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To dream of the letter Y represents awareness that a situation is almost over or time is almost up. A situation is moving towards an ending where you can choose whether you like it or not. A situation is close being over making enemies or problems have to go their own separate ways.

Alternatively, Y may represent 2 opposing sides working together to end a situation in neutrality.


To dream of a yacht represents the ability to navigate life's uncertainties with intelligence, comfort, and resourcefulness. An individual's ability to navigate challenging situations smoothly, skillfully, and with confidence.

To dream of a yacht sinking represents a feelings of not being able to handle challenges as comfortably as you used to, or a fear of losing your ability to navigate through life's difficulties with ease. Feelings of losing a level of comfort and resourcefulness during uncertain situations that you have grown accustomed to. This could be due to a loss of job, investment, or a problem in your personal life. If you see a yacht submerged in water, or overtaken by waves this represents uncertainty or negative situations that overwhelm your resources and ability to intelligently confront them.

To dream of a yacht race mat represent feelings about competitive situations in your waking life, where the ability to manage resources, make smart decisions, and maintain control under pressure are vital. Confidence and skill in navigating through life's challenges and coming out on top. Competitive business practices - you may be involved in a challenging business situation where you're trying to outperform your competitors. Feelings about your ability to navigate uncertain situation with intelligence, comfort, and resourceful better than someone else. Your drive to outperform others during an uncertain situation while still maintaining grace and composure.

Example: A woman dreamed of being on yacht that she felt was moving too fast and required slowing down. In waking life, she was separated from her husband. In this case, the yacht may have reflected her feelings about navigating the uncertainty of her life after separation, where she was trying to maintain a level of comfort and resourcefulness amidst the emotional turmoil. She may have felt that a quick divorce would cost her money or comfort and had to delay it.


To dream of may represent feelings about searching for an understanding of something trending or happening in the current moment with a casual or light-hearted approach. A relaxed attitude towards gathering knowledge or staying informed.

Negatively, dreaming about may represent overdoing searching for understanding with something trending or happening for the current moment that isn't strong or serious enough for what your goals are. An understanding of something trending or happening in the current moment related to your past with a casual or light-hearted approach that's a waste of your time. A lack of seriousness or depth in your pursuit of information.

Dreams of may be common to people trying to find out any interesting current information they can about people they were in a past relationship with without being too serious or jealous about it.

Example: A man dreamed of setting up a new email account. In waking life, he emailed his boss from the previous summer in hopes of getting a job at the same place for the current summer. The boss replied that he couldn't give him any certain information yet, but would want to hire him if openings were available. In this case, may have reflected the man's feelings about trying to connect or gather information regarding a potential job opportunity in a manner that was casual and not overly formal. It might also indicate his hope for a positive outcome but without putting too much pressure or seriousness into the initial contact.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of talking to a guy she liked over Yahoo chat about how she felt about him and then enjoying swimming, flying, and diving. In waking life, she moved away to Alaska far away from the guy. In this case, Yahoo chat may have reflected her feelings about herself being casually and informally interested in what was "trending" or happening with this guy in life she left behind.

*Please See Websites


To dream of a yak represents feelings about someone or something in your life being passively big. Feeling bored with how bigger or more powerful you are. Being too big to need to fight. An imposing passive presence. A powerful passive role that must be respected. Concerns about pissing off a powerful passive person.

Positively, a yak may reflect feelings about wishing to be powerful enough to scare bad people away without questioning it. A wish to make bad people fear pissing you off without effort. A protective responsible chapron figure that is protecting you. Watchful parenting that is taking a passive role.

Negatively, a yak may reflect feelings about being so powerful that nobody wants to know you. Feeling isolated or bored with your power. Feeling that people are too afraid know you because they think they'll piss you off. Accepting an adult chaperon figure that is boring and dangerous to anger. Pretending you are too big to need to fight.


To dream of yams represents feelings of effort taken to show love or caring. Proving you love someone with your actions instead of words. Doing some difficult because you about someone. Feeling that it's a good idea to make an extra effort to care about someone else's feelings. Taking extra time for problems that you feel are important to fix.

Alternatively, yam may reflect sensitivity about having to except yourself the way you are. Caring about your own needs because nobody else will.

