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The letter P in a dream represents doing everything you can to make a sacrifice or stay positive.

The symbolism is based on the letter having nothing to support it standing up.

P is the 16th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 16 represents confrontation with negativity.

P.A. System (Public Announcement)

To dream of a P.A. system represents sudden realizations that issues, situations, or problems are more important.

To dream of speaking into a P.A. system represents your attempts to make the importance of information obvious to others.


To dream of the video game Pac-Man represents a challenging experience to test the limits to see how far you can take a situation by trying to stay active doing new things while other people (or people from the past) don't want you to. Your determination to pursue opportunities or goals even when faced with obstacles or resistance from others. Being determined to pursue an opportunity while avoiding the "ghosts" of what people have said to you about it not being possible.

Negatively, dreaming about Pac-Man may represent wasting your time or looking stupid trying to test the limits to do new things when other people are right about already telling you it's possible. Wasting your time trying to escape good advice about something new you are trying that's not possible. Feeling that you can't escape the past or past advice from holding you back.

Pac-Man symbolism commonly appears in dreams with space or stars possibly to reflect an incredible opportunity that's never happened before with a feeling that other people don't want to allow it to happen.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing Pac-Man. In waking life, she was very motivated to move out and away from her mother to start her own life. She was aware of herself still being a minor and dependent on her mother financially. In this case, Pac-Man may have reflected her awareness of herself asserting her individuality and desiring a new life moving out while still feeling constrained by her dependence on her mother. She may have been aware of herself wasting time challenging herself to stay active doing whatever she had to in order to prepare to move out and have a life away from her mother while facing the reality of other people (ghosts) always being right that it wasn't realistic.

*Please See Video Games


To dream of a pacifier represents feelings about being coddled or treated like you are too little to listen to. Feelings about yourself or someone else not being allowed to speak for themselves because someone feels that they are bigger than you.

Negatively, a pacifier may reflect feelings about being treated like you are childish without any second thoughts. Feeling patronized or overlooked. Feeling that people disrespect you with patronizing you or assuming you are not smart enough to listen to. Feelings about being treated as though you are too immature to be important.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a baby with a pacifier in it's mouth. In waking life he was aware of himself avoiding a very childish older man who believed that communicating with him through dangerous means in secret was a professional way to deal with a problem. He also believed that the childish older man didn't have an intelligent understanding of what was really happening in a situation so he chose to ignore him and patronize him with sarcasm.


To dream of a mail delivered package represents acknowledgment from some area of your life that you've been waiting for. Seeing expected results or expectations actualizing as planned. A person or situation is doing what you thought they would. Feelings about acknowledging acquiring something. Feelings about having to begin handling a new situation you expected once it becomes a reality.

Negatively, mail delivered packages in a dream may reflect unpleasant feelings or unexpected conflicts associated with events you were expecting to happen. Fights or legal problems after getting money or property you were waiting for. Feeling that other people don't think you deserve an inheritance or gift. Unpleasant feelings about having to handle something new in your life. Feeling that getting what you expected is more difficult or unpleasant than you first thought it would be.

To dream of delivering a package may represent carrying through on your promises or doing what was expected of you.

Example: A woman dreamed of a package being delivered. In waking life her mother had died and she finally finalized paperwork that enabled her to inherit certain things from her mother. The package in this case may have reflected her feelings about expecting and and finally taking ownership of the inheritance after the mother's death. Family conflict began after this property transfer.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of getting a package and being happy about it. In waking life her husband got an expected job offer in a new US state and they were planning to move. The package in this case may have reflected her feelings about having to handle the reality of moving after first waiting for her husband's job offer to be secured.

*Please See Boxes


To dream of packing your personal belongings represents feelings of changes ahead that you are preparing for. You may be focused on moving forward as you put past issues or relationships behind you. Preparing to move on from some area of your life.

Negatively, dreaming of packing may represent feelings of needing to completely move on from embarrassments or failures. Feeling unsupported or that your ideas are unwelcome. Completely giving up on your current plans or ideas.

To dream of repeatedly packing and unpacking represents uncertainty or chaotic changes in your life. Unfinished business. A lack of clarity about where you really stand or how serious your next move is. Not knowing if a situation is really over or not. Feeling that decisions keep getting reversed or rolled back. You may benefit from trying to establish a sense of clarity or attempting resolve an uncertain situation.

To dream of endlessly packing represents your feelings about being weighed down by endless responsibilities or expectations.

To dream of packing luggage represents preparation to experience something different. It may also reflect responsible foresight before you try something new or explore new ideas that are unusual for you. Insuring that you will be comfortable or will have all your needs addressed if you try something new.

Alternatively, packing luggage may reflect your anxiety before travelling.


*Please See Oars

Paddle Boats

To dream of a paddle boat represents confrontation with an uncertain or negative situation that you perceive as being wonderful. You don't feel a sense of danger or urgency. You may even see potential benefits to taking your time dealing with a problem.

Pregnant women often dream of being in a paddle boat. This may reflect their enjoyment of confronting the challenges of pregnancy.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a paddleboat and racing the boat far out into a lake ahead of her husband and then finding herself with with aching legs and a headache. In waking life she was pregnant and finding that all the extra housework she was giving herself was giving her non-stop headaches. The paddleboat may have reflected her relaxed feelings towards handling her pregnancy.


To dream of paddling represents perseverance through negative or uncertain situations. Doing whatever you can to get through a problem. Hard work to slowly get through a problem. Struggling to get through a difficult or uncertain situation one day at a time. Feeling that you need to confront a difficult situation all by yourself with no help. Feeling that that is no easy way to endure an uncertain or negative situation.

*Please See Rowboat


*Please See Lock


To dream of pads represents feelings about protection, comfort, or taking precautions in some area of your life. A need for security and safety in a situation where you feel vulnerable or exposed. Your thoughts about the importance of being prepared or cushioning yourself against potential problems or discomforts. A need for an emotional cushion or a sense of protection against potential harm, discomfort, or difficult situations.

Positively, dreaming about pads may represent preparedness, foresight, or taking proactive steps to ensure comfort and safety. A conscious choice to protect oneself from potential harm or discomfort, indicating prudence and careful planning. A nurturing attitude towards yourself or others, showing a desire to provide comfort and security. A desire for a comfortable and stable environment where you can relax and feel at ease.

Negatively, dreaming about pads could represent feelings of insecurity, over-caution, or unnecessary worry. A fear of taking risks, being overly protective, or having a lack of confidence in your abilities to handle challenges. Perhaps you feel stifled by your own protective measures, or you might be experiencing a sense of vulnerability that causes you to overcompensate with safety measures. Emotional cushioning that isn't helpful. Stagnation and overprotection. Being overly protected or sheltered to the point where it hinders your personal growth and experiences. A reluctance to face challenges or step out of your comfort zone. A fear of vulnerability or an unwillingness to confront emotional issues or difficult truths.

Example: A man dreamed of needing a hammer, but finding it to be unusable due to thick black padding on the handle. In waking life, he wanted to tell a woman he had a crush on how he felt about her, but she was moving upstate for another job. In this case, the padding on the hammer that is unusable may have reflected his feelings about how useless it felt to be emotionally cushioned from rejection when telling the woman how she felt about her due to her moving away because once she moved away he would never get to see her again.

Example 2: An elderly man dreamed of seeing his son on a medical table with a heating pad on his stomach. In waking life, he was undergoing radiation therapy to treat cancer cells in his lungs and hips. In this case, the heating pad on his son's stomach may have reflected his attempt to make his family and friends feel more comfortable accepting his cancer therapy by explaining the safety precautions that were being taken by doctors.

*Please See Maxi Pad

*Please See iPad


To dream of a pager represents feelings that something is always more important than what you are doing right now.

Negatively, it may reflect constant distractions or interruptions. Not seeing that what you already have is more important. It may be a sign that you need to slow down. You may be taking on too much. It may also be a sign that you are too caught up in serving someone else's needs.


To dream of being paid represents feelings of receiving reciprocation, benefits, recognition, reward, and acknowledgment for your efforts, actions, or achievements. The return or exchange for hard work, struggles, or investment of time and energy you have put into something in your waking life. Your desires for fairness, justice, or balanced reciprocity in dealings in your personal or professional life.

