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To dream of figs represents feelings of being balanced or wise to avoid discuss something inappropriate or uncomfortable. An intuitive understanding of when certain topics should not be broached, giving a sense of security and professionalism. This dream might imply a strategy of remaining authentic and balanced without needing to explain or justify oneself. The dreamer might feel that it's healthier or safer not to bring up certain difficult subjects unless absolutely necessary. In essence, dreaming of figs can reflect a carefully maintained equilibrium and an instinctual understanding of the appropriateness of certain conversations. Feelings about the importance of balance and discretion in conversations.

Negatively, dreaming about figs may reflect issues with boundaries of discussing something inappropriate or uncomfortable.

Example: A man dreamed of eating figs with his more attractive female friend. The figs were getting too ripe and then burst with juice all over their hands. In waking life, he had recently had a drunken conversation with this sexually attractive female friend about the reason why they had not had sex yet, which was because they valued their friendship too highly to ruin it with sex. In this case, the figs may have reflected his feelings of managing a balanced relationship with his friend, by exercising wisdom in not crossing boundaries and maintaining the sexual appropriateness of their interactions. The overripe figs bursting could symbolize his feelings of having violated an unspoken boundary that didn't think of discussing not having sex as a problem when it was.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing figs on a tree with apples, grapes, oranges, and pumpkins. In waking life, he finished sex reassignment surgery. In this case, the figs on the tree may have reflected his feelings about the importance of balance and discretion in discussing his sex change operation with everyone he knew all the time, to maintain a sense of normalcy and protect his personal boundaries.

Fish And Chips

To dream of fish and chips represents a wish to feel good noticing an issue being over and unimportant. Enjoying closure in a situation and not wanting to dwell on it. Trying to have enthusiasm as you move forward.

A dream symbol that may appear if you have recently broken up or are concerned about being single.


To dream of flaxseed represents your feeling that something "must" be good for you or has to be beneficial. Negatively, flaxseed may be a sign that you are assuming too much about the benefits of something.


To dream of flour represents feelings about actions taken to make a situation work. How much or how little of something you need to do in order to make a situation or solution feel good functioning. Only enough effort to solve a problem and nothing more.

Negatively, flour in a dream may reflect your feelings about how far you need to take a lie to make people feel good believing you and accepting it. How far you need to use dishonesty to make people feel good complying with you. Only doing what you feel you have to do in order to get what you want with no genuine wish to help others. Doing only what is required of you to keep people happy and nothing more.

To dream of using flour on a fire may reflect an attempt to handle a crisis with just enough effort to fix it and keep people happy. Not wishing to be 100% helpful or honest in order to stop a problem from getting out of control and doing only what helps you stay comfortable avoiding blame or extra work. Contributing only enough to keep people from bothering you.


To dream of fondue represents communal sharing or group benefits. You and others are all enjoying the same thing.

Example: A man dreamed of cheese fondue and feeling uncomfortable. In waking life he was back with an ex-girlfriend and felt weird about sleeping with her after other guys had during their break.

Fortune Cookies

To dream of a fortune cookie represents feelings about indulgence or difficulty resisting placing one's fate or future in the hands of others. Patronizing or showing humor towards a safe prediction about your fate or future. Feeling good that someone might know the future better than you do simply for something to do. Unexpected messages or insights you might receive in your waking life that might influence your feelings, decisions, or actions.

Negatively, dreaming of a fortune cookie may be a sign that you are putting your fate in someone else's hands. A feeling of uncertainty or anxiety about making important decisions for oneself and the desire to seek guidance or reassurance from outside sources. The need to rely on others for guidance in important decisions. A lack of confidence. Wasting time preoccupied with how you feel about the future instead of facts.

French Fries

To dream of french fries represents feelings about a choice or experience of not minding wasting time enjoying something happening being frivolous, unimportant, or not serious about needing to be intelligent. Enjoying not needing to learn anything important. Enjoying yourself wasting time being involved in an activity that you know isn't long-lasting or of real value. Indulging in something that is not necessarily beneficial but is enjoyable or satisfying in the moment. Enjoying an experience that has no substantial benefit. Choosing options that offer immediate gratification over long-term benefits.

