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E - E2


The letter E represents comfort, ease or relaxation. You're comfortable where you are mentally or emotionally. E reflects a time for the "dust to settle", adapting to change, or the end of an unpleasant situation. You may now be confronting the consequences of a "shake up" or unstable time.

E is the 5th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 5 represents change.


To dream of an eagle represents your sense of pride and self-determination. An area of your life that makes you feel powerful, free, accomplished, or gives you some level of independence.

To see an angry or evil eagle in a dream represents an attack on your pride or independence. You don't like to compromise and something in your life may be embarrassing you or making you feel less powerful, free, or in control.

Example: A Christian girl dreamed of being attacked by an eagle. In real life her mother was criticizing her religious beliefs and wanted to her to change them. The attacking eagle reflected the pride she had for her beliefs being under attack.

Ear Studs

To dream of ear studs represents a wish to be recognized as exceptional. You or someone else that wants to be viewed as being "special" or more interesting than someone else.

*Please See Earrings


*Please See Headphones


To dream of earplugs represents a refusal to listen or accept something. You simply aren't interested in certain people, situations, or beliefs.

Alternatively, the dream may be a sign that you are isolating yourself from others.


To dream of earrings represents a quality in ourselves that we want others to admire or respect. It may be a sign that you or someone else craves attention or wants to be recognized. Enjoying hearing people talking about you.

To dream of taking your earrings off represents feelings of not wanting attention or to be noticed for something special anymore. Preferring to not be talked about anymore.

To dream of crystal earring represents an incorruptible quality in yourself that you want others to notice in you.

To dream of silver earrings represents life or good luck continually allowing to be noticed for something you like about yourself. It may also reflect your preoccupation with finding ways to be noticed or recognized.

Example: A young woman dreamed of wearing earrings. In waking life he was very interested in getting attention from a guy she liked.

Example 2: A woman dreamed putting an earring in her boyfriends eye and it started to make his eye bleed. In waking life she wanted to feel good noticing her boyfriend making smart decisions and it made her feel bad that he was continuing to ignore her advice.

*Please See Ear Studs


To dream of ears represents receptivity. Being open or receptive to guidance or new ideas.

To dream of whispering into an ear represents sharing of privileged information or guidance.

To dream of an ear being pulled may symbolize feelings of forced to accept guidance or new ideas.

Example: A man once dreamed of seeing a person with really big ears. In real life they had become too preoccupied with advice they had received.


To dream of the earth represents your feelings or perception of your entire life at the current moment. Awareness of an issue that your entire live revolves around with everyone else noticing that issue as well. A situation that you are totally immersed in right now. The dominating theme or purpose of your life with other people aware of it.

Alternatively, dreaming of the earth may reflect feeling that your whole life or future is on the line. Something bigger than you is on your mind.

To dream of the earth passing under rainbows, doorways, or bridges may reflect you entire life revolving around an undergoing a powerful transformation.

To dream of the earth with rotating rings around it may reflect feelings about your entire life revolving around balancing and stabilization.

To dream of leaving the earth may reflect feelings about a situation you are experiencing that is "out of this world." Confronting or experiencing something unusual compared to what your life normally revolves around.

To dream of beings or vehicles not from the earth may reflect feelings about other people behaving in ways that are completely foreign or unusual to how your life normally feels.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the earth with rotating rings heading towards a giant rainbow which has a white grid beyond it. In waking life he had a powerful spiritual awakening and began to work towards a new life. The earth with rotating rings around it in this case may have reflected his feelings about his entire life revolving around balancing and stabilizing his new life.

*Please See Satellites

*Please See Desk Globe


To dream of an earthquake represents a "shake-up" or loss of stability. Extreme upheaval in your life or with a relationship. You may be experiencing unexpected changes or new developments. A loss of structure or balance. An event that shakes the foundation of your life. The stability of your life is at risks. Feeling that your life is "coming apart" or breaking up" in some way. Turmoil. Feeling extremely insecure, that you have no support, or that you are "standing on shaky ground."

Negatively, earthquakes may reflect an upsetting change or feeling that your sense of security has been lost. Feeling that your life or control over a situation is falling apart.

An earthquake may reflect insecurity or a loss of dependability. Beliefs, attitudes, relationships, or situations that can no longer be counted on. The collapse of a business arrangement.

People undergoing a divorce or breakup commonly dream of earthquakes to reflect the impact of the change.

Example: A woman dreamed of an earthquake that slowly kept getting stronger until her her house fell apart. In waking life she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing the whole world shake in outer-space. In waking life he had experienced a serious fight with his father that revealed terrible things about his father's true character that he would never forgive again.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of insisting to his parents that the family move away from California because of an impending earthquake. In waking life he was concerned about his own impending psychological breakdown.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of an earthquake. In waking life she was experiencing a serious fight with her boyfriend and feared that a breakup was inevitable.

Example 5: A man dreamed of an earthquake. In waking life he was having anxiety about his pregnant wife going into labor.


To dream of earthworms represents feelings of annoyance that something won't prefer to stay unnoticed. Feeling annoyed that you need to see someone you don't want to. Feeling annoyed that someone is getting attention when you prefer that they stay away. Jealousy of a friend or family taking too much to someone you want to talk to wish that they would go away. Feeling someone is a little big crazy or dishonest about being involved in a situation that you don't want to to be. Annoyance that someone will not let you enjoy yourself doing what your doing.

Feelings of disgust of having a unwanted person noticed involved in your life. Parents, friends, family members, or wacky people whose behavior embarrasses you and prefer to not have it around you. People who aren't popular who embarrass you, or mentally ill people whose behavior embarrasses you and prefer to not have around you.

To dream that you are an earthworm represents feelings about yourself embarrassing or annoying other people with being noticed when they don't want you around.

Example: A high-school girl dreamed of having her best friend dump earthworms all over her. In real life she was trying to ask a boy to a dance and her friend would always interrupt her whenever she got close to the boy. The earthworms reflected her feelings about being annoyed that her friend wouldn't stay out of her way no matter how hard she tried to talk to the boy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of earthworms. In waking life she was placing her husband in a care facility because he had dementia. The earthworms in this case may have reflected her feelings about annoyance of her husbands behavior from his dementia and preferring to have him be unnoticed.


To dream of earwax represents your disgust or embarrassment that something negative you've heard about yourself is true. Feeling bad noticing that you have to fix something unpleasant about yourself. Saying to yourself "I can't believe that's what my problem is."

