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Brussel Sprouts

To dream of brussel sprouts represents feelings about needing to act mature or responsible on your own. Choosing to do the right thing all on your own without being told to. Self-directed grownup behavior. Accepting a mature or adult situation.

Positively, brussel sprouts may reflect a positive attitude about choosing to not be a "big suck" about having to be responsible on your own or accept a mature situation. Not running from your problems.

Negatively, brussel sprouts may reflect dangerous risks doing responsible things you are not experienced enough to do on your own yet. Being more concerned with looking grown up then you are experienced.


To dream of bubblegum represents feelings about how enjoyable it is to noticing yourself having a good time without anything serious. Alternatively, it may reflect jealousy of other people having exceptionally enjoyable easier lives than you have.

Negatively, bubblegum may reflect preoccupation with thinking your better than someone else or feeling good bragging about your good luck to someone you don't like. Gloating, conceit, or enjoying feeling more successful than other people. Arrogantly enjoying believing that you are smarter than other people because something you are doing is easier while being difficult for others.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-husband's new girlfriend turning into a piece of bubblegum of which she tried to mix dirt into. In waking life she was in her view a perfect Christian who was very jealous that her ex-husband could cheat on her and be happy with a new girlfriend while enjoying an easier life, while she got stuck having to start her life over from nothing on her own. She was jealous that God was not punishing her ex-husband for his wickedness while he enjoyed a much easier life.

*Please See Chewing Gum


To dream of Budweiser beer represents feelings about the qualities of an experience that doesn't have to talk about itself being accomplished or best when while never having to stop relaxing until it's absolutely finished relaxing. A sense of satisfaction and ease with an experience that doesn't need validation or approval from others. It embodies the feeling of being the best without having to brag or prove oneself. An experience that doesn't have to prove itself as the best because it already is while staying relaxed. Feeling comfortable being a winner that doesn't have to talk about it while you relax. Being comfortable relaxing better than someone without ever needing to talk it. Deserving to be a jerk if someone doesn't let you relax because you already took care of the problem they are complaining about. Absolutely on top of your own life while you quietly don't think other people are.

Negatively, dreaming about Budweiser may represent relaxing that feels it's better than someone because you already did more than them while not talking about it. A jerk attitude that doesn't speak about why your time off is better than someone else's. Feeling relaxed being the best that doesn't need to explain it while feeling that other people are a loser if they don't accomplish something themself.

Example: A woman dreamed of finding an Budweiser beer can in her fiance's hand and being upset because he wasn't a drinker in real life. In waking life she was having a fight with her fiance about the finances when she was unemployed and he was employed. In this case the Budweiser beer in her fiance's hand may have reflected her perception of her fiance's attitude of being comfortable and relaxed in his position of financial stability, without having to prove himself or worry about financial difficulties. Overall, the dream may reflect the dreamer's frustration with her fiance's perceived lack of empathy or understanding towards her financial struggles due him having a job when she didn't. She may have felt the snobbery from him about deserving to relax because he's accomplished paying bills because he has a job while she hadn't paid any bills because she didn't have a job.

*Please See Beer


To dream of a burrito represents feelings about an experience or option where you feel good believing in yourself accepting yourself exactly the way you are without thinking other people matter. Believing in yourself accepting yourself as being right and not feeling the need to change it for anyone else. Not thinking that you are better than anyone else while being tough staying the way you are without other people changing you. Self-acceptance, authenticity, and the potential for conflict or stubbornness in the face of external pressures. Feelings about social belonging. Quickness and convenience about needing to accept yourself exactly the way you are with other people in situations where you feel the need to matter or be included as well.

Negatively, dreaming about a burrito may represent feelings of overdoing believing in yourself accepting yourself exactly the way you are without thinking other people matter that doesn't mind being a jerk about it. Believing in yourself accepting yourself exactly the way you without thinking other people matter when you don't want to because it might cause a fight. Believing in yourself accepting yourself as not being a fake that might irritate someone else.

Example: A man dreamed of Taco Bell offering a new Presidential Burrito that had a red and blue dyed tortilla. Donald Trump and Joe Biden were advertising the new food product. He thought the presidential candidates were Artificially Intelligent (AI) fakes. In waking life, the dream occurred towards of the end of 2023 as the candidates got closer to a serious election. In this case, the Presidential Buritto may have reflected his feelings about being encouraged to believe in himself accepting himself picking a political side in a conversation about the election when he thought it was pointless because both sides were perfectly fake.


To dream of butter represents a factor or situation that makes things better than without it. Something is not as good if you don't have it. An improvement, enhancement, or easement. It may also represent something make a situation run smoother.

