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Technology in dreams can represent a wide array of thinking patterns.  While computers may reflect what we are thinking, cellphones can point to what it is we value the most.  While cameras may symbolize the impressions or memories that situations imprint upon is, a television can reflect the type of experiences we are having.

To dream of represents feelings about experiences with other people where you easily ordering something to happen all on it's own. Confidence in feeling that there isn't anything wrong with ordering something to happen on its own. Experiences with other people where you have the feeling of not having to think about something again after having decided it. Experiences with other people where you feel confidently respected that your request is certain to happen eventually without having to ask twice. An easy delegation experience in life you feel is amazing without thinking it matters. Experiences with other people involving asking for something to happen and easy having it perfectly respected all on it's own. Feelings about help or assistance that never thinks of itself as important while thinking you are. Feeling the power to simply say you want someone to respect something happening and noticing that they will. Simply asking someone else to just take care of something for you because you don't have time.

Negatively, dreaming about may reflect too much reliance or expectation to easily delegate something you want to happen without thinking it about too hard. Embarrassing yourself not having to think about something again after you've decided it. Dishonestly or dangerously not thinking there is anythign wrong with ordering something to happen on its own.

Some people may dream of when they are experiencing issues with using the website and not contacting technical support to address it.

Example: A woman dreamed of having issues using gift certificates on the website. In waking life she was having trouble redeeming her certificates while repeatedly trying to use the same malfunctioning option to redeem the certificates over and over.

Answering Machine

To dream of an answering machine represents ideas, insights, advice, or clear instructions that were given to you when you weren't listening to it. "Nobody was home" when something important was said. Feeling that you didn't listen to someone enough when it was important.

Negatively, to dream of an answering machine represents ideas, insights, or advice that you aren't listening to. You've "gotten the message", but aren't doing anything about it. You may have difficulties or frustration in understanding an idea or viewpoint. Something isn't "hitting home" as quickly as it should be. Willfully ignoring advice in the present because you have more important things to do. Preferring to enjoy yourself not having to be concerned a problem until it becomes a big problem.

Example: A man dreamed of his father leaving a message on his answering machine. In real life he was experiencing a moral dilemma with consequences that he was well aware of. His father on the answering machine represented the decision to do the right thing (conscience) being willfully ignored until he was ready to listen to it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of hearing a badly garbled message on an answering machine from his father. In waking life his father had died and he couldn't remember what his father had told him to do about certain property issues after is death.

Apple Computers

To dream of an Apple Computer or Mac Computer represents awareness of thinking in a way that feels successful with no problems. Feeling good thinking in a way that is more original, intelligent, or problem free than most people. Confidence that you have a better way to think. A thinking style that is more sophisticated than average. A thinking style that is aware of itself deserving to successful or problem free. Confidence about there being nothing difficult about thinking different.

Negatively, dreaming of an Apple Computer or Mac Computer may represent feelings of annoying other people that you are not thinking like normal people. Feeling that you are wasting your time thinking creative or sophisticated. Snobbery about never needing to think of anything little, average, or unsophisticated. Snobbery about being more original, intelligent, successful, or problem free than most people.

What you do or see on a computer symbolizes issues you are focused on or interests you have. You are noticing the manner in which you are thinking and may be motivated to explore issues or improve yourself.

*Please See Computers.

*Please See Ipod.

*Please See Ipad.


To dream of BitTorrent represents feelings about a situation where you are waiting for all the bits and pieces of knowledge or resources from a diverse group of sources to come together in order for it all to make sense or be utilized. A situation or experience in your life that involves sharing, collaboration, or collective effort. Patience and determination to piece together information bit by bit, relying on a diverse range of inputs and learning to adapt to a new field.

Positively, dreaming about BitTorrent may symbolize your ability to collaborate with others effectively, harnessing collective efforts to achieve a common goal. The efficient acquisition of knowledge, skills, or resources from a diverse group of people. Your skill in navigating complex systems to access valuable information or opportunities. The power of collective effort, where everyone contributes a small part to achieve a larger goal.