Positively, earwax may reflect your fascination or discovery that there is a significant way to improve yourself because in naivity or ignorance didn't know what you were doing


To dream of an earwig represents annoyance of being liked by someone or something that you find unpleasant. Feeling that someone or something is so gross that you can't believe that it wants to know you or be close to you. Disgust with a person or situation that is pursuing you.

An earwig may be a sign that you are very concerned about avoiding a person that isn't getting "the hint."

Negatively, an earwig may be a sign that you need to give someone the hard truth so they will finally give up.


To dream of east represents logic, reason, following the rules, order, and self-control.

Easter Eggs

To dream of easter eggs represents feelings about how wonderful it is that someone wanted you to find something special. Feeling that something incredible was waiting for you. You may be amazed by something you new you've discovered. Feeling good having found something. Potential, bewilderment and wonder.

To dream of an easter egg hunt represents the potential you feel for something wonderful to happen. Something positive or wonderful that you don't want to miss out on. Not wanting lose out on anything. Feeling that someone has hidden something special and wants to you discover it on your own.

Example: A woman dreamed of an Easter egg that would report her to the government. In waking life she felt anxiety about enjoying something special that someone had secretly left her while she lived on Nazi rule.


To dream of eating represents the "taking in" of ideas or experiences. Having a certain type of experience based on the symbolism of whatever it is you are eating. Enduring a certain type of emotional situation.

Often times dreaming about eating reflects how you are choosing to nourish yourself emotionally in a situation. For example, eating a living alligator may reflect the ease with which you endure a dangerous or threatening experience where you are overpowering or easily confronting a dangerous or threatening experience.

Positively, eating may reflect feelings of satisfaction or contentment with the type of life experience you are having. Confidently experiencing a situation based on the symbolism of whatever it is you are eating.

Negatively, eating may reflect you or someone else in your life that is arrogantly putting themselves first. It may also reflect feelings of being forced to experience something you don't really like. Alternatively, it may reflect nourishing yourself with negative or dishonest emotions.

To dream of eating too much food may reflect feelings of having indulged in a situation or experience too much. Too much of a good thing.

To dream of being eaten may reflect feelings about a slow humiliating defeat. Feeling powerless to avoid defeat. Feelings of never mattering again while in the presence of someone more powerful than you are. Feeling that being defeated is too easy. Disillusionment with something that gave you hope or a sense of security. Feeling that you are being overtaken by something more aggressive or more powerful than you are.

To dream of eating food that tastes bad may reflect feelings about situations that are unpleasant or disappointing. Enduring a situation to please someone else or a dislike of having to behave out of your normal character.

To dream of eating rotting food may reflect feelings about experiencing or enduring a situation that feels spoiled or wasted.

Example: A man dreamed of eating chicken. In waking life he was feeling very confident after having overcome a fear that had originally made him feel like a coward for fearing. The eating in this case may have reflecting how he was enjoying or taking in" the experience of no longer feeling like a coward.

*Please See Food

*Please See Appetite

*Please See Hunger

*Please See Thirsty

*Please See Buffet

Eating Contest

To dream of an eating contest may reflect competitive waking life situations. Competing to see who can do more or experience more of something? It may also reflect you or someone else that is showing off with how much of something they can do.

Consider the food for additional meaning.

Example: A young man dreamed of having a strawberry eating contest. In waking life he was having a bet with a friend on who could sleep with the most girls by the end of the school year.


To dream of eavesdropping represents your awareness of other people when they are not noticing it. You or someone else that may be privately checking up on others or noticing what they've done when they are not around. You may be trying to figure out what someone is going to do next. Secretly keeping tabs on someone or something.

Eavesdropping might even reflect how nosey you are or even point your use of the Internet to research someone.


To dream of eavestroughing on a house represents feelings about being able to intelligently control an unpleasant situation. Your ability to manage a crisis or stressful moment without bothering other people with your problems. Not needing to ask for any help.

Trouble with the eavestroughing may reflect trouble managing emotions or keeping your problems contained. Not liking needing to ask for help or have to involve others with your problems.

*Please See Gutter


To dream of represents an experience in life where you are biding your time, or waiting for the right moment.

Alternatively if you associate selling with eBay more than buying then eBay can symbolize an experience in life where you are trying to get the most out of a situation.

*Please See Websites


To dream of ebony represents rich quality in some area of your life that is noticed for it. Beauty, strength, or quality that is seen by others as perfect. Enjoying beauty or winning that is admired. A reputation for something more incredible or beautiful than others.

To dream of having the lastname ebony may reflect feelings of being accustomed to being noticed with a quality strength. Attention drawn to your quality characteristics by others that is normal for you in some way. Having a reputation for something admired.


*Please See Solar Eclipse


To dream of feeling ecstasy, indicates experiences in waking life where you think everything is wonderful, you have lots of good luck, or things just keep seeming to work out in your favor.

Ecstasy as good as it feels in a dream can also be pointing to imbalanced fantasies and desires you have for things you don't believe you can ever really attain.

To dream of taking the drug ecstasy represents thoughts, emotions, or habits you have that make you want to care a lot more about people or you can't stop thinking that everything is wonderful. If you have a negative opinion about ecstasy then it could be represent thoughts or feelings based on that opinion like danger, or habits that are risky.


To dream of a sharp edge represents your feelings about how dangerous a situation has the potential to be.

*Please See Ledge


To dream of having gotten your education represents anxiety or concerns that have gone on for so long that you have become adept with your problems or work. It may reflect your satisfaction with having overcome fears or problems. It could also reflect feelings of being better off because of your experience.

*Please See School

Edward Scissorhands

To dream of Edward Scissorhands may represent an aspect of your personality that ruins or compromises everything it get involved with. Positively, it may reflect exceptionally powerful problem solving skills or professional experience that may be best to keep private.

Negatively, it may reflect a recurring tendency to fail or embarrass yourself influencing people. Dangerous influencing abilities. Fearing that your influence is so strong that it could become dangerous for someone else if you aren't careful.

Professional advice, skills, or experience that has can dangerous consequences if you are not mindful of your power. The potential to make someone very jealous in a dangerous way if you showcase your powerful skills too much. Regretting showing off your professional skills because a situation is because too dangerous or jealous to continue showing off.

Getting too involved with something you are neglecting to be perfectly careful about. Feeling that you look like a dangerous crazy person if you try to look like an expert when you aren't one. Embarrassing yourself looking crazy if you try to be an expert in a subject other people can never believe.

