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To dream of cooked meat represents situations or experiences that sustain you with a sense of strength, confidence or power. The strongest option to sustain or stabilize yourself with. Choices that let you feel strength with control, leadership, or having your way. A strong choice that sustains you or lets you feel bigger than others. Feelings about being able to be reckless if you want to.

To dream of raw meat represents a situation in waking life where you have the option to take or seize power. Having the option to prepare to be stronger or powerfully sustained.

To dream of eating raw meat may indicate your rush or haste to seize power. Negatively, it may reflect your wish to fail or embarrass people who want to take your power away by "getting the jump" on them. Not wasting any time preparing or waiting for a situation that gives you strength, control or confidence.

Consider the type of meat for additional meaning.

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To dream of meatballs represents feelings about being sustained with strength, power, or confidence made easy for you. Easily feeling big about why other people are little. Easily feeling strong about why other people are weak. Strength that is not professional. Strength that's easy because someone was so wonderful they did all the hard work for you. Strength that is made easy by family, friends, or someone caring about you.

Negatively, dreaming about meatballs represents feelings about person or situation being unintelligently too easy about strength. Strength sustained with brawn and not brains. Strength that is childishly too easy. Feeling stupid that family, friends, or others did all the hard work for you. Feeling that you didn't earn your power and someone made it easy for you. Strength made easy for you that you don't want to talk about being made easy for you because it will make you feel little.

To dream of wanting meatballs and not being able to have them may reflect feelings about other people not being willing to make strength or power easy for you. Feeling that a professional will not help you make something easy. Feeling that you have to make yourself strong on your own.

Example: A woman dreamed of not being able to afford meatballs. In waking life she was waiting for her husband to return home to fix a problem for her.


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To dream of milk represents choices that you know are good for you and make you stronger. Choosing to self-improve or do the right thing in order to fix a problem. Feeling good experiencing improvement occurring. The choice to fix a problem that has been presented to you in waking life. Balancing or purification of some problematic area of your life.

Positively, dreaming about may reflect decisions that you feel are responsible and adult with long term benefit. Making healthy family choices because they are good for the family. Deciding to change your life for the better or do something responsible because it's good for you.

Negatively, dreaming about milk may reflect difficult or scary experiences that you are having that perfectly fixes some problem area of your life. Too much balance or purification happening too quickly. Alternatively, from a negative perspective milk may reflect showing off with an excessive amount of responsible or adult behavior.

Milk is a sign that changes are occurring in your life that encourage you to give up negative thinking patterns or problems by choice. Pregnant parents may dream of milk to reflect their wish to make very healthy family choices to prepare for the baby.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone with a gun handing him a glass of milk and then shooting him when he drank it. In waking life he had to fix a tax problem and after he did the government came after him for more money. The milk reflected the choice to fix his own tax problem.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a little girl making baby bottles filled with milk dirty and having to re-sterilize the bottles. In waking life she was recovering from a serious injury and was having problems choosing to stick with the doctors recommendations for faster healing. She found sticking to the strict diet and exercise plan difficult and had to keep starting over.


To dream of a milkshake represents feelings about indulging in memories or experiences that make you feel valuable, authentic, and comfortable with who you are. Feeling deserving to be comfortable, confident, and validated. Feelings about an experience of quality deserving to be comfortable liking who you are as a person that isn't fake without having to explain yourself. Reflecting on aspects of yourself or your achievements that make you feel proud, without fear of judgment or need for explanation. Feeling comforted about yourself being important enough to never feel like a loser. Quality enjoying talking about yourself feeling that you matter without anyone telling you that it's stupid. Quality feelings about deserving to feel comfortable being important that doesn't take it too seriously. Quality liking to deserve to talk about yourself once as more interesting without anyone thinking it's stupid. Quality deserving to comfortably talk about yourself as having been successful for having an incredible that you have done. Nostalgia and comfort in recalling the pleasant memories that make you feel good about yourself having been important once. Feeling deservedly content with your past successes or unique qualities without taking them too seriously. Comfort in never having to explain why you matter to someone else.

Negatively, dreaming of a milkshake represents overdoing indulging in memories or experiences that make you feel valuable, authentic, and comfortable with who you are. Overdoing feeling comfortable feeling important without having to explain yourself that is too serious for someone else to accept.

A common symbol for our feelings about current lovers or the nostalgia of ex-partners who make you feel confident talking about yourself never being a loser for why you have ever dated them.

Example: A young man dreamed of sipping on a milkshake. In waking life, he had been remembering an ex-girlfriend. In this case, the milkshake may have reflected his feelings of nostalgia and comfort in recalling the memories of his ex-girlfriend. He felt good about himself for having ever dated her, recognizing the positive aspects of the relationship, and validating himself without needing external approval.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of holding a milkshake which he threw in his girlfriend's face. In waking life, he was fearing that his relationship would turn out to not be what he hoped. He felt that he wasn't dealing with disappointment well. In this case, throwing the milkshake at his girlfriend's face may have reflected his feelings of having indulged too much in the positive and comforting aspects of the relationship making him overreact in an argument with his girlfriend by talking about it as though it didn't matter to him anymore.