Positively, dreaming about being paid may represent validation, satisfaction, or the acknowledgment that you are owed. A beneficial outcome from past efforts or a return on an investment, whether emotional, financial, or intellectual. Reaping the benefits of your hard work, suggesting personal or financial gains are on the horizon.

Negatively, dreaming about being paid may represent benefiting from dishonesty, manipulation, or unethical actions. A compromise of your values or integrity in exchange for approval, financial gain, or status. A corrupting influence of "selling out" one's moral principles or betraying others for personal advancement. Feelings of inadequacy, feeling that what you're being paid or recognized for doesn't truly compensate for your efforts. You may feel exploited or short-changed in some aspect of your life. Anxiety about something being overvalued or owing something to someone.

To dream of a cost you've paid represents the "price" or personal cost you've incurred in a particular situation or relationship in your waking life as a result of choices, decisions, or actions you've made. Sacrifices, compromises, or hardships you've endured to achieve a certain goal or maintain a connection with someone. Emotional trade-offs, sacrifices, or compromises in your personal relationships, career, or other important areas of life. The consequences, responsibilities, or the emotional or moral burden that comes with the decisions you make.

Negatively, dreaming about a cost you'd paid represents feelings of being burdened by the sacrifices you've made or that you're paying a high emotional, physical, or psychological cost for your actions or decisions. Feelings of regret, resentment, or the realization that what you've given up outweighs the benefits you've received. Regret, resentment, or grief over lost opportunities, relationships, or aspects of yourself that you've sacrificed. Feelings of loss, being cheated, or disillusionment if the outcome does not seem to measure up to what you have given up. Feelings of imbalance, unfairness, or being exploited in a situation where you feel your sacrifices have been one-sided or not reciprocated.

To dream of not being paid represents feelings of being unappreciated, overlooked, or taken for granted. You may feel that you're not receiving the recognition, reward, or compensation you deserve for your efforts, work, love, support, or investment in a relationship or situation. An imbalance in your personal or professional life, where the effort you are putting in does not seem to produce the expected return or acknowledgment.

Example: A woman dreamed about discussing the toll paid to get in and out of the country she used to work in for 14 years. In waking life, she wanted to leave her job and profession for a new one. She felt that her current job was negatively affecting her health and well-being. In this case, the toll that needed to be paid may have reflected her feelings about the "price" or personal cost she feels she's paid in her career with sacrifices associated with your long-term commitment to her profession that bothers her that she'd have to do it again in order to get a new job.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being paid to make a love potion for someone else. In waking life, she was happily dating long-distance whom she felt wasn't as interested in the relationship as she was. She was also still communicating with an ex-boyfriend who was her first and only love. The new relationship was at risk because it was long-distance. The ex-boyfriend occasionally made her feel like he might be her soulmate, but felt it was inappropriate to pursue that because it might risk their friendship. In this case, being paid to make a love potion for someone else may have reflected the emotional investments and the "rewards" she perceived from the possibility of manipulating her new boyfriend with jealousy of the ex-boyfriend to make him more serious about their long-distance relationship.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being a bread wholesaler who was trying to sell bread to a bakery shop and couldn't get paid for the bread because he forgot the prices. In waking life, he was elderly with a wife who was ill and a pregnant daughter who lived in another country. In this case, being unable to get paid for selling bread may have reflected a lack of reciprocation or acknowledgment for his efforts and contributions to provide, manage, or control the basic 'ingredients' of familial well-being and happiness for his sick wife and distant pregnant daughter.


*Please See Bucket


To dream of pain represents feelings of discomfort, emotional suffering, or distress in your waking life due to difficulties or loss. Emotional agony, possibly due to an injury, illness, or difficult life circumstances. Unresolved issues, inner turmoil, or the need to address your own limitations and needs. Emotional pain or humiliation. Putting up with something that doesn't feel good. Feeling hurt by relationship problems or rejection. Feelings of being limited or "held back." Feelings about a loss that makes you feel you can't come back from it.

Negatively, dreaming about pain may represent feelings of helplessness, suffering, or being overwhelmed by negative situations in waking life. A fear of facing hurtful truths, a tendency to hold onto suffering, or an inability to let go of what's causing harm. Chronic pain in a dream might represent an ongoing problematic situation, a sense of despair, or a fear of never recovering from a current setback. Difficulty recovering from a relationship breakup or friendship ending.

People commonly experience pain in a dream after a relationship has ended.

To dream of feeling no pain when you should feel pain represents a possible sense of emotional detachment or numbness in your waking life. Suppressing your emotions or avoiding addressing a painful situation. A defense mechanism shielding you from the full brunt of a painful reality. A sign of resilience or desensitization to a difficult situation. Alternatively, it may symbolize resilience, inner strength, and the ability to handle adversity without breaking.

To dream of sharing someone's pain represents deep empathy and emotional connection with a person or situation. Selflessness, compassion, and a supportive nature. You may be highly attuned to the hardships of those around you.

Negatively, dreaming about sharing someone's pain may indicate that you are taking on more emotional burden than you can handle, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed. It might also reflect a difficulty in setting emotional boundaries, thereby allowing others' negative experiences to deeply affect your well-being. Wasting time feeling sorry for people.

Consider what body part you are experiencing pain in for additional symbolism.

Example: A girl dreamed of feeling her friend's pain in her own body. In waking life, she had been listening to her friend talk about her relationship troubles. In this case, the shared pain may have reflected her ability to understand and emotionally resonate with her friend's struggles, even to the point of feeling them as her own.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of feeling pain from acupuncture needles. In waking life, she was having relationship issues regarding saving money for the future. In this case, the pain may have reflected her feelings about enduring discomfort with her relationship and lifestyle due to the necessary financial restrictions she felt were needed to save money for the future.

Example 3: An elderly man dreamed of having pain in his shoulder after Satan grabbed it. In waking life, he was having a hard time doing what he once could. In this case, the shoulder pain may have reflected the emotional burden he carries, perhaps feelings of uselessness or frustration, associated with the aging process and the consequent loss of physical strength or ability. He may have felt emotionally hurt with experiencing himself losing his vitality while feeling it could never come back.

*Please See Aches


To dream of wall paint represents the underlying feeling or intentions of a situation. Transformation, change, and the desire to make a fresh start. Changing how a situation feels or behaves. The ability to change the tone, mood, or state of mind of a situation. Making changes or adjustments to the foundation or background aspects of your life. The underlying tone, mood, or atmosphere in your personal space or in specific situations with a sense that it can be changed. A sense of change being possible and how comfortable you are leaving it that way once changed.

Positively, dreaming about wall paint may represent a proactive approach to improving or enhancing a situation or life circumstances. A conscious choice to refresh, update, or modernize your life situation or mindset. A phase of personal growth, self-improvement, or an effort to create a more positive or suitable atmosphere for yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about wall paint could represent feelings of dissatisfaction with your current circumstances. A change of lifestyle, conditions, or mood that you don't really want to make or doesn't feel the way you like. Feelings about a fresh start that you don't like. A desire for change that is focused more on appearances than on substantial transformation. Feelings about the tone, mood, or state of mind of a situation changing beyond your control or in a way that doesn't suit you.

To dream of art paint represents feelings about the potential to transform an idea into something tangible and unique. The ability or potential to transform an idea into a unique experience. Creativity, expression, and the power to shape and color your experiences or the world around you. A desire to leave a unique, original, or beautiful mark on the world.

Negatively, dreaming about art paint could represent feelings of frustration or inadequacy in your ability to be unique or original. Feeling that your creative efforts are not being appreciated or recognized. Struggling with self-doubt or a lack of inspiration, or you might feel constrained by external expectations or limitations

The colors of paint reflect specific intentions or feelings. See the colors page in the themes section for info on color symbolism.

To dream of yellow paint may reflect feelings about a situation changing into one where you or others are becoming more aware of details. Focus is being changed to notice you. Attention is being heightened. Forcing people or a situation to become more noticed or paid attention to. A change that you are forcing attention towards. Negatively, yellow paint may reflect an awareness of dishonesty, immorality, or negative personality problems that are getting more attention than usual.

To dream of red paint may represent feelings about a situation becoming more intense, dangerous, or passionate. A heightened sense of urgency, alertness, or the importance of a situation. Intense personal boundaries being transformed. Feelings of aggression, anger, or a heightened state of confrontation. Negatively, red paint may reflect a situation that is becoming too intense, overwhelming, or out of control. A desire to change that is too apparent. Consider the phrase "painting the town red" to understand the symbolism better.

