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*Please See Jelly


To dream of ginger represents enthusiasm or a positive feelings about being moderate. Feeling good having a little bit of something. A sign that you just want to try something, help only a little, or are not interested in doing something as much as someone else is. Knowing that doing something a little bit is best because it may annoy or scare someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of man holding a bottle of ginger spice. In waking life he was renewing his faith in God, but felt that he had to be careful taking about it too much to others because it may turn them off.


To dream of gingerbread represents feeling good with something the way it is. People or situations that you feel good liking and don't want to change for anything. Positive feelings about stable friendships or home life. Negatively, gingerbread may be a sign that you are willfully blind to a problem or a person that you don't want to hate.

To dream of a gingerbread man represents a person or situation that convinces you to enjoy liking it.

Example: A young man dreamed of being attacked by a gingerbread man. In waking life he was in denial about someone he liked that wasn't really his friend. He slowly began to see the truth and found it difficult to hate this person.


To dream of eating granola represents a wish to ignore anything that don't like. Doing only what you like. Putting your own interests first no matter what.

Negatively, granola may be a sign that you are annoying others with you wishes or ideas. Wasting your time never considering anyone else.

To dream of granola bars may represent putting your own interests before others because you don't have time.

Grape Juice

To dream of grape juice represents an experience of quickly noticing plentifulness that doesn't have to be jealous because you have everything you need. Feeling of abundance and satisfaction that doesn't have to wait for it. Feelings of how easy and effortless it is to enjoy the luxuries in life without feeling any sense of jealousy or guilt. Wellbeing and contentment after having worked hard. Abundance and gratitude for newfound success.

Negatively, dreaming of grape juice represents a lack of appreciation for the abundance in one's life.

To dream of spilling grape juice represents feelings of easy abundance or plentifulness being wasted or lost, possibly due to someone else's actions.

Example: A young man dreamed of Marc Emery, a marijuana activist, blowing marijuana smoke in his face with a little bit of spit, while an old woman drank his grape juice. In waking life he was very sensitive about hearing about Marc Emery's arrest and conviction as a marijuana smoker. In this case, the grape juice being drunk by the old woman may have reflected his feelings of missing out on the abundance of his weed because he was too busy arguing about Marc Emery, and not enjoying it himself.


To dream of a grapefruit represents a conscious effort to prioritize responsibility and focus on what is best for you. Prioritizing responsibility, even when other distractions are more appealing. A more conservative attitude than others around you, demonstrating that you prioritize future benefits over immediate gratification. Paying attention to what you are doing because it's good for you. Being more responsible than others about paying attention to why you are not reckless or impatient because it's best for a final outcome. Feeling that it's beneficial to be more mature than you usually are.

Negatively, dreaming about a grapefruit may represent a sense of resentment about having to pay extra attention to what you are doing, perhaps because others around you aren't being as attentive or conservative. A tendency to discontinue activities because you believe they're not in your best interest, even if these decisions might not yield the expected results. Not depending on a partner because you have to do what's best for yourself for the future.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of making a baby doll with a grapefruit head and ignoring going to the movies with friends. In waking life, she had a school project that required partnering up with someone else to create a hypothetical baby by combining various genes to see what the baby would look like. In this case, the grapefruit may have reflected her intention to prioritize her academic responsibilities, even when other distractions, such as going out with friends, appeared more appealing.


To dream of grapes represents plentifulness, opulence, success, or hard work that pays off. Enjoying feelings about how easy it is to have something. Feeling good having too much that is good for you. The plentifulness of success. Enjoying having too much of something. Feeling so successful you don't know what to do with yourself after a short while of enjoying it. Feelings of "there is always more where that came from." Inexhaustible loving support.

Negatively, dreaming about grapes may reflect enjoyable experiences that leave you feeling confident that you've had too much and come back to it at a later time. Feeling full or satisfied on something enjoyable that annoys you with overdoing it. Enjoying plentifulness that can be comfortably wasted or walked away from. Enjoying sex until you are annoyed by it. Enjoying yourself indulging thinking it's good for you and then realizing you've gone overboard.

To dream of black grapes represents feelings of plentifulness that is good for you that doesn't scare you that it never has to stop. Plentifulness that doesn't scare you that it's way too much for you now, but you can always have more of it anytime you want later on.

To dream of green grapes represents feeling of plentifulness that is good for you that is friendly, but you don't have to care about it all the time. Plentifulness that might be too friendly.

