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G - G2 - G3


The letter G in a dream represents termination. An awareness that something is going away or can't repeat itself. The symbol is based on the letter looking like a circle that never completes and terminates to the center.

G is the 7th letter of the alphabet and 7 in numerology represents purification which is associated with wisdom, and purity.


To dream of seeing someone else wearing a g-string (or gee string) represents something in your life that is noticeably or dramatically revealing itself to you. Opportunities, new situations, or insights are presenting themselves in manner that is difficult to ignore.

To dream of wearing a g-string represents your own powerful interest in revealing yourself, opening up, or taking part in something. You may highly motivated to make intentions known.

Alternatively, it may also reflect sexual interest.

*Please See Thong


To dream of the entire galaxy represents feelings of being unable to do anything about something you don't fully understand. A situation or problem may be too big to understand. Being exposed to sophistication or intelligence that astounds you.

To dream of a dark or strong blue colored galaxy represents may represent feelings about how unfair it is to be experiencing something too big to understand or control.

To dream of a light blue galaxy represents a very positive situation that you can't understand or control at all. Experiencing a highly positive or abundant situation that astounds you. You can't figure out how it's possible that something is as good or incredible as it is.

*Please See Outer Space


To dream of a gallbladder represents feelings about the ability to have other people listen to your feelings with ease while you don't care about it. How strong you or someone is about not being uptight. Your ability to have other people care about you or believe in you without effort. Feelings about never having to worry or feel behind because someone or something is always going to back you up with ease. Confidence that something is always special about you without focusing on it. Your ability to function without regret.

To dream of losing a gallbladder may reflect feelings about seriously needing something to function, but you can still function surprising well if you lost it. Feeling that you're permanently uptight or unable to have people care about you with little effort. Handling yourself well all on your own while feeling that it's not normal. Feeling that nothing is special about you. Living with regret.


To dream of the gallows represents your feelings about an embarrassing or public ending. Fearing other people witnessing your total failure or punishment.

Alternatively, the gallows may reflect your attempt to embarrass someone else with total failure.


To dream of a gambling represents taking chances or seeing if you can benefit from just trying something. It may also represent an opportunity that requires you to put something you have at stake. Putting your money, relationships, or job on the line to get something.

Alternatively, the dream represents risk-taking activities.

*Please See Casino

*Please See Betting

Game Show

To dream of a game show represents an experience you are having in your life where you are taking chances, or making guesses. Trying to change your life taking a chance or doing one thing different.

To win at a game show represents feelings of gained power or luck with big a chance you took doing something different.

To lose at a game show reflects feelings of not having the perfect idea or opportunity to change your life. Feeling that something else is needed from you in order to get the change you wanted. Bad choices, bad luck, or lost opportunities.

Consider the name, theme, or prizes used in the show for additional symbolism and how they may be relative to your waking life.


To dream of a playing a game represents a competitive attitude about a situation you are experiencing. Friendly competition. Rivalry. A challenge of some kind. A non-serious or non-threatening competition. Testing yourself or seeing how far you can push a situation. A contest over social, financial, or status issues. Trying to outwit someone. A "winner takes all" situation.

Negatively, dreaming about games may reflect feelings about a need to be better than someone else. Attempting to earn bragging rights over your competition. Not considering other people feelings by refusing to take something seriously. Competing when it's inappropriate.

Consider the type of game for additional meaning.

*Please See Video Games

*Please See Board Games


To dream of Gandhi may represent an aspect of yourself that inspires you overcome arrogance. Non-violent resistance. Refusing to be vain or show off in your attempt to prove you are right. Feeling good "taking the higher-road." Confidence in yourself being smarter than someone else for refusing to be aggressive. Listening to advice that tells you to have integrity by being passive. Intelligent advice to be passive to overcome challenges.

Negatively, Gandhi may reflect feeling good with a passive attitude towards overcoming problems that is wasting your time. Refusing to think that an asserting yourself or being aggressive is important when it might be. Thinking of yourself as being smarter than someone else for choosing to refuse fighting them when it may cause you to lose. Listening to weak advice that tells you to patiently wait to overcome someone who is more aggressive than you. Lying to yourself that being passive is better when you are not strong enough to humiliate someone stronger than you. Naively believing in a exceptionally amazing outcome to a problem by thinking you are mature enough to achieve it.

Example: A young girl dreamed of talking to Gandhi. In waking life she was getting advice from her boyfriend about dealing with her arrogant siblings. Her boyfriend told her to ignore the negative attitude of her sisters and focus more on moving out into an apartment with him as a way to get away from her sisters. She was only 15 and not old enough to move out yet. The symbolism of Ghandi in this case may have reflected the dreamer's infatuation with her boyfriend and her naive enjoyment in listening to her boyfriend speak like an adult regarding moving out as a non-violent means to get away from her mean older sisters when both the dreamer and the boyfriend were too young to seriously move out.


To dream of confronting gang members represents feelings of being scared or singled out by a number of different people or problems in your life. Fear of not complying with peer pressure. Feeling threatened with multiple threats at once.

To dream of being in a gang represents a need to achieve and accomplish things by force or intimidation. Using threats of group peer pressure to get your way. Using multiple fears against someone to control them.

Example: A woman dreamed of being confronted by a gang. In waking life she was experiencing multiple setbacks that threatened to stop her vacation. The gang reflected her feeling that life was attacking her ability to enjoy her vacation from multiple directions.


To dream of gangrene represents a permanent loss in your life with the potential for total failure if you don't cut a person, habit, or situation off completely. A personal problem that can't be ignored any longer.

Alternatively, gangrene may reflect a powerful sense of grief or discomfort with a big change. Having a hard time accepting that you can't do something ever again for your own good.


*Please See Mafia


To dream of a garage represents mental and emotional idleness and inactivity. Things you think that you don't want to change or have no motivation to do anything about. Something you've put off or haven't bothered to deal with in a very long time.

To dream of looking at a garage or thinking of putting something in the garage may reflect your consideration of putting some area of your life off until a later time. Choosing to be idle or discontinue being active. Alternatively, it may reflect your preparation to stop being idle in some way.

People, animals, or objects in a garage are symbols for what it is you have been idle and inactive about.

Example: A man dreamed of walking with his father into a garage filled with deformed cats. In waking life he had made the decision to undergo therapy to discuss longstanding problems and he began to realize that many of the problems were delusions and self-deceptions he held about himself.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of experiencing a dangerous bear inside her garage. In waking life her son had some serious emotional problems that she felt were good idea to simply ignore for the time being hoping they would go away on their own.

Garage Sale

*Please See Yard Sale


To dream of garbage represents thoughts, feelings, habits, or life situations that are unwanted. Garbage points to things in your life that are unproductive, or no longer needed to be happy. A belief or situation isn't helpful to you anymore. Unwanted emotional problems, unwanted health problems, unwanted relationships.

Negatively, dreaming about garbage may be sign that you are putting to much "crap' from other people. Feeling that you are unwanted or not respected. Being treated like a piece of garbage. Feeling surrounded by worthless options or choices. A low opinion of someone. Waking life situations where you may be experiencing an appalling conditions. Feeling that something is beneath you.

To dream of throwing something in the garbage represents feelings about beliefs, relationships, or situations that are unwanted. Negatively, it may reflect a lack of respect for other people's feelings, time, or property. Not valuing other people enough. Wasting your own power or resources in hasty overly emotional moments.

To dream of cleaning up garbage may reflect problem solving or fixing a situation that you feel is beneath you. Addressing bad habits.

