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The letter T in a dream represent a crossroads. A junction in life where you have to make a decision.

T is the 20th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 20 represents conflict with power.


To dream of a t-shirt represents the personality being casual and informal approach to life that doesn't require sophistication. The personality behaving comfortable and relaxed without needing to do anything too serious. A reflection of the dreamer's ability to let go of stress and enjoy the simpler aspects of life.

Consider the color or design of the t-shirt for additional meaning.

Negatively, dreaming about a t-shirt represent feelings about yourself or lifestyle being too casual, information, or lacking sophistication. Overing doing casual behavior when it might not being appropriate. Feeling as though casual and informal demeanor is inappropriate in certain situations or that you are not living up to others' expectations. A casual attitude with a lack of discipline. Feeling that you are inadequate or not sophisticated enough for a situation or relationship. Unhealthy reliance on casualness or informality, leading to complacency or stagnation in personal growth. A warning to the dreamer that they may need to take a more serious and disciplined approach to certain aspects of their life.

Example: A man dreamed of wearing a t-shirt and shorts and being looked at by a hotel desk clerk with disgust while seeing his girlfriend dressed in a stunning outfit. In waking life, the man felt that this girlfriend was too good for him because she was beautiful. In this case, the t-shirt may have reflected his feelings about himself being used to himself being casual, informal, without needing sophistication compared to his girlfriend's more polished and sophisticated appearance, which led to feelings of inadequacy and insecurity in the relationship.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of herself dressed in a t-shirt and jeans while her husband was dressed in a green suit. In waking life, she wanted to move out of the house temporarily to support her drug addicted son in a separate apartment to keep him away from other family members with the drug habit. In this case, the t-shirt may have reflected her feelings about herself having a more casual or informal approach to marriage with the option to temporarily move out of the home while dealing with the son's drug addiction, while the husband's business suit may have reflected a more professional married family life personality.


To dream of a table that can be sat at represents a sense of openness and willingness to engage in a situation or experience. It may reflect your readiness to participate in an event or opportunity, and your acceptance of whatever may come from it. The dream may also symbolize a desire for connection and social interaction, or a need to establish a sense of community or belonging. Additionally, dreaming of a table that can be sat at may represent a willingness to listen to others and consider their perspectives, or a desire to have your own thoughts and ideas heard and valued. Getting true feelings out in the open or putting your feelings "on the table." A waking life situation where something significant has happened and you can't do anything except think or talk about what you're doing next. Hope for a resolution or closure.

Negatively, a table may reflect unpleasant feelings about openess or willingness to engage in a situation or experience. A sense of forced participation or social pressure to conform to a certain situation or group. Arguments. Feeling ignored by people who socially engage with each other while ignoring you. Unpleasant feelings about more than one person expressing their true thoughts or feelings out in the open. Not feeling good about socially engaging with people.

To dream of table filled with broken dishes and spilled food may represent a sense of openness or willingness to engage with others that is overshadowed by arguments and conflicts betweem family and friends. Chaos and disruption that was happening in his relationships. Feeling that too many people keep safely talking to you about not liking other people. Feelings of disappointment, failure, or chaos in a situation or relationship.

To dream of setting a table for a dinner party, but no one showed up represents feeling isolated and lonely, and struggling to make meaningful connections with others. Rejection and disappointment. A sense of openess and willingness to enagge in a situation or experience that embarrasses you with never happening.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing people sitting at a table. In waking life he was having anxiety about getting to know a girl he liked. The table may have reflected his sense of openness and willingness to engage with the girl he liked , despite his anxiety in an experience where him and girl got all their true feelings out in the open or putting their feelings "on the table."

Example 2: A man dreamed of laughing at a table. In waking life, his corrupt father, who had manipulated him out of all his life savings, had died, leaving him all the money in his will. In this case, the table may have reflected the man's sense of openness and willingness to engage with the situation brought by his father's death and the inheritance that followed. The laughing at the table may also represent his relief at the end of his father's manipulation and the start of a new chapter in his life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of sitting at a table with a woman he was in love with, who wanted to discuss a list with him. In waking life, the man began to realize that the woman he loved did not reciprocate his feelings as he noticed various clues that made it obvious. He was struggling to move on from her. In this case, the table may have reflected the man's desire for connection and social interaction with the woman, despite the unpleasantness of engaging with her about her true feelings towards him.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of sitting at a table with his fiance and his fiance's deceased father. In waking life he was having issues with wanting the approval of the fiance's dead father shortly before the wedding. In this case the table may have reflected the dreamer's openess or willingness to engage in conversation about his upcoming wedding plans while being distracted with oversensitivity about the dead father's approval.

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To dream of tablecloth represents feelings of respectfully noticing everything that is possible. Doing whatever you can to respect other people. An attitude that respectfully encourages respecting a person or situation completely with all possibilities. Respecting yourself noticing no emptiness noticing a situation together with other people. Respecting social interaction, encourages ideas, or discussions. A belief in civility, kindness, respect, or patience while dealing with other people.

Negatively, a tablecloth may represents dishonesty or low morality that goes too far to respect a situation or person. Feelings of being stretched too far to respect keeping a relationship or situation going. Wasting time believing that civility, patience, or talking will help a situation. Feeling that other people are not trying as hard as you are to give a situation or relationship a full chance.

To dream of setting a white tablecloth may reflect a wish to create an honest or clean social atmosphere. Respectfully encouraging only honest ideas or discussions. Disliking other people wanting dishonest things from you in order to making a social or living arrangement respected.

Consider the color and design of the tableclothes for additonal symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone packing up tableclothes. In waking life she was finished trying to respect her marriage with her husband. She had decided it was time to move on from the marriage and move away. The tableclothes being put away in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings of being finished trying to respect her husband by making every possible attempt to respect every possibility to keep the marriage alive.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of putting down white tablecloths on a table and feeling that people were angry at her. In waking life she was uncomfortable with the idea of needing to have sex with someone in order to respect them allowing her live in side their home. The white tablecloths in this case being placed on tables with people angry at her may have reflected her feelings about trying to respect the person she was living with as much as honestly as possible without having sex with them as payment to live with them.


To dream of stone tablets represents feelings about ideas or beliefs being very important to remember. It may also reflect very strict rules or fundamental beliefs. Setting rules or a code of conduct for yourself that is "in stone,"

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To dream of being tackled represents obstacles that are getting in your way or preventing you from reaching your goals. Someone or something may be trying to bring you down as you work towards a goal.

To dream of tackling someone else represents your wish to prevent someone or something from continuing on it's path.


To dream of something tacky represents feelings about a situation or an aspect of yourself that lacks sophistication, elegance, or good taste. It could be a reflection of feeling out of place, inauthentic, or as if you're not meeting the standards of a particular group or situation. Feelings about choices not being good enough or not tasteful enough when the people making the choices think they're incredible. Feelings about choices looking stupid liking something too much while lacking appropriateness for the occasion. Feelings about a person or situation lacking authentic appeal.

Positively, dreaming about something tacky could symbolize embracing your individuality and not conforming to societal norms or standards. It could also represent the feeling of being unique, original, or not caring about what others think. Unpretentiousness. Embracing your unique personality and values instead.

Negatively, dreaming about something tacky might symbolize feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy, or discomfort. Your concern over negative perceptions from others or your own self-doubt. It could also suggest a fear of being judged, criticized, or not fitting in. Insecurity about your status, appearance, or conduct, suggesting a need for refinement and improvement.

To dream that giving cash as a gift feels 'tacky' could indicate feelings of inadequacy or insincerity about a gesture or act of giving. This might imply that you believe your gestures are not personalized, thoughtful, or adequate enough. Anxieties about the perception others have of your actions. Being self-conscious of appearing thoughtless, unrefined, or impersonal in your relationships. A lack of personal connection or understanding with the recipient of the gift.

To dream of a tacky hairstyle represents a thinking style that is perceived to be unimpressive with attempts at self-expression or confidence that may seem out of place, not in line with current trends, or lacking sophistication. A thinking style that feels out of place, inauthentic, or as if it's not meeting the standards of a particular group or situation. Feelings of embarrassment, unease, or a perception of failing to fit in socially. A perception of someone making an effort to be unique or make a statement, but falling short of the mark.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed that her ex-boyfriend was dressed in tacky clothing. In waking life, she felt everything had changed in their lives and there was no going back to their relationship. In this case, the ex-boyfriend wearing tacky clothing may have reflected her perception of her ex-boyfriend moving on with his life and changing as a person into someone that she felt lacked authentic appeal he once had that wasn't aligned with her own values and standards.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of her mother-in-law having a tacky hairstyle. In waking life, she felt that her mother-in-law would give unusual advice that seemed out of place. In this case, the tacky hairstyle may have reflected her perception of her mother-in-law's advice as outdated, unrefined, or not fitting the context or problem at hand.

Taco Bell

To dream of Taco Bell represents situations in your life that consistently provide easy safe experiences that feel good respecting yourself believing in yourself being interesting about having a good time without a problem while everyone else accepts it, but might not be good for you to repeat long-term. Easy, safe, or cheap experiences with family or friends for respecting yourself believing in yourself that feels good occasionally while it doesn't consider the long-term. Respecting yourself believing in yourself enjoying doing something for the first time while other people accept it without a problem, but not wanting to do it too much because you might look desperate. Feeling good having a good time being grown up in ways that won't cost you a lot or make anyone want to get you back as long as it's short-term. Experiencing yourself never embarrassing yourself respecting yourself while believing in yourself affording doing what friends and family like like to think of with you that might cause problems after prolonged time. Feel it's okay to enjoy quickly indulging in something that lets you safely, easily, and cheaply respect yourself believing in yourself being accepted doing things with friends or family while controlling yourself as an occasional experience. Feeling that it isn't a fight to believe in yourself in an interesting way without a fight, but might not be safe to do too much.

Negatively, dreaming about Taco Bell may represent overdoing feeling good being safe respecting yourself believing in yourself being interesting about having a good time without a problem while everyone else accepts it that that feels, but is causing problems long-term. Affording small expenses to respect yourself believing in yourself with family having a good time that may be costly or look desperate to want to do long-term. Spending money regularly for family or friends to respect themselves believing in themselves together that everyone likes, but that might cause long-term problems with cost or making people expect you to do that all the time.

