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Long Hair

To dream of long hair represents feelings about freedom, personal power, and the wilder side of one's nature. Free expression, unbridled thoughts, or a connection to one's natural instincts and desires. It may indicate an embracing of individuality or a desire to let things flow naturally. A thinking style that respects itself believing in itself with nothing controlling it for who you are. Believing in yourself with freedom or independence that doesn't have to care who other people are if you don't want to.

Positively, dreaming about long hair may represent feelings of empowerment, liberation, or celebration of one's individuality. It could symbolize a conscious connection to one's intuition, strength, or the ability to express oneself without restrictions. The dream may reflect a phase in life where you're feeling more relaxed, uninhibited, or in touch with your true self.

Negatively, long hair in a dream may represent feelings of unruliness, chaos, or a lack of discipline. It could indicate that things are getting out of hand or there's a part of your life that's unchecked or untamed. The dream might also point to fears about appearing disorganized, non-conformist, or being judged for not adhering to societal norms.

To dream of having long hair cut short may reflect feelings of losing a sense of freedom, individuality, or power. It could indicate a shift in personal power, a voluntary or involuntary submission to societal norms, or a desire for a more structured or conventional lifestyle. This dream may also signify feelings of loss, change in identity, or a potential compromise in one's values or beliefs. There might be a situation in your waking life where you feel as if you've been stripped of your natural state or essence, or perhaps you've chosen to make a change, sacrificing certain freedoms for a perceived greater good. It may suggest that you are undergoing a significant change in your life, and this change is leading to a sense of restriction or a need to conform to societal expectations. Cutting long hair short in a dream can symbolize the sacrifice of your wilder or more free-spirited side in order to fit in or adapt to a new situation.

Positively, dreaming of cutting long hair might symbolize a conscious decision to let go of certain aspects of your unbridled nature in favor of a more structured or disciplined approach. A personal transformation where you are willingly letting go of old habits, beliefs, or behaviors that no longer serve you. A fresh start, a willingness to embrace change, or an intention to cultivate a more disciplined and focused approach in certain areas of your life.

Negatively, this dream might point to feelings of regret, coercion, or external pressures leading you to give up or alter an essential part of your identity. It could signify feelings of being forced into conformity, the fear of standing out, or the perception that your individuality is being stifled or restricted.

Example: A woman dreamed of having long hair and needing to cut it once it got caught in her throat. She then swallowed the hair shamefully. In waking life, she was struggling with sexual addiction and relapsed the day before. She confessed to her church, repented, and asked for forgiveness. In this case, the long hair being cut may have reflected her feelings of having to cut off her wilder and uncontrolled urges which she felt were out of control or harmful.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman with long black hair. In waking life, she and her boyfriend were trying to get pregnant. In this case, the long hair may have reflected her feelings about her own thinking style being unrestricted, sexually liberated, and completely free to have sex without contraception whenever she wanted to while attempting to get pregnant.



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