

Joaquin Phoenix

To dream of Joaquin Phoenix represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than someone else (or gets more attention) about wanting to be safer than someone else, but struggles with it. A person or situation that behaves safe mostly, but might snap. Behavior that feels like it might not be there for you when you need it the most while it feels good seeing itself safe. Behavior that might snap once it's thought of something it didn't like. Behavior that is unpredictable or difficult to believe in being 100% safe. Behavior that is intriguing yet unpredictable, charismatic but potentially volatile. Your thoughts about dealing with a situation or a person who has a strong presence but whose reactions or intentions are hard to gauge.

Positively, dreaming about Joaquin Phoenix may represent behavior that benefits you with other people who you make feel that you might snap. Being unafraid to stand out or be different

Negatively, dreaming about Joaquin Phoenix may represent the feeling of being overwhelmed or intimidated by someone or something that is unpredictable or hard to understand. Fears of instability, erratic behavior, or feeling out of control. Dealing with a situation where you are unsure of someone's intentions, or you might be struggling with internal conflicts that are difficult to resolve. Anxieties about embracing your own unconventional traits or dealing with someone whose behavior is intense and hard to predict. Unpredictability, intense emotions, and the potential for sudden, dramatic changes. A sense of inner turmoil, emotional instability, or a fear of the unknown. Uncertainty about the outcome and the unpredictable nature of the situation. A feeling that you are risking everything by saying anything else to someone.

Joaquin Phoenix being an actor may give the symbolism additional meaning of being fake, meddling, or having a teenage quality about getting serious attention. Managing oneself getting attention or being fake about being more important than other people.

Symbolism that might appear in a dream with Joaquin Phoenix may be the apocalypse, fire trucks, mental institution, or feelings of Joaquin Phoenix being dangerously close to you.

Example: A man dreamed of Joaquin Phoenix walking towards him and asking him if he was okay. He felt that Joaquin Phoenix might be violent without being totally sure. In waking life, he had filed DMCA complaints with Google against a copyright infringer who was trying to clone his business and wasn't easy to deal with. Google responded to parts of his complaint but left the rest of the complaint unprocessed without any communication. In this case, Joaquin Phoenix may have reflected his fears about the situation escalating or becoming more problematic due to the partial response from Google.

Job Interview

To dream of a job interview represents your attempt to take on new responsibilities or obligation. Proving your competence, qualifications, or that you are deserving of an opportunity. Showing someone else that you are smart enough or safe enough to be trusted.

Alternatively, a job interview may reflect your mindset as you prepare for a job interview. Consider the colors in the room, objects, or what people look like for additional meaning.


*Please See Unemployed


To dream of a jockstrap represents a wish to protect your sense of power, manhood, or ability to assert yourself. Defending yourself against impotence in a relationship.


To dream of going for a jog represents a situation in waking life where you are trying to do something that is in your best interest as quickly as possible. Getting something important done or quickly tying up loose ends. It may also reflect running errands you're behind on or catching up on something.

Dreaming jogging that is not for health reasons may reflect your attempt to keep a steady pace in a situation. Struggling to keep motivated as you make progress with an issue.

Example: A man dreamed of going for a jog in his neighborhood. In waking life he was trying hard to stay motivated as he caught up on some chores he had neglected for a while.

John F. Kennedy

To dream of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) may reflect dangerous idealistic beliefs. Possibly a naive view of achieving power or control never causing others to plot against you. Power or control that is too perfect for others to accept. Experiencing arrogant jealousy or control that erases your achievement as soon as you fulfill your obligations because it cares about nothing except lying to you for good.

John F. Kennedy may reflect a fantastic opportunity to make real change ending up in total disappointment. Total disbelief at how close you got without realizing how enormous the opposition really was that stopped you. Feelings of shock that it never matters how big you get, your enemies or opposition will stop at nothing to prevent you from making a positive change.


To dream of the Joker playing card represents feelings about lucky options in a strategic attempt to outsmart someone. Strategic options to laugh at you opponent or competition. Strategic options that can't be controlled or laugh at appearances. A strategic option that is accepted as never being serious. Strategic options that can cheat if they want to.

To dream of the Joker from the movie Batman represents feelings about a dangerous person or problem that laughs at you without end. Feeling great difficult overcoming someone who will never stop laughing at you no matter what. Feeling that you are being laughed at by an enemy or dangerous winner.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing the character of the Joker. In waking life she felt someone with a dangerous past was trying to embarrass her in public with a logo that she believed was mocking her when it wasn't true. The joker in this case may have reflected her unverified fear of the person being dangerous and intentionally laughing at her forever. She felt that the person so terrible that nothing could make them take the logo down.

