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To dream of a carrot represents situation or habits that give you confidence that you aren't doing anything wrong. "Knowing" you're being positive. Confidence that you are being proper or that you're in the right. Intentionally doing nothing dishonest on purpose.

Negatively, a carrot may reflect feelings about having to be honest whether you like it or not in a way that is perfect certain. Feeling that staying out of trouble is being imposed by parents or authorities. Unpleasant feeling of having to be an honest person for the rest of your life because it's necessary.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone holding a carrot. In waking life he was planning to get revenge on someone whom he observed trying extra hard to behave honestly to avoid his revenge. The carrot in this case may have reflected his feelings about the enemy he wanted to get revenge on giving him difficulty doing so because of honest appearance the dreamer couldn't do anything about.


To dream of cashews represents feelings about a experience or situation looking crazy that's actually very safe. Doing something that isn't normal, but noticing that nobody laughs at you for it. Doing something that unusual or weird noticing nobody ever stops you. Success derived from not doing anything normal.


To dream of cassava (yuca) represents feelings about difficult situations where you have perfectly remove every thing dishonest in order to do something easier with it. A tough, dangerous, difficult situation that can be repurposed to something easy if you are perfectly careful. Something too dishonest or dangerous to keep it the way it is that makes you clean it up. Something wonderful that you have to clean up to keep it because everyone else is too dishonest or lazy to clean it up first. Feelings about something that is not a snob, but requires you to do everything else yourself.

Example: A young man dreamed of eating cooked fried cassava which eventually revealed pieces of hair in it. In waking he left home to live with a girlfriend believing she could afford to house him until he got a job. Then his girlfriend started to have money problems forcing him to dislike living with his girlfriend and making him think about moving back home. The cook fried cassava in this case may have reflected his feelings about his girlfriend making moving to her home easy because she was paying all the bills. The hair in the cassava that revealed itself after he began eating may have reflected his dislike for how unpleasant or stupid he felt accepting his girlfriend's original plan to pay his bills to let him move away with her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a cassava she was cooking being taken by a black bear. In waking life she was got into an argument with her sister's husband while she was living with her sister's home.


To dream of a cat represents behavior that's protective of itself being safe no matter what it does. Behavior that watches every single thing happening in a situation while needing to be safe and doesn't like a single thing that even felt like it isn't staying safe. Behavior that won't get angry or attack unless you get too personal about threatening confident safety. Perfect safety that's mean about liking itself the way it is while never listening to anything wrong. A mindset that thinks of perfect safety for itself without thinking of other people.

Positively, dreaming about cats represents competition, enemies, or obstacles that appear confident, but are, in reality, easily scared away when challenged. A coward or wimp you can easily scare away. Confident safety that feels good being unquestioned. Behavior that confidently can't be embarrassed because it's too nice or in control of itself. Nice, safe, or non-violent people that are protected and looked after. Talking back to people who don't think they can be talked back to. Warding off dangerous behavior with appearances without having to say anything about it. Empty threats that work effectively to protect you without effort. Intelligence about staying safe no matter what it's doing. A nice safe person who is best left alone because you are bothering them or aggravating them too much. Waking up to the reality that you don't need to feed illusions or delusions whether they are yours or someone else's.

Negatively, dreaming about a cat represents an illusion of safe confidence about something that isn't as tough as it says it is. Fear of looking weak and convincing yourself that you need to say anything to keep confident. Behavior or attitudes that appear confidently safe, but are, in reality, easily scared away when challenged. Feelings about being easily scared away once it's time to stand up for yourself or confront an issue. Telling yourself that you're confidently safe, but giving up once pressured. False beliefs that you've convinced yourself are true in order to feel safe. Assumptions or daydreaming about things you feel good about never questioning being emotionally dangerous. Not believing in yourself as much as you say you do. Being a wimp when you tell yourself that you're not. Thinking about a dangerous situation or person isn't a big problem when you are actually afraid to stand up to them. Refusing to acknowledge personal weaknesses or flaws that need to be addressed because you are too serious about needing to tell yourself you are confidently safe. Unfounded beliefs that provide a false sense of control or understanding. Avoiding confrontation or difficult conversations because of a deluded belief that the situation will resolve itself without intervention because you feel perfectly safe never having to yet. Considering suicide when you are too scared to go through with it for real. A delusion that everything is safe. A delusion that talking to romantic interest is easy when it isn't. Believing that a relationship will work out even when there are clear signs of incompatibility or you are too scared to begin talking to the person. An attitude of perfect safety that's mean to yourself.

