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To dream of being bald (not shaved head) in a dream represents a thinking style that doesn't have to care about what other people think of how it thinks. A thinking style that is totally unconcerned with appearances, free of distraction, or totally focused on what has to be done. Fully embracing a fearless and determined approach to protect yourself from problems with other people. Fearlessness about a problem you're confronting. Doing what you have to do and never caring what anyone else thought of it.

Negatively, dreaming about being bald may represents a total lack of feeling or remorse for what you are doing to others. This could lead to difficulties in relationships and a possible reputation for insensitivity. Feelings about decisions being made are harder, meaner, not listening, or more unfair than they need to be. Feeling that a person or situation is heartless, lacking empathy, or compassion. Totally unconcerned with consequences or feelings because facts or requirements are more important. Keeping a handle on a very stressful or difficult situation and not caring about what appearances or what anyone else thinks to maintain that control. Not caring about what anyone thinks while making no concessions.

Alternatively, being bald may reflect total change of attitude or beliefs. Not caring about what you used to think or believe at all, which can signify personal growth or the shedding of outdated ideas.

To see a bald black person in a dream represents a thinking style that cares about absolutely nothing except surviving without losing anything else. A thinking style that cares about absolutely nothing except proving itself. Never listening to one thing except the truth because you never want to be yelled at. Having to take care of every last thing and never caring what anyone else thinks about it. Enduring the worst stress of your life to the threat of loss and never caving in once no matter what it looks like. Surviving or proving yourself is the only thing you care about anyone else thinking about you.

To dream of bald evil or bad people represents negative aspects of your personality that that lack empathy, remorse, or compassion. Fears of encountering insensitive situations or people who are unsympathetic to your well-being. You or someone else that is making decisions that seem to care about being harder, meaner, or unsympathetic on purpose. Hurting others with strong decisions. Additionally, bald evil figures in your dreams could represent your own lack of remorse, which may be excessive and potentially harmful to your relationships or personal growth.

Example: A man dreamed of a bald man guiding him around a scary building. In waking life, he was totally focused on dealing with his personal problems and facing fears he had. In this case, the bald man may have reflected the man's fearless and determined approach as he confronted his problems and fears head-on without any concern for external opinions.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing an insecure bald black man with his head down. In waking life, he was totally preoccupied with surviving the worst stressful situation of his life like his life and soul were on the line. In this case, the insecure bald black man may have reflected his own thinking style, which was completely focused on survival and proving himself without losing anything else while feeling insecure that the situation was more serious than he liked.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing wig come off to reveal a totally clean bald head. In waking life, the man was pretending he didn't care about protecting himself from a problem with other people, and then suddenly one day became very serious about defending himself. In this case, the bald head may have reflected his thinking style no longer caring about what others thought and focusing solely on self-preservation and defense.

*Please See Hair Loss



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