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The letter U in a dream represents having to start over or begin all over again.

U is also the 21st letter of the alphabet and 21 in numerology represents conflict with confrontation. Meaning you are having a problem changing or standing up to something.

The letter U can also represent "you."


To dream of making a u-turn represents decision-making or the direction of your life that is reversing course. Changing the direction or path you are headed. Not liking the way a situation is turning out. A shape, sudden, or unexpected change in the direction your life is taking.

A U-turn may be a sign that you feel you made a wrong decision or oversight.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a road on which no U-turns were allowed. In waking life he was feeling guilty about his religious faith because he had had sexual relations with his wife before he got married. The U-turn symbolism in this case may have reflected his feelings about having reversed his decision to stay a virgin before his marriage by "staying in the straight path of purity."


To dream of a UFO represents experiences or situations that are unfamiliar, unexplainable, or strange. You may be having thoughts, emotions, or life situations that are unusual for you. A UFO may also reflect your ability to navigate an unusual situation in your life.

A UFO is a sign that you are experiencing changes in way you haven't experienced them before.

UFO visions or dreams are common for people who take ayahuasca because they symbolize the unusual experiences or feelings a person has while under it's influence. The ufos reflect the unexplainable nature of the intense spiritual occurrences, or the feelings of knowing "someone" you can't see is around you.

*Please See Aliens


To dream of a person that is ugly represents an aspect of your personality that is unpleasant or undesirable. A situation in your life that doesn't feel good. It may reflect an issue that you don't like thinking about or something about yourself that you don't like.

Feelings that people don't like you or a poor self-image. Poor body image. Feelings about yourself or others being unlikable. Obnoxious people in your life. Selfishness or jealousy.

Alternatively being ugly may reflect poor self-image, insecurity, or guilt. You may feel rejected or judged. Issues with low self-esteem or inadequacy. Insecurities with your physical appearance. You may have deep regret for your actions.

To dream of looking in the mirror and seeing yourself being ugly represents a negative self-perception. You are either insecure about your physical appearance or you have something about yourself that you don't like.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a very ugly Jewish woman standing beside her. In waking life she was Jewish living in Nazi Germany when they began to impose restrictions on Jews and create race laws. The dream may have reflected her feelings about how people that weren't Jewish didn't like her or thought she was unworthy.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an ugly alien. In waking life he had engaged in homosexual sex for the first time and was thinking about himself as a disgusting person. He had mixed feelings about the sexual encounter.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a beautiful woman have her physical appearance changed into a much uglier person. In waking he witnessed a very confident person confront consequences forced to live with them making her feel less confident about herself to others.


To dream of being in the Ukraine represents a mindset where you feel surrounded by people or situations that are thoughtful about never accepting weakness is thought of first. Feeling that you need to constantly be thoughtful about what is most important first or nobody will talk to you. Being mindful of never being weak requiring you to do something about it all the time. Thoughtful about noticing what's most important even if it's not what you want. Thoughtful about noticing that nobody else thought of weakness like you have to keep it up. Never crying about why weakness is never accepted. Sensitive about nobody else is noticing anything more dangerous than they should be. Not liking anyone saying they saw you saying anything is weak. Toughness that doesn't want to let anyone else say they saw weakness.

Negatively, dreaming about Ukrainian people may reflect annoyance that you have to be thoughtful about not being weak all the time. Feelings about not being let go of if you want to accept weakness and do nothing about it. Nobody ever likes to hear you say anything weak yourself, so you never bring it up. An attitude of problems aren't really problems, but you have to do more. Putting up with behavior that will keep expecting to not be accepted as little to no end. Nobody wants to talk to you about why you're accepting weakness or not focusing on what's most important. Nobody respecting you in control if you accept weakness or overlook the most important part. Never crying about why weakness is never accepted that never ends.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being in the Ukraine. In waking life she was undergoing treatment for hepatitis C. In this case Ukraine may have reflected her feelings about everybody she knew never wanting to talk to her about hepatitis C being incurable ruining her life because they were hoping it will go away if she keeps taking her medication on her own. They might preferred to not talk to her until her treatment was over.

*Please See Ukrainian People

Ukrainian People

To dream of Ukrainian people represents aspects of the personality that are thoughtful about not accepting weakness that doesn't need explaining. Thoughtfulness of noticing what's most important like it isn't weak. Thoughtful about never being weak because you are doing something about it. Thoughtful about other people's feelings while noticing the worst part. Thoughtful about never noticing anything weaker than it should be. Isn't cold, but notices what the worst part is just to be safe. Not evil, but you have to notice what strong or fastest is the right way. Importance of weakness needing to be cut off so it's not thought about. Thoughtful about noticing other people don't say they're weak. Thoughtful about listening to nothing happening being weak. Sensitive about nobody else is noticing anything more dangerous than they should be. Not liking anyone saying they saw you accepting anything is weak. Toughness that doesn't want to let anyone else say they saw the weakness either.

Positively, a Ukrainian person in a dream may reflect being unwilling to look stupid, desperate, or having chosen to lose because you'll just not give up. Always thinking that there is something else that can be done to win when problems arise. Seeing yourself as successful as you have to be for other people. Feeling good that you are not scared that you can fix something yourself because you're reliant on yourself to keep being strong. Feeling good that everything is working is the reason why everyone supports you. Feeling that relationships are what you have to see not being weak no matter what you do. Handling a situation so nobody else has to see weakness or giving up.

