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Body parts have a range of meanings usually based on what's most characteristic about the body part.


*Please See Stomach.


*Please See Pimples.


To dream about ankles represents personal flexibility. Your level of confidence about what you can or can't do. It may also reflect your confidence about certain beliefs or goals. Healthy ankles may symbolize the belief that there is nothing wrong with what you are doing. Issues you don't even consider to be a problem or a feeling that something can be easily changed.

To dream of spraining your ankle represents obstacles or difficulties in your progress.

To dream of a broken ankle represents a total loss of confidence or flexibility. New facts or criticism you've received have dispelled confidence in your beliefs or goals.

To dream of a bleeding ankle represents a gradual loss of confidence or flexibility. Realizing that something you're doing "might" be wrong. It may also reflect new rules or stricter regimen.


To dream of an anus represents the potential for unwanted situations or the creation of problems.

To dream of anal rape symbolizes powerlessness to stop an undesirable situation from occuring.

*Please See Anal Sex.


To dream of armpits represents thoughts and feeling associated with social acceptance and approval. Armpits may also reflect feelings about cultural attitudes or corporate culture.   Feelings about what is or isn't acceptance by people you spend a lot of time around.

Negatively, armpits in a dream may reflect behavior by you or someone else that is inappropriate. Disgusting true intentions being discovered.

Hairy armpits may reflect a more laid back attitude or appearing to others as though you don't care about what they think of your choices or behavior.

Shaven armpits may reflect a more careful or sensitive attitude towards social acceptable behavior. Not wanting to appear too laid back or comfortable with something others may not feel is socially acceptable.

Example: A woman dreamed of herself having long straggly armpit hair that she forgot to shave. In waking life someone jealous at her workplace was continually messing up her desk and making her look to her employers like she was comfortable being lazy and disorganized while other people weren't.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone getting an axe chopped in their armpit. In waking life he heard news about a criminal who attempted to rob his father's house being shot to death.


To dream of an arm represents function, reach, or what's possible. Arms reflect status, talents, grasp, or resources that are available to you or some aspect of yourself.

To dream of missing an arm represents a loss of function, reach, or an extension of yourself. Some area of your life is not able to function properly or is limited.

To dream of arms being crossed represents some aspect of yourself that is stubborn, opposed, or doesn't need to cooperate.

To see muscular arms represents you or some aspect of your personality is resourceful or effective. Having the power to attain objectives, or "reach" for what you wants. Negatively, muscular arms can point to powerful or resourceful negative aspects of your personality. Beliefs or a situations that may be difficult to confront.

People who self-harm to their arms may see imagery in dreams of damage being done to their arms by "safe" or "trusted" friends along with dark colored imagery such as red, black, and dark blue. This symbolism reflect the person's attempt to harm themselves as safely as they can to get the emotional benefits they seek from the cutting while also being mindful to not kill themselves.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend cut off his arm in front of her. In waking life her boyfriend did special things for her that made her feeling uncomfortable and that he was behaving too nice to her. After telling him this once he stopped giving her special treatment. The arm being cut off may have reflected her feelings about "cutting off" her boyfriends willingness to try hard to do special things for her when she allowed her insecurity to criticize him.


*Please See Buttucks-Bum.


To dream of a back represents issues related to support, responsibility, or burden. Feelings about your capability to carry the weight of responsibilities or expectations in your life. Feelings about not thinking of yourself while providing support. The back, being the part of the body that often carries loads and provides support, could metaphorically reflect your thoughts on the roles you assume in your relationships, job, or other facets of life where you don't think of yourself first while providing support to others or carrying a burden.

Positively, dreaming about your back may represent strength, resilience, and the ability to support others or manage multiple tasks.

Negatively, dreaming about your back could represent feelings of being burdened, weighed down, or overwhelmed by responsibilities or expectations. Pressures or stress you feel to "carry" the weight of a problem situation because it's too serious to ignore. You feel that you have secrets you don't want to divulge to others, painful memories, or responsibilities that have to be paid.

To dream of being stabbed in the back represents feelings of betrayal, deceit, or unexpected emotional injury. Backstabbing, lack of support, or feelings of being betrayed by someone you supported. It may indicate that someone you trusted has violated that trust, leading you to question the loyalty or intentions of people around you. You could be dealing with underhanded tactics, backstabbing, or gossip which you feel is harming your reputation or self-esteem.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having to carry her mother on her back. In waking life, she was living in Nazi Germany and felt that because her mother was fully Jewish (she was half-Jewish) that her mother was going to be a burden to support. In this case, carrying her mother on her back may have reflected her feelings of carrying a burden that had life-or-death implications, thus making her mother's presence feel like a 'weight on her back.


To dream of being barefoot represents situations where you are aware of your morals or basic principals being tested. Moral conduct or honest behavior is being noticed by others. You can't hide the trust of who you are as a person to yourself or others. Faithfulness or honesty is being displayed to others.

Positively, bare feet may reflect a willingness to change core beliefs or have your values tested in front of others.

Negatively, being barefoot may reflect a loss of principles, integrity, or morals. It may also reflect low self-esteem, or a lack of confidence. Having casual sex.

You may be experiencing vulnerability to negative influences. Situations in your life that open the door to corruption or challenges that you are not ready for. It may also an open attitude to changing your values.

Example: A man once dreamed of walking barefoot with his girlfriend when he had to stop because vines were growing out of his foot and the pain was unbearable. In real life he had just gotten engaged because his girlfriend was pregnant. The bare feet may have reflected his feelings about himself having a difficult time maintaining his moral commitment to be loyal to his girlfriend.  He was aware of himself confronting the challenge of being faithful.

*Please See Feet.

Belly Button

To dream of a belly button represents awareness of yourself not having to notice anything wrong with yourself, someone else, or a situation you are experiencing. No noticeable problems. Feeling good being perfect or carefree in some manner. Negatively, a belly button may reflect sensitivity that something is perfect at all times.

To dream of a outie belly button represents awareness of yourself having to notice something wrong with yourself, someone else, or a situation you are experiencing. Difficulty getting your mind off noticing a problem.


To dream of blood represents energy or vitality. It reflects how healthy or strong some aspect of your life is. Blood outside the body is generally symbolic of a loss of strength in some area of your life, while blood inside the body symbolizes strength and energy.

Negatively, blood reflects some aspect of yourself or area of your life that is losing energy or vitality. Either emotional pain, upsets, or situation caused by excessive drives or behavior. This usually appears in dreams as bleeding, seeing pools of blood, or being covered in blood.

Positively, blood reflects vitality, strength, and success. You are confronting problems, getting ahead, or feeling strong. This may appear in dreams as the blood of enemies, blood pumping through your veins, or wounds that don't bleed.

To dream of bleeding represents some area of your life that is losing strength, vigor, and vitality. The body part that bleeds represents the area of your life that is losing strength. To dream of bleeding that won't stop may reflect a traumatic experience that you have difficulty getting over.

To dream of being covered in blood may represent conflict in a relationship or social setting. The blood on you reflecting the results of fighting, viciousness, or attacks on others as you attempt to assert yourself. Being covered in blood may also represent your sense of loss, either your own of someone else's.

To dream of feet bleeding represents some issue in your life that is effecting your moral foundation, or principles.

To dream of having blood on your hands reflects feelings of guilt or responsibility for your actions.

To dream of blood being totally drained from the body represents some issue in your life that is totally draining you of power, strength, or confidence.

To dream of blood on the walls represents lingering feeling about a loss or failure. You may be be unable to stop thinking about a difficulty that you overcame or a traumatic experience you've endured. Negatively, you may be unable to get your mind of your involvement in a bad situation.

Alternatively, dreams about blood may reflect issues with women's menstrual periods. It's not uncommon for women to dream of messy blood scenario's when they have accidental bleeding. Women may also dream of bloody rivers while having their periods.

Example: A young woman dreamed of winning a sports competition against another woman who seemed afraid of blood. In waking life she had overcome her fear of telling her parents that she had failed her second year of university.

*Please See Menstruation.

*Please See Bloody Hands.

*Please See Transfusion.


To dream of bones outside the body represents issues from your past that never go away. Things are that difficult to forget or let go of.

To dream of burying bones represents confrontation with some of your most difficult issues. You may be making some very big changes to your life or experiencing a period of very powerful personal growth.

To dream of digging up bones represents revisiting some of your most difficult problems or remembering something from your past.

To dream of bones inside the body represents underlying strengths and structure. A personality trait or area of your life that makes you who you are. Something that is difficult or impossible to change.

To dream of deformed bones inside the body represents fundamental personality flaws. A problem or issue that is ingrained into who you are.

To dream of broken bones in a person's body represents changes to fundamental aspects of your personality. and to who you are.

To dream of broken bones outside of the body represents a fundamental shift in your view of the past. New developments are allowing you to break free from difficult problems.

To dream of a dog eating a bone may reflect waking life situations where you feel you or someone else is wasting time advocating something that is never going to work.. Wasting time believing in yourself. Embarrassing yourself confidently asserting yourself. Pushing a dead issue.

*Please See Skeletons.


To dream of a brain represents intellectual capability or the ability to think.  It reflects problem solving, brainstorming, creativity, and insight.

To dream of the brain being eaten, attacked, or taken over represents factors in your life that have a powerful effect on your thinking.

To dream of brain surgery represents a significant change to the way you think.  A person or situation that's motivating you to eliminate a longstanding block to your creativity, communication, or success.

The brain differs from the whole head as a symbol in that the head is more about personality, attitude, and perspective.  The brain is more about processing and figuring things out.

Example: A woman dreamed of her brain being used by other people to do drugs and never being able to get it back. In waking life she was recovering from meth addiction while her boyfriend was still an addict.


To dream of female breasts symbolizes passive or assumed power. You or some aspect of your personality that's powerful without effort. Power of something in your life that is unquestionable. The size of the breasts is indicative of how powerful you or some aspect of your personality is.

Large sexually desirable female breasts represents how powerful or influential something you wish to have or experience is over you. It may also reflect difficulty resisting something you really like or powerful sexual desire.

To dream of being intimidated by or shy in the presence of large female breasts represents self-doubt. A positive or desirable outcome may make you question yourself or leave you feeling insecure. You may also feel ill-prepared or lacking a needed resource.

Ugly or misshapen breasts reflects the power of something you are experiencing that may not feel good. How strong an unpleasant aspect of your life is.

A flat chest symbolizes powerlessness. An area of your life that is ineffective or impotent.