*Please See Playing Cards

Jon Stewart

To dream of Jon Stewart represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than someone else about being exceptionally perceptive and lighthearted when it comes to recognizing the irony of politically embarrassing or absurd behavior while accepting it. A perspective that combines intelligence, humor, and a keen awareness of the absurdities or contradictions in life, especially in political or social contexts while not being serious about doing anything about it. Feeling good not being crazy about having a sense of humor about politically embarrassing behavior with an attitude that isn't serious when it is serious. Your capacity to strike a balance between humor and seriousness in your approach to a politically embarrassing situation. You have the ability to see through political or social fašades that isn't too serious while not losing sight of their significance. Intelligently witnessing what politically embarrassing behavior is while pretending it isn't serious when it is. A humorous yet perceptive viewpoint on politically embarrassing behavior. Your desire for a balanced and well-informed perspective that also appreciates the irony or absurdity in situations. A talent for observing and commenting on life's inconsistencies.

Negatively, Jon Stewart may represent focusing too much on the absurdity or irony in politically embarrassing situations at the expense of taking constructive action. Struggling with balancing humor and seriousness in addressing important issues.

Dreams of Jon Stewart appear to be common to people who become aware of their need to reduce marijuana usage.

Example: A man dreamed of Jon Stewart sitting in the passenger side of his vehicle holding a paper shopping bag while making a lighthearted comment about "not being your mother." Slowly Jon Stewart becomes more careful about being mean with humor. In waking life, he was taking low THC CBD oil for inflammation and slowly increased it over days. At first, it was safe, but slowly it began to make him scarily paranoid forcing him to cut the dosage in half. In this case, Jon Stewart may have reflected his perceptiveness of the absurdity of choosing to keep ingesting CBD oil in increasing amounts if the THC level sensitivity was slowly causing increasing paranoia.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Jon Stewart while trying to pop a zit on her knee. In waking life, she was perceptive of daily marijuana smoking causing her to stop remembering any of her dreams. As soon as she reduced her marijuana smoking her dreams came back. In this case, Jon Stewart may have reflected her humorous and insightful perspective on her own behavior, which involved her using marijuana and experiencing a lack of dreams. She was laughing at herself for attempting to "pop" the problem by reducing her marijuana intake, which allowed her dreams to return.

Joseph Stalin

To dream of Joseph Stalin represents you or someone else that freely oppresses others as though it doesn't matter at all. Wanting other people being completely subordinate at all times like it's normal. Controlling behavior that scares others that they can never do anything they want ever again.

Stalin may also reflect a cold and heartless mindset about big decisions that effect others for the rest of their lives.

Alternatively, Joseph Stalin may represent your dislike about feeling someone else having total control as though it didn't matter. Feeling the unbearableness of being repressed.


To dream of a journal represents a personal account of every single thing that has happened to you in a situation. It may also reflect evidence or the truth that you've told someone.

To dream of fearing a journal getting into the wrong hands may reflect your fear of details you've told someone being used against you or angering someone.


To dream of a journalist represents an aspect of your personality that is "digging up dirt" or gathering facts. You may be learning as much as you can about something before telling others about it.

*Please See Reporter


To dream of journey represents feelings about a long term experience with slow progress. Long term problems with fluctuating emotional states. A very long learning experience. Growing or maturing as a person. Feeling that you are confronting a very big challenge that will take a very long time to overcome. An experience where you are learning a lot along the way. Feelings about a situation involving a lot of important things to learn. A project or plan you are involved with that takes a very long time.

Alternatively, dreaming of a journey may reflect feelings about how long and complicated your life has been up until this moment. Difficulty trying to remember or express to someone else about all you have experienced.

Negatively, a journey in a dream may reflect feelings of anxiety about long-term friendship or relationship.

Example: A man dreamed of being on a very long train ride journey through India where he witnessed many different scenes of the Indian landscape and it's people. In waking life he was experiencing his family going through a very long drawn out legal battle to control a deceased grandmother's valuable property. This long drawn out legal battle involved may different moments of learning about his family, the law, and life in general. He felt it was one of the longest learning experiences of his life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing ships sailing on a long journey. In waking life he was nervous about continuing a friendship with a old friend from high-school he hadn't seen years.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having to endure a very long journey. In waking life she had very bad health problems and was preparing to spend a very long time trying to overcome it.


To dream of jousting represents a conflict of ambition or drive. Wanting something just as bad as someone who doesn't want you having it. Pushing forward with your goals despite being told not to. Doing everything you can to prove that you stronger, faster, or smarter.

Alternatively, jousting may reflect sexual conquest or sexual competition.


*Please See Happiness


To see a judge in a dream represents a part of your personality that makes decisions, choose what's right and wrong, or whether to support or condemn an issue.

A judge in a dream may be symbolizing self-reproach, guilt, or time in your life where you must look at yourself critically. Deciding all that is or isn't good about you.

To stand before a judge represents your feelings of guilt, self-condemnation, or even acceptance for your actions. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are accepting of condemnation being inevitable.

