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The letter R in a dream represents sacrificing nothing, coasting, or doing little to care about something.

The symbolism for R is based on the symbolism of letter P which represents total sacrifice, but instead has a line supporting it to stand up. The little line holding up the P reflects a situation that gives you the confidence to never have to care about making a sacrifice on your own.

R is the 18th and in numerology 18 represents the freedom to do whatever you want.


To dream of a Rabbi represents you or someone else with the final say on what is or what isn't "positive." A person or situation that requires a situation to be perfectly in order or lawful. Something in your life must to be totally free from negative influences.

A Rabbi reflects a strong need to maintain very high standards, positive habits, or a strong focus on helping others.

Example: A non-Jewish man dreamed of talking to a rabbi. In waking life he believed a school grade was adequate and his father demanded he redo the course again for a better grade.


To dream of rabbits represents feelings of timidness or being easily intimidated. A mindset that is easily made nervous or shys away. Easy scared about about maintaining emotional safety. It may also reflect avoiding situations due to shyness. Intuitively avoiding danger. Innocence that doesn't want to take a single risk ever.

Negatively, dreaming about a rabbit may be a sign that you are too quick to choose running away from fears. Not standing your ground at all or not taking time to plan ways to confront problems that scare you. You are too easily intimidated. Running away from your fears or anything that scares you. Preoccupation with surviving problems before all else. Avoiding uncomfortable social encounters. Scared away easily from romantic crushes.

Alternatively, rabbits in dreams may reflect feelings about sensitive people in your life that you have to approach with perfect care. Concerns with easily scaring off someone. Often a symbol for women who are avoiding sex. Feelings about the impossibility of catching someone or something that cares about nothing except being safe.

To dream of having a pet rabbit in a cage may reflect your enjoyment of having an innocent excuse that allows to you easily avoid issues. Enjoying being faithful to your partner by choosing to avoid cheating or having sex with others.

Example: A woman dreamed of a stampede of a hundred bunnies. In waking life she was doing everything she could to avoid sex because he was afraid of it harming
her baby.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone trying to hunt a rabbit with a bow and arrow. In waking life life he was trying very hard to convince his wife to have sex as she was intentionally avoiding it whenever he wanted it.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a pet rabbit in a cage. In waking life she
was going to spend the whole summer away from her boyfriend and was promising him that she would avoid other boys at all costs.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a rabbit that was limping. In waking life she was becoming emotionally and physically exhausted after making a big move from one US State to another with her family.

Example 5: A 6 year-old boy dreamed of having a pet rabbit he played with everyday. In waking life it was observed that this boy had a tendency to run away from people who was shy of as a coping mechanism.

Example 6: A young woman dreamed of repeatedly catching rabbits and losing control of them. In waking life she was having difficulty controlling her tendency to become very shy and avoidant of trying to speak to a boy she liked in her church.


To dream of rabies represents overwhelming feelings of aggression, loss of control, or irrationality. Fears or anxieties that something in your life could suddenly turn against you, causing emotional or even physical harm. Worries about sudden changes in behavior either in yourself or someone close to you, transforming an otherwise harmless or predictable situation into one that is dangerous or uncontrollable. A contagious irrational problem that will cancel itself out if you can avoid being too personal with it.

Positively, dreaming about rabies could act as a warning mechanism, heightening your awareness of potential pitfalls or volatile situations in your life. It could serve as a signal for you to exercise caution or to look closer at areas where you might be losing self-control.

Negatively, dreaming about rabies may represent feeling out of control, fearing that once manageable situations or relationships are turning harmful. Latent aggression or deep-seated anger that you're afraid will erupt in an uncontrollable manner. Fears of losing your rationality, becoming unpredictable, or harming those around you, either emotionally or physically.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing mice with rabies. In waking life, his son had money problems that he didn't want to help him with because he'd lose all his savings. In this case, the rabies may have reflected his feeling about needing to avoid helping his son's debt because he feared that the situation could spiral out of control if he wasn't careful about avoiding being irrational himself. The man might have feared that if he gave in to his son's financial needs, it would become a recurring issue that he couldn't manage, depleting his own savings and possibly causing tension or resentment between them.


To dream of a raccoon represents an aspect of your personality that is aware of its unsavory behavior. You or someone else that is aware of how dishonest or underhanded they are, but doesn't feel there is anything wrong with it. Knowing that you are acting negative and not feeling there is anything wrong with it. Being negative out in the open or not being concerned with hiding your bad intentions.

Raccoons are often symbols that appear when we are focusing on other people's negativity, taking behind people's backs, or totally at ease with lying or cheating. A raccoon may also reflect a "player" in your life.

Example: A girl dreamed of seeing raccoons while walking with a guy she liked. In real life she felt this guy was "playing" her as he seemed to flirt with other girls as well. The raccoons reflecting her view of this guy being aware of his dishonest flirting.


To dream of a race represents rivalry or competition. Trying to outdo someone or seeing how you measure up. A need to get ahead or be first in some area of your life. Fearlessly pushing the limits in competition with another.

Negatively, dreaming about a race may reflect a dislike of competition, an urgent matter, feeling intimidated by competition, taking risks, an inferiority complex, or jealousy that you can never be better than other people at something.

Alternatively, you may be struggling against yourself in some way as you head towards a deadline. A sign that you have bad habits that keep getting in the way. Racing against problems. Waking life situations where you are experiencing some kind of jealousy contest to be better than someone else.

To dream of running past people in a race represents feelings of getting ahead of person or problem in a competition in waking life. People running past you may reflect feelings about people or problems that are getting ahead of you.

To dream of racing against time may reflect feelings about an urgent matter or feeling that something desperately urgent that other people don't feel the same. Desperation to warn someone.

To dream of not wanting to race someone may reflect feelings about not wanting to be competitive, being socially withdrawn, insecurity about competition, lacking confidence, or not feeling in the mood to perform your best in front of others.

Example: A young girl dreamed of an annual race. In waking life she was very competitive about getting good grades in school each year.

Example 2: A man dreamed of standing in front of a race track, but not racing on it. In waking life he had an inferiority complex.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a race horse being put down. In waking life he wished to slow down his life and live a happier more balanced life.

Example 4: A man dreamed of having a formula race car. In waking life he got his first mobile phone the day before. The race car in this case may have reflected the dreamers feelings about the cellphone making him feel professionally competitive, popular, and connected while wanting to show off.

Example 5: A man dreamed of driving a race car and then telling himself to be cautious. In waking life he was behaving socially withdrawn when many family were inviting him over. He may have felt the need to be careful with who he acted competitive to.

Race Car

To dream of a race car represents a direction in life that is competitive. Decision making that is focused on winning or reaching a goal first. An area of your life where there may be a person or problem that you want to outdo. A desire to gain power or leverage. You may want to gain an "edge" over a person or situation.

Alternatively, a race car may represent a situation where something is at stake. It may also reflect your feeling that time is running out. Negatively, a race car may be a warning to be careful of hasty decisions.


Refer to the themes section for the race.


To dream of racism represents a closed-minded or biased perspective towards people who are different from you. Insensitivity towards other ways of thinking different than yours. You may be upset, angry, or annoyed at someone else's methods or habits. Hostility or being mean towards a specific thinking style. You may also have concerns or fears about encountering discriminatory behavior or prejudice in your waking life.

Example: A man dreamed of being in an office with a racist co-worker. In waking life, he had just been hired for a government job but was unable to start due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this case, the racist co-worker may represent his own closed-mindedness towards people who were more cautious about the pandemic than he was.

*Please See Nigger


To dream of radar represents heightened awareness, intuition, or a sense of foresight to avoid potential problems. Being tuned into risks, opportunities, or dangers that are not yet visible but could become apparent soon. A proactive attitude toward navigating life's complexities for current situations or changes in conditions. A reliance on your ability to read situations and people, using your intuitive awareness and insight to navigate complex scenarios to avoid potential problems. Being able to see ahead, feel something out, or spot trouble right away. A keen sense of awareness that you feel could save you in the future from making rash decisions or judgments, particularly in dangerous or ambiguous situations. Being attuned to the nuances of various challenges. An intuitive sense about what is normal and the ability to spot abnormalities right away.