Negatively, dreaming about BitTorrent may suggest feelings of guilt, illegality, or unethical behavior related to accessing or distributing information or resources without proper authorization. Feelings of uncertainty or risk associated with sharing or collaboration. Concerns about the potential consequences or risks associated with your actions in seeking shortcuts or exploiting others' efforts for personal gain. Feeling wary about the intentions of others in a collective project, or you might be struggling with the fear of losing individual control or credit in a collaborative effort. Alternatively, it could indicate a fear of being overwhelmed by a flood of information or resources beyond your capacity to handle.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a BitTorrent software program running with 3 separate torrent files downloading. In waking life, he was trying to make a new life for himself that required learning an entirely different field of knowledge to his current skillset to start a new business after walking away from his old one. He had to slowly learn whatever he needed in small pieces of numerous sources while waiting for life to go back to normal. In this case, BitTorrent may have reflected his patience and determination to piece together information bit by bit, relying on a diverse range of inputs and learning to adapt to a new field.


To dream of a blog represents a personal account of a situation. It may also reflect sharing of personal details or opinions.

Call Display Caller ID

To dream of caller ID represents foresight about how a situation will turn out, or expectations about how something might effect you emotionally if you choose to except it or embrace it. You know what something is or how it will turn out before you actually experience it.

To dream of not looking at your caller ID may represent not caring about how a situation will turn out or effect you emotionally.

To dream of seeing "Unknown Caller" on your caller ID represents foresight about a situation that makes you feel cautious or like it can't be trusted.

To dream of seeing a blank caller ID screen may symbolize your foresight about a situation never being what you want or hope it to be.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing an old friend's name on their call display and picking up the phone. This friend was someone who always made them fell self-conscious. In real life the dreamer was about to make a dramatic lifestyle change. The friend's name on the call display reflected their foresight about how making the big change would begin to "connect" them to their concern about what other people think. They knew what to expect from the change as the time for change was at hand.


*Please See Video Camera.


To dream of a camera represents the ability to decide how something will be remembered. Your perspective on a situation and how it may influence your memories or opinion of yourself later on. An important moment or crossroads that you get to decide the outcome of. Decisions that will effect how you remember the rest of your life. The ability to control how a situation will be remembered by your actions. A wish to look your best so that it will be remembered in a good way for years to come. A pivotal moment or choice that will decide how a situation will be remembered. A wish to avoid making history in a dishonest way.

Negatively, a camera may reflect feelings about bad choices that could effect the rest of your life. Knowing a choice may bring unhappiness, failure, or embarrassment for the rest of your life. Anxiety or paranoia about being remembered in a positive way for the rest of your life. An excessive need to plan how you will make your mark in the world and be remembered for it. A wish to make history in a dishonest way. Choices that will lead to remembering mistakes. Too much concern for appearances.

A camera may also reflect how beliefs or opinions you currently have will effect your memories or impression of a person or situation.

Any pictures taken with a camera in a dream represent impressions or memories that are being formed based on your beliefs or choices.

To dream of adjusting camera settings may reflect your attempts to change the way you see a situation before forming any final impressions or making an important decision.

Example: A man dreamed of someone he didn't like telling him how nice his camera was. In waking life he was warned by a co-worker that he had to appear at a company event or he'd be remembered by other employees like he didn't care about the company. He decided not to go to the company event anyway deciding to put up with whatever bad opinion was made about him. The camera in this case may have reflected his feelings about himself having the power to influence how he would be remembered for the rest of his professional life if he chose not to attend the company event.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her old broken camera working again. In waking life she had just gotten back together with an ex-boyfriend with whom she has had previous tried to sneak getting pregnant without asking him. The broken camera that was now working again might have reflected her feelings about her ability to choose how to remember the rest of her life if she returned to her attempts to get pregnant without asking her boyfriend.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of using a camera to take a picture of a meteor, but then realized that the image was not really a meteor. In waking life he was witnessing his friend doing something important and didn't want to ruin his memory of the moment.