To dream of red grapes represents feelings of plentifulness that is good for you that never asks you questions about what it is you are doing. Plentifulness that might be too conceited about why it's dangerously not worried.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing 2 clusters of grapes on her belly. In waking life finally got pregnant after trying really hard to conceive. The grapes in this case may have reflected her feelings about enjoying plentiful sex to get pregnant that felt excessive after a while.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating green grapes and getting great pleasure from it. In waking life he had a lot of time off work and nothing important to do. He enjoyed the time off, but felt lazy. The grapes in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the plentifulness of his success.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing frozen grapes. In waking life she felt her relationship with struggling and that if she was inexhaustibly supportive or loving to her partner that felt good for them that it might improve the relationship.


To dream of gravy represents pleasant feelings about the essence of easily experiencing a situation your way with a sense of extra with minimal effort. Enjoying abundant benefits or rewards without much effort or difficulty.

Negatively, dreaming about gravy may represent a tendency to be overly comfortable with the essence of easily experiencing a situation your way with a sense of extra with minimal effort. A tendency to take certain aspects of one's life for granted, expecting rewards or benefits to continue flowing without appreciating the effort or circumstances that make them possible. A reminder to not become complacent and to value the sources of one's prosperity or comfort. Overindulgence or excess in some areas of life. Concerns about changing circumstances, such as economic downturns or personal challenges, that threaten one's sense of security and ease. The challenges of adapting to new situations or conditions that are less favorable than what one is used to. Issues with adjusting expectations.

Example: A woman dreamed of having trouble eating mashed potatoes with gravy. In waking life, she was a successful real estate agent who was starting to have serious problems selling a home during the US banking crisis and economic slowdown of 2008. In this case, the mashed potatoes with gravy may have reflected her feelings about the comfort, reliance on familiarity, and simplicity of her previously successful real estate transactions now being complicated by the economic downturn. She may have also begun to feel that the "gravy train" of easy sales and profit was over and was no longer able to easily sell homes for high profit with minimal effort.

*Please See Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans

To dream of green beans represents unpleasant experiences or choices that you know are in your best interest. Choosing to be responsible when don't have to be. Something unpleasant happening in your life that you know is good for you. It may also reflect an unexciting long-term decision that is good for you.

Positively, green beans may reflect situations where you are happy with yourself for doing the right thing when it's difficult.


To dream of buying groceries represents feelings about choices or provisions that you feel temporarily sustain you. Feelings about the resources or necessities required to maintain your well-being and lifestyle. The basic needs or desires that you are seeking to fulfill in your waking life. Your thoughts about the importance of being about the importance of being well-prepared, ensuring your basic needs are met, and maintaining a sense of security and stability. A casual attitude about never thinking it's a problem to keep yourself comfortable the way you are.

Positively, dreaming about groceries may represent intelligently or honestly sustaining yourself through a difficult situation. Feeling that it's easy to sustain yourself through difficult situations. Feelings of abundance, provision, and the ability to choose what is best for you. Feeling that all your needs are being met, or you have the means to secure your necessities comfortably. It could also be indicative of making healthy choices or taking steps to ensure that you are well-supported in your life.

Negatively, dreaming about buying groceries may reflect feelings of lack, scarcity, worry about not having enough, or anxiety about the responsibilities of provisioning for yourself or your family. Financial concerns, the stress of daily life, or feeling overwhelmed by the need to make ends meet. Wasting your time keeping a dishonest or hopeless situation going. Perhaps you are experiencing uncertainty about your ability to sustain yourself or take care of basic needs. A need for temporary dishonesty to sustain you emotionally or maintain your sense of normalcy. Wasting time on temporary fixes. No focus on long-term solutions. Feeling good barely surviving a problem. Using someone else to sustain yourself. The fear of running out of essential resources. A need to take better care of yourself or address neglected aspects of your life.

To dream of carrying groceries represents feelings about the efforts or responsibilities you are undertaking to maintain or support your current situation. Your ability to handle and manage the provisions or resources needed to sustain yourself. Your capacity to take care of your basic needs independently and efficiently. The load of stress or burdens you are carrying as you attempt to ensure that all of your or someone else's basic needs are being addressed. The hard work you are putting into keeping things running smoothly in your life or the life of someone you care for. Carrying groceries in a dream signifies your self-reliance, preparedness, and the sense of responsibility you have for avoiding being left with nothing.

