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To dream of a cupcake represents feelings of liking yourself the way you are. Feeling encouraged to like yourself. Feeling that people have to like you. Your wish to make other people feel good about themselves. Wanting other people to feel good. Enjoying spending time with family.

Negatively, cupcakes may reflect unusual steps being taken to deceive others or do bad things so people will like you. Making choices you don't like so other people will like you. Wanting other people to feel good about themselves before your own needs.

Example: A young man dreamed of being offered white cupcakes and refusing them. In waking life he had the opportunity to be honest about something he was lying about and make the person he was lying to like him again. He chose to take the opportunity because he hated the person.


To dream of curry represents qualities of an experience always being kind about why you need to like something difficult or different feeling good having having nothing wrong with it. Experiencing something difficult made easy or not serious. Quality noticing of something made easy because something being difficult isn't allowed. Feelings of comfortably doing something different. Experiencing something difficult that doesn't believe it's difficult. Feeling comfortable accepting something different. Feeling comfortable accepting whatever is next like it isn't a challenge. Comfortably doing something different so nobody else thinks it's a problem. Doing something different so it's likable. Having to do something different that doesn't scare anyone else. Feelings about being honest about doing something different. Feelings about someone intelligently having to do something for you so you like why it isn't difficult. Feeling good about other people is why you don't have to worry.

Curry dreams may be common to people being taught something by someone already very good at whatever is being taught. Teaching that may be trying to make you feel good learning like it's made easy and not serious for you.

Example: A man dreamed of curry sauce being poured over his head before running away. In waking life he had attended his first Reiki training and attunement the day before. He claimed that the session was powerful, but he still doesn't have strong skills. In this case the curry sauce being poured over his head may have reflected his feelings about the Reiki training teacher always being kind to him while trying to make him like Reiki training or about his Rieki teacher trying to make him like the difficulty of Reiki made easy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of learning to make curry with bitter melon. In waking life she had been instructed by her doctor to eat bitter melon. In this case the curry symbolism may have reflected her feelings about her doctor trying to be kind about explaining health information to her regarding bitter melon so it was easy to understand.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his friend making curry and telling him to dish out his own into a bowl, but he the soup ladle was his coffee scoop. In waking life he had to speak to his friend to help him out World of Warcraft. In this case the curry requiring a coffee scoop have reflected the man's feelings about trying to make his friend feel comfortable having difficult situation made easy with his help for his friend, but possibly feeling that it was more than he wanted to do.

Example 4: A man dreamed of walking down a hallway and reaching a convention center called "Qi Gong, Grand Towers Curry." In waking life the dreamer was taking a Tai Chi/Qigong class and finding it very challenging. In this case the odd naming of the building with "curry" at the end may have reflected his feelings about talking to people who were professional at Tai Chi/Qigong who tried to feel good that he didn't feel stupid learning it.


To dream of custard represents feelings about a special occasion that took its time to deserve to enjoy it being simple, easy, and comfortable without needing to be discussed. Feelings about a situation that took its time to make it special about being simple, easy, and comfortable that's careful about not wanting you to say anything bad about it. Deserving to enjoy a situation that has been prepared with special attention without the need for further discussion or clarification. Feelings about deserving to enjoy a carefully prepared and straightforward experience that doesn't usually take its time to do that.

Positively, dreaming of custard might indicate that you are relishing an occasion or circumstance that has been thoughtfully orchestrated to be smooth and pleasurable. It represents the emotional or psychological payoff for patience, planning, or careful attention to detail. The dream may also signify a moment where complexities have been reduced, allowing you to enjoy the simple pleasures that have been crafted just for you.

Negatively, dreaming about custard could imply that you feel a situation has been overly catered to your comfort or ease with special attention, to the point where it may feel insincere or too accommodating. Something is being made to appear simpler or more pleasurable than it actually is, perhaps masking underlying complications or dishonesty. An overemphasis on making everything easy, perhaps to avoid uncomfortable discussions or confrontations.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing custard. In waking life, he was finally getting the opportunity to clean his difficult elderly father's property of an enormous amount of garbage because his father was preoccupied with moving which made the difficult cleaning job very easy. His father was usually quite difficult and stubborn about anything being cleaned, but the need to move made his father open to almost everything unimportant being thrown in the garbage. In this case, the custard may have reflected his feelings about how the preparations for moving homes resulted in unexpected ease and smoothness in the cleaning process, providing him a special occasion to enjoy something that was typically difficult. The dream may have also captured his feelings about deserving to relish in this unique moment, with no need for further discussions or justifications with his usually difficult father.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of being in a cafeteria and looking for custard all on its own without any other food. No matter where he looked he couldn't find it. In waking life, he was looking for something that he was finding explicitly difficult to get a hold of. What he wanted was complicated and difficult to find on its own. In this case, having difficulty finding the custard may have reflected his jealousy of not being able to deserve to enjoy a solution to his problems that was simple, easy, comfortable, and carefully prepared with special attention that he believed he deserved because he was out of touch with the situation.