Example: A young girl dreamed of someone throwing her pony in the garbage. In waking life she felt that her parents divorce was destroying her relationship with her father who liked to spend quality time with her.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of killing and throwing the dead body of his enemy in the garbage. In waking life he had gotten his first serious girlfriend and lost his virginity. The garbage scene may have symbolized his growing confidence allowing him to stop lying about having already lost his virginity to look good to friends. Metaphorically discarding his jealousy and need to be dishonest to feel respected by his friends.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of throwing a body in the garbage. In waking life she felt that her relationship with her boyfriend was over and wanted to be rid of him from her life.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of police telling her that a person was a piece of garbage. In waking life she was being told by her jealous boyfriend not to meet someone. The statement about the person being a piece of garbage may have reflected the boyfriends low opinion of the person she planned to meet.

Example 5: A man dreamed of sitting on a garbage can like a homeless beggar and then wearing a sign around his neck that said "I make room for trash if need be." In waking life he was a Jewish man living in Nazi Germany with the new race laws enacted. As an assimilated Jew with the new laws he may have felt worthless or like a "piece of worthless trash" due to how he was being so easily discriminated against.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing babies in a trash can. In waking life she was in the process of getting a divorce that ended future plans with her husband.

Garbage Bags

To dream of garbage bags represents thoughts, memories, habits, or life situations that you want to be rid of as soon as possible. Noticing something going away. Something unproductive, or undesirable is being removed or discontinued.

Garbage Cans

To dream of a garbage can represents ideas, memories, habits, or situations that you don't want to notice ever again. You want to see something over or simply don't care about something anymore.

To dream of having to search through a garbage can for something may reflect feelings about having been careless with a person or situation in your life and wishing to reverse it. Regretting yourself neglecting being careful or not respecting something as much as you should have.

Example: A woman dreamed of searching through a garbage can for a hand written note she placed in the garbage and not being able to find it. In waking life a man she had been dating had carefully told her to stop certain behavior that annoyed him and then broke up with her when she didn't. She felt desperate to try hard to get a second chance to prove herself with him, but it was pointless as he had no interest in her anymore. The garbage can in this case may have reflected her feelings about having disregarded the advice of the man she was dating.

Garbage Man

To dream of a garbage man represents awareness of yourself never caring about something ever again. A final decision to completely rid yourself of something. Feeling good noticing something is finally over.

Negatively, a garbage man may represent feelings of being pressured to make a final decision remove something from your life that you may not be fully ready to let go of. Realizing that you have made a hasty decision to be rid of something from your life.

Garbage Truck

To dream of a garbage truck represents decisions or a direction in life that allows you to always not have to notice negativity. A choice or new method of thinking that always spares you of a problem.

Example: A young man dreamed of killing a childhood enemy and sticking his body in the back of a garbage truck. In waking life he was experiencing hair loss due to an illness and feared embarrassment. He had also just purchased a hat to hide his problem. The garbage truck represent his new hat being a way to always avoid the embarrassment of his hair loss problem.


To dream of a garden represents something meaningful that is developing in your life. Developing in new ways or growing as a person. You are cultivating or slowly growing some new area of your life. A garden may also reflect a learning experience or teaching others something that takes time. New ideas that take time to develop.

Alternatively, a garden may reflect your to ensure safety or security for the long term.

A garden with very small plants represents the beginning of slow developments in your life. Skills or projects that will take time to mature and grow.

To dream of working in a garden may reflect personal time spent on improving yourself for the long-term. Weight loss or improving skills that give you confidence.

To dream of an evil garden symbolizes bad habits or a negative life situation that are slowly developing in your life. It may also point something a slow process of perfectly your revenge on someone. A "grand scheme" or long term plan with bad intentions.

To dream of a garden with vegetables or fruits symbolizes the slow development of certain characteristics based on the symbolism of those foods. Fruit gardens may reflect personal passions or romantic relationships that are developing. Negatively, a fruit garden may reflect an excessive amount of pleasure in your life or addictions that are getting out of hand. A vegetable garden may reflect a responsible area of your life that is slowly developing.

Consider the type of fruit or vegetables you see for additional symbolism.

To dream of a flooded garden may reflect feelings of being overwhelmed or overloaded with your new idea or plans. Alternatively, it may reflect too much enthusiasm for a developing area of your life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a garden with small green plants in it. In waking life he was beginning to write a book that required a lot of research.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking near a garden. In waking life he has defused a serious fight between other people and was trying to get them to forgive each other and co-operate for the long-term. The garden may have reflected the man's wish to enjoy long-term security with his friends.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of happily working in her garden and then seeing goldfish in a nearby pond die. In waking life she was improving herself, but then when other people didn't notice it she became depressed. The dream may have been a sign that confidence slowly developed from improving herself was dependent on what other people thought about her. When she didn't get the other people's approval she slipped into a depression. The garden in this case may have reflected her personal time spent working on improving herself.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being in a garden wearing her wedding dress when a snake came into the garden to kill her fiancee. In waking life she was getting married the next day and fearing that her fiancee would get cold feet at the last minute. The garden may have reflected her initial confidence and happiness that all the wedding plans were in order before the ceremony.

Garden Hose

*Please See Hose

Garden of Eden

To dream of the Garden of Eden represents a situation that you feel is perfect, innocent, or plentiful. A reflection of beauty, harmony and tranquility in your life.

To dream of wanting to return to the Garden of Eden represents your desire to return to innocence or happier times. You may regret something you did, or don't like a change that has occurred.


To dream of gardening work represents your concern or sensitivity about something positive in your life being noticed as flawless. Not wanting to see anything wrong with something beautiful or wonderful that is happening. It may also reflect your maintenance or polishing of some area of your life.

To dream of planting a flower garden represents a concern or sensitivity about some area of your life being noticed in a positive light. Wanting admiration, respect, praise, or approval. Cultivating a good reputation.

To dream of planting a vegetable garden represents life situations where preparations or actions are being made to sustain you for the long term. If you pull weeds out of a vegetable garden it may reflect maintenance or polishing of some important area of your life that you have neglected for a while.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a freshly planted vegetable garden with baby plants. In waking life he has discovered a new way to make a livelihood after losing everything he had.


To dream of a gargoyle represents feelings of awareness that something or someone that doesn't do anything except notice it's watching. Anxiety, fear, or creepiness that something only watches over you without ever showing you it matters. Feelings about secret admirers or people who have a crush on you never doing anything about it while feeling they are always paying attention to you. Questioning why someone needs to pay attention to you and never do anything to talk to you. Quiet attention from people who never speak or creep you out.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a piece of concrete fall from a gargoyle above onto a key she left in a lock, breaking the key. In waking life she was frustrated that a guy she thought liked her wasn't paying enough attention to her. The gargoyle in this case may have reflected her feelings about the guy she thought liked her wasn't taking any action to date her while she kept feeling him paying attention to her.


To dream of garlic represents feelings of confidence that is protective. Confidently believing that you aren't losing if you don't want to. Confidence that you are never desperate. Confidence that you can have an immediate effective impact if you want to. Confidence that isn't listening if it doesn't want to. Confidence that you can control a situation if you need to. Confidence that feels good being powerful enough, but dangerous if it's too powerful. Confidence that surprises you with being protective or too powerful if you get too close to it. Confidence that you can tell people what to do or keep them under control.

Confidence about protection, security, or calling the police. Feeling that money protects you. Feelings of certainty about controlling something powerful, sensitive, or dangerous.

Negatively, garlic may represents feelings of needing to confidently assert yourself with people who are cheating you or being careless with you. Feeling that you never need to call the police or never need to ask for protection. Protective overconfidence that scares you or other people away. Experiencing situations where you don't like needing to repeat asserting or protecting yourself. Insecurity that makes you want or seek an immediate effective impact.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing dead doves and cloves of garlic fall out of a tree that wasn't supposed to. In waking life her husband paid for a servant who had recently robbed her house and left the country. The police were called. The garlic falling from the tree in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her confidence about of never needing to call the police on her servant becoming a problem.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing digging happening in a river where she thought garlic was pulled up, but found out it was actually sweet potatoes. In waking life the woman was experiencing some temporary financial problem. The sweet potatoes that she originally believed was garlic may have reflected her feelings about an option to fix her financial problem not being as confident with an immediate impact as she would have liked.