To dream of white paint represents feelings about a situation becoming purified, cleansed, or honest. A situation becoming more honest or genuine than it was before. A fresh start or new beginning that is more moral or transparent. A change of intention or feeling that is focused on cleanliness, renewal, or rectifying problems. A situation that is becoming more peaceful or calm. A change in a situation that makes perfect truth unavoidable. Changes to a situation that you feel will be perceived as pure, clean, or without fault. It may also reflect a change to a situation that you feel is without sin.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a wall with red paint dripping down it. In waking life, he made the decision to kill himself if certain conditions in his life didn't improve. In this case, the red wall paint may have reflected a combination of his feelings about personal boundaries (wall) and his feelings about how dangerous or reckless suicide felt.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing actor Matthew Perry in a creepy empty bedroom with brown painted colored walls, uncomfortable lighting, and only a bed for furniture. In waking life, he had heard the news about how Matthew Perry died from a ketamine drug overdose. In this case, the brown-painted bedroom walls may have reflected his perception of Matthew Perry having private thoughts about drug use that led to killing himself while attempting to purge (brown) his life of depression. The brown walls reflected the private personal boundaries regarding using powerful drugs to treat his depression.


To dream of a paintbrush for houses represents a plan of action for change. What you are doing or how you are thinking that forces a change of intentions or feelings. It may also reflect confidence in knowing you can change something or your awareness of the potential to change.

To dream of an art paintbrush represents your awareness of yourself doing something to be noticed or recognized for. It may also mean you are doing something to give yourself a self of accomplishment. Doing something you know others will see.


To dream of painting a picture represents feelings about creating or crafting a unique sense of accomplishment for how a situation turned out that other people admire. Feelings about being different in a way that other people pay attention to. Feelings about being recognized for something original you are completed in your life. Feeling that your life is more attractive for why mistakes never mattered. Feelings of pride, achievement, or recognition for something you have accomplished. Alternatively, it could also symbolize admiration or longing for qualities or achievements that you perceive as remarkable or extraordinary in others.

To dream of a masterpiece artwork or artwork painted by a famous artist may represent feelings about an aspect of your life being incredible or noteworthy for how it worked out being different in a way that other people pay attention to. A situation or a phase in your life that stands out due to its exceptional nature or significant impact.

Positively, dreaming about a masterpiece artwork may represent high self-esteem, a sense of accomplishment, or feelings of being uniquely talented or gifted. It may also represent a situation where you feel your actions or decisions are being highly respected or admired by others. Feeling lucky for how beautiful your life turned out despite mistakes.

Negatively, this dream could suggest feelings of envy, inadequacy, or a sense of being overshadowed by someone else's achievements. An overemphasis on external validation or a fear that your own accomplishments do not measure up to others' expectations or standards.

Example: A man dreamed of walking through a tunnel with sick pale-looking people while seeing a pale human head inside a box. The entire dream had a Salvador Dali painting theme to it. In waking life, he thought he might be going bankrupt after making some bad investments while not worrying about it too much. He was also spending a lot of time thinking about what happens when people die. In this case, the Salvador Dali painting theme to his dream may have reflected his feelings of surrealism and distortion as he was grappling with the potential of financial ruin and deep philosophical questions about life and death in other dimensions. He felt that his life seemed to work out anyway no matter how bad his finances got as though his life was God's unusual masterpiece.

Example: A man dreamed of being shown a picture painting. In waking life, it was Veteran's Day. In this case, the painting may have reflected his thoughts on the valor, sacrifice, and unique experiences of veterans, and how these aspects have created a unique sense of accomplishment about what it means to serve one's country that people admire on Veterans Day.

Example 2: A man dreamed of walking through a tunnel with sick pale pale-looking people while seeing a pale human head inside a box. The entire dream had a Salvador Dali painting theme to it. In waking life, he thought he might be going bankrupt after making some bad investments while not worrying about it too much. He was also spending a lot of time thinking about what happens when people die. In this case, the Salvador Dali painting theme to his dream may have reflected his feelings of surrealism and distortion as he was grappling with the potential of financial ruin and deep philosophical questions about life and death in other dimensions. He felt that his life seemed to work out anyway no matter how bad his finances got as though his life was God's unusual masterpiece.

*Please See Pictures


To dream of painting a house or room represents a change of intention or feeling. Feelings about changing the atmosphere or mood in a particular area of your life How a situation feels is being purposely changed. A purposeful change of mindset, boundaries, or beliefs. Your desire for change or a need to revitalize a specific situation or aspect of your life.

Positively, dreaming about painting a room may represent a conscious effort to improve or enhance a particular area of your life. You may be taking proactive steps to make things more vibrant or appealing, signaling your readiness for positive transformation. Bringing new energy into a previously dull or uninspiring situation.

Negatively, painting a room in a dream may represent feelings of frustration or dissatisfaction with your current circumstances. You may be trying to cover up problems or issues in your life, attempting to make them appear better than they actually are. A superficial approach to addressing deeper issues or challenges, suggesting that you need to dig deeper to truly address the root causes of your concerns.

Consider the color of the paint being used for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a room being painted white. In waking life, a personal problem was being completely removed from his life. In this case, the white paint of the room reflected how the changes to the boundaries of a difficult situation felt as the personal problem was fixed. A feeling of purification or perfectly never having to think of anything wrong with himself resolved his personal problem.

Example 2: A man dreamed of everything in a room being painted black, including planets and clothes. In waking life, he feared losing his wife to a medical issue or another man while frustrated with bipolar depression. In this case, seeing everything in a room being painted black may have reflected the change or transformation of his feelings from a normal state towards despair and hopelessness as he struggled with bipolar depression. He may have allowed his depression to choose to alter his worldview to a more negative state.

Pajama Party

*Please See Sleepover


To dream of pajamas represents a heightened comfort level accepting or ignoring issues in your life. Your personality being comfortable choosing to "sleep" on an issue. The personality focused on taking time off.

Negatively, dreaming about pajamas may reflect feelings about needing to professionally accept a very difficult situation as it is or take a professional "time out" when you don't want to. Laziness that choose not to work or confront a problem. Willful blindness because it feels better not needing to make an effort or stay on vacation. An issue where you are consistently and purposely ignoring making a needed change. Pajamas in the dream may be a sign that you don't want to deal with problems because it feels better not doing so. Feeling that it's easier to pretend you're stupid than to confront an issue. Accepting a bad relationship as it is because you are too attracted to the person. Accepting a bad friendship or business relationship because it's easier to deal with then ending it. Laziness about an issue that is bad for you.

To dream of changing into your pajamas represents an issue or situation in your life that encourages you to take time off or accept a situation as it is. Awareness of yourself making the choice to accept an issue as it is, professionally take time off, or prefer being lazier than you normally are.

To dream of black pajamas may reflect the personality being comfortable accepting a situation the way it is in a manner that is excessive, scary, or perfectly professional. It may also represent laziness that is excessive or scary.

Relationship-wise pajamas may reflect relationships where someone is preferring to accept a crush and never do anything to tell the person they like them.

Example: A girl dreamed of changing into her pajamas. In real life she was dealing with a sleazy seductive man who slowly began to break down her will to resist him. Putting on the pajamas reflected her personality changing to slowly enjoying being seduced. Over time she began to pretend she was stupid about the seduction and gave in to it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of attending her former lovers wedding in her pajamas. In waking life she was actually invited her former lover's wedding and was very jealous of it. She had issues lying to herself that her old relationship would be easy to rekindle. The pajamas reflected her personality being comfortable professionally accepting the former lover's new relationship in the interim hoping it would end at a later time.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of wearing pajamas while jealousy watching a man she liked get married on her front lawn. In waking life she had been flirting with man for 17 years and then found out he was getting married. The pajamas in this case may have reflected her personality accepting itself as lazy about ever wanting to tell the man she had feelings for him.

*Please See Nightgown

Pakistani People

To dream of Pakistani people represents aspects of your personality with a mindset that is respecting itself being as perfect as can be about thinking it's important that embarrassment never occurred. Trust in listening being important as why nothing is allowed to notice embarrassment ever again. A thinking style that doesn't embarrass itself listening to anything that isn't important. Listening to why embarrassment doesn't happen twice. Great emphasis on social etiquette. A mindset that are very concerned with not being embarrassed at all. An aspect of your personality that is very sensitive about not being embarrassed or made a fool of to protect pride. You or someone else that wishes to be noticed by others as intelligent or equal as a priority. Sensitivity about wanting dignity or respect before all else.