Example: A woman with excellent problem solving skills once dreamed of pushing Edward Scissorhands away from her. In waking life she began to realize that her critical and logical personality may be detrimental to her friendships.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of Edward Scissorhands. In waking life she was becoming aware of herself being a dangerous influence to her young daughter while her divorce was underway. She became to feel that anything she said about her husband or divorce to her young daughter may be causing serious negative influences in how the daughter felt about her family and father.

Example 3: A woman dreamed seeing Edward Scissorhands. In waking life she was having powerful visions on a daily basis and when she tried to tell her husband about it he had her committed to a mental institution. Edward Scissorhands may have reflected her feelings of embarrassment for having discussed her visions and making herself look like a crazy dangerous person who can't be trusted again.


To dream of an eel represents feelings about behavior being so emotionally cold that other people's feelings aren't cared about at all. Emotional emptiness that doesn't listen at all. Awareness of yourself being able to scare people with taking opportunities for yourself that don't benefit them at all.

Positively, an eel may reflect warnings or threats of taking something away from someone if they aren't careful about respecting you. Authoritative warnings of consequences that will take something away as though it didn't matter at all.

Alternatively, an eel may reflect a fear of something being taken from you if you aren't perfectly careful. A fear of losing something if you get to close to a person or situation. A cold empty person that scares you. A fear of someone else's cold-hearted selfishness hurting you. A fear of having to know someone you feel is dangerous to be close to. A fear of a warning you were given. Confronting the reality of not listening to a warning you were given. A fear of not handling yourself properly with a dangerous situation.

Example: A man dreamed of an eel that was anti-social and would hide. In waking life he believed he was a spiritual healer and noticed that if he talked about dangerous spiritual topics nobody wanted to talk to him anymore. The eel may have reflected his awareness of people not liking discussing spiritual topics with dangerous warnings associated with them.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having a tattoo of an eel on her chest and feeling that her boyfriend wouldn't like it if he saw it. In waking life her boyfriend wanted to have children and she was considering taking on more responsibilities at work and considering future career goals instead. The eel tattoo may have reflected her feelings about enjoying being noticed by people as someone who could easily take a successful career at any time while also being aware of how negative her boyfriend would feel about it.


To dream of an eggplant represents blandness or feeling that something is just good enough. Something that is a little bit boring. A situation or choice that you think is good for you, but that others don't find interesting. A lack of excitement, flavor, or pizzazz.

Negatively, an eggplant may reflect good advice that you don't want to listen to because it's too boring. Putting up with boring situation or boring people.

Example: A woman dreamed of an eggplant. In waking life she sought advice from a professional, but didn't believe the advice addressed the problem because she felt her problem was more interesting or intricate than then the advice given to her suggested.


To dream of fresh or unopened eggs represents the potential for something new to happen. Creative potential. Feelings about a change or new possibility being close to happening. A need to carefully nurture your plans.

To dream of cracked or open eggs represents action being taken or something that is finally happening. Birth. "Hatching" a new idea or plan.

To dream of eating eggs represents feelings of imminence or that a change is pending. Confidence that something is going to happen. A situation or experience that you know is unstoppable. Negatively, it may reflect your need to accept the consequences of your actions. Benefiting from destroying others future plans.

If the eggs are scrambled this may reflect a commitment on a set coarse. A lack of importance being felt for a situation that is starting to happen.

To dream of hard boiled eggs may represents feelings about new situations being started or made easier through intentional aggravation. "Softening" something up with pressure or problems to make it easier to start. Preparation to make a desired beginning easier.

Negatively, hard boiled egg may reflect regret for having used problems or negative situations as a means to pressure something to start happening easier than normal. Intentionally making something easier to occur by pushing it. Making a bad situation too easy. Amplifying problems or negative excuses to make something start happening knowing full well that someone else doesn't want it to happen at all. Making something so easy or aggravated that you force it happen for your own selfish gains. Cheating to insure a desired beginning.

Example: A man dreamed of his Grandmother serving him cooked eggs. In waking life his grandmother forced the man's lazy father to finally start cleaning his backyard. The cooked eggs reflected the imminence of the cleaning that was about to take place.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of cooking eggs and then getting yolk all over the frying pan handle. In waking life she had finally decided to start confronting her husband about potential cheating and felt that it ended up causing more tension than before. The egg yolk on the frying pan handle may have reflected her feelings of embarrassment or carelessness about confronting her husband so directly and quickly.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a hard boiled egg. In waking life he had forced himself to find excuses to easily break up with his girlfriend and now regretted it.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of peeling a boiled egg. In waking life she felt that her ex-boyfriend has purposely gotten into a fight with his current girlfriend to have an excuse to hang out with her and have sex with her.


*Please See Heron


To dream of being in Egypt represents a mindset where you feel immersed in a situation where people or situations are always making you feel they their ideas are more important than yours. Feeling that others are always telling you that they have a better idea or advantage over you.

Negatively, dreaming of being in Egypt may represent feelings that nobody wants to listen to you or each other because they want to be acknowledged first.

Egyptian People

To dream of Egyptian people represents an aspect of yourself that notices itself getting along with others as important without question. Behavior that feels good noticing that nothing can believe it isn't important. Situations where you feel everyone must be considered important together. Behavior that likes listening to why it important. Behavior that feels good being included as important and doesn't like you embarrassing it by not including it. Behavior that expects to be treated equally important with you. A sense of importance that is assumed obviously not little. Speaking to others about ideas that are obviously more interesting or superior. Noticing the facts and nothing else.

Positively, Egyptian people may reflect a stubborn refusal to accept conditions that don't respect you as important or include you in feeling important. Knowing that you worth more than someone else wants to accept. Perfect confidence that it's just obvious that your ideas are better or stronger. Talking back to someone who doesn't include you in feeling important. Feeling good being professional and not liking being told your not. Respecting yourself with facts. A mindset that notices itself respecting everyone in your family as important as a priority.