Garter Belt

To dream of seeing a woman wearing a garter belt represents a desirable situation that is ensuring itself. Something you want in life guaranteeing itself or making you aware of it being guaranteed. Confidently anticipating a desired outcome. You may be very confident in knowing you can have or do something.

To dream of wearing a garter belt represents your own attempts to ensure a situation, or "bend over backwards" making sure something will happen. Alternatively, wearing a garter belt could also reflect your eagerness to proposition someone else.

Gas Chamber

To dream of a gas chamber represents a mindset that is focused on exterminating problems. An issue in your life that you want to be totally rid of.

To dream that you are in the gas chamber represents your feelings about something in your life that you feel is trying to get rid of you or totally cut you off. Something that you feel is taking over or trying to "exterminate" your identity.

Gas Mask

To dream of a gas mask represents the choice avoid paying attention to how negative or dangerous a situation feels. Positively, it may be a sign that you are confronting a very unpleasant situation head on. Putting up with very unpleasant conditions responsibly.

Negatively, a gas mask may reflect willful blindness. Knowing how dangerous or negative a situation is and doing everything you can to avoid the consequences of it. Filtering out feelings or information you don't like.

Gas Station

To dream of a gas station represents habits that give you emotional or psychological sustenance. Something you need to have or need to feel in order to continue with the direction you life is taking. Gas stations reflect a need for energy or resources in order to move forward with goals. Feeling like a loser that needs to inject enthusiasm or confidence into your life or relationship.

A gas station may be a sign that you've "run out of gas" or need to re-calibrate in order to carry on. A need to re-energize or reinvigorate your life in some area. Feeling empty and needing to recharge some area of your life. Feeling that you've done something in excess or that your relationship is running out of energy.

Example: A man dreamed of driving his car to a gas station. In waking life this man was gay and becoming insecure about his sexuality during political arguments. He needed to seek out his gay friends for like-minded moral support to keep feeling confident about his sexuality while defending it. The need to go to a gas station may have reflected how emotionally draining it felt to have to keep defending homosexuality with such strong opposition. Hanging out with his friends and mentors helped him to reestablish his confidence.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of needing to go to a gas station. In waking life his relationship with his girlfriend was getting boring and felt the needed to try new things to keep the relationship going.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being at a gas station and spilling gas while filling up the gas tank in his car. In waking life he felt that he was living a dangerous excessive lifestyle which he was trying hard to maintain.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having to visit a gas station. In waking life life she had the flu and felt the need to rest to restore her energy.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend at a mechanic gas station. In waking life she was comfortable keeping her current relationship going while secretly wanting to try talking to another man. The gas station in this case may have reflected her feelings about the work or effort to keep her current relationship interesting.

Gas Tank

To dream of an empty gas tank represents a need to re-energize or reinvigorate your life in some way. A "loss of steam" in your life or relationships. You may feel drained or overextended.

*Please See Gasoline


To dream of gasoline represents emotional or psychological sustenance. Something that provides the energy, resources, or motivation to move forward. A sign that your life needs to be reenergized in some way. There may be a situation in your life that you are struggling to get a handle on.

*Please See Gas Tank


To dream of a gate represents a threshold in your life. The entry point of a new phase in your life. The passage of one period of your life, or level of maturity, to another. A gate may appear in a dream when you are "standing before" adolescence, parenthood, death, or significant change. The entrance into something different.

Negatively, dreaming of gates may reflect feelings of needing permission to move on with your life or to next phase of a situation you are experiencing.

An open gate may represent new opportunities and possibilities. A closed gate may represent an obstacle that you must confront before progress can occur. It may also reflect difficulties overcoming rigid problems.

To dream of having difficulty opening a gate may represent hard work or effort that is unsatisfactory in helping you move forward with your goals. Feeling that you haven't done enough, aren't qualified, or haven't been given permission yet. You may not be ready or prepared to move on to the next step.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing himself standing next to an open gate to his backyard. In waking life he was aware of how hard it was to fight his alcohol addiction. The open gate to his backyard reflected to open possibility to return to his addiction while trying to fight it.

Example 2: A woman had a dream of seeing her walls turn into gates. In waking life she was in a nursing home and feared that a recurring mental health issue was going to make her doctors permanently drug her and keep her confined to her room. The dream gates may have reflected her fear of never getting to leave the nursing home until she proved she was better.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of her hired help leaving the house keys in the gate to her home. In waking life she was very sensitive about trusting people and after having been generous to a friend she worried that her generosity would make all her other friends expect the same generosity preventing her from getting ahead in life. She feared that she had socially opened herself up to people expecting things from her.

Example 4: A man dreamed of passing through a gate, coming back out the gate, and then being rejected passage through the gate a second time. In waking life, he had a near death experience while in the in a coma where a spiritual being explained the secrets of the universe to him before he woke up from the coma. In this case, the gate may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about experiencing the threshold of death granting him access to the afterlife. He walks back out the gate and is rejected retry because it symbolizes waking up from the coma with the feeling that it wasn't his time to die.


To dream of a gatekeeper represents feelings about someone that is being very careful about letting you into their lives or business. It may also be a sign that you feel pressure to be perfect in order to get approval or make desired progress.

Negatively, a gatekeeper may reflect feelings of not being good enough or being impotent to meet certain demands. Fear of rejection.

To dream of being a gatekeeper represents how careful you are being about letting someone else make progress. Permission you are withholding until certain demands or respect is paid. Protecting something special or choosing to not "let someone in" until they've proven themselves.

Gates Of Heaven

To dream about the Gates of Heaven represents a transition or gateway to a state of perfect happiness or bliss. It could also represent the possibility of transcendence or entering into a state of mind where everything is working out. Alternatively, the "Gates of Heaven" could symbolize a belief that one's problems will be solved or that one will find exceptional support and relief from their hardships. Feeling close to a state of mind where everyone cares about everyone's feelings and there are no problems.

Negatively, "Gates of Heaven" may represent the fear or anxiety of being denied entry to a state of total happiness or bliss, or the feeling that one is not "good enough" to achieve such a state. It could also represent unrealistic expectations or wishful thinking, as well as the difficulties of accepting the hard realities of life. A naive belief that you are close to perfect happiness and safety. Feeling the possibility of being denied perfect happiness and safety.

Example: A young woman dreamed of the Gates of Heaven with Jesus standing outside the gate. In waking life the dreamer was experiencing hardship from the corona pandemic in India and was fed up with living. In this case, the Gates Of Heaven may have reflected his belief about vaccinations being close to working or the Covid-19 being close to being eradicated making his life feel like it was "close to heaven." Corona cases in India at the time of Feb 5, 2021 were at their lowest before the second wave came.

Gates Of Hell

To dream of the gates of hell symbolizes impending suffering and unpleasantness. You may be flirting with trouble, or feel that a unpleasant situation is close a hand.

Negatively, you may feel that you intentionally choosing to experience an unbearably unpleasant situation in order to confront a problem. A choice that is before you that may involve walking away from happiness for a very long time. The choice about whether or not you want to enter yourself into a terrible situation.

Alternatively, dreaming about the gates of hell may reflect your feelings about whether or not you are deserving to go to hell spiritually.

*Please See Hell


To dream of people gathering represents feelings about various aspects if your personality coming together. Cooperative intentions. Partnerships. Feeling supported. Group thinking. Different mindsets. Brainstorming. Feeling that numerous things are happening at once.