Negatively, butter may reflect a bribe.


To dream of butterscotch represents your enjoyment of noticing people liking you. It may also reflect feelings that everyone likes you. Enjoying always being the most attractive or popular person in a situation.

Negatively, butterscotch may reflect feeling that other people have to like you no matter what.


To dream of cabbage represents feelings that it's beneficial to be more honest than you usually are. Success that requires higher standards of honesty.

Negatively, cabbage may reflect feelings about honesty that is too honest for your comfort level. Feeling that telling the truth may make you look stupid or cost you in manner that is too much to lose. Anxiety about not trying your hardest to look perfectly honest. Honesty that is risky or dangerous. Fear of not being perfectly honest when you are successful. Taking time off immoral or criminal activity. Honesty that embarrasses you. Situations with low trust and a high demand for responsibility.

To dream of driving through a field of cabbage may reflect reckless or selfish decision-making that is intentionally disregarding the need to have higher than normal standards of honesty because it's not normal for you to be that honest. Selfishly believing you don't need to respect others wishes for you to have higher than normal standards of honesty.

Example: A woman dreamed of cabbage in a salad. In waking life she felt it was good idea to take some time off from her boyfriend so he could spend time with his wife. In this case the cabbage may have reflected her feelings about taking time off her extra-marital affair making her feel more honest than she usually is.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing cabbage on a table. In waking life she felt her job was too demanding with proving she was honest at all times. Low trust with high responsibility required to keep her job and it didn't feel good anymore.


To dream of a cake represents thoughts or feelings during a special occasion. Something amazing or wonderful is happening that rarely occurs. It may reflect feelings of being made to feel very welcome or special by someone else.

Negatively, cake may reflect enjoying short-term indulgences at the cost of your long-term goals. Choosing to spend money instead of saving it, losing your virginity instead of waiting, or taking a vacation during a crisis.

To dream of refusing to eat cake may reflect your strong will power or strong focus on long term goals over short-term pleasure. Alternatively, it may reflect difficulty getting away from your work. Problems relaxing.

Consider the flavor of the cake to give you an idea of what is happening during this special time. Chocolate cake may reflect self-reward on some kind.

Example: A man dreamed of being served chocolate cake. In waking life he was planning a vacation for himself.

Example 2: A man dreamed of eating a cake. In waking life he was being made to feel very welcome at a friend's home.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing someone eating cakes all day. In waking life they had a very obese friend whom they felt could not stop eating fattening foods.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having difficulty resisting eating cake. In waking life she was having an affair with a married man and having difficulty resisting her sexual attraction for him.

Example 5: A woman had recurring dreams of cooking cakes. In waking life she had regular feelings of caring too much about other people and treating them too special without getting the same treatment.

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*Please See Frosting

Canadian Bacon

To dream of Canadian bacon represents excessive total self-gratification. It may also reflect a casual attitude to having something exactly the way you want it all the time.

Canadian bacon may be a sign that you are becoming bored, spoiled by , used to, or over-stimulated with pleasure.


To dream of candy represents something that feels good to think about. Enjoyment or self-indulgence. You may be feeling joy or experiencing a special treat. A pleasurable experience you are having.

Candy may also reflect you enjoying yourself thinking of plans you have for the future.

Example: A girl dreamed of eating candy. In waking life she was enjoying herself getting closer to a boy she liked. The candy reflected how good she felt talking to the boy.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of people with emotionless faces carrying sweets. In waking life she was waiting to get a divorce to leave a forced marriage. The carried candy may have reflected her feelings about enjoyable plans she was preparing to feel good with when the divorce was finished.

*Please See Lollipop

Candy Canes

To dream of a candy cane represents thoughts about a situation being more interesting than you think to notice that sharing doesn't cost much if you want to share as well. A sense of communal giving or sharing that doesn't cost much to keep it going. Keep the spirit of giving going that doesn't require significant personal sacrifices. Feeling that it didn't cost someone else much to share with you in order to encourage you to keep the spirit of giving going. Feelings of encouragement for others to enjoy a new idea to keep the spirit of sharing going with little personal cost. Feeling that it never hurts to try to interest someone else is keeping up the spirit of sharing and togetherness.