Negatively, dreaming about Ukrainian people may reflect overdoing being thoughtful about never accepting weakness to the point that nobody feels good being told to doing something about it. Feelings about not being respected if you want to keep saying something weak repeatedly. Feeling that you aren't being attacked, but weakness is brought up to make sure you are safe. Feeling that nobody likes you if bring up weakness first and do nothing about it. Nobody ever likes to hear you say anything weak yourself, so you never bring it up. An attitude of problems aren't really problems, but you have to do more. Nobody wants to talk to you about why you're noticing weakness permanently and accepting it. Feeling that nobody wants to talk to you about being hopeless because they don't think it's important to do nothing about it.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone that looked like a dead Ukrainian president in a coffin. In waking life a young girl who went to school with his son had gotten into a very bad car accident due to icy roads. In this case the dead Ukrainian president may have reflected letting go of his heightened need to discuss road safety because his his wife and children's got over their oversensitivity about dying from icy roads. He was thoughtful about taking control over the situation so nobody thought of dying in a car accident.

*Please See Ukraine

Ultrasound Test

To dream of an ultrasound test represents your wish to "just see what happens" without having to make any drastic changes. Being safe to not ruin your hopes for an opportunity. Waiting, gathering facts, or putting off decisions just to be safe. A safe or non-committal compromise. Testing something without making any serious or long-term decisions.

Alternatively, an ultrasound may reflect your wish to continue trying to conceive a baby to avoid disappointing other people. If you are considering giving up your attempt to have baby, the dream may be a sign that you are too concerned with disappointing your family above your own wishes.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting an ultrasound. In waking life she wanted to give up having a baby until college was over, but kept trying anyway so she wouldn't disappoint her mother-in-law.

Umbilical Cord

To dream about an umbilical cord represents our ties to a relationship, problem, or situation. You may feel that you have to be with someone or that someone doesn't want to let go of you. You may have anxiety about being on your own and supporting yourself.

Alternatively, an umbilical cord may symbolize maternal ties. You may be too emotionally bonded with your mother.

Negatively, an umbilical cord may reflect feelings about being stuck with a problem. Feeling stuck or associated to someone else's negative behavior.

To dream of a umbilical cord that nobody will cut for you may reflect a problem situation that you feel you have to deal with all on your own.

Example: A woman dreamed of having a baby and noticing her husband being unwilling to help her cut the cord. In waking life she began chastising her teenage son for his disrespectful behavior and felt that her husband was embarrassing her by not being supportive of her. The uncut cord represented how she felt stuck dealing with her son on her own.

*Please See Birth


To dream of an umbrella represents emotional protection from disappointments or uncertainty you are experiencing. Casual feelings about disappoints effects others having no impact on you. Preparedness for troubling or sad moments. The ability to shield yourself from depression, pessimism, or being inundated by a negative situation. A reflection of how optimistic or prepared you feel when problems or delays arise. An umbrella may be a sign that you are trying to keep a positive attitude during a unpleasant situation.

Negatively, an umbrella may reflect your tendency to endure an unpleasant or disappointing situation with a positive attitude. Enduring unpleasant situations when you are aware of other people being unhappy by your own actions. Readied excuses for unpleasant news you have to give others. Readiness to give someone bad news. Expecting bad news or disappointment.

To dream of an umbrella that won't open represents a lack of preparation for disappointment. Preparations not working as expected or not enough preparations. Having a hard time keeping optimistic or positive when problems arise.

To dream of an umbrella that leaks represents an optimistic or enthusiastic attitude despite a persistent problem. Feeling that you level of preparedness was barely enough.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone carrying an umbrella. In waking life he had been working very hard on his business to make it comply with potential future regulations when suddenly the regulations became mandatory. His felt that his responsible foresight made him very prepared for the difficulty of complying with the regulations while he watched his competition fail hard due to their lack of preparations.

Example 2: A woman had recurring dreams of feeling fear while cautiously entering a room. In waking life she was having regular financial problems and feared that she could never pay off her debts.

*Please See Rain


To dream of an uncle represents a substitute form of conscience. Your ability to choose between right and wrong or make an important decision that is influenced in some manner. An uncle is a sign that you aren't making the right choices for the right reasons.

Positively, an uncle may reflect important decisions that are driven by positive intentions or a heightened need to do what's right.

Negatively, an uncle may reflect poor decision making or negative influences over your choices. It may also reflect excessiveness in your choices.

Alternatively, an uncle represents a quality in yourself based on your most honest feelings about them. Ask yourself what memories or feelings stand out the most about them and see how that quality may apply to your own life.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing his Uncle being evil and laughing at him. His most honest feeling about this Uncle was that he ate too much. In waking life he was regretting a decision he made and went too far with.


To dream of feeling uncomfortable represents feelings about situations or interactions that are awkward, uneasy, or not to your liking. Discomfort with changes, new environments, or confronting issues that you would rather avoid. Your inner feelings of being out of place, insecure, or stressed in your waking life. Unease, dissatisfaction, or a sense of being out of place in a particular situation, relationship, or environment.