Negatively, dreaming about radar may represent a heightened state of alertness or caution that you feel you must maintain due to life's unpredictability. You may be overly concerned about potential problems that have not yet manifested, leading to stress or overcaution. A lack of trust in situations or people around you, as you feel the need to constantly monitor or assess them for potential risks or setbacks. Anxieties or fears about things that are out of your immediate control.

To dream of radar detecting a tornado may represent a vivid sense of impending turmoil, conflict, or emotional upheaval that you are intuitively aware of but haven't directly confronted yet. Your internal "radar" is signaling you to prepare for a challenging situation that could have a devastating emotional or psychological impact. This dream scenario might signify a situation in your waking life where you feel the impending chaos but have yet to experience it fully. A warning for you to take proactive steps to discuss concerns with people who might be involved in the impending situation.

Negatively, dreaming about radar may represent a state of emotional or mental unrest, where your fears or anxieties are getting the better of you. Feeling on edge, perhaps overly fixated on potential dangers or conflicts that you foresee but cannot control. You may feel powerless or anxious about what's coming, and this dream serves as a manifestation of that apprehension.

To dream of police radar represents feelings of scrutiny, accountability, or the potential for facing consequences for your actions for exceeding societal norms, ethical considerations, or personal limitations. Authority or set of guidelines that monitor your behavior, choices, or speed at which you are making decisions to ensure you are responsibly controlling yourself and not acting in haste or exceeding safety limits. Being conscious of the boundaries that govern various aspects of your life, and appreciating these limits as they help maintain stability and safety. Feelings of constraint or surveillance while worried about being caught exceeding some kind of limit.

Radar dreams commonly appear with tornado symbolism.


To dream of someone or something being radiant represents transfigured positive feelings. An emotional state that has changed from bleak or normal to believing a situation is wonderful now. Feeling inspired, joyous, or uplifted.

Dreams of seeing dead relatives or friends in a radiant state is common to people who are mourning a death. That may reflect their feelings about hope or happiness that their loved one is happy in heaven. Believing that life is eternal.


To dream of radiation represents feelings about unseen, pervasive influences or changes that have the power to transform or corrupt. Situations where you feel exposed to influences that could have long-term consequences. Subtle influences that you don't see but nonetheless feel could have a profound effect on your life, whether it's a relationship, a work situation, or a moral dilemma. Exposure to certain types of situations or people with unseen effects or influence that you want to avoid long-term exposure to at all costs. Feeling that a situation is too serious about ruining your life with its unseen influence if you keep doing something.

Positively, dreaming about radiation may represent an understanding of your own underlying power or influence that you can wield subtly but effectively. It may represent transformational changes that you are initiating or that are happening around you which you see as positive. The dream may point to invisible yet significant shifts in your mindset, emotional state, or life circumstances that can bring about meaningful change.

Negatively, dreaming about radiation could represent fears of contamination, corruption, or irreversible changes that you have no control over. It could indicate anxiety about things you can't see but know are impactful, such as societal influences, lingering health issues, or moral dilemmas that you feel are corrupting your character or life. This could also point to pervasive, unseen pressures that are causing you stress or fear.

Radiation poisoning or mutations in a dream may reflect conflicts, embarrassments, or perceived threats that you feel could have lasting, irreversible negative impacts on your life or character. Feelings about unseen negative influences having ruined your life.

Example: A young man dreamed of himself and a group of people all being poisoned with radiation and doomed to die if they didn't take daily radiation reducer shots. In waking life, his boss yelled at him and his fellow employees about drug use and threatened to have the DEA show up to investigate employees if the drug use didn't stop. The dreamer made personal attempts to become sober from marijuana. In this case, the radiation poisoning that needed to be treated may have reflected his feelings about the severe, pervasive consequences that he and his coworkers would face if they didn't cut out marijuana smoking to reduce its negative influence on their work performance as per their boss's threats.


To dream of a radiator represents a person or situation in your life that you can always apply pressure to in order maintain a comfortable atmosphere or lifestyle. Alternatively, it may reflect a situation that feels wonderful never having to care.

Example: A man dreamed of having to fix a rusty radiator. In waking life he was always using and scaring his son into paying his bills to live comfortably. His son eventually went bankrupt and he had to find ways to get him making money again.


To dream that you are listening to the radio represents one sided communication. You may be listening to someone that doesn't listen to you. It may also reflect constant orders or instructions that you can't discuss or debate. Situation or agenda that you have no control over. A one way flow of ideas. Hearing the radio may also symbolize the "voice in your head" that you keep listening to.

Negatively, a radio may reflect eavesdropping on other people. It may also reflect the one way nature of authoritarian control that doesn't listen at all.

Alternatively, listening to the radio may represent your feelings about ESP, psychic, or telepathic communication you believe you are experiencing.

To dream of a radio being turned off may represent your unwillingness to listen to someone that is doing all the talking or decision-making. You may be tired of not being listened to or included.

To dream of changing the radio station represents a wish to be directed or informed differently. Preferring to be walked through a situation by someone different.

Example: A dreamer heard the radio repeatedly saying over and over "In the name of the Fuhrer, In the name of the Fuhrer." In waking life this dream occurred to a German living in Nazi Germany during the war. The dream may have reflected the person's growing unease about one way nature of the Nazi authority that society seemed to blindly follow and the growing use of propaganda.


To dream of a raft represents a last resort or makeshift attempt to confront a negative or uncertain situation. Protecting yourself and doing whatever you can with available resources to get through a problem with the belief that it might be your last chance. A temporary way of coping with difficulties or staying afloat amidst challenges. A raft in your dream could be reflective of your current strategies for managing problems or negotiating turbulent circumstances. Your ability to navigate through challenging circumstances using limited means or resources. Feeling that people will stop caring about you if they don't think you tried to do every last thing to hang on during an uncertain situation.

Positively, dreaming about a raft might indicate resourcefulness, adaptability, and a knack for making the best out of a bad situation. It may reflect your ability to improvise when life doesn't go according to plan, showing resilience in times of adversity.

Negatively, dreaming about a raft could represent a feeling of insecurity or instability. It might indicate that you believe your current coping mechanisms are not robust or permanent enough to get you through your problems in the long run. A raft can symbolize a precarious state where you feel you're barely keeping yourself above water, emotionally or situationally. It may imply you're not fully prepared or equipped to handle the complexities or challenges you're currently facing. A sign that you need to find more stable ground or long-term solutions. Too much fear or concern about holding on desperately being your responsibility without talking about your problems to other people.

Example: A young woman dreamed of being on a raft with uncontrollable waves, large rocks, and fire destroying everything. She was about to drink a yellow fluid to commit suicide, and just before she was about to die she found a cave. In waking life, she was confronting a lot of stress in her life and had strong feelings about wanting to give up and run away. In this case, the raft may have reflected her feelings of being overwhelmed and the precariousness of her emotional state. She felt desperate to navigate through a myriad of issues using temporary or unstable coping mechanisms. The raft symbolizes her desperation and last-resort efforts to confront her emotional turmoil and life challenges.


To dream of rage represents feelings of intense anger, fury, or resentment. Unresolved conflict, frustration, anger, or disappointment, or feelings of powerlessness. Your inner turmoil, your reaction to injustice, or your struggle with situations or people that you find unbearable or unfair. You or someone else that is "letting it all out" on someone.

Positively, dreaming about rage might symbolize a potent drive or motivation to change a situation that you find intolerable. It may reflect a conscious choice to confront issues head-on, to stand up for yourself, or to express strong emotions that you have been suppressing. It could also indicate a heightened state of passion, determination, or resilience.

Negatively, dreaming about rage could represent feelings of loss of control, destructive impulses, or fear of your own anger. It might symbolize an inability to handle stress, conflict, or changes. Perhaps you are struggling with a volatile situation or relationship that is causing you emotional distress, or you might be dealing with self-destructive tendencies or anger management issues. It could also represent feelings of resentment, betrayal, or injustice.

Example: A woman dreamed of feeling rage towards a man. In waking life, she was trying to breakup with a man because she felt the relationship was toxic as he's cheated on her. He is trying to marry her while she wants no part of it. In this case, the woman's rage may have reflected her intense feelings of anger, betrayal, and frustration towards the man. Her dream might reveal her internal conflict and emotional turmoil as she tried to end a relationship that she found harmful and unbearable with a man who frustrates her with no accepting the relationship over.

