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To dream of cookies represents feelings about behavior that's treating itself to getting away with something that's believably innocent. Reward-like behavior that is so safe or innocent that you can't believe that there is anything dangerous about helping yourself to it. Not listening to anyone tell you that you can't help yourself to enjoy something innocent if you want to. Feeling good enjoying getting away with something innocent while believing that it isn't a problem until someone does think it's a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about cookies may represent trouble resisting temptation that feels innocent. Overindulgence, guilt, or issues with self-control. A temptation that is hard to resist because it feels innocent about getting away with it. The lure of something that seems harmless but may carry hidden risks. Feeling childish for enjoying an indulgence without permission. Believing that it's safe to get away with something without permission. The potential to be caught being greedy enjoying yourself too much. Difficulty resisting something enjoyable that feels that it might cause a problem. Embarrassing yourself with guilt or shame about indulging in something that you thought you could get away with. Struggling with balancing indulgence and restraint. Instant gratification in favor of long-term goals. The potential for infidelity with seemingly innocent flirting.

To dream of an oatmeal cookie represents feelings of treating yourself to getting away with something that's believably safe that likes being humble, grounded, or down to earth. A small reward or comfort that comes from being humble or down to earth.

Cookie dreams are common to women who have husbands whom they don't trust with sex or flirting. Feelings about indulging in sex with nobody finding out about it.

Consider the type of cookie for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of a giant cookie. In waking life, he was religiously practicing abstinence and having trouble avoiding masturbation. In this case, the large cookie may have reflected his feelings about being childish when couldn't resist sexual temptation anymore after remaining abstinent for long periods of time. He may have felt he could sneak masturbation without guilt before guilt set in.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of making her brother the oatmeal cookies he'd always liked. In waking life, she had separated from her husband and was now planning to return to living with him after her husband made some significant changes to his behavior. In this case, the oatmeal cookies may have reflected her feelings about returning to her sex life with her husband after moving back into with him feeling good forgiving him as long as he stayed down to earth about believing that changes in their relationship were important to maintain.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of her husband trying to feed another woman some cookies. In waking life, she was having issues trusting her husband. In this case, the cookies may have reflected her feelings about her husband getting away with indulging in flirtatious behavior or temptations that her husband believed were innocent when she didn't feel the same way.

*Please See Oreo Cookies


To dream of corn represents abundance or plentifulness. So much of something that you don't care about it anymore or don't believe that it will ever end. No concerns with running out of something. Feelings about financial opportunities.

Negatively, corn may reflect wastefulness or wasting resources you don't appreciate. Naively believing that something good will last forever or never get used up. Wasting money that was easily earned or given to you. A lack of concern about wasting money. Excessive freedom that doesn't respect others. Promises of abundance that you can't keep. Lying about abundant opportunities or large sums of money.

To dream of cooking corn represents preparation for a plentiful or abundant situation. Getting ready to experience a situation in your life where you have so much of something that jealousy is impossible. Making a concerted effort to make sure there is too much of something.

Corns dreams are common to people dealing with money issues, thinking about how to get more money, or who experienced receiving a large sum of money.

Example: A man dreamed of an ear of corn that smelled like coconut inside, but then found out that the corn was not edible. In waking life he believed he can run into an opportunity that would allow him to pay for his retirement, but then was disappointed that the opportunity wasn't possible. The corn in this case may have reflected his feelings about the potential financial opportunity being plentiful or financially abundant.

*Please See Corn Field

Corn Pops Cereal

To dream of Corn Pops cereal represents beginning a situation where you are enjoying embracing the unexpected because it showed up. Confidence about liking doing something for the first time that wasn't your first choice, but someone else chose it so you accept it and enjoy it anyway. A welcoming unexpected element in life with open arms and finding that you might even prefer these unexpected elements over what you initially wanted. Surprise that you are enjoying starting something that you don't usually do. Corn Pops in a dream could represent situations in life where you are forced to adapt or accept something that wasn't your original plan. These are situations where, even if things don't go exactly as you'd imagined, you're willing to make the best of what you have. Corn Pops may symbolize the ability to see the positive side of unexpected situations, and to find happiness in them.