Negatively, a Pakistani person may reflect a mindset that overdoing respecting itself being as perfect as can be about thinking it's important that embarrassment never occurred. Indignant attitude towards anything small embarrassing you. Deceptive tactics used to prevent embarrassment. It may also reflect a terrible attitude towards anyone who isn't treating you as an equal. Caring too much about thinking it's important nothing embarrassing happens at all to the point other people can feel it.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a Pakistani man. In waking life he was concocting a giant lie about having had sex with a girl so he wouldn't be embarrassed being noticed as a virgin. In this case the Pakistani man may have reflected the dreamer's inner conflict between his desire to avoid embarrassment and his belief in the importance of social etiquette and honesty. He may have thought it was important to lie to avoid embarrassment of being laughed at for being a virgin to respect himself being young man.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a Pakistani man being questioned about women's rights and pregnant women's timesheets for women 2 weeks away before their due dates. The man was trying to defend Pakistan's outlook on women's rights. In waking life the women was very interested in getting a new job. In this case the Pakistani man may have reflected the woman's feelings about a potential future employer trying to explain her why the company thought it was important to never embarrass women with unequal working conditions.


*Please See Castle


To dream of something being pale colored represents your feelings about an area of your life that feels uneasy or irregular. Something is not normal about you or your life.

If you are pale in the dream it may reflect your feelings about yourself having a problem or flaw that is noticeable to others. There may be some area of your life where you are not your usual self.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a text sentence describing pale faces. In waking life he was adopted and believed something must have been wrong with his real parents if they gave him up for adoption.


To dream of the palm of your hands represents awareness of your own capabilities.

Alternatively, open palms may reflect receptivity, helpfulness, or open-mindedness.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing blue electricity flowing across his hands. In waking life he had discovered a new talent that changed his life.

*Please See Hands

Palm Reading

To dream that you are having your palms read represents your projection of your future based on current beliefs, or where you think you're headed. A personal forecast about your life based on current situations. It reflects how confident you are about seeing future goals realized.

To dream of getting bad news from a palm reader may represent a situation that is hurting your confidence or dashing hopes about the future.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting her palm read and being disappointed. In waking life she was disappointed by a dream interpretation she had not received after requesting one from an expert.

Palm Tree

*Please See Coconut Tree


To dream of a baking pan represents something beautiful or important you are taking your time to create. Something nice or wonderful that you have to wait for. A goal or objective that takes time and care.

*Please See Frying Pan

*Please See Pots


To dream of pancakes represents situations in waking life where you or someone else is trying to enjoy feeling safe. Enjoying family safety. Nostalgic experiences. Cheerfulness. Optimism. Enjoying life with no anger, risk, or danger. Making an effort to see only the good in something or keep your mind off situations that are unsafe. Something that encourages you to ignore any negative influences. Intentionally trying to avoid noticing anything dangerous or unpleasant. Advice from other people to focus more on safety, optimism, and family life. Attempting to enjoy life more.

Negatively, pancakes may reflect too much enjoyment of safety to the detriment of your social standing or success. Preferring to enjoy staying at home with family because you don't believe you can compete in the world. Safety of family.

Examples: A man dreamed of being told he needed to have more pancakes. In waking life he was recovering from an abusive upbringing which made him suicidal and a therapist was trying to encourage him focus only on the safe positive things in his life and keep his mind off suicidal thoughts.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unable to eat pancakes. In waking life she felt it was difficult to spend time with her father helping him fix up his home after it had sustained damage. The pancakes in this case may have reflected her feelings about being unable to enjoy a nostalgic enjoyable experience spending time with her father improving his home.

*Please See Syrup

*Please See Waffles

Panda Bear

To dream of a panda bear represents solitary behavior or not wanting to interact with other people. A panda suggests a you have a desire to be alone or are being anti-social.

A panda is a sign that you need to try harder to interact or include others in your life.

Example: A man dreamed of a panda bear trying to get in his front door. In waking life he was telling himself that he never wanted to have a girlfriend ever again.

Pandora's Box

To dream Pandora's box represents feelings about the unleashing of powerful consequences or situations that were previously contained that once unleashed may be impossible to control. Feelings about taking a risk that could lead to unexpected problems or outcomes, which could end up as a disaster. Your engagement with a complicated issue that has the potential for serious repercussions. Powerful negativity that is difficult or impossible to reverse if you experiment with something that you were warned not to. It may reflect the speculation of enormous threats, chaos, or evil for doing something different. Consequences and unpredictability of delving into the unknown or confronting suppressed emotions, truths, or secrets. Your curiosity or fear about what might be revealed if certain boundaries are crossed or if specific truths are unveiled.

Positively, dreaming of Pandora's Box might symbolize your courage to confront suppressed emotions or secrets. A willingness to face the unknown and grow from the experience, a testament to your resilience and faith in the future.

Negatively, dreaming about opening Pandora's Box may imply that you're afraid of what might be unleashed if you confront certain issues, emotions, or memories. Apprehensions about consequences. Fears about destabilizing your life, relationships, or emotional well-being. You may be anxious about unexpected consequences and are worried that addressing a particular matter could make things worse instead of better. Risking everything to try something new while ignoring warnings about it ending up as a disaster that can't easily be reversed. It could symbolize a warning against prying into matters better left untouched or a fear that confronting certain issues or emotions will result in more harm than good. The dream might reflect anxieties about the repercussions of revealing a secret or confronting a hidden truth.


To dream of panicking represents feelings of anxiety about being ill-prepared or inexperienced in some manner. Situations that leave you feeling unsettled or not knowing how to react. Feelings of having a lack of control. Awareness of yourself lacking a skill or ability. Anxiety about being tested or monitored. Feelings of being unable to cope with a situation under pressure. Disruptive changes in your life. Feeling about a crisis or overwhelming to react a problem perfectly. A lack of patience that may cause you to risk making desperate hasty choices. A fear that something in your life will be too difficult.

Negatively, panicking in a dream may be a sign that you are not doing enough to seek help or speak out about your problems. Feeling too embarrassed to admit a weakness or high degree of incompetence. Feeling too embarrassed to admit irresponsibility. Risking overreacting to a problem. Awareness of yourself irresponsibly addressing problems at the last minute. Fearing making stupid decisions. Fearing your lies or deception being exposed during a moment of uncertainty.

Example: A woman dreamed of panicking. In waking life she was days away from having to be drug tested and was fearing not passing at the last minute.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of panicking. In waking life her best friend got very sick and she didn't know how to help her.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of panicking. In waking life she felt pressured to start her own business immediately after college was finished and she felt she pressure to live up to other people's expectations of her as her graduation date got closer.


To dream of a pansy represents appreciation for something that is dangerously sensitive.

Negatively, pansies may reflect scaring others people that they have no choice, but to take care of you or respect your sensitivity. A fear of losing something very sensitive or special if you aren't perfectly careful. Respecting or appreciating quality that is very strenuous on you.

Example: A woman dreamed of holding a bouquet of pansies. In waking life she was beginning to become visibly pregnant. The pansies may have reflected her awareness of her pregnant status starting to make her husband afraid of not respecting her pregnant state more than he previously did.


To see a panther in a dream represents feelings about a person or situation being dangerously empty or uncaring. Feeling threatened by the possibility of total humiliation that is merciless. A fear of "never ever again" in some area of your life. A fear of being cut off, banished, or losing something forever. Vindictiveness or jealous bitterness. A fear of death or experiencing emptiness for the rest of your life.

Alternatively, a panther may reflect you or someone else that is actively seeking revenge that is permanent and unforgettable. A panther can symbolize your feelings about an enemy that you feel is dangerous to trust at all. Behavior that is totally uncaring towards enemies.

Example: A man once dreamed of a panther off in the distance. In real life he required medication he depended on and was facing the possibility of going completely bankrupt with no job prospects at all. he feared total financial ruin while be forced to go unmedicated for the rest of his life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of riding on a horse and suddenly coming across black panthers on his path. In the end the panther gave him one last parting glare. In waking life he suddenly got melanoma on his skin that scared him that he was going to die of skin cancer.