*Please See Anger


To dream of rags represents resources or tools you use to address or 'clean up' problems, which you might perceive as unimportant, insignificant, or disposable. A resource or tool that you view you as lesser, insignificant, or disposable that serves to solve a problem.

Positively, dreaming about rags may represent humility, simplicity, or a sense of being grounded. It could reflect a willingness to endure hardship, the process of personal growth through tough experiences, or a desire to rid oneself of unnecessary problems. Having to concern for believing your better than anyone else for for improving a situation.

Negatively, dream of rags may represent attempts to remedy a situation while hoping it doesn't cause further inconvenience or draw attention. A fear of poverty, a sense of being worn out, or the fear of decline in status or respect. Fixing a problem simply without respecting yourself too much and hoping it won't bother anyone else. Feeling that quickly telling a lie to fix a situation is below you, but not minding it because you believe that nobody will find out or care to verify.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having a bloody face and using a rag to clean herself up. In waking life, she had lost her job and was looking for another job. In this case, the rag may have reflected her attempt to use an excuse or lie about why she lost her job that nobody cared about verifying in order to hide her job loss from parents or hide any problems about her old job from a future employer.


To dream of a railing represents feelings of support and assistance. Knowing that you won't lose or be embarrassed. Comfort in knowing that you are cared about or safe.

To dream of a broken railing may reflect feelings of a reduced sense of waking support.

Example: A man dreamed of standing on a second floor that had no railing. In waking life he was experiencing a work life transition that had no job security or insurance.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a railing in her house breaking as she held on to it. In waking life she had a few of her ribs broken when she was given the Heimlich maneuver while choking on a mint.

*Please See Banister


*Please See Train Tracks

Railway Tracks

*Please See Train Tracks


To dream of rain represents sadness, disappointment, difficulties, or depression. It may also reflect despair. Feelings about some area of your life being ruined or your happiness "rained on." Experiencing an unwanted change or that you are being swept along with by a problem. Grieving. A bad mood or feeling that something is going wrong. Feeling that bad times are ahead or that the future will not be very bright. Feeling that you are going miss someone or something in your life.

Rainwater that builds up, or begins to rise reflects your emotional burdens or stress that are becoming too much to handle. Experiencing situations that seem to be getting worse before they get better. Feeling swamped by your emotions or circumstances. Problems becoming too much for you.

To dream of heavy rain may represent feeling overwhelmed by emotions or life's challenges. A period of intense difficulty, turmoil, or emotional release. It may also signify a powerful wave of emotion, such as sorrow or heartbreak, that you feel is beyond your control. Dreaming of heavy rain may suggest that you are experiencing a deluge of problems or negative emotions that are difficult to manage. A need for emotional catharsis or a cleansing of pent-up feelings. A powerful emotional release, cleansing, or transformation. Alternatively, heavy rain in a dream may symbolize a sense of purification or renewal, as the water washes away the old to make way for the new.

To dream of experiencing heavy rainfall without being able to find shelter might symbolize a feeling of vulnerability or helplessness in the face of adversity. You may feel exposed to harsh circumstances or emotional storms without any means of protection or relief.

Example: A woman dreamed that it was raining so hard that the water began to leak into her home through the ceiling. In waking life, her husband began to slowly lose his mind to a psychological condition. She felt hopeless about her husband's irreversible condition.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of walking down a street during the day and then turned a corner to find it began to rain. In waking life, he was in the prime of his life and then suddenly fell ill with a disease that slowly destroyed his life.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of experiencing heavy rainfall. In waking life, she was going through a divorce.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing rain. In waking life, he had gotten turned down for a job and started to have a bad outlook on his future.

Example 5: A man dreamed of hard rain pouring down. In waking life, he got a job in another city and was sad that he was going to miss all his friends once he moved away.

*Please See Hail


To dream of rainboots represents your readiness, preparation, and focus on dealing with uncertainty or situational challenges that require enduring sadness, disappointment, difficulties, or depression. Preoccupation with never allowing bad times get to you. Being completely ready to be "knee deep" in a crappy situation never allowing it to bother you. Protection and resilience against adverse conditions. A protective stance and emotional resilience in dealing with potential losses or difficulties. Feeling that nothing can bother you about the worst uncertainty, upsets, or unpleasant situations because you are prepared to get through it. Feelings about the necessity to protect yourself from emotional downpours, unexpected troubles, or messy situations. It can symbolize preparation, foresight, or the understanding that certain situations require caution and protective measures to prevent potential harm.

Positively, dreaming of rainboots may indicate your ability to handle difficult circumstances or emotional storms with ease. Your ability to handle setbacks and challenges effectively. You are equipped to deal with whatever obstacles come your way and can maintain your emotional stability. Being fully prepared to face unpleasant circumstances or difficult emotions and not let them drag you down. Adequately equipped to navigate through emotional or turbulent situations without getting affected. Resilience, adaptability, and determination to keep moving forward despite difficulties.

Negatively, dreaming about rainboots may represent feelings of being constantly surrounded by negativity or uncertainty. You may feel overwhelmed by the challenges and obstacles in your life, finding it difficult to escape or find relief from them. Feelings of being weighed down by the problems and unable to find a solution or way out. You may be overly cautious or defensive in your approach to life. You might be shielding yourself from potential emotional experiences or avoiding situations that could help you grow. This dream could be a reminder to be more open and flexible, as being too guarded might limit your personal growth and opportunities for connection.

Example: A man dreamed of someone with green rainboots shooting him with a machine gun and then experiencing himself jumping off a cliff that was about to break. In waking life, he was worried about an investment he had. In this case, the rainboot may have reflected his readiness and preparation to face financial uncertainty and the emotional turmoil associated with protecting himself from a potentially bad investment loss.


To dream of a rainbow represents feelings of wonderfulness that something bad or disappointing is over with. Enjoying moving on from an unpleasant situation. Feelings of harmonization in your life as a bad situation is corrected. Good things are happening after enduring negativity. A rainbow is a sign that negativity in some manner is being confronted or fixed. Psychological, emotional, or situation corrections occurring. You may experience new confidence or find justice in some area of your life. Crying is over-with as good news arrives. A better mood than you previous had because a terrible problem went away. The worst thing that ever happened to you is never a problem ever again. It feels wonderful that you don't think of problems anymore.

Negatively, dreaming about a rainbow may represent feelings of not laughing that something serious or terrible is over-with because you appreciate feeling good that it's over-with.

Example: A man had recurring dreams of rainbows. In waking life he was having a phone calls with a criminal lawyer who kept giving him good news about problems with his legal case being fixed until he was finally cleared of criminal charges.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a full rainbow circle. In waking life he was happy to see that his mothers problematic computer starting to work great all the time.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a rainbow on a white piece of paper in the distance in the center. In waking life he received information that he felt would make a terrible situation go away in the near future.


To dream of a raincoat represents your personality you face and attempt to shield yourself from difficulty, disappointment, sadness, or depression. You are finding the resources necessary to do what you need to do or to get through a difficult situation.

A yellow raincoat symbolizes self-awareness as you protect yourself in the face adversity. You are noticing yourself doing everything you can to stay away from negativity or negative thinking patterns.

Example: A young man dreamed of being with a woman in a yellow raincoat. In real life he was changing schools to avoid bad influences and had to put up with a lot of stress and peer pressure in order to do it. The yellow raincoat reflected him noticing himself doing everything he could to avoid the bad people who were such a negative influence.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an African man wearing a raincoat. In waking life she was expecting to divorce her husband.


*Please See Jungle

*Please See Forests


To dream of raisins represents feeling better than something is depleted or older than before. Enjoying not having to be better than anyone else while noticing that something is used up. Feeling better that something wasted all it's time being fully noticed for what it was to make it easier for you. Problems or challenges used up making them feel good dealing with easily. Feeling good being wiser than someone else who wasted their time going first. Feelings that a situation is better than you thought it was going to be because enemies or competition having wasted all it's time. Enjoying enemies or competition that have "shriveled up." Problems that aged making them enjoyable to deal with. Enjoying something because it's noticeably not as perfect, full, or high quality as before. Feeling good you easily don't need to help anyone else out anymore.

