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The letter M in a dream is symbolic for facing karmic debt or confronting all your problems.

The symbolism is based on the design of the letter where the two vertical lines symbolize confrontation with yourself and the V represents both positive and negative outcomes.

M is the 13th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 13 represents karmic debt.


To dream of a macaroni pasta (no cheese) represents feelings of safety, simplicity, and affording to make a situation work out as fantastic and interesting as you want it to while being acceptable. The foundational aspects or beginnings of comfort and simplicity in a situation that safely works out more interesting than before. The ability to affordably cultivate a situation that is as fascinating and intriguing as desired. Not having to explain why an option is cheap in order to ensure a fantastic and interesting outcome.

Negatively, dreaming about macaroni may represent feelings about overdoing believing a safe, simple, affordable experience is remarkable or incredible. A lack of sophistication about finding simplicity overly incredible, which others might find laughable.

*Please See Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni And Cheese

To dream of macaroni and cheese represents feelings about an experience being affordable, easy all the time, with an unpretentious nature that comfortably gets away with making a situation work out. Feelings about a situation feeling casual, easy, and unembarrassed. A sense of easy preparation that is affordable and simple.

Negatively, dreaming about macaroni and cheese may represent reluctance to acknowledge the complexities and discomfort of an experience. A situation that embarrasses itself being too easy. Overdoing believing in affordable, easy, and unpretentious behavior long-term because other people want to respect themselves having more sophisticated and longer-lasting for themselves.

Example: A young woman dreamed of leaving a house where a man who wasn't her boyfriend was inappropriately flirting with her. She then saw holes in the ground filled with macaroni and cheese that she had to walk passed. In waking life, she didn't like feeling that her boyfriend's friend was hitting on her or sending signals that he liked her even though she had a boyfriend. In this case, the macaroni and cheese may have reflected her feelings about being inappropriately flirted with in a manner that was perceived as too casual, easy, and unembarrassed, akin to the simplicity and unpretentious nature of macaroni and cheese.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of sitting alone eating macaroni and cheese in a classroom. In waking life, she had been talking to a friend in July about wanting to go back to school early. In this case, eating macaroni and cheese by herself in a classroom may have reflected her feelings about enjoying thinking it's affordable and easy to prepare for school with an unpretentious mindset when her friends may not have shared her views.

Mace Spray

To dream of mace spray represents a strong urge to defend personal boundaries by taking action that deters someone from repeating their behavior. Your efforts to maintain personal boundaries or distance yourself from a toxic or harmful situation or person. Your efforts to maintain personal boundaries or distance yourself from a toxic or harmful situation or person. A defensive mechanism you use to ward off emotional or psychological threats. A sense of being threatened or the need to assert your authority in a situation where someone is testing you or going overboard not respecting personal boundaries. Talking back or being assertive towards people that are uncomfortably getting to close to your personal life to make them feel that it's unwelcome or not a good idea. The need for protection and to assert control in a situation where personal boundaries are being violated by someone else. Feeling that others are oblivious to your personal boundaries unless you assert yourself. Defensiveness about not having to listen to something ever again.

Negatively, dreaming of mace may reflect overdoing defensiveness over personal boundaries. Defensive feelings about boundaries that you believe do not need to be discussed a second time, even though delving deeper into the issue might help. A dislike for any impact on your sense of autonomy and personal boundaries.

Example: A young woman dreamed of an intruder breaking into her home, and she chose to spray mace into his eyes. In waking life, her ex-boyfriend had visited her parents, which she found annoying and felt it violated her personal boundaries. In this case, the mace spray may have represented her defensive feelings, as she never wanted to hear about her ex-boyfriend from other people again.

Example 2: An older woman dreamed of her husband trying to kill a snake by spraying mace onto it. She felt bad for the snake and became angry. In waking life, her husband and children decided to cut off her allowance from their family business, deeming her financially incompetent. In this case, the mace spray may have symbolized her family's assertive and forceful approach to what they perceived as her financial incompetence. The mace spray represents their efforts to exert control over her and maintain their family boundaries regarding expenses.


To dream of the television character MacGyver may represent feelings of extreme tension about potential losses followed by incredible amazement at how original or creative a solution was. Alternatively, Macgyver may reflect qualities of the personality that are thrifty, witty, or clever in situations that feel emotionally dangerous.

Example: A woman dreamed of being very attracted MacGyver. In waking life, she was experiencing tension about not having proper computer equipment to finish her doctoral dissertation her boyfriend totally shocked her by cleverly getting her a computer.


To see or use a machete in your dream represents extreme hostility. Powerful feelings of opposition. Hatred or conflict towards a situation or person. You may be very frustrated or angry.

Consider who or what is being attacked bu the machete for additional symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of holding a machete. In waking life he was very interested in getting revenge on a friend that was unfaithful him.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of using a machete to chop off his brother's head. In waking life he was angry at his brother and considering cutting him out of his life forever.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of chopping up an anaconda snake with a machete. In waking life she felt she had to take hostile action against someone who was making comments that where destroying her business.

Machine Gun

To dream of a machine gun represents decision making that is decimating or wipes out everything in it's way. Never listening to anyone else no matter what. The power to influence or completely remove all obstacles at once. You or someone else that is cutting down everything in their way. Nothing is getting in the your way or interfering with your choices. It might also reflect your attempt to wipe out all competing ideas or goals.

Negatively, dreaming about a machine gun may reflect a total lack of concern for the consequences of your choices. Being unwilling to listen to anything except your own ideas. Decisions that are decimating or "wipe out" everything. Anger that is out of check. Insensitively making choices that will turn everyone you know into a loser. Paranoid jealousy making drastic choices to exterminate opposition or competition. Risking "collateral damage" with sweeping changes.

To dream of being attacked by a machine gun represents a fear of being totally wiped out by a problem or someone's else's overpowering decisions. Feeling that multiple areas of your life are threatened at once. It may also reflect strong competition or someone else's decision that has a big impact on you. An area of your life may be negatively influences all other areas with no concern for your feelings. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you feel you have hurt yourself intentionally never listening to anyone else at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of someone firing a machine gun on a room full of people. In waking like she had a fear that she was destroying multiple areas of her life at once with a big decision she made.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being shot at with a machine gun on the left side of his chest. In waking life he was diagnosed with lung cancer on his left side. The machine gun may have reflected his view of himself choosing to hurt himself smoking for years despite all the people telling him not to. Metaphorically, killing himself by never having to listen to anyone else at all.


To dream of machinery represents mechanical or processed minded thinking. Going about a job or activity without much thought. Making decisions without thinking it through or about why you are making those decisions. Boring pattern thinking.

Negatively, machinery may reflect arrogant or irresponsible thinking that doesn't consider feelings or that it might be causing damage.

Positively, machinery may reflect a strong ambition and will power. Never giving up and keeping yourself going tirelessly.

If dream machinery is broken it may reflect a need to repair your self-image, confidence or a relationship before you get motivated again. It may also reflect an insensitive opponent or problem that has been stopped.

If dream machinery is rusty it may represent a hard work ethic or tireless ambition that has been neglected for a long time. Something you used to be obsessed with or work hard at that isn't as interested as it used to be.

Example: A woman dreamed of a thought control machine reading her mind and informing police about it. In waking life she was living in Nazi Germany under's Hitler's rule and having anxiety about her behavior being perfectly complaint or that anything she did may stand out as being against the Nazis. The thought-control machine may have reflected her feelings about the Nazi regime's intense propaganda usage and repressive controls over freedom making the people completely compliant in an automatic unthinking manner.

*Please See Robots

Mad Dog

To dream of a mad dog may represent verbal attacks or arguments. It may also reflect your aggressive feelings towards someone else or viciousness.

Alternatively, a mad dog may represent feelings about other people being ridiculously overboard with being mean or angry. Very heated arguments. Impossible people to deal with.


