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To dream of a sandwich represents stress or pressure being placed on you. Getting through a difficult situation.

Consider the ingredients on the sandwich for additional significance.

To dream of a half slice sandwiches represents a difficult or stressful situation that you want to deal with incrementally. You don't want to confront something all at once.

To dream of a peanut butter sandwich symbolizes being carefree, or not being concerned with something in order to get through a stressful or difficult situation. You may be telling yourself that something isn't important in order to cope with a problem.

To dream of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich represents a difficult situation you are experiencing where you are trying to not take things to seriously while remaining hopeful. Grape jelly reflects accepting a need for patience, and strawberry representing temporary pleasures that comfort you.

To dream of a ham sandwich represents your frustrations about things you have to do during a situation you may feel is ridiculous or pointless.

Example: A man dreamed of being given a sandwich. In waking life his business had just failed and he was doing his best to survive financially.


To dream of sauce represents feelings about enhancing, enriching, or adding an extra layer of significance or flavor to a situation, relationship, or experience. Your desire to bring more zest or excitement into a situation.

Positively, dreaming about sauce might symbolize your willingness or effort to make life more interesting, meaningful, or enjoyable. Your creative approach to solving problems or enhancing experiences. Making a mundane experience more exciting. A conscious choice to spice up a situation or relationships to make them more gratifying.

Negatively, dreaming about sauce could represent feelings of dependence on something external to make things more bearable or interesting. Your desire to mask, cover up, or alter the real taste of an experience, indicating avoidance or denial of reality. You might be using a metaphorical 'sauce' to make an unpalatable truth or situation more bearable.

To dream of a sauce that is too sweet represents feelings of excessive efforts to improve or sweeten a situation that might actually need a more balanced or realistic approach. It could also symbolize an overly optimistic attitude towards a relationship or scenario that may be masking underlying issues or challenges. This could reflect a denial or avoidance of recognizing a bitter truth or a difficult situation in your waking life.

Example: A woman dreamed of being unable to cook mushroom sauce for other people to enjoy their beef. In waking life, she was worried about losing lal her possessions and being evicted due to a job loss. In this case, the mushroom sauce may have reflected her efforts to make her situation seem more palatable or manageable to herself and others, despite the hardships and uncertainties she was experiencing. The inability to cook the mushroom sauce could symbolize her feelings of powerlessness and inability to improve or mask the reality of her difficult situation.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing meat sauce. In waking life, she was having issues improving her relationship with her in-laws. In this case, the meat sauce may have reflected her attempts to enhance or improve her relationship with her in-laws by adding more 'flavor' or 'interest' into their interactions.

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To dream of a sausage represents feeling good that something isn't required to be professional. Feeling good knowing that it isn't difficult to confront your problems without being skilled or having professional experience. Feeling good knowing it's easier to confront problems quickly like a regular person or "layman." Confidence that something new or challenging you are doing won't take long to complete. Feelings about something heavy, strong, and short lasting.

Negatively, a sausage may reflect feelings of feeling obligated to experience something heavy, strong, and short lasting. Quick assertive action that doesn't need to be nice or professional.

Alternatively, sausages commonly reflected feelings about sex or a male penis. Quick sex or sex without a deep relationship. Feeling obligated to have sex or difficulty resisting temporary urges for sex. Feeling obligated to have sex or difficulty resisting temporary urges for sex.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a large pile of sausages. In waking life he was planning on forwarding a very embarrassing email about someone who angered him. The large pile of sausages in this case may have reflected his feelings about how`easy, quick, and unprofessional the act of sending an embarrassing email to a large number of people felt.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her father cooking sausages and then having to stop because it started to rain. In waking life she broke up with her boyfriend with whom she still needed to work with. The cooking sausages in this case may have reflected her feelings about unprofessionally preparing advantages at work due her relationship with her boyfriend who worked with her.


To dream of eating seafood represents situations in your life where you feel you can't lose or fail ever again. Feeling that negativity or uncertainty is banished or gone for good. Noticing all your problems going away on their own permanently. A "feast" of winning or progress.

Sheep Milk

To dream of sheep milk represents conformist beliefs that balance you. Doing what your told or what others do in order to help yourself deal with a problem.

Example: A Christian believer dreamed of drinking sheep's milk. In waking life the person felt that they were being spiritually threatened while in an argument. The person was very stubborn about their beliefs while confronting the person they were arguing with. The sheep's milk reflected the conformist beliefs of the church that they recalled in order to stabilize themselves emotionally.