Negatively, dreaming about Corn Pops may represent a need for reconciliation or finding common ground in a situation where there was conflict or misunderstanding. It could indicate a desire for resolution and harmony in your relationships or personal life, highlighting the need to stay open-minded and adaptable in dealing with unexpected events or people in your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of grocery shopping with a guy she liked and considering buying a box of Frosted Flakes which had Corn Pops mixed in. In her waking life, she was a single mother contemplating the idea of dating a man who would not only love her but also her children. In this case, the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her desire to start enjoying a new relationship that felt confident and straightforward. The Corn Pops mixed in with the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her feelings about adjusting her children to the new man with his unexpected visits with something to enjoy doing together so that they would grow to accept each other.

Corona Beer

To dream of Corona brand beer represents a relaxed attitude or taking time off from a situation that demands professionalism, measuring yourself, and being in control of yourself in order to avoid being too serious about overdoing it because you don't want to leave anything to chance. Behavior that likes every person you are talking to not witnessing you as a disaster of overdoing relaxing. Professional attitude about relaxing that enjoys itself never doing anything excessive. A professional and responsible attitude towards taking breaks without going overboard because you set limits for yourself from the beginning. Feeling that unwind without feeling guilty or concerned about overindulgence is what you're supposed to be doing. Feeling comfortable that nothing can be a disaster for why you are relaxing from an issue because you are measuring yourself. Relaxing that is in control of yourself while not embarrassing yourself overdoing it. Enjoying every moment without getting caught up in excess. Controlling yourself by taking time off that isn't dangerous about overdoing it. A mindful and measured attitude towards enjoying life without neglecting responsibilities or overlooking potential consequences. A preference for presenting yourself as composed and not risking appearing excessive while enjoying a relaxed state. The desire to relax and the pressure to maintain a professional demeanor. Small increments and measuring oneself to avoid embarrassing yourself while relaxing.

Negatively, dreaming about Corona brand beer represents feelings about overdoing believing that a professional attitude about measuring yourself and being in control of yourself while relaxing won't eventually result in overdoing it. Concerns about embarrassing oneself by not being able to strike a balance between work and leisure. Choosing to measure yourself while relaxing about an issue by choosing to do it slowly or incrementally to avoid overdoing it that eventually leads to being excessive. Disliking having to measure yourself while being in control of yourself because due to concerns that you'll embarrass yourself if you don't go back to work. Not wanting anyone to think you are an idiot who went overboard while taking time off.

*Please See Beer

Cotton Candy

To dream of cotton candy represents total preoccupation with how wonderful, fun, or pleasurable something is. Not thinking about anything except how good it feels to feel good. Not wanting to stop noticing yourself feeling good.

Negatively, cotton candy may reflect your sensitivity about losing something that feels good.


To dream of crackers represents situations where you feel the need to be polite. A mindset that is cordial or friendly in a temporary setting. Making others feel welcome or respected as required. Feeling good thinking that a situation you are experiencing is just temporary. Waiting for something better to happen. A social experience with no pressure. Social interaction that is bland, yet friendly.

Negatively, dreaming of crackers may reflect an excessive willingness to be patient or nice with someone who isn't being nice to you. Wasting your time thinking a lover who has left you will come back. Wasting your time thinking that being respectful, friendly, or patient will help you solve a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend feed crackers to tigers. In waking life her boyfriend was speaking to employers about a very unique job opportunity, but he wasn't eager to take the job. He was just politely discussing the job opportunity with the employers in a no pressure social setting. The crackers in this case may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend politely humoring the potential job opportunity.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of throwing crackers onto the ocean and seeing birds eat the crackers. In waking life she was desperately hoping her ex-boyfriend would return home to her after he broke up with her. She hoped that if she was patient and didn't date anyone else he would return. He never did.


To dream of cranberries represents enjoyment of a situation being difficult. Negatively, cranberry in a dream may reflect a wish to hide or avoid a situation by using a conveniently available problems. Enjoying avoiding something you don't like using hard work or a serious situation as an excuse.

Cranberry Juice

To dream of cranberry juice represents pleasant feelings about enjoying a difficult experience easily or "all at once." Feeling that good noticing a difficult experience being too easy.

Cranberry Sauce

To dream of cranberry sauce represents feeling good experiencing something difficult that is being done for you.

Example: A man dreamed of eating cranberry sauce. In waking life he had solved a difficult work problem that was going to take months to slowly clear up. The cranberry sauce may have reflected his enjoyment of experiencing the difficulty.