To dream of mint candies represents feeling good knowing you're "positiver" or not doing anything negative at all. Situations that allow to know something is better than it used to be.

*Please See Peppermint

Mountain Dew Soft Drink

To dream of the Mountain Dew soft drink represents feelings about liking challenging yourself to something new or interesting that you usually don't do without ever thinking there's a problem with it. Confronting no challenges for doing something different than you usually don't do. Liking doing something different that doesn't have to explain it. Stepping out of your usual routines or norms without thinking about it as a problem. Breaking free from monotonous patterns and experimenting with new experiences, all while staying within your comfort zone. The liberty and enthusiasm to do something divergent from the usual, embracing a different style or approach without any sense of constraint or embarrassment.

Negatively, dreaming about Mountain Dew may reflect overindulging in newfound freedom or that there are underlying consequences that you might not have foreseen. A potential for overstepping boundaries, or a warning that what feels liberating now might have repercussions in the long run. Overdoing liking challenging yourself to something new that you usually don't do without ever thinking there's a problem with it to the point of being embarrassing, rude, or mean to other people.

Example: A young man dreamed of drinking Mountain Dew with his mother and then saw the Mountain Dew begin to dangerously bubble with his mother accusing him of poisoning her. In waking life, he was having trouble with a friend that stopped talking to him which caused further problems with other friendships. In this case, the Mountain Dew may have reflected his initial feelings of enjoyment and comfort in challenging himself to approaching his friendships differently after experiencing a complication with his close friend while believing there would be no problem with it. The dangerous bubbling of the Mountain Dew with accusations of poisoning might represent the unforeseen complications and misunderstandings that arose with other friends from his new approach to his friendship (or enjoying himself without believing he needs to apologize to his friend). The dream might highlight his fear of unintended consequences and misunderstandings when stepping out of his usual social routines or norms.


To dream of a muffin represents a situation in waking life that feels beneficial for you. An event or change that is in your best interest. A situation that makes you feel like you aren't doing anything wrong.

Example: A man dreamed of eating a muffin. In waking life the man has had bad luck with woman that used him and was thinking about being with someone that actually cared about him.


To dream of a wild mushroom represents feelings about choice or option that you prefer to think about as safe because it's careless to not consider it once. Hoping to see why a choice is perfectly safe it when it doesn't say whether or not it's perfectly safe. Concern that you are making a bad choice. Preoccupation with how dangerous something you want to do might be. A lack of confidence with something you feel you are risking. Asking yourself "is this good for me or not?" Struggling with values, morality, or the prospect of making a dangerous choice you don't feel good risking.

To dream of a store bought mushrooms represents confidence a choice is safe when you might have ever thought it wasn't in the past. A choice that believes in itself safe no matter what you think about it.

Example: A woman dreamed of a mushroom growing out of her foot. In waking life, she had decided to make a change with the location of her sales booth at a market to see if it would make her more money. In this case, the mushrooms may have reflected the concern that her choice may not be safe and end up making sales worse while hoping it was good for business.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her dead grandmother's body covered in mushrooms. In waking life, she was very close to her grandmother and was now struggling to sort out through the valuables her grandmother left behind after death. In this case, the mushrooms may have reflected her feelings of uncertainty about how to safely handle her grandmother's possessions without making other people think she was greedy or have the government question her for financially gaining.


To dream of mustard represents feelings of adding intensity, livlierness, or excitement to an experience that needs it just right so it isn't jealous. Feelings about a situation where you are "Upping the ante" without wanting to push it too much. Measuring yourself while raising the stakes of a situation so it's personal about being more interesting. Mustard in a dream may also symbolize the need to provoke or stimulate thought, conversation, or action in waking life. This could reflect the need for intellectual stimulation, challenging assumptions, or adding a different perspective to a situation.

Negatively, mustard in a dream may represent forcing excitement or intensity into situations that do not require it, which could lead to unnecessary complications or misunderstandings. The risk of other people getting jealous that you wanted to make a situation more intense than it needed to be.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of working at a Subway restaurant and was making a sandwich for a customer when a boy who said he owned the place as her boss made her nervous. She then screwed up the ingredients for the customer by putting too much much honey mustard instead of mayo. In waking life, she wanted to get a job at a Subway restaurant, but was too afraid to because an attractive boy worked there. In this case, the putting too much honey mustard on the Subway sandwich instead of mayo may have reflected her feelings of potentially overcompensating or trying too hard to impress the boy she found attractive at her prospective job. She may have had anxiety about increasing romantic tension at the job by being close to the boy backfiring into a situation that might make her wish she left the job opportunity alone.