To have scars or tattoos on a chest represents difficult events or life lessons that are hard to forget. Something unpleasant you had to endure to gain power.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing flowers growing out of her breasts and everyone commenting on how nice they were. In waking life she just became pregnant and was feeling the power of her pregnancy on others who were respecting her for it. The flowers coming out of her breasts reflected the praise she felt from others for having gotten pregnant. Her breasts in this case reflect her sense of power that she got from motherhood.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having sore pus-filled breasts. In waking life she didn't like her level of physical attractiveness and was planning to have plastic surgery on her buttocks. The negative breast symbolism is this case may have reflected her feelings about her female physical attractiveness not being as strong as she would have liked it to be.

*Please See Chest.


To dream of a buttock or bum represents how interesting something is to you.

To dream of a beautiful and sexually attractive butt represents something you desire to have or wish to experience that's presenting itself to you in your life.  A nice butt may also reflect how sexually attractive someone is to you.

Negatively, dreaming a beautiful or sexually attractive butt may be a warning against desiring something that may embarrass you.  Allowing yourself to be tempted into something dangerous.

To dream of someone having an ugly butt represents a lack of interest.  An undesirable situation or person.

To have an ugly or misshapen butt reflects your insecurity or belief that you are not interesting to someone else.

To see a butt fall off represents a loss of interest.  You or someone else may have lost the ability to interest someone else in something you were thinking.

To dream of wiping your butt with toilet paper may reflect your attempt to respectfully rid yourself of a problem. A wish to clear yourself of responsibility to deal with a problem any further. Carefully making sure that a problem is not your problem anymore. Intelligently protecting yourself from being blamed for something.

To dream of wiping your butt with toilet paper in front of other people may reflect an embarrassment you have experienced with having to clear yourself of responsibility for a problem in front in others. Ridding yourself of unwanted relationships or problems in public view. Yelling at incompetent people in public. Feeling embarrassed at having to look unprofessional about dealing with your problems.

Calves (Legs)

To dream of calves represents how powerful you or someone else is on their own. How well you are able to do things for yourself. A reflection or projection of self-sufficiency.

To dream of smaller women's calves may reflect you or someone else that has to have things done for them. It may also represent your feeling of needing to do things for someone else.


To dream of a male chest represents assertive or dominant power. You or someone else that's proving their powerful or showing power off. The size of the chest is indicative of how powerful you or some area of your life is.

A large sexually desirable male chest may represents how powerful or influential you feel. It may also reflect your difficulty resisting something powerful.

An Ugly or misshapen chest reflects the power of something you are experiencing that may not feel good. How strong an unpleasant aspect of your life is. Feeling yourself being powerful in a way that you don't like.

A flat chest symbolizes powerlessness. An area of your life that is ineffective or impotent. Feeling small in some way.

To have scars on a chest represents difficult events or life lessons that are hard to forget. Attaining power through great difficulties. Something unpleasant you had to endure to get where you are today. Difficult events or sacrifices made to gain power that are hard to forget.

To dream of a tattoo on a chest represents feelings about yourself or others being dangerous while showing off with power. It may also reflect your feelings about someone yo think is stupid to control their power or abuses power too much.

To dream of having a wound on your chest represents feelings about your ability to prove your powerful to others being negatively effected.

Dreams about your chest may also reflect medical problems with your breathing or lung disorders such as influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, or severe colds.

Example: A young man dreamed of being shot in the chest by a gun he did not see. In waking life while asleep a friend's laptop was stolen and the friend attacked him for being be a terrible irresponsible person. He felt he couldn't prove his worthiness as a friend anymore.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing his chest with scars on it. In waking life he had just endured a traumatizing initiation experience into a secret club that he would never forget. He felt more powerful as a man for having gone through the ordeal, but he was bit bitter about it.

Example 3: A young boy dreamed of a man standing on his chest holding the whole world in his hands. In waking life the young boy was suffering from pneumonia and while sick felt that he had the "weight of the world" on his chest.

*Please See Breasts.


To dream of ears represents receptivity.  Being open or receptive to guidance or new ideas.

To dream of whispering into an ear represents sharing of priviledged information or guidance.

To dream of an ear being pulled may symbolize feelings of forced to accept guidance or new ideas.

Example:  A man once dreamed of seeing a person with really big ears.  In real life they had become too preoccupied with advice they had received.


To dream of an elbow represents flexibility or being able to adjust.  Being open to alternative choices or opinions.

To attack someone with an elbow represents a need for space.  It may also reflect assertiveness or making boundaries known.

To dream of injury to the elbow represents an inability to be flexible or a lack of choice.  You or someone else may be limited or unable to function in full capacity.


To dream of eyebrows represents feelings of dignity and self-respect about appearances of being intelligent with your decision-making. Dignity and self-respect about appearances of being wise.

Positively, dreaming about eyebrows might symbolize the self-respect you have for your appearance with the ability to make wise choices. A conscious understanding of your actions and decisions and their impacts. Your awareness of how others perceive you based on your choices.

Negatively, dreaming about eyebrows could represent feelings of losing dignity or self-respect in your decision-making. You may be struggling with a perceived need to exaggerate or embellish your actions or experiences, which conflicts with your principles. It might symbolize fear of appearing foolish or unwise in the eyes of others, or the feeling of being misunderstood or undervalued for your decisions.

To dream of losing eyebrows represents a loss of dignity or self-respect about appearing intelligent about your decision-making. A situation that feels terrible about not being able to appear wise to anyone.

To dream of shaving an eyebrow off represents the choice to temporarily put your dignity or self-respect about appearances aside. Making strange or embarrassing choices that others don't understand or respect you for. Consciously losing others respect for your decision-making ability or wiseness.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing people with eyebrows that looked fake and overly hairy. In waking life, he felt he was unfairly fired from his job due to an issue with a superior and felt that he may need to start lying about what happened at his old job in order to make getting a new job easier. In this case, the fake overly hairy eyebrows may have reflected his feelings about the perceived need to embellish or exaggerate his story in order to maintain dignity and self-respect of being intelligent about the decisions he had made at his old job that got him fired.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone with a unibrow. In waking life, he had chosen to be single for a very long period of time and he began to sense that the people around him thought he was a loser because of it. In this case, the unibrow may have reflected the man's self-perception of maintaining dignity and self-respect in his decision to remain single, despite it being viewed as unusual or strange by others.

*Please See Unibrow.


To dream of eyelashes represents allure or appeal. It may reflect how attractive or interesting you naturally feel. It may also indicate how appealing an outlook on a situation is. Feelings about much more or less of an interesting person you are.

Having long lashes represents you or someone else that is exceptionally alluring.

In a negative context eyelashes may reflect conceit, narcissism, or that everything you do is exceptionally more attractive than other people. Showing off with how much more interesting or appealing you are. Feeling "cooler" or more intelligent about easily being with the in crowd than other people. You or someone else that is noticing they are they are never jealous about being "awesomer" than other people are.

Eyelashes that fall out symbolize feeling less attractive or a loss of appeal. Feelings about the loss of power to be appealing with ease.

To dream of fake eyelashes represents feelings about using something to make yourself or your views more appealing. Needing or depending on something else to be more interesting to other people than you genuinely are. Awareness of yourself making yourself more interesting or appealing with professional rhetoric or "lingo." Knowing you are just a fake while you show off being more interesting or appealing.

To dream of ice form on your eyelashes may reflect feelings about a situation so terrible that nobody wants to do anything with you in the current moment no matter how interesting or appealing you are.

Example: A woman dreamed of a scary wolf whistling at her for being attractive and complimenting her on her long curly eyelashes. In waking life she was trying to find a new job and didn't believe she'd ever interest a new employer in her skills with police services. The scary wolf complimenting her on her eyelashes may have represented her anxiety about never getting a job that pays the same if she left police services opening her to be someone else's appealing option to exploit.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of seeing his girlfriend with eyelashes accidentally burned off. In waking life he had exhausted all efforts to convince someone important to go along with a business idea leaving his no choice but to try covert attempts to force the transaction. The eyelashes burned off in this case may have reflected his feelings about being unable to impress a person with how interesting or appealing the business idea was.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing people's eyelashes in lucid hyper-detail. In waking life he was very stressed out about performing well on a test he was studying for. The lucid hyper-detailed eyelashes in this case may have the dreamer's feelings about noticing how "interestingly intelligent" or not other students in the class were based on class performance. His perceptions of each student's "bragging rights" to look good be called intelligent.

*Please See Mascara.


To dream of eyes represents perception, clarity, and awareness. It could indicate an increased understanding of your surroundings or a situation. It may also suggest the need to pay closer attention to something important in your life. Observation, judgments, and consciousness. The way you or some aspect of your personality sees a situation.

To dream of closed eyes represents a lack of insight, denial, or ignorance. Avoidance of truth or intimacy. A lack of awareness or naivety. It could suggest a hidden truth or information that one is not ready or willing to face. Not wanting to consider or accept truth.

To dream about red eyes may represent a negative outlook on a situation or bad intentions. Feelings about being aware that someone is angry at you or thinking of getting back at you. Perception or motivations that negative and doesn't like to perceive itself that way. You or some aspect of your personality that is afraid, angry, destructive, or dishonest. Thinking patterns or areas of your life that are dangerous, passionate, or upset with needing to get their way Feelings about evil being aware.

To dream of light blue eyes may represent a positive outlook on a situation, good intentions, or thoughtfulness. A reflection of positive thinking patterns or good choices. You or some aspect of your personality is confident, sympathetic, constructive, or honest. Thinking patterns or areas of your life that are helpful.

To dream of dark blue eyes represents an insensitive outlook or view of a situation. Seeing a situation with a brutally honest perspective. Perception that is very focused on hard truth, reality, all business minded.

To dream of dark green eyes represents a selfish outlook. Selfish observations and judgments. Perception that is totally arrogant, immoral with greed, or jealous. Perception that is suicidal and cares about nobody else's feelings to achieve it.

To dream of light green eyes may reflect an outlook or perception regarding to fixing problems. An area of your life where you are very focused on healing. Awareness of yourself want to improve a situation. A progressive attitude because you feel something is not good enough.

Negatively, light green eyes can reflect jealousy, greed, or arrogance. Observing a situation from a perspective of not liking being jealous. Being very focused on not wanting to be a loser.

To dream of black eyes represents an outlook or observation on a situation based on fear or excessive behavior. An issue that consumes you with fear or that you believe is totally overboard.

To dream of yellow eyes represents an outlook, observation, or a sense of clarity on a situation that notices what is happening. Clarity of a situation by getting attention drawn to it. Observation of yourself or someone that is self-aware of getting attention.

