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To dream of a hulk type person represents an aspect of your personality that is impressively strong or shocks you with how strong it is. Feelings about an outrageous display of strength or power. Flaunting enormous power. Feelings about "flexing power." Surprise that some aspect of your personality doesn't deserve to notice weakness. Behavior that surprises others that it doesn't deserve to notice losing. Showing off with power that can't be stopped.

Negatively, dreaming about a hulk type person may reflect feelings about problems or conflict that embarrasses you with how strong it is. Powerful cravings or addictions that surprise you. You or someone else that attempts to impress others with showing off with power or strength. Embarrassing problems that are too big or strong for their own good. Threats of being overpowered. Dangerous power that is flaunting to your face. Surprise that problems or enemies are so powerful that they don't even deserve to notice weakness. Annoyance that someone is showing off with power or strength to your face all the time. Issues with masculine dominance.

To dream of the comic book character the Incredible Hulk represents feelings about stress or anger driving you to dangerously impressive displays of strength or power. Difficult to control stress or anger pushing your temper "over the line." Feelings about yourself or someone else that is dangerously and rightfully deserving to be told their a genius with everyone wrong trying to pacify them. Impressive displays of strength or power under stress.


To dream of feeling or acting humble may represent a concerted effort to show others that you don't think you are better than they are. Feeling better knowing you earned everything you have.

Negatively, being humble in a dream may reflect overlooking power or easy advantages because it won't feel as though it was all earned. Not choosing to feel that anything should be fantastic for you. Feeling cautious around people or situations that you feel are stronger than you. Anxiety about angering someone with more power than you.

To dream of a humbling experience may reflect embarrassment that you are not as powerful as you thought you were. Priorities are being forced upon you through a disaster in your life. Feeling that thinking of yourself first is dangerous or stupid. Feeling that you miscalculated your own power or how sensitive a situation was. Alternatively, a humbling experience may reflect the realization of how lucky you really are.


*Please See Incubator


To dream of comfortable humidity can represent a state of emotional balance and contentment with the emotional weight of a situation. Feeling good that nothing happening is a mistake. The dream may indicate a time in your life when you are feeling comfortable and relaxed, or when things are falling into place and you are at ease with yourself and your surroundings. The comfortable humidity may symbolize a sense of emotional warmth, security, and ease, as well as a feeling of being at home or in a familiar place. Alternatively, the dream may suggest a need to find balance and comfort in your life, especially if you have been feeling stressed or anxious.

To dream of high humidity represents feelings discomfort at how awful a situation feels. Discomfort, unease, stress, or tension regarding the weight of unresolved conflict. A sense of emotional intensity or pressure.

Example: A man dreamed of being in a room with dark blue humidity. In waking life he had insulted an old friend's intelligence and choose to live with never apologizing for it with full awareness of the friend being insulted. In this case the dark blue humidity may have reflected the man's sense of discomfort or guilt over the situation with his old friend. The dream may be highlighting the emotional atmosphere of the situation, with the humidity representing the tension or weight of the unresolved conflict.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of high humidity. In waking life she had a lot of on her mind due to work changes and contemplating leaving her job even if it wasn't in the best interest of her retirement plans. In this case the high humidity may have reflected her feeling about the weight of her decisions and the uncertainty of her future while hoped none of her choices were a mistake.

*Please See Moisture


To dream of humiliation represents strong feelings about about not respecting yourself, failure, embarrassment, not being good enough. Feeling that there is nothing left to be confident about in some area of your life. Feelings about yourself being a total failure or unexpected failure. Thoughts about being unable to meet someone else's high standards. Possibly a sign that you have fear or problems to overcome. Feelings about strong feelings of success being totally reversed or confronting something unexpected. Regretting humiliating someone else. Stressful situations that aren't working out. Embarrassment that someone doesn't like you as much as you thought. A situation in your life that leaves you feeling disappointed.

To dream of humiliation that feels temporary and disappears quickly may reflect your feelings about temporary embarrassment. Temporarily enduring enemies. Feeling like an idiot for a moment because you didn't understand something clearly. Surprise or disbelief that a situation you felt was important isn't important.

Example: A man dream of experiencing 2 short term humiliating experiences. In waking life he was embarrassed by the outcome of 2 events not making people respect him the way he wanted, but he otherwise didn't care because he realized the true intentions of the people and felt better about them being unhealthy to know.