Danish Pastry

To dream of Danish pastry may represent feelings of indulging in an experience that is sophisticated and grown-up, enjoying the feeling of being able to handle such experiences. You may be trusting yourself and indulging in an experience that is not too good to be true. It could symbolize the enjoyment of feeling that you are never challenged for being as sophisticated or grown-up as you say you are. Danish pastry in dreams may represent the satisfaction of indulging in a sophisticated experience that never embarrasses you. Enjoying indulging in an experience where you can handle yourself being as grownup as you say you are.

Negatively, dreaming about Danish pastry may represent overindulging in an experience that feels too good to be true or overly indulgent. You may be hesitant to trust an experience because it seems too indulgent or unreal. Danish pastry could also symbolize a need for balance in your life between indulgence and self-control. The dream may indicate that it may not be safe to enjoy indulging in being as grown-up as you want to be.

To dream of a cheese danish pastry may represent feelings of ease associated with an experience that feels sophisticated, grown-up, while enjoying handling it working out nicely with nothing getting back at you.

Example: A man dreamed of deciding to buy a few cheese danishes and experienced his debit card folding in half. His mother tried to unfold the debit card. In waking life, the man accidentally got double billed for a purchase he made online, and nothing was ever delivered. He had to fix the problem with his bank. In this case, the cheese danish in the dream may have reflected his initial feelings of enjoying the online purchase, feeling sophisticated about being cheaper and faster than going to a store in person, while never talking to his wife about it first.


To dream of dried date fruits represents enjoying feeling sophisticated because something is better being wasted a little bit, but not completely. A mature opportunity because something is slightly wasted.


To dream of eating dessert represents pleasant feelings about something being over. You may be treating yourself or giving yourself a reward now that a difficulty has finished. Indulging in or celebrating your success. Satisfaction with a job well done.

Consider the type of fruit or flavor of the dessert for additional symbolism.

*Please See Whipped Cream


To dream of dough represents something uninteresting that you want to make more interesting. A boring offer or situation that you want to make more attractive.


To dream of a donut represents idle time, enjoying time off, or taking a break. It may also reflect time being wasted.

The flavor of the donut adds additional symbolism. For example, a chocolate donut may symbolize your feelings about treating yourself to break.


To dream of drinks represents feelings about a situation being perfectly easy or exactly the way you want it.

To dream of a spilling drinks represents problems or embarrassments that have arisen with issues you felt should be easy.

To dream of spilling a drink on clothes may represent a disappointment you have to carefully take care of or keep taking about until it's fixed.

*Please See Beverages

*Please See Wine

*Please See Beer

*Please See Bottled Water

*Please See Soft Drinks

*Please See Drinking


To dream of an eggplant represents feelings about an experience that's beneficial about needing to be mature about thinking it's important to not view something embarrassing as important. Feelings about it being beneficial to be grown up about not thinking of something embarrassing as interesting. Feeling that it benefits you to be mature about seeing the unimportance of viewing an embarrassing situation as a problem. Feeling that it's beneficial to help someone not embarrass themselves by being mature and thinking of the embarrassment like it wasn't important.

Negatively, an eggplant may reflect feelings of annoyance or frustration that you are being pushed or encouraged to view an issue in a mature or unembellished manner. Feelings of being overlooked or misunderstood, especially when you believe that an embarrassing or complex situation deserves more attention than it's getting. Perhaps you feel that others are downplaying your concerns or making light of something you find serious or challenging.

Example: A woman dreamed of an eggplant. In waking life, she sought advice from a professional but didn't believe the advice addressed the problem because she felt her problem was more interesting or intricate than the advice given to her suggested. In this case, the eggplant may have reflected her feelings about the professional seeing her situation as something that needed a straightforward, mature approach without giving weight to the intricacies she felt were significant.


To dream of fresh or unopened eggs represents the potential for something new to happen. Creative potential. Feelings about a change or new possibility being close to happening. A need to carefully nurture your plans.

