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To dream of pomegranate represents feeling good doing different things all the time. Enjoying trying or experiencing a lot of something you've never done before. Feeling good about enjoying something that is both perfect and different. Optimism to live a new life filled with enjoying new things. Enthusiasm for a lot of new change in life. Multiple enjoyable benefits perceived to be possible if a change is made.

Negatively, a pomegranate may represent your enthusiasm for new things that aren't shared by other people. Feeling ready and excited to do new things when others hold you back or are pessimistic. Wanting to start a new happier exciting life and feeling others aren't. Feeling that other people are too enthusiastic or optimistic about experiencing new things in life that you are not comfortable with.

Example: A woman dreamed of an old man handing her ripe pomegranate and then handing her husband an unripe pomegranate. In waking life she felt that her husband was holding both of their lives back by never wanting to embrace any new exciting ideas that could change both their lives in multiple ways.


To dream of popcorn represents your enjoyment of noticing something happening. Watching things that you want to happen happening all by themselves. Enjoying being a spectator.

To dream of popcorn kernels represents feelings about the potential to enjoy experiencing something. Getting ready to enjoy yourself or feeling. Feelings about waiting to have to have good time.

Negatively, popcorn kernels may reflect feelings about living in a persistent state of expecting to enjoy yourself. Having no control over your life that allows you to enjoy yourself in a stable setting.

Example: A young boy dreamed of being bounced around like a popcorn kernel inside a popcorn popper. In waking life he was moving around a lot, changing schools, changing friends, and even had to change languages at times. The dream may have reflected his feelings about moving around too much making him feel like he was always getting ready to enjoy growing up, but never actually getting to.


To dream of popsicles represents feeling good that everyone or everything in your life likes you the way you are. Temporarily feel good with no problems. Feelings about enjoying yourself living in the moment when it isn't expensive. Holding on to something temporary that you want to keep feeling good with for as long as you can. Feeling that it doesn't hurt you or anyone else to enjoy a moment savored as long as you can.

Negatively, dreaming about popsicle may represents feelings about being aware of yourself wasting time enjoying something that other people feel good overlooking or witnessing you think about. Enjoying thinking there is nothing wrong with your life. Enjoying yourself wasting time with something nobody else will ever get angry about.

Example: A woman dreamed of her baby eating a blue popsicle. In waking life she was living at home with parents, working two jobs, and enjoying herself shopping for a new car thinking of her future while searching for better paying full time job. The baby eating a popsicle may have reflected her daydreaming about a new full time job making her feel good without problems which gave her the confidence to buy a car.

*Please See Popsicle Sticks


To dream of pork represents feelings about an option or experience that is confident and simple about being better off or stronger about nothing stopping you. Feelings about the qualities of a situation you are experiencing being straightforward and confident with a sense of being better off or stronger without anything hindering you. Feeling that you can't be stopped by arrogant, greedy, thoughtless, or selfish people deserving to again. No longer putting up with someone in your life selfishly and thoughtlessly holding you back while believing in themselves too much. A sense of empowerment and liberation from people or situations that are in your way. Enjoying something that feels unrestricted. Feeling unapologetically robust.

Negatively, pork may reflect an experience that overdoes being confident and straightforward about excess and indulgence. Taking things for granted. Overspending. Consider the phrase "Pork Barrel Projects" for government spending. Perceptions of wastefulness, corruption, or inefficiency in governmental or corporate structure.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in the kitchen preparing chicken and pork. She kissed her husband with the meat in between their lips. She felt surprised that she enjoyed kissing him. In waking life, she had just recovered from serious depression after being abused by her husband and was having difficulty trying to forgive him. In this case, the pork may have reflected her feelings about how confident, simple, and strong it felt to be better off without her husband abusing her if she left him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating at a restaurant called "Most Of Us Are Pork" where people were magically turned into pigs to be slaughtered to feed people. In waking life, he was enrolled in the military while stationed in Germany, but not deployed. In this case, the restaurant with the word "Pork" in the title may have reflected his feelings about the military environment he was in, where individuals may have felt like expendable dehumanized commodities or where there was a sense of being part of a thoughtless system that wasted people's lives.


To dream of porridge represents feelings of ease with homeliness or humbleness.

*Please See Oatmeal

Potato Chips

To dream of potato chips represents a overindulgent behavior or a lack of willpower. You may be having a problem stopping something once you've started it. Doing something once isn't enough. You may need to exercise more self control.

