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Corona Beer

To dream of Corona brand beer represents a relaxed attitude that feels good not needing to care about about issue in a manner that is never dangerous about enjoying yourself only as much as you need to. Feeling good that you deserve to relaxing noticing everything is working. An attitude that is always sober enough to keep enjoying yourself. Not wanting to notice anything excessive while relaxing. Not wasting your time relaxing having to go too far. Relaxing on an issue while never feeling cold or lonely. Reasonably never caring about anything serious. An attitude that feels nothing is special about why I am always relaxed about what you are doing in the current moment. A perfectly professional attitude about relaxation or being laid back that is willing to go back to work if you need to. Choosing to reduce the seriousness of a situation with professional sobriety. Enjoying every last moment relaxed without having to believe in anything excessive. Feeling professionally relaxed while everything is working out nicely. A relaxed attitude about nothing serious mattering because you can afford it. Feelings about being a specialist where nothing is ever a serious matter. A relaxed attitude that feel successful and doesn't need to fear anything. Feeling good relaxing about an issue where it feels better to never want to be obsessed with it. Relaxing on a issue in the current moment, but willing to go back to it if you need to. Taking time off while being aware of everything that is going on. Deserving to "not have a care in the world" about an issue. Nothing is wrong while you feel you deserve to keep it that way.

Negatively, dreaming about Corona brand beer represents relaxing on an issue that respects itself not having to do anything excessive in the current moment ignoring something serious happening later. Relaxing professionally that doesn't fix a serious or actual problem. Intelligently relaxing on an issue to keep yourself comfortable with functioning in the current moment that may have serious consequences later you are avoiding. Relaxing all the time just a little bit that avoids dealing with a problem. Feeling you deserve to have have a care in the world while dealing with very big problems, possibly to the point of it being detrimental.

*Please See Beer


To dream of the covid-19 virus represents feelings of contagious collective imprisonment, isolation, and restriction from engaging in normal activities. Feeling that everything is ruined and that nobody else seems to do anything except put up with it as well. An experience that nobody wants to have ever again and can never stop experiencing. A sense of loss of freedom and control. An unpleasant or unbearable need to protect yourself.

From a positive perspective, the metaphor could suggest a heightened awareness of the need for caution and precautions to be taken in order to protect oneself and others. It could also symbolize the collective effort of a community to work together to overcome a common challenge.

From a negative perspective, the metaphor could represent feelings of frustration, anger, and resentment towards the restrictions imposed by the virus. It could also reflect feelings of isolation, boredom, and depression that result from the limitations placed on daily life. Annoyance with people that are overly concerned with being safe that limits or restricts you.

Alternatively, dreams about covid may reflect your waking life fears or frustrations with putting up with the virus. Fears or anxieties about being infected. Mask wearing frustrations. Feelings about yourself or other people catching multiple infections.

To dream of going to school while dealing with covid may reflect your feelings about having to learn to deal with covid. Caring about every detail about covid in order to fight it.

Most dreams about Covid-19 reflect the real life problems of dealing with covid and are less likely to be symbolic.

Consider the number 19 as additional meaning for "confronting the end" that never happens or confronting the end of the world.

Example: A woman dream of being at church and being surprised people weren't noticing restrictions for covid-19. In waking life she was dealing with a funeral for a church minister and restrictions were being talked about being lifted.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a phone conversation where he was told his brother caught covid-19 for the third time. In waking life the dreamer's brother had already caught covid twice. He felt that his brother had become hate filled so the dreamer limited contact.



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