To dream of a madman represents feelings about behavior that is too dangerously irrational or overemotional to listen to. Behavior that you are concerned believes too much that nothing is wrong with it. Behavior that you feel looks stupid that nothing is wrong at all. Behavior that does nothing except notice something crazy. Behavior that doesn't listen to other people about why it doesn't make sense. Overaggressive ignorance that doesn't listen and scares that you might lose everything to it. Behavior perceived to be a "total whackjob" about scaring you that you need to believe in it. Behavior you feel is too stupid about not listening and possibly dangerous emotionally or to stability if you don't safely avoid it. Feeling that you can't believe anything someone irrational says. A person in your life "crazy" with jealousy.

Behavior that feels insane to listen to it because it's too emotional. Feeling that someone's behavior has "gone bonkers" and isn't listening to changing it. Feeling challenged or conflicted with irrational thinking of others. Feelings about someone is making mistakes they don't carefully think about that you don't want to be associated with. Someone so stupid with jealousy that you can't believe they don't notice their jealous. Feeling that someone is "out of their mind" with something you can't do anything about. Behavior that recklessly not caring what happens at all because it cares that something happens ever. Reckless behavior that never cares what happens at all because it never needs to. Feelings about being unable to stop behavior that you feel is crazy. Issues with yourself having too look crazy to other people. Feelings of surprise about behavior being so abnormal that it never stops doing that. Concerns about being forced to go along with something you can't stop. Feeling uncomfortable that someone likes something too much.

To dream of fighting with a mad man may represent feeling of being challenged or conflicted with irrational thinking.

Example: A woman dreamed of a madman. In waking life she was having trouble believing her boyfriend's story about a past relationship. The madman symbolism is this case may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend being irrational, over aggressive, or overemotional with her about jealously with needing his story believed. She may have felt that her boyfriend loved her while not stopping lying to her.


To dream of madness or seeing a person who has gone mad may represent feelings about yourself or others having lost their senses to an obsession. Having "gone mad" crazy in love for someone to point of causing problems. Being emotionally incapable of getting your mind off something or someone. Unconventional behavior.

Negatively, it may reflect a tendency to totally embarrass yourself being obsessed with something. Humiliating yourself being too in love with someone. Feelings about yourself or someone else having behaved in an inappropriate manner.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a mad man chasing after woman. In waking life she had rejected a marriage proposal from her boyfriend who continued to pursue her aggressively.


To dream of Madonna represents an aspect of your personality that draws attention by being bold and original, without the need to explain yourself to others. You exude confidence and don't feel the need to justify your actions. This can symbolize feelings of never having to prove yourself and being unapologetic about being different and unconventional. Feelings about exotic dancing that don't care about what anyone thinks.

Negatively, Madonna may reflect feelings about behavior that feels excessive about attention-seeking, boldness, and being controversial. Behavior that that is bolder about being controversial than you are used to that's doesn't care about the complaints.

Madonna being famous may also reflect the dreamer's confidence about deserving getting attention or talking about themselves in way that mirrors Madonna's qualities.

Example: A man dreamed of Madonna singing. In waking life he was thinking about his life being different than they he stopped working with a exotic dancer. In this case Madonna may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about the exotic entertainer's confidence and unapologetic attitude never caring about what others thought of her and her sexual attire when performing on stage.


To dream of the mafia represents underhanded behavior doesn't allow morality or guilt to stop it. Ignoring the rules, cheating, lying, or taking the "shadier" route to achieve a desired outcome if needed. A willingness to use an underhanded approach if it's in your best interest. Getting what you want no matter what. The mafia may represent your desire to keep a situation the way it is and resorting to whatever dirty tactics are required to do that.

Alternatively, the mafia may represent a person or situation that you feel you can't refuse. Feeling manipulated or extorted. Fearing making a mistake or asking for help. Being stuck between a rock and a hard place. A sign that you may need to be more assertive about confronting someone.


To dream of a magazine represents informativeness. Finding out what's going on, what's new, or what's currently the most important issue in a situation. Keeping up to date with friends or co-workers. If you are reading a magazine it may reflect someone else that is giving you a "heads up" or summation about what's most important right now. It may also reflect savviness.

Alternatively, a magazine may reflect your desire to experience something more interesting in your life. Trying to find new ideas or what's currently socially acceptable. Trying to find out what you need in order to get ahead in a situation or make more money. Magazines are common symbols in dreams of people trying to expand their careers or get a better job.

Negatively, magazines may reflect gossip or nosy behavior.

Consider the content and name of the magazine for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of reading a black colored magazine. In waking life a friend told her some news about what was happening in the next few months that seemed ridiculously excessive.


To dream of magenta represents sensitivity about other people's feelings that isn't that important. Sensitivity that other people don't mind something happening. Sensitivity about thinking about yourself as well. Sensitivity about thinking about yourself for the first time while other people don't mind it. Feelings about other people liking to think about you doing something yourself because you deserve to. Not being awful to other people for thinking about yourself first. A desire for a fresh start and sensitivity about moving on. Not wanting to think of other people's feelings as much as you usually do and never being under attack for it. Feeling good that there is nothing wrong with other people saying something about you for the first time. Feelings about not being that tough, but having to notice yourself as well.

Negatively, dreaming about magenta represents problems with listening to why you are allowed to do something while being oversensitive that you aren't. Not liking any sensitivity about listening to other people's feelings.

To dream of dark magenta represents not caring about anything at all while being sensitive that people like you.

Example: An older woman dreamed of walking outside a building to see a very large cherry blossom tree in full bloom with bright magenta color blossoms. In waking life, her husband had recently passed away and all her children had grown up, causing her to feel that it was time to move as she could no longer maintain such a large house. As her house was going to be sold and she didn't know where to live. The bright magenta blossoms may have reflected her desire for a fresh start and sensitivity about moving on as a mother who deserves to start a new life without her husband or children minding it. She may have been oversensitive about being free to do whatever she wanted with her life without family life duties.


To dream about maggots represents feelings of unease, discomfort, regret, nausea, or feeling that something is lost forever. You may be uncomfortable with a situation or something you did. You may also have regret for something that you've lost or a mistake that can't be fixed.

Negatively, maggots in a dream may reflect very comfortable feelings of being forced to accept and live with a failed relationship or major failure. Unbearably living with regret. Being very uncomfortable around someone who you feel doesn't like you. Uncomfortable feelings about wasteful ruination.

Example: A young woman dreamed of maggots after experiencing her father abandoning her in real life after a paternity test came back positive. The maggots reflected her unease with knowing her father wanted nothing to do with her and her regret for having the test done.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of maggots crawling on her. In real life she had enormous difficulty forgiving herself for hurting her ex-boyfriend. The maggots reflected the great discomfort that the thought of hurting him gave her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being in a home with maggots. In waking life her father-in-law had been disowned by her and her husband for being to emotionally toxic. The maggots may have reflected her uncomfortable feelings about how the relationship ended.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing maggots. In waking life she was feeling very uneasy about a big fight with her daughter and the possible permanent damage that may have been caused to her relationship with her daughter due to the fight. She felt terrible about fight being so serious while feeling that their hope for a strong relationship was wasted.


To dream of seeing magic represents a sense of awe or wonder about something that has happened. You may feel that something does all the work for you.

Alternatively, magic may represent manipulation or control of other people that defies belief. Power or influence that surprises you.

Magic may also reflect a big change in your bad fortune. You are surprised how wonderful or perfect something is after having a lot of bad luck.

To dream of a magic trick represents a change that feels wonderful or amazing and doesn't require an explanation. It may also represent a very powerful instantaneous change in your life that defied all your expectations. You can't believe that something worked.

It may also reflect a habit or coping mechanism that instantly solves a problem. Something you or someone else does that fixes a problem without needing further discussion. Something you say or do fixes something "like magic."