Shish Kabob

To dream of shish kabob represents experiencing a situation where you are confidently noticing something doing exactly what you want it to. Enjoying an experience where nothing is out of control or doing anything you don't like. Enjoying noticing yourself being unstoppable, a total winner, or unquestionable.

Negatively, shish kabob may reflect fear of being noticed perfectly embarrassed by someone else. It may also reflect total control or domination being shown off and enjoyed.


To dream of Skittles candy represents a situation that feels good moving passed your problem easily. Feeling good that problems aren't your problem. Innocence, playfulness, and a carefree attitude about why something isn't a problem anymore. Enjoying news that brightens your day moving passed a problem. Having fun moving on. Enjoying simply never having to say anything as the reason you skip something. Feeling good skipping something over and over because you're intelligent about how to. Feeling good being intelligent about skipping something because someone else does it for you. Feeling fantastic that you don't need any help while "walking away laughing." Feeling good talking to someone about easily getting rid of a problem.

Negatively, dreaming about Skittles may reflect dishonesty that enjoys "walking away laughing" from problems like it's fantastic. Enjoying "skitting" the rules because it isn't dangerous. Enjoying feeling that you're faster than someone else that doesn't have to talk about it.

Example: A man dreamed of a colorful Skittle bridge. In waking life he enjoyed himself talking to his lawyer about why getting off criminal charges was easy.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of sour skittles while a mall was closing. In waking life he was enjoying avoiding writing an essay for school. In this case the Skittles may have reflected his feelings about enjoying avoiding his schoolwork until the absolute last minute.


To dream of Smarties candies represents feeling good being clever on your own. Enjoying feeling clever with nobody stopping you because you never do anything excessive. Enjoying feeling nothing being stupid with nobody stopping you. Feeling good being clever at something you like. Feeling good being cleverer than someone else. Enjoying being adorable about getting away with something. Feeling good being innocent while nobody can stop you. Enjoying something randomly in moderation. "Colorful chaos" that allows you to enjoy something. Respecting yourself having a good time without anyone thinking you are stupid. Feeling good being a grown up that doesn't have to talk about it you don't want to.

Negatively, dreaming about Smarties candies may be a sign that you are secretly jealous of not enjoying yourself enough because someone doesn't share with you believing that if you do something in small amounts you can get away with enjoying yourself in a way that normally difficult with nobody to stop you. Enjoying getting away with something because you are experiencing it randomly and in moderation. A childish mentality about enjoying something because you are more concerned with random moderation that does something "at all" that doesn't believe being serious or professional matters. Wasting time enjoying thinking you are clever without anyone to stop you. A tendency to want to get away with enjoying something difficult to enjoy using moderation without thinking of the consequences or a permanent solution. Not considering the possibility that you are going to get caught.

Children may dream of smarties to reflect cleverly enjoying themselves without any adults to stop them. A child's jealousy of not enjoying acting like a grown up without needing to talk about it.

Example: A small child dreamed of jumping onto a cloud in the sky with a castle and seeing smarties candies all over the floor. In waking life the person was approximately 3 years old. In this case the Smarties candies combined with the castle symbolism may have reflected their youthful thinking about seizing an opportunity cleverly enjoy themselves without anyone else around or without any adults to stop them.


To dream of making or drinking a smoothie represents beliefs, advice, or situations that interests you giving up your worries. Something that allows you to be more laid back and be free of concerns. Feeling good not having to care about a problem.

Example: A young man dreamed of being given a mango smoothie. In real life he had a troubling dream and received an interpretation that made him feel relieved that it wasn't really a problem after all.


To dream of snacks represents feelings about temporary fulfillment. Temporary delaying something unpleasant that is inevitable. Enjoying a temporary delay. Biding time. Sustaining a situation that can't last forever. Feeling that a fleeting experience is not as important as a more stable experience.

Negatively, dreams about snacks may reflect overindulgence of experience that waste time or have no substance. Enjoying easily defeating or destroying other people. Feeling that it's easy to be get away with being dishonest. Not taking a intuition as seriously as you should.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating a snack near a river. In waking life she was cheating on her distant boyfriend with a new guy and new that eventually she would have to hurt one of the boyfriends. The snack in this case may have reflected her attempts to temporarily keep enjoying her second relationship knowing full well that nothing she did would sustain her love life as it currently was. She felt cheating on her boyfriend was very easy and harmless.

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Soft Drinks

To dream of a soft drink or soda pop represents a convenient choice that feels good noticing you don't need to waste time. Feeling good noticing that not wasting time is easy. Not needing to be successful in order to enjoy a situation working quickly. Enjoying easy answers or easy solutions to problems. An easy or pleasant option available to avoid wasting time jealous. Feeling good noticing you are not jealous at all because you can quickly cancel something.