Positively, dreaming of being uncomfortable might suggest that you are stepping out of your comfort zone, facing new challenges, or growing personally. A conscious choice to confront difficult situations or deal with unresolved issues, despite the discomfort they bring. This type of dream can be indicative of personal growth, self-awareness, and the development of resilience. You are becoming aware of issues or concerns that need addressing. Motivation for positive change and personal growth.

Negatively, dreaming about being uncomfortable could represent feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, or fear of being judged, criticized, or rejected by others. Reluctance to adapt to new situations, resistance to change, or an inability to cope with stress or anxiety. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by circumstances or social pressures that don't align with your personal comfort or values. Unresolved issues or emotional conflicts that are causing inner turmoil. Emotional or psychological distress. Vulnerability. Facing challenges or obstacles that are causing you distress and making you question your abilities or decisions.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling uncomfortable. In waking life, she was concerned with Christians following false prophets, lost the majority of her friends, and was disfellowshipped from Jehovah's Witnesses for believing in Jesus. In this case, feeling uncomfortable may have reflected her deep-seated unease and distress about the religious and social changes she was going through, as well as her fear of being judged and rejected by her former community for her beliefs.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of feeling uncomfortable while having a bad date with her crush. In waking life, she didn't like that her crush wasn't a devout Christian while also believing that he didn't like her the same way she liked him. In this case, feeling uncomfortable may have reflected her insecurities and doubts about a relationship with her crush being possible, along with her concerns about their differing religious beliefs and the perceived lack of mutual interest.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of holding a snapping turtle to feed an alligator while feeling uncomfortable handling the situation. In waking life, she was reconciling her marriage. In this case, the feelings of being comfortable handling feeding a turtle to an alligator may have reflected the dreamer's discomfort and unease about navigating the complexities of reconciling her marriage.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of birds in her hair that made her very uncomfortable. She had to run her hands through her hair quickly while running really fast to try to get the birds out. In waking life, she was worrying about the end times. In this case, the birds in her hair feeling uncomfortable may have reflected her unease or discomfort emotionally about thinking of things to do to live an anti-NWO life or protect herself for the end of time.


To dream of being knocked unconscious may represent your helplessness and inability to function in a situation. You were not prepared for a change or problem.

Alternatively, being unconscious may be a sign that you are oblivious or ignorant of some situation.

*Please See Sleeping

*Please See Coma


*Please See Zombies

Under Age

To dream of being under age represents a lack of power or experience in some area of your life. You or someone else that is not quite ready yet. Not able to do what you want. Alternatively, being under age may reflect restrictions or limitations that are being imposed.


*Please See Armpit


To dream of being undercover represents hiding your true intentions or true nature.


*Please See Subterranean


To dream of an undertaker represents a concern with being perfect in how you end a situation or relationship. Planning or considering all aspects of a situation that you believe will end soon. Wanting to "bury" a relationship, problem, or situation with no problems at all.

Negatively, an undertaker may be a sign that you are dangerously accepting of a potential failure as inevitable. A fear of an inevitable failure or unpleasant change. Alternatively, it may be a sign that you are allowing your competition to totally humiliate you with your impending failure. Being too passive about potential losses.

Example: A woman dreamed of dead people sitting upright in an undertaker's office. In waking life she was aware of a strange developing illness and choosing to do nothing about it. Instead she was considering planning for her own death. In the end she was found in a coma and properly diagnosed.


To dream of being caught in an undertow represents feeling of being drawn into other people's problems or pulled down with someone else's failure. Feeling overwhelmed by negativity or uncertainty that is beyond your ability to control.

Dreaming of an undertow may be a sign that you feel helpless to do anything about a mistake. You may also feel that you've given someone too much trust. Your good nature is working against you. It may be time to cut ties to someone you feel is irresponsible.


To dream of being underwater represents being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, emotions, or uncertainty. It may also reflect preoccupation with sadness, guilt, or fear. Difficult circumstances. Overwhelming emotional turmoil. Feeling that you are struggling. Difficulty coping with pressure. Overwhelming family or relationship problems. A very hard time in your life. Feeling overwhelmed by problems. Consider the saying "deep trouble."

To dream of breathing underwater represents being overwhelmed by negative thoughts, emotions, or uncertainty while remaining calm or confident. It reflects a level head or intelligence while confronting negative emotions, or facing stressful or uncertain situations. Keep cool or finding your strength during a crisis.

To dream of choosing to submerge underwater may reflect situations where you are choosing to confront a negativity or uncertainty in your life. Choosing to be completely "submerged" in your problems.

Example real life situations that may encourage a dream of breathing underwater may be when you feel forced to lie, or when you are faced with an emergency that requires you to stay calm.

Example 1: A young man dreamed of being underwater. In waking life he was always sad because of his parents divorce.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being trapped in a car underwater. In waking life she life she felt trapped by serious financial problems.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being deep underwater. In waking life she was having serious problems in her marriage with no way to reconcile the relationship. She had just decided to file for divorce.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being deep underwater with a shark about to attack him. The shark suddenly dropped dead. In waking life he was in the middle of a serious argument with a woman and expected the argument to result in serious problems in his life, but he settled the argument in email. Being underwater in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about how overwhelming the argument with the woman felt.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of her house being submerged underwater. In waking life she felt that her family's overwhelming problems were holding her back in life.e was always sad because of his parents divorce.

