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To dream of a hamburger represents feelings about an straightforward settling of a problem the way you wanted to that isn't complicated. No jealousy in basic needs indulged that doesn't require intelligence. Strength that sustains you that doesn't need an explanation for why it mattered. Simplicity that resolves a problem, but doesn't have to be professional. Satisfaction that isn't serious. Confidence that a choice will work that doesn't need to be sophisticated. Simple power that doesn't need to be intelligent. Heaviness that satisifys you with strength that doesn't need to be a genius. Nothing uncomfortable about why a choice satisfied what you needed. Feeling good not saying anything you're doing in a problem because you can take care of it in simple manner.

Negatively, a hamburger may reflect easy sex without any emotional component. Waking life situations involving power, but leave you unsatisfied. Enjoying something that lacks some intellectual, emotional, physical, or even spiritual component that makes you feel whole. Satisfaction of settling something temporary without any long-term satisfaction. Not seeing yourself as satisfied for the rest of your life. A temporary choice that is not as beneficial for you as long-term permanent solution. Situations in waking life where you disagree with other people's choices because they lack sophistication and leave you unsatisfied.

Example: A man dreamed of eating a hamburger. In waking life he was told he could marry a really beautiful girl, but because of her personality he was unsatisfied by the offer. The hamburger in this case may have reflected his feelings about enjoying the possibility of indulging in having sex with the beautiful girl, but feeling there would never be any intellectual or emotional connection due to personality differences.

Example 2: A 16 year-old boy dreamed of wearing a hamburger suit. In waking life he was projecting an overconfident attitude about his driving abilities to others before he actually had to take his drivers test. The hamburger suit may have reflected his personality trying to project himself as a straightforward strong skilled driver that shouldn't be complicated to accept. He may have also trying to project a fake confident attitude about to other people to trust him as a good driver as though there was nothing overly sophisticated or serious about it.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of ordering a hamburger from a country store. In waking life she was experiencing financial difficulties and stress to find a new place to live. In this case the hamburger she order from the country store may have reflected her need to rely on family to settle her financial or housing problem temporarily because asking family was a straightforward and uncomplicated temporary solution.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of her friend ordering a hamburger that takes 3 hours to make. I waking life she disagreed with her friend's choices while her friend seemed to override all discussion and would get irritated if disagreed with. In this case the hamburger may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about her friend wasting time settling a problem while also reflecting the dreamer's view of the choice being unsatisfactory and not sophisticated enough.

Example 5: A man dreamed of cooking hamburgers in the oven, while noticing that his wife looked like she was on drugs. In waking life the man had entered alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous. In this case the hamburgers that were cooking may have reflected his feelings about comfortably settling his addiction problem by attending the meetings like it was a straightforward decision with nobody laughing at him handling himself.

Hard Liquor

*Please See Liquor


To dream of Heineken beer represents a relaxed attitude about an issue where the worst or hardest part of something difficult is over while you feel good taking some time off with mindfulness of not being lazy. Feeling that you don't have to relax for the rest of your life, but you do need to relax in the current moment. Feelings about being not being a lazy person, but don't need to work right now. Feeling good being professional at your job and deserving to take some time off to not worry about it in the current moment. Finding balance between work and relaxation. Taking time off while not being lazy about anticipating more work to come. Professionally deserving time off because work isn't pressing concern right now. Deserving to relax because you are not needed in the office or to work right now. Interim relaxing. A relaxed attitude that is confident about affording time off. Handling work, but not having to go back to it yet.

Negatively, dreaming about Heineken beer represents a tendency to procrastinate, become complacent or overindulge in relaxation at the expense of productivity. A lack of urgency or accountability when facing pending tasks or responsibilities. Overconfidence in one's ability to afford time off, or taking a break when it's not yet deserved or appropriate. It can also reflect an overemphasis on leisure and enjoyment, risking potential future work opportunities or neglecting present obligations.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Heineken t-shirt. In waking life, he was recently hired for a new job that he hadn't started yet. In this case, the Heineken beer t-shirt may have reflected his feelings of relief and relaxation after the stress of job hunting was over, coupled with his anticipation for starting his new job. He felt he deserved a period of relaxation and respite before the new professional challenges began.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a big Heineken bottle in the center. In waking life, he finished a small job he had to do and decided to take some time off while being aware that he had to go back to his regular work whenever he was ready. In this case, the Heineken may have reflected his choice to take a well-earned break after completing a demanding task. The large Heineken bottle in the center of his dream symbolized his conscious decision to prioritize relaxation and leisure for the time being, while still acknowledging his professional responsibilities awaiting in the near future. The dream indicated his understanding of the importance of balance between work and relaxation.