Example 2: A man dreamed of his girlfriend making him feel humiliated. In waking life he felt that his girlfriend wasn't respecting him.


To dream of a hummer represents decisions or self-control that totally lacks conservation. All resources and power are used to deal with problems or make choices. Being completely unwilling to compromise or conserve in a situation you are experiencing.

Positively, a hummer may reflect a strong level of motivation to use all your resources to solve a problem. Negatively, a hummer may reflect arrogance, wastefulness, or a total disregard for others feelings.

Example: A man dreamed of driving a hummer that was being fired on by guns. In real life he was suicidal and was using all his life savings to explore and find spiritual purpose.


To dream of humming with your voice represents trying your best to keep spirits up all the time. Negatively, humming may reflect a last ditch effort to feel good when all else has failed.

To dream of hearing a humming sound may represent your awareness of something beginning to do something all the time.

Example: A man dreamed of humming with his voice. In waking life he was trying to calm family members down who were fighting over their deceased Grandmother's will.


To dream of a hummingbird represents indecisiveness or "flightiness." You may have a problem making a final decision, or struggling to make a choice. It could also be a sign that you have a lot of options to choose from or want to experience a number alternatives.

Example: A young boy dreamed of a hummingbird flying in front of him. In real life he discovered that he needed glasses. The hummingbird reflected his conflicted feelings about where or not he wanted to wear the glasses.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of hummingbird flying in his room. In real life they were unable to decide whether or not to tell someone they had feelings for them.

Example 3: An old woman dreamed of a hummingbird shortly before her death. In real life she was debating whether or not to get baptized to please her family before she died.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing hummingbirds. In waking life she was witnessing her husband fearing losing all her had while being very indecisive about making serious decisions.


*Please See Laughing


To dream of seeing someone with a hump on their back represents your feelings about very uncomfortable or abnormal situations being noticed all the time. It may also reflect a persistent problem that is always drawing attention to itself. The unbearableness of having to live with a problem or burden.

Alternatively, dreaming about a person with a humpback may reflect feelings about being permanently cut off from ever getting to be normal again. Living with an abnormality that never stops surprising or "weirding" others out.

To dream of a camel's hump represents burden or responsibility that you are carrying that is noticed by others.

*Please See Hunchback

*Please See Sex


To dream of seeing a hunchback represents overwhelming feelings of being burdened by problems or responsibilities.

To dream of the Hunchback Of Notre Dame represents feelings about how difficult it is to have something ugly or different overlooked. You or someone else that is always being noticed for something ugly or disgusting before all else. It may also reflect feelings of always being treated ugly or unspecial.

*Please See Hump


To dream of being hungry represents feeling unfulfilled in some area of your life. A longing to achieve or a readiness to experience something. Feeling starved of love, power, status, money, or recognition. Feeling that some area of your life is unfulfilled.

Positively, being hungry in a dream may also reflect your eagerness to get something in your life started.

To dream of eating and then becoming hungry again may reflect your dissatisfaction or boredom with something in your life. Difficulty feeling pleased or fulfilled by an experience you had.

*Please See Appetite

*Please See Thirsty

Hunger Games

To dream of being in the Hunger Games may reflect the pressure you feel to succeed under conditions that require perfection. Feeling forced into a situation where you may feel that winning is urgent or dire. An all or nothing situation that is being forced upon you. You may feel that nobody cares about anything except knowing you're winning and prepared.

Alternatively, the Hunger games may reflect your feeling that a challenging opportunity is your last hope and must be done perfect.

Example: A man dreamed of fighting in the Hunger Games to save his mother. In waking life he took a high paying job in a country where he didn't speak the language and started to doubt his ability to succeed. The Hunger games reflected the corporate challenge imposed on him by having to communicate perfectly in another language at all times in order to succeed.


To dream of a hunter represents an aspect of your personality that is in pursuit of a goal. The goal could be something you desire to have, to achieve in real life, or insights that will help to shed light on your problems.


To dream of hunting represents pursuit of a goal. Seeking something you desire to have, to achieve in real life, or looking for insights that will help to shed light on your problems. You may be "hunting" for a solution or for a sexual conquest.

To dream that you hunt and kill an animal represents achieving a goal or using power to get rid of a problem. Look up the animal in the animals themes section for my information.