To dream of bloodshot eyes represents feelings of perception of a situation through the lense of exhaustion, stress, or emotional turmoil. It may indicate that you are overwhelmed by a situation, struggling to cope with the pressure, or experiencing emotional distress in your waking life that might scare you that you can't do anything about it. Feeling stressed to the edge. Your view of a difficult or stressful situation with the hope that it doesn't get any worse or didn't do anything permanent.

Dreaming of being poked or injured in the eye can signify conflict or jealousy of acknowledging a certain reality.

To dream of sad eyes may represent an outlook that is disappointed. Feelings of empathy, sympathy, or emotional pain. It may indicate that you are experiencing a challenging situation, struggling with your own emotions, or sensing the emotional struggles of others in your waking life.

To dream of bleeding eyes representing feelings of awareness or observation that hurts you suggests that you are facing a situation where being aware of a particular issue or observing a certain aspect of your life is causing you emotional pain or discomfort. This could indicate that you are forced to confront a harsh reality or acknowledge a difficult truth that you would rather avoid or remain unaware of. An emotional toll that comes with being a witness to someone else's pain or suffering. The consequences of being too observant. Observing a failed relationship or a personal setback and experiencing the emotional pain you from being aware of the situation's negative aspects. A reminder to focus on healing and growth, rather than dwelling on the hurtful aspects of the experience.

To dream of rolling your eyes represents feelings of annoyance, dismissiveness, or skepticism towards a situation or person in your waking life. It may indicate that you are encountering a situation that you find trivial or unimportant, and you are expressing your disinterest or lack of concern. Rolling your eyes in a dream could also symbolize a lack of patience or tolerance for a particular behavior, attitude, or opinion that you disagree with or find unreasonable. Awareness of yourself pretending to agree with someone who you think is stupid or a loser.

To dream of two different colored eyes may reflect a dual perspective or noticing a situation in two different ways. Left is intelligent, logical, good. Right is unintelligent, crazy, or bad. Consider the color mixed with the left or right side for additional symbolism.

To dream of eye contact represents feelings of mutual understanding, mutual acknowledgement, agreement, or shared awareness between you and another person. Feeling that someone, something, or a habit likes you. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about realizing the important to listen to or acknowledge some aspect of yourself. Realizing how serious or important something is. If the eye contact in your dream is uncomfortable or intense, it could represent feelings of unease, distrust, or confrontation with someone. You may feel like you are being scrutinized or judged, or that someone is trying to challenge your beliefs or opinions. Feeling like evil has it's eye on you.

Example: A woman dreamed of looking in the mirror and seeing that her eyes were blue, when in reality they were brown. In waking life she had been making a lot of changes in her behavior to make herself a more honest person. The blue eyes in the mirror may have reflected her feelings about being aware of her outlook on life being more positive.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her mother roll her eyes. In waking life she felt that her daughter's choice for a husband was terrible while pretend she approved of the relationship.

Example 3: A man dreamed of eye contact by looking into the eyes of an unattractive girl he knew from high school where both of them had similar facial gestures of respect. In waking life he was coming to terms with accepting his life being married to his wife.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband having two different eye colors, one brown and one blue. In waking she was shutting down her company and helping her husband build his company. In this case her husband having two different eye colors, brown and blue, may have reflected her feelings about her husband's view of the situation being very intelligent about noticing her business being shut down (brown is purging) and building his business up (blue is positive feeling).

*Please See Black Eye.


To dream of a face represents the personality. Ugly faces represent negative aspects of your personality or things you don't like about yourself. Beautiful faces represent positive aspects of your personality or things that you do like about yourself. When you dream of a face it may reflect your awareness of personality changes in yourself or others.

When trying to decode the symbolism of a dream face try to focus on how the features of the face makes you feel.

To see your own face being attractive points to positive feelings about your own personality. Seeing your own face as ugly points to negative feelings you are having about yourself.

To dream of the left side of your face may represent the logical or honest aspect of your personality.

To dream of the right side of your face may represent the creative or dishonest aspect of your personality.

Example: A man dreamed of ugly, demonic, melting faces pouring down a wall of red paint. In waking life he had a powerful spiritual experience taking ayahuasca that started to make him reconsider his wish to kill himself. The ugly melting faces may have reflected his feelings about all the things he didn't like about himself that drove him to want to kill himself starting to "melt away" after he found God.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing blood on her face at work in a mirror. In waking life she was experiencing frustrations at work. The blood on her face may have reflected her feelings about arguments or problems at work making her personality look bad or with a lingering embarrassment of being mean to someone.

*Please See Faceless.


To dream of a faceless person represents an aspect of your personality that is undefined or undecided. Beliefs or wishes that keep changing, going in new directions, or never stay the same. You are having trouble knowing what you want or making a final decisions.

Alternatively, a faceless person may reflect your feelings about an unknown future situation. Not knowing what to expect.

Example: A woman dreamed of having sex with a faceless lover. In real life she was enjoying being single and trying new things. She felt a sense of freedom in not knowing what she really wanted in life.


To dream of feet represents principles, moral foundation, or things you stand for. Honesty or integrity that you choose to "stand by." Responsible maintenance.

Alternatively, feet in a dream may reflect areas of your life that you feel are important to "stick with" or support long term.

To dream of an injured foot represents moral decay, corruption, or lower standards of thinking. Feeling that it's difficult to "stand by" or support something long term.

To dream of cutting off a foot represents feelings of losing confidence in yourself or not being able to believe yourself anymore. Losing the strength to stand for issues. Losing faith or strong loyalty. A strong feeling about thinking you don't matter or aren't important anymore.

To dream of washing feet may reflect attempts to improve on your moral principles. Forgiveness, humbleness, and humility. Becoming more devoted to a relationship or cause.

To dream of smelly feet represents feelings about moral stances or faith being stupid. Something feels wrong with a strong belief. Morality feels to be lacking in yourself or others.

To dream of kissing feet represents approval of moral principles, strong loyalty, or faith.

Example: A man dreamed of his foot bleeding. In waking life he was aware of himself cheating on test that he had to do in private. He was having problems being honest and wasn't liking himself having lower standards of integrity.

Example 2: A young child dreamed of rejecting their newborn sibling and saying to them "Ugh! Take her back. Her feet are orange." In waking life this child was jealous if her new sibling and didn't like how permanently supportive the parents were of the new baby once the new baby was brought home. The feet in this case may have reflected the child's perception of the parents responsibly maintaining their constant attention for the new baby.

*Please See Socks.

*Please See Barefoot.


To dream of fingernails represents thoughts and feelings about your self-worth, confidence, accomplishments, and self-image. The condition of nails reflects how positive or negative you feel about yourself.

To dream of a fingernail breaking may reflect a temporary loss of confidence in your abilities, self-worth, or self-image. Experiencing an unpleasant wait to reestablish a confident self-image.  Not feeling good thinking people a re noticing you can't do things for yourself.

To dream of having fingernails totally removed represents having no self-worth. Your confidence has been totally decimated. Anything that would allow you to feel good or build confidence is beyond your grasp.

Painting your fingernails represents a heightened sense of self-worth or importance about your capabilities. Negatively, it may reflect vanity or conceit.

To dream of having long fingernails for fashion represents sensitivity about only doing what you like at all times. Alternatively, it may reflect vanity or an unwillingness to "get your hands dirty."

To dream of long fingernails because they've overgrown may represent personal issues that you need to attend to or that you've neglected. You may feel the need to clean up a personal matter before you feel comfortable around others.

To dream of dirty fingernails a low sense of self-worth. You may feel that you are not good enough or not as good as someone else.

To dream of cutting your fingernails represents personal attention to how you appear to others. Softening or polishing your appearance so you look respectable. It may also reflect personal attention to appearances after a period of being too focused on work or taking time off. Feeling that it's important to look like you matter.

To dream of cutting your nails in public represents a lack of concern for privacy or discretion as you deal with personal issues. Cleaning up your act or polishing your appearance in ways that may be unflattering to others. Not being embarrassed by being noticed that you aren't perfect.

To dream of sharp fingernails may represent you or someone else that scares others with not having to be behave respectful. An aggressive or assertive stance about not changing something about yourself that others don't like you doing.

Example: A woman dreamed of all her fingernails breaking. In waking life she lived with her brother who was currently out of town. She felt safe when he was around because she could depend on him whenever she needed him. He was protective and able to fix things. Now that he was out of town she had temporarily lost that feeling as small problems came up.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of her fingernails being eaten by a kitten. In waking life she dropped out of University and although she tried her best to be optimistic about her future she was concerned that without a degree she would like less like an important worthy individual.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of using a knife to slice her own fingernails. In waking life she was having issues with self-worth and not liking herself the way she was.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of removing something that was growing under her fingernail that didn't belong there. Once she removed the object she felt empty inside. In waking life her ex-husband wanted her to move back in with him and she decided not to, effectively ending all possibility of the couple ever getting back together. The unwanted object she removed from her fingernail may have reflected her ex-husbands lingering feelings for her giving her confidence and her choice to put an end to it once and for all. She secretly felt confidence from knowing her ex had lingering feelings for her, but felt it was unhealthy to keep thinking that way.


To dream of fingers represents feelings about how you're involved in handling a situation or performing tasks. Skill in performing tasks, how something was controlled, and how you adapt to different functions.

Individual fingers can have specific meanings. The index finger is authority, the ringer finger is commitment, the middle finger is rejection, and the pinky finger is trust.

To dream of a bleeding finger represents feelings of a lack of control or the inability to handle a situation effectively. Loss of stability or inability to maintain a grip on a situation. You may have lost control of a relationship.

To dream of losing a finger represents damage or regret for trying to handle a situation. Feeling that you wasted your time trying to handle a situation. Diminished capability or reduce capacity to handle a situation. Loss of an opportunity. Losing the ability to function effectively.

Example: A woman dreamed of her daughter's index finger tip being squeezed and puss came out leaving a hole. In waking life the woman was upset that she couldn't see her granddaughter because her daughter wouldn't take her ex-husband to court to get her back. In this case the index finger with the hole on the tip may have reflected the dreamer's feeling about her daughter's emptiness of lacking authority to handle the daughter issue with her ex-husband in court.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of a bleeding finger. In waking life she was very upset about losing her boyfriend. In this case she may have felt she lost her ability to handle a relationship.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman missing 2 fingers put on a disposable glove. In waking life she was regretting getting involved with volunteer work as the children were too difficult to control. In this case the 2 fingers lost on the woman's hand may have reflected her feelings about herself regretting trying to handle volunteer work because it doesn't work the way she wanted it to and wasted her time trying to pay her bills.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of seeing a man with cloth covered face come up to her and remove a ring from his finger to put it on hers. In waking life she was guilty about her ex-boyfriend never knowing what she did wrong, but decided to move on thinking marriage for the future. In this case the ring taken off the masked man's finger and put on to her finger may reflect her feelings about moving on from not handling commitment well with her ex to thinking she can handle commitment with someone else.