To dream of working at a Taco Bell Restaurant may represent feelings about behavior that is being supportive of others safely and easily respecting themselves believing in themselves being interesting about having a good time without a problem with people accepting it which might not be beneficial long-term. Ongoing or repeated support for family or friends to respect themselves believing in themselves together that everyone likes, but that might cause long-term problems with cost or making people expect you to do that all the time.

People who work at Taco Bell may have dreams of Taco Bell if they are experiencing issues with work or coworkers. Also, consider how certain locations inside the building at work feel and how they may mirror waking life situations not related to work.

Fast food restaurants in dreams of any kind may be a sign that you feel having an experience that feels good in the present moment if it's quick or easy to get away with, but may have long-term consequences if don't stop.

Example: A woman dreamed of thinking of applying for a job at Taco Bell while at the mall, but decided to apply online at a later time. In waking life, she was pregnant with her fourth child and thought her home was too small. She also had a very busy husband who she felt didn't appreciate her. In this case, the wanting to apply for a job at Taco Bell at the mall may have reflected her wish to get her husband's approval to buy a bigger house that would allow her to be supportive of friends and family respecting themselves believing in themselves coming over all the time entertaining in small ways, but might annoy her husband with paying for it all long-term.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of going to Taco Bell on a date with her crush. In waking life, she kept feeling good taking chances trying to get closer to a boy she had a crush on. In this case, visiting Taco Bell may have reflected her feelings about enjoying respecting herself believing in herself having a good time being more interesting than usual being near her crush for the first time without considering the potential long-term consequences of looking desperate or socially risky being caught trying to get near him too much.


To dream of a taco represents feelings about an experience or option that is simple, safe, and flexible about letting you get away with believing in yourself that things are possible with enthusiasm, interest, or excitement without being too important. An experience or option that mixes ideas, people, or activities in your waking life that doesn't risk anything to let you believe in yourself however you want. Feeling that it's safe to have a good time with your friends believing in themselves with you. An experience or option that is inviting and easy to enjoy, offering a sense of versatility and spontaneity with trying something new. The ability to adapt to different situations with ease and enthusiasm. An openness to new opportunities, adventurous spirit, or curiosity about different experiences.

Negatively, dreaming about tacos may represent feelings of overdoing believing in yourself with other people doing something with enthusiasm, interest, or excitement that feels stupid that it isn't important.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of being taken to a restaurant to eat tacos by a guy she used to like who was attempting to set her up with a new guy. In waking life, she was craving the feeling of liking and meeting a new guy after a long time of not thinking about guys. In this case, the tacos may have reflected her renewed enthusiasm and interest in allowing herself to believe in the possibility of love again without any embarrassment or fear of judgment from others after emotionally recovering from her previous love interest.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being in a taco-eating contest. In waking life, he was trying to prove to his girlfriend that he could protect her and care for her. In this case, the taco contest may have reflected his attempt to believe in himself while impressing his girlfriend by showing off that he was tough enough to make her feel that protecting her all the time was simple, safe, flexible, and easy.


To dream of tadpoles represents feelings of something or someone in your life being impossibly avoidant. Feeling that you can't even try to do something without it quickly resulting in disappointment. Feeling that disappointment is intuitive about never allowing to try to do something you want. Feeling that getting close to something at all makes it less likely.

Dreams of tadpoles may reflect a woman's wish to get pregnant while trying to conceive when the man partner is always impossible to spend time with.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing tadpoles on her clothes after she washed them. In waking life she felt that her boyfriend was always avoiding her even after she discussed it with him. The tadpoles in this case may have reflected how impossible it felt to her to spend time with her boyfriend because life always seemed to ensure he had no choice about avoiding her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing tadpoles in a pond. In waking life she was trying to conceive, but her husband has to stay out of the country for employment. She felt life made it possible to even discuss conceiving a child.


To dream of a tail represents feelings about being unable to control a person or situation. Insensitive displays towards others showing that you can't be controlled. Confidence that you can't be told what to do. Making others feel stupid that they need to accept you the way you are.

Negatively, a tail may reflect feelings about being taunted or teased with experiences that are completely contrary to your wishes. Annoyances, complications, or people in your life that feel good taunting you with fear. Feelings about a person in your life that is feeling good being more dangerous than you. A casual display of intimidation. Arrogantly flaunting how dangerous you are.

To dream of chasing after your own tail may represent feelings about yourself or others hopelessly pursuing an answer to a problem. Desperation to avoid making a mistake that drives you embarrassment.
Circular thinking that is humiliatingly stupid.

To dream of a tail wagging represents you or someone else that feels good knowing they can't be told what to do. An embarrassing or over eager display of enthusiasm. Negatively, it may reflect a warning sign that someone is irritated or angry. Arrogant warning signs.

To dream of tail between the legs represents a reversed pride. An attitude that likes showing off that has been humbled or embarrassed. Fear and humiliation.

To dream of a tail being cut off represents feelings about yourself or others that can never show off ever again. An arrogant attitude that doesn't listen being embarrassed into listening. Careless neglect that has resulted in embarrassment.

To dream that you have a tail may reflect feelings about yourself being perceived by others as too dangerous or too weird.


To dream of a tailor represents expertise at adjusting a personality. Needing to adjust your personality for an important or serious reason. Intelligently adjust your personality towards someone else for the sake of appearances. Behavior that is professional about adjusting or presenting appearances of your personality. Behavior that is serious about wanting you to look good all the time. Behavior that is serious about making sure you look good not saying or doing anything you are not supposed to. Making sure you don't look stupid appearing a certain way. Needing help to look more professional or likable than you normally behave. Personal help you out so you don't look stupid to others with your appearances. Using professional advice before doing something important or serious so you look good. Someone older or more professional than you that helps you prepare or practice before an important event where good appearances are important. Situations where you are not an expert or genius at something, but you know someone that is that can help you look good. Behavior that isn't afraid to be mean to others about not doing something stupid ever again to help good appearances.

Negatively, a tailor may reflect needing to adjust your personality for someone you don't like. Help with preparation to lie so you don't look bad. Lawyers or other professionals that may not fear being mean to you so don't look stupid ever again. Annoyance that you need to intelligently adjust your personality towards someone else for the sake of appearances even if you don't like the person. Not liking needing to have to stop being snobby or lazy for the sake of good appearances. Trouble not being as professional as you want to be.

Example: A woman dreamed of needing to get her dress altered by a tailor. In waking life she was annoyed by needing change her behavior for her sister with whom she didn't get along with well.


To dream of taking represents feelings about choosing to do something without thinking it's a problem. Taking charge of your life, making decisive choices, or embracing opportunities that come your way. Feelings about a decision made out of convenience.

Positively, dreaming about taking something may represent your assertiveness and proactive approach in pursuing your goals or desires. A sense of empowerment. Motivation to take control of a situation, seize opportunities when they arise, or pursue goals. Gaining what you believe rightfully belongs to you. Acquiring, seizing, or claiming something in your waking life. Your ability to take control of a situation or make decisions that benefit you and those around you. The desire for ownership, possession, or the attainment of goals.

Negatively, dreaming about taking something may represent feelings of greed, selfishness, or taking advantage of others. Exploit a situation for personal gain. Fear of losing out. Feelings of envy, or overreach. A sense of entitlement. Feelings about taking something that doesn't belong to you, overstepping boundaries, or a lack of respect for others' rights or possessions. It could also suggest an imbalance in give-and-take in your relationships or situations. Alternatively, it may reflect concerns about being taken advantage of by others or a fear of facing the consequences of your actions.

To dream of something being taken from you represents your feelings of loss, vulnerability, or being taken advantage of. It signifies a sense of powerlessness or lack of control in a situation. It could indicate that someone or something is infringing upon your boundaries or taking away something valuable to you. This dream may also reflect your fear of being deprived or not having your needs met. Unresolved issues or conflicts related to trust, security, or personal boundaries. Feelings of betrayal or a fear of abandonment. A sense of injustice or unfairness in your waking life. A reflection of your insecurities, anxieties, or unresolved emotions related to past experiences of loss or trauma. It may be a reminder to set clear boundaries, assert yourself, and protect what is important to you.

Consider the context and emotions associated with the act of taking.

Example: A woman dreamed of people chasing her while fearing that they were coming to take her. In waking life, she was having problems finding a job while worrying about paying her bills and losing her home. In this case, her fear of people coming to take her may have reflected her anxieties and insecurities about losing her financial stability and her home due to the ongoing job search difficulties.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed that her high school crush had taken her out on a date. In waking life, her high school crush was beginning to speak to her more. In this case, being "taken" out on a date may have reflected the dreamer's feelings of excitement and empowerment as she saw her high school crush choosing to show more interest in her while she chose to go along with it.

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Takeout Food

To dream of takeout food represents of feeling good that someone did something for you and not having to care about what anyone else is thinking. Someone making it easy for you to get through a situation doesn't need explaining. Thoughts about something being done for you, but you don't have to stick around. Not difficult to have someone do something for you and not have to respect their way or talk about it.

Example: A man dreamed of smelling Chinese takeout. In waking life he was terminally ill and knew death was close at hand. He died shortly the next day. The Chinese takeout may have reflected his feelings about God or doctors finally letting him die and feeling good not having to discuss with with anybody. Feeling good noticing nothing matters not needing to discuss anything.


To dream of a talisman represents feelings about being powerfully protected with certainty by something unproven or unseen. Feeling that you have powerful unseen protection with you at all times. Feelings about carrying power that only requires you to reveal it to enact it. A sense of magical or spiritual powers.

Example: A woman dreamed of talisman with teeth embedded in it. In waking life she had gotten a restraining order against her husband with whom she had a physical altercation with.

Talk Show Host

To dream of a talk show host represents feelings about an aspect of yourself that shows off talking about only the most important or interesting parts of an issue. Intelligence about ignoring anything that isn't interesting with other people watching. Intelligence about leading others with openly discussing or thinking about an issue as much as possible. Intelligence about beginning and carrying out discussions with full disclosure with people listening.