Negatively, dreaming about french fries may represent feelings of overdoing or wasting time enjoying something happening being frivolous, unimportant, or not serious. Feelings about experiencing the consequences of enjoying something considered frivolous when you are trying to be serious about maintaining a healthy habit. Feelings of not wanting to learn anything important when something important is happening. A frivolous attitude during a serious situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of eating french fries. In waking life, she was enjoying herself taking an educational course to pass the time. She started to feel that the course wasn't worth the effort after realizing that it wouldn't produce a real certificate to help her get a better job. She felt that she was wasting time even though she enjoyed the educational course. In this case, the french fries may have reflected her feelings about the enjoyable but ultimately frivolous or unimportant nature of the course she was taking.

Example 2: A person dreamed of seeing millions of clean white plates topped with chocolate cakes, ice cream, french fries, and fried chicken. While they pigged out on these foods they said to themself "This isn't healthy, I need to stop", but kept eating anyway. In waking life, they were trying to be healthy and become more fit, but found it to be a challenge to stop indulging in fried or salty foods. In this case, the french fries may have reflected the person's awareness of themself enjoying eating junk food to pass the time as though it wasn't risky to skip their diet for a moment as one of the reasons they were having difficulty maintaining their new diet.

All the foods in the dream may have reflected the various problematic thinking styles about junk food that the dreamer had (e.g chocolate cake pointing to treating themself for special occasions, ice cream pointing to comfort food, french fries pointing to frivolous snacking, and fried chicken pointing to eating junk food with other people being quicker without needing explanations) that was hinting at why losing weight wasn't going to be as easy as they thought.

Example 3: A man dreamed of buying french fries and accidentally dropping them on the ground. He picked up the packet with the french fries that never fell out and left fries that fell on the ground. In waking life, he was preparing for a New Year's Eve party. In this case, the french fries that were dropped may have reflected his feelings about the frivolous or unimportant aspects of preparing for the party that could be ignored or left behind.

*Please See Potatoe Wedges


To dream of fried food represents a desire for instant gratification or pleasure that may not be the healthiest or most beneficial choice. It may reflect a temptation to indulge in something that is enjoyable but could have negative consequences in the long run. Fried food can also symbolize a need for comfort or emotional nourishment, but in a way that is not sustainable or healthy. A situation where it is faster to notice you enjoyed yourself while not really getting the full benefit from it. Additionally, it may represent a need to balance one's desire for pleasure with responsibility and moderation.

Alternatively, dreaming of fried food may reflect feelings about enjoying yourself too much not eating healthy. Temptation or guilt about indulging in unhealthy food.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of sleeping on a giant piece of fried chicken and then falling off and breaking both her legs. In waking life she was very focused on exercising and avoiding getting fat. In this case, the friend food may have reflected the girl's feelings of temptation or guilt about indulging in unhealthy food, even though she was trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet.

Example 2: A older woman dreamed of eating some chicken fried steak. In waking life she was undergoing therapy and was expected to go to read a letter she wrote to express her feelings, but she decided to put that off. In this case, the fried food may have reflected her feelings about how much faster and enjoyable it was to skip therapy while knowing she wasn't getting the full benefit from therapy.

Froot Loops Cereal

To dream of Froot Loops cereal represents starting a situation that's childish about liking seeing that anything could happen all the time while noticing that it's not stupid that you haven't made up your mind yet. An open experience that is wacky about having to like that anything could happen until you finally finish making a final decision. The beginning of an experience that feels wonderful about saying anything could happen, but isn't dangerous. Lots of people saying different things about you that never has to fear it. Eccentricity, spontaneity, playfulness, and a constant sense of anything is possibile.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a bowl of Froot Loops cereal with milk on it which he ignored. In waking life, he was very successful causing a lot of other women to talk about dating him. In this case, the Fruit Loops cereal may have reflected his initial excitement or anticipation about the variety and colorfulness of his new dating prospects, analogous to the variety of colors in the Froot Loops. He was experiencing a lot of offers to date him like it was a crazy situation and had to have a sense of humor about it to diminish the seriousness of the situation.