*Please See Video Camera.

Cassette Tapes

To dream of a cassette tape represents issues or situations that are interesting enough to set aside time or resources to exploring.  It may reflect making plans to experience something or making a concerted effort to do something.  Plans you want to make, hobbies you care about, or anything that you'd have to go out of your way to feel.

To dream of cassette tapes that you don't want to listen to represents resistance to doing something that is up too much time or work.  You may think something is too unpleasant or too much work to bother with.

Example:  A man dreamed of finding an old cassette tape.  In waking life he discovered his old comic books and decided to sit around for the day looking at them.

CD Player

To dream of a CD player represents an ability to control the tone, mood, agenda of a given situation..  Having things your way. You have control over how a situation feels and may be able to change it or stop it if you don't like it.

*Please See CDs Compact Disks.

CDs Compact Disks

To dream of a CD represents memories, feelings, or a sequence of thoughts that you choose to play internally.  It reflects a chosen tone, mood, or agenda.  "Toeing the line" or conforming to a set standard of thinking.

To dream of giving someone else a cd may represent an attempt to influence another person with certain beliefs or feelings.  It may also reflect your own attempt to listen to new ideas.

To dream of buying CD's represents a choice to feel a certain way or to "tow a line" of thinking.  A situation has influenced you to conform to a set standard of thinking.  Who or where you buy a cd from symbolizes what it is that's influencing you.

Cell Phones

To dream of a cellphone represents emotional or psychological closeness. Urgent feelings of needing something.  Wishes, beliefs, desires, or feelings that you feel are important to have or that you don't want to lose.  Cellphones may also reflect resources or connections to other people that you always want available to you.  Things you want to have, want to experience, or just think about a lot.

To talk on a cellphone in a dream symbolizes your focus on issues that are important to you or emotionally valuable.  You are spending a lot of time thinking about something or have a strong interest in making something happen. Talking on a cellphone many also reflect emotional urgency.  You feel you need something in order to function.

To dream of losing your cellphone represents emotional disconnection from what's important to you.  Difficulties that distract you or prevent you thinking or feeling as you wish.

To dream of being unable to reach someone on your cellphone represents feelings of separation or being cut off. You may be unable to communicate with someone you care about or feel cut off from something that is emotionally supportive. Family members who are separated from loved ones often dream of being unable to use their cellphone to contact that person.

To dream of a cracked cell phone represents feelings about formerly easy connections or access in life being compromised or ruined. Feeling that friendships or relationships you need have some kind of irrecoverable damage to them. Convenient relationships or access feels permanently compromised due to conflicts that are too difficult to overcome. Feeling cut off. Not liking an unpleasant overtone overshadowing a formerly easy thing to do in your life. Special treatment may feel lost. Difficulty letting go of someone or something because life is more difficult without them.

To dream of dropping a cellphone represents waking life situations where you feel that emotional or psychological closeness has been let go of. Accidental loss of access, connections, or feelings that are important to you. Feeling that access or connections have been "dropped." Choosing to intentionally let go of your cellphone may reflect feelings of intentionally disregarding or letting go of something stressful.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing an old friend talking on a cellphone with a girl he liked. This old friend was someone who never gives up. In waking life the young man was rejected by the girl he liked and couldn't stop liking her. The old friend on a cellphone reflected his need to desire this girl in order to function and his unwillingness to stop thinking of her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of finding a cracked cell phone. In waking life she kept having feelings about getting back with her ex-boyfriend after a very big argument that she felt may have made it impossible to reconcile their very good past relationship. She felt it was no longer easy to be friends with her ex.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of smashing a woman's cellphone. In waking life she was jealous of her boyfriend telling her about another woman he was interested in and gave him an ultimatum to choose between her and the other woman.

*Please See Iphone.

*Please See Telephone.

Cell Phone Charger

To dream of a cellphone charger represents feelings about wishing to ensure the continuation of psychological closeness. Making sure that some area of your life will continue working in the manner that you would like. Feelings about things you are doing now that will ensure that an important area of you life functions perfect the next time you try. Patiently waiting for your next opportunity to connect closely to something important in your life.