To dream that you are being hunted represents a person or situation that you feel is purposely out to get you. Someone may be using all their resources to punish you, fail you, or make you change.

*Please See Hunter


To dream of a hurricane represents powerful conflict or destructive behavior that must be avoided to spare yourself total loss. Someone's temper or anger that is senselessly destructive while expressing itself. It may also reflect a temper, argument, or act of revenge that you feel threatens what you've achieved. The potential for a very big negative change. Feeling the potential for a lot of people to get very angry at you. Feeling that potential for a major crises. Experiencing a serious relationship crises. Devastating anger or relationship conflicts.

Example: A woman had recurring dreams of feeling that a hurricane was coming, but that it never did come. In waking life she was expecting a number of very large conflicts in her personal life to erupt. First with her aunt and second with the police over a relationship problem that required police involvement. She felt that fighting and big legal problems were very close to happening if she wasn't careful.

Example 2: A grandmother dreamed of seeing a yard destroyed by a hurricane. In waking life she was fearing that her daughter would never let her see her grandchild again if the government was called in to intervene with grandchild who needed medical care. She feared for the grandchild's life, but also feared the devastating relationship conflict that could cause irreversible changes to her family life if she choose to take action to help the grandchild get needed medical care.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a hurricane lift a house off the ground and when the hurricane was over it left the house off it's original position. In waking life she had a fight which left the relationship feeling different afterwards.


To dream of needing to hurry at something represents feelings about waking life situation where there is urgency to finish or meet deadlines. Rushed or urgently made decisions. Feeling pressured or rushed. A wish for quick change. Situations you or someone else is responding to quickly made changes.

Negatively, hurrying in a dream may reflect haste that ignores or risks mistakes. More concern with appearances that quality. More concern with appearances that other people's feelings. Fear of embarrassment or angering someone. Fear of not meeting deadlines. Fear of not responding to a problem quickly enough. Fear of losing an opportunity. Feelings about enemies or competition that are urgently trying to stop you. Negative feelings about quick last minute changes that were not beneficial to you. Fear of not pleasing others.

Example: A man dreamed of hurrying out of a building. In waking life he was worried about his stock investments going bad and was eager to quickly change stockbrokers.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing hotel staff hurrying around a hotel doing their jobs while feeling that she didn't belong their. In waking life her employer had made some sudden unexpected changes at work that had led to the dreamer being fired.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of hurrying in a parking lot to get away from someone. In waking she was desperate to avoid pregnancy complications that might harm her baby and make her look like a terrible mother.


*Please See Injury


To dream of your current husband represents an aspect of your personality or area of your life that is a supportive source of assertive strength and stability that you can rely on. An aspect of yourself that is permanently supportive by being more assertive than you are. Feeling that you are committed to behavior or a habit that is more assertive than you usually are. It may represent a strong, assertive, or dominant aspect of yourself that you can rely on during difficult times. A strong, assertive, or dominant person in your waking life who provides unwavering support and guidance during difficult times.

Negatively, dreaming of your husband may represent an area of your life that has always worked that is starting to have problems. Overdoing relying on strong, assertive, or dominant aspects of yourself that you rely on during difficult times. A feeling of dependence on a supportive source of strength and stability, leading to a lack of confidence and self-reliance.

To dream of a dead husband could represent the end of an aspect of the dreamer's personality that was once supportive or always there for them. It may symbolize the end of a habit, behavior, or way of thinking that was once a mainstay in the dreamer's life. Feelings of loss or separation related to an assertive aspect of yourself that was always supportive of you. Feeling that assertive behavior or another person isn't going to support you anymore. It can also represent the feeling of being alone or unsupported in a certain area of your life, or a fear of losing someone or something that you rely on.

Dreaming of a husband and wife may also reflect a theme of conscience and intuition where the man represents the conscience about decision-making and the woman represents the intuition about safety for the future. An example would be a fat husband and a wife that is too skinny. The husband may reflect a conscience or style of decision-making that is lazy while the wife would represents an intuition or future thinking for safety that isn't strong. Famous people oddly pared as couples may reflect a style of conscience and intuition based on their most appartent traits.

Alternatively, your husband may reflect your current projection of him and your current relationship. Anxieties or fears about the future of your relationship with your husband. Dissatisfaction with the relationship in waking life.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a husband and wife. In waking life she had decided to she wanted to move, but intuitively knew it wasn't safe to because she couldn't afford to.