Example: A gay man dreamed of seeing someone perform a magic trick with a chain. In waking life he was noticing that telling people he couldn't do anything about his gay lifestyle was instantly making them more accepting of him.

*Please See Magician

*Please See Magic Wand

*Please See Witchcraft

*Please See Black Magic

Magic Carpet

To dream of a magic carpet represents a situation in waking life where you are enjoying yourself noticing all the work being done for you.

Example: A woman dreamed of riding on a magic flying carpet. In waking life she was a psychologist who had set up a website to accept submissions from people all around the world to make her research easier. The magic carpet reflected her feelings about enjoying how easy and successful the project was as people using the website did all the work for her.

Magic Mushrooms

*Please See Psilocybin

Magic Wand

To dream of a magic wand represents feelings of having the liberty or power to change a situation whenever you want. The power to control, manipulate, or influence others easily.

Negatively, a magic wand may reflect arrogant exploitation of others feelings or good nature because it's easy. Abusing your ability to influence.


To dream of a magician represents an aspect of yourself that leaves other in amazement or disbelief. Someone that makes you feel that "I can't believe that just happened." A person in your life that amazes you by defying the rules or what you thought was possible. Tricks, insider knowledge, or past experience that is impressive. Something you or someone else does that projects amazement or awe. Exceptional or uncommon ability at persuading or influencing.

Alternatively, a magician may reflect an amazing display of talent or skill.

Negatively, a magician may reflect exploitation of tricks, lies, or previous experience to impress others. Using a skill to create a deceptive impression to others. Being a "poser" who exploits others naivety to feel powerful. Trying to fool someone into believing something that you know isn't true.

Example: A woman dreamed of a old magician performing an amazing trick in her bed to make her climax during sex. In waking life she had postponed childbearing into her mid-thirties while her more experienced husband had already had children from another marriage. The magician in the dream may have reflected her feelings about how incredible her husband is at getting her pregnant when she didn't believe she ever could get pregnant.


To dream of a magnet represents feelings about people or situations drawn towards you. Unexplainable good luck. Unseen or unexplainable attractive forces. A "magnetic" personality. Feeling that specific types of people or situations happen repeatedly. Your feelings about relationship bonds. Powerful manipulative abilities. Powerful sexual attraction. Feelings about having the power to force someone to listen to you, take your side, or behave in your best interest when needed. Feeling that someone can't say no to you.

Negatively, magnets in a dream may reflect feelings of being powerless to overcome bad luck or avoid unwanted experiences. Feeling that "losers", bad people, or unlucky options are especially drawn to you. Enemies or competition with "magnetic personalities." Feeling that forces that are beyond your control are stopping you in some way. Awareness of yourself or someone else with powerful emotional manipulative abilities. Unwanted sexual attraction. Jealousy that other people are better liked than you or always have luckier experiences than you.

Magnifying Glass

To dream of a magnifying glass represents awareness of everything you are noticing becoming amplified. The choices, experiences, or problems you are most focused on becoming more dramatic or powerful once you pay attention to them.

Negatively, a magnifying glass may represent feelings of bad luck or having your problems singled out.


To dream of a magpie represents dishonest opportunism. You or someone else is carefully observing a situation and waiting for a moment of weakness to make a move.

A magpie is a sign of dissatisfaction and disagreements. You may feel insecure about what you say or do. You may also feel shortchanged in a relationship. Alternatively, a magpie may represent your own attempt to steal or embarrasses someone as soon as the opportunity arises.


To dream of a maid in a dream represents an aspect of yourself that completely caters to others. Putting someone else's needs completely before your own.

Negatively, a maid may reflect feelings of being under appreciated or that someone else has things too easy. You may feel used or that you're always subordinate to someone else.

Alternatively, a maid may reflect a person or situation that caters to you or spoils you.


To dream of receiving mail represents feelings about receiving news, information, opportunities, or insight that lets you choose whether or not you respond to it. Receiving communication or messages from others that may influence your decisions, thoughts, or actions. Personal or exclusive matters that are optional about acting upon or telling anyone about.

Positively, dreaming about receiving mail may represent the anticipation of good news, opportunities, or valuable insights. Feeling pressured by the expectations of other people, recent news, or an event. New opportunities, ideas, or suggestions that allow you to make informed decisions. A sense of empowerment and the freedom to choose your path in light of the information presented to you.

Negatively, dreaming about mail could represent feelings of anxiety or frustration with the news, opportunities, or insights you are receiving. Unwanted communication or the burden of responsibilities. A sense of burden or pressure to make decisions or respond to certain information. Apprehension about dealing with unpleasant news or choices that require action.

To dream of sending someone mail represents news, information, opportunities, or insights that you are revealing to someone else that lets them choose whether or not they respond to it. You may believe that someone needs to know something. It may also reflect personal or private matters exclusively between you and someone else.

To dream of waiting for mail represents feelings of anticipation or anxiety about news, information, or responses from others that you are expecting updates about. Expectation for something important or significant to your decisions and actions. You may need to know something before you can proceed with a situation. Waiting for mail in a dream can symbolize the suspense or tension about potential opportunities, insights, or outcomes that are yet to be revealed. Expectations you have with a person you are interested in dating.

To dream of mail that is lost may represent feelings of missed opportunities, misunderstandings, or a breakdown in communication. Feelings of disappointment or frustration about not receiving expected information, news, or responses. Delays or setbacks may have gotten in the way of someone giving you important or helpful information. Concerns about being overlooked, forgotten, or not being heard. Anxieties about important messages not getting through or crucial information being lost in transit, leading to missed chances or confusion.

Example: A woman dreamed of going to her Aunt's house to pick up some mail and getting angry at her sister who was present. In waking life, she was frustrated after learning that her twin sister wanted to talk to her. Her relationship with her sister had gone bad about 5 years earlier after experiencing her sister ruin her own life and shut people out. In this case, picking up mail and getting into an argument with his sister may have reflected her feelings about hearing news from someone else about her sister wanting to talk to her again before losing her temper about it.

Example 2: A woman dreamed about picking up a stack of mail sent to her from a good old friend she used to talk to on the phone, go out to restaurants, and take walks with her. Each piece of mail had different amounts of money in it. She remembered how the friend had lost his mind and was eventually committed to a mental institution. In waking life, she was an Evangelist in a church with no children and was never married. She felt like she was running out of time to do whatever God's plan was for her life. In this case, picking up a stack of mail with money in it from a mentally ill friend may have reflected her feelings about receiving news, information, or insight related to her age that makes her think of choosing to do something different with her life other than be a marriageless, childless, church evangelist. The mentally ill friend who used to do fun things with her and who sent the mail in the dream may have reflected her feelings about how irrational it feels to get married, have children, or leave the church due to her older age after working for the church for so long.

Example 3: A person dreamed of sending their boss mail to tell them that they are quitting their job. In waking life, they were feeling anxious about their job and had been thinking about quitting. In this case, sending mail may have reflected their anxiety about communicating their decision to leave the job to their boss and the anticipated response from their boss.


To dream of a mailbox represents feelings about others choosing to relay or communicate personal matters to. Feelings about whether or not someone thinks you are important enough to dedicate time to. Feelings about how popular you are. Feelings about how important you are to other people.

Negatively, a mailbox may reflect anxiety about why someone in your life hasn't chosen to communicate with you. Feeling desperate for an opportunity or communication from someone. Receptivity that is being ignored by others. Hoping someone will call you or leave you a message. Feeling lonely. Fear of serious matter you suspected becoming very real. Wasting your time waiting for personal or special treatment. Wasting your time waiting for good news. Fear that nobody likes you, wants to spend time with your, or that someone will permanently ignore you.