A cat in a dream may also reflect your need to feel good, feel loved, or feel comfortable about things that aren't objective. Choosing to ignore facts or reality because it feels better. Lying to yourself to avoid feeling pain or hard truth. Lying to others so that they will think you are safe. Feeling safe not standing up for yourself. Overdoing confidence about something that you'll never stand up to. An irrational belief that you're confident enough to do something that you've never been proven you're incapable of. Feeling safe feeling sorry for yourself. Feeling sorry for other people. Attempting to cheer people up that doesn't work. Talking about suicide when you are too scared to go through with it. A false sense of confident safety. Someone else that feels good about themselves being serious or dangerous when they're not. Feeling that nobody likes you being perfectly safe and keeps testing you. Putting up a front that can be easily embarrassed.

Cats are often one of the worst symbols a person can dream about because the very problem they symbolize may be too hard or scary for the person's ego to change. Illusions or delusions. Nobody wants to admit to themselves that they are more scared than they let on to others. Nobody wants to see themselves as accepting themselves as a sissy. Something a person will easily live in denial about or never want to confront because it feels safer to never face reality.

To dream of attacking a cat may represent a desire or need to confront and challenge the illusions of confidence or security in your life. Struggling with your own illusions or delusions of confident safety. You may feel the urge to expose false beliefs or behaviors in yourself or others that have been hiding behind a facade of confidence. Your determination to break through deceptive appearances and face the truth, even if it means confronting difficult or uncomfortable situations. A readiness to assert yourself, overcome self-doubt, or challenge those who are pretending to be more confident than they really are. Alternatively, it could indicate a need to assert yourself in situations where you feel others are being deceptive or insincere. Feelings about someone else being a big sissy fake you can easily scare away. Awareness of other people having illusions about life situations being safe or easy.

To dream of a black cat represents an illusion of confident safety that's imbalanced, scary, or excessive. Using threats that scare people to protect yourself when you have no intention of backing up your threats if pressured. An irrational fear of something that will give up once pressured. Alternatively, a black cat may reflect an illusion of confidence that being too serious or professional will protect you. Attempts to scare people that don't work because you will give up if challenged. Liking to think you are safe no matter what in a way that makes other people think you are over the line.

To dream of a white cat represents a balanced illusion of confident safety in something that is pure, honest, or balanced. Illusions or delusions based on good intentions. An example of a balanced illusion is fantasizing about marrying someone you have a crush on, but are too scared to talk to. A feeling of being a good person who wants to act on their beliefs but may feel hesitant to do so. Believing in something to be perfectly safe when you are too scared to act on it once confronted or pressured with it for real. Believing that your relationship is built on mutual trust and honesty, even if there are signs that your partner is being dishonest or unfaithful. Wanting to get pregnant, but being too scared away from talking about it easily if your husband doesn't want to.

To see a dark green cat in a dream represents an illusion of confidence that is selfish. Thinking of nothing except yourself as the reason you feel perfectly safe when in reality you are scared away easily when challenged. Overdoing never thinking of anything except yourself to feel safe until someone more important scares you away from it. Overcontrolling yourself feeling safe being depressed by yourself as the reason you won't change until someone makes you. Feeling safe feeling sorry for yourself being so ugly that nobody would ever want to date you. Choosing to believe that you are a failure because it's more comfortable than trying new things. Alternatively, it may reflect delusional beliefs about money, power, or being better than other people. A snobby wimp in your life. A person who frequently lies to others or themselves about their abilities, talents, or accomplishments in order to feel more important or superior, but who becomes very defensive or easily scared when their abilities or accomplishments are called into question. Someone who has an inflated sense of their own intelligence, abilities, or expertise in a particular area, but who becomes easily scared or intimidated when faced with challenges or obstacles that threaten to expose their weaknesses or limitations. This person may also be very defensive and resistant to feedback or criticism from others, as they are unwilling to acknowledge or address their own limitations.