Negatively, people gathering in a dream may reflect feelings about peer pressure or confronting multiple problems at once. Feeling overwhelmed by obligations. Feeling ganged up on. Feeling that too much is happening at once.

To dream of gathering objects represents the accumulation of ideas, choices, or alternative options. Accumulating resources. Concentrating all your energy into a problem or challenge.

Negatively, dreaming of gathering objects represents feelings that some area of your life is cluttered or unorganized. Problems focusing on a single problem. Problems with organization.

*Please See Family Gathering


To dream of a gavel represents awareness of how serious a situation or decision is. It may also reflect your wish to assert yourself or make it clear that you are never going to compromise. Making it known to others that a decision is final. Sensitivity about being taken seriously.

*Please See Judge

*Please See Court


*Please See Homosexuality (Gay Sex).
*Please See Gay People

Gay People

To dream of gay people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that is aware of itself having problems not being acceptable to other people. Behavior that respects itself noticing it has acceptance issues.Behavior that feels good doing something feels wrong, odd, or not acceptable to others. Issues with caring about acceptability or feeling like you don't fit in with others. You may notice that you're not as "normal" as everyone else in some way, or you may feel good doing something that others view as wrong, odd, or not acceptable. Issues with moral acceptability with other people or with being noticed behaving in unconventional or taboo ways. An unconventional or non-traditional way of thinking and living your life that you feel has trouble being accepted by other people.

Positively, gay people in a dream may represent a comfortable attitude towards exploration of the taboo or not caring what other people think about something you are doing that is viewed by others as different. You may have no concerns for what other people believe is acceptable or not, and may even be testing boundaries that have never been tested before, making people think you are weird or dangerous. Feelings about hallucinogenic drugs being beneficial when other people think they are evil, dangerous, or illegal.

Negatively, gay people may reflect awareness of yourself enjoying something hard to make other people accept because it's immoral, not considered standard behavior, or dangerously away from the line of safety. Awareness of yourself liking doing something that may come with backlash or consequences due to others not accepting your behavior. Vanity that is out of control. Showing off with something that other people find difficult to accept. Behavior never cares about why respecting yourself being accepted is important when it is. Not doing something the right way when you know you could. Feelings about other people thinking you are lamer or wimpier than you should be. Not respecting sexual conservatism when it is the norm.

To dream of worrying that someone will think your gay may represent anxieties about people thinking there's something wrong with you. You may also be very self-conscious about being accepted, looking strange, weak, or choosing losing.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing lesbians driving a bulldozer on her front lawn. In waking life, this woman had an abortion. In this case, the lesbians on the bulldozer may have reflected her feelings about herself having difficulty being accepted by family as childless or as a woman who chose to have an abortion, which may be viewed as unconventional or taboo by some people in her family or social circle.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of enjoying gay sex when she was not gay. In waking life she was enjoying herself discussing her relationship and marriages plans to people about man she was in a long-distance relationship with and hadn't seen in a very long time. In this case the gay sex may have reflected her enjoyment and excitement about the long-distance relationship with the man, even though it was unconventional or unusual, and her fear of being judged by others for it.

Example 3: A straight man dreamed of being self-conscious that he might look gay to a crowd of people. In waking like, the man was self-conscious about getting back at people in public after ruining them for trying to attack him in public. In this case, being self-conscious may have reflected his concerns about appearing unorthodox, overly sensitive, or vulnerable while trying to defend himself against the public attacks. The fear of being perceived as gay in the dream might represent his fear of being seen as weak, different, or not conforming to the expectations of others as he took action to protect himself.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing a gay person. In waking life, he hadn't heeded religious advice to stay 100% sexual abstinent when he heard the advice loud and clear. In this case, a gay person may have reflected his feelings of guilt or inner conflict about not being morally acceptable to himself for ignoring the religious guidance on sexual abstinence.


To dream of a gazebo represents feelings of being content with your life. Happiness with your life the way it is. A situation that feels lovely, family oriented, safe, or comfortable waiting. Enjoying a situation that is free from conflict or anger. Feeling like a genius who can't lose while you wait for your plans to unfold. A situation that noticeably without jealousy. A situation that feels intentionally warn, welcoming, or without worry.

Negatively, a gazebo may be a sign that you too content with an unusual circumstance. Feeling good compromising or being happy with an alternative choice. Being content doing what is not normal for you. A perspective on life or a situation that is safe or satisfying, but not considered normal. Enjoying the power to confidently and patiently wait someone out of whom you are intentionally making jealous.

Example: A man dreamed of sitting inside a gazebo in a beautiful paradise setting. In waking life life he was enjoying himself waiting for someone who had ripped him off for $200,000 to fall into a trap that was going to force the repayment of the money. The gazebo in this case may have reflected his relaxed attitude about enjoying waiting for the person to fall into his trap while he felt like genius who couldn't lose.


To dream of a gazelle represents innocence that likes it's life without thinking of other people's problems ruining it. Feelings about behavior that is always on the move in order to stay innocent. A nice, comfortable, problemless person that does whatever it takes stay the way they are. People in your life that may feel more happening that other people about enjoying their live the way it is.

Negatively, dreaming about gazelles represents innocence and avoidance of danger. You or someone else is doing everything they can to avoid discomfort or trouble. Feeling that other people are not stupid about about liking their life without you or other people ruining it. Behavior of nice people comfortable with their lives who are avoidant of other people's problems drawing them into financial hardship, jealousy, or problem situations that don't let them always see their lives the way it always is. Feelings about nice, comfortable, problemless people that avoid you instead of fighting you. Preferring to avoid any potential complications that could disrupt a tranquil life.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing gazelles and zebras outside her window. In waking life, her roommate was thinking of moving out and she had to think of someone else moving in with her. In this case, the gazelles may have reflected her feelings about other potential people to ask to move in with her that were focused on their own lives, maintaining their innocence and comfort without considering her current situation. She may have felt that these individuals, while good people, were more concerned with preserving their own peace and comfort than with helping her out of her predicament.


To dream of a gecko represents a anxiety or fear that something won't go away. Discomfort that you have to share or put up with people who won't leave you alone. An uncomfortable unwelcome presence in your life that is "sticking around." Possibly a reflection your embarrassed feelings about parents, family members, or ignorant people that won't let you like something by yourself. Fear embarrassment by a "tag-along", children, jealous friend, or someone that ignorantly keeps getting in the way of your goals.

Negatively, a gecko may be a sign that you are too sensitive about sharing or working with other people.


*Please See Goose


*Please See Jelly


To dream of a gemstone represents something about yourself or your life that you treasure or value deeply and don't want to lose. Alternatively, a gemstone may reflect something you enjoy noticing about yourself or value others admiring about you.

Consider the color of the gemstone for additional meaning. For example, green gemstones may reflect an enjoyment of seeing others jealous you. Red gemstones may reflect enjoyment of others noticing how dangerous or criminal you are.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing yellow gemstones. In waking life she was very protective of her artwork.

*Please See Diamonds

*Please See Jewelry

*Please See Ruby

*Please See Emerald


To dream of an electrical generator represents feelings of nothing is lethal is happening as long as something keeps going or certain behavior doesn't stop. Feeling that you can't stop or nothing works. Emergency necessity to make sure nothing stops. Feelings of last resort to keep everything going. Working harder than everyone else when nothing works to keep everything working. Awareness that you are not insane that nobody else wants to work as hard as you to keep everything working. Behavior that is a fantastic example of what to do when nothing else will work. Feelings about backup power that never lets you down. Feelings of nothing is going to be robbed or empty if you "keep it up." Working all the time to have to have what you need.

Negatively, dreaming about an electrical generator may represent feelings about nobody getting to do anything if you or something isn't "keeping it up." Desperation to keep everything working that is overworking you. Feeling that you're a good person that has to overwork to keep something working because there is nobody else left. Feeling that you're a nice person that has to work hard to make sure that everyone else will notice anything working at all. Feeling used and overworked to keep everything working.


