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To dream of watermelon represents situations where you are taking it easy, being lazy, and being laid back. Sitting around and enjoying yourself. Not interested in working. Enjoying taking time off because a situation is too negative.

Negatively, a watermelon may reflect a wish to relax during the most difficult or worst moment of your life.

Pregnant women or women about to have their periods commonly dream of watermelons to reflect their wish to take time off or relax while being inconvenienced by their bodies.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing watermelons being handed out and knew that one of them had her baby in it. In waking life she was heavily pregnant, never bothered to find out the sex of the baby, and was excited about find out the sex after the birth.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone eating watermelon on his front lawn. In waking life he was felt that a serious problem at work was best dealt with by taking time off until it passed on it's own. The watermelon may have reflected his willing to relax or take time off work during a serious situation.

Wedding Cake

To dream of a wedding cake represents a special or rare occasion where something is becoming permanent. A powerful sense that something will last for good.

Positively, a wedding cake may reflect how good you feel to know that something negative will never happen again. It may also reflect how good you feel to know that something good will be permanent. Feeling joy or relief in knowing something will last.

Negatively, a wedding cake may represent jealousy or embarrassment that someone else is enjoying a permanent achievement that you can't stop.

*Please See Cakes


To dream of wheat represents feelings about an experience of patience, hard work, and dedication, and how these efforts can lead to tangible outcomes. Thoughts about hard work that you are enduring that doesn't need to say anything about it. Thinking about what you are doing all the time in order to keep a situation going. Achievement that is gained through a lot of work without any luck or complaining about it.

Negatively, wheat in a dream may reflect feelings about a lot of hard work involved in a situation you are experiencing that doesn't get to be explained. Feeling that talking to people about hard work won't help you. Feeling that nobody sees how hard you work or will never understand it if you talk about it.

To dream of a wheatfield represents feelings about a situation being vast and demanding while requiring patience, hard work, and dedication without complaining about it, and how these efforts can lead to tangible outcomes. It's a reflection of situations where you might feel that the scope of work or responsibility is expansive, and the rewards of your labor are the result of your own perseverance and commitment.

Example: A man dreamed of walking through a wheatfield. In waking life, he was having a very difficult time keeping himself out of poverty by working all the time on writing a dream dictionary with the full awareness of dreaming being a language with an enormous amount of symbols to translate. In this case, the wheatfield may have reflected his feelings about the immense effort, dedication, and patience required in his endeavor to compile the dream dictionary. The vastness of the wheatfield might symbolize the overwhelming scope of his task and the persistent hard work needed to cultivate and harvest his knowledge into a comprehensive guide.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a beautiful wheatfield. In waking life, she was noticing all her friends and family trying their hardest to help her move on from her rape by never bringing it up and being happy around her. In this case, the beautiful wheatfield may have reflected the love, dedication, and patience of her friends and family, each working in their own way to help her find peace and recovery.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being in a wheatfield. In waking life, she felt that she had to try very hard to stay sexually attractive to a man she liked. In this case, being in a wheatfield may have reflected the patience, hard work, and dedication of the continuous nurturing, attention, and effort she felt she had to invest to remain appealing in the eyes of her interest with the hope of a tangible outcome of marriage.

Whipped Cream

To dream of whipped cream represents a situation in waking life that is so wonderfully perfect or has nothing wrong it at all. A perfect solution or perfect answer. A perfect outcome.

Negatively, whipped cream may reflect an excessive or delusional amount of enthusiasm for something you have little experience with at all. Feeling good about perfect outcomes that are unrealistic.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing whipped cream in a bowl with rotting strawberries. In waking life he was losing sexual attraction towards a woman he thought was perfect for him.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of her friends getting banana split sundaes with whipped cream on top. In waking life she was watching her friends having a lot of sex and enjoying talking about being perfect.


To dream of whiskey represents feelings of acceptance of a situation you are experiencing being out of your control. Trying to relax during a chaotic or unpredictable situation. Behavior you use to calm yourself during a very dangerous moment. Accepting the very hard truth as means of dealing with a serious problem. Having to act like a jerk or insensitive person as means calm yourself. Talking about big problems like they are unimportant at all as means to emotionally survive them.

Negatively, whiskey in a dream may reflect an enormous amount of effort you are making to pretend a problem isn't serious. Not wanting to talk about big problems at all as means to deal with them.

Example: A woman dreamed of being unable to find a bottle of whiskey that was stored and then having her father yell at her making her cry. In waking life she was trying to calm down and accept a miscarriage, but ended up blaming herself.


To dream of wine represents situations where you are celebratory, satisfied with what you have already achieved, or relaxing with a sense of completion. You feel like there isn't much more to do and are very comfortable with it. You are experiencing the end result of a process, change, or struggle.

A wine bottle can also be a sign that you are taking a break in the middle of something important.

Negatively, dreaming about wine may reflect an arrogant sense of accomplishment. Feeling good about yourself for having gotten away with dishonest behavior.