To dream of an orange cat represents an illusion of confident safety about something that is effective or makes you feel it matters too much to do without it. An illusion of confidence that is very effective in making you keep believing that you need it. An illusion that you don't matter without someone or something you grew accustomed to. Feeling confident that you can fire an employee easily and then scaring yourself with how difficult it will be to hire someone better.

To see a blue cat in a dream represents an illusion of confident safety about something truthful or thoughtful. Truthfulness or thoughtfulness that will only think of its own perfect safety. Feeling that telling the truth gives you confident safety when in reality you will scare away easily if pressured. Thinking people won't get you back for telling the truth or discussing safe thoughtful ideas when they actually will. People who believe in past lives or in the supernatural often dream of blue cats, possibly indicating that they don't feel safe discussing it with every single person they know once serious life situations occur. Unrealistic heroic acts or plans. Truthful safety that is perfectly confident about its own safety and nobody else's. Confidence in truthful safety that will never protect you from looking stupid. Confidence that someone will be honest about never killing you, but will not protect you from looking stupid saving yourself. Truthfulness or insensitivity that listens to its own safety first no matter what. Non-violent behavior that will force others to experience insensitive difficulty.

God may be reflected in dreams as a blue cat because people tend to assume God will always perfectly protect them because he is truthful while feeling that God embarrasses them with appearing to not exist if they show off too much not being realistic.

To dream of a grey cat represents an illusion of confidence or safety that chooses to avoid feeling good, being unremarkable, or ordinary. Avoiding feeling good to stay safe when you don't like it. Feeling that disappointment is safer than moving on. A person preferring to think depressed suicidal thoughts when they are too scared to ever go through with it.

To dream of an aggressive cat represents feelings of difficulty letting go of illusions of overprotective safety. Difficulty getting over illusions or delusions that you have lived with for a long time while not liking self-improvement that forces you to move on from them. Difficulty being confident without an "emotional crutch." A woman or sensitive person that doesn't like you not listening to them. Protecting yourself emotionally with perfect safety in a way that feels dangerous or unpleasant instead of giving up on it. Fear that feels that it's safer to never move on. Being mean to yourself. Not liking why a lovely situation isn't lovely anymore.

To dream that you are afraid of a cat represents fear of being seen as a sissy. Fear of not being accepted safely the way you are. Fears of having to change or hide parts of yourself to fit in. Current insecurities that something isn't as safe as you want it to be. Fear of someone else's illusions of confidence, insecurities, or a false sense of safety.

To dream of a house full of cats represents an excessive amount of perfect safety staying the way you are that might not help you. Living with too many illusions or delusions. An excessive amount of illusions or perfect safety that will never stand up for itself. Too much choosing to never stand up for yourself that never dispels illusions about life or other people. Choosing to live safe with the belief that other people are too strong or dangerous when they aren't. You may feel that your entire life revolves around a lie that you fear revealing to others. A sign that you may be emotionally dependent on fantasies or that you need to be a lot more objective. Excessive watching of porn that gives you illusions about how easy it is to talk to the opposite sex. You have a lot of confidence in things that you believe in that aren't true.

Example: A man dreamed of trying to drown a cat. In waking life, was lying about ever giving his son $200,000 he promised and then tried to do everything he could to avoid paying the money once it was time. In this case, the cat may have reflected his feelings about his son not being as easy as he thought to scare off with difficult conditions for the release of the money.

Example 2: A man dreamed of feeding a cat. In waking life, he felt sorry for homeless people and was regularly giving them money as a new habit. In this case, the cat may have reflected his feelings about his generosity to homeless people taking control of him due to feeling sorry for them. He trained himself to fear walking passed them instead of safely ignoring them if he wanted to.

Example 3: A man dreamed of a cat. In waking life, he felt good taking vitamins believing they were good for him when they never produced any noticeable results. In this case, the cat may have reflected his need to feel good being confident and safe about the vitamins that lacked objectivity or evidence. He discontinued the vitamins and felt better that he didn't need them.