*Please See Thumbs.


To dream of your forearm represents feelings about your strength, capabilities, and readiness. Your thoughts about your capacity to handle responsibilities, carry out actions, or assert your will. Your self-assessment about your abilities or effectiveness in waking life. The ability to assert yourself by staying on top of a situation or problem. Confronting limitations or challenges that affect your sense of efficacy or competence.

Positively, dreaming about your forearm might represent confidence, competence, or readiness. A conscious understanding of your capabilities and your preparedness to undertake tasks, overcome obstacles, or defend your interests. The dream might also suggest a period of personal growth, enhanced abilities, or increased self-reliance.

Negatively, dreaming about your forearm could represent feelings of weakness, vulnerability, or incapacity. Fears of not being up to a task, feeling unprepared, or lacking the strength or skill to handle a situation. Experiencing self-doubt, apprehension, or the fear of failure. Confronting situations that make you question your abilities or stretch your comfort zone.

To dream of injuring your forearm may represent feelings about impairing your ability to take action, assert your influence, or exercise your abilities. This could indicate self-doubt, setbacks, or perceived limitations that are preventing you from effectively accomplishing your tasks or pursuing your goals. It could be a sign that you're feeling overworked, overstretched, or overwhelmed by responsibilities. Fear, anxiety, or insecurity about your capabilities or performance. It could reflect feelings of inadequacy, incompetence, or vulnerability, especially in situations where your abilities are being tested or challenged.

To dream of your forearm cut off represents feelings of extreme loss of power, ability, or control in your life. This might reflect a situation where you feel completely incapacitated or unable to affect outcomes. It could suggest that you're feeling impotent, vulnerable, or seriously compromised in your capacity to perform tasks, fulfill responsibilities, or assert your will. This dream might symbolize a situation where you're confronting extreme limitations or challenges that drastically affect your sense of efficacy or competence.

Example: A man dreamed of being bitten on his forearm by a rattlesnake. In waking, life he was recently screwed out of a $10,000 job he was doing. In this case, the rattlesnake biting his forearm may have reflected his feelings of being suddenly and unexpectedly undermined or "bitten" in a situation where he was utilizing his skills and strengths with a sense of readiness and confidence to do the job.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of cutting her hands off and seeing her hand on the ground with part of the forearm attached. In waking life, she felt used by someone and now watched them be in love with someone else with no way to do anything to stop it. In this case, the severe forearm on the ground may have reflected her feelings of being significantly diminished in her ability to act or influence situations, akin to losing a part of herself that is instrumental in getting things done or expressing her will. The dream might symbolize her profound sense of loss, powerlessness, and incapacity to affect the romantic dynamics she was observing.


To dream of a forehead represents your sense of judgment or intellect. A smooth forehead may represent good judgment or easy decisions. A wrinkled forehead may represent worries or burdens.

Negatively, dreaming about a forehead may represent feelings about poor judgment or bad decision-making.

To dream of kissing someone's forehead may reflect approval of someone else's judgment. Gratitude for other people's good or helpful decisions.

To dream of having a bump or injury to the forehead may represent a mistake, lapse in judgment, or something that impairs your judgment. Blemishes or embarrassing skin problems on the forehead may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else having made an embarrassing lapse of judgment.

To dream of a big forehead represents feelings about the personality believing it's important to be seen by others making decisions with good judgement for yourself all the time.

To dream of an unusually small forehead represents feelings about the personality not believing it's important to be seen by others making decisions with good judgment for yourself all the time. The personality being simple about not having a problem with other people making decisions for you that doesn't believe in anything different is important. Decision-making where deserving to never be jealous is all you care about while other people make decisions for you. Too much taking orders from someone with authority as though it's normal. Judgment that is too concerned with getting a problem situation over with like it's just simple. Judgment that's simple about staying the same all the time. Judgement that cuts itself off to make sure someone with authority making good decisions for them. Judgment that believes it's simple and safe to respect someone with authority's judgment first.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an ex-friend wearing a mask that looked like a copy of the ex-friend's actual face with an embarrassing skin blemish on the forehead of the mask. In waking life, the man had won the lottery and noticed ex-friends he didn't like pretending to apologize to him for being bad friends. In this case, the skin blemish on the forehead of the mask may have reflected his feelings about recognizing the insincerity of his ex-friends' apologies about having poor judgment about being a bad friend in order to get back in his life to get money.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of kissing her friend's forehead. In waking life, she was made homeless and was very grateful for her friend's help to get her life back on track. In this case, kissing the forehead may have reflected a deep respect for the judgment and kindness her friend demonstrated.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of energy coming out of her forehead. In waking life, she was having problems deciding whether or not her boyfriend was worth keeping. In this case, the energy coming out of her forehead may have reflected her intense focus on trying to use her judgment to make a good decision about the future of her relationship.


To dream of a gallbladder represents feelings about how comfortable you are filtering and regulating negative emotions with ease and safety, especially resentment, bitterness, or anger. How you manage or 'break down' your negative emotions or experiences. How strong you or someone else is about letting go and moving on with ease after a negative altercation. Your ability to function without regret.

Positively, dreaming about a gallbladder could signify that you are effectively managing your negative emotions, properly channeling your energies, or wisely navigating difficult or challenging situations. Your ability to process and make sense of emotional complexities in your life.

Negatively, dreaming about a gallbladder could symbolize difficulty in regulating emotions or a build-up of bitterness, resentment, or unresolved anger. It might suggest that you are struggling to 'digest' a particular event or emotional experience, leaving you feeling irritable or overwhelmed. If the gallbladder appears to be diseased or malfunctioning in the dream, it could indicate emotional blockages or unprocessed emotions that may be affecting your well-being, potentially causing stress or more severe health issues.

To dream of having your gallbladder removed represents feelings about never thinking it's important to hold onto negative emotions, grudges, or resentment. A conscious decision to quickly let go of emotional baggage that has been weighing you down without thinking about it too much. You may have realized the necessity of moving on from what's been keeping you stuck emotionally and are ready to take steps toward emotional freedom and better well-being.

Negatively, dreaming about having a gallbladder removed represents feelings of ease about not respecting anyone you have arguments or negative altercations with. Having no conscience about thinking it's easy to move on from stressful situations or arguments that the average person might be more sensitive than you about. Not feeling that moving on is a problem when other people might fear it or think it's too serious.


To dream of guts or intestines represents feelings about processing the difficult truth or information that is disgustingly true. Feeling uncomfortable thinking about the truth too much. Negativity or issues that you don't want to think about or reveal to others.

Negatively, dreaming of guts or intestines may represent vulnerability or a fear of exposing your innermost feelings and emotions. It may suggest that you feel uneasy about opening up to others or revealing your true self. Additionally, it could indicate feelings of guilt or emotional turmoil, where you're struggling to cope with certain aspects of your life.

To dream of seeing guts being spilled and leaking out of a sliced open abdomen represents an outpouring of truth, honesty, and acceptance for one's actions. You are "letting it all out." It may reflect secrets being revealed, self-acceptance, or powerful self-reflection. Discussing or experiencing things that disgust you.

To dream of eating guts or intestines represents consuming" the most disgusting truth, even if it's difficult or uncomfortable to face. Experiencing your own most negative or disgusting truth when it might not being important or embarrasses you. A warning sign that you need to seek help and find healthy ways to cope with your issues. A desire to control or change yourself or someone else fundamentally, even if it conflicts with your core values and beliefs. Internalizing your problems to the point of self-harm and self-destruction. You may be reliving situations that are very uncomfortable, scary, or embarrassing. A willingness to confront your deepest fears, anxieties, or emotions, in order to gain self-awareness and personal growth. This can also be a sign that you are finally coming to terms with the reality of your situation and embracing the raw honesty that comes with it.

Example: A man dreamed of getting into a car accident with someone and then eating the other person's guts when he got outside the car. In waking life, he told his professor that he had written a bad review about him. In this case, the guts being eaten may reflect his feelings about having experience himself saying things about the Professor that were disgustingly true.


To dream of hands represents capability, competence, and the ability to do what you want. The ability to execute certain behaviours or skills on your own. The capacity manifest your choices. Feelings of empowerment, control, or effectiveness. You may feel that you have the skills, resources, or abilities needed to influence your environment, achieve your goals, or express your creativity. Hands in dreams can reflect feelings of freedom, agency, and self-sufficiency. They might also symbolize communication, connection, or offering help to others.

To see two hands holding on to each other symbolizes partnership.

To wash your hands represents ridding yourself of a problem or rejecting a sense of responsibility.

To see a hand beckoning you represents an area of your life that is drawing you towards it. Choices, beliefs, or situations that are tempting you. Negatively, it may reflect feelings about immorality that is beckoning you or tempting you.

To dream of losing a hand represents your feelings of being robbed of your capabilities. Feelings of powerlessness, incapability, or limitations. It might symbolize a perceived lack of skills, resources, or autonomy needed to achieve your desired outcomes. Feeling unable to execute your choices or manifest your skills. You can't do something you want or have something you feel you deserve. Feeling diminished or impotent and being unable to do anything about it.

To dream of cutting your hand represents conflict or personal struggle that negatively impacts your capabilities. Feeling hampered or that your skills are being held back by problems. Alternatively, a cut hand may reflect your skills, talents, or abilities being harmed by a negative influence or conflict. Temporarily being unable to do what you want.

To dream of hands reaching outwards towards others hoping they'll take your hands represents feelings of desire for the capability of connection, support, or mutual aid. It could suggest an attempt to reach out for help, companionship, or understanding in a difficult situation. You may be seeking validation, acceptance, or just a listening ear from those around you. Negatively, dreaming of hands reaching out with no one to grasp them may symbolize feelings of loneliness, rejection, or being ignored. It could reflect a situation where you feel your attempts to connect or communicate are being overlooked or dismissed.

Example: A woman hand a recurring dream of having both her hands cut off. In waking life, she felt totally reliant on her husband and felt she could do nothing for herself. In this case, her hands being cut off may have reflected her perceived inability to execute her choices, control her life, or act on her own capabilities due to her over-reliance on her husband.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her boyfriend being in a car accident and missing his hands. In waking life, she got into a big argument with him and feared that her boyfriend couldn't do anything in life without her. In this case, the boyfriend missing his hands may have reflected her belief that her boyfriend lacks the necessary skills or resources to handle life's challenges on his own.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his hands being invisible. In waking life, he was frustrated with computer he couldn't get access to because he didn't remember the password. In this case, the invisible hands may have reflected his feelings of powerlessness and frustration regarding his inability to use his skills or capabilities to access to the computer with the password.