To dream of a herb represents making a situation more interesting, special, or with zest than normal. Looking at a situation from a different perspective. Your wish to make a situation different than usual. Doing something different to make a situation work. Changes that are both different and good for you. Trying something new to get an advantage.

Negatively, dreams of herbs may be reflect feeling that that you don't need to do anything
substance because you can simply do something different than other people do to trick people into making a situation work. Dishonest or evil intentions to do something different to make getting back at someone work when normal methods don't work. Terrible jealousy that care about special care about doing something different to get back at someone. Dishonest attempts to get an advantage.

Dreams of herbs commonly accompany symbolism of magic, black magic, or witches.

Consider the type of the herb for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of a lovely herb garden. In waking life she was a teacher unhappy with her income and poor treatment at the current school she was at. She was looking for a new job. In this case the herb garden may have reflected her growing thoughts about trying to get a different job or career to make her life more interesting.


To dream of honey represents feelings of kindness that never wants you to feel stupid. Easiness that is nice to you all the time. Feelings about everything being wonderfully caring about your feelings with nothing wrong at all. Specialness where every single thing cares about your feelings. Behavior or an experience that feels good being generously nice about every single thing you are feeling. Feeling good that everything you are feeling counts and can't believe it doesn't have to stop. A situation that feels good all the time without thinking twice about stopping it. Situations where you or someone else is perfectly wonderful or giving. You or someone else that is trying their hardest to make someone else feel good or do everything for them. A general feeling of well-being or satisfaction. Feeling that people never stop being nice to you or your own attempt to be extra nice to other people all the time. Unquestioned loving support of a romantic partner. The "sweetness" of the personality. Feeling good that nothing is ever wrong.

Alternatively, dreaming about honey may reflect feelings about pleasure, sexual experiences, or luxury.

Negatively, dreaming about honey may reflect feelings about a selfish need for pleasure or generous non-stop support. Feeling that everyone is nice to you all the time on the condition that you do something or try something. Feeling good that nothing is ever wrong when it annoys someone else.

To dream of honey in a hive represents a risky reward. Taking a chance to feel good or gain something. An goal or objective that is dangerous to have.

Example: A girl dreamed of being offered free honey that disgusted her. In waking life she needed a job badly and was only offered an unpaid internship. The honey that disgusted her reflected her feelings a generous job experience opportunity that she felt was selfish about using her for free labor.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of putting honey on her air. In waking life she was trying extra hard to be nice to people.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of the moon beaming the taste of honey in her mouth and then losing it being left only remembering it. In waking life she was a reborn Christian. In this case the honey she tasted may have reflected her feelings about people in her church being extra nice to her after she became a reborn Christian after she was initiated and then not having to be extra nice to her afterwards because she wasn't a new church member anymore.

Hot Chocolate

To dream of hot chocolate represents feelings of treating yourself to comfort, emotional warmth, and reassurance that your life is normal. Homeliness or coziness that feels "safe as can be" that doesn't speak about anything being a problem. Feeling that nothing is tragic because everything will work out. Being the boss or being angry isn't important because you can be comfortable the way you are. Comfort that nothing in your life has a problem. A comforting presence or someone offering reassurance and emotional warmth amidst your anxieties. It may also reflect encouragement or sympathy during a tough time. Reassurance no matter what happens. Thinking about an alternative option to a problem that feels more comfortable, emotionally warmer, or reassuring than the problem.

Negatively, dreaming about hot chocolate may represent feelings of excess or lack of discipline associated with comfort-seeking behaviors. Overdoing feelings of comfort, emotional warmth, and reassurance that your life is normal to the point of being lazy. Expectations that "everything will work out" without taking proactive measures to ensure stability. Using the idea of comfort and reassurance as a way to avoid confronting a very real fear you have.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of her gym teacher sitting with a blanket and hot chocolate. The teacher said she was going to help. The dreamer felt relieved because she was still alive and wouldn't be losing any friends. In waking life, the dreamer was scared of losing her best friend and that she'd do something to make her best friend not like her anymore. In this case, the hot chocolate may have reflected her feelings of comfort, emotional warmth, and reassurance that her friendship wasn't over because she had a plan she thought would work.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing forests destroyed and then speaking to her grandmother, who gave her a cup of hot chocolate. In waking life, she was frustrated by the government approving cutting down forests in order to allow the construction of buildings for the city. In this case, the hot chocolate may have reflected her feelings of comfort, emotional warmth, and reassurance she felt about her own life being normal when considering that there was nothing she could do about her frustrations and concerns about the environmental issues except think of eventually moving.