Example: A girl dreamed of buying groceries. In waking life, she felt the need to temporarily keep lying to her parents about flunking out of university. In this case, the groceries may have reflected her feelings about needing to lie to her parents for a "little bit longer" in order to sustain or maintain the facade and deal with the immediate needs of her situation, despite the underlying problem of her academic failure.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of trying to buy groceries. In waking life, he was respecting himself dealing with an impossible health problem with no apparent cure while the drugs the doctors gave him that didn't work were used up making him worry about needing to get another prescription. In this case, the need for groceries may have reflected his need for a continuous supply of medication to feel safe maintaining his well-being despite the fact the medication never seemed to work.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having to return to a grocery store to get groceries before leaving to see her car stolen. In waking life, she was resourceful about keeping a dishonest situation going before experiencing the person she was being dishonest with cutting her off from communication completely. In this case, the groceries may have reflected her attempts to continue managing and sustaining the dishonest situation by gathering more 'resources' or excuses to keep the facade going.

*Please See Grocery Store

Ground Beef

*Please See Beef


To dream of Guacamole represents feelings about importance to try something different to feel good about it. Choices that feel both essential and versatile that bring balance and harmony. Not feeling stupid to having to feel good about doing something different. Wanting to try new and diverse experiences to enhance one's well-being. The choice to experiment with something different is perceived as both vital and adaptable. It represents a willingness to embrace change and not being afraid to try something new in order to feel good.

Example: A woman dreamed grocery store bought guacamole. In waking life she had been sick with a fever and the flu. She hadn't eaten much in the last few days. In this case the guacamole may have reflected her desire to shake things up and try something different in order to improve her health and well-being. The her dream reveals her intuition to try new experiences and diversify her food choices to improve her overall mood and sense of well-being.


To dream of a guava represents feelings about enjoying yourself thinking of someone else's feelings. Noticing life feels better if you enjoy thinking of someone else's feelings. Feeling good being safer noticing that other people's feelings matter as well. Enjoying yourself letting other people have a good time around you. Feeling that a situation isn't perfect, but feels good anyway. A mixture of feelings about responsibility and enjoyment. Feelings about sexual obligations to partners.

Negatively, a guava may reflect feelings about obligations to others feelings required in order to enjoy yourself. Feeling that you are being ordered around for other enjoyment. Feeling obligated to responsibly allow people who are angry at you to enjoy themselves.

Example: A woman dreamed of examining a guava with spots on it, but then eating it and enjoying it. In waking life she was 10 weeks pregnant and hesitant to have sex with her husband worrying too much about the baby, but she did have sex with him and thought it was nice. The guava is this case may have reflected her feelings about responsibly attending to her husband's sexual needs.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his friend with a guava shaped head. In waking life he was trying his best to mend a friendship with this friend by doing nice things for him because he felt it was required to fix the friendship.


*Please See Chewing Gum

*Please See Bubblegum

Gummy Bears Candy

To dream of a gummy bears candy represents enjoying a situation that feels good with nothing getting back at you for using your imagination like it's completely safe. Enjoying your imagination about something potentially being real without needing to be too serious about embarrassing you or getting back at you. Feeling safe flirting with harmless imaginative ideas with someone, without the fear of any immediate consequences or negative outcomes. Enjoying imaginative scenarios about possible relationships.

Negatively, gummy bears candy in a dream may represent an overly naive, imaginative, or carefree attitude towards situations that are serious or complicated because you are too safe. It can symbolize indulgence in wishful thinking, avoiding real responsibilities or problems, or failing to consider the reality of a situation because you are too safe. Overdoing never confronting anything terrible because you can keep safely imagining that you don't need to with nobody speaking to you about needing to be realistic.

Example: A girl dreamed of a green gummy bear. In waking life, she met a guy on the internet who lived in another US state. She enjoyed talking to the guy about a potential arranged marriage for the whole day. She didn't want to stop. In this case, the green gummy bear candy may have reflected her enjoyment and comfort in indulging her imagination regarding a potential arranged marriage with the guy she met online.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of live gummy Bears candy that kept dying. In waking life, she was a bisexual who had issues with not wanting to date a man because her family would never believe she was gay. In this case, the gummy bears that keep dying may have reflected her enjoying imaginative scenarios about possible relationships with men, that she ultimately perceived as incompatible or destined to fail, due to her struggle with her sexual identity.



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