To dream of panties represents self-awareness about things you desire to have or that arouse your interest. Noticing yourself wanting something, desiring a outcome, or having sexual interest in someone. You may be aware of your longing for something you know you can't have or for a person that you are attracted to.

Alternatively panties can be a symbol for your attitude towards sex. A reflection of you how sexually interested you are in someone.

If you are a man then woman's panties can represent interest in a woman you have been thinking about sexually.

If you are a woman then panties may reflect how desirable or interesting you feel you are to others.

Blue panties represents positive feelings of desire. It may be a reflection of respect, love, or genuine concern for a person or goal.

Red panties represent negative, excessive, or imbalanced desire. You or someone else may be aware of someone else's desire and exploiting it for personal gain.

Pink panties represent lustful desires, wishes, or interests. Total preoccupation with "having" what you want. Negatively, it may reflect a lack of ability to actually have what you want.

Black panties represent imbalanced desires, wishes, or interests. Goals or objectives that are unbalanced, excessive, or immoral. A possible sign that your methods to achieve goals are totally out of line. Black panties are common symbols for people who watch porn or masturbate to people they aren't in relationships with.

Example: A man dreamed of looking into the underwear drawer of a girl he liked. In real life he had be sexually fantasizing about the girl. The panties reflected his self-awareness of his sexual interest for the girl.

*Please See Underwear


To dream of pants represents discipline. A reflection of your ability to stick to something, stay on track, or stay on message. It may also point to work ethic or will power.

To dream of being pantless or that your pants have fallen down represents feelings of embarrassment of having lost your discipline. Feeling unfocused, lazy, or easily manipulated.

Consider the color and style of pants for additional symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a man wearing beige or khaki colored pants. In waking life he felt a strong need to be very focused on doing his job right.

*Please See Jeans


To dream of pantyhose represents sensitive feelings about being perfectly professional on your own. Enjoying yourself being noticed doing nothing wrong all on your own.

To dream of rips in pantyhose may reflect sensitive feelings about being unable to be noticed by others as professional on your own.


To dream of paparazzi represents feelings of being constantly monitored, scrutinized, or observed in order to hear anything about you while not caring about you as a person. The feeling that every move you make is under a watchful eye because you are more popular, important, or attractive than other people. A heightened state of public attention or the feeling that personal boundaries are being invaded by external forces. Feelings about people wanting to hear thing like rumors or status reports about you.

Positively, dreaming of paparazzi can indicate that you're gaining recognition, popularity, or are in the spotlight for something you've accomplished. It might symbolize validation, acknowledgment, or a sense of achievement that's drawing attention. Feelings about a powerful experience of getting attention or that people are interested in talking about you

Negatively, dreaming of paparazzi can signify a lack of privacy, feeling overwhelmed by unwanted attention, or being chased by past mistakes or indiscretions. Feelings of discomfort or being overwhelmed by the constant attention from others. A feeling of exposure, vulnerability, or being chased by persistent problems that you can't seem to escape. A fear of judgment, scrutiny, or the possibility of personal secrets being exposed. You may feel that your personal space is being violated or you can't get any time alone to yourself. You may feel that you can't ever do anything you want to do anymore because someone is always watching or talking about you to other people. It could also represent a desire for recognition, fame, or validation. Feeling that people want to talk about you without knowing anything about you as a person. Discomfort with your own popularity, importance, or physical attractiveness because about talk about you without seeing you as a person.

Alternatively, the paparazzi may represent your awareness of your own "noisiness", gossip, or discussions about someone you find more popular or more incredible than yourself for being popular, important, or physically attractive. Talking about status updates or rumors regarding someone you have a romantic crush on.

Example: A young woman dreamed of lots of paparazzi waiting for a bus to arrive that was rumored to have a celebrity on it. In waking life, she was thinking of a guy she had a crush on after receiving an email that said he was still with his girlfriend. In this case, the paparazzi may have reflected her feelings of talking to other people about her anticipation, excitement, and heightened curiosity about the status of someone she was interested in.


To dream of a papaya represents feeling good about someone else helping you out. Feeling good that it's good for you to try something else. Noticing it's more powerful to let someone do something for you. Feeling that it's more powerful to notice that someone else is more professional. Feeling good noticing that someone else took care of everything for you.

Negatively, dreaming about a papaya may reflect feelings about not being able to do anything except notice or be helped by someone else's ideas all the time.


To dream of objects made of paper represents your feelings about something being worthless, having no substance, or having little value.

To dream of blank writing paper represents ideas that aren't happening or aren't being tried out yet. The ability to try out new ideas whenever you want. Alternatively, blank writing paper may also reflect a lack of ideas. Feeling that you have nothing substantial to say.

To dream of blank art paper represents a wish to be admired for something you are planning to do. Working towards a memorable accomplishment. Alternatively, blank art paper may reflect frustration or jealousy that you can't do anything

To dream of crumpled paper represents abandoned ideas or feelings that an idea is worthless. Frustration or embarrassment that something didn't work.

To dream of document papers represents ideas have to be respected or responsibilities that need to be attended to.

To dream of a stack of office papers may represents feelings of being overloaded or over stressed. You may need to slow down, ask for help, or learn to delegate.

Example: A man dreamed of wanting to file a complaint about prevailing conditions in his office. He ended up placing a blank piece of paper in a envelope. In waking life this man was living in Nazi Germany and was struggling to get the confidence to file a real complaint because he feared that his complaint may make the government take him away. The blank piece of paper may have reflected his low level of confidence to file a real complaint once it became time to do so. His sense of protest reduced to nothing.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of personal documents being stolen. In waking life she was having concerns about her citizenship. Possible feelings about not being respected enough to become a citizen.

*Please See Notes (School).
*Please See Artwork

Paper Airplane

To dream of a paper airplane represents feelings about yourself distracting yourself waiting for something more interesting to happen. Purposely wasting time or opportunities because a situation sucks or is really boring. Preoccupation other things being you are thinking that nothing is important or serious at all. Showing others that you are not jealous at all because a situation is just too boring.

Example: Whenever a young man would have to stay home sick from school he would dream of flying a paper airplane and crashing it. In waking life he would always tell himself that he could avoid doing his homework because he was sick, and then always get embarrassed at school that he didn't do the homework when he returned.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of throwing a paper airplane and then seeing it land in water and get covered with fog. In waking life she lost out on an important opportunity because she wasted time waiting too long and didn't know what to think about her future prospects.

Paper Bag

To dream of a paper bag represents something you don't want to notice. Not wanting to care about results or the outcome of a choice you made. It may also reflect a wish for discretion.

Negatively, you may have asked for advice or help and are having a problem accepting what was given to you.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being handed a crumpled paper bag. In waking life she went to therapy for a problem she had and felt disappointed by the hard truth that the therapist gave her. The crumpled paper bag reflected how discretionary the therapist's advice was and how straightforward it felt.

Paper Plates

To dream of paper plates represents low expectations for an experience that is being "handed to you" or served to you. Not expecting too much about something that is happening to you. Knowing an experience will be short lived or "disposable." Feeling that a situation will be "in and out."

Negatively, paper plates may be a sign that a certain type of experience lacks substance. Demand more for yourself.

*Please See Dishes

Paper Towel

To dream of paper towels represents feelings about handling temporary setbacks or mishaps efficiently. Quickly responding to a problem and moving on. Tidying up a situation or managing a sudden issue without letting it escalate. The need for a quick fix, a momentary solution, or the desire to clean up a situation quickly and move on.

Positively, dreaming about paper towels might indicate resourcefulness, resilience, or adaptability. It may point to your ability to swiftly address issues, correct mistakes, or solve minor problems with ease.

Negatively, dreaming about paper towels might symbolize feelings of inadequacy or concerns that your solutions to problems are merely superficial. It could hint at a tendency to opt for temporary fixes instead of addressing the root cause of an issue. The disposable nature of paper towels might also reflect feelings of wastefulness or concerns about using resources without long-term benefits. Telling a lie to solve a problem quickly.

Example: A woman dreamed of buying a beach house that she felt was nearly condemnable while fearing that a large tidal wave would overtake the house. She asked someone to go buy garbage bags and paper towels. In waking life, she was planning to return home to visit her family in Florida. In this case, the paper towels may have reflected her feelings about the need for a quick solution to handle potential minor problems in her personal life before feeling comfortable taking time off to enjoy visiting her family.