Hot Dog

To dream of a hot dog represents a temporary indulgence in power that isn't serious. Temporarily satisfying a need to prove yourself in an unimportant way. Temporarily relieving yourself of a craving or urge. A satisfying or comforting distraction.

Temporarily satisfying sexual urges. Something positive or enjoyable that can't be sustained forever.A hot dog in a dream may represent "fling" relationships or enjoying yourself while knowing a better option may available later on. Sometimes a hot dog in a dream can reflect temporary sexual indulgences with references to the male penis. Masturbation. A craving for sex when your partner doesn't share the same degree of craving.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone holding a hot dog. In waking this this man was practicing abstinence and having trouble avoiding masturbation. The hot dog being held reflected his view of masturbation being a temporary pleasure that wasn't good for his long term goals.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of throwing a hot dog at her boyfriend's head. In waking life she was was refusing to have sex with him to punish him during an argument.

*Please See Relish

Hot Sauce

To dream of hot sauce represents risk that makes your life or a current situation more interesting. Feeling good being wise about making a situation more interesting or lethal than it already is. Feeling good getting away with making something more interesting, risky, or dangerous. Feeling good changing something that makes a situation more interesting, risky, or dangerous. Feeling good making a situation more interesting just to see what it might do. Feeling good being impressive with a change. Not liking putting up with boredom, stagnation, or impatience. Innovation that may feel a little bit risky. Enjoying creativity that is more interesting or risky than you usually do.

Negatively, dreaming of hot sauce may reflect a wish to be impressive with interesting changes that maybe too risky, dangerous, or potentially lethal for other people to be comfortable with. Interesting ideas or changes that other people are not as comfortable with as you are. Feeling good about innovation when it's not appropriate.

Ice Cream

To dream of ice cream represents the act of comforting yourself or adopting habits to lift your spirits amid a negative situation. Cheering up from bad situation. It signifies the need to tend to your emotional well-being during trying times. The dream highlights how you choose to console yourself during disappointments, losses, or moments of feeling down, as well as your efforts to cheer up and heal from these difficult situations.

To dream of vanilla ice cream represents comforting yourself with an option that is plain, simple, and safe as can be.

Favorite flavors may symbolize your preferred emotions during a difficult or unpleasant moment. How you like to feel when you need to cheer up. Consider the flavor for additional meaning.

To dream of red ice cream represents a coping mechanism or comforting oneself that is passionate or dangerous. Comforting oneself by never stopping doing something or doing something a lot more than usual. Negatively, red ice cream may be a sign that you may be choosing risky dangerous behavior to cheer yourself up. Red ice dream may also reflect gambling, sex, drug use, or alcoholism used to cheer up.

See the themes section for other colors.

Example: A woman dreamed of going for ice cream while she was at the beach. In waking life, she had just broken up with her boyfriend and was deciding to spend time with family and friends to help herself get over it. In this case, the ice cream may have reflected the woman's choice to seek comfort and emotional support from her family and friends as a way to cope with the breakup and move forward in her life. The dream highlights her efforts to cheer herself up and heal from the difficult situation.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of her ice cream falling off the cone onto the ground. In waking life, she had initially tried to be happy about her mother's new baby but couldn't maintain her enthusiasm because her mother started to ignore her. She was jealous of no longer being the only child in the family. In this case, the ice cream falling off may have reflected the loss of her coping mechanism and her struggle to adapt to the changing family dynamics.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of eating ice cream. In waking life, his brother had recently passed away and he was still grieving. In this case, the ice cream may have reflected his need to feel comforted or cheer up about his dead brother.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a close male friend understanding her craving for vanilla ice cream and getting her some. In waking life, she was experiencing a difficult time with unemployment while enjoying talking to this close male friend. In this case, the vanilla ice cream may have reflected her feelings of comfort, simplicity, and safety found through her interactions with her close male friend during a challenging time.

