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To dream of a gun represents a serious decision with cancelling power. Choices to stop or ruin something with a single action. Choices made by you or for you with powerful consequences. Angry choices or reactions. Confrontational choices. Defensive choices. The power to control decisions. Assertive power to compel or force behavior. The power to resist, assertively say no, or choose to never put up with something ever again. Thinking about making a serious or dangerous choice permanently while not being afraid to make it. The option to defend yourself. A split second decision that may have serious consequences. Holding power over someone with the ability to stop enjoyment or make people stop feeling good. The power to decide attack someone's character or reputation. The power to decide to break up a relationship, business, contract, or friendship.

Negatively, dreaming about guns represents dangerous choices with powerful consequences. Dangerous insistent choices or reactions. A decision that is dangerously easy to get you or someone else back. Too much power dangerously wielded. Feeling threatened by a dangerous choice that may stop you, embarrass you, or make you lose. Power to decide something permanent that you may regret. A dangerously passionate choice. The power to serious embarrass someone in a heated argument.

Whoever you see in a dream holding a gun reflects a personality trait that is in control of powerful decision-making that may have serious or dangerous consequences. If you hold the gun in a dream it reflects your interest or motivation to make a serious choice to stop something or defend yourself.

If you shoot something with a gun it symbolizes a decision to stop something, cancel something, or defend yourself. Not being afraid to make a serious choice against something you don't like or that is dangerous to you emotionally.

Shooting a bad person may reflect overcoming negative thinking patterns by choosing to believe in yourself or doing the right thing. Seriously or dangerously standing up for yourself with a powerful choice. Making a strong choice to permanently end something bad.

Shooting a good person may reflect a powerful choice to stop something good or innocent in your life. Hurting yourself with a serious choice by being too insistent, passionate, dishonest, or impatient. It may also reflect choosing to be bad or immoral.

To dream of being shot with a gun represents a decision that has failed you or embarrassed you. Feeling that someone has chosen to be too serious with choosing to make you lose. It may also reflect someone else that you feel is intentionally making the decision to fail you, embarrass you, or get back at you. A bad choice you've made that has made a situation turn on you. Feeling that someone else's decision has caused you a lot pain or loss. Feeling that a person that doesn't
like you is powerfully defending themself against you. People or situations that insist that you lose. Feelings about a choice you've made being the stupidest choice you ever made in your life. Confrontation with people who choose losing for you.

Bad people with guns represent negative personality traits that control your decision making (e.g. fears, guilt, or dishonesty). It may also reflect a bad situation that you fear could get out of control. A person or situation that you feel has power or control over you. An inner conflict that's operating like an inner bully. Good people with guns are positive personality traits that are effecting your decisions (e.g. courage, confidence, honesty). Good judgment. Courage or emotional immunity to make serious choices to cancel something dangerous.

To dream of a gun that doesn't work or jams up symbolizes a lack of will, courage, or power to carry out a decision. You don't have what it takes to resist a problem or make an important decision. Feeling that you are not as important as you thought while trying to make an serious decision to cancel something. Problems that won't allow you to make a serious choice to cancel a problem or something dangerous.

To dream of loading a gun represents preparation to make a decision or exact power on someone. Preparing to cancel a problem or something dangerous. Using available resources to stand up for yourself or get back at someone. It may also reflect you believing in yourself before you confront a problem. Becoming resistant.

To dream of accidentally shooting yourself with a gun represents embarrassing yourself with a lack of carefulness while preparing to defend yourself or make a serious choice. Not being careful or responsible enough with the power you hold. Recklessness with a serious choice or plan that ends up hurting you instead. A significant oversight causing you to hurt yourself standing up for yourself.

To dream of intentionally shooting yourself with a gun represents self-imposed failure. Choosing to lose with a significant choice. Choosing to self-cancel with a significant or dangerous choice.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing someone point a gun at a man. In waking life she was having an heated debate with someone that she felt could explode with anger at her if she wasn't careful. The gun reflected the decision to explode with anger that held power over her. Feeling that she may be "emotionally shot" by the man who might permanently hate her.

Example 2: A boy dreamed of seeing men pointing a gun at him. In waking life he felt his teacher was singling him out for embarrassment. The gun in this case may have reflected his feelings about his teacher holding the power to choose embarrassment.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of retrieving a pistol to defend herself against her angry husband. In waking life she was was confident about not putting up with her husband's dishonesty anymore. In this case the gun may have reflected he willingness to protect herself while arguing with her husband with a serious threat to divorce him.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing man who was laying on the ground shooting a gun off in random directions and then eventually at her which required her to lay on the ground. In waking life she was comfortably over her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend when he called her on the phone and began discussing getting back together with her in an aggressive manner. In this case the gun being fired off may have reflected her thoughts about her ex-boyfriend getting back at her or doing things to powerfully ruin her new life without him. He may have been saying things ease that had a powerful effect to stop her from enjoying herself as though he held this power over her.

Example 5: A young man dreamed of seeing a criminal holding a gun at him. In waking life he was experiencing powerful pressure to decide to cave in to bad habit that would cost him a lot personally.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of watching a fight and one man points a gun at another man's horse. In waking life she was concerned with someone having the power to attack her character or professional reputation.

Example 7: A woman dreamed of man pointing a gun at her while she sat in her car. In waking life she got into a heated argument with her boyfriend. In this case the gun may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend holding the power to make the choice breakup with her while they were arguing if she didn't agree to something he wanted.

Example 8: A young man dreamed of lots of sex, alcohol, and being drunk that included men with guns that wanted to murder him. In waking life he was worried that if he didn't slow down on drinking alcohol that he would kill himself. The guns in this case may have reflected his thoughts about the dangers of choosing to go too far with drinking that might kill him.

Example 9: A man dreamed of thinking about needing a gun to shoot a lion which backfired and ended up hitting him. In waking life he got into an argument with someone and believed he could win, but the person ended up being too angry to talk to. In this case the gun may have reflected the dreamers beliefs about the powerful choice option to cancel the confidence of the person he was arguing with.

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