Negatively, dreaming about raisins may reflect feelings about enjoying exploiting, deleting, or wasting someone more naive than you. Enjoying nothing left for someone else who didn't even believe it mattered.

To dream of a bowl of oatmeal and raisins may reflect an experience you are having that is down to earth, and enjoyably depleted to your benefit.


To dream of using a rake represents repetitive thoughts about a problem you want to fix. Doing the same thing over and over to fix a problem.

To dream of raking mud or grass that turns into mud may represent a problem that you keep doing everything to fix and it never works.

The dream suggests that you need to find or listen to new ideas, or give up methods that aren't working.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone raking mud. In waking life he business had failed and he kept trying the same things over and over to fix it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of raking weeds. In waking life he had cheated on his wife and got caught. The raking of the weeds may have reflected his feelings about having to repeatedly explain himself to his wife who would keep annoying him by bringing up his cheating.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

*Please See Computer Memory


To dream of a ramp represents feelings about a transition or progress that is smooth. Not having to increase or decrease in stages. No need for "one step at a time" situations. Feeling that progress is quick and doesn't require waiting for the next stage. Feelings about a method to make progress easily being better.

Negatively, a ramp may reflect dependence on an easy method of progress. A method of cheating that is easier to make progress with than being honest.

Going up a ramp represents feelings ascension, improvements, increases in status that feels easy. Less effort required than usual to improve or increase some area of your life. Smooth transition to increased confidence. Quick and easy involvement in a situation.

Going down a ramp represents feelings of descension, worsening, or decreases in status that is easy. Less effort required than usual to worsen or decrease some area of your life. Smooth transition to reducing some area of your life. Easily or effortlessly transitioning away from a difficult situation. Negatively, it may reflect feelings tjhat it's easier to leave a situation quickly then to apologize.

To dream choosing to use stairs instead of a ramp represents may reflect feelings about wanting to increase or decrease progress in stages instead of doing it too quickly. Not liking easy winning because it doesn't feel safe. A conservative attitude about improving or reducing a situation. Choosing to earn something instead of getting something too easily.

To dream of an off-ramp on the highway represents feelings about the choice to control a situation by reducing the speed. The option to easily reduce haste or excitement in a situation. Choose to easily walk away from a fast paced situation. Choosing to walk away from a situation where you were highly competitive to go do something else.

To dream of an on-ramp on the highway represents feelings about the choice to easily get yourself involved in a fast paced situation. Increasing haste or excitement in a situation.

Example: A young man dreamed of crashing his car on the off-ramp of a highway. In waking life he was having sex with his friends girlfriend and at the moment he choose to walk away from the affair the friend caught him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an off-ramp. In waking life she was considering how easy it would be to leave a relationship and start a new life.


To dream of rams represents feelings about yourself or someone else that doesn't fear an argument. Feeling that fighting, disagreements, or arguments are inevitable. A competitor that will "butt heads" if needed. No fear of challenging others with as much effort as possible. A stubborn attitude that refuses to accept change. A stubborn enemy. An unintelligent bully or pushy person. Feelings about yourself or someone else that refuses to listen. You or someone else that is looking for a fight. Attempting to assert dominance in a situation or tense relationship.

Negatively, a ram may reflect feelings about enemies or competition that isn't afraid to interfere with your plans. Evil that doesn't fear interfering with good. Bad people that don't hesitate to challenge good people. The risk of enemies challenging you at sensitive moments. An enemy that permanently refuses to listen. Awareness of yourself refusing to listen to someone at all costs. Feeling that someone refuses to accept you at all. Difficulty negotiating with bullies or arrogant people. Feeling
that someone would rather push you around then listen to compromises. Unwanted aggression or arguments. Impulsive aggression.

The symbolism of a ram used in Satanism may be a perfect metaphor for evil that challenges God as hard as possible or stubbornly refuses to listen to God.

To dream of a ram skull may reflect feelings about remembering the importance of never arguing again. Something in your life that reminds you of how stupid you looked trying to argue with someone. Feeling taunted with your own failed attempts to argue with someone. Embarrassment for not listening to what you were told to do.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a ram skeleton. In waking life she was having concerns about having to argue with an ex-boyfriend over property after having moved on emotionally from the relationship.


To dream of a ranch represents a mindset that is feeling good safe while working all the time. Working hard and never caring about anyone else's problems. A mindset that s always safe and never lazy. Accepting yourself never minding working hard. A situation in life that is accepted as simple, but requiring hard work all the time. A sense of safe stability with lots of chores and responsibilities. An attitude that never overconfident about having lots of work to do. Feelings about the simplicity of never needing to anything except show up for work everyday to avoid being a loser in life. Feeling down to earth or humble with regular hard work.

Negatively, ranch symbolism may reflect too much comfort with your current job or livelihood. Concerns related to livelihood and making money. Stable employment. Feelings of trust from the stability of military life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a ranch style house with a 13 year-old girl wearing black and red that urinates in front of her. In waking life she was starting to think that her business partner was a burden. The ranch symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about her business life being simple about the responsibilities required to run it and how her business partner was a reckless burden ruining that feeling.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being near a white ranch style house and sitting across from the devil. In waking life she was starting a job with a former lover. The ranch symbolism in this case may have reflected her feelings about having a stable job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a walking through a ranch for a shortcut to get somewhere else and experiencing a snake. In waking life her husband was changing locations while working in the US military and required a sponsor in another state to help him adjust to the new location. The sponsor was female making the dreamer jealous. walking through the ranch in this case may have reflected her feelings about trusting the stability and honesty of military life as the military helped her husband transfer posts.

Example 4: A man dreamed of a worn out ranch truck. In waking life he was concerned with his job not being good enough and that it was time to try to do something more successful. The worn out ranch truck may have reflected the man's feelings about about his job giving him security, but that the job wasn't interesting anymore.


To dream of having to pay a ransom represents feelings of being forced to met an ultimatum to restore a situation to normal. Feelings about some area of your life being held from you or "kidnapped" unfairly. Criminal, arrogant, or untrustworthy negotiation type tactics. Feelings about demands being made of you to get something returned. Feeling that someone or something is so terrible that you can't do anything you like until you do something that you don't want to do. It may also reflect feelings of having to lose something important to you or give up power in order to restore your life back to normal. Feelings about your life being on hold because of something you can't trust at all. Feelings of risk associated with dealing with someone you can't trust at all.

Alternatively, a ransom note may be a sign that may feel deceived by someone you trusted.

To dream of the newspaper ransom note effect represents feelings about an ultimatum that uses a small bit of every other means of communicating to convey a message instead of risking communicating directly. A message being conveyed to you that's careful with why it's doesn't want to be identified. A message conveyed that intentionally hides the ability to identify the source noticing that you can't do anything about it.

Rap Music

To dream of rap music represents feeling emotions expressed that feel good showing off feeling being the best, being arrogant, or putting down others to feel good about yourself. Feelings of superiority, bragging, or an over-inflated sense of power. Winning first. Feeling good being bigger than others like nothing else matters.

Positively, rap music represents feeling good being the best because you keep proving you are. Confidence and has a strong sense of self-esteem that didn't except being little or a wimp. Feeling good about something strong because you feel nobody will be in love with your choices if you don't.

Negatively, rap music may reflect you or someone else that is too concerned with feeling good thinking they are the biggest or most powerful. Overdone thinking people are losers if they don't notice winning all the time. Faking feeling good being a winner all the time. Impotence to win that doesn't do anything except feel good being best loudest. Enjoying bragging or thinking you are better than other people.

Example: A man dreamed of the lyrics to a rap music song that he believed were crucial for a school assignment. However, he lost the lyrics and was faced with the possibility of failing the assignment. In his waking life, he was feeling arrogant and wanted to use the rap lyrics as an opportunity to humiliate his father at his funeral, as he held a grudge against him for causing him embarrassment while alive. However, he eventually lost the courage to follow through with his plan and felt defeated as a result. The dream highlights the man's conflicted emotions regarding his relationship with his father and the struggle to control his feelings of anger and revenge.