Negatively, a soft drink may reflect a lack of respect for someone else with how quickly or easily you can cancel something that makes you jealous. Dishonest use of quick and easy options to cancel out jealous. Being too accustomed to the easy quick solutions that are unhealthy long-term. Lacking appreciation for how easy it is to embarrass someone else with a quick choice.

To dream of Coke or Coca Cola represents a convenient choice that feels good not wasting any time jealous while being original and honest. Feeling good being original without dishonesty or crime. Enjoying being original or having easy access to something original. Feeling good knowing you never have to compromise or explain yourself. Enjoying a classic option. A choice that feels good never wasting any time while nobody thinks anything is wrong with it.

To dream of Pepsi Cola represents a convenient choice that feels good not wasting time jealous while being more hip or "with it" than someone else. Wanting to feel good conveniently subverting something terrible with a new idea. Wanting to quickly fix a problem or relationship with ideas that are hipper or less boring than what is currently being experienced. Enjoying experiencing a situation or choice that is more "hip", progressive, or less restrictive than the status quo. Feeling good about not needing to be original or feeling that being original is boring. Enjoying doing things different than everyone else. Feeling good being "hipper" than someone older than you.

To dream of Orange Crush Soda represents a convenient choice that feel good not wasting any time being powerful like it's easy. Feeling good being power without wasting time because everyone else thinks it's a good idea too.

To dream of a soft drink delivery truck represents decision making that is focused on making life enjoyably easier for other people. Decisions involves doing all the hard work for others so they can simply feel good having an easy time. You or someone else that is enjoying others feeling good having it easy. Negatively, a soft drink delivery truck may reflect anxiety or jealousy that other people will given advantages that you believe are too easy or dangerous. Enabling easy advantages to people who don't appreciate them.

To dream of a soda or soft drink advertisement represents an attempt to interest others in choose an easy option that feels good not wasting any time. Feeling good that there is nothing wrong with choices that don't waste time making some area of your life a lot easier. Enticing or trying to convince others to try a much more easier, enjoyable, quicker way of doing things. You or someone else that is offering others the chance to make life easy and laugh about it.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing birds in a cage swimming in a pool of Coca Cola. In waking she was experiencing some very positive changes that she couldn't act on yet. Her first or original choice in a matter was easily available to her again after first being rejected.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of carefully holding Coca Cola in her hands swishing around as a car drove hastily in reverse to get onto the highway. In waking life she was desperately holding on to a lucky opportunity to get her dream job and first choice for a career after first believing it was impossible to have. In this case desperately holding on to bottle Coca Cola may have reflected her feelings about needing to carefully protect an easy option to have her dream job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being jealous that her boyfriend was going to drink Orange Crush soda. In waking life her boyfriend was thinking of breaking up with her after seeking counsel from other people.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing Pepsi Cola in her fridge thinking it was her mother's can. In waking life her boyfriend was thinking of breaking up with her and she was hoping God would carry to her a new way to be happy with her boyfriend so she could keep him.

Example 5: A young girl dreamed of having no more Pepsi Cola left and telling people that they can get some later. In waking life was she felt very sad and was living depressed. Having no more Pepsi Cola left may have reflected her inability to quickly try new things or make progressive choices that left her depressed.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing a little boy in the backseat of a car drinking a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola and then reluctantly having to go to the bathroom to pee. In waking life she was looking for ways to restore he marriage and was having problems finding a working solution.

Example 7: A young woman dreamed of a white truck filled with Coca Cola and coconut rum, but then feeling frustrated and confused. In waking life she was in college, but feeling frustrated about what to do after college.


To dream of soup represents your feelings about a situation that you don't want to lose a good feeling about. Concern about keeping the warmth or pleasantness of something alive. Feeling good that a situation that is emotionally warm to you needs to stay that way.

Negatively, dreaming of soup may reflect feelings about being comfortable maintaining a dishonest situation to your benefit by feeling good "warm" only for yourself.

Consider the kind of soup for additional symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating pepper soup that later revealed weird pieces of plastic in it. In waking life she was having relationship issues. The soup symbolism in this case may have reflected her wish to keep the relationship feeling warm and interesting before noticing it was having odd complications.

*Please See Tomato Soup


To dream of soya represents feelings about choosing to notice whether an option is safe or not for yourself. Liking thinking something is a personal choice. Personal values or beliefs. Feeling good not being alone in thinking everything balanced happening in a situation (e.g. Pregnancy happening so you don't want to hurt anyone). Feeling good not being alone in wanting a healthier choice. Behavior that communicates that it has nothing dangerous or wrong about it. Feeling substance in the safety of what you are doing. A situation where safety is what you keep listening for. Safety in not embarrassing a relationship as a personal value.