Example: A woman dreamed of Whoopi Goldberg's talk show being cancelled. In waking life she was pregnant while going though a divorce. Dreaming about Whoopi Goldberg as a cancelled talkshow host in this case may have reflected her feelings about herself choosing to not openly discuss her divorce to people close to her because her pregnancy was a priority making her doubt whether she could afford a divorce.


To dream of talking to someone represents an aspect of yourself that you are thinking about a lot, considering, or noticing everything about. An idea, habit, or other person is expressing itself in your life. Self-discussion about an area of your life that you are considering with no action taking yet.

Talking may also reflect an introductory process of ideas or a relationship. being totally immersed in an idea or habit. Noticing an issue or problem all the time. Talking in a dream may also represent your feelings about another person you are getting to know or sharing ideas with. Telling yourself what you think you should do or articulating ideas to yourself.

Negatively, talking in a dream may reflect fears, insecurities, guilt, or jealousy that is influencing you. You are preoccupied with a problem. You are symbolically "talking to your fear" or choosing to notice a problem or negative thinking pattern before anything else. You may be consciously hearing the truth of a matter and are ignoring it. Wasting time considering starting a plan you have. Wasting time considering attempting to start a relationship.

Consider what is being said for additional meaning.

To dream of having difficulties talking to someone may represent difficulties expressing or articulating your ideas, getting support from others, or feeling that you're being ignored. Restrained anger or anxiety. A lack of confidence in expressing yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to a girl who had made him very insecure when he was in high school. In waking life he was starting to get very nervous about how difficult his life was getting. Talking to the girl reflected his insecurities about his life being on his mind all the time.

Example 2: A man dreamed of talking to a young Chinese girl he'd never seen before. In waking life he was starting to communicate with a business partner and learning about them.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of a talking to a girl for a long period of time. In waking life he liked this girl a lot and was considering asking her out on a date. He kept delaying taking action while regularly looking at her facebook photos.


To dream of a talkshow represents awareness of yourself openly discussing an issue with others. Purposely making a spectacle of a topic.

Negatively, a talkshow may reflect awareness of yourself controlling or orchestrating a conversation. Making a spectacle about discussing negative behavior like stealing, drug use, violence, or killing yourself.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a person speaking on a talkshow. In waking life he was openly discussing killing family members if he got ripped off for his inheritance.


To dream of being taller than others represents a sense of prominence, superiority, or feeling more important. Feeling that you or someone else is smarter, stronger, richer, more responsible, more adult, or more sophisticated. Feelings about not losing because one said so. A sense of influence or power. Feelings of bigger or better. Strength and capability.

Dreaming of something being taller may also represent better ideas or methods.

Negatively, dreaming of tall may reflect power or intelligence that you can't do feel passed. Feeling that someone or something is more important than you are. Biggerness that you can't do anything about. Something bigger or better than you. A difficult or insurmountable task. A demanding or challenging goal.

To dream of a tall wall represents an obstacle that is difficult to overcome or resolve. Hindered progress or a goal feels out of reach. An obstacle that doesn't want you to see beyond it. Feeling that other options or awareness is being blocked in a current situation.

To dream of tall grass represents a situation that is easy to become lost or overwhelmed with the risk of missing important details while wanting to miss out on whatever is happening next. Getting through a complex situation by doing whatever you can do to avoid being "over your head."

To dream of a tall person represents feelings about an aspect of yourself that is prominent, powerful, influential, superior, or important. A strong presence, standing out, or commanding attention. An aspect of yourself that respects itself and doing something more than other people.

To dream of a tall tree represents feelings of importance or prominence of an established area of your life. The importance of your life rooted or established with family that you feel is always there for you. Dependableness that withstands harsh conditions. Established strength that endures. Something in your life that has stood for generations.

Alternatively, consider a "tall tale" as a exaggerated untrue story.

Example: A man dreamed of standing next another man who was obviously taller. In waking life he had experienced finding God through a hallucinogenic experience and began to see God as always better at everything he thought. In this case the symbolism of being tall may have reflected his feelings about whatever God told him was superior and more important.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing 3 tall people and a black dog. In waking life he was having financial difficulties. In this case the 3 tall people may have reflected his feelings about people trying to collect money, give him financial advice, or lawyers which he may have felt were superior with experience or had to be respected as more intelligent authorities about his financial problems.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being in tall grass. In waking life she was very concerned about making the right decisions for her future. relationships, and God's will. In this case the tall grass may have reflected her feelings of trying to avoid being "over her head" with decision-making.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of tall grass and old rusted railway tracks. In waking life she had multiple problems in her life with health, money, school, family dying, handling a death in the family. She felt she had to navigate life like it was too complex and "over her head."

Example 5: A woman dreamed of tall trees. In waking life she was very focused on her marriage and family. In this case the tall trees may have reflected her feelings being that her life was rooted or established in a sense of family being important.

Example 6: A teenage girl dreamed of a tall demon. In waking life she had a strong fear of becoming separated from God. In this case the tall symbolism of the demon may have reflected her fear of being separated from God being stronger than God's love.

*Please See Skyscraper


To dream of taming an animal represents self-control over your urges or instincts. It may also reflect your attempt to train another person or keep them under control.

Example: A woman dreamed of keeping a lion tame. In waking life she was trying to do everything she could to keep her controlling and emotionally unpredictable boyfriend from making any rash decisions by paying his bills and staying close to him.


To see or wear a tampon in your dream represents a solution to a nagging problem. A solution to a problem that requires your full attention.

Alternatively, dreams of maxi pads or tampons may reflect a woman's heightened concerns about embarrassing herself by bleeding on herself in public because she didn't properly use a sanitary product.

Example: A woman dreamed of a tampon coming out of her nipple. In waking life she had a big problem with offloading an excessive amount of concert tickets. She was trying to make people feel that they needed them. The tampon coming out of the nipple reflected her attempt to make others feel that they needed her tickets in order solve the nagging problem having of too many tickets.

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*Please See Suntan

Tan Lines

To dream of seeing tan lines represents feelings about getting strong attention that doesn't feel good or look good that you didn't experience it uninhibited. Feelings about having exposed yourself to a new experience, but partially or conservatively shielded yourself from it in some manner. The repercussions or 'after-effects' of significant experiences or changes in one's life. The experience of people paying attention to you that feels stupid because there's evidence you liked yourself too much in a way that is incomplete. Feeling stupid that you weren't completely uninhibited or honest while having an experience where you got a lot of attention, such as breaking up with a romantic partner before having sex after talking to everyone you know about being in love. Exposure, boundaries, duality, and personal transformation. Awareness about a conscious choice about what to reveal and what to conceal while enjoying new situations or relationships.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing tan lines on her legs. In waking life, she recently broke up with her ex but was still intimately communicating with him. In this case, the tan lines may have reflected how she felt stupid discussing breaking up with her ex after all the attention she received while dating him.


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Tank Top

To dream of a tank top represents the personality as it displays power during a dangerous moment. You or someone else that is showing their strengths in an obvious manner. "Flexing" power during a difficult time or crisis. Showing others how strong you are.

Negatively, dreaming about a tank top may reflect showing off. Alternatively, tank tops may reflect your feelings or fears about enemies who are trying to prove how strong they are. Feelings about problems getting worse as soon as you feel you are close to solving then. Feeling that life is intentionally working against you once you want to confront a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a girl he had a crush on wearing a tank top. In waking life he was struggling to get over her and as soon as he was getting over her she suddenly started to show up in his life more making it impossible for him to get over her. The tank top may have reflected his feelings about his sexual attraction for the girl getting stronger as soon as he wanted to be over her. His feelings about life or God intentionally making his struggle harder at the moment he wanted to confront his attraction.

Tanning Bed

To dream of a tanning bed represents your ability to control your good fortune, success, optimism, or how lucky other people perceive you. A way to spoil yourself or feel better about yourself.

Having a trick, secret weapon, or advantage that allows to you maintain a heightened sense of optimism, good luck, or success any time you wish. A tool you use to rejuvenate your confidence.

Negatively, a tanning bed may reflect vanity, narcissism, or too much self-indulgence. Risking going too far showing off.

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Tape Measure

*Please See Measuring Tape

Tape Recorder

To dream of cassette tape recorder represents feelings about relying on traditional or outdated methods to retain and recall information. Feelings about wanting to capture, remember, or preserve information or ideas in a traditional or outdated way. It may reflect an emphasis on keeping records, gathering evidence, or retaining important insights or memories in a more old fashioned, time-consuming, inefficient, or tedious process. Being absolutely certain that you listened, understood, or followed instructions properly. Being absolutely certain about retaining critical information.

Negatively, dreaming about a cassette tape recorder represents anxieties about miscommunication, or a fear of not having perfectly understood or retained some critical information. Fear of evidence being used against you. Your attempt to incriminate another person.

To dream of listening to a tape recorder represents a reexamination of information or ideas that you felt were important to retain or recall. You may be revisiting a situation or a conversation, trying to understand different facets or nuances. It can also mean that you are reevaluating your decisions or actions based on new information that has come to light. Listening, understanding, or following instructions. Examining evidence or critical information.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a tape recorder being used. In waking life, she was a blind person experiencing a number of difficulties. In this case, the tape recorder may have reflected her need to rely on traditional or outdated methods to retain and recall information, given her visual impairment. It might represent her challenges and the additional time or effort required to navigate her world, as compared to the more efficient methods available to sighted individuals.

*Please See Digital Audio Recorder


To dream of a tapestry represents feelings about something sophisticated or intricate that took a lot of time to complete. Feelings about something that every last little details was cared about to complete it. Noticing that there is nothing wrong with something that took a lot of time to make.

Negatively, dreaming of a tapestry may represents fears or concerns about something sophisticated or intricate that you can't do anything about. Uncertainty or fears about how someone sophisticated or intricate was completed.


To dream of a tapeworm symbolizes an aspect of your personality that continually takes what's rightfully yours. A person or situation that keeps robbing you of things you deserve or that you've earned.