To dream of rape represents negative life experiences that you are powerless to stop or control. Someone or something is effecting your self-esteem, well-being, or ability to do as you please. Feelings of victimization.

Sex in a dream represents the merging of different aspects of yourself to create life experiences. Rape is then a negative experience that you are unable to stop that's filled with fear, stress, desire for things you can't have, or other negative emotions.

Rape dreams may occur when are experiencing situations that are very frustrating, humiliating, scary, or leave you feeling powerless.

Examples of real life situations that may encourage dreams of rape may be a loss of a promotion to a less qualified person, an unsupportive spouse, or a problem that never seems to improve. People may also dream of rape if they experience unwanted attention from the opposite sex.

If you see someone raping another person it represents one aspect of your personality forcing itself on another to control your life experience. For example, if a killer raped your mother in a dream it may represent a powerful fear controlling your intuition so that you will never make choices that will help you to face you fear.

If you were actually raped in real life, it may be suggesting that you have unresolved issues with the event.

Example: A woman dreamed of being raped. In waking life she just had a baby and felt like her husband was not doing enough to help her and always had a perfect excuse not to. The rape reflected how powerless she felt to get her husband to help her raise the baby.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a man rape another man in the anus. In waking life he was experiencing enormous stress at work with the constant threat of losing his job. The anal rape reflect how he felt powerless and strewed over by his job.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being raped by strangers. In waking life she was in the hospital getting a hysterectomy. The dream may have reflected her sensitivity about people she didn't know seeing and touching her private parts.


To dream of rapids represents feelings of intense urgency, chaotic change, heightened emotional states, or fast-paced uncertainty in your life. Situations or emotions that are quickly escalating out of control, and could be indicative of the speed at which you are forced to confront or navigate issues. The potential to get carried away by heightened emotional states.

Positively, dreaming about rapids might suggest that you thrive in fast-paced, challenging circumstances. Your ability to stay focused and make sound decisions under pressure. Your talent for navigating through difficult periods, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth or adventure. Handling change, adapting quickly, and pushing through obstacles.

Negatively, dreaming about rapids could represent feelings of being overwhelmed by rapidly changing circumstances or strong emotional turbulence. It might indicate that you're struggling to keep up with the pace of events, or you're concerned that you'll be swept away by circumstances beyond your control. A fear of losing control or stability, as rapids are inherently unpredictable and can lead to dangerous outcomes.

Example: A woman dreamed of being chased by heavy water down rapids. In waking life, she was having anxiety about not being appreciated at work and working too hard with little downtime. In this case, the rapids may have reflected her overwhelming feelings of trying to keep up with the relentless pace and demands at her workplace. The sensation of being chased by heavy water could symbolize the emotional weight and urgency she felt as responsibilities and stress seemed to chase her, making her feel as if she's at risk of being swept away by events outside her control.


To dream of a rapper or rap musician represents an aspect of yourself that likes to feel good arrogantly showing off. You or someone else that likes to brag or show off to others about what you have or how much more important you are. It may also reflect a person in your life that scares you that all their priorities are based on showing off.

Dreaming about rappers may also reflect competitive conflict that involved threats or arrogant displays of grandeur to embarrass opponents. An arrogant cold attitude that belittles competition every chance it gets. Feeling good bragging in public about being better than other people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a rap star that loaned him money. In waking life he felt that a friend who had done him a favor only did it because he was looking forward to using him later on to show off to other people.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing angry rap stars yelling at him. In waking life he was running a very competitive business that required showing off and bragging in public to embarrass the competition that he was superior than they were.


To dream of the rapture may represents a waking life situation that determines whether or not you deserve to feel good or like yourself. An outcome to a situation that indicates whether or not you were too selfish.

A coming rapture may represent pressure you feel to be extra generous or decent. A one time opportunity to prove your decency or generosity.

To dream of being left behind in the rapture represents preoccupation with feeling that you don't deserve something. Jealousy that others get do something you never can. Fearing never being good enough or never having a second chance. Being embarrassed for selfishness.


To dream of a skin rash represents feelings of irritation, discomfort, or embarrassment in waking life. Anxiety and frustration about a situation and not knowing how to fix it. Something that is abnormal or uncomfortable that you would like to get rid of, but are struggling to do so. A situation that is causing emotional or psychological discomfort. The rash may represent repressed emotions or unresolved issues that are causing a negative impact on your life. Alternatively, the rash may be a metaphor for something you are "itching" to fix or a situation you are having difficulty resolving. Annoyances that you feel stuck with, and that you don't have the experience or knowledge to deal with on your own. A signal that a problem needs extra attention and care, and that you should take steps to address it before it gets worse.

Consider the location on the body of the rash for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of having a rash on his feet. In waking life he dropped out of university and was worried about how to reenroll. In this case the rash may have reflected his anxiety and frustration about not knowing how to fix his finances to afford University a second time so he could feel good about himself again.


To dream of raspberries represents thoughts about enjoying that it's good for you to never fear never asking permission about what you're allowed to do about small or sensitive issues. Giving yourself permission to enjoy yourself in small ways that doesn't explicit approval or permission from others. Feelings of small but meaningful pleasures or indulgences, often related to issues you consider sensitive or precarious.

Positively, dreaming about raspberries may reflect a sense of autonomy in handling delicate or sensitive situations. It could indicate that you're capable of making good judgments about what's best for you, especially in areas where you don't feel the need to consult experts or ask for permission. The dream may signify self-trust, balanced living, and the enjoyment of life's smaller but valuable pleasures.

Negatively, dreaming of raspberries might indicate that you're treading on delicate ground, especially if you're dealing with sensitive or precarious situations in waking life. It could signify that while you're allowing yourself some small freedoms, there's an underlying fear or concern that you might be pushing the boundaries too far, risking stability or well-being. This dream could be a signal that you need to be cautious, especially in situations where the stakes are high or when dealing with delicate issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of a pile of raspberries on her bed. In waking life, she was pregnant and had a history of miscarriages. In this case, the raspberries may have reflected her cautious optimism and the delicate balance she felt she had to maintain between allowing herself small joys and being mindful of her pregnancy.


To dream of a rat represents underhanded behavior, people, or situations. Rats reflect lying, cheating, stealing, or backstabbing other people.

You may be hiding something from others, or having a problem trusting someone.

To dream of a dead rats may reflect dishonest or deceptive people that have been caught or punished.

To dream of a blue rat represents people or situations that can't trusted that are working hard to earn trust.

To dream of a white rat may represent deceptive or underhanded behavior that is for a good purpose. Lying or cheating for a good cause.

Example: A woman dreamed of a blue rat. In real life her boyfriend had cheated on her and was trying very hard to earn back her trust.

Example 2: Women often dream of seeing their husbands turn into rats when they are unhappy with their marriages. Most likely a reflection of their feelings about their husbands lying or cheating behind their backs.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of rats that scared her. In waking life she was considering telling people about her pregnancy which she had kept to herself, but then had doubts about whether she could trust her friend to keep it a secret.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of a rat. In waking life he was hiding his girlfriend from his parents.


To dream of a rattlesnake represents people or situations that warn you about unpleasant consequences if you don't co-operate. Obvious warning signs or open hostility. Feelings about there being potential for a serious problem in your waking life.

Alternatively, a rattlesnake could also represent your attempt to threaten someone else with an undesirable course of action if they continue doing something you don't like. Warning someone else they they are going to pay dearly if they disrespect you or choose to avoid listening to you.

To dream of being bitten by a rattlesnake may reflect feelings about having ignored obvious warning signs. Feelings of regret for not having taken a warning or threat more seriously.

To dream of only a rattlesnake tail with no body may reflect a fake threats or fake dire warnings. Threats or warnings with no substance. Confidently warning someone of a failure that isn't possible for you to carry out.

Example: A woman dreamed of a rattlesnake. In waking life she was receiving threats from lawyers about losing custody of her child.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of someone pointing to a rattlesnake. In waking life she was beginning to see warning signs that her boyfriend was thinking of cheating on her and causing problems with their relationship. She had caught him looking at other girls.

Example 3: A man dreamed of a rattlesnake. In waking life he didn't trust his boss and felt that continuing to work for him may have serious consequences.