Example: A man dreamed of being offered a bottle of wine. In waking life he was taking it easy after finishing a difficult work project.

Example 2: A man dreamed of finishing drinking a glass of wine. In waking life he was feeling proud of himself for having successfully cheated on his wife and then telling her about it without her getting angry.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing broken wine bottles. In waking life she found out that a career advancing opportunity was going to be a lot more difficult to get than she first thought.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being given a bottle of wine by her mother. In waking life she landed a job and felt that she could afford to get her own apartment and win back her ex-boyfriend.


To dream of yams represents feelings of effort taken to show love or caring. Proving you love someone with your actions instead of words. Doing some difficult because you about someone. Feeling that it's a good idea to make an extra effort to care about someone else's feelings. Taking extra time for problems that you feel are important to fix.

Alternatively, yam may reflect sensitivity about having to except yourself the way you are. Caring about your own needs because nobody else will.

Negatively, yams may reflect feeling of excessive supportiveness, unwanted gestures of love, or feeling that you have to care about people more than you want to. Fear of not being able to make a safe or smooth change. Feeling trapped in a situation where you promised a change would be easy and smooth. Frustrations with how long it takes to solve problems in a peaceful, passive, or safe manner. Awareness of yourself not being happy having to support or take care of other people.

Example: A woman evangelist dreamed of seeing yams being planted and growing. In waking life she was afraid she couldn't easily and smoothly move her ministry to better location without losing or angering her congregation. She told people that everything would be okay, but started to have doubts she could keep that promise. The yams being planted in this case may have reflected her awareness of herself making promises to her congregation that would force her to make a lot more effort in caring about her congregation than she wanted to.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being given a yam. In waking life she was having a lot of frustrations at work and was looking for easier safer solutions. She didn't like all the extra work and special time required of her to fix the problems at work.


To dream of yogurt represents a sense of safety and security. Feeling that there nothing is wrong with doing something that is in your best interest. Feeling good knowing that something is good for you or in your best interest by not noticing it too much. Learning to embrace change, appropriate behavior, or things that are difficult to accept. Behavior that supports you to thrive by experiencing a little bit. Comfort and nourishment. Choosing to remain safe may stem from not having strong feelings of love or passion towards something.

To dream of yogurt with fruit added represents a sense of safety and security with feelings of specialness added by doing something a little bit. A willingness to take risks and pursue new experiences, as long as you stay safe. A desire to safe explore something new while also being mindful of the potential consequences.

Example: A young woman dreamed of talking to man about eating yogurt. She said she eats soy yogurt and made a suggestion to him. However he chose peach yogurt as they both continue to walk down the isle. In waking life, the woman met the man online while they were both in separate relationships and lived too far apart. She felt that if they were both single and lived closer, they might have dated. In this case the yogurt may have both persons feelings about keeping their current relationships safe because it supports their life to thrive.

The choice of 2 yogurt flavors may represent the different attitudes of the two people towards their respective relationships. The woman's preference for soy yogurt could symbolize her desire to maintain a sense of safety and security in her current relationship, as she believes that pursuing a new romance may cause embarrassment or conflict. On the other hand, the man's choice of peach yogurt may reflect his willingness to take risks and pursue new experiences, even if it means potentially jeopardizing his existing relationship. It's possible that the dream reflects the woman's own conflicted feelings about the man and her desire to explore a connection with him while also being mindful of the potential consequences.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed that yogurt was all that was available to eat. In waking life her old boss left work and this left her with a constant jealousy that her old boss wasn't around to comfort her. In her waking life, her old boss had left work, leaving her feeling jealous and unfulfilled without their support. In this context, the yogurt in her dream may symbolize her desire for a sense of comfort and familiarity in her new work environment with a new boss. She may feel the need to play it safe and not overdo anything in order to maintain job security, and the yogurt may reflect her desire for a simple and reliable source of sustenance in her career.


To dream of zucchini represents feelings about an experience or option that offers enthusiasm for new ideas or trying new things without any pressure to go along with it. Enthusiasm for trying new ideas that other people suggested. Choosing to be different for the sake of being different because it helps you. Feeling good that it benefits you to not waste the rest of your life never trying anything new. Being professional about trying something new so you don't embarrass yourself. A beneficial choice that helps you out if it could, but isn't little about leaving the choice up to you. Well-intentioned suggestions.

Negatively, a zucchini represents feelings of overdoing enthusiasm for alternative choices or new ideas for the sake of doing something different that doesn't help you. Not wanting to listen to or be enthusiastic about new ideas that other people have suggested when it would help you avoid being stuck the way you are. Avoiding listening to someone else being professional about trying something new so that you don't embarrass yourself. Not wanting to try new ideas because you like things the way they are.

Example: A woman dreamed of being offered zucchinis she didn't like. In waking life, she was offered advice by a professional, and when it wasn't really applicable to her, the person tried their best to give her a range of other options. In this case, the zucchinis may have reflected the woman's reluctance to embrace alternative suggestions or try different approaches, even when they were enthusiastically offered in a professional and helpful manner.



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