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To dream of an omelet represents feelings about adaptability and resourcefulness being intelligently applied to a new situation that is not the usual way so that it will work out well without anyone else thinking anything is wrong with it. Simpleness that can work out impressive or successful by adapting using small changes. Small changes to make sure that you never embarrass yourself with getting ahead while starting a new situation. Starting a situation where you are using your resources wisely or making the best out of what you have without anyone else complaining.

Negatively, dreaming about an omelet could represent feelings of overconfidence in your ability to manage and adapt to starting a complex situation while believing you'll never embarrass yourself with it working out well. Adaptability and resourcefulness applied to a new situation with the belief that it will work out well even if other people don't like it. Thinking that it's impressive to start something new without asking other people first. Overestimating your ability to smoothly incorporate small simple changes to start a situation without causing discomfort or estrangement in others. Adaptability and resourcefulness thoughtfully applied to make a new situation work out well which wasted its time thinking it matters when it doesn't.

Example: A young man dreamed of cooking an omelet over a campfire to share with others, but then found out that the omelet was burned. The other people called it a campfire log and said it wasn't an omelet. In waking life, he was finding it difficult to discuss with his girlfriend how his life was changing due to finding God. In this case, the burned omelet on the campfire may have reflected his feelings about facing rejection while attempting to adapt and make the best of a difficult situation with his girlfriend by integrating additional new praying or church involvement after discovering religion himself.

*Please See Eggs


To dream of onions represents issues that you're sensitive about, that make you upset, or that you've cried about. You may be grieving or sad about a loss of some kind.

Orange Juice

To dream of orange juice represents feelings of enjoying power easily for the first time. Feeling that it wonderful to see yourself noticing power easily. Experiencing power easily that makes you feel that you should be experiencing it all the time. A fresh perspective that matters or new enthusiasm for something that can't be cancelled. Nothing guilty about experiencing something brand new that's effective. New found freedom or reevaluating your potential.

Negatively, dreaming about orange juice may indicate that you've felt deprived of power or effectiveness for a long time with a sense of getting nowhere.

Example: A man dreamed of a seeing a person pour a glass of orange juice and quickly drink it. In waking life the dreamer was surprised by an employer who was usually controlling with power choosing to make experiencing power enjoyably easy. In this case the orange juice may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about enjoying power easily for the first time because usually it wasn't easy.

Example 2: A man dreamed of someone telling him about orange juice. In waking life he experiencing a new health food product that gave him new enthusiasm to recover his due to it's strength. In this case the orange juice may have reflected his feelings about how powerful the health food product felt improving his health for the first time in a long time.


To dream of oranges represents inconveniencing yourself or going out of your way to have something. Noticing work is required to get what you want.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a crate of oranges. In waking life he was spending a lot of time thinking about talking to a girl he liked. The crate of oranges reflected the enormous amount of time he spent wanting to work on getting to know the girl.


To dream of oregano represents feelings about making a situation as interesting as you can make it while being careful about it. Adding something new to a situation that makes it better, but it doesn't have to be extravagant. Improvement and enhancement within the boundaries of what you consider safe or prudent. Thinking about a situation as special about being as interesting as it can get without going overboard to ruin it. The art of moderation and the value of enhancing without overdoing.

Positively, dreaming of oregano can indicate your ability to enhance situations or relationships as much as possible while being careful to not go overboard. A practical approach to making things better without overcomplicating matters. The value of subtlety and not needing to draw too much attention to your efforts to improve things.

Negatively, dreaming of oregano may represent feelings about overdoing enhancing or making a situation as interesting as possible that ruins it. Feelings about enjoying thinking about what you are doing is immoral or illegal while being careful about not overdoing it to avoid being caught. Alternatively, it might hint at concerns of overstepping or adding too much, leading to a situation becoming overwhelming or complicated. Feelings about not being caught having marijuana because you're careful about not talking about it too much.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being given a ziplock bag full of marijuana, but it didn't look like normal marijuana. It looked like oregano, cilantro, rosemary, and eucalyptus. In waking life, he did get a ziplock bag of normal-looking marijuana, but she and her friend debated about whether the marijuana was viable or going to make them sick. She never smoked the marijuana. In this case, the oregano may have reflected her feelings about adjusting herself in order to avoid getting into trouble while talking to someone at work about marijuana as long as she's careful about it.

Oreo Cookies

To dream of Oreo Cookies represents feelings that nothing is wrong with enjoying breaking something up or taking something apart if you choose to. Enjoying feeling that nothing is dangerous about breaking something up or taking something apart to figure it out. Feeling that you don't have to be a genius to do something because you can enjoy causing damage to encourage it. Enjoying the irresistible choice to break something up or take something apart.

To dream about Oreo cookies and milk may represent the feeling that there is nothing wrong with doing what is best for you by breaking something or taking something apart.