Negatively, Egyptian people may reflect behavior that embarrasses you with making itself important if you didn't treat it important. Believing your important that doesn't care about other people's feelings. Feelings about family life annoying you with being more important than you. Feelings about people around you not like you controlling them when they have more important things to of their own to deal with. Arrogance that enjoys the vanity of importance or being the most important. Expecting obvious behavior that doesn't cause embarrassment. Sensitivity about being acknowledged first or that your ideas are obviously more important. Thinking it's overwhelmingly obvious that you don't need to listen to others. Ignorantly forcing your ways on others as though it's simply obvious that you deserve to. Assuming importance before all else. Abusing an important role because you care too much what other people think. Enjoying being important that doesn't care about a single thing anyone else is thinking. Confronting importance that scares you that it doesn't need to let go of importance. Showing off being important that doesn't achieve anything. Never listening to new ideas if the established facts are respected more. Ignoring others if there is nothing dangerously sensitive. Behavior that feels good noticing everyone sharing with it because it's more important without needing to share with others. Not enjoying having to respect people in your family as important as a priority.

To dream of ancient Egyptian people represents aspects of yourself that are always under someone else's control. You or someone else that is always holding themselves back because someone else may not like it.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting dressed up for an Egyptian play. In waking life she was experiencing her stubborn husband controlling the family finances when she wanted to help a member of her family. The Egyptian play symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about wanting to enjoy being noticed by others doing something important with her family.

*Please See Pharaoh

Eiffel Tower

To dream of the Eiffel Tower represents feelings about respecting yourself answering to nobody else with everything in your life working. Dignity and integrity on display to others that is beyond reproach. Comfortably feeling that it's obvious to others that you can never be robbed of your dignity, integrity, or of enjoying your professional life. Excellence in your life that you are not vain about. Excellence that doesn't need to show off or brag about itself that is obvious to others. Feeling a strong that sense that you can never be embarrassed for the rest of your life as though it's obvious. Feeling nothing empty about why you are never going to lose again.

Feeling good comfortably noticing that nobody wants to embarrass you ever again no matter what. You or someone else that is unquestionably noticed as "too good", too upstanding, or impossible to embarrass. A sense of pride in knowing you earned what you have and will never be asked to demean yourself again. Living with the rewards of having been right all along when others didn't believe in you or help you. Enjoying knowing that you proved yourself and can never be asked to lower your standards again. You may feel good about having stood up for yourself or having stood your ground under unpleasant circumstances. You may be gloating about having "fucked" someone who was an real "asshole" to you.

Negatively, the Eiffel Tower may reflect situations that are exhausting you with your own excellence. Feeling good being faster than everyone else at something that is tiring.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing the Eiffel tower. In waking life he was enjoying experiencing his new business allowing him to change his life to a more honest life when it finally started to make money.


*Please See 8

Eight Ball

To dream of an eight ball represents a final obstacle to getting the closure you want in a situation. That last thing you need to finish something off or end a problem.

Alternatively, an eight ball may reflect an opportunity for closure that is at risk. Feeling the pressure or danger of not dealing with a problem fast enough. Feeling that someone else might beat you out of your last chance. A sign that you need to believe in yourself more.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing an 8 ball. In waking life she and her husband were having financial difficulties that they felt they could never resolve. There always seemed to be one problem left each time progress was made.


To dream of ejaculation represents the finality of a decision. You have chosen to do whatever it takes to make a choice, or do something. Feeling good making a choice.

To ejaculate during sex represents the finality of a choice that produces a new life situation, habit, or insight.

To ejaculate outside the body represents unproductive choices, or disappointments. Feeling good never having to be serious about a final choice. Enjoying experiencing something without any obligations or new problems created.

To dream of a person ejaculating on another person represents feelings of lingering failure, unfulfilled promises, or disappointments. One aspect of your personality created a problem for another one. Intentional humiliation of others with more power than them.

Elastic Band

*Please See Rubber Band


To dream of an elbow represents flexibility or being able to adjust. Being open to alternative choices or opinions.

To attack someone with an elbow represents a need for space. It may also reflect assertiveness or making boundaries known.

To dream of injury to the elbow represents an inability to be flexible or a lack of choice. You or someone else may be limited or unable to function in full capacity.


To dream of elderly people represents experience or the wisdom to know better. Having "been there and done that." Re-experiencing a similar situation. Sound advice coming from experience. It may also reflect boredom with something you know too well.

Old women may reflect experience with supporting others or being screwed over. Old men may reflect experience asserting yourself or embarrassing others.

Alternatively, an elderly person may represent you feelings of being old.

*Please See Grandmother

*Please See Grandfather

*Please See Old


To dream of an election may represents opposing views that are in conflict for your total agreement. Feeling conflicting possibilities pulling you towards them or urging you to make a choice. A complicated decision to make with various issues involved. A big choice to make or an issue that you feel is "for the best."

Negatively, an election may be a sign that you have strong ideas or opinions that others aren't interested in at all. Feeling that others aren't listening to you or your considering your feelings at all. Alternatively, it may reflect a lot of bitterness, lies, or threats being used to get control or be liked more than others.

To dream of voting in an election represents your belief that a certain choice or direction is the only one that matters. A staunch belief or stubborn choice. An issue you are unwilling to negotiate on.

To dream of running in an election represents the feeling that attaining power or change is possible if enough people will agree with you or listen to you. Making your best efforts to convince others that your ideas or methods are the best way to manage a situation or to proceed with a problem. Trying to win people over or be liked more than someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a Presidential election. In waking life he was being propositioned with ideas that would effect the future in ways that he didn't like and actively made his opposing ideas voiced until he was left alone.

Electric Chair

To dream of an electric chair represents the potential for total humiliation and permanent failure. A sign that you may have guilt and fear consequences that may be embarrassing. Fearing being paraded in the full disclosure of your failure or misdeeds before being permanently excluded in some way.

To dream of seeing someone being electrocuted on an electric chair may represent you or someone else that has been completely humiliated before being excluded, failed, or banished for something they did wrong.

Electric Guitar

*Please See Guitar

Electrical Outlet

To dream of an electrical outlet represents feelings about the ability to easily obtain access to feelings of power. Negatively, an electrical outlet may reflect obsession with convenience or abusing something that is easy. Naive beliefs that having something or being with someone will fix your whole life.

Alternatively, a electrical plug may reflect sexual dependency. Needing sex, pornography, or to be plugged "inside a woman" to feel powerful or loved. Feeling that life will be easy or perfect if you have sex with someone.

Electrical Room

To dream of an electrical room represents feeling of emptiness with total control over awareness, comfort, and safety. Static control over a situation that most often stays the way it is. Uneventfully never feeling the need to fix anything in your life. The ability to restore, fix, or monitor how well your life is working. Nothing feels lethal about why you can fix a problem with the functioning of your life if you want to. Nothing feels good about why you have total control over a situation or why you can fix a functional problem in your life. Control over your life that you would rather not need to be involved with.