Example 4: A man dreamed of holding a rotting tomato and apple in his hands. In waking life, he was beginning to doubt his capability of being a healer to his sick daughter.

Example 5: A woman had recurring dreams of seeing a hand beckoning her from the opposite side of a river where the river got progressively narrower with each dream. In waking life, she had terminal cancer and was close to death. In this case, the hand may have reflected her feelings about being capable of dying if she let go of struggling to survive. The progressively narrowing river in this case may have reflected her changing feelings about the temporary state of pain or discomfort required to cross through in order to successfully die.

Example 6: A man dreamed of seeing both his hands reaching outwards hoping someone would grab them, but nobody ever did. In waking, the man tried everything to offer assistance to criminals to change their ways, but in the end it was for nothing and they had to be arrested. In this case, the ungrasped hands could reflect his feelings of frustration and disappointment about his failed attempts to connect with and help those who refused his aid.


To dream of a head represents intellect, attitude, personality or perspective. What guides your choices. How a person in control of themselves. Consider the shape, color, or size of the head for additional meaning of thinking style.

To dream of a head being cut off represents attitudes or perspectives that can no longer control decisions. Evil people losing their heads represents negative thinking patterns such as fears or bad intentions that no longer have any influence over you.

To see a blue head in a dream represents positive thinking and decision making style. Negatively, it may reflect insensitive thinking style that doesn't care about anything you are feeling.

The head differs from the brain as a symbol in that the head is more about personality and the brain is about processing and figuring things out.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a someones else's head shape being criticized as having something wrong with it. In waking life he was observing so someone being criticized for not being intelligent.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing 2 people carrying dark blue heads. In waking life he encountered 2 homosexual people whom he felt were very sensitive about homosexuality being accepted without a problem. In this case the dark blue heads may have reflected the dreamers feelings of how insensitive the 2 homosexual men might become if their efforts to be accepted as gay without issues wasn't forthcoming without issue.

*Please See Decapitation.


To dream of a human heart represents your ability to care for or love other people. It may also reflect unconditional love or understanding.

To get heart surgery represents a big change in the way you feel or care. A situation in your life that is making you more sympathetic, caring, or open to being loved. It may also reflect a permanent change in how you love someone.

To dream of valentine heart symbolizes your romantic or sexual interest in another person. A red heart representing a negative or uncaring sexual perspective. A blue heart symbolizes a positive or caring perspective. A purple heart symbolizes powerlessness to love who you want, or your own uncaring feelings towards someone.

To dream of a valentine heart outline or hollow valentine heart may reflect empty feelings about people you are romantically considering.

To dream of a bleeding heart represents sadness, desperation, despair, or a lack of sympathy. Your feelings may have been hurt or you feel like someone doesn't care about you.

To dream of being stabbed in the heart represents relationship conflict or feeling that someone cares about hurting your feelings. Heartbreak, pain, or feeling cheated. Emotional hurt.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a valentine hearts that were hollow. In waking life he was thinking about more than one woman at the same time as possible wives with no real concern for being happy for himself.

Example 2: A young girl dreamed of someone reaching into her body, ripping out her heart, and then holding it in front of her. She was jealous to get it back and felt she couldn't. In waking life she was of Christian faith and believed that she had sold her soul away to the Devil. The ripped out heart in this case may have reflected her feelings about how selling her soul away would make her required to be an evil person who couldn't care about others anymore.

*Please See Heart Medicine.

*Please See Heart Attack.

*Please See Heartbeat.


To dream of hips represents potential or possibility. The size or desirability of the hips reflects how certain or ensured certain types of experiences are. How confident you are that you can do something if you want to.

To dream of a beautiful woman with big sexy hips may symbolize the potential to have a desirable experience or the possibility of achieving a desirable goal. Something pleasant or enjoyable that you know is possible.

To dream of having your hips rubbed or touched represents a person or situation that makes you feel confident that something is possible. Something in your life is giving you a signal that there is potential in a certain outcome.

Example: A man once dreamed of seeing a very beautiful woman with big hips walking towards him. In real life he had an opportunity to quit his job for something more comfortable if he chose to. The sexy woman with big hips represented how possible and desirable taking a break from his job was.


To dream of a jaw represents stubborness, determination, and will power.

To see a jaw missing represents a loss of confidence, and lack of desire to continue on.


To dream of knees represents conviction, moral strength, and perseverance.

Negatively, knees represent inadequacy, vulnerability, weakness, or surrendering.

To be on your knees or see someone on their knees represents surrender.  You or someone else that is giving up, accepting defeat, or becoming subordinate.  You may be mentally or emotionally surrendering to some aspect of your personality, or to a situation in your life.

*Please See Kneeling.


To dream of legs represents independence, momentum, movement, and progress. Think of the term "giving something legs."

To dream of legs that don't work represents your feelings of being stifled, held back, or going nowhere.

To dream of losing legs represents a loss of independence, momentum, or progress.

To dream of a broken leg represents feelings about being a loser until some area of your life is fixed. Feeling a loss of independence until a problem is resolved.

To dream of having a three or more legs may reflect an unusual high amount of independent projects, plans, or choices. Awareness of yourself doing more on your own than other people. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are taking on too much and becoming counterproductive. It may also reflect a need to show off doing more than others.

To dream of one leg being shorter than the other may reflect feeling about your independence not being what you want it to be.

To dream of crossed legs while sitting down on a chair represents feelings of being confident and comfortable with a decision you've made. Awareness of yourself feeling like an adult with a decision you've made.

To dream of crossed legs while sitting down represents stubbornness, defensiveness, or being close minded. Being comfortable refusing something. Positively, it may reflect a comfortable attitude towards not needing anything or not asking for anything.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having a broken leg and waiting for it to heal. In waking life she had a problem standing up for herself which required other people to stand up for her to fix the problem. She didn't like herself needing to have other people solve her problems and wait for the problem to settle down.


To dream of lips represents invitation, or temptation.  Something that is beginning to interest you in thinking a certain way or doing something you like.

Lips with red lipstick represent sexual temptation.  Usually negative in perspective such as sexual desire for someone you don't really care about.  Lips with red lipstick may also reflect an aspect of your personality that is tempting you.

*Please See Kissing.

*Please See Mouth.


To dream of lungs represents the freedom to think, make choices, or express yourself.  It may also symbolize an ability to take your time.  Any problems with your lungs may reflect feelings of being suffocated emotionally, being unable to express yourself, or having to rush.

To dream of lung cancer represents a situation that is slowly restricting freedom, choice, or your ability to express yourself.  You may also feel that a situation is slowly restricting your ability to relax.

Example: A woman dreamed of having lung cancer.  In real life the woman's daughter was close to getting married and she strongly believed her daughter was too young.


To dream of a mouth represents expression of ideas or beliefs.

To see an open mouth represents receptivity or openess to new ideas.

To see a closed mouth represents being unreceptive.  It may also represent being uninterested in expressing an idea or belief.

To dream of a mouth that is muzzled or sewn shut symbolizes repression, an the inability to express yourself or to speak freely.

To dream of an open mouth with a blue tongue symbolizes openess to expressing the truth.

*Please See Lips.


To dream of nipples represents dependency. If you or someone else is sucking on nipples it symbolizes dependence on certain beliefs, people, or situations. Feeling good that people are attracted to you or need you.

Negatively, a nipple may reflect addiction or neediness. Difficulty rejecting something. Powerful seduction. Sexual dependence. Sexual attraction you are trying to resist or conceal.

To dream of your own nipples may reflect issues with keeping people interested in you or keeping people liking you. Feelings about why someone does or doesn't need you. Anxiety about people not longer depending on you for anything. Feelings about why someone is sexually attracted to you.

To dream of a nipple being exposed accidentally may reflect feelings about power or information being revealed in a way that was not supposed to happen. Secrets, hidden truth, or inside information revealed quickly. Secrets of attraction revealed. An inappropriate intimate encounter. A momentary lapse of privacy or conservative values. Accidentally revealing private relationship details or private sex life details.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a woman reveal her nipple through her shirt. In waking life she was debating whether or not it would be a good idea to reveal an affair she had with a married man. The nipple in this case may have reflected her feelings about how herself being sexually attractive...her ability to make a man want her or sexually dependent on her.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a large nipple. In waking life he was having trouble battling pornography addiction. He felt it was impossible to stop watching porn.

*Please See Topless.


To dream of a neck represents the interface between your thoughts and feelings. What you feel and what you actually choose to do in life about those feelings. The connection between your thoughts and actions. Often a symbol for your total commitment to a relationship or situation.

Negatively, a neck symbolizes issues where you may feel one way, but act in another.

Romantically, a neck may represent how committed you are. How dedicated you are both emotionally and physically to someone.

A pain or problem with your neck represents problems with expressing your true feelings or living by what you really believe in.

To dream of putting a necklace around a neck represents a total commitment to a situation or person. You are committed with both mind and action.

Example: A young girl dreamed having a boil on her neck that got worse. In waking life she was regretting her choice to date her boyfriend and slowly beginning to feel awkward around him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of feeling weird giving a girl he liked a necklace. In waking life he was beginning to feel that this girl that he liked was too old for him.


To see a nose represents your intuitive sense, listening to your gut instincts, or the ability to feel a situation out. A nose may reflect how well you can sense a problem. The dream may also suggest your need to learn more about a situation at hand.

To dream of losing your nose represents an inability to sense problems or feel a situation out. Your sense of intuition is compromised and you aren't listening to your basic instincts.

To dream that your nose is bleeding represents a problem or distraction that inhibits your intuition or gut instincts. Something is making it harder for you to make the right choices. Embarrassing bad luck experiences or a temporary period of bad intuitive choices.

To dream of a broken nose represents your sense of intuition or gut instincts being totally compromised. A problem may have permanently sidetracked you or left you "in the dark." You can't feel your way out of a problem.

To dream of picking your nose represents embarrassing problems being dealt with that are best kept private. Seeing other pick their nose may represent an inappropriate lack of discretion or boundaries with embarrassing personal issues.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing an woman who had lost her nose. In waking life he felt very unlucky at work and with his health. He felt as though he had lost his sense of intuition and couldn't stop making really unlucky choices.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of going to the doctor about a nose bleed. In waking life she was very sensitive about anything being wrong with the problem. She felt embarrassed complain about minor issues as though they were life and death for the baby. She felt as though she had a bad luck streak that caused her to experience worrying about unimportant issues.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of getting a nose bleed. In waking life she was having difficulty with a university program that turned out to not be what she expected. She felt taking the class was a really poor choice based on bad intuition.