Ice Cream Sandwich

To dream of a ice cream sandwich represents feelings that being comfortable or taken care of is mandatory. Not caring about anyone else's feelings in order to feel better about yourself. Treating yourself during a bad time or crisis to order to keep feel comforted. Feeling comforted in knowing that you did the best you could with a problem. Insensitive methods of making yourself feel better.

Positively, dreaming of eating an ice cream sandwich may reflect your reluctant choice to totally humiliate of someone arrogant, controlling, or abusive in order to restore comfort to your life. Lying, cheating, or being extremely rude to someone else to maintain your comfortable life when it feels threatened.

Negatively, an ice cream sandwich may reflect wasting money to feel better about yourself after a disaster or disappointment. Hurting or humiliating someone else in order to secure a compromise that makes you feel better about yourself. Behavior that is focused on feeling better about yourself when someone doesn't like you.

Example: A man dreamed of eating an ice cream sandwich. In waking life his father was arrogantly withholding $200,000 from him that was promised after the sale of a house and he had to totally humiliate his father in from of the whole family in order to embarrass his father in to giving him his money and letting him move on with his life. He got some of his money and then had to spend it all rebuilding his life on his own. The ice dream sandwich in this case may have reflected the man's need to be unusually insensitive action towards his father in order to feel good about his own life.

Ice Cream Sundae

To dream of an ice cream sundae represents comfort you feel from know something difficult or dangerous is over with. Feeling good knowing you don't have to take any more risks.

Alternatively, dreaming about an ice cream sundae may represents enjoyment from comforting social gatherings. Enjoying discussing some area of your life with others in a support group. Enjoying be listened to.

Ice Cubes

To dream of ice cubes used in drinks represents feelings about reducing stress or increasing comfort levels. Feelings about prolonging comfort or stress reduction. Encouraging less worrying for as long as possible. Behavior or options that makes enjoying not caring about problems easier than normal. Feeling good keeping yourself away from stress. Using people to reduce stress. Accepting or avoiding a problem to reduce stress. Choosing to be laid back about accepting a situation as it is.

To see dream of ice cubes melting represents feelings about options for reducing stress slowly becoming less effective. Options for increasing comfort levels being less effective. Feeling that time is slowly running out on choices made that helped you prolong comfort or worry less.

To dream of being unable to find ice cubes reflects life situations that limit your ability to feel comfortable or reduce stress easily. Feelings about having no options to relax with ease during a negative situation.

To dream of ice shaped liked a cube (not ice cubes from your refrigerator) may represent feelings about difficult unresolved situations that you can't do much about. Feeling that you don't deserve to confront unresolved issues. Uncertainty or negativity that is "frozen" or intentionally unaddressed. Issues left unconfronted or at a standstill.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing ice cubes in the refrigerator. In waking life she got notified that her surgery was cancelled while doctors seemed uninterested in notifying her of a new surgery date no matter how hard she tried. The ice cubes in this case may have reflected her feelings about having the ability to choose reducing stress by not avoiding inquiring about the surgery date.

*Please See Ice


To dream of icing represents exceptional extra effort to show you care about someone else's feelings. Efforts to make absolutely sure someone else has to like something. Feeling good that something wonderful is happening all the time. Feelings about the best part of an enjoyable special experience. Feelings about yourself or other people taking the time to make something extra special. Full special treatment with finest details. Special treatment sexually. Feelings about the most special event or opportunity of your life.

Negatively, dreaming about icing may represent feelings about believing nobody can stop you from dishonesty enjoying perfect special treatment. Dishonest or immoral enjoyment of special sexual opportunities.

To dream of no icing on a cake represents may reflect feelings about a special occasion without concern for anything special. A dull gesture for a special occasion. No extra effort taken for a special occasion. Feeling that nothing wonderful happens during a special occasion. Feelings about nobody taking extra care or time to make something extra special.

Example: A woman dreamed of delicious icing on a cake that was quickly eaten by others and leaving her only a single slice. In waking life she was enjoying a love triangle with two men. In fact, right before the dreamer went to bed before having the dream she said to herself "I'll have my cake and eat it, too."


*Please See Jelly


To dream of jawbreaker candy represents feeling good experiencing a challenge. Enjoying having to be slow and patient with something difficult. Feeling good being kept on your toes or noticing how hard something is all the time. Liking to feel something being difficult to handle or control.



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