Frosted Flakes

To dream of Frosted Flakes cereal represents beginning a situation that is enjoyable, straightforward, and confident about not needing ask anyone else. Not wasting any time being confident liking something straightforward the way you want without asking. Contentment and satisfaction with uncomplicated success or the fulfillment of basic needs. It could signify taking pleasure in simple tasks or routine activities, or a desire for a smooth, straightforward life with a touch of indulgence. An experience that is gratifying yet simple, without complexities. The sugary frosting might be symbolic of added sweetness or enjoyment to an otherwise ordinary straightforward situation.

Negatively, it might represent an over-reliance on immediate gratification or superficial pleasures. It could also point to a fear of complexity or challenge, a desire to avoid anything that isn't easy or instantly gratifying.

Example: A woman dreamed of grocery shopping with a guy she liked and considering buying a box of frosted Flakes which has Corn Pops mixed in. In her waking life, she was a single mother contemplating the idea of dating a man who would not only love her but also her children. In this case, the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her wish to begin enjoying a new sexual relationship that felt confident, straightforward, and never wasted her time. The corn pops mixed in with the Frosted Flakes may have reflected her feelings about confidently enjoying starting a straightforward relationship with a man without jealousy or hangups that didn't mind the man showing up when her kids were around to begin to become friendly with them as well.

*Please See Corn Pops


To dream of frosting represents preoccupation with things that only feel good. Experiencing new creativity, prolonged success, or renewed self-assurance. Enjoying new opportunities catered to you. Enjoying feeling that you can't lose. Pleasure that is all about you.

Negatively, frosting may reflect a superficial or "winner only" attitude. So concerned with winning that you don't care about other people's feelings. It may also be a sign that you need to look deeper to find the truth of a matter. Beauty with no substance.

*Please See Cake


To dream of fruit represents feeling good about something being good for you. Enjoying honesty that is good for you. Feeling good about honesty, positive ideas, responsibility, helping others, etc. Enjoying being a good person. Feeling good not being lazy. Feelings about being a good person doing something that is good for you or good for others. Enjoying being a grown up. Feelings about being conscious of your health or making improvements.

Negatively, dreaming of fruit may reflect honest or positive behavior that feels excessive. Too much positivity. Too much sex while in love. Feeling good teaching someone a lesson. Enjoying criminal activity that improves your life. Enjoying using people that improves your life. Honest behavior that feels makes other people jealous while you enjoy that you aren't jealous. Feeling good thinking of being a good person in some manner while never taking action to make it an objective reality.

To dream of an assortment of fruits may reflect abundance, pleasure, or gain. Lust and sexuality. Feeling good about something. A reflection of some kind of enjoyable experience you are having in waking life.

To dream of frozen fruit represents feeling good that is good for you that is intentionally on hold or enjoyable when you are ready. Awareness that you could do something positive, healthy, or responsible later on that feels good if you wanted to. Positivity on hold. Readiness to be a nicer, responsible, or romantic person by choice when you are ready to.

See food in the themes section for more specific fruit symbolism.

Example: A woman dreamed of a box a fruits that cost her money. In waking life she wanted to enjoy herself knowing that it would make her husband jealous. The fruits in this case may have reflected her feelings about knowing that enjoying herself without her husband was a good thing.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of frozen strawberries, pears, and grapes out of the refrigerator to eat. In waking life she was having relationship difficulties. The frozen fruit symbolism may have reflected her feelings about improving her relationship by doing ever single thing positive she could such as being nicer, being more responsible, and making her sex life more interesting after noticing she wasn't trying hard enough to do so.

*Please See Apples

*Please See Pears

*Please See Mango

*Please See Bananas

*Please See Orange


To dream of a fruitcake represents feelings about an experience that is safe about making you think it's more interesting than other choices while not mind thinking of other people's feelings during a special occasion is better than doing nothing.