To dream of a penis represents power, virility, and competence. You or some aspect of your personality feels capable or powerful.  The power to never think of other people if you don't want to.

To dream of a small represents emotional impotence or powerlessness. You feel totally ineffective in some area of your life. Feeling weaker or less important than other people.

To dream of a large penis represents you or some aspect of your personality that is very powerful, capable, or competent. Positively, it may be a sign that you feel in control successful, or more powerful than others. Feeling that you are clearly a bigger winner than other people. Negatively, it may reflect problems or other people who hold greater power than you do. A problem or competing aspect of your life that is too powerful for you.

To dream of losing your penis represents feelings of losing power or being stripped of power. A tragic loss of power. Feeling stupid for trying to boss people or trying to make anyone else listen to you. Feeling that power or a leading role has been taken from you. An assertive role that feels is impossible to maintain. Feeling like a big weak loser. Feeling forced to be nice to people who don't ever need to be nice to you. Jealousy of your impotence.

To dream of your penis bleeding represents a weakening sense of power, capability, or competence. Your abilities, leverage, or strengths may feel like they are slowly being lost. Losing respect, pride, or feeling embarrassed.

To dream of someone else having a larger penis than you may reflect feelings of jealousy of other people having more power or control in life than you do. Jealousy of God giving others more powerful experiences in life than you. Feeling demeaned or ineffective. Jealousy of not being good enough or not being powerful enough.

To dream of seeing an unusually long skinny penis may reflect feelings about "dirty power" or lowlife behavior that does something incredible. Cheating or lying that allows you to do something more powerful than others ever could.

If a woman dreams of having a penis it may reflect waking life situations where she is asserting herself, making powerful decisions, or showing others that she is not easy to push around.

For women and gay men to see a penis in a dream it may reflect sexually desirous thoughts or your desire to have something you like happen.

Dreams related to penis size are common to men having issues with insecurity related to the size of their penis.

Example: A man dreamed of having surgery done to his penis that he felt was dangerous. In waking life he had serious insecurity problems with women and was about to have a consultation with a psychiatrist to help him with his problem.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing men with long penises while another man held her down and tortured her. In waking life she felt that she was being unfairly picked on by "cooler" more stylish people than her. The men with long penises may have reflected her feelings about people making fun of her being undeniably more of a winner than her because of their better fashion style.

Example 3: A girl dreamed of thinking that a boy she had a crush on had a small penis. In waking life she felt that the boy she had a crush on was too shy to spend time alone with her.

Example 4: A man dreamed of his wife cutting off his penis. In waking life he was getting a divorce from his wife after having cheated on her. His wife as very mean, belittling, and making threats to take all his money.

Example 5: A man dreamed of having his penis cut off and then seeing it grow back slowly. In waking life he was feeling "less of a man" than usual, but recovered from those feelings after a few days.


To dream of pimples represents issues with low self-esteem and self-image. You may be self-conscious about something or hoping that a problem you have isn't noticed. You may feel awkward or out of place in a situation or relationship.

Pinky Finger

To dream of a pinky finger represents your ability to trust or have faith.

To see your pinky finger injured or severed represents a loss of trust or faith.

Pubic Hair

To dream of pubic hair represents sexually desirous thoughts.

Shaving public hair may reflect abstinence or a loss of sexual interest.


To dream of shoulders represents feelings about the ability to handle responsibility, burdens, or the ability to carry the weight of a problem if you need to. The capacity to carry the weight of obligations and challenges in life. Your perception of your own strength, both physical and emotional, and how you cope with the demands or pressures of your waking life

Positively, dreaming about shoulders represents strength, reliability, and the ability to bear burdens if you have to. It may reflect a conscious recognition of your own capacity to handle stress, take on responsibilities, or support others. Your ability to uphold commitments, show determination, and demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity. Your ability to take on tasks and responsibilities with confidence, providing support to those around you.

Negatively, dreaming about shoulders could represent feelings of being overwhelmed or burdened by the weight of too many responsibilities or stresses. A sense of carrying the weight of others' problems or bearing excessive pressure in your life. A need to alleviate stress and find ways to share the load with others. Feelings of being overworked. Perhaps you feel like you're carrying too much on your own, without any assistance from others, or you're struggling under the weight of expectations that you find too demanding or unreasonable.

To dream of wide shoulders represents feelings of increased capacity, capability, or confidence to take on responsibilities or burdens. It could symbolize your perception of yourself as being capable of handling more than usual, or it might reflect your view of someone else as being particularly strong, reliable, or equipped to bear heavy burdens or responsibilities. This could also pertain to feelings of readiness to take on bigger challenges, increased resilience, or enhanced strength in the face of adversity. It suggests a conscious or subconscious recognition of one's ability to handle larger amounts of stress, responsibilities, or demands in life.

To dream of someone forcefully grabbing you by the shoulder may reflect situations where you feel singled out, confronted, or forced to deal with a problem or responsibility. Feelings about a situation that is pressuring you, demanding your attention, or making you feel obligated or responsible for something.

To dream of a hand being gently placed on your shoulder may reflect feelings of support and reassurance. It could symbolize a comforting presence or the act of someone else acknowledging your burdens and offering help. It might also represent guidance, compassion, or a gentle reminder that you're not alone in your struggles.

To dream of a dislocated shoulder may reflect problems with feeling incapable or unprepared to handle the responsibilities or challenges in your life. Feelings about an unexpected setback or failure that has made it difficult to carry out your duties and obligations as expected. A perceived loss of strength, resilience, or ability to bear burdens. This could reflect real-life experiences where you feel overwhelmed, unsupported, or unable to cope with the stresses or responsibilities you are facing.

To dream of a bird on your shoulder may reflect feelings about it being your job to carry a burden of a job responsibility before moving on. Consider alternative meanings if the bird species is specific.

To dream of looking over your shoulder may represent paranoia, distrust, or fear about problems catching up to you. You may be feeling anxious or worried about unresolved issues or past mistakes that you fear might have negative consequences. It could also reflect feelings of guilt, regret, or a fear of judgment or retaliation. Difficulty being 100% confident or secure in yourself about a situation. Concerns that someone or something that you overlooked may embarrass you.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a cloaked man with a crow on his shoulder. The cloaked man placed his hand on the dreamer's shoulder. In waking life, the dreamer was seriously considering enlisting in the Marine Corps. In this case, the crow sitting on the cloaked man's shoulder man have reflected his feelings about the military recruiter having to carry the annoying responsibility of his job by trying to enroll people in the military. The cloaked man touching the shoulder of the dreamer may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about being asked to take on the burden of serving his country by enrolling in the military.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her son with a dislocated shoulder. In waking life, she was very uncertain about her family life because her children had been taken away from her. She felt she needed government financial assistance to try to get her children returned to her and restore her family life. In this case, her son having a dislocated shoulder may have reflected her feelings about herself losing confidence in herself as a competent mother to carry the financial burden of a stable family home life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing a naked woman with wide masculine shoulders who was ready to have sex with him to get pregnant for an arranged marriage. In waking life, he was considering having a child with a woman for an arranged marriage, and he felt the woman was overconfident about being involved in his business activities once the marriage was consummated. In this case, the wide shoulders may have reflected the man's feelings about the woman being too confident, assertive or dominant about her ability to handle the responsibilities involved in their future marriage and business affairs.


To dream of skin represents the mental and emotional boundaries between you, other people, and the events of your life. It's how you protect or resist attacks on your feelings or ego.

Alternatively, skin in dreams may reflect your ability to like yourself or feel good about yourself. Heightened sensitivity or not feeling good about something. Not feeling good about what someone said to you. Hurtful comments.

Having no skin would symbolize complete vulnerability to negative influences or emotional attack. Seeing others with no skin would represent aspects of your personality with no ability to feel good ever again. Positively, seeing someone with no skin may in a dream reflect a an aspect of yourself that is experiencing strong emotional influences. A total lack of concern for how you feel in order to achieve a difficult or incredible goal.

To dream of burned skin may reflect feelings about someone intentionally trying to make you never feel good again. The consequences of our actions or others actions that leave us feelings of having been "burned" emotionally by someone close to us.

To see creatures that burrow under the skin would symbolize problems that bug you or that have gotten to you. Feeling "creeped out."

To dream of a snake shedding skin represents feelings about yourself or others no longer having to notice the bad things they done ever again. Negatively, this may reflect a corrupt person getting worse. Positively, it may reflect feelings ab out yourself or a bad person getting the chance to move on with their lives.

Crystal Meth addict often hallucinate about bugs burrowing holes and crawling under their skin. This may symbolize their annoyance about the drug's effects feeling to have permanently worn off and leaving the addict unable to feel good about themselves anymore.

Example: A man dreamed seeing a woman with all her skin ripped off by a huge knife. In waking life he was experiencing a dramatic worsening of a skill condition that didn't allow him to have any confidence in himself at all.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing her friends recently deceased daughter jump into her skin which was hanging in a closet. In waking life the woman was helping her friend clean out her dead daughter's closet and felt she had to put on an enthusiastic attitude about the dead daughter's life each time she went over to the home to help clean out the dead daughter's belongings.

Example 3: A man dreamed of trying to prick his father's skin with a syringe. In waking life he was trying to convince his father to get a job when it was very important to fix his life up.

*Please See Race, Skin Color & Culture.


To dream of a spine represents the ability to withstand difficulty or "stay put" with difficult choices. Stamina and strength of character. The courage of conviction or to maintain integrity in the face of arrogance. How well you keep your responsibilities or promises. Having "backbone."

Negatively, a dream with a spine may reflect a lack of moral character or responsibility. You "caved" on an issue or lowered yourself.


To dream of a spleen represents feelings regarding conflict where you believe every single detail matters even though it's not serious to do so. Feeling that it's inappropriate to not respect even the small details of a situation or relationship. Putting your foot down for small issues out of respect, courtesy, or tradition. Your ability to feel like a total winner with even the small details being respected. Feeling that it's inappropriate for your partner to be friends with someone of the opposite at sex.

Negatively, dreams about the spleen may be a sign that you need to lighten up and making a big deal out of a small issue.

To dream of having your spleen removed may reflect your inability to stand up for small issues of respect, courtesy, or tradition. Uncontrollable annoyance or jealousy with a seemingly innocent situation that you feel is harmless, but still inappropriate.   Sensitivity about details requiring to be absolutely perfect in order to be feel respected or powerful.