Negatively, yams may reflect feeling of excessive supportiveness, unwanted gestures of love, or feeling that you have to care about people more than you want to. Fear of not being able to make a safe or smooth change. Feeling trapped in a situation where you promised a change would be easy and smooth. Frustrations with how long it takes to solve problems in a peaceful, passive, or safe manner. Awareness of yourself not being happy having to support or take care of other people.

Example: A woman evangelist dreamed of seeing yams being planted and growing. In waking life she was afraid she couldn't easily and smoothly move her ministry to better location without losing or angering her congregation. She told people that everything would be okay, but started to have doubts she could keep that promise. The yams being planted in this case may have reflected her awareness of herself making promises to her congregation that would force her to make a lot more effort in caring about her congregation than she wanted to.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being given a yam. In waking life she was having a lot of frustrations at work and was looking for easier safer solutions. She didn't like all the extra work and special time required of her to fix the problems at work.

Yard Sale

To dream of a yard sale represents the recycling of past experiences, ideas, or relationships. Considering using something old, neglected, or uninteresting to others for new purposes.

Negatively, dreaming about a yardsale may reflect jealousy that someone is not considering your feelings about the past. Watching people you know start new relationships with people you don't want to know anymore. Frustration that the past isn't being allowed to settle or be forgotten. Being inconsiderate of others feelings about the past.

Example: A women dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend take things out of her parents basement for a yardsale. In waking life she was upset and jealous that her parents wanted to start a new friendship with her ex-boyfriend.

Yard Work

To dream of yard work represents feelings about having to maintain good appearances in a situation. Negatively, it may reflect desperate attempts to maintain good appearances in a situation or relationship that isn't working. Vain attempts to maintain a responsible appearance to others. Trying too hard to impress or please others. Trying too hard to look honest. Trying hard to organized or responsible to other people.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing her father doing yard work in 2 places at once while she stood in a basement. In waking life she felt that her relationship was in the worst state it had ever been after deceiving her boyfriend. She desperately tried hard to keep up an honest appearance to her boyfriend so he would eventually forgive her for her lies. The boyfriend never forgave her and she felt like her attempts to get forgiveness by looking responsible all the time were in vain.


To dream of a yarmulke represents a mood or attitude that's conservative about believing it didn't get ripped off with anyone seeing it making a mistake doing anything immoral. You or someone else is being very stubborn about conservative moral beliefs or actions. Feelings about not being better than anyone else while having to see yourself being never being questionable about making a mistake with morality. Honesty, fairness, caring for others, or confronting problems may suddenly be very important with integrity that isn't questioned. Not wanting anyone to get angry or yell at you for why you like yourself being moral.

Negatively, dreaming about a yarmulke may represent feelings about overdoing conservative about believing it didn't get ripped off with anyone seeing it making a mistake doing anything immoral. Feelings about behavior that is laughed at for being too conservative about seeing itself as never making a mistake being immoral.

A yarmulke may appear in a dream when your integrity, success, or ability to adapt to problems is being tested.


To dream of yarn represents a concern for safety. Doing something to make sure someone else stays safe or out of trouble. Yarn may also reflect the rules of safe, strict, or protective parenting.

Example: A boy dreamed of being chased by an evil ball of yarn. In waking life he felt constantly pressured by his overbearing mother to be perfectly safe and well-behaved. The evil ball of yarn reflected the strict rules being used to ensure the boy stayed safe.


To dream of yawning represents awareness of yourself losing interest, motivation, or enthusiasm for something. Awareness of yourself not enjoying something anymore. You may feel that you are "passed" something, "over it, or tired of paying attention to some area of your life. A lack of emotional and intellectual stimulation. Feelings of monotony, boredom with a situation, an underlying feeling of being stuck in a routine. Yearning for change or something new. A indication that you need to seek new experiences and find inspiration.

Negatively, dreaming about yawning may represents a perceived lack of personal growth or stagnation in your life. It could indicate that you are not challenging yourself enough or exploring outside of your comfort zone. Dissatisfaction or apathy could be causing feelings of self-doubt, leading to a decline in your motivation or enthusiasm. In extreme cases, it may suggest a growing sense of disillusionment or of wasting time in unfulfilling situations or relationships.

