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To dream of kittens represents the beginning or early stages of having illusions of confidence about something that isn't as tough as it says it is. A sensitive need to care about people who may not deserve it or may not respect you. Illusions or unprovable beliefs you are very sensitive or protective about. Sensitive confidence that's easy to scare off. A beginning stage of vulnerability or innocence in a situation, such as starting a new project or relationship. It can also represent a desire for nurturing or caretaking.

Negatively, dreaming about a kitten may represent the awareness of yourself beginning to be highly sensitive about an issue that easily scares you off. Sensitivity about young children being cute, playful, and requiring attention while being easy to scare with yelling. Early stages of an illusion of confidence that easily scares off once confronted or pressured. Wasting time with high sensitivity that isn't as tough as it says it is.

Pregnant women often dream of kittens. This may reflect their sensitivity about needing to be perfectly safe and protected during pregnancy that may be overdoing thinking that perfect safety is important. Illusions or sensitivity about hurting the baby if they aren't perfectly healthy or safe. Pregnant women who dream of kittens often dream of more dangerous cats such as lions later in their pregnancy, possibly reflecting their aggressive need to control their environment until the baby is born. The transition to lion cats from kitten may also reflect feelings of being controlled and fearing expert medical advice for the coming baby's safety.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing kittens. In waking life, she had to babysit children. In this case, the kittens may have reflected her feelings about the responsibility of caring for the children, seeing them as cute, playful, and requiring attention, similar to how one would view kittens. The dream may also reveal her initial feelings of vulnerability and inexperience when it came to taking care of children, especially if she was new to babysitting.

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