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To dream of a computer represents the brain and how you think. What you do or see on a computer symbolizes issues you are focused on or interests you have. You are noticing the manner in which you are thinking and may be motivated to explore issues or improve yourself.

Problems with your computer or glitches reflect mistakes, bad choices, outdated beliefs, and faulty logic.

Example: A man dreamed of looking at his personal computer. In waking life he was very focused on monitoring his regular thought processes and thinking skills.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her work computer being on fire. In waking life she was very unhappy with her work life and wanted a new job. The computer being on fire may have reflected issues at work making thinking professionally impossible or not becoming so bad it ruined ever wanting to work there again.

Refer to the themes section for technology for a more in depth look at technology symbolism.



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