To dream of paperwork represents feelings about noticing something is respected for being finished up. Efforts to make something official. Feelings about something being legal, fair, and finalized. Importance of responsibly taking care of something unfinished, ambiguous, or of questionable status. Ideas that need to be respected or responsibilities that need to be attended to. Eagerness to finalized a situation of questionable status.

Negatively, dreaming about paperwork may reflect your jealousy that situation or relationship of questionable status is not finalized. Fear of an ending to a situation or relationship being finalized. Feelings about a technicality that never gets taken care of properly.

Paperwork symbolism is common to people with issues regarding work or getting a job. It's also common to people wanting to get married or divorced.

Example: A woman dreamed of holding paperwork in her hand and asking her fiance if he currently needed them and her fiance said no. In waking life she felt it was important to finalize their planned marriage before her fiance left town leaving her with no way to contact him for over two months. In this case the paperwork in her hand that was rejected may have reflected her jealous or eager feelings to finalize the engagement.

Example 2: A woman had recurring dreams of seeing paperwork that never gets finalized. In waking life her husband's divorce filing expired and she kept worrying about him attempting to carry out a full divorce.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing paperwork from the police. In waking life she was frustration that police wouldn't destroy her husband's police record.

*Please See Paper


To dream of a parachute represents your wish to bail out of a situation or project that is under way. A need to escape something or have a "soft landing" in troubling situation. Safely exiting a complicated relationship. It may also reflect your preparations for trouble or a backup plan "just in case." Backup plans for problems or difficult social situations.

Negatively, a parachute may reflect a safe escape to situations where you need to explain your actions. Excuses to avoid a troubling or uncomfortable situation.

To dream of opening a parachute may represent a sense of safety or security in a situation that feels risky or uncertain. It may symbolize taking precautions to avoid a potential disaster, or feeling the need to take control of a situation in order to prevent a negative outcome. This dream may also suggest a need for a safety net or a backup plan in order to feel more secure in life.

Example: A woman dreamed of using a parachute. In waking life she was trying very hard to safely maintain her friendship with a boyfriend she was breaking up with. She wanted to break up and "bail out" of the relationship trouble free.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a pig with a parachute on. In waking life he was having trouble with a project at work and was considering "bailing out" of the project as safely as he could.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of preparing to use a parachute to jump out of a plane. In waking life she just finished a 21 day fast with her church. The parachute in this case may have reflected her feelings about wanting to safely abandon the group church fast.


To dream of a parade represents boasting, or showing off. A sense of vindication or pride. Noticing everyone else noticing something about you.

Negatively, a parade may indicate a "sore winner" mentality, being pompous, or puffed up with vanity. It may also reflect your irritation or jealousy with someone else that is showing off.

Positively, dreaming of a parade may reflect a wish to show off to all your friends and family that a problem wasn't a big deal and that you are doing great now.

To dream of the color red on parade floats, wagons, or parade clothing may represent bad intentions while showing off. Being mean, rubbing it in, or lying to make someone hurt more.

Example: A woman dreamed that she was getting ready for a parade. In waking life she had just recovered from a mastectomy and was getting ready to confidently "parade" her health and survival to all her friends and family while they all showered her with love celebrating her return home.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being relieved that a parade was over. In waking life she was getting older and relieved that her sexual attractive youth was over because she didn't like having sex and getting pregnant.


To dream of paradise represents feelings about life being perfect, trouble free, or that everything in your life is working good. Perfectly stable relationships or family life. It may also reflect your desire for perfection in some area of your life. A desire to retreat from stresses in your life. Spiritual perfection or daydreaming about what your life would be like away from an abusive situation. Feelings about vacations.

Negatively, dreaming about paradise may be a sign that you are too concerned with the future being perfect to the point of not enjoying your life in the current moment. Preferring to feel good in the present instead of acting responsible for the future. Alternatively, it may reflect unrealistic fantasies or expectations for the future. It could point to problems with hiding from your troubles with drugs, alcohol, or bad habits. Pleasure or hiding from your problems in dangerous ways.

Alternatively, paradise in a dream may reflect your feelings about how easy or perfect a time in your past used to be.

To dream of something bad happening in a paradise setting may reflect feelings about a perfect situation being ruined or a stable relationship facing unnecessary troubles because someone couldn't simply be happy with the way things were.

Elderly people often have dreams about paradise settings. These dreams most likely point to their hopes about death freeing them from the unpleasantness of old age, living in heaven, or getting a new life after death.

Example: A man dreamed of being in paradise with his wife when a huge anaconda snake showed up. In waking life he was having a very happy marriage with his wife long after an infidelity occurred. The topic of the infidelity came up causing tension ruining the stability of their relationship.


*Please See Budgies

*Please See Parrots

Parallel World

To dream of a parallel world represents relationships or situations where one specific thing is different all the time. Positively, it may be a sign that you have found a fiend that doesn't notice a problem you have. Negatively, it may be a sign that you feel that you only have to put up with a problem all the time with specific people.


To dream of paralysis represents feelings of being powerlessness or helplessness. Feeling stuck or unable to react to problems in a desired way. You may feel unable to respond to a person or situation that is dominating or manipulating you. Noticing that nothing you do works or helps you. You may feel unable to deal with a situation or take action to change circumstances. A dominating figure in your life that doesn't allow you to make any decisions for yourself.

Alternatively, paralysis in a dream may reflect situations that have happened so quickly that you feel unable to react rationally. Forces against you were so strong and sudden that you could do nothing about it.

Paralysis dreams can often be associated with aliens, witches, or demons usually because they reflect how unusual or terrible the paralyzing factor in your life is.

Paralysis may also link to feelings of depression or overpowering illness. Feeling emotionally paralyzed. Difficulties expressing your feelings. Feeling unable to end a relationship or speak to your boss about something. Feeling inhibited.

Example: A man dreamed of being paralyzed on his bed. In waking life his online business was failing and he felt it was impossible for him to do anything else with his life because he had an embarrassing illness that would be noticed all the time.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of leaving a mansion where everyone living in it was paralyzed. In waking life she stopped talking to her overbearing mother.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being paralyzed as he tried to enter a bridge. In waking life he was depressed about a change that was occurring.

Example 4: A man dreamed of his arm being paralyzed. In waking life he was experiencing sexual impotency and didn't like not being able to have sex whenever he wanted.

*Please See Sleep Paralysis


To dream of paramedics represents a sense of urgency or seriousness. You may feel that a problem needs to be addressed immediately. It may also reflect feeling that a big decision has serious consequences. Desperation to restore some area of your life.

Alternatively, paramedics may reflect feelings of powerlessness to do anything in an urgent situation except allow someone else with more experience to take over. Not wanting to interfere or make things worse while someone else takes care of a problem. Excepting yourself as being less important than other people in a crisis.

Negatively, paramedics may reflect an urgent need to fix a problem that someone else doesn't think is as serious as you do. Urgently wishing to fix a bad relationship when someone else doesn't want to be involved with you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing paramedics drive down his street and then slowly back out. In waking life he decided to shut down a failing business believing it was going to cause serious urgent financial problems for his life. He shortly realized that it wasn't as serious as he thought it was as he found a solution to pay his bills shortly after.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing paramedics. In waking life he had broken up with her girlfriend and felt desperate to get the relationship back.

*Please See Ambulance


To dream of the paranormal represents feelings about experiences or situations that are beyond normal understanding, challenging your sense of reality, or how to deal with them. Curiosity and skepticism towards exploring the unknown or unconventional methods of gaining insight. Feelings about an unusually heightened sense of intuition or coincidence in your waking life. Internal conflict between your intrigue in the mysterious and your rational doubts about the credibility of such experiences.

Negatively, dreaming about the paranormal may represent anxieties, fears, the consequences of risky or unwise decisions, or unresolved emotions that are manifesting in unusual or unexpected ways. Awareness of potential negative consequences or disturbances related to a decision. Your efforts to confront or rid yourself of a problem, only to find it changing form or persisting in another unusual way. Fear or paranoia about something highly unusual that was experienced or discussed and having difficulty emotionally processing it. An irrational fear of your own superstitious beliefs or thoughts. Exaggerated fear and imagination. An irrational fear of an inanimate object.

To dream of being warned about something paranormal may represent knowingly taking a risk or engaging with something despite potential negative consequences. Curiosity and the allure of the unknown or forbidden.