Example: A young man dreamed of removing a tapeworm. In real life he had removed his wisdom teeth after experiencing a long period of nagging pain. The tapeworm reflected his feelings about his aching teeth being a distraction that prevented him from living as he felt he was supposed to.


To dream of tar represents feelings about situations in your life being stuck, difficult to move on from, or laden with negativity that is hard to overcome. Situations that are difficult to change because they have intentionally been made to be left stuck the way they are. Feeling trapped in a situation for why you've already made up your mind. Sticking to decisions or "sealing yourself off" to not changing your mind. Feelings trapped in a situation that's difficult to change. Challenges, obstacles, or negative influences that are sticky, deeply rooted, and challenging to cleanse or remove from your life. Feelings of heaviness, burden, or entrapment in a difficult or challenging circumstance. Tar can reflect the perception of a situation being contaminated, tainted, or corrupted in a manner that feels pervasive, pessimistic, and difficult to clear up.

Positively, dreaming about tar may represent feelings about a choice being useful for staying the way it is like it's supposed to not think of anything different. The importance of facing and addressing deep-seated emotional issues or unresolved conflicts in order to move forward in life.

Negatively, dreaming about tar could represent feelings of being hopelessly entangled in problems, negative emotions, or toxic situations. Resistance to change, feeling overwhelmed by pessimism, or the fear of being permanently stuck in an undesirable state. Feeling trapped in a state of inactivity or complacency. A situation where you feel bogged down by choices, past actions, guilt, or a sense of moral contamination that is difficult to escape. Regretting feeling that you needed to stick to decisions or "sealing yourself off" to not changing your mind. Feelings of being stuck in a rut or unable to progress in life due to self-imposed limitations or negative thinking patterns. A permanent choice that feels awful afterward about being difficult to change.

Example: A young woman dreamed of trying to get tar out of her mouth. In waking life, she was frustrated with her boyfriend for not doing what he said he would do. In this case, trying to remove the tar from her mouth may have reflected her frustration and regret with initially choosing to be stubborn, "sticking to it", or sealing herself off to never changing her mind about nagging her boyfriend about finishing doing what he said because his difficult attitude made her look bad.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his deceased girlfriend in a park on a bench like it was a normal day. Suddenly, she began to feel sick and spew black tar out of her mouth that was all over the park, her clothes, and her hair. In waking life, his girlfriend had committed suicide years earlier. In this case, the black tar being vomited up may have reflected his feelings about embarrassing himself with grief and depression that's difficult to get over when bringing up the topic of his deceased girlfriend after believing he had completely gotten over her death. The tar also reveal feelings about the permanent and difficult-to-change nature of his grief and the negative impact it had on his perceptions of his life moving forward when he discussed or thought about his deceased girlfriend too much.


To dream of a tarantula represents feelings of total hopelessness or despair. You feel powerless to do anything except notice yourself being slowly overtaken by something you fear. Feelings about being slowly trapped by a fear that will consume you.

Alternatively, a tarantula may reflect feelings of fear that you are fully aware of yourself behaving in a way that is slowly readying you for total failure or embarrassment. An irrational fear of the "deadly sin" sloth or that your laziness with important issue will destroy you. Fearing other people's patient confident persistence. Fearing something that is "deadly and slowly coming for you."

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a tarantula. In waking life he was very religious and had been delaying his plans to become a minister believing it was his calling in life. The tarantula may have reflected his irrational fear of watching himself angering God for delaying his ministry and witnessing himself slowly losing his soul for it.

*Please See Spiders


To dream of the Tardis from Doctor Who represents feelings about amazing ideas, advantages, or wealth allowing you have the most incredible experiences that others can't ever have. An impressive display of originality to others. Originality that is impossible for others to achieve. Doing whatever you want as though it was too easy.

Negatively, dreaming of the Tardis may reflect jealousy of other people's wealth or resources allowing them to enjoy a more perfect or interesting life that you feel is impossible to ever have yourself. Alternatively, it may reflect showing off with something that makes you exceptionally original and impossible for others to do.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a dark room with the Tardis and Doctor Who. In waking life he was jealous of an old friend who he went to the same school as him, but who ended up being a lot more financially successful than him. He felt that his friend had incredible ideas and advantages that allowed him to live a perfectly rich life and do amazing things that were impossible for him to achieve himself. The Tardis may have reflected his friends wealth allowing him to do things he felt were impossible to ever do himself.


To dream of shooting at a target represents your focus on a goal or objective you are "aiming for." A target may also reflect a chance, opportunity, or judgment call. A wish for something to happen.

Alternatively, shooting at a target may represent something negative in your life that you are trying to remove.

To dream of missing a target represents a missed chance or opportunity. It may also reflect a lack of resources, preparation, or will power needed to achieve a goal.

To dream of hitting a target represents success or progress. A goal has been achieved or a problem has been dealt with. You got what you wanted.

To dream of being a target represents feelings of being a victim or being singled out.

Tarot Cards

To dream of tarot cards represents an outlook on the future that makes you never want to question it. Negatively, tarot cards may reflect believing in fallacies or assuming too much of something. It may also reflect a powerful sense of certainty because you are too emotional about something. Bad advice that never wants you to look into anything else.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her father being given tarot cards. In waking life her father was ill in the hospital, was given chemo, and eventually died. The tarot cards reflected the fallacy of the doctors advice to take chemo being important and unquestionable when the father ended up dying anyway.


*Please See Stun Guns


To dream of tassels represents feelings about yourself, someone else, or a situation being perfectly amazing. Feelings about something being perfectly incredible. Being very impressed with yourself being excellent in some way. Feelings about yourself or others doing everything single thing incredible or amazing.

Negatively, tassels may be a sign that you are too confident about your ability to remain perfectly amazing in someone else's eyes. Showing off too much. Believing in yourself excessively.

To dream of tassels being pulled off represents feelings about something amazing being ruined or embarrassed. Humbling an ego. Embarrassing someone that is showing off. No longer feeling good about something being incredible.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing tassels being pulled off. In waking life she was trying to embarrass her husband behind his back with whom she felt was acting very arrogant towards her. She was trying to humiliate her husband for believing that he was too impressive to listen to her demands.


To dream of taste represents discernment, preference, judgment, or how you perceive experiences in your waking life. Your ability to judge or appreciate the nuances of life's experiences. Taste in dreams may reflect your personal likes or dislikes, your sense of style, or how you feel about the choices you've made or are about to make.

To dream of tasting something bad represents feelings of dissatisfaction, disappointment, or displeasure with certain aspects of your life or experiences. Unpleasant feelings about a decision, situation, or relationship. It may suggest that you are experiencing bitterness, regret, or resentment due to unfavorable circumstances or outcomes. You may not like how something works or has turned out. Something in your life isn't interesting to you or disappoints you. You may want to reconsider your options. Choices that do not align with your true desires or values.

To dream of tasting something good represents satisfaction, enjoyment, or fulfillment derived from the experiences or choices you make.

Example: A woman dreamed of kissing her husband and his lips left a taste that tasted bitter. In waking life, she wasn't sure if she could trust her husband. In this case, the bitter taste of her husband's lips may have reflected her perception and judgment about the trustworthiness of her relationship with her husband. The bitterness might reflect her disappointment, distrust, or the unpleasant realization that the relationship might not be as secure or honest as she thought.

*Please See Sour

*Please See Sweet

*Please See Salt

*Please See Spices


To dream of a tattoo represents your feelings of permanent uniqueness that doesn't care about how dangerous it looks. How you or someone else is choosing to be noticed permanently defining themselves. It may also reflect an unforgettable reminder in your life. Consider the design, color, and location of the tattoo for additional meaning.

Positively, a tattoo may reflect how you feel good appearing original or more interesting than other people. Pride in remembering what you've been through or how strong you were. Feeling good being noticed by others as having gotten through a major ordeal. A life lesson, difficulty, disappointment, or traumatic event that you can't ever forget. An experience that has left a lasting impression on you. Permanently, uniquer than someone else.

Negatively, a tattoo may reflect how you or others feel good showing off looking dangerous, risky, or negative. Feelings about uncomfortable originality that feels arrogant or intimidating. Enjoying looking tough or like you don't care about others feelings. Feeling uncomfortable or insulted by someone else's inconsiderate attention to major decisions. A sign that you or others may have made an arrogant choice or mistake that will not be soon forgotten. Remembering yourself or someone else having intentionally been a jerk. A wish to stand out that may be off-putting to others. Alternatively, tattoos in a negative context may reflect your concern or anxiety that something arrogant in your life is being noticed permanently. A mistake you feel is permanent. Showing off in a way that doesn't believe in anything that isn't permanent. Enjoying showing off that you never make a mistake ever when it scares other people. Arrogance that shows off never needing

To dream of tattoos on the chest may reflect you or others who are showing off being powerful. Negatively, a tattoo on the chest may reflect behavior that is enjoying scaring others that it's refusing to give back power. Enjoying showing off being too powerful over others.

Tattoos on the bicep may reflect showing off in ways that show you are permanently stronger that others. Tattoos on the forearm may reflect showing off controlling a situation.

To dream of seeing a tramp stamp tattoo (above the bum) may represent feelings about someone or something in your life enjoying noticing itself being easy all the time. Feeling that someone is socially advertising that they will always be easy to deal with. It may also reflect uncomfortable feelings you have about a person of the opposite sex that making obvious signals of interest in dating you all the time. To dream that you have a tramp stamp tattoo may reflect your own enjoyment of being noticed always getting what you want because you are easier to deal with than other people. Socially advertising to others that there is no challenge to getting their desires satisfied with you.

To dream of a tattoo removal represents a wish to restore your credibility, reputation, or your good name. You may be letting go of arrogant beliefs or apologizing to someone. Showing off or being uniquely permanent may not feel important anymore. Cleaning up your act, building respect for yourself, or reinventing yourself in cleaner image. You may have a heightened need to be concerned with the feelings of family or friends. Wanting to forget or erase the past. Alternatively, you may be realizing that showing off isn't good for your or your relationships. Not wanting to scare people anymore.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone with tattoos all over their body. In waking life he felt that his father was an arrogant show off who enjoyed scaring him with losing the inheritance he was expecting. He felt his father was terrible person who enjoyed showing off humiliating him.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a guy cared about a lot having tattoos. In waking life she was having constant ups and downs with this guy emotionally ranging from love, to anger, to resentment. The tattoos may have reflected her feelings the behavior from this guy that angered her being uniquely permanent in an arrogant way.