To dream of a genie represents feelings of being blessed or helped with exactly what you asked for. A person or situation that does exactly what you want and nothing else. Insensitive total compliance with your wishes.

Negatively, a genie may reflect a sense of danger or embarrassment with getting what you want from people. Experiencing consequences with getting what you wanted that are difficult to control. Consider the saying "Be careful what you wish for."


*Please See Penis

*Please See Vagina


To dream of a genius represents your feelings about a person or situation that is never wrong. Stunning accuracy or insight. Feeling that someone can always be relied on for the right answer.

Negatively, a genius may represents feeling that someone or something always outsmarts you. Feeling intellectually inferior or that can never be good enough.

To dream of being a genius represents feelings of being infallible or smarter than other people. Feeling that you can always outsmart someone else. You may have had a good idea or breakthrough that other people admire.


To dream of genocide represents frustration with people or situations that never want to think the same way as you. Permanent measures to prevent opposition or an obstacle from getting in your way ever again. Wanting to give yourself complete freedom to think the way you want to.

Positively, genocide may represent big steps you are taking to permanently stop competing ideas. Never wanting to care about jealousy or a threat ever again.

Negatively, genocide may represent your fear of other people's different ideas or goals. Powerful jealousy that forces you to take drastic measures. Going too far to eradicate your competition or alternative ideas.


To dream of learning geography represents situations in your life that encourage you understand different states of mind, or think differently.

People may dream of learning geography when they have to change their lifestyles, culture, or experience alternate social-economic conditions. You may also be trying to consider others views or feelings.

Geometric Shapes

*Please See Shapes

George Washington

To dream of George Washington represents feelings about establishing freedom under dangerous circumstances. Taking a chance to maintain, establish, or secure a free state of mind. Risks taken to defend freedom or abandon tyranny. Feeling that it's important to stand up to fear at all costs when the future is uncertain. Feeling that someone is angry with you keeping your freedom or independence. Taking a big chance to do something new in your life that will allow you to become more free and independent.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the face of George Washington. In waking life he was very unhappy running an illegal business that he felt trapped running. He ended up taking a very big chance to start running a more honest business that required years of work, but would allow him to be free from his illegal business. He chose to stay honest no matter what to avoid be drawn back into the emotional prison of his illegal business even it meant risking significant losses and humiliation. He wanted freedom from his own illegal life more than anything and would do anything to protect his chances of achieving it.


To dream of the US State Georgia represents a free state of mind that is insensitive about having to prove yourself. Feelings about opportunities that require you to make unpleasant sacrifices in order to secure them. Showing others that you deserve to achieve your goals by doing something difficult first. Proving you deserve what you have. Showing appreciation for a good opportunity by giving up things that give you pleasure. Interaction with other people where an issue or opportunity is considered "beautiful the way it is." Proving you deserve to like yourself because you did something difficult first.

Negatively, Georgia may reflect feelings of anger, hostility, or rejection for not being willing make a difficult change in order to secure an excellent opportunity. Feeling screwed over because you don't want to confront something terrible first. Having to treat something like it's wonderful no matter how scary or difficult it is.

Example: A young man dreamed of winning the Georgia lottery. In waking life he landed a really good job opportunity that would never allow him to pursue a career with his artistic passion ever again. He had to choose one or the other. The Georgian lottery reflected how lucky he felt to get the job opportunity while also feeling that discussing any negative aspects of the job opportunity may cause him to lose it.

Interesting Observation: The famous Georgia Guidestones and the picked location for the stones being in Georgia may possibly be a living metaphor for God spiritually testing mankind with the tribulation. The US State Georgia in this case may reflect God first requiring the people of the world to prove they deserve experience Heaven on earth by avoiding all arrogance and selfishness during the tribulation which may have begun in 1979 when the stones were put in place. Georgia would then reflect the difficult test of life requiring proving your honesty to God during the most decadent time on earth before he rids the world of bad people so Heaven on Earth can commence.


To dream of geraniums represents a concerted effort to think of others feelings when you don't really care about it. A "just good enough" effort to respect others feelings. Looking out for other people's feelings when you don't really want to.

Negatively, geraniums may reflect an empty display of concern for others feelings. Making an effort to show bad people that you care about their feelings because you fear not doing so.

Example: A woman dreamed of having to paint geraniums brown like the color of the Nazi uniform. In waking life she was living in Nazi Germany and felt that she had to be considerate of Nazi soldiers feelings all the time by making an effort to bee seen as a Nazi sympathizer when she didn't really want to.

German People

To dream of German people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that isn't jealous about being rational all the time that never sees it as a problem. A mindset that isn't jealous about reasoning all the time that doesn't see it as a problem. A thinking style that nevers thinks or says anything insane. Prioritize rationality and professionalism over emotions or jealousy. Professional rational thinking that notices that nobody is complaining. No jealousy of seeing everything working efficiently and effectively without complaints. A sense of discipline and order, a focus on efficiency and precision. Tougher than someone else about never being jealous by thinking rational. Thinking that it's not safe to be emotional before something works. Feelings about the rest of your life never being insane is what you have to do. A practical and methodical thinking style that doesn't mind it. Accepting facts or reality quickly when other people might find it difficult.

Positively, a German person represents rational intelligent choices or observations. Unstoppable winning because you never emotional that sees clearly. Feeling good knowing you are being logical or rational. A thinking style that notices itself as not being a whackjob. Self-awareness of yourself not being a crazy or irrational person while thinking other people are wimps that don't understand you. Feeling that you are stronger or smarter about being permanent. Fearlessness of safe fasterness that scares other people. Efficiency and effectiveness that can't lose because it isn't stupid. A reasonable demand that you do things for yourself to respect efficiency. Thinking that it's not safe to be emotional yet. Intelligent about being quiet while surrounded by people that are more ignorant, naive, or childish than you until you are returned to like-minded people. Family life decisions that are rational for the long-term.

Negatively, German people represent a mindset that overdoes never being jealous about rational thinking that sees nothing wrong with it. Power before feelings that wins. Cold efficiency and effectiveness that sees nothing wrong with it. Toughness that thinks other people are a wimp for not seeing the sanest answer. Logical thinking that is dangerous. Complete ignorance of other people's emotions in rational decision-making. Power before feelings that hurts. Emptiness that demands you do things for yourself to respect efficiency that is mean. Feelings about behavior being too strong about being permanent without ever letting up. Fear of rational people that feel permanently ahead of you. Feeling that you have to be strong about staying rational when might be excessive. Being unwilling to listen to anything except facts or realistic ideas. Never being jealous that tough about it that doesn't feel good.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a happy smiling German. In real life he believed suicide was logical choice based on his feelings about how bad the future would be while not considering what his family would feel about him doing it. The German reflected calculated unemotional nature of his decision.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of reading a book made out of cheese that was written in German. In waking life, she was trying to learn to eat healthier despite the high hidden costs of some food choices while reading a government approved food pyramid. In this case, the German language of the book may have reflected her feelings about having no jealousy about how practical and rational the government approved food pyramid information was while it lacked anyway to enjoy her food or lose weight.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being in Germany as secret agent. In waking life, her husband's ex-girlfriend was visiting and she tried to be tough about never being jealous until it all went bad nearly causing ending her marriage. In this case, Germany may have reflected a mindset that was shared by all 3 people trying to be happy for each other with no jealousy like it was easy that ended up not being easy.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being in a German village after WW2 had ended. In waking life, she was paying her last payment for an apartment she Shared with a friend that she felt was a total waste of money due to a financial mishap. In this case, the German village may have reflected a need to be strong about prioritizing rationality and practicality over emotional reactions when dealing with financial matters.