Example: A 66 year-old woman dreamed of seeing her obese neighbor uproot her mailbox and walk off with it. In waking life she was having concerns that she had spent too much time talking about her flaws to man she was getting to know and that this made him never want to speak to her again. The uprooted mailbox in this case may have reflected her insecure feelings about herself being too unattractive for the man she was talking to to call her back on his own on his own free will.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of walking passed a mailbox that had money protruding out of it which she had to quickly gather up and then hide. In waking life she stumbled into an opportunity for a promotion at work before other people did and felt the need to take advantage of the offer quickly before other people at work found out about it. The mailbox in this case may have reflected her expectations about herself deserving to be singled out for a promotion by her boss.


To dream of a mailman represents you or someone else that is trying to give other people information that they think is important to know. Feeling the need to responsibly relaying information to a number of people.

Negatively, a mailman may reflect an excessive need to give people personally tailored information that they didn't ask for. An excessive belief that you need you give people answers that specific to their problems. Giving people personal help that they didn't ask for.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a mailman. In waking life he believed he was talking to God and needed to give a number of people personal messages about how to improve their lives.


To dream of makeup represents the appearance or impression we present to others. Putting on your best face forward. Trying your best to appear more honest, intelligent, qualified, or experienced. Preparations, getting your story straight, or wanting to make a good impression. Makeup may also reflect a wish to be more interesting to others.

Alternatively, makeup may symbolize something you use to enhance your self-confidence.

To dream of applying makeup indicates that you are trying to cover up or hide an aspect of yourself.

To dream of wearing too much makeup may be a sign that you are trying to hard to impress others. Your attempts to make a good impression may seem obvious or like you're not being yourself.

*Please See Lipstick

*Please See Eye Shadow

Making Love

*Please See Sex

Making Out

*Please See Kissing


*Please See Men


To dream of a mall represents your search for acceptable roles, choices, beliefs, and ideas. A time in which you are establishing your identity and making choices that will effect your sense of self. Being in mall symbolizes decisions, or preferences that make you who you are. A mall represents social settings, or social development where you are exploring options, or decisions about what you want or who you will become. It reflects the manner in which you go about getting what you want in life or choices that define who you are.

A dream of a mall can show up when you are deciding who you want to date, making changes to your lifestyle, or experiencing changes in your personality.

The stores in a mall symbolize states of mind with themes that are symbolic based on your feelings or perceptions of those stores. For example a store such as the GAP could symbolize a more proper or conservative lifestyle choice, where as a more urban clothing store may symbolize a more desirous personality choice.

Sales people in a mall represents aspects of your personality that are attempting to convince you of a choice, belief, or idea that you are considering.

*Please See Salesperson

*Please See Shopping

*Please See Store

Mamba Snake

To dream of a mamba snake represents feelings about corruption, contamination, or total failure that likes a situation exactly the way it is. Fear of total failure from an issue that doesn't mind if you don't change it. Emotionally deadly or lethal passivity. A situation or person that feels good thinking nothing is wrong while being deadly. Feeling that dangerous situation is not laughing at you, but strikes with total failure if you don't do anything about it. Feelings about someone or something that doesn't look angry, but has the potential to cause total failure if left as it is. The worst problem ever that doesn't look like it wants to be.

Negatively, dreaming about a mamba snake represents feelings about someone too adorable, old, famous, rich, or busy to believe they are deadly. Failure from something you didn't believe minded you. A sense of something being emotionally lethal to accept someone else's problem. Potentially lethal behavior that feels good guilty and doesn't think it's polite to bother it. Potentially lethal failure that doesn't think it's better than you and never wants to talk to you at all. Feelings about the threat of total failure that doesn't want you to believe anything is wrong.

*Please See Snakes


To dream of a mammoth represents your feelings that something is dangerously bigger than you are. You may feel that a situation is too big for you to control. Parents or authority figures in your life that once they show up you are too insignificant to do anything except get out of their way.

Negatively, a mammoth may reflect feelings about behavior that is terrifyingly oversensitive about getting it's way. Behavior that is terrifyingly oversensitive about it's size or power being respected. Enormous power that is unprofessional. Terrifying over-sensitivity requiring respect for something you feel looks stupid, crazy, or irrational.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a mammoth. In waking life he felt compelled to respect someone he felt was childish, ignorant, with the ability to cost his business money.


*Please See Men


To dream of a manager represents an aspect of yourself that makes sure things are doing what they're supposed to. You may organizing a number people or responsibilities at once.

Example: A man dreamed of a manager telling him what to do. In waking life a tax problem came up that required him to have a number of people speak in his favor. The manager reflected his organization of stories from the group of people to help write a letter to fix his tax problem.


To dream of a mango represents qualities about a choice that feels strong about inviting you to like trying something different for yourself. Confidence that you deserve to enjoy yourself trying something different. Confidence to like something new for the first time if you want to. You are optimistic about how much better something feels than it did before. Feeling good liking something different. Feeling good letting go of problems. Feeling good letting go of issues with the past. Feeling good that someone else is right when you weren't. Feeling good with choices or situation that weren't of your choosing. Feeling good with choices that weren't your first choice. Not having to speak about why something feels enjoyable being better than something else. Not apologizing for enjoying something the best it can be. Enjoying stopping what you are doing to try something the feels good. An alternative choice that feels good that nothing is a disaster. Feelings about acting your age if you want to like trying something new.

Negatively, mangos may reflect situations that overdo inviting you to like trying something different that annoy you. Overdoing feeling good trying something different. Inappropriate sexual invitation or inappropriately changing the nature of a relationship to become sexual. Overindulgence in pleasure-seeking, addiction to trying new things, and a lack of consideration for potential consequences. A tendency to avoid responsibility or difficult decisions by constantly seeking out new and exciting options.

To dream of a mango tree may reflect feelings of looking up to someone more experienced than yourself who continuously invites you to enjoy new experiences if you want to. A sense of never-ending satisfaction with stronger alternative choices to try if you don't like something. A constant source of advice for pleasure or support that allows you try different options that are more likeable than you problems. A mango tree also suggests that someone, such as a boss, parent, or partner, is always there to help you overcome challenges and make life easier for you. Feeling that someone is always supportive of you getting over your troubles with an alternative choice.

To dream of a mango tree being cut down may reflect feelings about losing a strong support system from someone who like you deserving walk away from things you don't like. Supportive parents, spouses, or good friends dying that are no longer around to share experience with you on how to feel good with different options. Not liking waiting for the rest of your life to feel good doing something different. Life may feel harder now with someone no longer around to let you off your troubles with more enjoyable options.

Example: A young man dreamed of being given a mango. In waking life, he had reluctantly given up a beloved pet and a friend had sympathized with him. In this case, the mango reflected the sense of optimism he got from his friend who confidently interested him in appreciating his life differently by getting a new pet or a more interesting animal as a new pet.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a mango tree which in real life had been cut down. In waking life, she was a widow with 2 children who was thinking a lot about how difficult her life had become without her husband alive. In this case, the mango tree may have reflected her longing for the established sense of confidence that her deceased husband gave her about deserving to try new or different things now that she struggled to find new sources of support and stability in her life after his death.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of picking mangoes off a tree and then encountering a rattlesnake within the tree, which necessitated him to kill it. In waking life, he sought advice about relationships from a more experienced friend, but some of the suggestions displeased the girl he was dating, leading him to resolve the issue. In this case, the mango tree might have represented his feelings about his friend, who had a more established background in relationships, consistently offering fresh advice on how to confidently navigate romantic connections.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of wanting to buy mango juice for her ex-boyfriend. In waking life, she maintained a close relationship with her ex-boyfriend, speaking to him daily. In this case, the mango juice she wanted to buy might have represented her feelings about confidently intriguing her ex-boyfriend in the idea of transitioning their relationship to a sexual one, with the possibility of initiating it through a single intimate encounter.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing mangoes being held by both her separated husband and the boyfriend she recently left. In waking life, she wanted to go back to her husband. In this case, the mangoes being held by both men may have reflected her feelings about the potential for a more enjoyable and fulfilling relationship with either man, each offering her a different yet inviting experience. The mangoes symbolize her desire to confidently explore the alternative choices in her romantic life, as she contemplates which path would ultimately make her happier.