*Please See Drowning

*Please See Cage


To dream of underwear represents your most personal beliefs or wishes that you prefer to keep private. Hidden attitudes and prejudices. Alternatively, underwear represents your personal view towards sex or your private feelings about sexual attraction to someone else. Something private about yourself that you might be embarrassed for other people to discover about you.

Negatively, underwear in a dream may reflect issues that are too personal to speak about. Anxiety or fear of being embarrassed with your true feelings. Fear of being caught guilty or "red handed." Public embarrassment about your romantic crush.

Consider the color of the underwear for additional meaning.

Underwear belonging to the opposite sex often symbolizes self-awareness about sexual interests or desirable experiences you'd like to have.

To dream that you are in your underwear reflects personal beliefs or wishes that are exposed to others. If you are embarrassed to be in your underwear you may feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or that a situation has created a loss of respect for you. If you are comfortable in your underwear it may represent a lack of concern about how others perceive your most personal beliefs or interests. You may not be bothered by what other people think.

To dream that you are not wearing any underwear represents a complete lack of inhibition. You or someone else that feels they have nothing to hide.

To dream that someone else is in their underwear indicates an embarrassing and revealing situation. Alternatively, the dream may means that you are seeing this person for who they really are in waking life by learning about their private thoughts and wishes.

To see dirty or torn underwear represents discomfort in your own skin and feelings of inadequacy. You may be uncomfortable about your sexuality and feeling very self-conscious about something embarrassing. It may also be a sign that you have self-defeating beliefs that overshadow personal goals or interests. Feeling embarrassed about your private thoughts or feelings.

Example: A man dreamed of secretly looking in a drawer at the underwear of a girl he was attracted to. In waking life, he was secretly looking at pictures of this girl on facebook without her knowledge. In this case, the underwear of the girl may have reflected his private feelings of sexual attraction for the girl that he preferred to keep hidden or not openly acknowledge.

Example 2: A man dreamed of looking at the underwear of a woman he knew. In waking life, this man felt that the woman had been very kind to him and he felt guilty for having sexual thoughts about her. In this case, looking the underwear of the woman he knew may have reflected his private feelings of sexual attraction that he was uncomfortable with or felt were inappropriate given her kindness towards him.

Example 3: A man dreamed of being caught in his underwear. In waking life, he was fearing being caught guilty by his father about something he had lied to his father about months earlier. He feared looking stupid to his father. In this case, being caugth in his underwear may have reflected his feelings of vulnerability and exposure regarding his lie.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being outside in the cold in her underwear. In waking life, she was totally embarrassed from being fired from work due to behavior her boss thought was dishonest. In this case, being outside in the cold in her underwear may have reflected her feelings of exposure and vulnerability after losing her job. It symbolized the cold, harsh reality she faced without the security and comfort of her employment, feeling as though her professional reputation was stripped down to a private, embarrassing level for all to see.

Example 5: A man dreamed of being a bit surprised to find himself wearing only black boxer underwear shorts. In waking life, he was in his 60's trying to date online. In this case, the black boxer shorts may have reflected the man's awareness of his age while feeling excessively too old to be looking for a date.

*Please See Panties

*Please See Boxer Shorts Underwear


To dream that you are undressing represents the shedding of inhibitions. You may be giving up certain beliefs or attitudes. Undressing may also reflect revelation of your true feelings or beliefs to others. You may be "opening up" about your true feelings, beliefs, or intentions. What you're thinking or feeling is being made clearer to others. Giving up secrecy. Alternatively, you may be revealing your romantic interests for someone.

To dream of another person undressing represents an area of your life that is revealing itself or becoming clearer to you. New insights are becoming obvious to you. You are becoming more aware of the truth in some matter.

To dream of undressing someone else represents an attempt to gain a better understanding of that person. Alternatively, it may reflect new information or new possibilities that are arising.

Undressing to prepare for sex represents a positive or desirable experience that close to happening.

To undress and change clothes represents an open change of attitude, intentions, or motivating factors. You or some area of your life is openly transitioning away from certain beliefs or goals.

*Please See Nakedness

*Please See Sex


To dream of being unemployed or jobless represents feelings about yourself not having anything important to do. Feeling inadequate or that you are not good enough or aren't needed. It may also reflected feelings of being stagnated in life or having low self-worth. Feeling that you are not being utilized to your fullest potential.

Alternatively, being unemployed may reflect feelings of having lost a sense of responsibility or obligation for something in your life. Examples may be kids growing up and not needing you, technology removing the need for a chore to be done, or friends no longer needing you to do something for them.