Tax Collector

To dream of a tax collector represents enforcement of responsibilities or made promises. Following up or pressuring someone to do what they are supposed to do or that they said they would do. You or someone else that is making absolutely sure someone does their part.

Negatively, a tax collector may reflect an overbearing feeling of being pressured or coerced into doing what needs to be done. Unpleasant life situations where you or others have to be scared or controlled into keep their responsibilities or promises. Using fear to make someone do their part.


To dream of paying taxes represents behavior that you or someone else is supposed to be doing. Doing what is expected or normal. Feelings about a responsible obligation you feel you have to keep in waking life.

To dream of not paying taxes represents your refusal to do what is you're supposed to or what is expected of you. Acting out of the norm. You may have made a promise that you aren't keeping or obligations you are not keeping. You may be behaving in a way that is contrary to what someone else expected from you. It may also reflect your stubborn refusal or resistance. Intentionally or irresponsibly avoiding an obligation.

To dream of tax forms in a dream may reflect feelings about feeling obligated to prove that were being responsible to someone.

Example: A man dreamed of carefully putting tax forms spread out over his bed with his wife sitting on the end of the bed. In waking life he was avoiding sexual relations with his wife due to work and he felt he needed to prove to her that he was just being responsible with his work and not avoiding her.

Taxi Cab

To dream of a taxi cab represents control of a situation that notices someone doing what you want, but it costs you. People or situations in waking life that take care of all the work for you. Choices that you feel will get to you to goals effortlessly if you choose them, but not for free. A direction in life where you are being "taxied" to answers or solutions that you asked for with a personal cost. A situation in life where you are being "taxied" to answers or solutions that you asked for.

Negatively, a taxi cab may reflect choices that you feel will easily solve difficult problems for you if you make them quickly. Thinking you can buy your way to success with one easy expensive choice. Not caring about anything except getting something done. Feeling that you can easily be taken to a perfect outcome by using you resources you feel you can easily afford. Not feeling you have to do anything difficult yourself, but it costs you. Quick budgeted attempt to use someone or something to get something.

Example: A woman dreamed of a black taxi. In real life she made a number of vacation reservations that she feared she would not be able to make. The taxi represented the travel agency that made the reservations she had others take care of for her. The black color of the taxi cab reflected her fear of not being able to enjoy the vacation reservations as her travel agency was useless.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in a cab with 2 men she was dating who ended up stealing her watch and leaving the cab. In waking life she felt that dressing up and being pretty would effortlessly help her get married and slowly began to realize that finding the right man to start a family with was going to be more work than she thought. The taxi cab in this case may have reflected whatever method she was using to try to date men that wasn't doing anything except wasting her time.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of her children waiting for a bus, then putting them in a taxi, and then walking them to a bus again. In waking life she was divorced and trying to get her ex-husband to pay her child support costs in a trial which wasn't working. The taxi cab in this case may have reflected her attempts to use a lawyer quickly to try to get child support out of her ex on a limited budget that didn't end up working.

Taylor Swift

To dream of Taylor Swift represents an aspect of your personality that is more incredible than someone else that's wonderful about nothing snobby while being nicer than other people that's always listening to why other people think you're "originally happening" about everything going on in your life. Protecting yourself staying a happening person by being nice. Feelings about being a wonderful person who nobody embarrasses because you don't like to embarrass other people. Feelings of being "hooked up" at the office as a nice person with everyone paying attention to why your job matters. A wish to maintain a positive image, both personally and professionally, while remaining genuinely kind and respectful towards others. Believing that you're nicer and more passive than other people is the reason you can never lose. Behavior that likes why choosing to be safe is important.

Negatively, dreaming of Taylor Swift may represent feelings that handling yourself being nicer or more passive than other people doesn't work to make people help you or protect you looking good being happening in some area of your life. Concerns that despite your wonderful demeanor, you aren't receiving the support or protection you feel you deserve, especially in your professional life. Behavior that is too serious or uptight about controlling itself to maintain an incredible appearance of being happening person that's nicer than other people. Insecurity that being nicer and more passive than other people won't help you because people are too ignorant.

Example: A 16-year-old girl dreamed of being in a spa with Taylor Swift talking about what was going on in their careers. In waking life, the teenage girl was having realizations about her future career that changed the way she thinks. In this case, Taylor Swift may have reflected the teenage perception of herself enjoying wanting to appear successful, liked, and happening with her future career choice while talking about herself without snobbery that was nicer than other people while also listening to what people thought about it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in love with Taylor Swift in a lesbian relationship eating chocolate and having someone tell her that she should breakup with Taylor Swift. In waking life, she was a heterosexual with a boyfriend who had bought her chocolates and brought her to the movies trying to make up with her after a disagreement. In this case, the Taylor Swift lesbian romance affair that someone told her to breakup may have reflected her feelings about thinking it was more appropriate and acceptable to her friends to breakup with her boyfriend because it didn't look good getting attention for being a wonderful nicer person than other people getting back with her disrespectful boyfriend after she told all her friends about everything going on in her life.

Example 3: A man dreamt of Taylor Swift giving him oral sex under a table and then discussing giving him her phone number. In waking life, he was dealing with a difficult copyright infringement issue affecting his website. He believed that by being nicer and more honest, he could win the web host's cooperation in resolving the infringement issue and restoring his site's reputation. The website quickly helped him and told him to email them if the problem returned. In this case, Taylor Swift giving him a blowjob may have reflected his feelings about how being genuine and kind would paid off with the webhost serving his needs quickly, while offering the phone number reflected the webhost asking to be communicated with any time the problem returned.

*Please See Celebrities


To dream of tea represents patience. It may also reflect feeling good settling down. A professional or experienced attitude you have regarding waiting for something important. Feeling good not having to take any risks. A confident or positive attitude that is not desperate. Knowing exactly what will happen and intelligently not stressing out about it. Consider the saying "Good things come to those who wait." Choosing to not get angry.

*Please See Teacups

*Please See Coffee

Tea Leaves

To dream of tea leaves represents excitement you have about your future. You may be daydreaming about long term goals or feeling good about plans you have. Getting thrills noticing possibilities that lay ahead for you.

Negatively, you may being enjoying yourself desiring someone or something that is unrealistic.

Example: A man dreamed of spreading tea leaves over his walls. In real life he was writing a book and enjoyed thinking about how nice the future would be when he was finished the book.


To dream of a teacher represents the answer or solution to a problem you have. They are beliefs, knowledge, or your projection of a something that holds the perfect solution to a problem. The realization that if you do something it will solve your problem. Coming to conclusions about problems you have. Answers you feel you would be ignorant or stupid to ignore. Intelligent attempts to mediate a problem. Feeling that someone you know "knows best." Ideas that you feel are a good idea to listen to.

Negatively, a teacher may reflect embarrassing truths or feeling the reality of a situation telling you what to do. Coming to scary or unpleasant conclusions that you realize are true. Feeling terrified that you have to do something differently than you currently are. Feeling intimidated by someone smarter than you. Resisting listening to a difficult answer.

To dream of kissing a teacher may reflect appreciation or approval of good advice. Liking someone that's helped you solve a problem.

To dream of having sex with a teacher may reflect waking life situations where you are having a really enjoyable experience listening to someone else's advice. It could reflect an enjoyable experience solving a problem or making a change you first believed would be horrible.

To dream of being a teacher may reflect feelings about how important it is to make others understand the truth. Situations where you feel the need to explain, instruct, or inform others.

Negatively, being a teacher may reflect problems with accepting others beliefs the way they are. Lecturing others when they aren't interested in listening to you. A desperate or pointless need to tell people the truth when those people don't respect you. Frustrations with being smarter or better informed that other people.

What the teacher says, wears, or does in the dream are all symbols that reflect what your problem is, or your unconscious awareness of a solution.

Consider the grade of the teacher for additional symbolism as dream numbers tend to use numerology. For example your grade 5 teacher may reflect the solution to a problem you have during a change you are experiencing because in dream numerology 5 represents change.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a teacher comfort a crying girl on in a bathroom stall. The teacher was telling the crying girl that everything will be okay and that she went through something similar when she was younger. In waking life the girl had come to the conclusion that breaking up with her boyfriend was important because the relationship had no future. She felt breaking was the answer to her problems.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being very uncomfortable talking to a teacher. In waking life he was very insecure about people whom he felt were smarter than him.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of being a teacher with no class showing up to see him. In waking life he felt the need to explain himself and tell the truth about an very embarrassing incident that occurred in order to clear his good name, but he felt nobody cared about the issue anymore. He felt it was impossible to reverse his bad reputation because people weren't respecting him at all. The teacher symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about himself needing to explain, instruct, and inform others with the truth about his situation when it was obviously pointless.


To dream of an empty teacup represents a belief that being patient or taking your time is a good idea. Not wanting to embarrasses yourself rushing. Carefully considering whether avoiding anger is a good idea during a social difficulty. A desire or interest in settling down.

Negatively, an empty teacup may be a sign that you are preoccupied with the notion of patience being a good idea while not behaving patiently at all. Difficulty making a decision to slow down or discontinuing a fast paced lifestyle. Not taking enough action to settle down when you feel it's important.

*Please See Tea

*Please See Mug


To dream of a tea kettle represents feelings about having to be patient. Feeling you have to wait for something because you can't comfortably settle down without it. It may also reflect your use of a situation or relationship to achieve a comfortable or settled state of life.

A teakettle in a dream often reflects feelings about a long-term relationship leading towards marriage or children. The teakettle then reflects the use of the relationship to wait to settle down in life with your partner.

Negatively, a tea kettle may represent situations that feel unbearable waiting for someone else to catch up. Not enjoying waiting for something you need. Feeling that you are required to use something or someone in order to get what you want because you weren't as patient waiting for something as other people were.