Negatively, potato chips may reflect a lack of respect for a repeating or recurring indulgence.

Example: A man dreamed of eating potato chips. In waking life he was trying to overcome sex addiction. The potato chips reflected his inability to stop wanting sex once he's had it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing herself eating potato chips. In waking life she couldn't stop speaking to a professional for advice because the advice better than anything she had gotten before. She had to keep going back for advice over and over.

Potatoe Wedges

To dream of potato wedge french fries represents feelings about enjoying being straightforward about deserving to believe in yourself safely mattering without a question, not being mean about not minding wasting time, while experiencing something happening being frivolous, unimportant, fun, or not serious about needing to be intelligent. Being unafraid to believe you matter while something fun, frivolous, or unimportant is happening. Feeling good speaking up for yourself and not being shy while something frivolous or unimportant is happening.

Potato wedges are not a common dream symbol.

*Please See French Fries


To dream of raw potatoes represents feelings about not yet deserving to be comfortable from complications or hurdles with a sense that it would be beneficial for you to learn from the experience. Feeling that a complication or hurdle that you'll learn from does nothing unless you get involved with it. A problem situation in your life that requires work or brings difficulties, but encourages personal growth because you'll learn to overcome minor complications or hurdles with ease. Your perception of complications being manageable and ultimately leading to a satisfying resolution as you work through them. A learning experience that will make your life easier after having to confront it once.

To dream of cooked potatoes represents feelings of satisfaction, ease, and comfort with the resolution of a complicated situation that you didn't feel you deserved to put up with to begin with. A situation that may have started out complicated or challenging, has now been resolved or made simpler. The appreciation for the work done to make things smoother or more manageable. The rewards of patience and effort.

To dream of raw sweet potatoes represents feelings of not yet feeling good deserving to not deal with other people's complications or hurdles to begin with while people aren't saying anything about it either with a sense that's beneficial for you to learn from.

To dream of cooked sweet potatoes represents feeling good deserving to not deal with other people's complications or hurdles to begin with while people aren't saying anything about it either with a sense that's beneficial for you to learn from.

To dream of a baked potato represents feelings about special attention given to prepare to be comfortable from a complicated situation that you feel you didn't deserve to begin with while not wanting to say anything to anyone else about it because you want it all to yourself. Feeling that someone specially prepared a complicated situation and made it easy for you and not wanting to complain about it.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a lot of large potatoes. In waking life, she had a lot of work to do to prepare to organize and prepare to move with her boyfriend to another country on the opposite side of the world. In this case, the potatoes may have reflected her feelings about the numerous tasks and complexities she faced as beneficial for her personal growth, relationship, and future while living in another country comfortably without problems.

Example 2: An older woman dreamed of finding a sweet potato plant in a ditch. In waking life, she was upset with her church and wanted to leave for a new church. In this case, the sweet potato plants may have reflected her feeling of personal growth from overcoming the hurdles associated with leaving her current church with a sense of feeling good not deserving to have ever dealt with the church's problems to begin with as she anticipated embracing a new spiritual community that felt more comfortably aligned with her needs and desires.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having lunch with her boss and being given a plate of peeled baked potatoes. She felt that the location must have been filthy before it was recently cleaned. She asked for an appetizer, but her boss said they were passed that time. In waking life, she didn't like her boss and felt that her ethics and integrity had slipped over the years. She was looking for a new job. In this case, being offered baked potatoes while being denied an appetizer may have reflected her feelings about her boss being specially prepared to resolve certain problems with comfortable executive privileges while wanting workers to be quiet about it, but not being willing to teach the workers valuable skills to prevent problems from happening to begin with because it might begin to train them to take her job.

*Please See Mashed Potatoes

*Please See Potatoe Wedges


To dream of a pretzel represents feeling good being objective that something isn't a problem at all. Feeling good about not having to take action at the current moment. Feeling that it's an objective or intelligent choice to wait for something. Feeling that you to smart to have to do anything except wait. Relaxing or "taking it easy" while you wait for something to happen.

Negatively, a pretzel may reflect your preference to not notice someone else's problems. Feeling good knowing you don't need to help someone else. Being too casual about something serious. Not liking to feeling that you are required to accept something you don't like with a casual objective attitude.