Example 5: A man dreamed of being in a German train. In waking life, he was feeling practical and methodical about his new philosophy about life.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing a German military man that was older than him. In waking life, he believed he needed to start being more protective of himself by becoming more thick skinned never letting other people's comments make him jealous.

Example 7: A teenage girl dreamed of speaking to people in German. In waking life, it was summertime vacation and she was trying to make the best of it with time running out. In this case, speaking German may have reflected her attempt to be efficient with her planning events for the summertime when other people might not have wanted a structured and organized approach to her summer activities.

*Please See Nazis

German Shepherd

To dream of a German Shepherd dog represents protective attentiveness. Staying on top of things by being alert and making careful observations. Protectiveness that feels like it's always listening. Protectiveness with disciplined listening skills.

To dream of being bit by a German Shepard represents feeling that someone that is paying more attention than you is attacking you for it. A person or situation that forces you to pay more attention. You may have temporarily let your guard down by not paying attention.

Example: A man dreamed that his neighbor had a new German Shepherd. In waking life, the man felt that his neighbour had recently become jealous of him making more money than him and was acting strange by attentively matching purchases or copying behavior. The dreamer felt that the neighbor was paranoid he was trying to use money would make his girlfriend leave him. In this case, the German Shepherd may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about his neighbor's heightened vigilance and protective attitude towards keeping his relationship, that always 'listening' and observing the dreamer's actions to match it.


To dream of Germany represents a mindset that is insensitive, cold, or unconcerned with other peoples feelings. It may also reflect a tendency to be too logical. Feeling that nobody in your life will consider your feelings before facts or logic. Situations where you feel everybody thinks you are stupid if you allow your emotions to influence you at all.

Alternatively, Germany may reflect a mindset that is focused on perfect unstoppable winning without any emotion whatsoever. An insensitive all business mentality.

Negatively, Germany may reflect feelings of being trapped in a bureaucratic system or surrounded by people who are too systematic in their thinking.


To dream of a geyser represents feelings about a predictable need to "blow off steam" or "let loose." Possibly a reflection of needing to have some time off with friends or an occasional "night on the town." Needing an occasional moment of

Negatively, a geyser may reflect your perception of another person that is oblivious to their angry personality or predictable angry reactions. Anger or outbursts of emotion that are predictable and expected.

Example: A woman dreamed of a geyser she owned be taken by her husband. In waking life she and her husband were having marriage problems and she felt that one of the problems with the marriage was they she wasn't able to go out with her friends once and a while to have a "crazy night out on the town."


To dream of the ghetto represents failure or impotence that is dangerously neglected. A situation that feels destitute. Powerlessness or ignorance that you or others feel is too dangerous to deal with. A situation that has gotten so bad that nobody cares about doing anything about it.

Accepting failure or mediocrity as though it were normal. Feelings of lacking support or opportunities. Having no resources or power while being surrounded by people that don't care about making change at all.

Negatively, the ghetto may be a sign that you are preferring to live with failure or mediocrity all the time. Embracing your failure or bad influences like they are a good thing. It may also reflect feeling surrounded by other weaker people's jealousy or arrogance that never lets you get ahead first. Turning your back on hope or change for good. Putting up with ignorance all the time.

Ghost Town

To dream of a ghost town represents a loss of socialization. You have noticed that a relationship or interaction between others is no longer as desirable or interesting as it once was. It may also reflect abandonment of friendships or a "cool place to be."


To dream of a ghost represents issues from your past that are unresolved and still effect you. Painful memories, guilt, unfulfilled romance, people you can't forgive, hate, anger, or embarrassment. A problem that still "haunts" you. Jealousy from the past that you can't escape.

People often dream of the ghost of a deceased loved one after a murder or violent death. This is most likely a reflection of their feelings about the tragedy "haunts them." Dreaming of a ghost of deceased loved one can also reflect lingering feelings of being deserted or abandoned by your partner's death. It may also reflect your feelings that the deceased love one, while in the spirit world, disapproves of your current life or something you did to them.

When dreaming about deceased people it's very important to consider whether the dream was of a ghost or just the character of the deceased person. People often make the mistake of believing that because the person is dead that dreaming of a deceased people means you dreamed of a ghost. Dreaming of dead parents, family members, friends, or others may have more symbolic value if you consider the dream symbol to be an actual image of the person and not a ghost.

To dream of being a ghost represents your feelings of being unable to do what you wanted. Something sacrificed your spirits, hopes, and wishes and left you feeling incomplete or unsatisfied. Feelings of being completely overlooked and ignored in life.

To dream of the ghost of your father may reflect a sense of guilt or regret about a really bad decision you made. Alternatively, it may reflect a your feelings of being "haunted" by a decision you didn't make or didn't make fast enough. Living with the embarrassment of a choice your made.

To dream of the ghost of your grandmother may reflect feelings of being bothered by a situation that is too powerful to ignore. Feeling guilty that you aren't doing the right thing in a conflicting situation that's impossible to ignore.

To dream of the ghost of a dog may reflect feelings of guilt or regret you have for having stood up for yourself. Living with the embarrassment of having defended yourself at all costs or sticking up for someone. Regret or lingering embarrassment for having a really bad argument with someone. Living with the consequences of what you did.

To dream of giving a ghost gifts or sacrifices to appease it may represent feelings of having to do favors or being extra nice to people to compensate for your guilt.

Example: An old woman dreamed of seeing her deceased husband living an entirely new life with dyed hair in a new section of her town. In waking life she felt deserted by her husband after his death while grieving.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of the ghost of her mother being angry at her. In waking life she has deep regret and guilt for not being present at the hospital where he mother had died alone.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of being haunted by the face of his grandmother about his treatment of his father. In waking life his father was hospitalized and he felt guilt about not visiting him to reconcile their difference after they had a huge argument.

Example 4: A man had recurring dreams of the ghost of his father ridiculing him and insulting him. In waking life he was a writer who was troubled by the belief that his dead father didn't think his work was good enough and was laughing at him from the grave.

Example 5: A young boy had recurring dreams of a ghost haunting him and attacking him. In waking life he barely knew his father because his father was in the military. When his father would return home he feared being yelled at all the time. The ghost attacking him may have reflected his feelings about never having gotten the chance to know his father while also being yelled at by him. The ghost represented the lingering unresolved feelings of never bonding.

Example 6: A young women dreamed of herself being a ghost. In waking life she got into big argument with her boyfriend who made her feel pathetic. She couldn't get over the humiliation and constantly felt like a "ghost of her former self" while around her boyfriend. She felt unimportant while around him.

Example 7: A young woman dreamed being in a house with ghosts. In waking life she felt that she needed to deal with issues with her past that bothered her. She was doing a lot of self-reflection.

Example 8: A woman dreamed of seeing a ghost of her Grandmother. In waking life, was allowing a haunting memory of her Grandmother cursing her unborn child to bother her.


To dream of a ghoul represents negative attitudes or belief systems that feel good or benefit from hindering others. Mean, ignorant, or unsavory people that don't think for themselves. Your view of someone who actively works to stamp out all that is good to your face. You view of someone who you feel is empty or soulless. An aspect of yourself that feels good permanently keeping others away from happiness.

Alternatively, a ghoul in a dream may reflect powerful bitterness or jealousy that feels good keeping others permanently weak for as long as it can.

A ghoul in a dream may also represent a petty unforgiving adversary who gets power from making sure you don't get to like yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her father with a "ghoulish" face. In waking life she had experienced her father lose his mind shortly before he died. The "ghoulish" face may have reflected her feelings about how intentionally cruel life seemed to degrade her father's intelligence and personality so badly before he died.