To dream of seeing others yawn might indicate that you perceive those around you as bored or uninterested. It might be a sign that you feel disconnected from the people in your life, or that you believe they are not engaging with you or your ideas as you'd like. Feelings about other people not being interested in you or your ideas.

To dream of your romantic partner yawning may represent feeling disconnected from them or that you perceive a lack of interest from them in your relationship.

Example: A man recalled child recurring childhood dreams of a yawning void. In waking life, he felt like an observer in life, rather than a participant. He felt that a lot of constants in his life would always slip away. In this case, the recurring dreams of a yawning void may have reflected overwhelming feelings about his life being boring without end along with his persistent feelings of emptiness and meaningless.


To dream of a yearbook represents nostalgia. It's your memories and focus on past relationships or situations. You may be reexamining friendships, or experiences that you had when you were younger.

A yearbook may also reflect your attempts to gain insight into your life by examining your past. It may also represent your regrets, or desire to change the past.


To dream of yearning represents deep desires, unfulfilled wishes, or intense longing for something that is currently out of reach. A sense of incompleteness or a yearning for emotional, material, or spiritual fulfillment. Internal desires for connection, achievement, or understanding in certain aspects of your life. It might also reflect a deep emotional void or an unmet need. Your innermost aspirations or a craving for a specific experience or achievement.

Positively, dreaming of yearning may represent ambition, determination, and a strong drive to pursue your goals and dreams. It may indicate that you are motivated to make positive changes in your life or that you are committed to achieving your heart's desires. Hope, motivation, or a driving force that propels you forward despite challenges.

Negatively, yearning in a dream can reveal feelings of frustration, disappointment, or a sense of unfulfillment in waking life. Struggling with unmet expectations or that you feel stuck in a situation that prevents you from attaining what you desire. An unhealthy attachment to something or someone that's leading to emotional turmoil. Feelings of despair, loss, or unattainability. Frustrations over missed opportunities, lost love, or unachieved aspirations. Something vital might be missing or out of reach.


Years in dreams can complicated and are usually using the numerology system discussed in the themes section for numbers. The entire year becomes a numerical symbol for a state of mind or type of experience.

For example dreaming about being in the year 1800 may use the dream numerology system to reflect a high degree of freedom (18 = freedom of choice and 00 represents power).

If a person in a dream tells you that it's the year 2012 than the symbolism is really saying that you are experiencing conflict that is difficult or impossible to confront (20 is powerful conflict and 12 is confrontation with conflict)

Other examples are 1999 which would mean the beginning of a big ending in your life 19+99. Or the year 1600 would be saying you are experiencing a time where you are processing negativity (16+00) and you are facing life situations that balance you (16=confrontation with negativity and 00 = power)

When you hear or see a year in your dream write it down and use the numerology system to decode it.

Years in dreams can also be symbols for what you think about that time period that is somehow symbolically connected to what is occurring in your life at the current moment.


To dream of yelling represents anger or frustration. You may feel overlooked or ignored. Yelling may also be a sign that you feel that your opinion doesn't count or that others see you as being unimportant.

Example: A girl dreamed of yelling a guy. In waking life she had recently made moves on a guy that totally ignored it and was frustrated that he didn't like her.


To dream of the color yellow represents awareness of something happening, getting attention, or noticing yourself thinking in a certain manner.

Positively, the color yellow represents new beginnings or positive change that you are aware of. Good fortune and favorable circumstances that you are aware of. Noticing yourself liking things or having an easy time.

Negatively, the color yellow represents negative thinking patterns or problems that you are aware of or are experiencing getting attention for. Noticing yourself being afraid, insecure, having a problem, or being disingenuous. Yellow could also reflect negative experiences that you can't stop. A problem has taken on a life of its own. Feeling compelled to feel or behave in certain ways. Being too sensitive to the preferences of others. Consider the old saying "you're yellow" to describe a person as awareness of themselves being a coward. Caution or warning that draws attention to see a potential problem.

The symbolism for the color yellow is based on the general human perception of color of the sun during the day because you can see everything happening.

Yellow animals, objects, or clothing all reflect beliefs, feelings, or situations in your life that you are aware of yourself experiencing or witnessing someone else behaving like.