Negatively, dreaming of a fruitcake represents feelings about an experience that you don't want that overdoes seeing why it's safe to not mind listening to other people's feelings like it's interesting like there's nothing unusual about it. Behavior that is eccentric, odd, or slightly crazy about saying it's safe to think about it with other people. Feeling that a person is not entirely rational or is a bit out of touch with reality with wanting to do something unconventional with you and think it's awesome to believe in it being safe. Getting along with people that don't feel interesting to you. A safe situation or person that says it's interesting when it doesn't do it for real. An experience that safely encourages you to find interest in considering the emotions of others during special occasions, appreciating the gesture more than the action itself. Feeling obligated to listen to other people's feelings or ideas like they are interesting when they don't resonate with your personal beliefs.


To dream of fudge represents a situation in your life that feels exceptionally indulgent, pleasurable, or that satisfies an intense craving. Enjoying the best part of something completely. Enjoying something completely that you don't get to enjoy very often. Any circumstance in waking life that provides a heightened sense of enjoyment or is deeply fulfilling. It could also symbolize your desire for luxurious or hedonistic experiences, whether in relation to food, relationships, or other aspects of your life. Devotion to pleasure, enjoyment, or a craving. Rewards or treats that you think you deserve but have been denying yourself. Enjoying oneself in the moment, without worry for the future.

Negatively, dreaming about fudge might indicate an overindulgence or a lack of self-control. Enjoying yourself too much at the expense of your health or long-term goals. A sign that you need to consider moderation or balance in some aspect of your life. Issues with self-control and weight loss goals. A desire for instant gratification and avoiding responsibility.

Dreams of fudge appear common to people who are planning to get married or attending a wedding.

Example: A woman dreamed of chocolate fudge that she kept taking out of her backpack to smell and then putting it back in the backpack. She wanted to taste it badly, but never did. In waking life she had lost 20 pounds and was in a struggle to lose weight with regular visits to the gym. In this case, the fudge may have reflected her intense craving for indulgent foods, which she was trying to resist for the sake of her weight loss goals.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a table with chocolates, fudge, and candy on it at her friend's wedding. In waking life, she was planning to attend a friend's wedding and was concerned about her weight to fit in her dress. In this case, the fudge may have reflected her anxiety about the indulgent food and potential for overeating at the upcoming event.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of eating a fudge ice cream and wanting a strawberry flavor instead, but couldn't get one. In waking life, her boyfriend had just asked her to marry her. In this case, the fudge ice cream cone that isn't as good as the strawberry flavor may have reflected her feelings about enjoying indulging in sex before the wedding, when she really wanted to enjoy everything about being engaged including making wedding plans together with her fiance who didn't want to make plans yet.


To dream of garlic represents feelings of confidence that is protective. Confidently believing that you aren't losing if you don't want to. Confidence that you are never desperate. Confidence that you can have an immediate effective impact if you want to. Confidence that isn't listening if it doesn't want to. Confidence that you can control a situation if you need to. Confidence that feels good being powerful enough, but dangerous if it's too powerful. Confidence that surprises you with being protective or too powerful if you get too close to it. Confidence that you can tell people what to do or keep them under control.

Confidence about protection, security, or calling the police. Feeling that money protects you. Feelings of certainty about controlling something powerful, sensitive, or dangerous.

Negatively, garlic may represents feelings of needing to confidently assert yourself with people who are cheating you or being careless with you. Feeling that you never need to call the police or never need to ask for protection. Protective overconfidence that scares you or other people away. Experiencing situations where you don't like needing to repeat asserting or protecting yourself. Insecurity that makes you want or seek an immediate effective impact.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing dead doves and cloves of garlic fall out of a tree that wasn't supposed to. In waking life her husband paid for a servant who had recently robbed her house and left the country. The police were called. The garlic falling from the tree in the dream may have reflected her feelings about her confidence about of never needing to call the police on her servant becoming a problem.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing digging happening in a river where she thought garlic was pulled up, but found out it was actually sweet potatoes. In waking life the woman was experiencing some temporary financial problem. The sweet potatoes that she originally believed was garlic may have reflected her feelings about an option to fix her financial problem not being as confident with an immediate impact as she would have liked.



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