To dream of cracked or open eggs represents action being taken or something that is finally happening. Birth. "Hatching" a new idea or plan.

To dream of eating eggs represents feelings of imminence or that a change is pending. Confidence that something is going to happen. A situation or experience that you know is unstoppable. Negatively, it may reflect your need to accept the consequences of your actions. Benefiting from destroying others future plans.

If the eggs are scrambled this may reflect a commitment on a set coarse. A lack of importance being felt for a situation that is starting to happen.

To dream of hard boiled eggs may represents feelings about new situations being started or made easier through intentional aggravation. "Softening" something up with pressure or problems to make it easier to start. Preparation to make a desired beginning easier.

Negatively, hard boiled egg may reflect regret for having used problems or negative situations as a means to pressure something to start happening easier than normal. Intentionally making something easier to occur by pushing it. Making a bad situation too easy. Amplifying problems or negative excuses to make something start happening knowing full well that someone else doesn't want it to happen at all. Making something so easy or aggravated that you force it happen for your own selfish gains. Cheating to insure a desired beginning.

Example: A man dreamed of his Grandmother serving him cooked eggs. In waking life his grandmother forced the man's lazy father to finally start cleaning his backyard. The cooked eggs reflected the imminence of the cleaning that was about to take place.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of cooking eggs and then getting yolk all over the frying pan handle. In waking life she had finally decided to start confronting her husband about potential cheating and felt that it ended up causing more tension than before. The egg yolk on the frying pan handle may have reflected her feelings of embarrassment or carelessness about confronting her husband so directly and quickly.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a hard boiled egg. In waking life he had forced himself to find excuses to easily break up with his girlfriend and now regretted it.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of peeling a boiled egg. In waking life she felt that her ex-boyfriend has purposely gotten into a fight with his current girlfriend to have an excuse to hang out with her and have sex with her.

English Muffin

To dream of an English Muffin represents a quality experience of feeling that you don't have problems or don't have notice anyone else's problems. Feelings about a situation being lovely that everything happening is easy. Confidently beginning a situation believing that nothing is wrong. A experience that noticeably feels that nothing is permanently losing because it's easy to change whatever you want. Feeling that everything in your life is listening to you. Feeling that you don't have to listen to anyone else tell you that you aren't just fine the way you are. Nothing laughs at you without having to think twice about it.

Negatively, dreaming of an English muffin may reflect a snobby or entitled sense of confidence about never needing to notice any problems. Noticing you are better than other people as though it doesn't even matter. Ease of not having to notice any problems that is ignorant to other people. Feeling that you are not in love with everything going in a situation, but you are not worried. No humor about not worrying about anything at all with ease.

Example: A woman dreamed of not being served the English muffin that she ordered. In waking life she had issues with values and faith of new location she moved to once she got married.


To dream of espresso represents feeling good doing something new faster than other people. A situation in your life where you wish to enjoy being helped to learn or become familiar with something quicker than normal. Liking to stay "ahead of the game." Feeling sophisticated or professional with how you approach something new.

To dream of wanting espresso and not being able to have it may reflect your frustrations with not being able to find or use an advantage to get ahead faster. A lack of sophisticated resources or solutions. Feeling like a loser because you are behind.

*Please See Coffee


To dream that there is an expiration on something represents your feeling that time may be running out. You may feel that an opportunity is at risk or that you'll miss your chance. You may feel a need for expediency. You may fear that you'll never complete a project or task.

Consider the numbers of the expiration date for additional meaning.

Feta Cheese

To dream of feta cheese represents feelings of being easily supported deserving the right to enjoy having everyone like you the way you are more than you usually do without having to speak about it. Feelings of being supported deserving to enjoy thinking of yourself the way you are without a problem, easier than you usually do. Enjoying deserving family life supporting you the way you are with ease without having to talk about yourself too much.

Negatively, dreaming about feta cheese may represent feelings about overdoing expecting to be easily supported and deserving to enjoy people liking you the way you are without a discussion. Embarrassing yourself thinking a contract will be easily renewed without renegotiation naively believing people like you and support you without questioning it.

Example: A young woman dreamed of scooping out ruined feta cheese on spinach from a microwave to eat. In waking life, her boss told her that the company was considering not renewing her contract next year. In this case, the feta cheese may have reflected her initial feelings about saying things on her contract renewal request to make her superiors choose to be supportive of her contract being renewed without negotiations with ease. She may have been naive about believing her superiors would support her easily renewing her current contract without needing to talk about it.



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