Negatively, dreaming about Oreo cookies represents difficulty in resisting enjoying breaking something or taking something apart by choice. Choosing to enjoy breaking up a relationship in order to benefit. Feeling that you can enjoy breaking something in order to make people do something for you and get away with it.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of Oreo Cookies in a container held by a female classmate whom she knew a male classmate had a crush on. In waking life she was planning on trying to break up the relationship of a girl dating a guy she felt liked her so she could date him. The Oreo cookies in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about nothing being wrong with enjoying herself breaking up or taking apart the relationship of another girl to enjoy herself with the guy. She couldn't resist getting away with breaking up the guy's current relationship to enjoy herself with him.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing an Oreo cookie phone being handed to her by a guy who wasn't her current boyfriend and letting it sit on a window sill. In waking life, this girl had a boyfriend she feared was cheating on her after breaking up with a previous boyfriend who cheated on her. She had broken up with her previous boyfriend for cheating on her. The Oreo cookie phone in this case may have her feelings about the irresistible thought of calling her current boyfriend to threaten breaking up with him over the suspected cheating to enjoy causing a reaction in him.

*Please See Cookies


To dream of an oyster represents a person or situation in waking life that does everything it can to never let you have what you want. Jealous obstruction or someone who is intentionally keeping you away from something once you get too close to it. Being teased with desire or opportunity.

To dream of eating oysters may reflect satisfaction with yourself overcoming a situation that has teased you. Overcoming a challenge that has consistently kept you away from it. Losing your jealousy or desire for good.

Eating oysters may appear in a dream after having sex with someone who denied it for a long time or after a difficult business opportunity is realized.


To dream of pancakes represents situations in waking life where you or someone else is trying to enjoy feeling safe. Enjoying family safety. Nostalgic experiences. Cheerfulness. Optimism. Enjoying life with no anger, risk, or danger. Making an effort to see only the good in something or keep your mind off situations that are unsafe. Something that encourages you to ignore any negative influences. Intentionally trying to avoid noticing anything dangerous or unpleasant. Advice from other people to focus more on safety, optimism, and family life. Attempting to enjoy life more.

Negatively, pancakes may reflect too much enjoyment of safety to the detriment of your social standing or success. Preferring to enjoy staying at home with family because you don't believe you can compete in the world. Safety of family.

Examples: A man dreamed of being told he needed to have more pancakes. In waking life he was recovering from an abusive upbringing which made him suicidal and a therapist was trying to encourage him focus only on the safe positive things in his life and keep his mind off suicidal thoughts.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unable to eat pancakes. In waking life she felt it was difficult to spend time with her father helping him fix up his home after it had sustained damage. The pancakes in this case may have reflected her feelings about being unable to enjoy a nostalgic enjoyable experience spending time with her father improving his home.

*Please See Syrup

*Please See Waffles


To dream of a papaya represents feeling good about someone else helping you out. Feeling good that it's good for you to try something else. Noticing it's more powerful to let someone do something for you. Feeling that it's more powerful to notice that someone else is more professional. Feeling good noticing that someone else took care of everything for you.

Negatively, dreaming about a papaya may reflect feelings about not being able to do anything except notice or be helped by someone else's ideas all the time.

Parmesan Cheese

To dream of parmesan cheese represents feelings about an experience that carefully took the time to make a situation work out "just right" or more beautifully interesting than before while making you feel like you matter with nothing embarrassing you. Nothing is a disaster for why a situation worked out beautifully better than you thought without overdoing it. Extra layer of enjoyment or refinement to a situation, or experiencing a higher level of gratification.

Negatively, Parmesan cheese may represent an overemphasis on appearances or a fixation on making situations seem more perfect or refined than they really are about how they worked out. A fear of imperfection, a desire for approval, or the use of embellishments to mask insecurities or shortcomings. A situation where you or someone else is being insincere or not authentic in portraying how well things are going.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a big cut on her leg with butterflies landing on the bone. She was told by someone to put parmesan cheese on the cut to make the butterflies go away. In waking life, she was disappointed that her sister canceled a weekend dinner. In this case, the parmesan cheese may have reflected her feelings attempting to mask her disappointment or try to see the brighter side of the situation about needing to mask or pretend that the weekend dinner cancellation didn't bother her by saying that whatever small plans she had without her sister had worked out "just right" beautifully without anything being disaster.


To dream of parsley represents feelings of no guilt about enhancing or "freshening up" a situation with little details, subtlety, or added nuances that are good for you. A small but meaningful enhancement that improves a situation, relationship, or project. Smaller aspects of situations that might often be overlooked, yet add significant flavor or meaning to the overall context. Thoughts about the importance of minor details, the elegance of simplicity, or the potency of understated elements in your life. An addition or embellishment that, while not essential, contributes to a better overall outcome or experience. This dream could reflect your thoughts about the importance of details, finishing touches, or minor but meaningful improvements. Giving someone compliments, flattery, or saying something nice to improve a relationship or situation while being careful not to overdo it.