Alternatively, soya may reflect a desire for a healthier life through better choices.

To dream of soy sauce represents feelings of making a situation more interesting by giving it substance, depth, and complexity without seeking permission or validation from others. A desire for a sense of individuality or to stand out from others in some way that doesn't need permission to like it. Objective confident a situation is better because you were objective.

Example: A woman dreamed she found several boxes of soya cream and soya milk at my place. In waking life she was very sick and planned to go to the doctor the next day. In this case the soya symbolism may have reflected her personal belief in her doctor or home remedies as a safe option for her health.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of talking to man about eating yogurt. She said she eats soy yogurt and made a suggestion to him. However he chose peach yogurt as they both continue to walk down the isle. In waking life, the woman met the man online while they were both in separate relationships and lived too far apart. She felt that if they were both single and lived closer, they might have dated. In this case the soy may have reflected her feelings about it being her personal choice to believe that meeting the man was important before enjoying taking a phone long-distance relationship any further while the man might been more open about sex or liking being personal.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of being taught a recipe for someone's "famous soy sauce." In waking life she was proud of herself making big steps towards to help her future. Even her therapist was happy with her. She decided to take a lot of school courses to further her career path apart from other things. She woke from her dream up full of optimism. In this case the soy sauce could represent her desire to add depth, complexity, and individuality to her career path and personal growth. The dream may also reflect her optimism and confidence in her ability to achieve her goals and create a fulfilling future for herself by being objective.


To dream of spaghetti represents feelings about a situation being wonderful about being complicated that's beautiful the way it is. A situation works out nice with why it's complicated. A complex or tangled situation that you find preferable to fixing. A situation that is beautifully a mess that doesn't have to fixed or complained about. Respecting yourself with why a situations is the best for why it isn't the best. Respecting yourself enjoying never wanting to untangle a difficult situation. Confusing or chaotic experiences that are too wonderful or special to draw attention any need to fix them.

Positively, dreaming about spaghetti represents an enjoyment of doing something difficult. Enjoying applying intelligent experience or sophisticated methods of problem solving. Feeling good being "served a mess" clean for money.

Negatively, spaghetti may reflect overdoing thinking a complicated situation is beautiful the way it is. Not complaining about a complicated situation because you prefer it without believing that someone else might not prefer it. Not wanting to piss anyone off that might not think of your situation as complicated as you do. Your anxiety about not being careful about showing your appreciation for something wonderful you fear losing. Fear of losing your job if you aren't careful about respecting complications at your workplace that you are forced to put up with.

Alternatively, spaghetti may be a sign that you find yourself entangled in a messy relationship situation that you prefer not to fix or complain about.

To dream of a toilet filled with spaghetti may reflect a wish to abandon an nice opportunity to avoid more serious complications that you were already carefully avoiding.

Example: A man had recurring dreams about his mouth being completely stuffed with spaghetti. In waking life he was demoted at his job and was scared to tell anyone about his dislike of the demotion because he feared that not showing appreciation to his employer for having a job at all would result in being fired. In this case the spaghetti stuffed in his mouth may have reflected his feelings about being forced to not talk about anything complicated as though he liked it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being fed a plate of spaghetti. In waking life she was separated from her husband for 4 years with no desire to reconcile. In this case the spaghetti may have reflected her feelings about enjoying her life never speaking to her husband again like life was a beautiful mess (no divorce yet) as long as she carefully avoided him or managed herself.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being served spaghetti. In waking life she was unemployed and occasionally given house cleaning jobs. In this case the spaghetti may have reflected her feelings about liking being "served a mess" to clean because it felt nice paying her bills.

Example 4: A person dreamed of having spaghetti stuff in their mouth. In waking life they were demoted at work and required to move around to new locations every week. In this case the spaghetti may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about being forced to think or speak about work complications like there were happy to address them because not appreciating the boss's choice might get them fired.

*Please See Spaghetti Sauce

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Spaghetti Sauce

To dream of spaghetti sauce represents feelings about sophisticated situations requiring intelligent or sophisticated experience to handle them. A wonderful or "beautiful" thing to experience if it's done right.

Negatively, dreaming about spaghetti sauce represents professional embarrassment. Sophisticated problems that are difficult to change if you make a mistake. Mistakes that become a nagging problem or constant reminder of failure if not addressed properly. Spaghetti sauce may reflect mistakes, regrets, or problems that can't be easily fixed. A negative situation requiring intelligent experience to solve.



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