Negatively, dreaming about a candy cane may represent feelings about behavior that you feel is a stupid, lame, or cheap gesture about encouraging you to keep the spirit of giving or sharing going like it's a better idea than doing nothing. Not liking the idea of saving money by keeping a collective or communal effort of sharing going because someone else thought it was a good idea. Feelings of skepticism or cynicism towards acts of generosity or communal spirit. You might be hesitant to participate in group activities or share resources because you believe that it might be a waste of time. Familial or societal expectations about sharing being a good idea to keep going that hinders your independence.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of large plastic candy canes scattered on the floor that belong to a boy that disappeared. In waking life, she was just beginning to learn how to drive. In this case, the large plastic candy canes may have reflected her feelings about the initial shared spirit about the low cost of communal usage of the parents' vehicles that would help everyone learn to drive and get a driver's license mpre quickly. The group of friends may have may felt that learning to drive would be easy and cheap if they just kept up the spirit of sharing vehicle time with each other.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of a candy cane-colored spider. In waking life, she was preparing to start University within a month. In this case, the candy cane-colored spider may have reflected parents or other people encouraging a sense of sharing with other people all the time that made her feel trapped or hindered from preparing for her new independent life away from home as a university student.


To dream of cannoli represents feelings about an experience of indulgence, satisfaction, enjoying oneself, and the fulfillment of a desire where nobody considers it a problem. It may symbolize a moment or situation where treating oneself or celebrating doesn't bring about guilt or criticism. It could reflect a conscious choice to enjoy something special or pleasure without feeling guilty. Feelings about nobody being angry about why you personally felt good about something.

Negatively, dreaming about cannoli could represent feelings of letting yourself be overly indulgent, excessive, or failing to exercise self-restraint because nobody said anything about it being a problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of her favorite hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers, winning a game and wanting to order cannolis from a bakery, but when they were pulled out, they looked frozen and very hard. In waking life, she was rooting for the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup finals, with one game left to win the championship. In this case, the frozen cannolis may have reflected her feelings about anticipating the joy of celebrating a potential victory, yet facing the reality of potential disappointment or challenges of not being able to justify post Stanley Cup winning partying or celebration expenses because they hadn't won the last game yet.


To dream of a cantaloupe represents feelings of familiarity that feels good safe being accustomed to it. Familiarity of feeling safe that doesn't have to speak about it. Feeling accepted by what you are familiar of. Familiarity of feeling grownup that doesn't have to speak about it. Familiarity that's good for you to be accepting of it. Familiarity that feels good not being at war with anything because you're grown up. Enjoying a situation where nothing feels wrong because someone or something "knows you." Familiarity that feels good that it's always safe, always there, and already thinks of you as family. The dream may also be about feeling good respecting yourself and avoiding anything fake. It could indicate the comfort and security of a stable marriage or relationship. Feeling good respecting yourself never needing to do anything fake. Feeling good that your marriage or relationship has no surprises for why it's always there for you. Feeling good being adult about not having to say anything about an issue. Feeling that listening to you is something that a person you're close to will always do. Familiar feelings of happiness and safety 2 people feel in each other's company. Comfort and security felt in a relationship after resolving a problem without conflict.

Negatively, dreaming of a cantaloupe may reflect overdoing the avoidance of discussing anything wrong with a situation or someone's behavior because you are close to that person. Feelings of disliking a situation that is too comfortable or familiar with the way things are. Overindulging in the familiar which could lead to complacency or a lack of growth within the relationship or situation. Fear of confronting difficult issues or the unwillingness to change, despite knowing that it may be necessary for personal growth or the improvement of a relationship. Feelings of familiarity and comfort without needing explaining you have with an ex-partner that bothers you can't get over them because nobody feels the same.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a cantaloupe place in the center of a table by a kidnapper of a child. In waking life, the man was experiencing ransom demands being made for someone else's child. In this case, the cantaloupe may have reflected the hostage taker's attempt to offer a sense of familiarity and family-like comfort that would feel good and be accepted once the demands were met, ultimately leading to the return of the child.

Captain Crunch

To dream of Cap'n Crunch breakfast cereal represents feelings of beginning to enjoy noticing problems reduced or cancelled easily. Enjoying beginning to notice control that feels good taking over like it's easy.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Hunter Parrish eating Cap'n Crunch at his Grandmothers kitchen table. In waking life someone who had been cheap with him suddenly changed their mind and began to pay off all the dreamers bills without any arguments. The Cap'n Crunch in this case may have reflected the dreamers feelings about someone else paying his bills feeling good to notice problems being cancelled like it's easy.


To dream of caramel total satisfaction or perfection. A person or situation in your life that totally pleases you, handles all your problems, or is the perfect solution. Something wonderful or that fails to disappoint you in any way. It may also reflect person or situation that does everything for you.

Example: A man dreamed of a caramel colored dog. In real life he was experiencing overwhelmed financial problems and a hobby of his offered him a reliable opportunity to escape them. The caramel color of the dog reflected how the hobby felt like a perfect solution to all his problems. The dog reflected the protection he felt from the hobby from financial loss.



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