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To dream of chickpeas represents situations in waking life that feel good noticing a change occurring. Boredom driving you to do something else or an interest in trying something new.


To dream of chili con carne represents feelings about being reckless about why something needs to be enjoyed. Recklessness with why everyone needs to enjoy something. Safely enjoying something dangerous. Never nervous about enjoying something a little bit reckless or dangerous. Enjoying not needing to be vague about being reckless. Acceptable recklessness, risk, or danger. Nothing special about why nothing need to stops you.

Example: A woman dreamed of stirring chili waiting to serve it to other people. In waking life she was preparing for her birthday party while unemployed.

*Please See Cold


To dream of chives represents feelings about situations where it's beneficial to reduce how serious you are. Benefits gained through a laid back attitude or letting go of pressure. Feelings about a situation working better if you are not serious or overly involved. Reducing work or letting something be as it naturally. Benefits gained by intentionally not trying too hard at something. Feeling that you are already successful enough and don't need to push it harder. Not wanting to think of something mattering too much. Feeling that it's better to avoid drawing attention to someone else's problems. Moderation that feels beneficial. A willingness to accept a small amount of something.

Negatively, chives may reflect a moderate or casual attitude about something that is actually serious. Preferring to not take something dangerous in a serious manner.


To dream of chocolate represents self-reward and treating yourself. This can anything you do to enjoy yourself from taking a vacation to romantic thoughts in private.

Example: A man dreamed of ordering slices of chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

*Please See Chocolate Cake

*Please See Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

To dream of a chocolate bar represents casual self-reward. A casual mindset about treating yourself. Not minding taking time off work, a light enjoyable escape, enjoying yourself for a short moment. Treating yourself to something that doesn't satisfy you for life, but it does right this minute.

Negatively, dreaming about a chocolate bar may be a sign that you are not listening to why taking a break or treating yourself migth be a problem. A small simple pleasure that may get you off track or embarrassing yourself saying it isn't a problem. Commonly a symbol to reflect masturbation in waking life.

Consider the feeling or personality that each brand of chocolate bar gives off for additional meaning.

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Chocolate Cake

To dream of chocolate cake represents a self reward and treating yourself during a special event in your life. Something that might appear when you take a vacation or do something nice for yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of being served chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

Chocolate Milk

To dream of chocolate milk represents a high degree of enjoyment of life. Enjoying being strong. Loving to fix a problem that you couldn't fix before or liking getting back at someone who used to be better than you.

Alternatively, chocolate milk may reflect how wonderful it feels to notice yourself being a winner or that people care about you.


To dream of cilantro represents feelings about choosing to do something new that's distinctly different than you usually do that benefits you. A willingness to safely experiment with something that deviates from the norm, thus highlighting your individuality. Doing something new that's different that isn't a problem. The combination of individuality and authenticity. A situation where you want to safely explore beyond your usual boundaries or to connect with others on a different level.

Negatively, dreaming about cilantro represents overdoing something new that's different that other people don't think about the same way you do. A situation where some people relish uniqueness and others find it off-putting. Trying something new in your social circle that others might find unusual or not agree with. The dreamer might be wrestling with expectations or peer pressures while needing a nudge to embrace their unique qualities and perspectives. A reminder that we cannot please everyone and that it's essential to remain true to oneself.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being given a ziplock bag full of marijuana, but it didn't look like normal marijuana. It looked like oregano, cilantro, rosemary, and eucalyptus. In waking life, he did get a ziplock bag of normal-looking marijuana, but she and her friend debated about whether the marijuana was viable or going to make them sick. She never smoked the marijuana. In this case, the cilantro may have reflected her feelings about the marijuana she received being from a source that was distinctly different than what she usually buys from her regular dealer, but still safe because it came from someone she works with.


To dream of cinnamon represents feelings about an area of your life that feels extra special with attention. Receiving attention that gives you special treatment. Feeling excited about making an event extra special for someone. Special attention being received in the new relationship. Sensitivity about feeling special.

Negatively, cinnamon in a dream may represent receiving too much special attention or being treated too specially that causes a problem. An artificial or forced attempt to receive special treatment. Jealousy or annoyance causes by getting too much special attention. Feeling that you wasted your time giving someone too much special attention.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of a guy she was attracted to picking up an apple tart with brown sugar and cinnamon on the crust and then smearing it on her neck. In waking life, she had an experience at the mall with a guy being very interested in her. In this case, the cinnamon may have reflected her feelings of receiving special attention and treatment from the guy she was attracted to, making her feel unique and desired.


To dream of cloves represents feelings of trust or protection. A strong sense of reliance in something you don't see directly. Feeling that someone "has your back." Some sort of guarantee or backup to insure you don't make a mistake. Family protection. A moral or ethical safeguard.