Example 4: A girl dreamed of a pet cat. In waking life, someone told her that her best friend was spreading rumors about her and she refused to believe it. In this case, the cat may have reflected her illusions of safe confidence about her friend being loyal, trustworthy, and supportive" despite evidence suggesting otherwise. It may also have reflected her avoidance of challenging her friend with ease because could at any time.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of having cats in her car. In waking life, she was having trouble believing in herself while living an independent life after she left an abusive husband. In this case, the cats in her car may have reflected her illusions about being a confident, safe, and independent person after living with dependence on her abusive husband for so long.

Example 6: A man dreamed of a white cat. In waking life, he was totally in love with the idea of getting married to a woman he was too scared to talk to. In this case, the cat may have reflected his illusion of confidence that talking to the woman was easy while the white color of the cat reflected his honest intentions for marriage. He was privately confident about the woman, but personally too scared to talk to her.

Example 7: A man dreamed of a big dark grey housecat that looked tough and mean. In waking life, he was threatening suicide when he didn't really want to go through with it. He just wanted someone to stop being unsupportive towards him. In this case, the cat may have reflected his illusion that going through with suicide would be easy emotionally while scaring away easily at the last minute.

Example 8: A woman dreamed of a black cat having to be protected from a dog. In waking life, her Dad died and her sisters were not being honest about settling the estate. In this case, the black cat may have reflected her illusion of confidence in deserving her share of the inheritance without a court fight by using legal threats that might scare her sisters away. She may have secretly thought if she asserted herself she might be embarrassed with a lawsuit threat that was too scared to carry out due to expenses or a fear of losing the lawsuit.

Example 9: A woman dreamed of an orange cat biting her. In waking life, she didn't trust her domestic worker. In this case, the orange cat may have reflected her feelings about her domestic worker being powerfully protected with safety by labor laws making her too scared to fire them, when firing them was easy.

Example 10: A woman dreamed of taking her cat with her wherever she went and not wanting to disturb her cat. In waking life, she was on vacation with her husband and child who wouldn't stop watching World Cup football making her go sightseeing on her own. In this case, the cat may have reflected her lack of confidence to disrupt or challenge the dynamics of her family, which were making her feel left out or alone. She may have had an illusion that getting angry at her family was too serious to attempt.

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To dream of cauliflower represents situations that make you feel like you're making straight forward intelligent decisions. Feelings about not needing to think hard about why a decision is "just good for you." Not risking anything to choose anything unintelligent. A direct decision that is good idea. Acting your age about something needs to be a specific way. A intelligent direct decision where nobody else is going enjoy it because the purpose is not to feel good. Feeling stronger than other people for making an intelligent decision.

To dream of a lack of cauliflower or having no cauliflower when you want some may reflect feelings of jealousy that you can't make any intelligent or straight forward decisions to solve a problem.

Dreams of cauliflower are commonly accompanied with broccoli and cabbage.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having no cauliflower left on a table, but other carrots or cabbage left. In waking life she was trying to be supportive of the boyfriend's fraternity losing an election. The lack of cauliflower in this case may have reflected her feelings about there being no straight forward intelligent way to reverse an election loss.


To dream of caviar represents feelings about something exceptional that you can afford that most people can't. Feeling that it isn't dangerous to enjoy something expensive. Feeling good having more money than every single person you know. Feeling good noticing you can afford to waste in ways that would look ridiculous or pretentious to others. Feelings about being a fabulous winner that deserves to show off with something expensive noticing you are. A situation that makes you notice yourself having more than others with ease. Feeling that sometimes it's important to enjoy the finer things in life than to worry about costs.

Negatively, dreaming about caviar represents arrogance or pretentiousness. Feelings about something expensive being a ridiculously pretentious. Feeling that it's fantastic that you are so successful that you can easily show off in ways that others can't afford. Embarrassing others that you don't care about costs or wasting resources in order to enjoy yourself. Feelings of wondering why someone would want to waste so much on enjoying something expensive.


To dream of celery represents an open-minded attitude. Being open to new ideas or trying new things.