*Please See Monsters

*Please See Evil

*Please See Hell

*Please See Satan


To dream of a giant represents an aspect of yourself that is imposing or too big to ignore. You may be trying to overcome an overwhelming obstacle. An issue, a person, or a feeling that is dominating you. A sign that you may have an inferiority complex. Feelings about parents, authority figures, or competitors being very difficult to embarrass. A major concern or fear. Reputations that are impossible to destroy.

Alternately, a giant may reflect how powerful or dominating your skills or abilities are. Awe-inspiring dominating power. Feelings about yourself or someone being too powerful to defeat.

To dream of being a giant represents your feelings of being stronger or better than others in some way. You may feel other people are easy to dominate or that your reputation casts a shadow over people.

Example: A young girl dreamed of two giants chasing her. In waking life she was uncomfortable with her parents controlling behavior towards her and the rules they were setting for her.

Gift Certificates

To dream of a gift certificate represents feelings about doing something you want at your own leisure. Feelings about not being controlled or forced into choice. Given the option to make a choice in a specific way that gives you the freedom to be selective.

Negatively, dreaming about a gift certificate may reflect feelings of being controlled with the freedom to make a choice in a manner you don't like. Controlling other people with a manner of choosing with the freedom to be selective on their own.

To dream of a Starbucks gift certificate may represents feelings about being able to try out a new idea with strong family support that never embarrasses you when you are ready to on your own.


To dream of being gifted represents feelings of being smarter than other people. It may also reflect feelings of being faster or more intuitive than others in a particular area. Something about yourself being noticed as exceptional.

Negatively, being gifted in a dream may reflect feelings of being pressured to appear or perform perfectly than everyone else because people are watching you. It may also reflect uncomfortable feelings about being embarrassed or isolated by your superior talents.

To dream of a gifted child represents feelings about yourself or someone else being noticed for their enormous potential. A new or developing area of your life where you are noticed naturally exceptional. Notable talent that needs help to thrive or develop. Exceptional abilities that are sensitive to negative influences.

To dream of the gifted classroom at school represents a anxiety or a serious mindset about problems where you feel the need to appear smarter than anyone else. Feeling pressured into performing exceptionally. Positively, it may reflect feelings about yourself being noticed as better than others at solving problems.

Negatively, the gifted classroom at school may reflect anxiety or frustration with other people being noticed smarter than you. Not liking thinking you are stupider or less special than someone else. Terrible feelings of not being noticed as special or good enough.


To dream of receiving a gift represents feelings about special treatment of some kind. Feeling appreciated. Feeling that someone is being nice to you in a special giving way. Feeling that a gesture of yours towards someone else is very giving or makes someone else's life easier. A kind or generous gesture. Feeling special about something that has happened to you. Feeling that you are a special person. Alternatively, gifts may symbolize your talents, creativity, or something special about you. A natural ability.

Negatively, a gift in a dream may reflect secrets that are difficult to keep to yourself. Something special you feel forced to keep to yourself. Talents being used for bad purposes. Feeling that you are better than other people or that you are perfect. Arrogantly thinking you are too special or unique. Arrogant or deluded beliefs that other people are lucky because of something unique you did for them. Feeling forced to appreciate a gesture you don't like or feeling that someone doesn't like you as much as you want them to.

To dream of being showered with gifts may represent praise or recognition. Feeling that you are being held in high esteem.

To dream of giving someone a gift may reflect special treatment you are giving someone. Praise, recognition, or doing someone a favor.

Example: A man dreamed of a seeing a gift. In waking life he was given special insider knowledge at work that he was not allowed to divulge to others.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being given a gift. In waking life a man dying of cancer had confided a secret with him and he felt very special and appreciated.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of going to a gift shop. In waking life she was deciding on how she could so something special for a co-worker.

Example 4: A man dreamed of giving a woman a gift knife and fork. In waking life he mad mutual sexual attraction to this woman for a long period of time and then noticed that she had had moved on to marry another man. The gift knife and fork may have reflected his feelings about himself generously allowing the woman go have a new life when he knew that he was attractive enough to have her whenever he wanted.

The dream may have reflected his arrogance or vanity that presumed that he doing her a favor by allowing her to move on to another man. The knife and fork themselves reflected the woman's ability to secure another man (fork) and separate herself being being single (knife).

Example 5: A man dreamed of being given a gift of a tuft of hair. In waking life he felt very awkward about being treated very special by a friend who had subjected him to a "blood bond" to secure their friendship.

*Please See Birthday Gift-Birthday Present

*Please See Christmas Gifts-Christmas Presents


To dream of ginger represents enthusiasm or a positive feelings about being moderate. Feeling good having a little bit of something. A sign that you just want to try something, help only a little, or are not interested in doing something as much as someone else is. Knowing that doing something a little bit is best because it may annoy or scare someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of man holding a bottle of ginger spice. In waking life he was renewing his faith in God, but felt that he had to be careful taking about it too much to others because it may turn them off.


To dream of gingerbread represents feeling good with something the way it is. People or situations that you feel good liking and don't want to change for anything. Positive feelings about stable friendships or home life. Negatively, gingerbread may be a sign that you are willfully blind to a problem or a person that you don't want to hate.

To dream of a gingerbread man represents a person or situation that convinces you to enjoy liking it.

Example: A young man dreamed of being attacked by a gingerbread man. In waking life he was in denial about someone he liked that wasn't really his friend. He slowly began to see the truth and found it difficult to hate this person.


To dream of a giraffe represents arrogance, conceit, or believing that you are above others. You or someone else that is seeing themselves as being more important than others. An issue where you think higher of yourself all the time.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a giraffe peering into a house that she and man she had a crush were inside. In real life she believed that she was the only one that was good enough to be with her crush.

Girl Scouts

To dream of a girl scout represents a constant sense of responsibility. Sensitivity, sympathy, harmlessness, or subordination while being concerned about a need for responsible conduct.

*Please See Boy Scouts


To dream of a girlfriend represents personality traits or qualities we feel as consistently supportive of your success or well-being. Something you think that supports you emotionally, or regularly helps you cope with life situations. It may also reflect something in your life that makes you feel safe, or lucky. A consistently helpful situation, behavior, or coping mechanism.

Alternatively, girlfriends may symbolize our current projections of your partner or their beliefs or goals. Your feelings about them and the current state of you relationship.

To dream of a girlfriend leaving you represents the departure of helpful situations, feelings, or beliefs from your life. Habits or situations that are no longer supportive of you. Feeling something helpful turning on you or no longer working.

To dream of a girlfriend who you've never seen in real life leaving you represents new situations, habits, or beliefs that were supportive of you and no longer are.

To dream of cheating on your partner represents impulsive choices, or doing something that you can't resist. Cheating on a partner can also represent a change of current beliefs.

To dream of a partner cheating on you represents
bad choices that have consequences or dire repercussions. Turning your back on principles, integrity, or sacrifices you are making. A partner cheating on you may also symbolize your feelings about your partner having different beliefs or goals from your own.

To see a girlfriend die or murdered in a dream represents the end of a thinking pattern, habit, or life situation that made you feel good or helped you cope with life situations. It may also reflect certain beliefs, feelings, or situations associated with your girlfriend ending.

To dream of intimacy or feelings of love with a girlfriend that you don't recognize represents a new personality style, habit, or situation that is emotionally helpful for you.

To dream of having sex with your girlfriend represents positive waking life experiences where you are enjoying feeling that you can't lose. Enjoyable experiences feeling helped, successfully using your skills, or liking noticing yourself having an advantage that never stops working for you. Liking an experience where certain skills, behavior, or other people are consistently supportive of your success. Alternatively, having sex with your girlfriend may reflect enjoyable waking life situations you are experiencing with him. It could also (less likely) reflect your sex life.