Alternatively, a pretzel may reflect how you feel good keeping to yourself or minding your own business.

Example: A young man dreamed of eating pretzels. In waking life he was waiting for a important change to occur before getting serious about his business. He felt that it was better to relax and allow the change to occur before he bothered getting stressed out with hard work that may end up being unnecessary.


To dream of pudding represents
situations where you are noticing how good something is. You may be noticing how good something feels.

Pumpkin Pie

*Please See Pies


To dream of a pumpkin represents feelings about a strong sense of closure or needing to move on that benefits you. The realization that a good time is over and that it's good for you to choose to move on. The end of a phase, relationship, or situation where you feel it is healthy or appropriate to let go and embrace new beginnings. The recognition that it's time to move forward. A pumpkin may show up in a dream when you know a relationship may be nearing its end or you feel that a loved one is close to dying. "Time is up" or feeling it's running out in a waking life situation.

Positively, dreaming about a pumpkin may represent feelings of acceptance, readiness, and optimism about letting go of the past and embracing new opportunities. The relief and clarity that comes with acknowledging that it's time to move forward. An emotional readiness to release old bonds or conditions in favor of new opportunities.

Negatively, dreaming about a pumpkin could represent feelings of sadness, loss, or reluctance over the inevitable endings or transitions in life. Grief associated with saying goodbye or the fear of the unknown as one phase ends and another begins. Perhaps you are struggling with letting go, or you feel rushed into a new phase without proper closure from the past.

To dream of a carved jack-o-lantern pumpkin with a scary face may represent feelings of being confronted with one�s fears or anxieties about it not being safe to experience closure or moving on.

Example: A girl dreamed of pumpkins falling from a tree. In waking life, she was having an affair with a man who told her he didn't think their relationship was going to work. In this case, the pumpkins may have reflected her feelings about both the men she was having romantic relationships with signaling a strong sense of closure about her relationship with them being over.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being given a pumpkin by a friend. In waking life, she started a relationship that she felt could hurt someone else. In this case, the pumpkin may have reflected her recognition of the need to move on from past relationships before fully committing to a new one as being beneficial.

*Please See Pies


To dream of raisins represents feeling better than something is depleted or older than before. Enjoying not having to be better than anyone else while noticing that something is used up. Feeling better that something wasted all it's time being fully noticed for what it was to make it easier for you. Problems or challenges used up making them feel good dealing with easily. Feeling good being wiser than someone else who wasted their time going first. Feelings that a situation is better than you thought it was going to be because enemies or competition having wasted all it's time. Enjoying enemies or competition that have "shriveled up." Problems that aged making them enjoyable to deal with. Enjoying something because it's noticeably not as perfect, full, or high quality as before. Feeling good you easily don't need to help anyone else out anymore.

Negatively, dreaming about raisins may reflect feelings about enjoying exploiting, deleting, or wasting someone more naive than you. Enjoying nothing left for someone else who didn't even believe it mattered.

To dream of a bowl of oatmeal and raisins may reflect an experience you are having that is down to earth, and enjoyably depleted to your benefit.


To dream of raspberries represents thoughts about enjoying that it's good for you to never fear never asking permission about what you're allowed to do about small or sensitive issues. Giving yourself permission to enjoy yourself in small ways that doesn't explicit approval or permission from others. Feelings of small but meaningful pleasures or indulgences, often related to issues you consider sensitive or precarious.

Positively, dreaming about raspberries may reflect a sense of autonomy in handling delicate or sensitive situations. It could indicate that you're capable of making good judgments about what's best for you, especially in areas where you don't feel the need to consult experts or ask for permission. The dream may signify self-trust, balanced living, and the enjoyment of life's smaller but valuable pleasures.

Negatively, dreaming of raspberries might indicate that you're treading on delicate ground, especially if you're dealing with sensitive or precarious situations in waking life. It could signify that while you're allowing yourself some small freedoms, there's an underlying fear or concern that you might be pushing the boundaries too far, risking stability or well-being. This dream could be a signal that you need to be cautious, especially in situations where the stakes are high or when dealing with delicate issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of a pile of raspberries on her bed. In waking life, she was pregnant and had a history of miscarriages. In this case, the raspberries may have reflected her cautious optimism and the delicate balance she felt she had to maintain between allowing herself small joys and being mindful of her pregnancy.

Raw Meat

*Please See Meat



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