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To dream of "puppets" represents feelings about control, manipulation, or being influenced by external forces or influences. A lack of autonomy, feeling that your actions are directed by someone else, or that you are unable to assert your own will. Your perceptions of being merely an actor in someone else's scenario, without the power to make significant decisions for yourself.

Positively, dreaming about puppets may represent feelings about a "hidden hand" that is teaching a lesson or guiding one's actions for a greater purpose. It could symbolize an unseen guidance or a higher power that orchestrates events in your life in a way that might seem out of your control but is intended to lead you toward growth, learning, or self-discovery. Divine intervention where certain experiences and interactions are perceived as part of a bigger plan. Controlling people with humor.

Negatively, dreaming of puppets can represent a sense of powerlessness or feeling like you're being controlled by others. Feeling that you're not in control of your own life and are subject to the influence or manipulation of someone else. This dream could also reflect a fear of being used or manipulated by others for their own purposes. Fear or anxiety about standing up for yourself, asserting your independence, or breaking free from manipulative influences.

To dream of a string puppet represents you or someone else who is "pulling the strings" from behind the scenes. Witnessing the mechanism through which the control dynamics occur or "manipulation at play." A clear delineation between the influencer and the influenced, and suggesting a potential for liberation from control.

To dream of a hand puppet may represent a more subtle form of control or influence that feels closer and more personal. Influence, manipulation, or control that does it to your face if it wants to. Perhaps you feel like you or someone else is not expressing themselves authentically or directly, but instead putting up a front or a persona. It could indicate a situation where you feel that someone is putting words in your mouth or that you are unable to voice your true thoughts and feelings without some form of filter or mask. Manipulation that feels patronizing, deceptive, or condescending.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Muppets from Sesame Street. In waking life, he experienced powerful hallucinations of creatures walking around his house. The voice of God told him that the creatures were negative entities that represented negativity in his life that he had to figure out by seeing them as symbolism. In this case, the Muppet Puppets may have reflected his feelings about the hallucinated creatures being controlled or influenced by a greater force (i.e., the voice he identified as God) to teach him a lesson.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of making comedy by using 2 puppets. In waking life, he was using humor to control people to make them accept him. In this case, the puppets my have reflected his feelings about deliberately using humor or wit as a means to manipulate people's perceptions, emotions, or responses toward him.



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