To dream of Manhattan represents social interaction with other people where you are so far better off that you don't have to do anyone a favor. Noticing you're better than others while an entire situation revolves around your decision-making power. Not having to do anything except notice your own power. Being the leader of a situation where you have the freedom to cut off anyone you want to their face.

Negatively, Manhattan may reflect abusing your power to stay in total control of a social situation. Abusing power for the purpose of simply never being told what to do.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Manhattan being destroyed by an asteroid. In waking life he was in total control of his dead mothers estate and realized that one day he'd eventually have to sell her house because he couldn't do anything to stop it. Manhattan reflected his interaction with relatives whom he had total power over as he managed the estate while having to answer to no one.

*Please See New York City


*Please See Sewer


To dream of a manicure represents feelings about efforts made to maintain good appearances with your capabilities. Looking good never uncomfortable with professional or adult appearances. Looking good having money or resources. Looking good never being in debt. An attractive sense of self-worth that is made obvious to other people. Properly maintained professional or adult appearances.

Example: A woman dreamed of having her very well manicured nails cut really short. In waking life she received a final demand to pay a large sum of taxes owed which she couldn't afford to pay. The normally well manicured nails being cut very short may have reflected her feelings about her professional or adult appearances after going into debt to pay a tax bill.


To dream of a mannequin represents you or someone else that cares about nothing except being noticed as a perfect example. A need to be noticed doing something the that others should copy. Wanting to be noticed by others as a perfect example.

Negatively, a mannequin may be a sign that you are too concerned about how you are viewed by others. It may also be a sign that you don't care about anything except showing off or having people look up to you. A reflection of the importance you feel to make a certain impression that may have no substance.

Example: A man dreamed of falling in love with a mannequin. In waking life he was using a beautiful escort to lie to family that he had a girlfriend and slowly began to fall in love with the escort. The mannequin he feel in love with represented his obsession with keep the lie that he had a perfect girlfriend.

Example 2: An patriotic American man dreamed of seeing a mannequin shot up into the sky and blow up. In waking life he had been talking to friends about himself filing lawsuits against the Government for excessive corruption. The mannequin blowing up in the sky represented how important he felt it was to be noticed by people filing his lawsuit to prove his "Americanness" and how it eventually resulted in nothing as he was rejected by the courts. The dream reflected the futility he felt trying to be a perfect example of an American.


To dream of a mansion represents your perspective on a situation where you are all-powerful, more resourceful than others, or experiencing better success than others. You may feel better, luckier, or more capable than other people in some way. You may have a sense of something wonderful or special happening in your life. A perspective on a situation where you feel it's impossible to be perceived by others as losing.

A mansion may also reflect feelings about how exceptionally resourceful, creative, or powerful you are. Feeling that big achievements or adept skills are always easy for you. Feelings about being a leader, boss, or head of the family.

Mansions in dreams may also reflect your feelings about people in your life that you feel are too powerful, too important, or resourceful to ever be forced to listen to you. Someone in your life that enjoys more power than you of which you can never stop. Possibly a reflection of your feelings about your boss. Feelings about someone in your life that never loses.

Relationship wise, a mansion in a dream may reflect feelings about being noticed by others as having a perfectly happy relationship that is impossible to breakup. Feeling that you are perceived by others as having a lucky perfect relationship with a "soul mate." Relationships where you feel you are a "show couple" or "power couple."

Example: A young man dreamed of being inside a beautiful mansion and being surprised to find out that he owned it. In waking life he had discovered that he had natural talent for art that was better than average people. He was shocked by how exceptionally talented he was. He couldn't stop drawing pictures that impressed people.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing a mansion that was run down on the outside, but beautiful on the inside. In waking life she had told her boyfriend very painful truths that caused damage to their relationship and feared a breakup. The mansion with the exterior damage and beautiful interior may have reflected her feelings about herself being perceived by others as having to accept flaws to her reputation for having a perfect relationship that was originally perceived to be too good to ever break up. She would have to accept being viewed by others as having a strong relationship without an appearance of perfect happiness.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of walking into a mansion. In waking life she tried to talk to her boss on a personal level, but her boss had no interest in talking to her at all.

*Please See Houses


To dream of manslaughter represents unintended failure or a change that has occurred by accident. Manslaughter may be a sign that you didn't realize your own strength while confronting a problem or didn't expect a problem to be as dangerous as it was. Manslaughter may be a sign that you need to let go of blaming yourself or others.

*Please See Murder

Manta Ray

*Please See Stingrays


*Please See Praying Mantis


To dream of a mantle represents feelings of respecting yourself completely for who you are. It may also symbolize your feelings about reputation, image, status or prestige. Feeling that nothing is wrong with your life and everyone thinks that as well. Not allow the negativity of others to undermine your confidence in pursuing your goals. The mantle can represent the role you play in your family or community, and the burden of responsibility that comes with it. Not wanting to look stupid for the rest of your life because you deserve it. Pride that everything you ever did in your life is important to you now.

Negatively, dreaming about a mantle may represent overdoing respecting your reputation, image, status, or prestige.

To dream of writing a letter on a mantle may represent a desire to communicate this message in a more formal, permanent way, further amplifying the sense of threat and intimidation. Legal threats.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a big picture of herself in a wedding gown on her mantle place. In waking life whenever she started to date someone new, her old friend would show up to tell her why it was doomed to failure without giving a reason. He has done this twice in a year already. The dreamer has met someone new and really believes she has a strong chance with her new boyfriend for marriage and children. In this case the mantle may have reflected her sense of pride and achievement in her desire to settle down and get married. The big picture of herself in a wedding gown represents her ideal image of herself as a bride.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone from his past standing near a mantle, writing a letter on top of it while making threatening remarks to the dreamer about potential consequences for exposing embarrassing information about them related to current events. In waking life, the dreamer was considering whether to confront this person from his past despite the risks of retaliation. The mantle in the dream may represent the dreamers feelings about the person from his past respecting themselves completely for who they were regarding reputation and image. Writing the letter may have reflected legal threats the dreamer felt from the person from his past.


To dream of manure represents feelings about having a problem that requires you to do a lot of work to transform it into a perfectly working situation. Feeling that problem isn't permanent, but will require a lot of work to solve. Feeling overloaded by work or effort required of you. Feeling that someone is not helping you enough with a big problem. A lot of responsibilities or obligations feeling "dumped" on you. Relationships or friendships that are continuously offloading work on you unfairly.

Example: A woman dreamed of her deceased husband dumping off a huge load of manure around her house. In waking life her mother was very sick with Alzheimer's disease which required her to work very hard to support her mother. She felt that nobody was supporting her or helping her financially. Her problems were not impossible to fix, but felt overwhelmingly stressful without any strong support from others.


To dream of a map represents your understanding of the direction your life is going, or where you currently stand as you attempt to achieve goals. It may also reflect a plan of action to get what you want or make a change. Studying the direction you should take in life. Feelings about plans for the future.

To dream of a map of a country represents understanding the direction of your life as you are experiencing a certain state of mind. The country then reflects a state of mind you are in. See the themes section for countries for a more in depth look at country symbolism.

To dream of having difficulty understanding or reading a map represents feeling lost, or difficulty in figuring out where you life is currently going.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a map of his country. In waking life he was trying figure out what his life purpose was and how he should live.

Example 2: A psychology student dreamed of flying over a map of the United States when the pilot said they were having engine trouble. Massachusetts which they were currently flying over was deemed too dangerous to land in. In waking life the student was having trouble deciding between two different kinds of psychology programs in different states. They felt that the programs in Massachusetts weren't good enough because it would make them have to live too close to their parents.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having no map. In waking life she was unsure about what university to choose.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being frustrated looking at a map. In waking life he was irritated by problems at his new job making it difficult for him to understand and control his work department.

