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Top Hat

To dream of a top hat represents a mood or attitude of formality and respectability that doesn't need an explanation. Mood or attitude that is very "gentlemanly", polite, or trying to impress others with respectful behavior. Projecting a "classy" personality. It represents a gentleman-like demeanor that is associated with being grown up and thinking about the most respectable outcome in a situation. A top hat symbolizes the idea of everything working in a special event to be considered respectable. A dignified and mature attitude about respecting other people during an important problem or event. Helping others and not complaining, not speaking behind people's backs, and restraining yourself from ignorance because you feel it's important that other people experience that. Feeling the importance of maintaining dignity and decorum in a current life situation.

Negatively, to dream of a top hat in a dream may reflect a mood or attitude that is trying too hard to impress or show off in a formal or respectable manner. It could also represent insincerity or a false sense of respectability. The dreamer may be feeling the pressure to conform to societal norms or expectations, or to act in a certain way that may not align with their true personality.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a little red ball person wearing a tophat floating outside a door that opened. In waking life the man felt stranded and someone was nice enough to keep telling him things in order to get through the empty moment.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of buying a new top hat. In waking life she had recently received news from her mother that her grandmother died. In this case the purchasing of the top hat may have reflected her feelings about needing to become formal and respectable for her grandmother's funeral like it was obviously what was expected of her.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of seeing a snowman dentist wearing a top hat. In waking life her boyfriend had elbowed her in the jaw making her worried that her teeth would fall out, but everything turned out fine and no teeth were lost. In this case the top hat on the snowman dentist may have reflected her feelings about her boyfriend having a very formal respectable attitude about paying for her dentist if she needed one acting like a classy guy just in case she needed it.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing a man with a top hat. In waking life she was trying to move on and was making a conscious effort to be content with her life as it is. She was also trying to maintain her dignity by refraining from speaking negatively about others and avoiding complaining. The top hat in her dream may symbolize her desire to project a formal and respectful demeanor, as she recognizes the importance of maintaining dignity and decorum in her current situation.



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