Example 4: A young man dreamed of rattlesnakes clinging to his arm. In waking life he felt embarrassed that his girlfriend threatened to break up with him if he didn't stop pressuring her into sex.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of having a rattlesnake in her mouth. In waking life she was preparing to make legal threats to her neighbor.

*Please See Snakes


To dream of a raven represents a bad omen or a situation that signals trouble ahead. It could also reflect a sense of intuition that feels that something is wrong or dangerous.

A raven may reflect expected misfortune or unpleasant changes. It may also be a signal that a phase is coming to an end.

Alternatively, a raven may symbolize a person who benefits from a misfortune or enjoys recounting tales of woe.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a raven with red eyes looking at him. In waking life he was very nervous about starting college and having to get a job afterwards. The raven reflected his feeling that failure was waiting for him after college.

*Please See Crows


To dream of a ravine represents a negative situation or uncertain moment that requires work, but doesn't scare you. Feeling that a problem will be annoying or awkward, but having the confidence to know you will overcome it easily.

Alternatively, a ravine may reflect anxiety or fear about having to do something all by yourself.


To dream of eating something raw represents rushing or haste in wanting to get a situation over with. Not wanting to prepare or wait for something to happen. "Jumping the gun" or hurrying.

Alternatively, raw food may reflect doing something with no concern for how good it feels.

Negatively, raw food may be a sign that you are ill-prepared. Dangerous or crude impatience.

To dream of things other than food being raw may reflect raw emotions. It may also reflect a wish to unconventionally do something for yourself.

Raw Meat

*Please See Meat


To dream of a bare razor blade represents conflict in your life that requires you to be absolutely perfect. Feeling that perfect adherence is required. Facing a problem where there is no room for mistakes.

To dream of a razor blade with a handle represents your wish to restore a problem to absolute perfection. Taking your time to put something back in order. A store bought razor kit such as Gillette may reflect a better idea to restore a problem than someone else has.

Example: A man dreamed of wanting to buy a Gillette shaving kit. In waking life he felt that his idea to flat out sell his deceased Grandmother's house was a better way to totally finish off his family's fighting over the will. Other family members wanted to wait and were discussing business proposals with the property that everyone wasn't in agreement with.


To dream of reaching for something represents a desire or goal that one is striving for in waking life. The potential for something to happen. The dreamer's efforts to achieve a particular objective, or their longing for something that is beyond their grasp. A sense of yearning, ambition, or aspiration. Depending on the context of the dream, reaching for something could also symbolize the dreamer's willingness to take risks or pursue a new opportunity.

Negatively, reaching may represent overdoing desiring or striving for a goal to the point you are unhappy or feel that it's dangerous. The fear of something bad happening that you think has the potential to happen. The dreamer's feelings of frustration, disappointment, inadequacy, or a sense that one's goals or aspirations are just out of reach.

To dream of reaching for something and grasping it may represent a sense of achievement or success in waking life, or a feeling of finally attaining something that one has been working towards.

To dream of reaching for something and falling short may indicate feelings of disappointment or failure in waking life, or a sense that one is not quite good enough to achieve their goals.

To dream of reaching for something and it moving further away may represent a sense of hopelessness or helplessness in waking life, or a feeling that one's efforts are constantly thwarted.

To dream of reaching for something forbidden or dangerous may represent a sense of temptation or risk-taking in waking life, or a feeling that one is willing to take dangerous or extreme measures to achieve their goals.

To dream of something reaching for a gun represents feeling threatened or endangered in waking life and the need to defend oneself with a powerful decision or action. The gun may symbolize power, control, or the ability to protect oneself or others from harm with your choices or actions. Alternatively, it may also reflect a fear or anxiety about violence, aggression, or conflict in one's life. The act of reaching for the gun may indicate a sense of urgency or a need to act quickly in order to protect oneself or others.

To dream of reaching for something evil represents a sense of temptation, desire, or ambition towards something that is morally or ethically wrong. A fear or concern about negative influences or intentions that are trying to take hold in one's life. It could suggest that you are engaging in activities or behaviors that are harmful or negative, or that you are contemplating doing something that you know is wrong. Alternatively, it could reflect a struggle to resist temptation or negative impulses that are leading towards harmful actions or behaviors. This dream may be a warning to be cautious and aware of potentially dangerous people or situations in one's waking life.

To dream of hands reaching down from the clouds may represent feelings about divine intervention, guidance, or support during a difficult and uncertain time.

To dream of something reaching into your chest to your heart represents an emotional or mental impact that deeply affects you, often related to love or strong feelings of attachment or vulnerability. Feelings about something being taken from you so that you can't care about other people anymore. Fears about literal heart problems.

Example: A man dreamed of a dark creature reaching into his chest while being afraid and unable to speak. In waking life his girlfriend informed him that she might have heart problems. In this case the reaching into his chest may have reflected the man's fear and concern about his girlfriend's potential heart problems and his feeling of powerlessness in the situation. He may have also feared the same potential outcome for himself that his girlfriend was experiencing.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing 2 hands reaching down from the clouds with a crucifix in the middle. In waking life the woman was experiencing her friend from church dying of cancer in a hospice facility. In this case the hands reaching down from the clouds may have reflected her feelings about divine intervention making it her friends time to die and the potential for her friends illness to get a lot worse before she dies.


To dream of reading a book represents ideas, insights, or answers to problems you are considering. Telling yourself what to do to follow an expert advice. Considering all options. An open-minded attitude to new ideas. Reading may also reflect your own experience that you are falling back on to deal with a new situation or problem.

Negatively, reading may be a sign that you have badly preconceived ideas about how to act under certain conditions due to past experiences. Telling yourself to think or act in certain ways to new problems based on old or outdated methods. Controlling yourself or using bad habits for no other reason except because it works. Blindly following bad ideas.

Example: A woman had a recurring dream of reading a red book. In waking life she her marriage was in jeopardy due to her cheating on her husband. In waking life whenever the topic of her marriage would come up she would always repeat to herself that she was bad and that everything was her fault.

*Please See Books

Reading Glasses

*Please See Eyeglasses

Real Estate

*Please See Property

Real Estate Agent

*Please See Realtor

Reality TV Show

To dream of a reality tv show represents
selling others on how important or interesting you are. Experiencing ones self keeping others focused on the details or significance of your life. Wanting others to know every little thing that you're doing. Creating a spectacle of your actions or decisions for other people.

Positively, a reality TV show may reflect telling your life story or trying to sell others on how interesting you are. Negatively, a reality tv show may reflect bragging, lying about your life, or wanting attention.


To dream of a realtor represents an aspect of your personality that is interesting you in a different perspective or new sense of self. A person or situation that motivates you to change your mind or take on a new belief system.

Positively, a realtor may reflect people or situations that encourage positive changes to your beliefs. Negatively, a realtor may represent situations that are motivating you to see things from a more negative perspective.

To dream of being a realtor represents your attempt to convince someone else to think differently or see things from a different perspective.

Example: A person who was having difficulty convincing his father to change his mind once dreamed of being a realtor who was having problems selling a house.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being a realtor who was having problems selling a house. In waking life he was having difficulty convincing his father to change a decision he made.

Rearview Mirror

To dream of rearview mirrors represents your thoughts and feelings about the past as you move forward in life.

If a person or car is approaching in your mirror it may symbolize past issues coming back into your waking life.


To dream of a rebuke represents feelings of criticism, strong disapproval, or censure from you or other people. A wake-up call or a harsh realization about behavior or actions. Your internal moral compass, reminding you of your values and principles. Commitment to values and principles in the face of adversity.

Positively, a rebuke in a dream may represent a necessary correction or guidance. It may serve as a wake-up call, urging you to correct your mistakes or change your course of action. It can be an opportunity for personal growth and self-improvement. It may also represent your inner moral compass guiding you to make better choices. Recognizing the need to change your behavior or attitude for the better.