Alternatively, a cell phone charger may reflect time off a relationship, project, or situation in order to better functioning and closeness at a later time.

Example: A woman dreamed of looking for her cell phone charger. In waking life she had exhausted all attempts to keep believing that she could restore a relationship with her ex-boyfriend and so she was looking for ways to renew her prospects of restarting the relationship.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of the batteries on her cell phone being totally drained and looking trying to find a charger. In waking life she felt that she had exhausted her ability to keep speaking to a man she liked and was patiently thinking up news ways to speak to him while fearing calling him back too soon.


To dream of circuitry represents aspects of your life that need or require power to work. Things you would like to see happen that require resources or a motivating factor.

To dream of electricity flowing through a circuit represents empowerment to attain goals or make something happen. Experiences or desires you want are materializing as the resources or momentum needed is available.


To dream of a computer represents the brain and how you think. What you do or see on a computer symbolizes issues you are focused on or interests you have. You are noticing the manner in which you are thinking and may be motivated to explore issues or improve yourself.

Problems with your computer or glitches reflect mistakes, bad choices, outdated beliefs, and faulty logic.

Example: A man dreamed of looking at his personal computer. In waking life he was very focused on monitoring his regular thought processes and thinking skills.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her work computer being on fire. In waking life she was very unhappy with her work life and wanted a new job. The computer being on fire may have reflected issues at work making thinking professionally impossible or not becoming so bad it ruined ever wanting to work there again.

Computer Games

To dream of playing computer games, represents a win or lose situation in your waking life.  Consider the type of game and how may symbolically parallel your life.

Alternatively, a computer game may represent situations where you are very concerned about doing everything right.  You may sensitive about making any mistakes.

*Please See Video Games.

Computer Lab

To dream of a computer lab represents awareness, focus, or interest on what other people are thinking. Other people's true feelings or beliefs may be visible to you.

Computer Memory

To dream of computer memory represents your short term memory.  You may be cramming for a test or trying very hard to remember a lot of information.  It may also reflect your ability to apply what you know while under pressure or to adapt to difficult situations.

Computer Mouse

To dream of a computer mouse represents control over your thoughts.  The direction of your thinking.  Telling yourself what to focus on or what to do.  It may also reflect the ability to prioritize.

To dream of a computer mouse being controlled by someone else represents an aspect of your personality that is guiding your decisions.  It may also reflect people who are telling you what to or what to focus on.

To give or sell someone a computer mouse may represent helping yourself or someone else to think for themselves.  Negatively, it may also point to giving up the ability to think independently or losing sight of what's most important.

To dream of a malfunctioning computer mouse represents confusion, setbacks, or delays.

Computer Virus

To dream of a computer virus represents uncontrollable issues that frustrate you. Ideas or thoughts that cause irritability or anxiety. Feeling forced to think about something that you can't stand. Negative thoughts or feelings that seem impossible to get off your mind. Experiencing frustration due to someone else's actions.

Example: A young man dreamed of his computer getting a computer virus. In waking life, he feared embarrassing himself by revealing his true feelings to a girl he liked. In this case, the computer virus may have reflected his frustration with having to think about the girl too much to the point that it interfered with his ability to function normally without distraction.

Example 2: A person dreamed of their phone being hacked by a virus that uploaded random photos to Instagram, causing them anxiety. In waking life, the dreamer was grappling with COVID-19 lockdowns and disliked giving others the impression that they were less successful than usual due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In this case, the computer virus may have symbolized their feelings about the uncontrollable nature of COVID-19 and the mounting frustration it caused to their social life and appearances.