Example: A man dreamed of walking down a street with his girlfriend (He was actually single). In waking life he cleverly came up with an excuse that prevented him from having to confront a difficult situation. He felt good knowing he could use the excuse anytime he wanted and it would always work for him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his girlfriend cheating on him. In waking life he was fearing his girlfriend catching him cheating on his girlfriend. The girlfriend in the dream in this case may have reflected his feelings about his cheating behavior turning against him.


To dream of a girl often represents aspects of the self that are passive, receptive, sympathetic, co-operative, nurturing, or that are compliant. Aspects of yourself that are giving.

Negatively, a little girl may reflect an aspect of yourself that is easy to control or push aside. A sign that you are not being assertive enough or feel that someone else is making your decisions for you. Your tendency to easily submit or be compliant. Getting told what to do.

Fear of sensitive issues being easily humiliated or overpowered. Fear of someone stronger than you overpowering you. Something in your life is not powerful enough to defend itself. Fear of not being able to protect yourself or something important to you. Feeling that power is easy to steal from you. Feelings about yourself being a wimp.

Alternatively, girls may reflect feminine qualities of your personality.

*Please See Woman


To dream of giving something to someone represents your waking life appreciation for a person or situation. Showing someone else that they are special, showing affection. It may also reflect the transfer of ideas, influence, hope, access, or forgiveness. Permission being given out.

Alternatively, giving something to someone in a dream may reflect your wish to make a situation easier for someone else. It could reflect your attempt to accept yourself or forgive yourself. Giving yourself permission to behave in a certain way.

Negatively, giving something away in a dream may reflect power or leverage you are "throwing away" or giving away too easily. Giving up. Not bothering to stand up for yourself or being aware of yourself choosing to cave in to others. Not trying hard enough to win or protect yourself. Easily surrendering power or being subordinate. Alternatively, from a negative perspective giving something away in a dream may reflect the handing off of problems. An "I'm finished, you deal with it" type situation.

To dream of being given something represents feelings of being appreciated or special. It may also reflect feelings about a situation being made easier for you or good luck. Accepting an idea or responsibility.

Negatively, being given something in a dream may reflect feelings of having never earned something.


To dream of a gizzard represents making a difficult situation easier for someone else. Doing all the hard work so someone else doesn't have to.

Example: A man dreamed of being offered a chicken gizzard to eat. In waking life he was sick of doing a task his boss wanted that made his boss's life easier, but was afraid to speak up. He was considering finally speaking up for himself.


To dream of a glacier represents negativity or terrible conditions that you feel are totally beyond your ability to remove from your life directly. A sense of impossibility with danger or problems. A glacier may be a sign that you need to rethink your strategy or find ways to get around a problem instead of fighting it.

*Please See Iceberg


To dream of a gladiator represents showing off or being watched with superior power failing or embarrassing others. Conquering, defeating, or humiliating others that is intentionally being made a spectacle. A "no mercy" type argument where your or someone else wishes to feel good seeing the competition humiliated. A wish for glory in an conflict that is remembered forever. A wish to make history defeating someone while others watch.

Negatively, a gladiator may reflect you or someone else that can't stop showing off proving how superior their strength is. Terrifying others by starting fights you know you can't lose for the sole purpose of showing off. Too much concern for keeping your pride and achieving total humiliating defeat of opposition in an argument. Wanting to enjoy humiliating failure for your enemy or competition.

Alternatively, a gladiator may reflect a big risk being taken to show others you are fearless and powerful. Taking big risks to prove you're the strongest while others watch.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a life threatening game with gladiators. In waking life she was in an argument with her fiance's mother in which no mercy was shown. They both tried to humiliate the other in front of the family with harsh criticism and mean honesty.


To dream of gladiolas represents awareness of how wonderful a situation feels having to be wonderful. Enjoying embracing commitment. Loving the hard work of a relationship or feeling good knowing that commitment is mandatory. Liking knowing that something in your life is always being liked.

Negatively, gladiolas may reflect feeling pressured in liking something.

*Please See Flowers


To dream of glass objects represents transparency with a sensitive issue. Perfect understanding with an issue that is sensitive about total embarrassment. Something in your life that is beautiful to notice, but easily destroyed by carelessness.

Negatively, dreaming about glass may reflect the sensitive ability to "shatter" hopes or expectations. Feelings about dangerous handling a sensitive issue.

To dream of glass that is dirty, cloudy or discolored suggests a need for more clarity in a situation.

*Please See Broken Glass

*Please See Windows

*Please See Drinking Glass

Glass House

To dream of a glass house may represent a perspective or opinion that is extremely fragile to criticism. It may also reflect a heightened sense of anxiety about being attacked, singled out, or embarrassed.


*Please See Eyeglasses

*Please See Drinking Glass


To dream of glitter on a face represents the personality being preoccupied with life or a certain situation being completely wonderful. You or someone else that can't think of anything feeling wrong. Enjoying not noticing anything negative at all.

To dream of glitter placed on an object represents feelings that some area of your life is perfect in every way. It may also reflect enjoyment having having some area of your life feeling wonderful all the time.

*Please See Sparkles


To dream of gloves represents your thoughts or perspective regarding the manner in which you are handling a situation. Gloves symbolize your level of caution and carefulness. Protecting yourself as you handle a difficult or dangerous situation. Avoiding "getting your hands dirty." Negatively, it may reflect a wish to be careful about leaving evidence of your negative behaviour. A wish to avoid regretting handling a situation unprofessionally, carelessly, or in a manner that may give you lingering unpleasant feelings.

Negatively, gloves in a dream may reflect your fears or concerns about other people getting away with their dishonesty because they are very careful about not getting caught. Feelings about other people being sneaky or being good at not leaving evidence. The color and style of gloves hints at your mindset.

Black gloves suggest bad intentions while handling a situation, evil methods of carefulness to avoid being caught doing something dishonest, criminal-minded self-protection. Handling a situation in an excessive dangerous manner or handling a situation in a manner that scares others. Positively, black gloves may reflect a very serious attitude about protecting yourself at all costs.

To dream of white gloves may reflect feelings about protecting yourself with perfect honesty while handling a situation. Handling a situation with an attitude that requires perfect cleanliness.

To dream of medical rubber gloves represents feelings about wanting to perfectly protect yourself while handling a situation. Awareness of yourself trying to be carefully handle a situation that involves a recovery or inspection of a sensitive area of your life.

To dream of winter gloves represents feelings about needing to carefully handle a situation during a terrible or unbearable situation.

To dream of work gloves represents feelings about how you handle yourself in a situation that requires a lot of work with little complaining. A rugged or assertive attitude used to help you handle and endure a difficult situation. A realistic attitude about handling a difficult or insensitive situation by accepting it for what it is. Forgoing vanity to handle a difficult or dangerous situation. Intentionally not showing off or caring about beauty as you fix a problem or deal with a difficult situation.

Example: A young man dreamed of wearing black gloves. In waking life he was living with his parents and felt he had to very serious about handling himself improving his life in order to move out. The black gloves may have reflected his feelings about handling himself in manner where he always put his own priorities first to help his own life. Feeling he needed an excessively driven attitude to handle recovering his livelihood to move out of his parents home again.

Glow Stick

To dream of a glow stick represents feeling good distracting yourself during a negative situation or boring moment. Enjoying yourself doing something you've never done before when there is nothing left to do.

Example: A man dreamed of playing with a glow stick. In waking life he had spent the night enjoying himself helping a woman get out of her flooded basement during a blackout.


To dream of something that is glowing represents an aspect of yourself that is standing out. Feeling that you, someone else, or something you are doing has to be paid attention to the most. An inability to avoid being noticed the most or thought of as the most important.

To dream of glowing eyes may represent a certain view or observation of a situation being more important than others. Thinking that "your take" on a situation is more important than someone else's.

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