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To dream of being at the salon represents a wish to impress others. You might be concerned about leaving a good impression on someone else. You may also be considering making changes to habits, lifestyle, or to your appearance and want others to notice it. A sign that you are self-conscious about how others think about you. Negatively, you may be trying too hard to impress someone. It could also point to deception or a cover-up in some situation.

Hair in dreams typically reflects your thinking style and so a salon would symbolize your attempt to improve yourself or change bad habits in ways that other people will notice.

Alternatively, a salon may reflect a new outlook toward life.

Example: A girl dreamed of getting her hair trimmed at a salon. In real life she was considering changing the way you acted around a guy she liked so that he would notice her more. She was generally shy around him and was trying to speak to him more wanting to impress him.



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