Example: A man dreamed of Sigmund Freud being a judge who banged a judge's gavel on his head that registered in his left arm. When he awoke from the dream he suffered a motor seizure that caused violent constrictions in his arm. The symbolism of Sigmund Freud banging him over the head with a gavel may have been an intuitive message reflecting his awareness of his dreams having important meanings that were telling him that something was wrong with him.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being surrounded by judges. In waking life he was trying to decide whether or not taking a certain job was a good idea because he was concerned about having free time for his art work. He ultimately decided to try to look for a job that afforded him the free time he desired.

*Please See Court

*Please See Gavel

*Please See Jury

Judgment Day

To dream of Judgment Day represents a situation in your life where justice is being served. A reflection of either vindication or consequences the dreamer is experiencing. It may also reflect issues with feelings of being loaded down with guilt. Feelings about social alienation. Feeling judged by a large group of people and caring a lot about what they think of you. Feeling condemned by peers.

Judgment Day may also symbolize situations that prove merit, entitlement, or give someone what they deserve.

*Please See Armageddon

*Please See End Of The World


To dream of juggling represents you or someone else that is trying to do balance more than one responsibility at a time. Trying your best to keep a number of factors or situations in play at the same time.

Negatively, juggling in a dream may be a sign that you feel overwhelmed by too many responsibilities or obligations. You may be trying to do too much at once. You may benefit from asking for some help. Desperation to keep a number elements of your life functioning at the same time.


To dream of drinking juice represents situations or experiences that give you feelings of effortless essence that gives you vitality, nourishment, or rejuvenation. Renewed energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to take in the pure essence of something. The best part or essence of an experience. Not having to work or try very hard to experience the full essence of something. Easy experiencing only the best part of something that's happening. The best or most valuable aspects of a situation, relationship, or experience happening all at once. Something good for you happening at all at once. Feeling a a boost or encouragement in some area of your life.

Negatively, dream about juice may represent overdoing your desire for instant gratification or indulgence, as juice can be perceived as a concentrated form of pleasure or enjoyment. Feeling that the energy or resources have been "squeezed out" of someone else for your benefit.

To dream of spilling juice represents feelings of wasting valuable new resources, renewed energy, or new opportunities in their waking life. Wasting the effortless essence that gives you vitality, nourishment, or rejuvenation.

To dream of offering juice to someone may reflect your wish to share the best aspects of themselves or their experiences with someone in order to deepen your connection.

Example: A woman dreamed of being handed fruit juice by her friend. She woke up crying from the dream. In waking life, the dreamer's friend had died a few years earlier. In this case, the juice may have reflected her feelings about experiencing any social opportunity to think of essence her deceased friend as only positive while grieving.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of wanting to buy her ex-boyfriend pineapple juice, but couldn't. In waking life, she still loved her ex-boyfriend. In this case, the pineapple juice may reflected her feelings about desiring a quick comfortable no-obligations sexual relationship effortlessly.

*Please See Apple Juice

*Please See Orange Juice

*Please See Lemonade


To dream of a juicer represents a wish to experience something all at once. Juicing fruit may reflect a wish to feel good doing something quickly. Juicing vegetables may reflect a wish to get a boring situation or responsibility over quickly.


To dream of a jukebox represents an ability to control how you feel if you don't like what is happening. Not allowing a problem or setback to make you jealous. A jukebox may also reflect feelings that you "have a life" and can do something different if you want to. Consider the type of music and how it makes you feel for additional meaning.

Positively, may be a sign that you are refusing to let a bad situation or difficult person get you down. Enjoying a beautiful moment with someone before you have to say goodbye.

Negatively, a jukebox may be a sign that you are avoiding facing difficult feelings for as long as you can. Having more concern for proving your independence than you are about being happy.


To dream of the month of July represents the overall feeling about a situation in your life where you feel don't want to care about anyone else's problems at all. Feelings about deserving to feel good with "perfect weather" in your life. Overall feelings about not deserving to put up with bad relationships, conflicts, or problems at all because you could feel good doing something else if you wanted to.

Negatively, an overall feeling that other people perfectly don't feel good putting up with your problems at all because they could feel good some other way. Difficulties in marriage that make you feel you don't deserve to be involved anymore.

Example: A woman dreamed of a baby being named July. In waking life she was having marriage difficulties and was seriously conserving leaving her husband. July in this case may have reflected her overall feelings about not wanting to care about her husband's problems at all in the marriage.

Jump Rope

To dream of a jump rope represents your concern or fear about never making a mistake. It may also reflect your feelings of having to try keep trying harder. Feeling good confronting a repeating challenge. Trying hard to avoid losing an opportunity.

Alternatively, a jump rope may reflect a lack of control, feeling the inability to stop, or even point out issues with OCD.

Example: A woman dreamed of jumping rope. In waking life she was enjoying trying her hardest to get pregnant whenever her menstrual cycle was over. The jump ripe may have reflected her enjoyment of sex while also trying hard to avoid missing an opportunity to get pregnant.

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