Positively, dreaming about parsley might symbolize an appreciation for details, subtleties, or the small things in life that enhance overall experiences. A conscious choice to pay attention to detail, implying that you are meticulous or deliberate in your actions. Understanding the role of minor elements shaping your overall perspective. Your attempt to Subtly enhance or 'freshen up' an uncomfortable situation.

Negatively, dreaming about parsley could represent feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated by small details. Minor issues are becoming major obstacles, or that you are getting lost in details and losing sight of the bigger picture. You might be struggling with an inability to distinguish between what's crucial and what's trivial, leading to confusion or misjudgment. An overemphasis on embellishment, refinement, or perfectionism that distracts from the more important aspects of a situation. You might be overly focused on insignificant details or extras that don't contribute significantly to the overall matter. Overdoing saying nice things to people to enhance a situation that might cause others to feel uncomfortable.

Example: A woman dreamed of "accidentally-on-purpose" dropping parsley and a bird poop into a man's soup. In waking life, she was annoyed with a superior at work and didn't bring up why she was mad in a discussion with him, but brought it up at a later time. In this case, the parsley may have reflected her feelings about trying to subtly enhance or 'freshen up' the uncomfortable situation with her superior by expressing her frustration at a later time.


To dream of parsnip represents situations in your life that don't feel good, but are in your best interest to pay attention to. Listening to advice or ideas that don't feel good, but are beneficial to heed to. Showing respect only because it's in your best interest. Putting up with a problem because it's better for you in the long term.

Example: A woman dreamed of a giant parsnip with a blue toenail coming out of it. In waking life she paid off a very large amount of debt, but still have a smaller amount of debt left to pay. She knew she had to pay off the debt, but didn't like feeling she had to since it would screw up her credit if she didn't. The parsnip in this case may have reflected her awareness of the paying off the remaining debt being important to respect because it was good for her credit, while also hating having to endure waiting to pay it the debt off.


To dream of having a business partner represents a sense of working together. A person or situation that you are experiencing inter-dependency with as you try to achieve something. Affiliation or mutual goals.

To dream of seeing your romantic partner leave you reflects feelings of inadequacy or insecurity about the strength of your relationship. Alternatively, you may be feeling that certain habits or situations are no longer supportive of your well-being.

To dream of having a gay partner may reflect a non-serious sense of purpose. Wanting to only feel good about doing something you like without being too concerned about achievement, money, or winning.

*Please See Boyfriend

*Please See Girlfriend

*Please See Marriage


To dream of pasta represents comfort and familiarity that you have to make interesting. Making an effort to nurture a familiar comfortable relationship. Making an effort to find comfort and contentment in the familiar aspects of your life. Taking the time to talk about something interesting. You may feel that it's your responsibility to keep a situation interesting, engaging, or enjoyable.

Positively, dreaming about pasta could indicate that you are finding ways to make routine experiences more interesting or exciting. A balance between maintaining a sense of familiarity and pursuing novelty or interest. This could imply a successful effort in keeping relationships or normal circumstances lively, preventing them from becoming monotonous.

Negatively, dreaming about pasta may represent a struggle to make repetitive or overly familiar aspects of your life more interesting. Striving to inject some excitement into your daily routines or relationships, and finding it challenging.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of eating pasta. In waking life, she introduced her friend to her Dad and they were talking about how her Dad seemed like a Dad. In this case, the pasta may have reflected her feelings about talking to her friend about family and other areas of their life that felt comfortable and familiar in an interesting conversation.

*Please See Spaghetti


To dream of a pastry represents enjoying indulging in deserving to feel old enough or accomplished enough that's supposed to feel comfortable with self-control. Experiencing a moment when you enjoy feeling a sense of accomplishment, maturity, and self-control. Feeling professional with self-control about enjoying yourself as an adult indulging that's comfortable never embarrassing yourself. Feeling that it's beautiful to deserve to never say anything little about yourself. Feelings of deserving to control yourself while you like what you are doing.

Negatively, a pastry may represent overdoing thoughts of enjoying feeling more accomplished or adult than you actually are.

To dream of a stolen pastry may reflect cheating or going behind someone's back in order to enjoy indulging in feelings of accomplishment, maturity, and self-control.

Example: A woman dreamed of the Philidelphia Flyers winning a championship game with 1 game left in the series. She then found herself inside an Italian bakery with other people who were stealing pastries out of the pastry case, but she didn't steal any. In waking life, the Philidelphia Flyers did have 1 game left in the series to win and she was excitedly anticipating the next game. In this case, the stolen pastries may have reflected her feelings about other people she knew watching the championship that was overdoing getting ahead of themselves enjoying celebrating and talking about themselves as accomplished home team champions when there was still 1 game left.



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