*Please See Cheating


*Please See Depression

*Please See Mourning


To dream of a unibrow represents feelings about maintaining personal dignity and self-respect that may be perceived by others as being overly serious or unconventional about not thinking that fixing personal appearances are important. An oblivious sense of self that doesn't think about adjusting appearances to conform to societal norms. Your feelings of being offbeat or different from the norm. It questions whether your decisions about appearances are seen as an oddity in your social environment. Feelings of self-consciousness, insecurity, or fear of judgment for being different about appearances. Fear of not fitting into societal norms or standing out in a way that invites criticism or ridicule might be indicated. Thinking there is nothing wrong with you or what you are doing while other people find it unusual. Seeming offbeat to other people. Questioning whether your decisions about appearances are seen as an oddity in your social environment. Perhaps you feel judged based on your appearance for being a "simpleton."

A unibrow may reflect behavior that is strange or hard to understand for other people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone with a unibrow. In waking life, he had chosen to be single for a very long period of time and he began to sense that the people around him thought he was a loser because of it. In this case, the unibrow may have reflected the man's self-perception of maintaining dignity and self-respect in his decision to remain single, despite it being viewed as unusual or strange by others.


To dream of a unicorn represents your view of a situation or person being totally innocent, pure, or wonderful. Something that you feel the need to be perfect for. Feelings about people or a situation that has to always be thought about as perfect.

Negatively, a unicorn may also represent something in your life that you feel is too good for you, or a special person that you need to be very careful courting. Feelings about your virginity or losing your virginity. Putting something or someone "too high on a pedestal." Being too careful around someone you have a crush on.

Example: A preschool girl dreamed of being chased by a unicorn. In waking life she had been told how wonderful and fun kindergarten was going to be, but was now starting to fear school as the first day approached.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of a unicorn. In waking life she had a big crush on a boy she liked and felt that she had to act perfect around him to have a chance of ever dating him. She felt he was the most perfect guy she had ever seen in her life and was scared that if he bothered or angered him she would never get to speak to him again.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of running away from a black evil unicorn. In waking life she had unprotected sex with her boyfriend and was now fearing being pregnant. The black evil unicorn may have reflected her regrets about having thought her boyfriend was the perfect person to lose her virginity with which that was now turning into a potential pregnancy scare.


To dream of a unicycle represents self-balancing. Noticing yourself doing everything for yourself. Struggling, living or being on your own. Total control over a situation or over your life.

Example: A woman dreamed of switching from a bicycle to a unicycle. In waking life she was tired of trying to save her marriage and decided to get divorced.


To dream of an uniform represents feelings about your role in a situation. Feeling a need to behave in a certain way. An aspect of your personality that is taking on a specific type of role.

Negatively, a uniform in a dream may reflect issues with feeling obligated to behave in a certain way. Alternatively, it may reflect issues with pretending to be something you are not. Experiencing a role reversal.

To dream of a military or army uniform represents feelings about your role in a situation being serious about maintaining stability. Feeling that you or someone has a responsibility to defend the integrity of a situation.

Example: A man dreamed of wearing a doctor's uniform. In waking life, he was having problems trying to nurse his father back to health. In this case the doctor's uniform may have reflected his feelings of responsibility and the role he had taken on to care for and help his father recover. He may have felt obligated to act as a caregiver and medical expert, even though he was not a professional doctor.

Example 2: A man dreamed of wearing a police officer's uniform. In waking life, he felt the need to maintain order in a difficult situation. In this case, the police uniform may have reflected his feelings of authority and responsibility while taking on a role that required him to enforce rules and keep the peace in a challenging environment.

Example 3: A man dreamed of wearing a military uniform. In waking life, the man was a pastor for a church. In this case, the military uniform may have reflected his feelings of duty and responsibility to maintain the spiritual and emotional stability of his congregation with his role as a spiritual leader.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of people in military uniforms chasing her away from her parents. In waking life, she was experiencing fear of borrowing money from a commercial bank for her education without her parents' consent. In this case, the military uniforms of the people chasing her may have reflected her feelings about the bankers fulfilling their employment role to talk to her about a serious loan to maintain her education, which she was both afraid to go through with and considering doing behind her parents' back.


To dream of things that are unisex represents some area of your life that is predominantly focused on compatibility, fitting in, or ease of use. Function before all appearances. Some area of your life that is "general" or widely accepted. More of a concern about how something is used than how it feels.

Negatively, unisex may reflect too much concern with keeping everyone happy.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the word "UNISEX" in big letters. In waking life he was beginning to realize success in business because he decided to make his website more mobile compatible instead of focusing on beautiful design.

United States Of America

To dream of the United States of America (USA) represents a mindset that thinks about itself as deserving of independence, opportunity, or freedom. Independent thought or behavior. Never believing you can't do something. Never deserving to accept limitations. Doing whatever you want or never allowing obstacles to get in your way. Feeling surrounded by situations or people with a mindset that deserves independence, opportunity, or freedom. A can-do" attitude and ambition. Thinking about yourself always deserving to believe in yourself with freedom. Believing in your ability to achieve your aspirations, overcome challenges, and succeed. A situation where you believe taking risks will lead to better outcomes. Doing everything you're capable of to maintain a free state of thinking.