*Please See Skin Cream

*Please See Whipped Cream

Cream Cheese

To dream of cream cheese represents feelings about enjoying accepting yourself the way you are. Feeling good being better than other people like it's easy. Enjoying not having to change. Feeling good having avoided an unpleasant change. Enjoying situations where you never have to do what you are told by others. Enjoying an area of your life running smoothly. Feeling of permanent stable success.

Example: A man dreamed of getting fat eating cream cheese bagels. In waking life he was running a very successful home business that allowed him to stay home and be rich, but he did this to the point of having nothing else happening in his life.


To dream of crepes represents zero tolerance for unpleasantness as you begin anew. Wanting everything perfect or beautiful as you begin something. Feeling that no one else matters while you like yourself. Enjoying yourself having "your moment." Feeling good with no interruptions or distractions.

Example: A girl dreamed of her ex-boyfriend wanting crepes for breakfast. In waking life her ex left her with a child to have a sexual relationship with someone younger.


To dream of a croissant represents feelings about an experience or option that is simple about believing in yourself being sophisticated with self-respect being important without needing explaining. The importance of believing in who you are as an adult like it's simple without anyone embarrassing you. The importance of believing in oneself as an adult with self-respect, and the ability to savor one's self-assuredness without complications. Savoring believing in yourself as an adult with self-respect without complications. Independent choices that affirm their self-respect and personal values, especially in situations where they might feel pressured or conflicted. Sophistication, self-respect, simplicity, or sensibility. Concerns or thoughts about self-identity about believing in yourself being an adult.

Negatively, dreaming of a croissant could represent overdoing preoccupation with the importance of self-respect with sophisticated adult appearances or social status that's simple about noticing it no matter what you are doing without needing to explain it.

Example: A young woman dreamed of buying 2 croissants at an airport she was waiting at during an emergency airplane stop. In waking life, she had a big fight with her boyfriend and left him for an entire holiday season to live with her mother. In this case, the croissants may have reflected her feelings about trying to maintain a sense of personal sophistication and adult independence by choosing to leave a difficult situation with her boyfriend for a simpler, more supportive environment with her mother without having to explain or justify her decisions to her boyfriend. The choice of buying croissants at an emergency stop at an airport may symbolize her attempt to treat herself with care and maintain a sense of normalcy and self-respect during a disruptive life event.


To dream of cucumbers represents recuperation and recovery. Pampering yourself or self-attentiveness. Feeling good not having to care about something at all. Being catered to.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a person he didn't like buying cucumbers. In waking life he was experiencing a bad choice he made allowing an enemy to slowly recover power that had been lost.


To dream of a cupboard represents choosing to think different or start something new because you can if you want to. Access to resources or opportunities that you can utilize like it isn't unusual. Feelings about doing other things besides what you're currently doing. Help, resources, or ideas to help you though a transition in your life.

Negatively, a cupboard may be a sign that you are overlooking answers or possibilities that are right in front of you. It may also be a sign that you having trouble settling on something.

Example: A man dreamed of being at his father's office at a highschool seeing if he can get food from a cupboard where he saw food that he never knew was there. In waking life he was focused on getting a good job after graduating while his father has succumbed to financial problems after not listening to advice. The cupboard in this case may reflect his thoughts about opportunities or resources that he can utilize to achieve success despite his father's financial difficulties.

Example 2: A person dreamed of hoping their friend left items in the cupboard. In waking life they had left a their job in another state and were living off their last paycheck hoping for a new job. In waking life the cupboard may have reflected the dreamer's feelings of searching for a solution or source of support during a time of uncertainty and transition in their life, similar to the hope of finding items in a cupboard." They may have hope their friend helping them out would let them do something else in their life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of trying to find mouthwash inside a cupboard, but couldn't. In waking life he was stressed out because he didn't know whether or not he was going to get laid off work and his last job interview didn't call him back. In this case the cupboard may have reflected his perceived inability to find way to quickly to freshen up his resume up with references to quickly look better for his next job interview.

Example 4: A man dreamed of a woman "airing out" a cupboard and seeing coins fall out onto a shelf. In waking life he felt good about new things happening in his life. In this case the cupboard may reflect the dreamer's exploration of his inner thoughts related to discovering unexpected opportunities and positive changes in his life.



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