To dream of yellow houses may reflect feelings about a perspective on a situation being very focused on awareness or getting attention. Feeling good believing in yourself being admired or acknowledged. Feeling forced to pay attention to someone else's life. Feeling that your entire life is being noticed by others. A lack of privacy. Feeling that getting attention is normal.

To dream of a yellow mansion may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else being very powerful while getting a lot of attention for that power.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a yellow butterfly. In waking life, he was sensitive about talking to his doctors about an alternative health treatment because he feared they'd tell him to stop. The yellow butterfly symbolized him noticing his own sensitivity about the possibility of having to give up his alternative health treatment.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of driving an ugly yellow car. In waking life, she felt forced to make certain decisions to live up to her parents expectations. In this case, the color yellow may have reflected how she was aware of herself doing what her parents wanted. Alternatively, the ugly yellow color may have reflected her feelings about getting attention or being noticed by other people living her life in a way she didn't find pleasant.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of wearing a yellow dress. In waking life, she felt she had to make a decision that was more in line with what her family wanted than what she wanted. Int his case, the color yellow may have reflected how she was aware of herself having to do what her family wanted.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a man in a yellow jail cell. In waking life, she felt the US President Trump was in trouble with his impeachment process. In this case, the color yellow may have reflected how famously noticed or attention getting the story of the President being impeached was.

Example 5: A young boy dreamed of seeing a teenage girl in a yellow dress at the end of a hallway standing outside a door. In waking life, he was in grade 3 and experiencing a girl a noticeable crush on him that was trying to become his girlfriend. In this case, the color yellow of the dress may have reflected his awareness of the girl's attention and interest in him.

Yellow Bird

To dream of a yellow bird represents freedom or transcendence from problems that you are noticing. Awareness of yourself or someone else having no restrictions. Feeling good noticing nothing keeping you down.

*Please See Birds


To dream about people talking about yesterday represents issues with the past. Something is different now and you may be thinking about how thing used to be. You may have regrets or need to learn to let go.

Dreaming about the actual events of yesterday may reflect sensitivity about what has happened or excitement about what you have just done.


*Please See Abominable Snowman

Yielding-Giving Way

To dream of yielding (giving way) represents feelings about acknowledging others' needs, rights, or priorities before your own because it's more intelligent than not doing so. An awareness of the need for compromise. Respect for established norms or the need to consider others' perspectives and positions in life. Your thoughts on patience, understanding, and the importance of maintaining harmony and balance in relationships or social situations. A strategic choice to avoid conflict, respect boundaries, or understand the flow of situations and relationships more deeply.

Positively, dreaming about yielding could indicate a conscious choice to show respect, humility, or consideration for others. A willingness to compromise or to put others' needs ahead of your own for the greater good or to maintain peace. A strategic decision to wait for a more opportune moment before taking action.

Negatively, dreaming about yielding might represent feelings of frustration or resentment about feeling forced to put others' needs before your own to your detriment. Feelings of weakness, defeat, or powerlessness in the face of opposition or adversity. A reluctance to assert yourself or stand up for your beliefs leading to feelings of frustration or resentment. A fear of confrontation and a tendency to avoid difficult situations or assert your boundaries.


To dream of yields (results) represents feelings about the anticipation, evaluation, and reception of outcomes or consequences stemming from one's actions, decisions, or efforts. Thoughts about the relationship between cause and effect, effort and reward, or investment and return in various aspects of life, such as career, relationships, personal growth, or projects. The realization of your goals, the manifestation of your efforts, or the tangible effects of your choices. Thoughts on accountability, the value of hard work, or the importance of strategic planning and patience.

Positively, dreaming about yields may represent optimism, hope, and confidence in the results of your hard work. Satisfaction, achievement, or the successful fruition of your plans. A belief in the power of perseverance, dedication, and strategic planning. A sense of accomplishment or the rewards of diligence and perseverance. A confirmation that your efforts have been worthwhile or that your patience has paid off. Validation of your strategies, skills, or the wisdom of your choices.

Negatively, dreaming about yields may represent disappointment, inadequacy, or the realization of failure. Anxiety, doubt, or fear regarding the outcomes of your actions. The consequences of poor decisions, the realization that your efforts have not produced the desired outcomes, or the need to reassess your strategies. Perhaps you feel that your hard work has been in vain, have concerns about not meeting expectations, are facing failure, or encountering unforeseen consequences.