To dream of cocoa powder represents feelings about the possibility of comfort or indulgence that is within reach but not yet fully realized. It could symbolize a stage of preparation or anticipation in relation to feelings of comfort, relaxation, or satisfaction. The dream might reflect your readiness to take action, make an effort, or use your resources to create a sense of warmth, pleasure, or contentment in your life.

To dream of cocoa beans represents feelings about the potential to treat yourself to comfort, warmth, or indulgence, but it requires effort to get it. Fundamental elements needed to create a sense of well-being or contentment. Your thoughts about the opportunities, resources, or ingredients in your life that hold the potential for emotional nourishment or self-care.

To dream of a cocoa pod represents feelings about the potential to treat yourself to comfort, warmth, or indulgence, but it requires you to do everything on your own to make it work. Potential and unrealized possibilities to treat yourself to something you like. Hidden wealth or value in an idea, relationship, or project that requires patience and careful cultivation to be fully realized. Your thoughts about the opportunities and prospects that lie within something you are nurturing or investing your time and energy into. Willingness to invest effort and patience in opportunities that others might overlook.

Example: A man dreamed of being on his dead grandfather's cocoa farm helping to harvest cocoa pods. As he is working to harvest the pods, he sees a snail, steps on it, and moves on excitedly while telling people he is going to prepare a delicious meal. In waking life, he was an estate surveyor and valuer for a private company. In this case, stepping on a snail and taking the cocoa pod home for a delicious meal may have reflected his feelings about using his job as an estate surveyor and valuer to identify an investment opportunity that others may have overlooked due to their slow pace, which he intended to capitalize on independently. The cocoa pod from the dream may reveal his readiness to embrace the challenge of this investment, nurture it diligently, and patiently see it through to fruition. The dream underscores his willingness to invest his time and effort into opportunities that others might neglect."

*Please See Chocolate

*Please See Hot Chocolate


To dream of a coconut represents feelings about not being responsible or obligated. A situation that you feel isn't your problem, or thinking that someone else should have to make all the effort.

Example: A young man dreamed of drinking a coconut. In real life he didn't feel he should be obligated to pay back a school loan to his parents. The coconut reflected the total lack of responsibility he felt for the loan.


To dream of coffee represents situations in your life where you are getting acquainted with something or someone. Something new that you are getting to know, becoming familiar with, or trying to understand better. An introductory process in your life.

Alternatively, coffee may reflect a new aspect of your personality that is comfortably not noticing doing anything about problems in the current moment. Awareness of yourself listening to a problem , but not taking any action yet. Awareness of yourself listening to new ideas, but taking any action yet. Feelings about catching up with old friends or acquaintances.

Negatively, dreaming of coffee represents feelings about dishonestly or unpleasantly considering new ideas. Getting acquainted with people you don't like. Talking to people from your past you don't like after a long period of time never speaking to them. Problems you feel you need to consider solving when you don't want to. Other people's offers to think about ideas, problems, or catching up that are not interesting to you. Your dislike of why a problem is only being considered and not dealt with.

To drink coffee with a person may be a reflection of how you are getting acquainted with that person in waking life. It may also reflect qualities you see the most in that person slowly becoming more apparent in your own life. An aspect of yourself that is beginning to think about something or reacquaint yourself with something without taking action yet.

Example: A young man dreamed of showing a number of birds to his mother to see her reaction, but she choose to simply drink coffee instead of react. In waking life he was attempting to use his teacher skills to get a new opportunity for himself, but noticed that nobody wanted to do anything with him accept consider or think about hiring him.


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To dream of coleslaw represents feelings of acceptance and adaptability in any given situation that feels ideal for so nothing feels empty. Adaptability and acceptance despite the emotional turmoil.

Negatively, dreaming about coleslaw may represent feelings of being too accepting and adaptable that isn't ideal for you. Being too concerned with adjusting or adapting to someone else while hoping for an ideal outcome. Feeling overwhelmed by all the changes and adjustments you need to accept to keep someone else sense of ideal respected.

To dream of refusing coleslaw may represent resistance to accepting and adapting to change that someone else thinks is ideal.

Example: A woman dreamed of walking in a grocery store with her ex-husband who was pounding coleslaw inside a mortar with a pestle. In waking life, she missed her ex-husband while having feelings about trying to fix their relationship and feared it was over. She had 4 kids with him already. The ex-husband was with another woman, but she felt the oods for reconciliation were too great. In this case, the coleslaw may have reflected her feelings of acceptance and adaptability in the face of her ex-husband's new relationship, while still holding on to hope for reconciliation because she felt getting back together with him was ideal for the both of them for her family.



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