Example: A young man dreamed of a celery on a counter. In waking life he was slowly trying convince his very religious parents about converting his religion to Judaism. The celery reflected the openmindness he wish to sell his parents on about changing religions.


To dream of breakfast cereal represents your readiness to start a new situation. Wanting to get a new situation over with as soon as possible.

Consider the type of cereal and how it feels for additional meaning.

Negatively, eating breakfast cereal in a dream may reflect a requirement to feel that situation is easy or has to feel good in order to get started.

Example: A young man dreamed of eating a sugary children's Capt'n Crunch cereal. In waking life his trouble with the government made his controlling father decide to allow him to move to tropical country to avoid it. His life was centered around beginning to move to paradise.


*Please See Wine

Cheerios Cereal

To dream of Cheerios cereal represents easily starting a situation deserving to believe yourself being yourself like it's simple and accepted. Easily initiating a situation where you feel that being yourself is uncomplicated and straightforward. Beginning a situation where there's no pretense required, and you can comfortably and effortlessly exist in your truth being yourself. Beginning to talk to people who make you feel it's simple to believe in yourself being yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about Cheerios may represent a simplification of one's identity or interactions to the point of avoiding growth or depth in relationships and personal development. An overreliance on situations that require minimal effort on your part, thereby neglecting opportunities for more profound connection or learning.

To dream of Honey Nut Cheerios cereal represents easily starting a situation deserving to believe in yourself being yourself without deserving to stop liking whatever is happening right this minute like nothing more important.

Negatively, dreaming about Honey Nut Cheerios may represent behavior that's overdoing believing in yourself being yourself that won't shut off deserving to never stop liking whatever is happening in the present while not thinking of something more substantial for yourself for the future. Liking a basic humbled (or down-to-earth) experience too much that doesn't allow you to experience something more complex.

Example: A woman dreamed of craving Honeynut Cheerios and a male friend she talked to all the time went and got her a bowl. In waking life, she didn't like that her male friend was reducing the frequency of his phone calls from daily to a few times a week. She felt that this male friend was the only real person she could be 100% herself with. She also felt she lacked a personal life while thinking a lot about finding love. In this case, the bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios may have reflected her feelings about enjoying her male friend calling her everyday and talking to him in the way that her feel like she could enjoy being believing in herself being herself completely in the present moment, while knowing it would negatively affect her ability to move on and have a more serious relationship with a man that wasn't just her friend.


To dream of cheese represents feelings about a situation being comfortably better off than being regular which feels easy as long as you control yourself or don't go overboard. The feeling of being a little bit better off than you already were with comfort or ease. Feelings about gains or profit. The nuanced balance between enjoying the easiness and maintaining self-control to avoid excesses. Easy and comfort that acknowledges the importance of moderation. Feeling comfortably better off than normal while not wanting to talk about it too much, keeping it to yourself.

Negatively, dreaming about cheese may reflect feeling about overdone comfort with being better off while experiencing easiness. Overdone feelings of easiness being special. Embarrassing yourself liking easiness when nobody else does. Excessive easiness that feels "cheesy" about thinking it's the best. Unwanted romantic advances that felt too comfortable and easy talking to you.

To dream of refined cheeses may reflect feelings of a situation being easy and enjoyable due to a heightened sense of sophistication, knowledge, or experience. Feeling comfortably better off that feels easy because you are professional about controlling yourself or experienced about not going overboard. A sense of professionalism or experience in balancing easiness of being better off with responsibility. An appreciation for quality, subtlety, and the finer things in life while still recognizing the importance of self-control and restraint.

Negatively, dreaming of refined cheeses may represent feelings of elitism, snobbery, or sophistication that doesn't have to be that important when it says it is.

Cheese may be a sign that you are experiencing financial gain, good luck, or benefiting from an investment.

