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Mars Chocolate Bar

To dream of a Mars chocolate bar represents treating yourself to thinking about yourself being allowed to do something because usually you don't see yourself enough. Treating yourself is the answer because thinking about yourself usually isn't enough. Feeling bold and original for thinking about yourself completely because you usually don't think of yourself completely. Treating yourself to why something else different is strongest because it's what you like to feel. Treating yourself to time off being original that doesn't have to think about why other people think about it. Short-term treating yourself to not having to think anything else counts. Treating yourself outside your usual comfort zone like it isn't a problem.

Example: A man dreamed of giving a Mars chocolate bar to a famous religious evangelist. In waking life he was very persistent with being focused spiritually on what God wanted for his life by repeatedly telling God in his prayers that God's will always came first no matter what happened in his life. In this case giving away the Mars chocolate bar to the famous Evangelist may have reflected his feelings about treating himself to a day off praying or being so serious about God because he usually doesn't allow himself to. The Mars bar might also be a sign he is taking a break from being so serious about what other people think of his religious conviction. A sign that he needed to learn to accept letting go a little bit.



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