Negatively, dreaming about an electrical room may reflect how dangerous it feels to have too much control over a situation or a life. Management of a situation that you don't like dealing with.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a hallway outside an electrical room looking out a window. In waking life he was experiencing police allowing hackers to have total control over his life through the internet.


To dream of electricity represents power, vigor, and life energy in some area of your life. Certain thoughts, emotions or situations are very much alive.

To dream of blue electricity represents positive power and life energy. Positive thoughts and situations are having a noticeable or powerful influence in some area of your life.

To dream of red electricity represents negative power and life energy. Negative thoughts and situations are having a noticeable or powerful influence in some area of your life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing blue electricity flowing across his hands. In waking life he had discovered that a new talent that let him change his unhappy life and felt invigorated about his capability to change his life for the better.


To dream of electrocution represents a failure to perceive how powerful a situation in your life was. A misjudgment or naive perception about the power or strength of a situation. Experiencing a loss or failure because you underestimated someone.

Alternatively, dreaming of electrocution may be a warning sign that you need to be more cautious about the consequences of your actions or choices.

*Please See Electric Chair


Refer to the themes section for technology for a more in depth look at technology symbolism.

Elementary School

To dream of elementary school (grades 1-8) represents general concerns, fears, anxieties, or insecurities. You are caring or sensitive about an issue, but may not feel powerful or capable enough to do anything about it.

Where as high school reflects concerns or anxieties involving having power, status, or capability, an elementary school suggests a lack of it.


To dream of an elephant represents sensitivity or issues that makes you very upset when confronted. An elephant may reflect things that hurt your feelings, things that easily anger you, or something that might make you cry. Losing your temper if you don't get your way. Major upsets.

Negatively, elephants may be a sign that you are too dependent on a certain requirement in your life. A persistent tendency to overreact, get upset, or get angry if you don't get your way. Wonderful people who get very angry when one thing goes wrong. Hyper-sensitivity about a situation you like staying perfect. An exhausting need to keep someone happy to maintain a relationship.

Example: A man once dreamed of a stampeding elephant. In waking life he was dealing with the sudden loss of his girlfriend.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her unborn baby turn into an elephant. In waking life she knew something was wrong with her pregnancy and eventually had a miscarriage. The baby changing into an elephant may have reflected her powerful upsetting reaction when she discovered she was having a miscarriage.


To dream of an elevator represents feelings about how easily it is to control how good or bad a situation experienced will be. Effortless choices. Awareness that a choice will better or worse with ease once you make the choice. Feeling about how easy it is to increase or decrease the seriousness of a situation.

To dream that you are ascending in an elevator represents choices that you know are easily improving a situation. Feeling that improvements being made are easy or that someone is helping you. Feeling lucky or that fate is working in your favor. Feeling good about a decision to be more intelligent, responsible, or moral. It may also reflect choices that lead to increased power or success with ease. If an elevator goes upwards too fast it may represent a lack of preparation or inexperience. It may also reflect power and responsibility that you are not ready to handle. Improvements that are too quickly gained to be processed in a healthy or safe manner.

To dream of descending in an elevator represents easy choices that you know are making a situation worse. It may also reflect simple choices that restore a powerful or exciting situation to normal, especially if you go down in an elevator to the ground floor. Feeling stupid for making a very bad decision so easily. A positive situation getting worse or ending because of a choice you are making. You may be choosing to deal with unpleasant situation or feel that a choice is turning for the worse. It may also reflect a decision to reduce, minimize, or intentionally downgrade a situation.

To dream of an elevator going to the basement symbolizes decisions that are leading to a situation that is dangerous, a crisis, or humiliates you. Choices that lead to confronting some of the most unpleasant situations or negative emotions. You may be aware that something bad is going to happen or intentionally choosing a negative experience. Embarrassment that a making the worst decision of your life could be so easy.

To dream of falling while inside an elevator represents feelings about losing control after believing you were initially making an intelligent or positive decision. Embarrassment from bad decisions gone awry. Feeling that improvements were going to be easy to achieve and then experiencing total disaster that is beyond your ability to control. A disastrous oversight or assumption.

To dream of an elevator moving sideways may reflect feelings about choices you assumed would cause easy changes pulling you into unforeseen distractions or delays. Counter-productivity you weren't expecting.

To dream of broken elevator cables represents feelings of lost security or dependability. Your ability to confidently manage a situation with ease is lost.

Example: A woman dreamed of getting out of an elevator and then seeing another girl fall through the floor of the elevator. In waking life she had just made-up with her ex-boyfriend and starting have sex with him after taking a restraining order off him. The elevator scenery in this case mat have reflecting her feelings about losing her leverage in the relationship after succumbing to lust once the restraining order was taken off. The elevator may have reflected the easy with which the relationship with her ex was restored after taking the restraining order off.

Example 2: A man dreamed of using an elevator and then being shot by his girlfriend. In waking life he was thinking it would be easy to pressure his girlfriend to get a job and then began to fear that she would break up with him. The elevator in this case may have reflected his original hopes about how easy it would be encourage his girlfriend to get a job by simply and easily bringing it in conversation.


*Please See 11

Eleventh Hour

To dream of the Eleventh hour represents feelings that time is running out or that a situation is dire. You may be experiencing a lot of pressure due to an important decision that has to be made or a deadline that has to be met. Feeling that you are risking everything to get a desired result.


To dream of elves represents a person or situation in your life that you are noticing does everything for you. Something that takes care of all your problems or does all the work while you watch. Someone so wonderful they take care of everything.

People often see elves while taking hallucinogenic mushrooms because they symbolize the person's perception of their hallucinations taking over while the relax or "trip out."


To dream of being eliminated from a contest represents feelings of not being good enough after trying your best. Not measuring up to someone else's standards.

*Please See Defecation

*Please See Urination


To dream of elk represents behavior that is strong enough to never need to do anything more interesting or risky than it currently is. Instincts to remain safe even if it dull. Grown up behavior that is protective and can fight back. Not being afraid of hard work because it works. Hard work that isn't whining about it. Responsible behavior that is strong enough to protect itself. Fearlessness about being a grownup. Grown up behavior that doesn't have to listen you if it doesn't want to. Maturity that isn't willing to sin ever. Grown up behavior that doesn't care about listening to other people's problems.