Example: A man dreamed of having his spleen removed for an experiment. In waking life he allowed his wife to eat dinner out with a younger male student of hers. He thought it was inappropriate even though it seemed harmless. He couldn't control his jealousy after the having allowed the dinner date to occur.


To dream of a stomach or abdomen represents your ability to process and digest the experiences or situations in your waking life without anything bothering you. A reflection of how well you can accept and deal with emotions, situations, or information that you are confronted with. Your level of sensitivity or insensitivity about accepting criticism or difficult situations. How vulnerable you are to having your feelings hurt or allowing something to upset you. The state of the stomach in your dream can reflect your level of comfort or discomfort with the way life is taking you.

Positively, dreaming about a stomach may represent a good ability to cope with or accept new situations. Confidence with your ability to accept criticism or what life throws at you in a healthy manner. Resilience and the strength to face challenges without being overwhelmed. Confidence about your abilities or appearances that isn't afraid to talk back to other people about having less confidence than you do. Confidence about yourself not being a lazy undeserving person.

Negatively, dreaming about a stomach problem may represent difficulties in dealing with life's challenges. Emotional issues that are hard to digest or accept, feelings of unease or unrest with a particular situation, or the inability to process and move past negative emotions. This dream could also highlight fears, insecurities, or a sense of vulnerability in facing what life throws at you.

To dream of a perfect stomach or perfect abs represents a confident carefree attitude about accepting and dealing with various situations in life without anything bothering you. Perfect confidence about never being a loser no matter what anyone said about you. Imperviousness to criticism or insensitive comments you receive.

To dream of a potbelly represents feelings about excess, overindulgence, a lack of self-discipline, laziness, or unhealthy habits while not minding what it looks like. Problems with believing in yourself being perfectly confident. Sensitivity about criticism or insensitive comments you receive.

To dream of your stomach or abdomen being attacked, injured, or sick may represent feelings about experiencing difficulties in processing and dealing with certain situations, leading to feelings of discomfort or unease. Vulnerability, insecurity, or distress related to your currently accepted choices and beliefs.

To dream of having a dog attack your stomach may reflect your heightened sensitivity about issues you feel other people are criticizing you about. Feelings of insecurity or vulnerability regarding your beliefs or choices, especially if they are being challenged or criticized by others. Feelings about someone protective attacking you for your comfortably accepted beliefs or choices because they don't believe that you are safe. Vicious personal attacks on issues that make you very sensitive. Fear that something is wrong with you.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an enemy with a disgustingly obese potbelly. In waking life, he experienced his enemy being caught committing a crime and telling disgustingly obscene lies to explain the situation as though nothing was wrong with it that looked stupid being confident. In this case, the potbelly may have reflected the dreamer's perception of his enemy as morally corrupt who was grotesque with excess and dishonesty.

Example 2: A woman had recurring dreams of a vicious dog attacking her stomach (belly, not organ). In waking life, she felt her family and work life were more important than a medical check-up which she suspected she needed. When she finally did get a checkup she was diagnosed with stomach cancer (organ, not belly) and died three months later. In this case, the dog attacking her stomach may have reflected her feelings about someone protective (family, medical reminders) emotionally attacking her decision to comfortably accept her job and family as more important than her health.

Example 3: A teenager dreamed of seeing himself and his friend with their shirts off revealing their perfect abs. In waking life, he was having issues comparing himself to his friend about who was better looking and didn't mind insensitive comments about comparisons. In this case, the perfect abs may have reflected his feelings about the confidence and carefree attitude about his and his friend's physical appearance despite the comparisons.


To dream of teeth represents your vitality and self-confidence. A reflection of how good you feel about your physical appearance, talents, or anything that gives you status or power. Feelings about how permanently confident you are capable of being.

To dream of teeth falling out represents a loss of power, confidence, or self-esteem in some area of your life. A corrosive situation or feelings of a loss of vitality. Dreams of teeth falling out are common to people aging or who feel they are losing their looks. It's also common to people who are losing money, a career, or status of some kind. Feelings about a loss of permanent confidence.

To dream of extracting teeth may represent a a deliberate and proactive effort to remove something that is causing a loss of vitality, confidence, or self-esteem in some area of the dreamer's life. It may symbolize a desire or need to take control of a corrosive situation or to regain lost vitality. This dream may also indicate a willingness to sacrifice or let go of something in order to move forward and regain control. The act of extracting teeth may be a metaphor for taking decisive action to address a problem or issue that has been causing a loss of power or confidence. The act of extracting teeth may also represent a painful process of letting go, indicating that the dreamer may be struggling with the decision to move on from something or someone that has been causing them harm or holding them back.

To dream of a gap in your front teeth represents insecurities about your self-confidence. You may feel that others don't perceive you as confident as you feel you should be, or that your confidence is never quite as perfect as you want it to be. Feeling that you are not the best, but you are not hated. This insecurity may stem from a sensitivity to criticism or a focus on perceived flaws that you constantly wish to improve. Confidence that doesn't want other people to bring up your problem. Feelings about not being perfect and being happy about it. Confidence is getting away with not being perfect. Alternatively, a gap in the teeth of another person may represent your view of another person or situation that you don't want to say anything about out loud having anything else wrong with it.

To dream of animals with sharp teeth often represents feelings of anger or aggression. You may feel a sense of fury towards a person or situation, or feel that someone else is angry with you. The sharpness of the teeth can symbolize the intensity of these emotions, and the potential for harm or destruction. In some cases, the dream may represent someone else's "biting anger" directed towards you, making you feel attacked or threatened. It's important to examine the specific type of animal and context of the dream to gain further insight into its meaning.

To dream of being toothless represents a total loss of confidence, power, or vitality. You or someone else may have experienced a setback that has caused a loss power, status, or vitality in some way which has led to feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. Bad news, misfortune, or ill health are getting in the way.

To dream of brushing teeth represents feelings about reinforcing confidence in your strengths and abilities. preparation, practice, or maintenance to keep yourself feeling confident and ready to face the world. ou may be concerned about how others perceive you and may be taking steps to ensure that you do not appear weak or vulnerable in their eyes. Concerns about maintaining your appearance to other people as you strive to present yourself in the best possible light. Trying your best to maintain a good appearance and positive self-image.

Negatively, dreaming about brushing your teeth may reflect a preoccupation with appearances. Anxiety about looking bad to other people. An excessive need to reassure yourself. An excessive need to maintain impressive appearances. Issues with vanity. Fear of looking weak or lazy. The dreamer may be overly concerned with how others perceive them, leading to a constant need to present oneself in the best possible light.

To dream of broken teeth represents feelings a flaw or weakness in one's character or abilities that can no longer be hidden or ignored. This flaw may be something that has always been present but has been overlooked, or it could be a new development that has arisen and needs to be addressed. A flaw is now visible and cannot be concealed or covered up any longer. A need to confront and address one's weaknesses or limitations, to take steps to overcome them, and to work towards self-improvement. The dream may be a call to action, urging the dreamer to face their challenges head-on and to not let their flaws hold them back. Alternatively, the broken tooth may represent a warning that if the issue is not addressed, it may continue to worsen and have greater consequences in the future. Feeling that your confidence has been broken. Feeling that you need to restore confidence or prove yourself regain confidence.

Example: A woman dreamed of her teeth falling out. In real life she was insecure about her looks because she was aging. In this case the teeth falling out may have reflected dreamer's insecurities and anxieties about growing older and losing her youthful charm.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of seeing herself with gap in her teeth. In real life she felt like she wasn't good looking enough for a guy she liked. In this case the gap in the teeth may have reflected her feelings about looking her best wasn't good enough while the guy she liked didn't hate her.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of brushing her teeth in public when the battery in the electric toothbrush died. In waking life an expensive fee was required to secure an important business opportunity and she couldn't afford the fee because her budget for the year wouldn't allow it. Brushing her teeth in public in this case may have reflected her responsible management of her budget to keep her business looking confident that nothing is wrong while being unable to hide why she wasn't paying the expensive fee.

*Please See Fangs.


To dream of testicles represent nerve, confidence, bravery, or courage. You're ability to be comfortable about being assertive, masculine, or confident standing up for yourself whenever you need to. Your willingness to take risks and face challenges fearlessly.

Positively, dreaming about testicles might symbolize bravery, resilience, or a courageous attitude in confronting difficult situations. It reflects your ability to take risks and face challenges head-on. It may also indicate a sense of confidence and assertiveness in asserting yourself or pursuing your goals. This dream could represent your ability to withstand pressure or endure stressful circumstances with strength and determination.

Negatively, dreaming about testicles could suggest feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, or a lack of bravery. It could indicate fears or hesitations in facing challenges or taking risks. This dream may reflect a fear of failure or a reluctance to step outside of your comfort zone. It might also symbolize a need to assert your own power or assertiveness in certain areas of your life. Issues of control or a fear of losing your manliness.

Alternatively, seeing testicles on someone else in the dream may represent a person or situation that is braver or more willing to take chances than you are.

To dream of having your testicles squeezed represents feelings of vulnerability, powerlessness, or threat to your masculinity. It might be an indication of feeling a critical part of your self-esteem, confidence, or virility under attack, perhaps from external pressures or expectations. It could reflect feeling powerless to stop a situation from hurting you or undermining your confidence. Issues with not feeling freedom or respect while being assertive or masculine.

To dream of large testicles represents feelings of great confidence, courage, or assertiveness. It may indicate a positive self-image, high self-esteem, or strong belief in your abilities. You feel prepared and capable of facing challenges, taking risks, or standing up for yourself. It may also symbolize your assertiveness or dominance in certain areas of your life. Masculinity, assertiveness, or manhood that is overdone.

To dream of small testicles represents feelings of insecurity, self-doubt, or inadequacy. You may feel insufficiently confident, brave, or assertive in certain situations. It could indicate low self-esteem, fears of failure, or a reluctance to take risks. This dream might reflect a perceived lack of courage or inability to stand up for yourself when it matters.

Example: A man dreamed of having his testicles squeezed and felt he couldn't do a single thing about it while the pain only intensified. In waking life, he was experiencing heavy stress at work as a foreman for a construction company. In this case, having his testicles squeezed may have reflected his perception of having his masculinity or manhood being undermined or threatened while at work.


To dream of a thigh represents stamina, motivation, and the ability to endure.  Your ability to perform and get things done.

To dream of admiring your thigh represents satisfaction with your performance or stamina.

To dream of muscular thighs reflects you or some aspect of yourself that has staying power.

