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To dream of trick-or-treating on Halloween represents feelings about how easy it is to scare someone into helping you with your problems by asking. Feelings about scaring a large number of people into feeling good for you if you put a lot of effort into it. Feeling that you will get mandatory respect, love, or a pleasant experience if you can scare people into loving to help you.

To dream of trick-or-treating when it isn't Halloween represents feelings about yourself not having to do anything except show up somewhere or to be cared about. Being present at some location or will give you mandatory respect, love, or pleasant experience. Possibly a reflection of a visitation to family or friends. Feeling that people are happy to see you visiting them at all. Feeling good telling a lot of people you are having problems, can't pay bills, or aren't safe so they will want to feel good helping you. Putting a lot of effort into making people scared for you or feel sorry for you so they will feel good helping you with anything at all.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone trick-or-treating wearing a Halloween mask. In waking life his wife got arrested for a DUI and he had to scare a number of people he knew to help him pay bills to get through it.

*Please See Halloween



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