Negatively, dreaming about an elk represents instincts to accept a situation as dull to survive. Accepting one area of your life as important to survive that makes the rest of your life suck. Accepting adult responsible behavior that dulls the rest of your life. Feeling annoyed about need to listen to your parents. Fear of someone or something difficult that gets angry if you don't accept it. Accepting dullness that is aggressive about keeping you that way. Behavior that doesn't care about looking stupid never doing anything else for you.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing an elk. In waking life he felt that his both his work life and social life were dull.

*Please See Deer

*Please See Moose

Elm Trees

To dream of an elm tree represents feelings about an established area of your life that respects itself never losing. An established area of your life that feels good about itself never going away. An established area of your life that never allows anything wrong to happen again. Feeling good that some area of your life is for the rest of you life if you want it to be. An established area of your life that feels good being permanently bigger than everything else. An established area of your life that is never jealous. Feelings about wealth or protective family life that takes care of you no matter what. Feelings of being powerfully supported being successful. An unwavering responsible support system in your life.

Negatively, elm trees may reflect annoying or terrifying responsibility that never believes it's going to go away. Anxiety or frustration with an established area of you life that respects itself never losing. Confrontation with a difficult successful accomplished person. Annoyance with a person that is successful or accomplished. Annoyance with a difficult rich person that is never jealous of you no matter what you do to them. Jealousy of someone else's wealth or family life always supporting them. A serious responsible person causing you problems who won't leave you alone easily.

To dream of an elm tree without leaves represents feelings of haunting jealousy about an established area of your life that respected itself never losing that has finally lost. The terror of never being rich again. A powerfully original public loss that doesn't go away. Feeling afraid of losing a good life forever. An overpowering sense of never believing in yourself ever again.


To dream of Elysium may represent feelings about people in your life arrogantly enjoying an easy life while excluding you or ignoring you. Feeling that all the fruit of your hard work is being enjoyed by someone arrogant who wants to erase your significance. Feeling that you no longer matter now because someone is too happy having a perfect life. Feelings of being more important than others that gives you the right to ignore others at their expense.

Alternatively, Elysium may reflect conflicting situations between "the haves" and "the have nots." Feeling regret for ever having helped a selfish person who prefers to enjoy themselves than be concerned with your feelings ever again. Feeling good never having to listen to anyone with less power than you.

Positively, Elysium may reflect feelings of having a higher degree of privilege or concern for your well being. Feeling perfectly isolated and protected from ever having to worry when other people do. Feeling that you deserve more when other people don't.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting people in Elysium. In waking life his jealous father tried to rip him off from a $200,000 promise once family homes were sold because his father was so arrogant with having a million dollars in the bank he never wanted to let go of feeling richer than everyone he knew. His father tried to live a perfect life of deserving more money while arrogantly ignoring his son's need for the money.


To dream about email represents a delayed realization or "figuring it out on your own." Figuring something out or "getting the point" after it'd already happened. It reflects a lack of understanding about a current situation where you will "get the message", gain insight, or develop a better understanding later on. Surprise that something has slipped your attention. Awareness or discoveries gained in hindsight.

Positively, dreaming receiving email may reflect delayed realizations that a person in your life was looking out for you or considering your feelings when you were too preoccupied with other things. Unexpected surprised feelings that someone wasn't a jerk. Positive discoveries made in hindsight.

Negatively, receiving an email in a dream may represent shock, embarrassment, or unpleasant feelings about being misinformed about something you had no idea was occurring. Social signals that you are too late to respond to. Anxiety that you've overlooked something or are too late to respond effectively to a problem. Feelings about someone else that may not yet be receptive to the truth. Embarrassment that a problem you've overlooked or misunderstood has not gotten a lot worse because you had no way of clearly understanding it. Negative discoveries made in hindsight.

To dream of emailing someone else represents your intent to let someone else figure out a problem on their own or "get the point" when they are more receptive to the truth. Taking action now that will be clearly understood at a later time.

The people you receive email from in a dream may reflect situations in waking life that bring awareness through hindsight. They may also reflect insight that will be gained at a future date by someone you know due to your current actions.

Example: A girl dreamed of trying to write an email to the girlfriend of a guy she liked, but she kept getting interrupted by the guy she liked and could never finish the email. In waking life she was trying to distance herself from the guy she liked because he already had a girlfriend, but found it hard because the guy would keep showing up wherever she went.

The unfinished emails to the guy's girlfriend in this dream may have reflected her uncomfortable feelings about the guy's girlfriend discovering she liked the guy at some later date and her feelings about being unable to distance herself from the guy now in an obvious way so that if the girlfriend ever did find out about her feelings for the boyfriend at a later date the "delayed realization" would be that she already gave up on pursuing him long ago.


To dream of seeing someone embalmed represents some area of your life where preserving the past is very important. Never wanting something lost to be forgotten. Not wanting to lose anything else after experiencing a big change or loss. Going to extra lengths to preserve a reputation. Deep concern about how something is remembered after being lost. Wanting some area of your life remembered as being "perfect" forever.

Negatively, embalming may reflect anxiety about others having misconceptions about your mistakes or past. Anxiety or concern about a losing your reputation. Alternatively, it may reflect difficulties letting go of the past. Spending too much time thinking that someone or something that you've lost was perfect.


To dream that you are embarrassed represents your feelings of disappointment or failure. A lack of self-confidence. Insecurities about people laughing at you for hidden weaknesses being exposed. Confidence feeling undermined. Embarrassment in a dream may also be a sign that you have issues with confidence and believing in yourself. Worrying too much about what other people think.

Alternatively, embarrassment might reflect situations in waking life where you are experiencing jealousy. Insecurities about your sexuality.


To dream of a embassy for your country in another country represents feelings of security or safety that you can revert or change back decisions if they begin to become unpleasant or dangerous. Feeling that you are not alone or hopeless. Your feelings about options that allow you to restore your life to normal.

Negatively, it may reflect anxiety having to revert to old ways of thinking or living. Fearing being unable to keep enjoying a big change you've made. Feeling nagged by constant obligations or responsibilities that keep you from enjoying a new lifestyle choice or positive change you've made. Anxiety about being stuck with commitments or choices you've made. Anxiety about being stuck in a new relationship that is just as bad or unpleasant as your last one.

To dream of a foreign embassy in your country from another country represents feelings of security or safety that you do something different if you wanted to.

Example: A woman dreamed of going to embassies in foreign countries. In waking life she was trying to make changes to her choices in men. She was having anxiety about making sure she didn't repeat herself meeting men that were bad for her.