Example 5: A teenage girl dreamed of seeing a red cube with a map on it. In waking life she was thinking of how a current relationship with a guy she liked would lead her to a more serious romantic relationship.


To dream of a marathon represents feelings about situations you are experiencing where competitive endurance and will power are prominent. A non-stop competition or conflict of some kind. A reflection of your performance in an long drawn-out struggle requiring perseverance.

Negatively, dreaming about a marathon may represent an exhausting ongoing conflict. A conflict where two sides endlessly compete to prove they are better than the other side. A possible sign that you are in an impossible fight to win because the other side is too jealous of looking stupid to ever give up. Surviving a long conflict while hoping that the other side will give up before you do. Desperation or jealousy to outperform someone else in a long struggle.

Example: A man dreamed of experiencing a running Marathon in Boston. In waking life he was experiencing himself in a non-stop online argument on Facebook.


To dream of raw marble rock represents feelings about the possibility or potential for becoming an unquestionably respected winner.

To dream of marble flooring represents the theme or tone of a situation in your life being unquestionably respectable. Feeling that everything you do or say is being perfectly respected by others. Feeling like an winner that is impossible to stop.

To dream of toy marbles represents feelings about situations where you are risking your resources to take away someone else's. Risking looking stupid trying to make someone else look stupid. Attempting to maximize your own gains while trying to maximize others losses. Financial risks. Risks to get more control or leverage.

Marching Band

To dream of a marching band represents an impressive display of teamwork or perfect co-ordination. Solidarity on display.

Alternatively, dreaming about a marching band may represent showing off to others how with how skillful or accomplished you are. Signalling to others that you are too skillful or perfect to lose.


*Please See Horses

Mariah Carey

To dream of Mariah Carey represents an aspect of yourself that is confident, flamboyant, and enjoys the spotlight for being more incredible without needing to say it. This aspect of yourself may be associated with the desire to be seen as successful, talented, or attractive. Attention and admiration seen in a positive light by others. Embrace and accept yourself as incredible regardless of validation from others.

Alternatively, Mariah Carey in a dream may symbolize a desire for attention, recognition, or validation. In some cases, dreaming of Mariah Carey may represent a situation or relationship in which you feel the need to perform or show off your skills and abilities.

Negatively, dreaming of Mariah Carey represents an aspect of yourself that is overly confident, vain, and focused on the attention and admiration of others to the point of neglecting your own personal values and relationships. This could suggest that you may be prioritizing external validation and appearances over your own well-being and happiness. Behavior that is so concerned with being accepted or validated as incredible that you overdo it.

Mariah Carey being famous may also reflect the dreamer's confidence about deserving getting attention or talking about themself in way that mirrors Mariah Carey's qualities.

Example: A woman dreamed of rejecting her husband's advances and then seeing Mariah Carey appear. In waking like the woman was experiencing a marriage separation. In this case Mariah Carey might symbolize the woman's feelings about herself as someone who is attractive, desirable, and confident. The appearance of Mariah Carey after rejecting her husband's advances could represent the woman's belief that she is deserving of affection and attention from others, and that she is more incredible than her husband in terms of why other men would want to be with her. The dream could also reflect the woman's desire to explore her independence and feel confident in her own skin, rather than relying on her husband for validation and attention.


To dream of marigold flowers represents sensitive feelings about other people needing to respect or appreciate something. Loving or respecting other people while asking for nothing in return.

Negatively, marigolds may reflect feelings about being forced to respect or appreciate something. Feeling that appreciating something or someone is the only thing you get to do. Responsible selfless love. Having to talk about something like it's only a good thing even if it doesn't benefit you at all.

Example: A woman dreamed of her marigold seeds turning into a marigold jungle with her two kids crying in stuck inside the jungle. In waking life she was pregnant with her third child and was having feelings of her current 2 children being neglected while she demanded they respect the new pregnancy.


To dream of marijuana represents feelings about choices, lifestyles, or situations that are concerned with a relaxed or laid-back attitude. Taking a strong break from whatever you are thinking about too much. Stopping working on a project, time off working towards a goal, deciding to relax, or taking part in more carefree activities. Caring about taking a break as though it was your job. A mindset that doesn't take things too seriously or chooses to temporarily ignore problems. Your thoughts about relaxing, taking it easy, or taking a break from the seriousness of life. Marijuana in a dream may reflect your thoughts about the importance of relaxation, open-mindedness, or experimenting with alternative ways of thinking.

Positively, dreaming about marijuana may represent a relaxed or open-minded attitude about a situation. A period of rest, recovery, or taking a break from more strenuous activities. A need to reduce stress or anxiety, explore new perspectives, or embrace creativity and unconventional ideas. A phase of personal growth where you are exploring different aspects of yourself and your consciousness. A desire for relaxation, stress relief, or escape from life's pressures. A need for a break or a desire to find a more laid-back and carefree attitude about whatever is happening in your life.

Negatively, dreaming about marijuana may represent a tendency to avoid confronting problems, excessive relaxation, or irresponsibility. Escapism, neglect of responsibilities, or an overemphasis on pleasure or comfort at the expense of progress or productivity. A fear of losing control, addiction, or the consequences of indulging in risky or unproductive behaviors. Feelings of guilt, laziness, or a lack of ambition. Feelings about bad influences that will encourage laziness or loss of ambition. Awareness of yourself avoiding a much-needed break. Feeling that you are behind with getting your personal life in order.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a sign that said marijuana wasn't allowed at the current moment. In waking life, he was enduring a very serious situation and was jealous that he couldn't take serious time off from it. He had to keep progressing with a mindset that was clear, hardworking, and focused in order to successfully navigate through his challenges. The dream might have reflected his feelings about the importance of staying disciplined and avoiding distractions or relaxation in order to achieve his goals and handle the situation effectively.

Example 2: A person dreamed of hanging marijuana joints on a wall in order to harvest sea cucumbers. In waking life, they were trying to tame their emotions. In this case, the marijuana being used to harvest sea cucumbers may have reflected their attempt to personally invest time, effort, and patience with managing their emotional state more effectively. The use of marijuana in the dream might symbolize their use of emotional management techniques to calm their mind and emotions.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having to admit past issues with marijuana. In waking life, he was trying to get his personal life in order with a job, a place to live, a vehicle, and a soulmate. In this case, admitting to past use of marijuana may have reflected his acknowledgment of previous periods in his life where he might have prioritized relaxation or escapism over his responsibilities and goals.

Marilyn Monroe

To dream of Marilyn Monroe represents an aspect of the personality that is more incredible than other people (or gets the most attention) for behavior that's idealized for deserving to be seen as more glamourous, beautiful, and popular than other people with people talking about you the most, while being sensitive about never hating anything or wanting anything getting back at you. Allure, beauty, and the power of sensuality. Idealized beauty that feels good that something is happening all the time because of what you look like. Behavior that is professional about being more beautiful than other people for the rest of your life as your job. An archetype of femininity that you aspire to or admire.

Positively, dreaming about Marilyn Monroe may represent the allure of confidence, the embrace of one's sexuality or attractiveness, and the recognition of the power and influence that beauty and charm can wield.

Negatively, dreaming about Marilyn Monroe could represent behavior that overdoes believing in itself as incredible for deserving to be seen by people as the most glamorous, beautiful, and popular as the only thing it ever does. Annoyance with a woman who doesn't have to think of anything except what they look like as the reason they like their life. Feelings of superficiality, insecurity, or the pressure to conform to societal standards of beauty and attractiveness. Perhaps you are experiencing the darker side of admiration, such as objectification, loneliness, or the pressure to maintain an image that doesn't align with your true self.