Example: A young child dreamed of a paranormal experience with a toy skeleton coming to life. In waking life, he was scared of a toy skeleton that his grandmother had bought for him. In this case, the paranormal may have reflected his exaggerated fear and imagination regarding the toy skeleton.

Example 2: A teenage boy dreamed of experiencing paranormal activity where a ghost had left 2 handwritten notes on his wall leaving him with an eerie feeling. In waking life, he was experiencing strong unexpected guilt after breaking up with 2 girls he cheated on at once. In this case, the paranormal activity may have reflected awareness of the unusual and unsettling emotional consequences of his actions, as well as his eerie feeling of guilt and remorse.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of attending a paranormal fair. In waking life, she was curious about visiting a psychic while having big doubts about it. In this case, the paranormal fair may have reflected her feelings of curiosity and skepticism towards exploring the unknown or unconventional methods of gaining insight, such as through a psychic.


To dream of a parasite represents a person or situation that you feel is living off your energy or resources. You may feel that someone is draining your money, power, or opportunities. Problems, or responsibilities that hold you back or make you feel like you can't do what you really want. Feelings about a disease or health condition you have.

Positively, parasites in a dream may reflect your objective views about enemies.

Negatively, parasites may reflect feelings about people you think are lowlife scum or people who use others. Racist views or feelings about people being disgusting.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a sign that said "Parasites Keep Out." In waking life she was living in Nazi Germany when they Jews were considered "objective enemies" or "undesirables."

Example 2: A man dreamed of having a parasite inside him. In waking life he had a serious fungal infection that he felt was destroying his life.


*Please See Umbrella


*Please See Packages

*Please See Boxes


To dream of both your parents represents your conscience and intuition. There may be important choices that you are making or reconsidering.

Fathers reflect your conscience or ability to make choices between right and wrong. Your mother is your intuition or ability think ahead. She can also reflect how lucky you feel. To see your parents together is a sign that you have important decisions to make.

You might also have concerns about your own parents.

Example: A teenager dreamed of a man in a suit trying to take him away from his parents because his parents were selling drugs. In waking life he didn't like needing to return to school after a break. In this case the drug dealing parents needing to be taken away may have reflected his feelings about needing to separate from decision-making that felt addicted to pleasure during his break off school because going back to school required being serious again.

*Please See Mother

*Please See Father


To dream of Paris represents social interaction with others where it feels exceptionally important to notice that nothing is ugly, ignorant, or poor. Situations where respecting beautifulest excellent integrity is important. Social interaction where people are sensitive about enjoying every single little thing being beautiful. Feelings about social interaction with others that expects excellence or something to be exquisite. Social interaction with others that feels good experiencing something expensive or only for people who understand how to be successful. Social interaction with others where you are in love with your job as a respected successful person. A beautiful relationship with someone you love or respect a lot. Social interaction with others that is sensitive about enjoying maintaining the highest degree of positivity or integrity at all times. Social interaction with others that feels good noticing your life is working perfectly without believing anyone would want to disrespect you or your integrity. Enjoying never embarrassing yourself looking like a loser in a social setting requiring the highest degree of integrity. Social interaction where you are enjoying being rich or respected for being accomplished with other people similar in status to you.

Feeling embarrassed if you don't do every single thing perfectly to display your integrity around others at all times. Being very careful to avoid being ill-mannered or accepting low standards when talking to people. You may be trying to make a good impression on someone who is wealthier, more successful, or of higher status. Feeling pressured to maintain behavior or habits considered excellent.

Negatively, to dream of Paris represents social interaction with others that may feel that rich snobs don't except you, think you have bad taste, or that you are not intelligent enough to be around experienced accomplished people. Paris may also reflect your own embarrassment of others if they don't respect your integrity or high standards of beautifulest excellence at all times. An unwillingness to put up anything ugly, poor, or ignorant. Feeling bad or stupid that you are not as rich, successful, excellent, or with as much good taste as someone else.

Example: A girl dreamed of taking a trip to Paris. In real life she did something that embarrassed her sister. Paris may have reflected her attempt to feel good reconciling a "beautiful relationship" with her sister by making a prolonged showing of respect to her and show her she was serious about being sorry.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of flying to Paris. In real life she was looking for a job and had to constantly keep up appearances to make a good impression. Paris reflected her attempt to appear respectable and excellent to potential employers at all times.

Example 3: A man dreamed of flying to Paris and coming home. In waking life he fly to another South American country to participate in a beautifully landscaped spiritual retreat surrounded by rich successful people.


To dream of a public park represents feelings about comfortable open experiences or opportunities that are shared with others with a sense of respite. A situation that feels comfortable, safe, and out in the open with a sense of getting along with other people being required to temporarily not worry about anything too serious. A temporary state of feeling that getting along with other people is what you are supposed to do so a situation of respite will work. Feeling that you are allowed or have permission to have a moment of respite as long as you keep to yourself or are civil to other people. A desire for social interaction and connection with others in a peaceful and harmonious environment. Relaxing about a problem with other people.

Negatively, dreaming about a public park may represent feelings of not liking other people interrupting or not letting you enjoy a moment of respite. Situations where you are too concerned with not fighting or talking back to people to maintain a sense of respite when it may be in your best interest that you do fight or talk back. Overdoing getting along with people to maintain a sense of respite to the point of never facing your problems.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a public park and confronting evil people that required him to race as fast as he could through the park towards to a building where he was ready to stab one of them to death. In waking life, a very long protracted private legal problem came to an end that required a rush to a building to officially resolve it. In this case, the park may have reflected the man's initial feeling of respite from the years-long crime and open communication with law enforcement, thinking he finally relax about being listened to about having the criminals arrested so long as he wasn't threatening them with violence.

Example 2: A man dreamed of sitting in a public park drinking a beer when suddenly enemies from his past started to walk passed him quietly. In waking life, a criminal hacking robbery situation ended and the dreamer was required to control himself with non-violence to allow the criminals to offer a plea bargain in public before he had them arrested. In this case, the public park may have reflected the dreamer's understanding that even though he was in a position of relative safety and relaxation about the crime finally being caught, he had to maintain civility and composure, especially in a public or open setting, to ensure the legal process played out in his favor.

*Please See Playground

*Please See Parking Lot


To dream of parking your car represents feelings about taking time off from decision-making. Deciding to temporarily stop focusing on a goal. Putting your ambitions aside. Resting or taking time off. Negatively, dreaming of parking a car may reflect feelings of being forced to wait on delays or stop your goals to please others. Punishment that delays you.

To dream of a parking lot represents an issue or situation in your life that you are stuck in. It reflects an inability or unwillingness to move on or overcome a problem. Feelings about choosing to stay "parked" with a situation or that progress is intentionally not being chosen right now.

To dream that you are walking through an empty parking lot represents problematic area of your life that you are slowly getting through.

Example: A woman dreamed of fearing being attacked while she stood in a parking lot. In waking life she was considering leaving her husband because of physical abuse. The parking lot reflected her inability to make a final decision on the issue of leaving her husband.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of standing in a parking lot. In waking life she was waiting for her husband to return home to live with her after he moved out with another woman and had a child with the other woman. She was having issues believing the relationship was over. Her feelings for her husband were "parked" or "staying put" loving him no matter what.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being told to park her car instead of driving it home. In waking life she choose to discontinue reversing a failing idea that was negatively effecting her business. She choose wait for something to happen while losing a lot of money instead of reversing the situation.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her car parked in a parking lot. In waking life she felt that she had to put off her personal projects for other people.

Example 5: A woman dreamed being in a parking lot without wheels on her car. In waking life she single and didn't like it. She felt stuck being unable to find a suitable partner.

To dream of a parking structure represents delays, setbacks, or situations where progress is noticeably not occurring. Other people may be noticing nothing happening with your life, or you may be noticing other people not doing anything different in their lives. A lack of progress that is noticeable to others. It may also reflect embarrassment that what you claimed would happen is not.

You may feel like you are going in circles in some area of your life or that you can't get anything to work.

To dream of being unable to find your car in a parking structure may reflect your feelings of being lost and unsure how to progress in a situation. Confused about how to move forward or feeling that your opportunity to change is gone. You may feel stuck with people that aren't doing as much as you'd like.