*Please See Marriage

*Please See Cheating

Husky Dogs

To dream of a husky dog represents emotional protection that is focused on always over-prepared to deal with how terrible or unfair a situation is. Keeping yourself confident by being ready to deal with the worst possible outcome.

Positively, you may be protecting yourself emotionally by intelligently never allowing stupid ideas or suggestions to relax to influence you when you feel it's dangerous. Being noticeably prepared for whatever difficulties may arise.

Negatively, a husky represents emotional protection that is focused on never listening to anyone else. Keeping yourself confident believing that other people's ideas, criticism, or call for change is not important to listen to. Doing only what you have to do and nothing else. A sign that you may have anxiety about a potential failure or loss that is making lowering your guard difficult to do. Being too prepared for trouble.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a husky dog turn into glass and shatter when a wave of water hit the dog. In waking life she was experiencing a high level of anxiety about a long term project that took her years to build failing at the last minute. She was feeling the need to be extra alert to save her project.


To dream of a hut represents a perspective on a situation where you have the bare necessities or basics. Having just a enough to get through something.


*Please See Fire Hydrant

Hydro Lines

*Please See Power Lines

Hydro Pole

To dream of a hydro pole represents situations in your life that you notice are powerful and never go away. Something stable that you can't change. Negatively, a hydro pole may reflect things you don't like in life or about yourself being totally secure.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a hydro pole. In waking life she was having problems getting over his ex-girlfriend. Every time he thought of her he noticed himself being completely overpowered by his lust for her. Something he felt he could never stop.


To dream of a hyena represents ridicule. Feeling that someone is laughing at your failures. Fear of someone laughing at you while you watch yourself lose. Feelings about weaker people or "twerps" that get away with laughing at you. Letting annoying people bother you with ridicule. Humiliation or embarrassment that feels intentional. Feeling about someone who enjoys never having stop embarrassing you. An annoying interfering person in your life. Feelings about being called a loser by petty, childish, or annoying people. People that enjoy talking about your failures out loud. An annoying person or annoying idiot that is obsessed with enjoying thinking they are better than you are.

Negatively, a hyena may reflect feelings about yourself using ridicule to manipulate people or scare them. A wish to humiliate someone with embarrassment for the sake of enjoyment or personal pride. Feeling mocked by someone smaller than you with more friends than you. Caring too much about what other people think. Allowing someone stupider than you to provoke you with ridicule. Concerns about losing your reputation for an embarrassing mistake that will be mocked indefinitely. Fear of allowing someone who enjoys seeing you fail get confidence from your failures.

Positively, a hyena may reflect the use of ridicule to control or diminish the power of an enemy. Ridiculing your enemies, competition, or bullies with their weaknesses to diminish their confidence.

A hyena in a dream may be a sign that need to try harder to establish yourself or be better connected to avoid embarrassment.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a hyena killing a snake. In waking life he had an enemy or bully at school whom he had to use ridicule to make him to stay away from him.

Example 2: A young boy in pre-school dreamed of seeing a hyena with yellow eyes hunting for him. In waking life he was having issues with a pre-school teacher embarrassing him with unusually mean comments that forced his mother to make him change schools.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a hyena in her back yard. In waking life she was having issues with unsupportive people in her life and also had anxiety about people laughing at her if she didn't succeed in her career change choice.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of a hyena. In waking life she was uncomfortable confronting a man who wanted her romantically with a male chauvinistic attitude about her being a woman.


To dream of hypothermia represents feelings about insensitive, "cold", or uncaring behavior that is dangerous. A desperate or dangerous need to be cared about, shown sympathy, or be given love. A risk of yourself or someone else failing hard at something if terrible treatment isn't reversed with caring treatment. A terrifying experience where someone didn't care about your feelings at all.

The danger of being ignored or mistreated for too long.


To dream of a hysterectomy represents an intentional choice or need to insure that "more of something" can never happen again. Making sure that some area of your life will never repeat itself or be supported again. Dreaming of a hysterectomy may also reflect a choice to cut yourself off from supporting or caring about others needs.

Alternatively, noticing others getting a hysterectomy may reflect your observation of other people in waking life being permanently cut off from their support systems. Financial or social support being cut off for good.

Negatively, a hysterectomy may reflect feelings of being permanently unable to do something you care about. No longer being able to provide financial or social support to someone.

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