Negatively, a rebuke could represent feelings of guilt, shame, or inadequacy. A sense of guilt or remorse for your actions, words, or behavior. Feelings of inadequacy or a fear of judgment from others. You might feel that you are being unfairly reprimanded or that someone is overstepping their boundaries in criticizing you. Fear of being judged or criticized by others. Feelings of shame or unworthiness. Alternatively, this dream could indicate a struggle with authority or resistance to accepting guidance or feedback from others. A need to confront someone who has wronged you or to assert yourself in a situation where you have been mistreated. Feelings about yourself being overly self-critical or that you are surrounded by critical and judgmental people.

Example: A woman dreamed of shouting at the Devil to rebuke him. In waking life, she feared succumbing to an addiction that she was trying to overcome. In this case, rebuking the Devil may have reflected her feelings of confronting and rejecting the negative influence or temptation represented by her addiction. The dream also reveals her commitment to her values and principles in the face of adversity.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of rebuking a man with scary eyes. In waking life, she broke up with her boyfriend but still loved him. In this case, rebuking the man with scary eyes may have reflected her need to stand up for her decision to end the relationship, despite her lingering feelings for her ex-boyfriend.


To dream getting a receipt represents standing proof of your choices being final. A reminder or evidence of what a choice you made in life cost you. Realization or remembering that your choice was final. Accepting or acknowledging some area of your life. Consider what the receipt is for additional meaning.

Alternatively, dreaming of a receipt represents proof of your honesty. Proving to other people that you are telling the truth about a claim you have. A reflection of openness and genuineness.

To dream of the cost on a receipt being higher than you paid for represents feeling of about a decision being too costly. Misunderstandings about promises you made in your agreements or negotiations. Feeling that you misspoke or have made someone believe you would do more for them then you are willing to. Feeling that you are expected to comply with more change or compromise than you want to.

To dream of giving someone a receipt represents something in waking life you are doing to show someone how final their decision is. It may also reflect how you are taking action to prove to yourself that a decision is final.

To dream of losing your receipt represents feelings of being unable to prove your honesty or genuineness.

To dream of using your receipt to make a return represents feelings of wanting to go back on a decision. Proving your honesty or good intentions before changing your mind.

Example: A woman dreamed of pulling a receipt out of her pocket for ice cream. In waking life she was realizing how final her break up with her boyfriend was because she went out on a date with another guy to get him off her mind. She felt the cost of her choice ending the relationship.


To dream of receiving something represents feelings about accepting something happening, accepting something being done for you on its own, or noticing something happening you were expecting to happen. Feelings of accepting something you deserve. Accepting something happening that you weren't expecting. Feelings about something arriving in your life. New ideas, power, abilities, or an experience being given to you. Feelings about a date or event that changes your life arriving. Feelings about a gift or a favor. A desire for something to happen on it's own.

Negatively, receiving something may represents feelings about accepting a problem or feeling that problem is being given to you. Accepting a lie, unproven assumptions, inferior conditions, or something you don't want. Something happening in your life that you weren't expecting. Feelings of accepting something you don't deserve. Being given problems you don't deserve. Disliking feeling the need to accept something. Feelings about gifts or favors you don't like.

To dream that you don't receive something represents feelings of disappointment, not having something done for you, that you are not special, delays, or unexpected problems. Feeling that something is not going to happen for you. A gift or favor that doesn't happen. A new idea, power, ability, or experience is not going to be given you. Feelings about something being rightfully yours not being given to you.

Example: An older woman dreamed of receiving an amaryllis plant as a gift that multiplied into to many plants to fit her apartment. In waking life she had retired. The symbol for receiving the amaryllis plant in this case may have reflected her feelings about deserving to enjoy retirement.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of wanting to receive flowers from her ex-boyfriend. In waking life she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend. The symbolism for wanting to receive flowers in this case may represent the dreamer's feelings about wanting her ex-boyfriend to show her that he likes her all on his own.

*Please See Mail

*Please See Packages

*Please See Awards

*Please See Certificates

*Please See Diploma

*Please See Lectures


To dream of approaching a office reception desk represents feelings about having to notice something before doing what you really want. Feelings about being accepted doing something important to you without actually doing it right away. Preparation, acceptance, or respected waiting for something else to happen. Acknowledged as "showed up" on an issue, but needing to respect instructions. Feelings about how receptive someone is about listening to or helping you do something important. An office reception desk my reflect feelings about parents, teachers, or other people in your life always ready to acknoledge needing to help you with something important as the next stage like it's their job. Feelings of expectation with people or a situation to always being open, friendly, or informative about helping you with something important.

Alternatively, dreaming about an office reception desk may reflect feelings about job applications or job interviews.

To dream of working at an office reception desk represents feelings about accepting others doing something important like it's all you do. Feelings about being a expert at helping other people with their problems. Accepting and taking care of people, situations, or problems.

To dream of a wedding reception represents feelings about enjoying being noticed that some area of your life is finally permanent. Feelings about every other part of your life having to notice that you are finally enjoying doing something permanent. Celebrating permanance or a final decision. Feeling good deserving permanance. Feelings about being witnessed or accepted with a permanent choice. Feeling good that it's awesome that something in your life is permanent. Feeling good that you permanently never have to think of anyone else's feelings if you don't want to.

Alternatively, dreaming about a wedding reception may reflect feelings about married life after the wedding. Negatively, it may reflect high expectations for marriage that are unrealistic.

Example: A woman dreamed of a beautiful wedding reception being planned for her and then noticed that her mother was tried, frustrated, and determined. In waking life she had been married for less than a year.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of attending a marriage reception and couldn't see the man's face. In waking life was on Indian descent and was waiting for the date of her arranged marriage to arrive.


To dream of recess represents a temporary relief or distraction from a issue that worries you, or requires a lot of your attention.


To dream of a recession represents feelings about stagnation, slowed progress, hardship, difficulty getting ahead as fast as you would like. Feeling more stubbornness, rejection, or slow behavior than you would like. Feelings about less opportunities than usual. Feeling that people are less helpful in your life. Feeling dragged into a problem that holds you back. Feelings about losses that discourage optimism or risk taking. Feelings about other people not listening to you because they aren't being helped. A situation that doesn't feel fantastic anymore.


To dream of a recipe represents a combination of factors that are required for you to get a desired outcome or result. It may also reflect an order of operations that works best for you. It can symbolize a systematic approach to problem-solving or decision-making, with each step being a necessary ingredient for success. Additionally, it can represent a desire for order and control in one's life, with the recipe serving as a framework for achieving that sense of order. A combination of lifestyle choices to make a situation feel special or "just right" for you.

Negatively, dreaming about a recipe represents a feeling of being stuck or limited by rules or guidelines. It may symbolize a fear of deviating from a set path or an overreliance on external guidance to make decisions. The dreamer may feel that they are unable to think for themselves and make independent choices, leading to a lack of creativity or spontaneity in their life. Additionally, the recipe may represent a fear of failure or making mistakes, with each step being a potential opportunity for error.

Example: A man dream of wanting to get a recipe right. In waking life he was trying very hard to speak effectively to city officials in email so that they'd listen to him. He was making sure he didn't repeat past mistakes by going to far which had made them ignore him. The dream recipe reflected his attempt to get his tone, grammar, and rhetoric inline with what he felt would be most receptive.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being taught a recipe for someone's "famous soy sauce." In waking life she was proud of herself making big steps towards to help her future. Even her therapist was happy with her. She decided to take a lot of school courses to further her career path apart from other things. In this case the recipe may reflect her feelings about having a plan to combine a number of lifestyle choices working together to make her life feel special.


To dream of a recliner chair represents feelings of comfortably "staying put" with an issue as though there is no problem with it at all. Feeling good not having to do a single thing at all about an issue if you don't want to. Relaxed laid back accepting yourself never having to change your stance on an issue if you don't want to.

Negatively, dreaming about a recliner chair may reflect how you are perfectly comfortable and laid back about never having to stop being dishonest to someone. Enjoying your lie always working without fear.

Example: A woman dreamed of sitting in a recliner chair holding a snake. In waking life she was loyal Christian in her thirties whom never had a relationship and was finally asking for God to help her have one. The recliner chair in this case may have reflected her very comfortable conservative feelings about accepting herself staying single if God doesn't want her to not believing that that attitude may be why she stays single.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a blonde woman sitting in a recliner while feeling aware that her boyfriend din't like blondes. In waking life she had had a sexual relationship with another man while she took time off an older relationship and was lying to the partner she got back with about never having had any sexual encounters while broken up with him. She was perfectly at ease never having to stop lying to him about being celebate while broken up.