Example: A man dreamed of being Marilyn Monroe while wearing her famous white dress while looking in the mirror. In waking life, he was struggling with his self-image as a transgender woman. He felt too focused on how he wouldn't pass as a woman to friends and family if he came out about his sexual orientation. He felt it might be a good idea to remain "in the closet." In this case, the man being in his bedroom seeing himself as Marilyn Monroe in the mirror may have reflected his private thoughts about desiring to embody the idealized version of femininity he aspired to while daydreaming about being popular with friends and family after coming out of the closet as a transgender woman.


To dream of a marina represents a mindset that is comfortable or feeling good while facing a number of problems. Facing a lot of uncertainty smoothly or with confidence. Feeling safe enough to deal with a lot of problems whenever you are ready.


*Please See Sailor

Mark Wahlberg

To dream of Mark Wahlberg represents an aspect of your personality with confidence that never has to see anything about itself as a problem like it's easy and that's seen by other people are more impressive. A sense of self-assurance, feeling secure in one's actions and not being easily embarrassed that feels easy. Confidence without having to say it because there is no reason to be embarrassed by other people. Confident about not having to see yourself embarrassed because you aren't doing anything wrong. Liking not having to fight because you never have to say anything else is wrong. Not having to put up a fight for having to talk back to someone. Confidently talking back to someone without a fight like it's humorous. Noticing you're not lazier than someone else is the reason you never have to take being insulted.

Confidence and security in one's actions and behavior.

Negatively, dreaming about Mark Wahlberg may reflect your jealousy that someone else is more confident than you about never being insulted because they can easily never see anything wrong. Jealousy of someone else that is confident about why they earned deserving to be confident. Insults rolling off someone else's back because they don't have to do anything except see themselves as already confident. Jealousy of someone else never being ruined because they just said they aren't. Noticing why you are passed someone and not thinking anything else about it being your problem.

Mark Wahlberg being famous may also reflect the dreamer's confidence about deserving getting attention or talking about themself in way that mirrors Mark Wahlberg's qualities.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Mark Wahlberg. In waking life he was aware of himself easily and confidently talking back to someone without a fight like it was humorous that the person even tried to insult him.


To dream of a market represents feelings about all available options being offered to you in a situation if you are willing accept the personal costs. Feelings about what you need to trade or exchange in order to achieve a goal. Situations in waking life where you feel overwhelmed with easy choices.

Negatively, a market may reflect exploitation of easy or dishonest opportunities. Dishonest friends or social connections that are always willing to do favors for you.

Cheap good in a market may reflect feelings about easy or lucky opportunities being offered to you.

To dream of stealing something from a market may reflect waking life situations where you chose to be dishonest when you didn't need to be. Desperation or jealousy that motivates to avoid honesty. A lack of respect for honesty around rich or resourceful people. Issues with kleptomania. Feeling that stealing from friends and family is not serious. Awareness of yourself being involved in criminal activity.

*Please See Flea Market

*Please See Fish Market

*Please See Grocery Store


*Please See Burgundy


To dream of marriage represents a serious commitment to an aspect of yourself. Commitment to values, behaviors, beliefs, or goals that are fundamental to your identity and daily existence. A strong commitment to specific behavior because it supports you all the time. A strong commitment to believing in yourself a certain way because it supports you all the time. An aspect of yourself that you feel you can't live without. An aspect of yourself that you respect yourself never wanting to live without. A situation that you are always committed to. Ideas you are convinced of. Behavior or habits you can't respect yourself discontinuing. Permanently believing you are committed to behaving a certain way. A commitment to another person, idea, or situation that deeply influences your emotional and psychological state.

Positively, dreaming about marriage may represent strength found in commitments to values, behaviors, beliefs, or goals that are fundamental to your identity and daily existence. A strong dedication to maintaining self-respect and upholding certain principles or standards that support your well-being and personal growth. It can reflect your unwavering commitment to believing in yourself and your capabilities, even when faced with challenges or difficulties.

Negatively, dreaming of marriage may represent feelings of being trapped or constrained by commitments, behaviors, or beliefs that no longer serve you or have become burdensome. Feelings of being overcommitted to values, behaviors, beliefs, or goals that are fundamental to your identity and daily existence. Permanently believing you are committed to behaving a certain way without thinking that letting go will help you move on. Feeling that you can't change a situation, stop yourself from behaving a certain way, or are trapped in a relationship. Situations that you feel stuck with. Feeling trapped, held back, or that you can't get out of something. Dependency of a certain way of thinking or acting. Being in love with yourself never thinking of a single other different because you are angry or jealous.

Alternatively, dreaming about marriage may reflect relationship insecurity. Problems with secret crushes on people you are not dating. Jealousy of seeing people you are interested in being involved with other people. Jealousy of seeing other people being married.

To dream of seeing other people being married represents aspects of yourself that are working "hand in hand" all the time. Feeling that other people aren't committed to you.

To dream of seeing someone you're romantically interested in is marrying someone else may reflect insecurities or jealousy.

To dream about problems in a marriage may represent situations where commitment or a sense of permanence is lacking. Difficulties, conflicts, or challenges that you are facing in a committed relationship or a significant aspect of your life. Concerns or conflicts related to your own commitments or relationships in waking life. Communication issues, unmet expectations, or differing values and beliefs. A need for compromise, understanding, or a reevaluation of your commitments. A need to adjust your behavior because you are too serious about something. Worries about the stability and unity of an important aspect of your life.

To dream of marriage to something unusual such as a plant, animal, or object may reflect feelings about strong commitments to something unusual or unconventional based on whatever the symbolism is what you are married to.

To dream of not being married may represent feelings of not having a serious commitment or not having a permanent connection or sense of support. Feelings of independence, freedom, or a desire to remain uncommitted. A reluctance to fully commit to a particular set of values, behaviors, beliefs, or goals, and a preference for exploring different options or paths in life. A sense of being unburdened by the responsibilities and constraints. Religious people who dream of not being married may be experiencing a sense that God is not supporting them in life.

Negatively, dreaming about not being married may reflect a fear of commitment. Jealousy of someone else's life working better than yours or that they're more important than you. Feeling that an enemy is supported by being dishonest or a jerk when you are not.

To dream of living in an unhappy marriage may reflect feelings of unhappiness or disappointment with some area of your life you initially felt a strong sense of confidence with. Feelings about behaviors or relationships not being as strong as they once were. A reduced sense of confidence about behavior, skills, talents, or relationships usually makes you feel permanently safe.

Example: A man dreamed of being married to Evangeline Lilly. The quality that stood out the most to him about Evangeline Lilly was her "respecting herself not believing in people if they don't think of her believing in herself without asking." In waking life, the man was spending a lot of time yelling at his business partner who was being irresponsible. In this case, being married to Evangeline Lilly reflected his deep commitment to maintaining self-respect and demanding the same level of respect from his business partner.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of being married to a vampire. In waking life, she noticed herself being dependent on using her friend to get through a class at school. In this case, being married to a vampire may have reflected her realization that her reliance on her friend for help in class was becoming excessive or unhealthy. She may have felt that she couldn't survive her class without using someone in order to support herself in passing her school class.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of being married to a monkey. In waking life, he was being made fun of for wanting to marry a girl that other people called a witch. In this case, the marriage to a monkey may have reflected his feelings about being permanently in a relationship with a girl he was losing respect for due to her acting childish.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being married to a fat woman. In waking life, he was being criticized for lazy behavior that he didn't want to stop. In this case, being married to a fat woman may have reflected his feelings about being committed or unwilling to separate from a physically inactive life which he preferred over a physically active life.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of being married to someone who wasn't her husband. In waking life, she was very confident about ending her marriage and marrying another man if she ever wanted to. In this case, being married to someone other than her husband may have reflected her strong commitment to the idea of leaving her current marriage and pursuing a different relationship or lifestyle.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing a royal wedding. In waking life, he was witnessing his ex-girlfriend getting married to another man. In this case, the royal marriage may have reflected his feelings about his ex-girlfriend being permanently committed to someone who could give her a life that was better, more respected, and more important.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of getting married, but everything went wrong. In waking life, she was experiencing arguments with her boyfriend about his unwillingness to commit. In this case, getting married where everything went wrong may have reflected her fears and anxieties about committing to a relationship that was already showing signs of instability and conflict.