To dream of lovingly embracing something or someone represents your wish to connect or feel connected. It may also reflect your passion for something in life. Enjoying something a lot. Possibly a reflection of your creativity, romantic interest, or spiritual passion. Devotion. Deep respect given to a new opportunity.

*Please See Hugging

*Please See Kissing

*Please See French Kissing


*Please See Fetus


To dream of an emerald represents a sense of longevity, immortality, or durability that is all for yourself. Feeling good knowing that nothing can stop you or that something is permanently yours.

Negatively, an emerald may represent basking in arrogance, conceit, or pride. Knowing you'll be better than someone else forever.


To dream of an emergency represents your sense of urgency to stop something. An urgent matter that needs your immediate attention or a situation that you are desperate to get away from. Feelings of needing immediate help. Rushing. Urgent feelings to prevent an unwanted change. Jealousy that you can't control something.

Alternatively, dreaming about an emergency may reflect feelings about not doing enough to help other people you felt needed it.

Negatively, an emergency in a dream may reflect a urgent wish to avoid being humiliated. Feeling powerless to stop an imminent embarrassment. Unnecessarily making a problem more serious than it needs to be. A sign that you need to calm down and think clearer. A risk of taking urgent action that make look ridiculous at a later time. A risk of rushing. An nonobjective mindset about how dangerous a situation really is. A naive or misinformed mindset about a situation being perceived as more dangerous than it really is.

Example: A man dreamed of an emergency he had to escape. In waking life he was desperate to get away from an arrogant colleague that was embarrassing him. The emergency reflected how urgent he was to get back at his colleague who was embarrassing him while having no ability to do so.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing the USA in a state of emergency. In waking life was very worried about the United States collapsing economically. He feared an "end of the world" scenario if the USA economically collapsed.

Example 3: A man dreamed of a 911 emergency. In waking life his son had lost his job and he felt powerless to help him while believing it was a serious problem.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of an emergency. In waking life he was experiencing hair loss and was desperate to stop it.

*Please See Number 911


To dream that you are emotionless represents your feeling that nothing is important at all. You may be have lost respect for someone or don't feel that being involved is a good idea. It may also reflect the belief that a problem is not your concern.

Alternatively, being emotionless may reflect your feeling of being isolated or that you're an outsider. Feeling cutoff from people.


Emotions in dreams often reflect how powerful or important you believe something is. They often mirror your waking emotional state.

See our themes section for more on emotion symbolism.


To dream of an emperor represents all-encompassing total control and power. "Wanting it all." Feeling that nothing is not yours to control or own. All must be yours first. Expecting automatic compliance or subordination. Thinking everything should be given to you no matter what.


To dream of emphysema represents a situation or relationship that is slowly reducing your ability to express yourself, think freely, or feel in control. A sign that a big step may need to be made to restore your freedom or equality.


*Please See Boss


To dream of employment represents your feelings about obligations or responsibilities being mandatory. A person or situation you need to take care of because you risk losing status, power, or progress already made.

Negatively, employment may be a sign that you are feeling too obligated to something that may not be in your best interest or as important as you feel it is.

To dream of needing employment may reflect a desire to regain feelings of relevance being needed, or carrying your own weight. Feeling unimportant. Alternatively, needing employment may be a sign that you anxious to find a way to prevent losing status, power, or resources. Feeling that if you don't do something all the time or help someone else enough that you'll end up losing in some way. Negatively, needing a job may be a sign that you feel obligated with someone else's problems or don't want to let go of an old role.

To dream of having a new job may reflect feelings about extra responsibilities you are taking on. New situations you are experiencing that "feel like work." Not enjoying something you expected to enjoy. Feelings about being obligated to someone. Feeling that someone is bossing you around too much or not appreciating your contributions. Feeling subservient to people you are doing favors for.

Alternatively, dreams about your job or employment may reflect waking life frustrations with your job.

Example: A woman dreamed of being offered a job. In waking life she was out of work due to a serious wrist injury that required all her time to recover from.

*Please See Career


To dream of something being empty represents feelings about something being missing or lacking in your life. It may also reflect feelings of missing someone or something. A sense of loss. Emptiness. Mourning or missing someone deceased. Some kind if emptiness or void in your life. Empty gestures. Lacking motivation, feeling uncertain, lacking ideas. Failed expectations. Feelings about lacking purpose or spirit in your life.

Positively, dreaming of something empty may reflect feelings about problems being completely cleared away. A lack of concern about problems for which progress was made. Feeling that a situation isn't dangerous anymore. Enjoying solitude, peace of mind, or a renewed sense of rationality.

Alternatively, dreaming of something empty may reflect your desire to avoid people or situations. Preferring a lack of social contact with others. Wanting people out of your life.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an empty house. In waking life he felt that his life was empty and meaningless after he contracted a serious illness.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an empty house. In waking life she wanted to avoid meeting or spending time with her boyfriend's family.

Example 3: A man dreamed seeing an empty parking lot. In waking life he was not looking forward to someone visiting him.

Example 4: A man dreamed of having an empty gun. In waking life he was let go from his police officer job because he was redundant to the force he was working for. He had to find another job.

Example 5: A man dreamed of seeing an empty space. In waking life he felt empty inside because his Grandfather had just died.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of an empty theater. In waking life she got a job she tried very hard to get, but then didn't like working at the job.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of being in an empty home. In waking life her husband had died.


To dream of an encyclopedia represents all known experience or knowledge in some area of your life. Reading an encyclopedia may reflect your search for answers by consulting an expert or talking to as many people as you can about something. It may it may even reflect an area of your life that you know everything about.

*Please See Books

*Please See Library


To dream of reaching an end to something may represent an achievement or goal that has been reached. It may also mean that the bad times are coming to an end. Negatively, it may be a sign that you feel that time has run out and you need to make a decision about some issue. Some kind of functionality in your life is impossible to maintain.

The end of something may also reflect the beginning of something new in your life.

To dream of reaching the end of the road represents a waking life situation or experience that is coming to an end. A goal or achievement may have been reached. You may be realizing that you can't continue on in some way. A habit, situation, or relationship is no longer possible. Maturing or moving on is now inevitable. A journey or era is over.

Negatively, reaching the end of the road in a dream may be a sign that you are having difficulty moving on from a situation. You may feel that you haven't prepared for the future.