A tarnished teakettle may reflect revelations from partners in long-term relationships that make you feel that your partner is not in line with your goals. Feeling that partners are not as interested in marriage, children, or family life in the future as you are.

Example: A woman dreamed of a tarnished teakettle. In waking life she was in a relationship with her boyfriend for 5 years before discovering that he didn't really want to get married or have children. The teakettle in this case reflects her feelings about using the relationship to wait to comfortably settle down with her boyfriend.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a tarnished silver tea kettle. In waking life she felt forced to sell a home that she had hoped she could sell at a much later time.

*Please See Tea

*Please See Coffee


To dream of teal (dark turquoise) represents a negative perspective about positive change. Fear, jealousy, greed, guilt or an insensitive attitude towards a positive change.

*Please See Turquoise


To dream of a team represents feelings about co-operation or working together with others to achieve a common goal. Alternatively, dreaming about a team may reflect feelings of being helped along by someone or something that gives you advantage. Feelings about challenges being easier because you have access to a useful resource.

Negatively, dreaming of a team represents feelings about others people being losers, "suckers", or being unable to compete as strong as you.

To dream of being unhappy with a team may reflect feelings of being in unhappy, unproductive, or un-cooperative relationships. Feeling unable to get along with others. Feeling that other people are only out for themselves and don't really care about you as much as you are caring about them. A lack of team spirit in a relationship, partnership, or family setting. A desire for people to work together when nobody is choosing to. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about having no leverage, advantages, or effective tools to approach your problems.

To dream of being picked last for a team may represent feelings of being unimportant or not respected by others. Feeling that other people's honest opinion of you is that you are loser or a burden. Feelings about yourself not being considered a winner or that you will hold others back. Feelings about people not wanting to work with you if they don't have to.

See our sports theme section for more on symbolism of sports teams.

Example: A man dreamed of being on a team at his work that was not comprised of people he would usually work with. In waking life he was fired from his job and felt that co-operating with friends, family, and colleagues to get employed again was stressful.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being on a winning team. In waking life he was filing a lot of legal forms against competing businesses that were cheating and felt he had a really strong advantage over his competition.

Tear Gas

To dream of tear gas represents behavior that is focused on pressuring others by making life unbearable. An unavoidable ultimatum that is too much to handle. You may feel that someone is trying to coerce you or make you stop doing something. Making someone else's life so negative that they have to cave in to your demands. Feeling overcome.

Negatively, tear gas may reflect very demanding controlling behavior. A spiteful unwillingness to compromise.


To dream of tears represents emotional catharsis or cleansing. Emotional or spiritual healing.

Alternatively, it may reflect you or someone else that is experiencing disappointment, loss, or pain.

*Please See Crying


To dream of teasing may represent playful interaction with others, harmless humor, or light-hearted exchanges. Flirtation, attraction, and sexual tension. This type of dream may indicate that the dreamer has a strong physical or emotional connection with someone in waking life and is experiencing a sense of excitement or anticipation. Feeling playful or dismissive towards someone else's problems. Situations you or someone is "toying" with someone else to see what the reaction is. A degree of distance and detachment while still expressing interest.

Negatively, dreaming of being teased or teasing others could indicate underlying feelings of insecurity or a lack of confidence. Feelings of frustration, annoyance, irritation, or humiliation. A sense of powerlessness or vulnerability in a particular situation or relationship. Alternatively, it may suggest that the dreamer is being treated unfairly or taken advantage of in some way. Fears of being judged or ridiculed by others, leading to feelings of anxiety, shame, or embarrassment. It may indicate a need to confront and address situations in which one feels belittled or disrespected. It may be a reflection of being teased or bullied in the past or present, and feeling powerless to stop it. A deeper psychological issue, such as a need for attention or validation from others. It may suggest a desire to be seen as playful or likable, even at the expense of others. A desire to prove yourself to someone else. In some cases, teasing can also be a manifestation of unresolved conflict or unresolved emotions towards someone or a situation. Feelings of embarrassment that you like someone or something too much. You or someone ele intentionally being hurt or having their feelings undermined.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing himself and a girl he had a crush on teasing each other about who is better at archery. In waking life, he was disgusted with himself with the thought of investing any more feelings into her even though he liked her a lot. In this case, the teasing may have reflected his feelings of embarrassment that he likes her the girl too much.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend teasing her that he was going to give her a t-shirt, but then changes his mind to give the t-shirt to a new girl he liked. She askes him why he is teasing her. He shrugs and walks away. In waking life, she was experiencing anxiety about her ex-boyfriend getting into a new relationship. In this case, the teasing may have reflected the young woman's feelings of insecurity and vulnerability in regards to her ex-boyfriend's new relationship.


To dream of new technology represents a wish to make your life easier or more efficient. Trying to find a better way to deal with issues or save time. It may also represent new ideas or methods of problem solving. Sophistication in your planning, habits, or lifestyle choices.

To dream of old technology may represent outdated ideas or methods of problem solving.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a technology store. In waking life he was trying to decide what methods would be better to convince stubborn people in his neighborhood to clean up their properties. Many of his previous attempts or methods of complaining weren't working any more so he was considering a few more sophisticated social ploys to get them to change on their own.

Refer to the themes section for technology for a more in depth look at technology symbolism.

Teddy Bear

To dream of a teddy bear represents emotional dependency. Feelings of comfort, safety, or emotional nurturing support that makes you feel confident about not being by yourself. A belief in something that comforts you, makes you feel safe, or gives you a sense of security and reassurance.

Positively, dreaming about a Teddy Bear represents feeling good thinking of someone even when they are not present in order to give yourself comfort, safety, or emotional nurturing support. Teddy bears might signify love, protection, warmth, and the nurturing aspects of your own character. It may suggest that you are in touch with the more innocent or vulnerable parts of yourself and are taking care to provide emotional support either to yourself or someone else. It can also represent a symbol of unconditional love or an acknowledgment of someone in your life who has been a constant source of comfort.

Negatively, a Teddy Bear in a dream could indicate feelings of emotional dependency, immaturity, or a refusal to grow up. It might symbolize an over-reliance on others for emotional support or a tendency to retreat into a childlike state when confronted with difficult situations. Perhaps you are avoiding responsibility or failing to address pressing matters in your waking life. Fantasies of comfort, safety, emotional support, or unconditional love used to nurture yourself that isn't real. Something that may scare you, depress you, or make you feel powerless if you ever had to give it up. A teddy bear may be a sign that you are being needy, clingy, or dependent.

Consider the type of the animal if it's not a bear for additional meaning.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing someone holding a teddy bear. In waking life, he felt good thinking about dating a girl he liked and he scared himself thinking about his life not having her in it. In this case, the teddy bear may have reflected his feelings of emotional dependency on the idea of dating the girl, using her presence or the idea of being with her as a source of comfort and reassurance.


To dream of a teenager represents an aspect of yourself that is struggling for independence and autonomy. Knowing what power is without having it completely. Not being fully mature in some area of your life.

Positively, a teenager may reflect open-mindedness or rebelliousness. Being open to anything. Having the guts to take chances. Negatively, a teenager represents selfishness, jealousy, or naive thinking that overrides good judgment. Not fully understanding what you are up against. Petty ideas or social interaction. An aspect of yourself that still needs to develop in order to realize a goal or achieve fulfillment.

*Please See Adolescent


To dream of teeth represents your vitality and self-confidence. A reflection of how good you feel about your physical appearance, talents, or anything that gives you status or power. Feelings about how permanently confident you are capable of being.

To dream of teeth falling out represents a loss of power, confidence, or self-esteem in some area of your life. A corrosive situation or feelings of a loss of vitality. Dreams of teeth falling out are common to people aging or who feel they are losing their looks. It's also common to people who are losing money, a career, or status of some kind. Feelings about a loss of permanent confidence.

To dream of extracting teeth may represent a a deliberate and proactive effort to remove something that is causing a loss of vitality, confidence, or self-esteem in some area of the dreamer's life. It may symbolize a desire or need to take control of a corrosive situation or to regain lost vitality. This dream may also indicate a willingness to sacrifice or let go of something in order to move forward and regain control. The act of extracting teeth may be a metaphor for taking decisive action to address a problem or issue that has been causing a loss of power or confidence. The act of extracting teeth may also represent a painful process of letting go, indicating that the dreamer may be struggling with the decision to move on from something or someone that has been causing them harm or holding them back.

To dream of a gap in your front teeth represents insecurities about your self-confidence. You may feel that others don't perceive you as confident as you feel you should be, or that your confidence is never quite as perfect as you want it to be. Feeling that you are not the best, but you are not hated. This insecurity may stem from a sensitivity to criticism or a focus on perceived flaws that you constantly wish to improve. Confidence that doesn't want other people to bring up your problem. Feelings about not being perfect and being happy about it. Confidence is getting away with not being perfect. Alternatively, a gap in the teeth of another person may represent your view of another person or situation that you don't want to say anything about out loud having anything else wrong with it.

To dream of animals with sharp teeth often represents feelings of anger or aggression. You may feel a sense of fury towards a person or situation, or feel that someone else is angry with you. The sharpness of the teeth can symbolize the intensity of these emotions, and the potential for harm or destruction. In some cases, the dream may represent someone else's "biting anger" directed towards you, making you feel attacked or threatened. It's important to examine the specific type of animal and context of the dream to gain further insight into its meaning.

To dream of being toothless represents a total loss of confidence, power, or vitality. You or someone else may have experienced a setback that has caused a loss power, status, or vitality in some way which has led to feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. Bad news, misfortune, or ill health are getting in the way.

To dream of brushing teeth represents feelings about reinforcing confidence in your strengths and abilities. preparation, practice, or maintenance to keep yourself feeling confident and ready to face the world. ou may be concerned about how others perceive you and may be taking steps to ensure that you do not appear weak or vulnerable in their eyes. Concerns about maintaining your appearance to other people as you strive to present yourself in the best possible light. Trying your best to maintain a good appearance and positive self-image.