To dream of reconciliation represents feelings about something in your life being back to normal after a problem. Thoughts of problems being dealt with and moved on from. Having or wanting relief from a problem that caused stress, frustration, or conflict. Resolving something so you don't have to care about it anymore. Getting over problems. Reconnecting. Coming to terms with something difficult. Accepting the consequences of your actions or a concession to move on. Accepting the worst part of your life and not wanting to hate it anymore. Feeling good that someone doesn't hate you.

Negatively, dreaming about reconciliation may reflect resolving problems or relationships that are unhealthy or unwanted. Not liking the idea of reconnecting with a person or some area of your life. Going back to your old bad habits. Repeated wasted attempts to fix a relationship or problem. Wasting time talking to people from your past. Bad habits that are returning.

Alternatively, dreams of reconciliation may reflect a deep wish to reconcile for real with a person or situation in waking life.

Example: A woman dreamed of hoping for a reconciliation with her mother-in-law. In waking life she was finding her mother-in-law hostile. In this case the wish for reconciliation in the dream may have reflected her feelings of relief after experiencing a positive altercation with her mother-in-law after experiencing a hostile one.

Record Player

To dream of a record player represents feelings about enjoying or appreciating a classic style or old-fashioned experience without interruption. The freedom or ability to feel supposed to in an original or classic way without interruption. Feeling good about an original situation or memory being enjoyed uninterrupted. A connection with the past, nostalgia, or a desire to relive or revisit old times that feels best uninterrupted.

Positively, dreaming about a record player may represent enjoyment or appreciation for simpler times. A conscious choice to disconnect from modern complexities and indulge in more straightforward or uncomplicated pleasures. Appreciating the charm and uniqueness of things from the past, suggesting a comfort with tradition and history.

Negatively, dreaming about a record player may represent feelings of being stuck in the past or an unwillingness to adapt to current trends or modern ways of thinking. A resistance to change, an over-idealization of the past, or a feeling of disconnection from the present. Perhaps you feel that you or someone else is too focused on old ways at the expense of moving forward or embracing new opportunities.

To dream of a broken record player represents feelings about losing the ability to enjoy or appreciate a classic style or old-fashioned experience. A disconnection from the past, nostalgia, or a lost opportunity to relive or revisit old times. Frustrations or sadness over not being able to connect with something you once cherished. Feelings of being cut off from your roots or a cherished aspect of your past. A lost connection with your heritage, traditions, or an inability to relive happy memories. A sense of loss or longing for a time or experience that you can no longer access.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her missing cat standing on top of a record player. As she walks toward her cat, the cat jumps off the record player, and the record player begins to play a song called "How can I help you say goodbye?" In waking life, her cat had been missing for six months. She eventually adopted a new kitten but prayed for the return of her old cat before going to bed on the night of this dream. In this case, the record play may have reflected feelings about the comfort and nostalgia associated with her missing cat. The record player, symbolizing her connection to her past and the memories of her cat, might be playing the song as a metaphor for her process of letting go and moving on, despite her wish for her cat's return.


To dream of recording represents feelings about something being perfectly noticed or remembered in detail. Feelings about feelings, idea, or behavior being copied. Repeatable behavior.

Negatively, dreaming of a recording may reflect emptiness being repeated. A lingering memory of something positive that happened. Feeling that someone cheats you with repeatedly making you feel a certain way.

Alternatively, dreaming of recording something may represent feelings about something being important to remember for later. Behavior, feelings, or thoughts you "picked up" from somewhere else. Copying another person for ideas, feelings, or behavior.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend recording music. In waking life she was losing patience for her boyfriend's sensitivity. The symbolism of seeing her boyfriend recording music may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend repeating saying things to her that he heard or "picked up" someone else.

Example 2: A woman dreamed hearing a happy song only to discover that it was actually a recording. In waking life she was putting up with her son's drug addiction. The happy song recording in this case may have reflected her feelings about having to repeatedly hear fake hope about her son's drug addiction improving or repeated claims of improvement that felt good to her.

Example 3: A man dreamed of a camera that could record video without sound. In waking life his wife was cheating on him. The camera that could record without sound may have reflected his feelings about noticing everything he could to prove his wife was cheating on him without being able to know 100% how she felt with the other man or what she might be saying behind the dreamer's back.

*Please See Video Camera

*Please See Digital Audio Recorder

Records (Vinyl)

To dream of vinyl music records represents situations where you want to enjoy feeling a certain way without interruption. A sign that you may be depressed, nostalgic, or just very focused on feeling a certain way by yourself. Not wanting to feel stupid having a good time interrupted .

Negatively, a record may reflect sensitivity about wanting to enjoy social interactions without any interruptions unpleasant topics being brought up.

Example: A man dreamed of enjoying listening to a record being played with his friends when the record abruptly ended, but the turn table kept turning and he got angry and shouted at his friends who weren't listening. The man had become increasing impatient with a paralyzing illness and wished to die. He actually did die days after this dream.


To dream of a rectangle represents a situation that feels very difficult to change, but isn't impossible. Often a symbol for singularity or everything you are capable of doing being required to change something difficult. It may also reflect enormous effort to change a situation that is easily reversed. It could also mean you or someone else is completely concerned with only their ideas. The difficulty of getting something else to listen when it feels important.

Negatively, a rectangle may reflect succumbing to problems because you don't listen.

Positively, a rectangle may reflect mastery or expertise earned through enormous difficulty.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his father with a rectangle on his shirt. In waking life he noticed his father's heath problem worsened and becoming very difficult to reverse to a stable state.

Recurring Dreams

To have recurring dreams points to unresolved issues, negative thinking patterns, unhealthy behaviors, or unexpressed emotions in your waking life.

Positively, recurring dreams may reflect your life purpose or a phase you are going through.

Document the symbols that show up the most in your recurring dreams to help pinpoint the problem.


To dream of recycling represents the reuse of an idea. Doing the same thing in a slightly different way.

Example: A man dreamed of taking out the recycling. In real life he switched brands of a vitamin supplement and found it more effective. The recycling reflects the idea to use the same vitamin in a different way.


The color red in dreams represents negativity, negative intentions, or negative situations. In a dream it's reflecting something negative about the way you think, feel, or act. It can point to thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that are unhealthy, unpleasant, or, deceitful. Red can also represent anger, fighting, meanness, or dishonesty. Often red also reflects feeling about how dangerous a situation or people's behavior is. Dangerous feelings that "everything is on the line."

The color red is a sign that you are being excessive, immoral, dishonest, or experiencing something unpleasant. Red can also reflect full knowledge that you are doing something that you know is wrong.

The symbolism of red is based on the human perception of the color of blood, since blood is something you only see what something really bad or dangerous happens to you.

Positively, the color red can represent intense passion. This is much rarer in dreams, but does occur.

Red and white in a dream often reflects feelings about purifying negativity or passionately being perfect. Red and white dreams may show up when you are aware of your life experiencing some kind of change involving observing negativity being reduced.

To dream of red and orange may reflect feelings about something powerfully dangerous, dangerously powerful, dangerous passion, or liking how powerful you are to the point of being dangerous. Consider how dark or light the red and orange mix is for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of see a red car that was stuck to another car. In waking life he was having an extra-marital affair and was having problems stopping the relationship. The color red of the car may have reflected his awareness of how negative the relationship was or how dangerous it was for his marriage to keep having the affair.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a TV with a news channel on it where the screen is all red. In waking life he was beginning to fear watching the news because he felt the state of the world was becoming too dangerous.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of a red sky. In waking life she felt that he whole life was being ruined after deciding to leave her controlling cheating husband.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a red tiger. In waking life she was not very confident about a divorce she was having because she felt that her husband would use illegal tactics to win the divorce.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing her ex-boyfriend wearing a red and white striped shirt. In waking life she was hoping or desiring that her ex-boyfriend would want to get back together with her by choosing to slowly reconcile.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing his girlfriend wearing a bright red and orange dress. In waking life he was having concerns that his girlfriend might get bored with him sexually and find a man that would satisfy her sexually.

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