Example: A young man dreamed of using telekinesis to make himself toast, but it messed up, and he ended up with toast with a few clumps of cheese on it which he had to settle for. In waking life, he was at home sick and resting. In this case, the clumps of cheese on the toast that he had to settle for may have reflected his feeling about getting help from someone else while sick which made him feel better off with an easier time while being sick, even if the help wasn't exactly what he preferred. He may have felt it was best to appreciate the help that made his life easier without being a snob about overdoing giving orders to the person helping him to change anything.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of leaving a house where a man who wasn't her boyfriend was inappropriately flirting with her. She then saw holes in the ground filled with macaroni and cheese that she had to walk passed. In waking life, she didn't like feeling that her boyfriend's friend was hitting on her or sending signals that he liked her even though she had a boyfriend. In this case, the cheese on the macaroni may have reflected her feelings about being inappropriately flirted with in a manner that was perceived as too easy.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of scooping out ruined feta cheese on spinach from a microwave to eat. In waking life, her boss told her that the company was considering not renewing her contract next year. In this case, the feta cheese may have reflected her initial feelings about how easily supported it would be to get her contract renewed without having to talk to her superiors about renegotiating it.

Example 4: An elderly woman dreamed of snacking on cheese with a group of people. In waking life, she was enjoying talking to a preacher over breakfast at a restaurant about nothing about faith or God. In this case, the cheese may have reflected her feelings about her informal social interaction with the preacher being slightly better than a typical interaction because she felt good knowing him as a person.

Example 5: A teenage girl dreamed of giving her friend a piece of cheese to put on a hamburger to make it a cheeseburger. In waking life, she bought her friend a skateboard for her birthday. In this case, the piece of cheese used to transform the hamburger into a cheeseburger may have reflected her feeling about giving her friend a gift to her feel good that she more than a regular friend on her birthday.

Cheese Strings

To dream of cheese strings represents an experience that feels easy about being comfortably better off than normal without being serious about letting you enjoy taking your time delaying it as long as possible to savor it. A situation that can be enjoyable about controlling taking your time delaying finishing it as long as possible. Savoring taking your time feeling comfortably better off than normal while enjoying yourself never thinking anything is wrong with it.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of a boy she had a crush on in high school bringing her white cheese strings that were broken into pieces. She took some pieces while feeling unsure if she was allowed to take any. In waking life, she felt unable to get close to her high school crush, but did on a rare occasion for short class assignment. In this case, the cheese string bits may have reflected her desire for more substantial interaction with her crush, but also the bittersweet nature of her longing to savor an easier experience of being close to her crush with a more serious class assignment where she could prolong and enjoy the moment.


To dream of cheesecake represents feelings about a special occasion that feels fantastic about being deserving, comfortable, and safe. Feelings about other people letting you deserve to feel comfortable and safe in the way you want. A situation in your life where you are indulging in deserving to feel good being safe and comfortable with other people.

Example: A man dreamed of not being able to eat a cheesecake. In waking life, he was a captive prisoner who failed his escape from prison. In this case, the cheesecake that eluded him may have reflected his feelings about the relief from prison life that eluded him, symbolizing a yearning for comfort, safety, and deserving freedom from prison that remained just out of reach because his escape wasn't successful.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of wearing a business suit skirt while sitting at a table with people where small cakes, truffles, cheesecakes, chocolate, and whipped cream were available. She got full from eating them. In waking life, she was very busy at work, but had concerns about keeping business contracts with clients. In this case, the cheesecakes may have reflected a sense of deserving comfort and safety with renewed client contracts for another year.


To dream of cherries represents self-indulgence. Helping yourself to a pleasurable experience. Cherries sometimes appear in dreams to reflect the occasional occurrence of sex.

Example: A woman dreamed of handing a cake to her boss that had cherries on it. In waking life she was offering sex to him. The cherries reflected her wish to offer sex that her boss could help himself to at any time.

Chewing Gum

To dream of chewing gum in a dream represents feeling good thinking about something over and over again. It may also reflect feeling good repeatedly talking about something.

To dream chewing gum being stuck in your hair may represent how terrible it feels to never stop thinking about someone else enjoying talking negatively about you. Difficulty getting a rumor off your mind.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing evil people chewing gum and laughing at her. In waking life he was noticing people who hated her enjoying themselves spreading a rumor about her. The chewing gum reflected how enjoyable she thought the rumor about her was to the people spreading it.

*Please See Bubblegum



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