Negatively, dreaming about brushing your teeth may reflect a preoccupation with appearances. Anxiety about looking bad to other people. An excessive need to reassure yourself. An excessive need to maintain impressive appearances. Issues with vanity. Fear of looking weak or lazy. The dreamer may be overly concerned with how others perceive them, leading to a constant need to present oneself in the best possible light.

To dream of broken teeth represents feelings a flaw or weakness in one's character or abilities that can no longer be hidden or ignored. This flaw may be something that has always been present but has been overlooked, or it could be a new development that has arisen and needs to be addressed. A flaw is now visible and cannot be concealed or covered up any longer. A need to confront and address one's weaknesses or limitations, to take steps to overcome them, and to work towards self-improvement. The dream may be a call to action, urging the dreamer to face their challenges head-on and to not let their flaws hold them back. Alternatively, the broken tooth may represent a warning that if the issue is not addressed, it may continue to worsen and have greater consequences in the future. Feeling that your confidence has been broken. Feeling that you need to restore confidence or prove yourself regain confidence.

Example: A woman dreamed of her teeth falling out. In real life she was insecure about her looks because she was aging. In this case the teeth falling out may have reflected dreamer's insecurities and anxieties about growing older and losing her youthful charm.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing herself with gap in her teeth. In real life she felt like she wasn't good looking enough for a guy she liked. In this case the gap in the teeth may have reflected her feelings about looking her best wasn't good enough while the guy she liked didn't hate her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of brushing her teeth in public when the battery in the electric toothbrush died. In waking life an expensive fee was required to secure an important business opportunity and she couldn't afford the fee because her budget for the year wouldn't allow it. Brushing her teeth in public in this case may have reflected her responsible management of her budget to keep her business looking confident that nothing is wrong while being unable to hide why she wasn't paying the expensive fee.

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To dream of receiving a telegram represents feelings about getting personal information or pertinent details that are very important. Feelings about being informed about something important or significant.

Negatively, a telegram may reflect your feelings about thinking it isn't important to listen to something that someone else thinks is important. It may also reflect your overreaction to bad news.

Example: A young girl dreamed of getting a telegram that said her father had died. In waking life she received a phone call the next day to tell her that her father had been injured in a serious car accident. The dream may have been an intuitive message that reflected her feelings about the phone call scaring her that her father was going to die.


To dream of telekinesis represents effortless control or change. Making people or situations do what you want without a lot of effort. Unspoken respect or action being taken on your behalf. Unspoken gestures that force others to act the way you want. It may also reflect very responsive or well listening people. Awareness of the power of your social skills or verbalized anger. Feeling surprised or thrilled by how easy it was to control someone without being physical.

Alternatively, telekinesis in a dream may reflect situations where you are experiencing a heightened sense of ease something or someone you are controlling. Feelings of surprise at how powerful or effective you are.

Negatively, telekinesis may reflect silent treatment, looking angry, or making people feel that you don't like them so they will behave the way you want. The "evil eye" in order to get a desired response. Sensitivity that communicates serious consequences for not being perfectly compliant. A lack of respect for someone or something you have control over.

Example: A woman had her first dream of telekinesis. In waking life she had her first experience at work of having to be yell at a rude customer and not getting in trouble for it. Her boss actually approve of it. The telekinesis may have reflected her feelings about how incredible it felt to use manage a problem with a bad customer with little effort and only using her social skills.


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To dream of a telephone (non-mobile) represents the ability to "get through", connect (closeness) or communicate with resources, feelings, ideas, or people that feel like it's out of necessity. Your ability to be understood when it's important so that your life works. Emotional or psychological communication with an aspect of yourself or issues that need attention in order to believe nothing is wrong. The ability to "get through" to people, listen to an inner voice, or realize an objective because it's necessary. It may also reflect a situation that could be "called" into being if desired. Alternatively, the telephone represents your communication and relationship with others and your ability to "get through" to them in a way that feels necessary.

To dream of phoning someone represents an attempt to reach out, "get through to", or connect with an aspect of yourself out of necessity. Reaching out or connecting with an aspect of yourself because you feel you need to. Initiating connection to certain feelings, situations, people with a sense of it being necessary. An aspect of yourself that you want attention from. People, feelings, or situations that you want accessible. Reaching out to connect with others, seeking assistance, guidance, or support from someone in waking life. Your desire to communicate your thoughts, feelings, or needs to someone. A need to establish or maintain a connection with someone important to you.

Negatively, phoning someone may represent feelings about overdoing an attempt to reach out, "get through to", or connect with an aspect of yourself out of necessity. Feelings about "getting through to" or connecting to an aspect of yourself that isn't listening. Efforts to confront, address, or resolve issues that are difficult, uncomfortable, excessive, or immoral. A fear of rejection or the anxiety of not being heard or understood. A sense of desperation or urgency in seeking connection or validation from others. A reliance on bad habits or negative thinking patterns.

To dream that a phone doesn't work or is broken represents feelings of frustration, communication breakdowns, or a disruption in your ability to connect with others or access important resources when necessary. Feelings of inadequacy or limitations in connection (or closeness) to resources, feelings, or people that you feel are important to have. Feelings of frustration, isolation, or a sense of being cut off from important resources or support systems. Feeling unable to initiate "getting through: to someone or "calling something up" that you usually can. Difficulties in expressing yourself or conveying your thoughts and feelings to others. Unresolved issues or conflicts in your waking life that need to be addressed before normalcy can be restored. Feeling cut off from resources or abilities. It may also reflect an inability to get in touch with someone. Feeling socially cut off. A situation may have gone awry and you feel that you can't do anything about it. Frustrations over not being able to convey your message or reach out to someone when it's crucial.

To dream of phoning someone with nobody answering represents feelings of being ignored, rejected, or neglected in waking life. Your attempts to seek help, advice, or attention from others, only to feel neglected or as though your concerns are not being acknowledged. You may feel unheard or overlooked by someone important to you, or you may be experiencing difficulties in reaching out for support or assistance. A sense of frustration or disappointment in your attempts to connect with others or convey your thoughts and feelings. A need to reevaluate your communication methods or seek alternative ways to address your concerns. Feelings of isolation or abandonment, highlighting a desire for attention or validation from others that is currently going unfulfilled. Alternatively, you may feel unable to get through to someone or unable to get attention. People may not be listening to you or respecting your wishes.

To dream of being ignored on the phone may represent feelings of frustration, rejection, or insignificance in waking life. You may have been made to feel overlooked, dismissed, or unimportant by a person or situation which you need in order to feel normal or safe. Feeling that help and attention are what you need and that you can't get it. Difficulties in having your needs met by others. It may also reflect a need to speak up more in waking-life situations where someone may not be listening to your concerns enough.

To dream of a telephone ringing or that someone is calling you represents an aspect of your personality that is trying to connect or "getting through" to you. Awareness of the need or opportunity for connection or communication in waking life. A person, situation, or opportunity in your life that requires your attention. A call to action or a reminder of unresolved issues, relationships, or tasks that you need to address. Feelings of anticipation, anxiety, or readiness to engage with an issue or person. Negatively, it may point to unpleasant issues that you are being forced to confront.

To dream of an unanswered phone ringing represents areas of your life that you are ignoring. Ignored opportunities or the refusal to address certain issues. Ignoring the opportunity to change that is trying to "get through to you." Issues or situations that you don't want to deal with or refuse to acknowledge. Ignoring people or your own conscience. Feelings of being overwhelmed or avoiding dealing with something that requires your attention. Refusing to allow someone to "get through to you" about an issue. Refusing to listen to advice. Aspects of your life or emotions that you are deliberately choosing not to engage with. Your hesitation or unwillingness to listen to your inner voice or to confront situations that make you uncomfortable.

To dream of emergency calls or calling 911 represents urgent feelings about needing to "get through" to a person or situation in your waking life that requires immediate attention or assistance. An urgent need to avoid something. Desperation to get rid of a problem. Feelings of distress, danger, or crisis that you are experiencing. Feeling overwhelmed, threatened, or vulnerable, and you are seeking help or support to address these issues. A need for quick action or intervention to resolve a pressing problem or prevent a potential disaster.

To dream of a very large telephone represents the importance of a message you wish to convey to others or a significant influence that you may be considering opening yourself up to with a sense that it may be "too big" for you. You or someone else may be close to accepting a big idea or making a dramatic change. Communication or connection in your waking life that feels significantly impactful or powerful that isn't usual for you. The need for clear, effective communication in a major aspect of your life or a situation that requires your undivided attention and assertive action. The need to amplify your efforts to reach out to someone or make your voice heard in a situation where you feel overshadowed or not taken seriously. A perceived need to make a big impression or ensure that your message is received loud and clear due to the importance of the message or the urgency of the situation.

To dream of a phone intentionally being left off the hook represents issues or problems that you want no part of or can't be bothered with. Avoidance of communication or a deliberate choice to ignore a situation that requires your attention. A desire to distance yourself from certain issues, emotions, or relationships in your waking life. A refusal to engage with problems, a reluctance to deal with unresolved matters, or a way to prevent others from getting through to you. Intentionally avoiding making decisions, responding to others, or acknowledging important aspects of your life that need to be addressed. A time to focus inwardly without external interruptions. Intentionally shutting yourself out.

To dream of a phone unintentionally being left off the hook represents feelings about a sense of neglect or oversight about nothing being able to connect, communicate, or "get through" to you. Feelings of regret or concern over neglected relationships, unresolved issues, or lost opportunities due to not paying enough attention or being too distracted. Additionally, this dream could highlight the consequences of being too preoccupied with other aspects of your life, leading to unintentional neglect of crucial connections or responsibilities. Accidentally shutting yourself out. A need to pay closer attention to your relationships and communication channels to prevent misunderstandings or missed opportunities.

To dream of a busy signal represents feelings about frustration, delays, or obstacles in reaching out or "getting through" to an aspect of yourself. People or situations that you feel forced to be patient with. A situation where a person or resource you are trying to reach is preoccupied with other issues or commitments, suggesting a need for patience or a different approach to the situation. A lack of availability or accessibility in a particular situation or relationship. Feeling frustrated about having to wait.