Negatively, the United States Of America may reflect a mindset that overdoes believing in itself doing whatever it wants. Feeling that you are surrounded by people who are excessive, irrational, or immoral with personal freedom or independent thinking. Feelings of jealousy that other people can do whatever they want in life when you can't. A situation where you feel confronted with excessive competition, inequality, or political tension. You might feel overwhelmed by competition, comparisons, or a fear of failing in a "survival of the fittest" situation. Feeling burdened by responsibilities that come with great power or freedom. Wasting valuable resources to keep enjoying yourself. A can-do" attitude and ambition that is excessive or dangerous. You might feel overwhelmed by the notion of "survival of the fittest" or burdened by responsibilities that come with great power or freedom. Feeling stupid saying anything to other people about not being independent. You may feel that certain systemic barriers are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

To dream of being aware that you are not inside the United States of America may reflect feelings about not being able to do whatever you need to do to solve a problem or stay safe. Feeling that you are not free" or don't have the autonomy, resources, or opportunities required to achieve goals. It could represent feelings of limitation, restriction, or lacking the "can-do" spirit.

Consider the specific US State or city you were in for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of numerous scenes of America. In waking life, he experienced 30 days of the most powerful hallucinations of his entire life where he feared losing his soul and control of his own mind. In this case, the numerous scenes of America may have reflected his attempt to believe in himself no matter what keeping his sanity with control of his own mind.


To dream of a universe represents feelings of vastness, awe, infiniteness, and interconnectedness with all things. Feeling that problems you have or bad relationships are not really that important once you look at them from a bigger perspective. Seeing the bigger picture of a situation. This dream may reflect your sense of spirituality, cosmic awareness, or the recognition of your place in the grand scheme of things. Your feelings that we are all interconnected in some way.

Positively, dreaming about the universe may represent an expansive mindset, openness to new experiences, or a deep connection to the cosmic energy that binds all things. A feeling of unity with others and the world, recognizing the shared human experience and the commonality of all beings.

Negatively, dreaming about the universe could represent feelings of insignificance in the grand scheme of things. Feelings of being overwhelmed by life's complexities. Feeling that a situation is too big or complex for you to do anything about it. An overwhelming feeling of a lack of importance. A fear of the unknown or a sense of disconnection from the world around you. This dream could also indicate a need for greater introspection, self-discovery, or alignment with your higher purpose. Feeling lost in the vastness of options and directions available to you, unsure of where to focus your energy or how to find your path. Grappling with questions that have no easy answers.

To dream of an alternative universe represents feelings about experiencing a completely different set of circumstances, rules, or possibilities in your waking life. Your wish to escape from your current reality, or desire to explore what life could have been under different conditions. A longing for change, curiosity about different life paths, or consideration of how things might have turned out differently based on alternate choices or events.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the universe inside a human heart. In waking life, he was starting to forgive someone and started to believe that all people make mistakes so his hatred wasn't that important anymore. In this case, the universe may have reflected his newfound perspective on the vastness and interconnectedness of all things, allowing him to see his own situation and relationships from a broader, more forgiving viewpoint for the first time.

*Please See Outer Space


To dream of university represents issues or situations in your life that you are giving serious thought, or paying close attention to details. It can also represent very difficult or stressful situations where you may need to figure out problems, stay incredibly focused on goals, or find yourself experiencing new situations that are difficult to accept. A high level of anxiety or concern.

University in a dream may be a sign that you are emotionally swamped and have little time to enjoy yourself. You may also be totally focused on a subject.

Examples life situations that may encourage a university dream may be crises, serious health problems, or very deep interest in book you are reading.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of having attended a pre-university. In waking life she was being prepared by her parents for an arranged marriage.

University Credits

*Please See School Credits


To dream of an unknown person often reflects a new feelings or new ideas. Some area of your life that has never been experienced before. Ask yourself what is new in your life or the way you are thinking.

Alternatively, may reflect an aspect of yourself. Ask yourself what the face, clothing, voice, or behavior of the person makes you feel. Consider how that feeling may reflect feelings, beliefs, or situations that are being experienced.

To dream of feeling that an answer is unknown may reflect a lingering need for closure that you feel. It may also reflect feelings of loss.

To dream of being in an unknown location may represent new experiences. Negatively an unknown location may reflect feelings of being out of your comfort zone. Feeling that a relationship or work situation is in territory that is unfamiliar.

*Please See Strangers


To dream of being unmarried may represent feelings of being open to change or new opportunities. Feeling that there is nothing to hold you down or influence your choices. Not having a sense of obligation. Being unmarried may also represent you or someone else that has no emotional or situational baggage. Never feeling stuck with a decision or outcome. Independent thinking.

Negatively, being unmarried may reflect feelings of being behind. It may also represent your longing for stability or finality.

*Please See Single

UNO Card Game

To dream of playing the UNO card game represents a strategic approach to outperforming someone else by aligning your feelings and actions with what matters most in the current situation until a clear result is achieved. It may signify a need to be calculated and family-oriented in your decision-making process, which can make it difficult to reject someone or something outright. You may feel unsure of yourself but willing to follow someone else's lead in order to determine if your way of making decisions is better. This dream may also suggest a tendency to offload a situation by mirroring other people's feelings, excuses, or sense of purpose, rather than being authentic and honest. Alternatively, it could indicate a tendency to focus only on appearances and using emotions or meanings as a way to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. Offloading responsibility for a direct decision as best you can by mirroring other people feelings, excuses, or sense of purpose.