Example 8: A woman dreamed of getting married to a cactus. In waking life, he was trying to commit herself to studying for her school exams for a course which she believed failure was an inevitability. She felt she looked stupid for even attempting to study the course material. In this case, being married to a cactus may have reflected her perception of her commitment to studying a failing course at school out of the interest of still potentially passing, while also feeling that going to class emotionally hurt her by making her feel stupider than other people for getting too involved with it.


To dream of vegetable marrows may reflect preoccupation with situations or choices where being bigger is a factor. Unpleasant feelings about being unable to avoid someone or something bigger than you. Options or choices that are bigger in a meaningless way. Being bigger for the sake of being bigger or having no consideration for any other factor except a need to be bigger.

Negatively, dreaming of a marrow may reflect insecurity about your size, power, or abilities. Insecurity about someone else being bigger than you are. Feeling that a certain choice is too big to be enjoyed or accepted by others. Feeling stupid being smaller than someone else. Feeling held back my family or safe choices. Feelings about situations or choices that preoccupied with safety, economy, and family life before noticing being a winner. Having to choose other people's feelings before choosing to succeed. Feelings about something bigger in your life being useless or ugly. Wasting your time thinking about a bigger choice.

For men, dreaming of a marrow may reflect insecurity about another man's penis size being bigger than yours.

Example: A woman dreamed of being offered marrows which didn't interest her. In waking life she sought advice from a professional and felt the advice uselessly too important sounding.


To dream of the planet Mars represents conflict. You may feel that everything or everyone in your life is trying to fail you. A mindset that is hanging on during tough times, adversity, or a dangerous situation.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the planet Mars with recurring speed bumps on the surface. In waking life he had a illness that was getting aggravated once a every month and required his full attention.

Mars Chocolate Bar

To dream of a Mars chocolate bar represents treating yourself to thinking about yourself being allowed to do something because usually you don't see yourself enough. Treating yourself is the answer because thinking about yourself usually isn't enough. Feeling bold and original for thinking about yourself completely because you usually don't think of yourself completely. Treating yourself to why something else different is strongest because it's what you like to feel. Treating yourself to time off being original that doesn't have to think about why other people think about it. Short-term treating yourself to not having to think anything else counts. Treating yourself outside your usual comfort zone like it isn't a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of giving a Mars chocolate bar to a famous religious evangelist. In waking life he was very persistent with being focused spiritually on what God wanted for his life by repeatedly telling God in his prayers that God's will always came first no matter what happened in his life. In this case giving away the Mars chocolate bar to the famous Evangelist may have reflected his feelings about treating himself to a day off praying or being so serious about God because he usually doesn't allow himself to. The Mars bar might also be a sign he is taking a break from being so serious about what other people think of his religious conviction. A sign that he needed to learn to accept letting go a little bit.


To dream of marshmallows represents feelings about an aspect of your life that feels like an bonus that's easy to get away with, but isn't important. Frivolousness bonus or extra. An experience that mellows you out with feeling good it's unimportant. Behavior that is simple and straighforward. Situations that feel enjoyable extra and light-hearted. Feeling good being easily liked by friends. Feeling that it's exceptionally easy to enjoy yourself. Feelings of loving or liking yourself with something "fantastically extra." Enjoying "every single little detail" in an easy experience you are having. Enjoyable, yet unnecessary "extras."

Negatively, marshmallows may reflect feelings about overdoing thinking something is a bonus that's easy to get away. Overdoing thinking that something is simple and straighforward. An area of your life that feels fantastic, but isn't relevant to functioning. An enjoyable, but ultimately irrelevant "bonus." Wasting time with extras or bonuses instead of the real problems in your life. Being unintelligent about why other people will not agree with your thinking about something being an simple, smooth, and straightforward. Enjoying believing you'll get away with something because nobody will see it. Naively believing something can't be taken from you because it seems too frivolous.Too much focus on life having to be enjoyed perfectly with bonuses. Dependence on something unimportant that makes everything else in your life feel better. Preferring to feel good with something frivolous than to confront your problems.

Dreams of marshmallows are very commonly accompanied by images of chocolate. This may reflect an excessive need to treat yourself or enjoy your life that that is interfering with more serious aspects of your life.

Example: A young man dreamed of a marshmallow eating him. In waking life he was concerned that his need to have a perfect after school social life with all his friends was causing him to start failing at school. The marshmallows in this case may have reflected his feeling about the extra after hours time he was enjoying with friends that felt really good to experience, but was unnecessary to the proper functioning of his life. Overall the dream reflected feelings about "bonus" social activity that was destroying his school performance. He was being "eaten" or failed by his easy social life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of having chocolate marshmallows in his pocket and experiencing a dog attack him and take the marshmallows away leaving him unharmed. In waking life he was going through a divorce battle. In this case the marshmallows may have reflected his feelings about keeping things a secret from his wife in the divorce like it was easy to do because it was unimportant to bring it up.

Martial Arts

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To dream of mascara represents feelings about making yourself look more attractive or interesting for how you see a situation. A wish to improve appearances to make yourself more alluring or appealing. Making yourself up to be noticed at never noticing anything stupid. Projecting yourself as passively or easily noticing winning all the time. Improving appearances to look as though nothing you do sucks. Feeling good looking too attractive to deserve noticing losing happening. Feeling protective of why you feel you deserve to look more attractive or interesting. Projecting yourself up to appear to have a nicer outlook or view of the world. Concerns with needing to feel good being as interesting as other people.

Negatively, dreaming about mascara may reflect concerns with nobody liking you as an interesting person or appealing person. Noticing that secretly you are not as interesting or appealing to other people as you want yourself to be. Faking looking like a professional or more experienced attractive professional at everything you are doing. Projecting yourself as more attractive or interesting person with lies. It may also reflect a female wish to project themselves as more attractive or interesting by mentioning other guys that already like them or
other winning examples to other people. Showing off believing you are more interesting or attractive than other people.

Alternatively, from a negative perspective dreaming of mascara applied to eyelashes may reflect feelings of innocence and vulnerability to someone else's negative intentions or goals because they find you appealing to their unsavory, dishonest, or criminal plans. You are someone else's appealing or attractive idea.

To dream of applying make up to eyelashes represents you or someone else that is trying to increase their appeal to others. Mascara coming off in a dream represents reducing feelings of being more interesting or attractive winner to other people. Feeling yourself becoming more average, less interesting, less alluring, less appealing. Embarrassment that you are not as interesting as you originally projected yourself to be.

Example: A young girl dreamed of her mascara coming off. In waking life she felt that visiting a trailer park where she was soon being forced to move made her look low class. The mascara coming off in the dream may have reflected her feelings about how being seen in a trailer park made it impossible to look attractive as a more interesting person.

Example 2: A 13 year-old girl dreamed seeing her upset mother putting on mascara. In waking life he was having a long distance relationship with a guy she never gets to see. The mascara in this case may have reflected her feelings about enjoying looking more attractive or interesting to other people while talking about a guy she liked who lived hours away.

*Please See Eyelashes


To dream of a mascot represents you or others that is trying to generate enthusiastic support for something. Trying to "drum up" support or get others behind behind a cause by making them feel that it's most important. Wanting others to think that something is important.

Negatively, a mascot may reflect last minute desperation to get others to help you. Manipulating others feelings to your purposes. Trying to get support by making others feel sorry for you or scared for your well-being.

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