To dream of having trouble dialing a phone represents feelings of frustration or difficulty in initiating a situation where communication, connection, or "getting through" to others feels important. Insecurity or uncertainty about how to begin approaching a particular situation or relationship. Feeling nervous about asking someone for help. Feeling unsure how to connect to someone or initiate a conversation.

To dream of calling the wrong person or reaching the wrong person represents feelings about waking life miscommunication or misunderstandings. A need to clarify your communication or ensure that you are reaching out to the right people for support or assistance. It may also suggest feelings of frustration or disappointment if you are unable to connect with someone who you had hoped would be able to help or support you. Consider evaluating your communication style and making adjustments to ensure that you are effectively conveying your thoughts, feelings, and needs to others.

To dream of having a bad connection on the telephone represents feelings of frustration or difficulty in establishing clear communication with others in waking life. Disrupted waking life communication or insecurity about a relationship. Bad communication skills. It may also reflect a lack of confidence in your ability to maintain a strong position or do something you are usually quite confident about. Misunderstandings or confusion with communication, connection, and "getting through" to people when it's important so that you life will work.

To dream of being put on hold on the telephone may represent feelings about being temporarily delayed or sidelined in your waking life endeavors. You may feel as though your needs or concerns are being overlooked or disregarded by others, leading to a sense of frustration or impatience. Feelings about yourself not being a priority to someone else. Feeling that you are not as important to deal with as another person or situation. Feeling that someone isn't listening to your feelings or needs. A need to assert yourself more assertively or assertively advocate for your own interests and priorities.

To dream of putting others on hold on the telephone represents feelings of prioritizing your own needs or concerns over those of others in waking life. Feelings about people or situations that you are intentionally delaying or temporarily avoiding to focus on something of higher priority. Making promises with good intentions that you can't keep. Awareness of yourself not having to respect someone or listen to their feelings. A sense of detachment or disinterest in the issues or concerns of others, possibly indicating a need to reevaluate your relationships and communication patterns to ensure that you are fostering mutual understanding and support.

To dream of calls that hang up on you may represent feelings of rejection or dismissal in waking life. You may feel as though your efforts to connect with others or convey your thoughts and feelings are being disregarded or cut short. Feelings about people wanting to do things with you or for you. Feelings about people suddenly changing their minds at the last minute. A lack of closure or resolution in a particular situation or relationship, leaving you feeling uncertain or incomplete.

Dreams of telephone calls from the deceased are very common when people are grieving. The dreams may reflect the person's desire to speak to the person again. It may also reflect the person's difficulty adjusting to the reality that speaking to the person is now impossible. Positively, calls from the deceased may reflect your wish to have a sign that they are safe or happy in the spiritual world.

Example: A woman dreamed of calling her therapist on the telephone and always getting voicemail no matter how many times she called. In waking life, she felt that her therapist wasn't listening or responsive enough during her sessions. In this case, the telephone may have reflected her attempt to communicate, connect, and "get through" to her therapist about drawing attention to her lack of responsiveness/listening that prevented a normal doctor/patient relationship and impeded her progress in her sessions.

Example 2: A person once dreamed of making telephone calls and then being interrupted by a voice that said "This is the monitoring office, this is the monitoring office." In waking life, they lived in Nazi Germany and the government was starting to make them feel paranoia and anxiety about privacy invasion. They felt that everything they did in life was being watched by others who may report them to the government. In this case, the act of making phone calls may have reflected her attempts to maintain a semblance of normal communication and connection to people in her life despite the pervasive sense of surveillance and fear of intrusion by authorities.

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Telephone Book

To dream of a telephone book represents how resourceful you are. People, information, or resources you can always drawn on make what you need happen. Having the right answers or people at your fingertips.

Your current perception of your own capabilities. If the phone book is useless it may reflect feelings that you lack resources, skill, or the needed connections.

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Telephone Number

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To dream of teleportation represents feelings about being allowed to do something different quickly to control a situation. Feeling that it's the easiest thing to do to simply change what you are doing to something different. Feeling that it's the easiest thing to do to think of what you were previously doing wasn't even important. Thoughts about doing something different faster than anyone else can by noticing something completely different happening. Changing what you are doing quickly to something safer without ever telling anyone about it. Feeling more advanced than someone else by fully immersing yourself in something different without needing to explain it. Changing to a completely different way of living your life so nobody can complain about what you are doing. Switching to doing something different without explaining it to anyone else thinking you're more advanced than they are about avoiding anything stupid. Changing what you are doing so fast with ease you don't even think about it. Nothing strange about needing to something else really fast.

Negatively, dreaming about teleporting may represents dishonestly or insensitively feeling that people are so stupid that they'll never figure you out you quickly do something completely different with ease. Quick avoidance that feels it's smarter than someone. Thinking you are more sophisticated than people and choosing to avoid them. Avoiding religious people because you think it's smarter to avoid wasting time.

Example: A man dreamed of teleporting to get away from people who may have been vampires. In waking life he claimed to be experiencing not belonging and peer pressure. In this case the teleporting may have reflected his feelings about quickly exiting a social situation doing something completely different to avoid people without thinking they were smart enough to figure it out.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of teleporting. In waking life she had made a focused effort to avoid religious encounters. In this case the teleporting may have reflected her feelings about being more sophisticated than religious people whne trying to quickly change what' she was doing to avoid them.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of Google Maps allowing her and her friends to teleport to any city they picked. In waking life she had been using Google Maps a lot before going to bed. In this case the teleporting may have reflected her feelings about how easy it felt to look around places around the world, possibly even her thoughts about using StreetView to see what it's like to live in different places around the world quickly on her computer.


To dream of a telescope represents your need to take a closer too at something that you don't understand or that's unusual. You may be experiencing uncertainty or strange events and desire a sense of clarity.

Alternatively, a telescope may reflect your wish to closely examine something you feel is beautiful or wonderful. Possibly a need for reassurance about something you love or care about. You may have doubts about how positive or good something really is. The intentions of something or someone may need to be checked again.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a telescope. In waking life he felt a need to reexamine strange symbols he had seen in letter he received. He started to suspect the symbols weren't as positive as he originally thought.


To dream of watching television represents an experience that you can easily choose to engage or disengage from any time you want to. Watching television may also reflect some level of control about immersing yourself in an experience or how a situation will turn out. Your reception of or exposure to different ideas, perspectives, or experiences. This dream might reflect your thoughts about current events of your life, social dynamics with people close to you, or cultural narratives, as well as your level of engagement with them. A sense of empowerment to casually change or reject having experience if you want to.

To dream of a TV turned off represents a conscious decision to disengage from certain experiences or narratives. A situation or experience that you can have if you want to, but aren't interested in. It could symbolize your choice to disconnect or take a break from certain influences, situations, or people. It might reflect feelings of being disconnected, choosing not to engage, or avoiding exposure to certain perspectives or experiences. Options or choices that are available but have been chosen to ignore or avoid. This could also symbolize a feeling of quiet, solitude, or introspection, a time for self-reflection without outside influences. Choosing to not experience what someone else is saying or offering to you. Feeling that it's safer to not engage in having a particular experience at all.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of a television that was turned off sitting on top of a clothing dresser. The TV began to speak in a deep male voice like a ghost saying "I am here for you" while saying the dreamer's name backwards. In waking life, he was experiencing his parents getting a divorce and chose to leave his mother's home. Although his mother had extended an offer for him to move back in with her anytime, he declined. In this case, the television turned off may have reflected the option to experience living with the mother that the teen chose not to have. The teen had a choice to not engage in experiencing what the mother was offering to him.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of watching television where the program was talking about the end of time and how the world was ending. The TV show mentioned how hopeless life on the earth was. In waking life, the man was considering committing suicide because his life wasn't working out. In this case, the television may have reflected the ease with which he could discontinue suicidal thinking if he chose to.

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To see a temple in your dream represents feelings of questioning or honoring your ultimate purpose of your life. You may want to find balance or recenter yourself during or after a difficulty. A temple is a sign that something in your life is unusual resulting in a need for balance, a desire to find normalcy or grounding in one's life. Your thoughts about the importance of spiritual growth, self-reflection, and introspection. Looking for a deep sense of understanding about the purpose of your life. A space to reflect and reconnect with oneself.

Negatively, dreaming about a temple could represent feelings of being unworthy, guilty, or disconnected from your ultimate purpose in life. Spiritual confusion, lack of faith, or inner turmoil. Perhaps you are questioning your belief system or you are experiencing difficulties in finding the ultimate meaning of your life. A perceived failure to live up to societal or familial expectations with a purpose in life. Perceived judgment, spiritual crisis, or a struggle with life purpose.

Example: A man dream of being at the Temple of Jerusalem holding a baby in his arms. He walks around the temple in a circle and then sees a snake disturbed by the child's presence and flees. In waking life, the man was having second thoughts about choosing to not have children with his wife. He suspected she was having doubts, too. In this case, being at the temple in may have reflected his questioning of the purpose of his life if he didn't have children with his wife.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing the Temple of Jerusalem being on fire and broken down. In waking life, he was questioning his life because he was young, not in school while waiting to be accepted, and having issues with his mother not approving of him due to not progressing enough in life. In this case, the broken and burning Temple of Jerusalem might symbolize his perceived failure to live up to societal or familial expectations and the resulting internal conflict around his own self-worth and moral character.

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To dream of temptation represents feelings about alluring or enticing desires, actions, or situations that have the potential to lead you astray from your established values, principles, or goals. Inner conflicts, moral dilemmas, or choices that test your willpower, integrity, or self-control.

Positively, dreaming about temptation may represent situations where you are able to resist and overcome negative influences or distractions in your life. Personal growth, self-discipline, and the strength to make virtuous choices even in the face of allurement.

Negatively, temptation in a dream may represent inner struggles with vices, bad habits, or unethical behavior. It can signify feelings of guilt, weakness, or self-indulgence. Such dreams might serve as warnings about potential pitfalls or the consequences of yielding to temptation.

Overall, dreams of temptation encourage you to examine your values and the choices you make in your waking life. They highlight the need to stay true to your principles and exercise self-control when confronted with enticing or alluring circumstances.


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