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Twix Chocolate Bar

To dream of a Twix chocolate bar represents treating yourself to feeling "just safe" never having to do anything else to see yourself get away with something. Enjoying being safe not talking about something or being present as the reason why you will see yourself get away with getting your way. Not being stupid about why you don't have to save yourself from anyone else's problems. Enjoying not even having to think something is your problem because someone else will think of taking on the problem for you. Treating yourself to getting away with something because you never have to say you're actually doing. Enjoying not telling anyone why you're liking things as the reason you don't "suck." Feeling good finding out that you don't have to say anything is the reason why you don't have to do anything.

Negatively, dreaming about a Twix chocolate bar may reflect overdoing or dishonestly enjoying being "just safe" never speaking about or doing something in order to get away with avoiding it. Enjoying time off ignoring chores or responsibilities hoping to get away with making someone else will do them for you. Trying to be manipulative to get away with not doing something by "just safe" ignoring it. Liking your time off because someone else embarrassed themself with the problem. Stalling in order to avoid embarrassment, responsibilities, conflict.

Example: A white teenage girl dreamed of being racially insulted as a "Twix" by a black teenage girl. In waking life she had recently had an argument with a black girl at school who tried to physically fight her, but the dreamer refused to fight. The Twix bar reference in this case may have reflected her feelings about being racially perceived by the black girl as enjoying being typically white "just safe" stalling for not even having to do anything to save herself from a physical fight except behave safer to make the fight go away or get the black girl in trouble for being louder or more aggressive.

Example 2: A teenager dreamed of seeing a Twix wrapper on the ground. In waking life the teenager was being nagged to mow the front lawn. In this case the Twix wrapper may have reflected the dreamer's awareness of themself already having treated themself to not having to think of mowing the lawn as their problem because their mother probably cut it for them if they ignore it long enough.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his entire bookshelf and office desk covered in boxes of Twix chocolate bars. In waking life he he had a large collection of computer porn he questioned the morality of. In this case the Twix chocolate bars may have reflected his feelings about treating himself to getting away with watching computer porn while he never had to tell anyone what he was actually doing.



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