End Of The World

To dream of the end of the world represents fundamental change to your ways of being and thinking. The foundation of your current life has been altered. It symbolizes your thoughts or feelings about a dramatic change or situation in life where you don't know what to do. You may be experiencing anxiety for the future, and there may be a lot of changes that confuse or frustrate you.

The dream may indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another. There may be a need for help or extra time to make adjustments. A sign that you need to show more courage as you move into the next chapter of your life.

End of the world dreams are common to people who have experience the death of parent or loved one.

Example: A young man dreamed that it was the end of the world. In waking life he felt forced to move away with his family to a different state and leave behind all his friends and the comfortable life he had gotten used to. The end of the world symbolism most likely reflected his overwhelming feelings of anxiety about the enormous amount of change he was experiencing. Feeling forced to shift from one life to another very quickly.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of dangerous scene with mountains and lava while hearing a voice say "this is not the end of the world." In waking life she felt scared and forced to move to a trailer park with people she felt she would difficulty becoming friends with. The voice telling her that "this is not the end of the world" may have reflected her attempts to remain confident and rational about moving away from her current home and life.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being talked to about the end of the time. In waking life she was worried about going to jail and that her mother might be close to death.

*Please See Armageddon


To dream of an endoscopy represents feelings about being tested or scrutinized in your ability to perfectly handle situations or regularly complete certain responsibilities. Feeling tested or scrutinized on your ability to be perfectly honest over a prolonged period of time.

Example: A man dreamed of getting an endoscopy and having difficulty breathing. In waking life he was nervous about failing a background check on his skills, credentials, and certifications for a job application to make sure he was qualified enough to manage the job's responsibilities.


To dream of your enemy represents an aspect of yourself that feels intentionally opposite to your own ideas or goals. It may also reflect a person or situation in your life that seems to be purposely trying to make you lose or hurt your self-esteem. Awareness of a problem or challenge in your life that continually embarrasses you. An enemy may also reflect your inner conflict with addiction or resisting temptation.

Dreaming of an enemy may also reflect your staunch rejection of a person or situation. A person or problem that you want to avoid.

Alternatively, dreaming of an enemy may reflect your own lack of confidence or self-esteem that is holding you back. Putting yourself down or a fear that you are struggling to overcome.

To dream of kissing an enemy represents embracing or approving of self-harm. Choosing to give up because you feel it's a perfect solution. Alternatively, it may reflect embracing or approving of negative or arrogant behavior that you don't agree with under normal circumstances.

*Please See Fighting


To dream of energy represents feelings about how emotionally charged you feel. How viril or restless you feel. How emotionally or physically charged you feel. A measure of stamina of yourself or a problem.

To dream of low energy may represent feelings about yourself or someone else being wearied, tired, or exhausted. A low energy mood.

To dream of an energetic change may reflect mood changes or changes in physical energy you are experiencing in waking life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing lots of energy. In waking life she had made a relationship breakthrough with her difficult son felt a long lasting emotionally charged mood.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of strange energies around her. In waking life she was a strange mood in her home when her boyfriend got bad news regarding a health issue.

*Please See Electricity

Energy Beam

To dream of an energy beam represents highly focused effort or personal power that's directed at a problem or goal in dedicated manner. Thinking about something all the time being helped or successful. Focusing all the time on a specific goal with full mental, physical, or emotional strength. Wanting something to make something work using all your full attention, strength, and abilities.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a superhero with a giant light blue energy beam coming out from his eyeballs. In waking life the dreamer was using all his strength or overcome evil in his life in a spiritual ceremony that required thinking of other people getting positive energy nonstop for 4 days on end with no sleep, food, or water until his feet bleed all in the name of God. During this 4 day period the dreamer experienced powerful hallucinations of confronting evil where God gave him the impossible strength to complete the ceremony.

*Please See Lasers


To dream of a wedding engagement represents emotional or psychological commitment. It may reflect your intentions for the future, a promise that has been made, or a desire for security.

Example: A woman dreamed of an engagement. In waking life she beginning to recover from a traumatic shipwreck that occurred and finally felt that full recovery was possible with enough time.

Engagement Ring

To dream of an engagement ring represents a commitment or promise that hasn't been finalized. Choosing a situation or relationship without having "sealed the deal" completely. Knowing what you want while you wait to make it permanent.

To dream of a damaged or flawed engagement ring represents feelings about your future plans not being as perfect or with as much integrity as you'd like. It may also reflect embarrassments, doubts, or negative memories that you feel will always prevent you from feeling a situation is as perfect as you want it to be.

*Please See Wedding Ring

*Please See Engagement


To dream of an engineer represents an aspect of the self that has adept problem solving skills. Superior management abilities. Clever application of skills to keep a situation progressing.


To dream of an engine represents the power or forcefulness of decisions. An engine may also reflect the driving force or effectiveness of a situation. A factor in a situation that makes something work keep up momentum.

Consider the condition of the engine and how well it is running. If an engine does not start it may reflect an obstacle that is getting in the way of your progress and goals.


To dream of England represents a state of mind that is certain about power or status. Confidence that you can't be embarrassed by problems or enemies. You are "knowing it." Being surrounded by people with more experience, confidence, or accomplishment than you.

Alternatively, England may reflect your confidence about proper conduct. You know you are right, being moral, or that something you're doing is effective.

English Class

To dream of English class represents a concern that you're not doing anything wrong. Worrying or deep concern that everything you're doing or saying is proper.

Negatively, you may think you have offended someone, that someone is mad at you, or that something you said was taken the wrong way.

Alternatively, you may be making sure that something is as good as you can get it.

English Muffin

To dream of an English Muffin represents a quality experience of feeling that you don't have problems or don't have notice anyone else's problems. Feelings about a situation being lovely that everything happening is easy. Confidently beginning a situation believing that nothing is wrong. A experience that noticeably feels that nothing is permanently losing because it's easy to change whatever you want. Feeling that everything in your life is listening to you. Feeling that you don't have to listen to anyone else tell you that you aren't just fine the way you are. Nothing laughs at you without having to think twice about it.

Negatively, dreaming of an English muffin may reflect a snobby or entitled sense of confidence about never needing to notice any problems. Noticing you are better than other people as though it doesn't even matter. Ease of not having to notice any problems that is ignorant to other people. Feeling that you are not in love with everything going in a situation, but you are not worried. No humor about not worrying about anything at all with ease.

Example: A woman dreamed of not being served the English muffin that she ordered. In waking life she had issues with values and faith of new location she moved to once she got married.

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