To dream of a nachos represents feeling that it isn't expensive to have a good time as much as possible. Having a good time that nobody can say isn't a good time because it doesn't cost too much. Feelings of it not costing a lot to have a good time. Having a good time because it's easy and nobody can tell you it isn't. Liking yourself no matter what you are doing because it isn't the most expensive thing you've ever done. Respecting yourself having like something with everybody else. Enjoying something simple that notices feeling good isn't a problem for anyone else. Feeling good being nice so people will feel good around you. Feeling good noticing your own feelings first isn't naughty because it doesn't cost much. Feelings of "everyone else is having some too so what does it matter?"

Situations that make you feel good doing what other people also like. Feelings of family life being fantastic because nobody has to pay for it all. Group harmony or enjoying the same things as others. It may also reflect your attempt to fit in, follow the crowd, or making changes that are easily accepted by others. Not liking thinking everyone else is thinking you're not having a good time. Feeling good not paying for anything because someone paid for the bill for everyone already. Feeling good that everything is with your family so you don't have to pay for it.

Negatively, dreaming about nachos may reflect dishonesty that uses family life to have fun because the bill is already paid for everyone. Dishonestly feeling good being believable because everyone else is having a good time too. The potential to annoy someone that you are enjoying yourself too much with something that doesn't matter a lot as much as possible. Evil that doesn't have to do anything except say it's having a good time because other people are paying for it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a woman he felt was being dishonest towards him in waking life say "I'm having nachos" and reach for some nachos. In waking life he felt that the woman was criminal about enjoying herself never having to leave an event paid for by other people without worrying about it because it wasn't costing a lot of money. In this case the nachos may have reflected the dreamer's thoughts about the dishonest woman feeling good being nice at the event while using him for something simple that didn't anger anyone because it was already paid for by someone other than the dreamer.

Nightcap (Drink)

To dream of a nightcap represents a situation in your life soothes concerns or makes it easier to forget something. Parting gift, condolences, or reparations.
Numbing your pain or concerns away.

Example: A man dreamed that his father offered him a nightcap. In waking life his father died leaving him with a million dollars in property just as the man was about to go bankrupt. The nightcap symbolized the emotional numbing of the money on his bankruptcy.


*Please See Pasta


To dream of oatmeal represents feelings about situations where you benefit from being down-to-earth, humble, or well-grounded. Situations where you feel that being down to earth or humble will help you get through them easier. A mindset that doesn't want to talk about itself too much because it's more intelligent to assume someone else might have a better answer. Situations where believing in yourself too much doesn't help you or might get back at you. Behavior that isn't afraid of being down to earth because you're experiencing a situation where you have to be. Feeling good not always believing you're right because that way of thinking might be unintelligent or have consequences. Feeling that your life will be better if you don't talk about yourself being too important to avoid looking stupid. Feeling that nothing scares you as long as you don't think you are better than other people.

Oatmeal may appear in a dream when you feel humbled by something, face embarrassment, or feel a loss of power with someone else mattering more while feeling the need to accept it to avoid looking unintelligent.

Negatively, oatmeal may reflect feelings of embarrassment or humiliation that you have lost power after first having more than other people while learning to lower your ego and accept it. Feeling that your life has been downgraded, but that you don't have to lose anymore as long as you don't embarrass yourself any further. Feeling forced to be nice to people with a lowered ego because it's the right thing to do. Accepting a lower level of status after having a higher level that doesn't scare you as long as you don't think you are better than other people.

To dream of an oatmeal cookie represents feelings about treating yourself to getting away with something that's believably innocent that likes being humble, grounded, or down to earth. A small reward or comfort that comes from being humble or down to earth.

Example: An older woman dreamed of being served oatmeal by a waiter. In waking life, she was experiencing disappointment. In this case, the oatmeal may have reflected her feelings about needing to adopt a humble and grounded attitude to get through her disappointment, finding comfort in simplicity during a difficult time.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of making her brother the oatmeal cookies that he's always liked. In waking life, she had separated from her husband and was now planning to return to live with him after her husband made some significant changes to his behavior. In this case, the oatmeal cookies may have reflected her feelings about returning to her sex life with her husband after moving back into with him feeling good forgiving him as long as he stayed down to earth.


To dream of olives represents the enjoyment of feeling safe all the time. A willingness to do anything as long as you are safe. Enjoying something that isn't perfect.

Negatively, an olive may represent acceptance of a lot of discomfort in one area of your life in order to enjoy a high degree of safety in another. Keeping a big secret because it keeps you safe.

Example: A young man dreamed of a beautiful woman who loved olives. In waking life he was running a highly profitable business and cleverly evading his taxes. He had to spend a lot of time lying or looking stupid to people with unusual choices because he didn't want anyone realizing how he was getting away with it. He preferred the safety of knowing he was getting away with his tax evasion before all else in his life.



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