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To dream of trick-or-treating on Halloween represents feelings about using a scary moment to fake appearances in order to make someone or a large group of people gift you something. Feelings about an unconventional or playful approach to gain benefits during a scary moment by manipulating people with fake appearances. Feeling good about how easy it is to scare someone into helping you with your problems by asking. A tendency to be easily swayed by others or to engage in manipulative behaviors in order to attain personal gain during a scary moment. Manipulation of others during a scary crisis or scary moment with the feeling that people like to help you without hesitation because it's expected of them. Feelings about scaring a large number of people into feeling good for you if you put a lot of effort into faking the seriousness of a situation through fear. Feeling that you will get mandatory respect, love, or a pleasant experience if you can scare people into loving to help you. Attempting personal gain during a scary situation that you feel is childish to be afraid of yourself.

Feeling good telling a lot of people you are having problems, can't pay bills, or aren't safe so they will want to feel good helping you with gifted support due to social expectations. Putting a lot of effort into making people scared for you so they will feel good helping you with free handouts.

Positively, dreaming about trick-or-treating might symbolize a creative, adaptable, or opportunistic attitude about using a scary situation because you are not afraid when everyone else is. It may reflect a conscious choice to manipulate a situation or relationship in order to bring about a beneficial outcome. A desire for reward, acknowledgment, or material gains through adopting a different persona or changing your behavior to cater to others' expectations. Your thoughts about the need to push boundaries, to dare, or to create unique opportunities for growth during a scary moment.

Negatively, dreaming about trick-or-treating could represent feelings of deception, manipulation, or insincerity. The use of pretense or falsehood to gain advantages from others because you are not afraid when everyone else is. You might be exploiting others' fear or uncertainty to serve your personal interests. Alternatively, it could suggest a lack of self-esteem or confidence, leading you to hide behind a 'mask' or false identity. Manipulativeness that doesn't think it's a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone trick-or-treating wearing a Halloween mask. In waking life, his wife got arrested for a DUI and he had to scare a number of people he knew to help him pay bills to get through it. In this case, the trick-or-treating may have reflected his feelings about having to resort to manipulation or exaggeration of the severity of his situation (the "scary moment") to elicit financial help from friends or acquaintances. He may have felt as though he was donning a metaphorical "mask" to influence people into aiding him during this challenging period.

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