To dream of yoga represents you or someone else that is trying find balance within themselves. Trying to find inner peace by ignoring negativity. Self-discipline and harmony. You may finally be experiencing relief after a very stressful time. Trying to recoup or reclaim peace of mind.

Negatively, yoga may reflect a backwards sense of what constitutes healthy or balanced choices. Wanting to reestablish balance with a materialistic mindset or lifestyle.

Example: A woman dreamed of performing yoga. In waking life she was trying to go to therapy to reestablish herself emotionally after having been raped. She was exceptionally beautiful, but may have had a backwards sense of balance in her life due to her physical beauty. The yoga in this case may have reflected more focus on reestablishing her comfort with her physical looks around men instead of focusing on learning to make men respect her for who she is as a person.


To dream of yogurt represents a sense of safety and security. Feeling that there nothing is wrong with doing something that is in your best interest. Feeling good knowing that something is good for you or in your best interest by not noticing it too much. Learning to embrace change, appropriate behavior, or things that are difficult to accept. Behavior that supports you to thrive by experiencing a little bit. Comfort and nourishment. Choosing to remain safe may stem from not having strong feelings of love or passion towards something.

To dream of yogurt with fruit added represents a sense of safety and security with feelings of specialness added by doing something a little bit. A willingness to take risks and pursue new experiences, as long as you stay safe. A desire to safe explore something new while also being mindful of the potential consequences.

Example: A young woman dreamed of talking to man about eating yogurt. She said she eats soy yogurt and made a suggestion to him. However he chose peach yogurt as they both continue to walk down the isle. In waking life, the woman met the man online while they were both in separate relationships and lived too far apart. She felt that if they were both single and lived closer, they might have dated. In this case the yogurt may have both persons feelings about keeping their current relationships safe because it supports their life to thrive.

The choice of 2 yogurt flavors may represent the different attitudes of the two people towards their respective relationships. The woman's preference for soy yogurt could symbolize her desire to maintain a sense of safety and security in her current relationship, as she believes that pursuing a new romance may cause embarrassment or conflict. On the other hand, the man's choice of peach yogurt may reflect his willingness to take risks and pursue new experiences, even if it means potentially jeopardizing his existing relationship. It's possible that the dream reflects the woman's own conflicted feelings about the man and her desire to explore a connection with him while also being mindful of the potential consequences.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed that yogurt was all that was available to eat. In waking life her old boss left work and this left her with a constant jealousy that her old boss wasn't around to comfort her. In her waking life, her old boss had left work, leaving her feeling jealous and unfulfilled without their support. In this context, the yogurt in her dream may symbolize her desire for a sense of comfort and familiarity in her new work environment with a new boss. She may feel the need to play it safe and not overdo anything in order to maintain job security, and the yogurt may reflect her desire for a simple and reliable source of sustenance in her career.


*Please See Eggs


To dream of being young represents new enthusiasm or feeling of vigor. A fresh outlook on your life. A renewed sense of interest, motivation, or vitality. New ideas or wanting to try something new. Feeling playful. carefree, or lighthearted. A part of you that has potential for growth and change. The start of something new.

Negatively, being young may reflect naive, idealistic. or impractical ideas or attitudes. It may also reflect inexperience, being new on the scene, or being prone to making a mistakes. Childishness or immaturity.

Alternatively, being young may reflect your preoccupation with your past. Dwelling too much on the past, your regrets, or lost opportunities. A sign that you are having difficulty moving on.

To dream of your father being younger may reflect new enthusiasm for a decision or feeling better about changing a decision. Alternatively, it may reflect ill feelings about of your father improving.

*Please See Children

*Please See Teenager


To dream of seeing yourself in a third person perspective represents awareness of your own actions or behaviors. The dreamer's perception of themselves, including both their flaws and positive attributes. Consider what you are doing, how you look, or how old you are for additional significance.

Alternatively, dreaming about yourself may represent feelings about your self-image, self-worth, or how you perceive your persona in the waking world. You might be grappling with issues of identity, self-confidence, or acceptance of a personal trait or situation.