To dream of small feminine thighs represents acceptance of limitations. It may also reflect you or an area of your life that is advertising itself to be less powerful than someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of having saggy skin on her thighs and feeling embarrassed when she tried to pull the skin tighter. In waking life she felt humiliated at work by her boss who kept removing benefits from her pay and making her feel like a loser who was too old and pathetic to compete hard in the workplace anymore.


To dream of a thumb represents your ability to get a grip on things or keep a situation staying the way you want it. Your ability to keep stability and control in a situation or relationship. A thumb reflects a wish to keep something the same. Management ability or your ability to keep a situation stable.

To dream that you have no thumb represents feelings that you lack the ability to keep something exactly the way you want it. You may be experiencing changes that are beyond your ability to control.

To dream of having an abnormally large thumb represents a heightened sense of control or success. You may feel better capable of controlling a situation than others.

To dream of giving a thumbs up represents approval and that you are "okay" to proceed. Giving a thumbs down reflects disapproval.

Example: A woman dreamed that she was going to have her thumb amputated. In real life she was proposed to and because of a past failed marriage she felt her relationship was going to change in ways she didn't like. Having to amputate the thumb in the dream reflects her feeling that she may forever lose her "grip" on the current state of her relationship because of the changes proposal would have on the relationship making it more serious.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her being all thumbs as she held a rotting vegetable in her garden. In waking life she was feeling that she was in inadequate mother who was only capable of managing her child and not helping her child.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of worms coming out of her thumbs. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of anxiety about being able to provide for her children and feared losing them and her husband. The worms coming out of her thumb may have reflected her uncomfortable feelings about being unable to effectively keep her family life stable of and under control.


To dream of your throat in your dream represents expression or the ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas openly.

Being choked would symbolize a person or situation that is preventing you from expressing yourself freely and openly.  You can't speak freely or define yourself in the presence of others.

Example:  A woman dreamed of being choked on a bed.  In real life she had a husband that didn't allow her to make any choices.

*Please See Choking.


To dream of toenails represents a determination of self-worth based on areas of your life that aren't easily noticed by others. Things you are proud about privately. A reflection of how valuable you know yourself to be without showing it off. Feelings about how well you respect yourself being a moral grownup that rarely needs to talk about it. Feelings about yourself never embarrassing yourself being looked at as immoral by other people. Staying the way you are is deserved. How confident or respectfully adult you feel on rare occasions when something personal is revealed about you such as income.

Toenails may symbolize self-perception about how skilled, talented, intelligent, powerful, or rich you feel yourself to be. Confidence that you don't feel the need to talk about often. Feelings about being good at something and not having to talk about it all the time. Never uncomfortable with your status or who you are because people will just see it. Nice toenails may indicate you feel confident that nobody tells you that you're stupid about your job or being financially sound. Being noticed as always paying your bills or being a moral adult if the occasion ever requires talking about it.

To dream of painting your toenails represents feeling good noticing your strengths or things you are secure about. Feeling special about why you never embarrass yourself. A strong feeling of confidence that you are too good to lower yourself in ways others do. Feeling safe no matter what you are doing. Negatively, painting your toenails may represent conceit, vanity, or feeling as though you are better than other people so much that it's all you ever think about.

To dream of having long toenails may represent neglect of your strengths. Letting yourself go. A sign that you are not as motivated or focused as you could be. It may also reflect a big distraction in your life. Not maintaining things that let you respect yourself.

To dream of cutting your toenails represents maintenance or protection of a secure aspect of your life. Making sure an area of your life that you are totally confident about stays secure. Making sure your reputation, skills, or resources are not diminished. Ensuring that others never see your flaws.

To dream of an ingrown toenail may reflect a big screw up or problem with enjoying being a grownup or having permanently successful appearances that you can't believe won't go away right away. Not feeling professional about why you have to wait for a problem to go away. Annoyance with a mistake or something mean that embarrasses you with feeling little until it goes away. Privately not liking noticing a problem in case you have to talk about it.

Example: A woman dreamed of her toenail being blackened and falling off leaving only skin. In waking life she was concerned about her 38 year old son's mental state while he continued living at home with her. In this case the broken off toenail may have reflected her feelings about losing confidence when occasionally talking about herself being a good mother to other mothers due her son current life. She may have felt like a failure of a mother that didn't look good to talk about her son to other people with if the subject should arise.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having an ingrown toenail that was hurting bad. In waking life she lost her job and was deeply worried about losing her home. In this case the ingrown toenail may have reflected her feelings about losing her job making it impossible to make home payments while other people may have found it a rare occasion to witness her not looking her professional about paying for things.

*Please See Nail Clippers.


To dream of toes represents thoughts that give you a feeling of assurance. Beliefs that keep you confident, secure, stable, and balanced. Something in life that allows you confidently believe that you are not a loser. Things that keep you motivated, prevent you from giving up, or losing control. Your feelings about how secure you are about your "standing in life" or confidently hold a position.

To dream of losing toes represents a loss of confidence or feelings of insecurity. Something that was reassuring you has been lost.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing an ugly misshapen growth on her toes that she was considering removing. In waking life she had gotten into a big argument with her husband about chores and that she confidently refused to stand down from. She was now regretting her stubborn attitude and considering apologizing.


To dream of a tongue represents how you speak or express yourself.

To dream of a tongue being ripped out represents you or someone else that is being prevented from speaking or expressing themselves about something.  Possibly a reflection of perceived threats or consequences for speaking freely or telling the truth.

To see the color blue on a tongue represents telling the truth, or expressing yourself in a positive way.   It may be a sign that you are "coming clean" or trying to be honest.

To see a snakes tongue represents a deceptive manner of speaking or expressing one's self.

To dream that someone is sticking their tongue out at you represents a person or situation that you feel is taunting or insulting you.


To dream of a uterus represents the potential for new beginnings.

Alternatively, dreaming about the uterus may be linked to the dreamer's feelings about motherhood and fertility. Feeling that you might be pregnant. Feelings about childbirth after socializing with female friends about the birthing process. Fears of miscarriage. Concerns about menopause age getting closer

Example: A woman dreamed of thinking that she was bleeding from her uterus. In waking she was questioning whether she was experiencing a miscarriage. In this case the uterus may have reflected the dreamer's concerns or worries about her reproductive health or her ability to conceive and carry a child.


To dream of a vagina represents receptivity or compliance to beliefs, ideas, wishes or goals. How open you or someone else is to accepting what other people want. How receptive a desired situation is to your wants.

Negatively, a vagina may reflect feelings about deserving to be a loser or deserving to be told what to do. Noticing that everyone else deserves to feel good having their way when you don't. Alternatively, it may reflect your feelings about how good you are at making other people do things for you.

The size of the vagina may reflect how receptive you are to someone else's objectives. A big vagina may reflect a situation that is too easy or that's been done a lot before. A small vagina may reflect a situation that is difficult to do or that's never been done before. A giving person or situation that you must be careful with.

A nice desirable vagina represents a desirable choice or experience that you are considering. It may also reflect feelings about enjoy yourself thinking that nothing wrong at all with something you are doing. Feeling good controlling something. Having an enjoyable experience where you are the smartest or strongest person.

An ugly or sick looking vagina may represent undesirable alternatives or a problem being able to interest others in what you have.

To dream of a child's vagina may represent a person or situation that you feel is not interesting or desirable enough for you. Someone or something may not be mature enough for you. Feeling that enjoying yourself in wrong.

For a man to dream of having a vagina represents subordination or lack of control over decisions. You may feel unable to make choices or like you are less powerful than other people. Feeling impotent to make decisions or that you can only have decisions made for you.

For a woman to dream of her own vagina may represent her self-perception about womanhood, femininity, or how "ladylike" you feel yourself to be. Feelings about how giving, helpful, sympathetic, or how much of good person you are.

Alternatively, if you are a male a vagina in a dream may reflect feelings about sexual attraction you have for the opposite sex or sexual curiosity. Vagina's in dreams may also reflect problems with sexual desire.

Example: A very young boy dreamed about his girlfriend's vagina being comprised spirals, squares, and circles in rainbow color (no vagina). Since he was very young and had no understanding of what sex was yet the dream may have reflected his non-stop curiosity about what his girlfriend's vagina looked like.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing a very beautiful woman swimming in the ocean dive under the water revealing her vagina as she went under. In waking life he was trying to fix a serious problem at work that was costing the company thousands of dollars a month and he noticed a quick moment of time where the problem completely went away before returning again. See the beautiful woman's vagina as she dove deeper into the water may have reflected his feelings of enjoyment experiencing the work problem temporarily gone.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of man she had a crush on caressing her vagina. In waking life she was enjoying experiencing the man talking to her all the time during their work at a charity organization.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of having sex and then stopping to discover that something was slowly leaking from her vagina. In waking life she was enjoying her new family life with her kids and new boyfriend without her ex-husband whom she didn't like at all. The leaking vagina may have reflected her feelings about herself no longer being someone her her kids would easily pick over her ex because she was too amazing.


To dream of a waist represents feelings about the ability to manage yourself and keep yourself the way you are while dealing with a situation. Feelings about control, management of personal challenges, and self-discipline or boundaries. Keeping a situation the same through proper management.

To dream of a slim waist represents feelings about yourself or someone else being perceived as disciplined or successful in managing personal challenges. Self-control, effective personal management, or feeling good about your physical appearance. A slim waist in a dream can also symbolize attractiveness and a positive self-image, particularly in terms of health or fitness.

To dream of a fat waist represents feelings about yourself or someone else lacking discipline or control in managing personal challenges. Feelings of self-indulgence, lack of self-control, or concerns about personal health and fitness. A fat waist in a dream can also symbolize a negative self-image or insecurities about physical appearance.

Waists in dreams may also reflect your feelings about your weight and body image.

Example: A man dreamed of holding a girl by her waist. In waking life, he felt that a girl he was seeing was using sex to make him keep her as his girlfriend when she wasn't his first choice. In this case, the waist may reflect his feelings about the control he felt he had in the relationship, or possibly his perception of the girl's attempts to manage or maintain the relationship through physical intimacy.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of tying a tourniquet around a man's waist to stop bleeding. In waking life, she was struggling to manage her weight and having a lot of difficulty doing so. In this case, the waist may have reflected her feelings about trying to control or manage her physical health and appearance, with the tourniquet representing her efforts to stop a situation (weight gain) that she perceived as detrimental.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of white linen clothes with a belt around the waist. In waking life, she was trying her hardest to maintain her religious faith. In this case, the waist may have reflected her feelings about self-discipline or control in maintaining her spiritual beliefs, with the belt symbolizing the constraints or self-imposed boundaries she was placing on herself to stay true to her faith.

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