Example: A man dreamed of playing UNO with two people . In waking life he had two job prospects, one of which was with family. In this case the UNO may have reflected his wish to find a way out of needing to waste time with the least interesting family job offer. He may be using rhetoric and appearances to avoid the situation, rather than being honest about his preferences. This dream may suggest the need to be more authentic and direct in his decision-making process, rather than trying to strategize his way out of it.


To dream of being unprepared represents feelings about not deserving to be confident about an obstacle, problem, or challenge in your life. Frustrations with not feeling good enough at something. Feelings about not trying hard enough, not practicing enough, not having proof, or having to accept something difficult. Feelings of not being prepared for the unexpected. Worrying or anxiety about not meeting expectations.

Positively, dreaming about being unprepared may represents anxiety or a lack of confidence that motivates you to think of absolutely every single thing that could go wrong in a situation. Feelings about needing to do more research. Feeling that a situation will not be easy and demands more of you. Preparing for the worst or thoughts of "it could happen." A strong desire to do well and prepare for it.

Negatively, dreaming of being unprepared may reflect feelings of being responsible for a problem, crisis, or mistake. Expecting someone to be upset with you. Feelings of needing to be ready for the worst. Disliking getting into trouble. Preparation for a situation on your own when you may not be qualified or expert enough. Feelings about needing to leave other people with their mistakes. Feelings of being unprepared is common to students concerned with school performance.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being told in an email that she was unprepared. In waking life she was frustrated with her ability to perform well in her music class and thought about abandoning her music class for math instead.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being unprepared for a musical. In waking life she felt that she was wasting her time with her degree and didn't know what to do when college ended.


To dream of going up represents ascension, improvement, and progress. You may be experiencing a higher level up consciousness, momentum, or moving closer to goals.

To go up too quickly could point to an inflated ego, arrogance, or a fear of success.

UPC Barcode

*Please See Barcode


*Please See Hill

Upholstery Couch Piping

To dream of upholstery piping represents an impressively or boldly noticing you don't have problems keeping a situation comfortably working or "held together." Professionally noticing you don't have noticeable problems keeping a situation comfortably "seamlessly together." A obviously bold attempt to attractively keep a situation comfortable. Behavior that is bolder than usual about everything attractively working comfortably.

Example: A man dreamed of a brown couch with gold piping on the design. In waking life he was trying to find a comfortable plan for paying off a large debt with available cash without wasting all of his money. In this case the gold upholstery piping may reflect his use of limited cash reserves to confidently and boldly hold his business together comfortably.


*Please See Revolt

Upside Down

To dream of a seeing something upside down represents feelings about a situation being the opposite of what you originally thought. Normal conditions reversing in your life. Feeling that a situation is the opposite to what it's supposed to be. Negatively, dreaming about something being upside down represents anxiety or concerns about your life never being normal again. An upending situation. Unexpected chaotic conditions.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a helicopter turning upside down. In waking life he was in the middle of trying to solve a difficult problem and then at the list minute he became overwhelmed with impossible difficulties.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing the Empire State Building being turned upside down. In waking life she experienced the 911 terrorist attacks the next day.


*Please See Windward


To dream of Uranus represents your life revolving around noticing improvements. A lot of positive change is occurring. Your feeling about life or a situation is getting better.

To dream of wanting to go to Uranus may reflect a big change you want to make in your life.


To dream of a urinal represents a disorderly attempt to relieve yourself of problem or situation. You may have found a way to solve a problem, but it's sloppy or unpleasant. Not caring about anything except dealing with your problem. A urinal may reflect desperation or low standards in resolving conflict.

To dream of pooping in a urinal represents a attempt to relieve yourself of a problem that places the burden on someone else.

*Please See Public Bathroom


To dream of urination represents a release of tension. Relieving yourself of a problem you've been putting up with for too long. It may also reflect relief from stress. You may have been keeping quiet for a long period of time or have been "holding in" your problem. You are someone else that is finally letting go of stress, problems, or an issue that was held up.

Negatively, urinating may reflect feelings about enjoying never having to speak to people again.

To dream of someone urinating near you in a way you don't like may represent your irritation or displeasure at someone who is relieving themselves of a problem at your expense. Someone may dealing with their issues on your turf or violating your sense of boundaries.

Example: A man dreamed of desperately having to urinate and feeling enormous relief while doing so. In waking life he was desperately keeping a money problem he had a secret and found enormous relief when he got some extra money because he could deal with his problem without having to tell anyone.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her son laying on his back with his clothes on urinating on himself like a fountain. In waking life she felt that her son hated her and enjoying choosing to never talk to her again.

*Please See Urinal

*Please See Toilets


To dream of an urn represents permanent changes or losses that you feel good not having to let go of for good. Feeling good keeping a memory or impossible idea alive in spirit. It may also reflect remembering how good your failed hopes or plans could have been.

Alternatively, you or someone else may have undergone a difficult change and keep holding on to the past in whatever way they can.

To dream of the contents of an urn not being ashes reflects the manner in which you are choosing to keep the spirit of something lost alive.

Example: A woman dreamed of digging up a grave to find an urn with pepper in it. She felt good about the pepper. In waking life she was discussing a dead lover with love ones after a long time of not doing so. She felt that discussing his life was a good thing to keep his spirit alive as long as the discussion was moderate.