*Please See Parking Ticket

*Please See Parking Meter

Parking Curbs

To dream of a concrete parking curb represents a barrier or obstacle in your life that prevents you from "going in life" where you want to. The inability to experience what you really want. Feeling that something is holding you back. Feeling stuck or forced to discontinue a life direction that you want to go in. A sign that you have underlying problems that need to be addressed on a fundamental level.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Disneyland from the parking lot with concrete parking curbs blocking him. In waking life he was overweight and had lost a lot of weight in the hospital that he couldn't keep off. The Disneyland scenery he couldn't get to reflected his enjoyment of life while being skinny that he couldn't achieve because he couldn't keep the weight off. The parking stop reflected his weight problem stopping from liking life as a skinny person.

Parking Lot

*Please See Parking

Parking Lot Receipt

To dream of a parking lot receipt represents feelings about evidence, validation, or acknowledgment of a pause, delay, or period of inactivity in your life. It could symbolize your acknowledgment of the need to rest, reflect, or take a break. This dream could reflect your thoughts about the costs (emotional, financial, time, etc.) associated with this inactive or stagnant period.

Positively, dreaming about a parking lot receipt might symbolize an acceptance and understanding of the need for rest and reflection. It may reflect a conscious decision to take some time out of your busy schedule for personal care, relaxation, or self-introspection. It could also be indicative of the value you place on taking breaks and understanding that downtime is a necessary part of progress and personal growth.

Negatively, dreaming about a parking lot receipt could represent feelings of guilt, regret, or dissatisfaction about a period of inaction or stagnation. It might symbolize an acknowledgment of wasted time, missed opportunities, or costs incurred due to procrastination or lack of initiative. You might be struggling with feelings of being stuck or unable to move forward, and this dream is a reminder of the consequences.

Example: A woman dreamed of being in a parking lot and looking at a car's windshield to see that it had no parking lot receipt. In waking life, she was frustrated by her husband and had lots of arguments with him about not taking on responsibilities and always leaving them for her to deal with. In this case, seeing no parking lot receipt may have reflected her feelings of frustration about the lack of acknowledgment or validation for the pause or delay in their shared responsibilities. The absence of a parking lot receipt may also represent her internal demand for evidence or proof of her husband's commitment and participation in their shared responsibilities. She may have felt that she was bearing the costs of her husband's stagnation or inaction alone.

Parking Meter

To dream of a parking meter represents a time limit on decisions or idle behavior. It may also reflect something you have been allowed to do as long as certain responsibilities or obligations are constantly met. There may be thinking about an opportunity that has a deadline.

Negatively, a parking meter may represent feelings that leisurely and carefree days are coming to an end.

Parking Structure

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Parking Ticket

To dream of a parking ticket represents feelings about a penalty, repercussion, or consequence for your inaction, stagnation, or non-progress. Feeling that something is mean to you for your unwillingness to change or wasting time. It could symbolize a wake-up call or warning about remaining in a particular situation or position for too long without making any progress or changes. This dream could reflect your thoughts about the costs associated with complacency, delay, or procrastination.

Positively, dreaming about a parking ticket might symbolize a necessary reminder or motivation to take action, make a decision, or move forward. A conscious realization that you've stayed in a certain 'parked' situation or mindset for too long and it's time to move on or advance in some way. It could also be indicative of self-accountability, responsibility, and understanding the consequences of your decisions or lack thereof.

Negatively, dreaming about a parking ticket could represent feelings of being unfairly punished, penalized, or criticized for your inaction or reluctance to change. Resentment, frustration, or anxiety about the consequences of stagnation, especially if you feel pressured or obligated to make a change that you are not ready for or against. A parking ticket may also reflect setbacks in your life.

Example: A man dreamed of getting a parking ticket. In waking life, the ads on his website had been shut off because he had ignored the management of the site for months. He had to spend time cleaning up the site in order to turn the ads back on, which cost him money.

Parmesan Cheese

To dream of parmesan cheese represents feelings about an experience that carefully took the time to make a situation work out "just right" or more beautifully interesting than before while making you feel like you matter with nothing embarrassing you. Nothing is a disaster for why a situation worked out beautifully better than you thought without overdoing it. Extra layer of enjoyment or refinement to a situation, or experiencing a higher level of gratification.

Negatively, Parmesan cheese may represent an overemphasis on appearances or a fixation on making situations seem more perfect or refined than they really are about how they worked out. A fear of imperfection, a desire for approval, or the use of embellishments to mask insecurities or shortcomings. A situation where you or someone else is being insincere or not authentic in portraying how well things are going.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a big cut on her leg with butterflies landing on the bone. She was told by someone to put parmesan cheese on the cut to make the butterflies go away. In waking life, she was disappointed that her sister canceled a weekend dinner. In this case, the parmesan cheese may have reflected her feelings attempting to mask her disappointment or try to see the brighter side of the situation about needing to mask or pretend that the weekend dinner cancellation didn't bother her by saying that whatever small plans she had without her sister had worked out "just right" beautifully without anything being disaster.


To dream of a parrot represents feelings about being more experienced at being exceptional than other people while noticing never wanting to listen to their feelings. Often a symbol for repeating what you've heard to others. Repeating expert advice. Behavior that accepts itself listening to whatever it's told without thinking about it. Empty headed repeating. Repeating without thinking for yourself.

Negatively, dreaming of a parrot may reflect repeating advice without thinking. Passing on bad advice thinking it's good. Not thinking for yourself or never experiencing something yourself while believing your more intelligent than someone else.

Blue parrots may represent repeating positive information. Red parrots represent repeating negative information or lying about recalled information.

Green parrots may reflect selfish intentions as you repeat information to others. Jealousy, greed, or arrogance is a driving factor. It may also reflect advice on money that you are repeating.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a parrot. In waking life he was told important information that he felt he had to share with other people.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing parrots. In waking life her husband was worried about losing all he had in his business and tried observed him trying to speak to someone repeating expert advice.


To dream of parsley represents feelings of no guilt about enhancing or "freshening up" a situation with little details, subtlety, or added nuances that are good for you. A small but meaningful enhancement that improves a situation, relationship, or project. Smaller aspects of situations that might often be overlooked, yet add significant flavor or meaning to the overall context. Thoughts about the importance of minor details, the elegance of simplicity, or the potency of understated elements in your life. An addition or embellishment that, while not essential, contributes to a better overall outcome or experience. This dream could reflect your thoughts about the importance of details, finishing touches, or minor but meaningful improvements. Giving someone compliments, flattery, or saying something nice to improve a relationship or situation while being careful not to overdo it.

Positively, dreaming about parsley might symbolize an appreciation for details, subtleties, or the small things in life that enhance overall experiences. A conscious choice to pay attention to detail, implying that you are meticulous or deliberate in your actions. Understanding the role of minor elements shaping your overall perspective. Your attempt to Subtly enhance or 'freshen up' an uncomfortable situation.

Negatively, dreaming about parsley could represent feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated by small details. Minor issues are becoming major obstacles, or that you are getting lost in details and losing sight of the bigger picture. You might be struggling with an inability to distinguish between what's crucial and what's trivial, leading to confusion or misjudgment. An overemphasis on embellishment, refinement, or perfectionism that distracts from the more important aspects of a situation. You might be overly focused on insignificant details or extras that don't contribute significantly to the overall matter. Overdoing saying nice things to people to enhance a situation that might cause others to feel uncomfortable.

Example: A woman dreamed of "accidentally-on-purpose" dropping parsley and a bird poop into a man's soup. In waking life, she was annoyed with a superior at work and didn't bring up why she was mad in a discussion with him, but brought it up at a later time. In this case, the parsley may have reflected her feelings about trying to subtly enhance or 'freshen up' the uncomfortable situation with her superior by expressing her frustration at a later time.


To dream of parsnip represents situations in your life that don't feel good, but are in your best interest to pay attention to. Listening to advice or ideas that don't feel good, but are beneficial to heed to. Showing respect only because it's in your best interest. Putting up with a problem because it's better for you in the long term.

Example: A woman dreamed of a giant parsnip with a blue toenail coming out of it. In waking life she paid off a very large amount of debt, but still have a smaller amount of debt left to pay. She knew she had to pay off the debt, but didn't like feeling she had to since it would screw up her credit if she didn't. The parsnip in this case may have reflected her awareness of the paying off the remaining debt being important to respect because it was good for her credit, while also hating having to endure waiting to pay it the debt off.

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