To dream of a younger version of yourself may represent your awareness of your actions or behaviors being more innocent, childish, less responsible, rebellious, or naive in a current situation. Awareness of yourself not being as intelligent in a situation as you usually are. Feelings about yourself being a novice or having room to grow up in a particular area of your life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing himself as an adolescent. In waking life, he had to take a test that he felt was pointless. He complained a lot about the test to his teachers. In this case, seeing himself as an adolescent may have reflected his awareness of himself being immature and complaining about a responsibility that he had to fulfill.


*Please See Boy

*Please See Girl

*Please See Children

*Please See Childhood


To dream of YouTube represents feelings about a socially interactive experience where people make it easy to share experiencing whatever perspectives, ideas, or experiences they want without thinking it's difficult with their own free will. Feeling that there is nothing difficult about experiencing whatever someone else said was possible as an option that's left up to you. A sense of safety and personal prerogative in choosing to have an experience you want being left up to you of your own free will.

Negatively, dreaming about YouTube may reflect feelings about how dishonest, excessive, or unsafe sharing perspectives, ideas, or experiences with other people is because other people use their personal prerogative to avoid listening to or respecting what you shared. Concerns about the unintended consequences of sharing knowledge and the potential for it to be exploited by others with harmful intentions.

To dream of watching a YouTube video represents an openness to new ideas or learning from others' experiences. An experience in life where you are interested in someone else's perspective, ideas, or experiences without thinking it's difficult. A curiosity about different perspectives or a willingness to be informed or entertained through others' insights. You may be interested in new ideas, want to participate in something you heard about, or experiment with something without thinking it's difficult. Your desire to connect with broader communities or trends. A desire for learning, entertainment, or broadening your horizons with other people explaining things in perfect detail.

To dream of making a YouTube video could represent an eagerness to share your thoughts, experiences, or ideas with others made easy in perfect detail that's a choice for other people to think about it or not. A desire for recognition, the sharing of your personal story, or contributing to a larger conversation or community.

To dream of a YouTube personality represents feelings about you or someone else that gets a lot of attention for easily sharing their perspectives, experiences, or ideas for others to experience on their own free will. Feelings about how easy it is to get attention while influencing or impacting others. Admiration, inspiration, or sometimes, skepticism towards the influence of an aspect of your personality that gets a lot of attention. Negatively, it may represent feelings of not liking yourself being someone whom people pay attention to for shared perspectives, experiences, or ideas. Experiencing the negative consequences and a loss of control over one's reputation for sharing experiences with people. Alternatively, it might suggest a need to be cautious about how you present yourself online and the potential consequences of seeking attention and validation through social media or other public platforms.

To dream of a YouTube channel represents a specific area of your life where you or someone else is sharing experiences, knowledge, or views with others in an ongoing manner. Wanting to organize, present, and share ideas, experiences, or talents to a broader audience in an ongoing manner. Your desire to stay informed, entertained, or engaged with ongoing interests or passions. Concerns about the pressure to maintain a certain image or persona, or anxiety about the reception of your ideas. Concerns about the need to keep going with sharing of perspectives, ideas, or experiences with other people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a YouTube personality's face in an alley. In waking life, he was aware of ignorant jealous people from his past using the website to learn to speak in symbolism criminally for cyberbullying on their Facebook pages within photographs as a means to get back at him for a misunderstanding over his use of a business logo having a name similar to the lastname of a former friend. In this case, YouTube may have reflected his feelings about his website being openly and freely used by the people from his past to experience learning the dream language for a criminal experience instead of a safe psychological experience. The website being public allowed the people from his past to easily access and misuse the information for their own negative purposes, reflecting a lack of control over how his work was being interpreted and applied. The dream may have highlighted his concerns about the unintended consequences of sharing knowledge and the potential for it to be exploited by others with harmful intentions.

*Please See Websites


To dream of a yoyo represents a trivial attitude towards something you are controlling or manipulating. Manipulation of fluctuation and repeated cycles. The ups and downs you're experiencing in your life.

Negatively, a yoyo may reflect your insensitive attitude towards manipulating another person or playing with exploitation. Not taking issues or problems seriously enough. A back-and-forth or inconsistent issue. An up and down issue you are not taking seriously.

To dream of a yoyo that stops working may represents feelings about having to begin taking a situation serious.

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