US Marines

To dream of the US Marines may represent feelings of being disciplined, dedicated, or regimented in your approach to an uncertain situation. It may also symbolize a need to be courageous, strong, and committed to your goals or ideals when uncertainty is all that is left. Expertise or experience in controlling yourself when dealing with overwhelming uncertain situations.

Alternatively, the US Marines may represent feelings of aggression, violence, or the need to assert your dominance or authority over others when completely overwhelmed by uncertainty. It may also symbolize a desire to protect or defend yourself or someone else when overwhelmed by uncertainty.

Negatively, US Marines may represents overdoing being disciplined, dedicated, or regimented in an approach to an uncertain situation. Being too tough when nobody knows what will happen next.

The presence of the US Marines in a dream may also be influenced by current events or personal experiences related to military service or conflict.

Example: A young woman dreamed of US Marines while also experiencing a Tsunami. In waking life she claimed that she used to dream a lot about Tsunamis, but not as much now. In this case the Marines may have reflected her feelings about herself being experienced with uncertain situations enough to control them or survive them after having a lot of experience in the past. She is tougher now about putting up with overwhelming uncertain situations.

Example 2: A man dreamed of US Marine woman riding on his back as though the dreamer was a horse. In waking life the man claimed that he had a "marine like" supervisor at work that was giving him a hard time. In this case the US Marine may have reflected the man's feelings about his supervisor being very disciplined, strict and authoritative in his approach towards the dreamer when dealing with uncertain work situations, just like the image of a US Marine. The image of the US Marine woman riding on his back may represent the feeling of being weighed down or burdened by the supervisor's authority and discipline.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a US Marine that she knew being attacked by worms, maggots, and cockroaches in a hallway. In waking life, she was feeling hesitant about going to work and ultimately decided not to go. In this case, the US Marines may have reflected her perception of someone at work with experience and training who was unable to handle an overwhelming and chaotic work environment.

USS Enterprise

To dream of being on the USS Enterprise may represent a higher degree of moral conduct or fairness as you have experiences that you've never had before. Higher ideals and principles while confronting the unknown.

Example: A man dreamed of the being on the USS enterprise. In waking life he finally made up with an enemy that he had been fighting with for over 2 years. He was shocked by his enemy's honesty and felt compelled to give a heart-felt apology.

*Please See Borg


To dream of utensils represents your readiness or preparation to handle a certain task, situation, or experience if you need to without any problems. Handling a situation by intelligently thinking about what you are doing. Respecting yourself having the practical tools, resources, or skills needed for particular tasks or problems in waking life. Skills, information, ideas, or insights needed to handle a problem or meet a challenge. The ability to adapt and make the most of a situation without embarrassing yourself.

Example: A woman dreamed of putting down her utensils. In waking life, she was experiencing her boss having problems at work with people with being unpopular and chose to use carpool to drive her boss. She felt she was beginning to feel like an outsider at work. In this case, the utensils may have reflected her ability to engage and navigate the complex social dynamics at work effectively. By putting down her utensils in her dream, she may have symbolically expressed her decision to set aside her usual strategies or skills, opting to prioritize her empathy and support for her boss over her own professional comfort or status.

*Please See Spoons

*Please See Forks

*Please See Knife

*Please See Silverware


To dream of a uterus represents the potential for new beginnings.

Alternatively, dreaming about the uterus may be linked to the dreamer's feelings about motherhood and fertility. Feeling that you might be pregnant. Feelings about childbirth after socializing with female friends about the birthing process. Fears of miscarriage. Concerns about menopause age getting closer

Example: A woman dreamed of thinking that she was bleeding from her uterus. In waking she was questioning whether she was experiencing a miscarriage. In this case the uterus may have reflected the dreamer's concerns or worries about her reproductive health or her ability to conceive and carry a child.

Utility Bag

To dream of a utility bag represents feelings of preparedness, resourcefulness, and practicality in your waking life. The ability to handle various tasks, challenges, or situations efficiently and effectively. Tools, skills, or resources you possess to navigate through life's complexities. Your ability to adapt to different circumstances and find solutions to problems. Feelings about never embarrassing yourself for not having what you need with you to deal with problem situations. Transitioning to a more independent phase of life or valuing your autonomy.

Positively, dreaming about a utility bag may represent a sense of empowerment, organization, or readiness to tackle whatever comes your way. The dreamer's ability to adapt to different situations with ease. A readiness to tackle life's challenges in a flexible manner while adjusting to new circumstances.

Negatively, dreaming about a utility bag could represent feelings of being burdened by responsibilities or overwhelmed by the need to be prepared for too many possibilities. It might suggest anxiety about the future, a fear of not being prepared enough, or concerns about overextending yourself. A tendency to over-plan or rely too heavily on material or external resources instead of trusting in your own abilities or the flow of life. A need to streamline your approach and focus on the essentials, rather than carrying unnecessary baggage or distractions.

*Please See Shoulderbag


To dream of a utopia represents situations where everything works the way you want it to or everyone you know is supportive of you.

Example: A woman dreamed of living in a Utopia. In waking life members of her family that were unpleasant to live with for years of her life finally left the house. The utopia reflected how wonderful it felt to have the house all to herself.

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