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To dream of the Internet represents feelings about connections to people, experiences, or resources that other people can connect to as well. The strength of local, long-distance, or coincidental connections to people, experiences and resourcefulness that are usually easily accessible. Your sense of community or personal connection to people no matter how local or distant it is. A metaphor for the quick spread of information amongst people. Interests or experiences you want to be a part of or feel connected to. It can also be a reflection of what you wish to achieve, discover, or experience with others. Information, resources, and people you that you choose to repeatedly connect with in life that forms the life experience you are currently having.

Alternatively, the Internet may also symbolize the hidden network of life that seems to bring us closer to what we want through friends, family, or coincidences. The invisible force that always seems to give you what you need or introduces you to people who can help you. Perhaps, you thought of something and then a person showed up to make it happen the next day. Awareness of experiencing co-creation with God amongst people.

Negatively, dreaming about the Internet may reflect feelings about negative, unhelpful, or limited connection to other people, experiences, or resources. Long-distance relationship connections that are unproductive, unhelpful, or only let you believe in them. Feelings about wasting your time in a long-distance relationship. A metaphor for the rapid and uncontrollable spread of information amongst people that embarrasses or attacks you. Problems realizing that you have the option to cut off negative, unhelpful, or distant social connections. Difficulty cutting off connections to people that don't matter or aren't realistic. Maintaining a sphere of social connections that is too large at the cost of smaller, local, or more effective sphere of connections. Long-distance resources that won't allow you to enjoy a local life. A situation or person you want to be connected with, but aren't 100% certain or confident about the reality of it. Social connection to people that is not helpful to you.

To dream of the Internet unplugged may reflect feelings about being cut off from social connections, information, or resources that are usually easily accessible. Feeling cut off from friends, family, or coincidences. Feeling that other people are having experiences connected to each other and you are not. Feeling that God is not helping you co-create experiences in your life with a hidden network of life. Intentionally isolating yourself or cutting yourself off from other people or experiences. The ability to connect to other people or experiences is not working for some reason. A period of isolation or disconnection from social networks, friends, or the broader community. Feeling out of touch with current events, unable to reach out to others for support, or feeling excluded from certain groups or opportunities. This dream could indicate a need to reestablish connections or find alternative ways to access the information or support you need.

To dream of being unable to connect to the Internet may reflect feelings of frustration, impatience, or obstacles in accessing information, resources, or social interconnectedness that other people are.

To dream of a slow Internet connection may represent feelings of delays, setbacks, or inefficiency in your ability to access information, communicate with others, or achieve your goals. A sense that things are not progressing as quickly as you would like in some area of your life. Frustrations with the pace of progress in your personal or professional endeavors.

To dream of finding something unexpected or surprising on the Internet may reflect feelings of discovery, curiosity, or the unexpected reveal of information. Stumbling upon new ideas, insights, or opportunities that were previously hidden or unknown to you. Exploring new territories, learning new things, or opening yourself up to new experiences.

To dream of downloading something or talking to someone on the Internet may reflect feelings of acquiring knowledge, information, or new perspectives. Waking life experiences where you have met someone new, discovered something, or gained access to something that helps you. Your eagerness to learn, adapt, or absorb new ideas. This dream might also signify your desire for deeper connections or understanding.

To dream of a website being down or inaccessible on the Internet may represent feelings of barriers or limitations in accessing information, resources, or connections. It might symbolize a temporary obstacle or frustration in your pursuit of knowledge, goals, or relationships. This dream could also indicate a disconnect from a source of information or a particular community that you rely on.

To dream of getting lost or overwhelmed on the Internet may reflect feelings of confusion, information overload, or the complexity of navigating through a vast array of choices and options. It might symbolize your struggle to find direction, make decisions, or discern reliable information from a multitude of sources. This dream could suggest a need to focus, prioritize, and seek clarity in your pursuits.

To dream of a virus or hacking on the Internet may represent fears of vulnerability, invasion of privacy, or losing control. It might symbolize anxieties about your security, the integrity of your personal information, or concerns about malicious influences or deceit in your life. This dream could also indicate a need to protect yourself, your identity, or your personal boundaries more effectively.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a man she loved post a video on the internet of himself kissing another girl. In waking life, she was feeling jealousy and insecurity about a long-distance relationship with doubts that the relationship would work. In this case, the Internet may have reflected her feelings about her ability to have a connection with the man she loved while someone else who made her jealous did as well. The Internet may also symbolize her awareness of the weakness or unhelpfulness of the long-distance relationship connection she's choosing to maintain which wastes her time not creating more local relationship connections.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of people filming her with their phone cameras and uploading it to the internet. In waking life, she felt that people at her church were judgmental and talked about her behind her back with other people. In this case, being filmed and having the videos uploaded to the Internet may have reflected her feelings about the easy spread of gossip or judgment among her church community. The Internet may also reflect her feelings about how dangerous shared social connections were within her church if she angered someone.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being unable to get on the internet. In waking life, she was having a lot of difficulty getting a job while experiencing a number of life challenges. In this case, being unable to get on the internet may have reflected her feelings of being disconnected from opportunities or resources that could help her in her job search and life challenges.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing chaotic news on her phone. In waking life, she was constantly afraid of the end of the world and end times. In this case, the Internet may have her repeated attempts to connect to news, events, and conversations with people that created a negative mindset of fear related to excessive thoughts about the end of time.

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