Digital Audio Recorder

To dream of a digital audio recorder represents feelings about utilizing quick, accurate, and assertive methods to retain and recall information. Gathering information quickly and accurately that prevents any potential embarrassment or misunderstanding. Feelings about wanting to capture, remember, or preserve information or ideas with methods that are easy or don't waste any time. Keeping records, gathering evidence, or retaining important insights or memories in a streamlined, time-saving process. Ease with being absolutely certain that you listened, understood, or followed instructions properly. Ease with being absolutely certain about retaining critical information. You may be focused on optimizing your resources, ensuring that no time is wasted in recording, preserving, or retrieving information. It might represent an assertiveness in your approach to learning, or a desire to capture ideas in their most raw and immediate form for later reflection. Feeling good that you aren't going to miss anything that's happening in a situation. Feelings about your capacity to remember things accurately and efficiently.

Positively, dreaming about a digital audio recorder may represent confidence in your ability to understand, remember, and convey information accurately. A competitive edge in your field, saving precious time by streamlining information gathering. A professional need to capture details quickly and accurately. Your assertive effort to document misconduct efficiently and discreetly.

Negatively, dreaming about a digital audio recorder might represent feelings about overdoing recalling or retaining information and ideas with ease to the point that excessive. Pressures of your profession to capture information quickly and accurately. Gathering information too quickly and accurately to the point that you have no way to utilize it. Feelings about evidence being gathered too easily against you. Apprehensions about data security privacy being too easy for other people to breach. A fear of failing to retain essential information effectively that wastes time. Jealousy of not having evidence" from the heat of the moment, believing that a record of a conversation would save you from potential embarrassment or misunderstanding later. A fear of having missed out on important details despite efforts to capture everything. Fearing forgetting crucial information.

To dream of listening to a digital audio recorder signifies a swift and efficient revisiting of information or ideas. It can also imply a strong focus on evidence-based decision-making, where you prioritize verifiable information over speculation.

Example: A man dreamed of using a digital audio recorder to record a beautiful song he heard in a dream, but then woke up to realize he couldn't remember the song. In waking life, he was having issues listening to instructions and advice someone gave him. He was serious and efficient about understanding and recalling the advice while the person was present, but when the person wasn't present he couldn't take the advice seriously because other events hadn't happened yet to make it realistic. In this case, the digital audio recorder may have reflected the struggle and the crucial role that attentive listening and accurate recall play in his situation.

*Please See Tape Recorder.


To dream of a drone represents the emptiness of unthinking behavior that observes situations and follows orders without question. Feelings about the potential for such behavior to get back at you. Emptiness of behavior that "drones on." Not "having a life" that works all day without question. Emptiness associated with controlling of others. A sense of paranoia about who may be watching your actions and thoughts. A sense of vulnerability and lack of control.

Positively, a drone may reflect your feelings about yourself or others who take orders from other people and always experience their lives working out. Personal or professional lives that take orders from other people and never mention problems.

To dream of a drone that you aren't controlling may represent anxiety about your privacy being easily invaded. Feelings of being watched or controlled and a lack of respect for personal space or privacy. Emptiness that is watching all the time. Empty feelings that someone could be closely watching everything you do without needing to tell you about potential consequences. eelings of being monitored, controlled, or observed, either by external forces. Emptiness that is watching all the time. Feeling controlled by someone else as though it was too easy or automated. Unpleasant feelings or frustrations about being unable to stop someone from monitoring every single thing about you. Feeling that you can't argue with someone who is keeping tabs on you. Feeling someone is a bit of a jerk about monitoring everything you are doing.

To dream of a drone that you are controlling may reflect feelings of having the power to observe a situation or other people without constraint, and a desire to observe a situation or others. Drones with weapons may reflect your power to embarrass or get back at someone at any moment with impunity. Negatively, a drone may reflect a lack of respect for others privacy, personal space, or personal boundaries. Thinking that your need to know things is more important that someone else's feelings. Feeling that it's important to keep tabs on people without thinking of anyone's feelings.

To dream of a consumer drone represents feelings of control over a situation letting you test to get a new or better vantage point. Experimenting with directives to observe the outcomes. It might symbolize an exploration of a situation from a new perspective, granting a wider, more comprehensive view.

To dream of a military drone represents feelings about behavior that is empty about emotionless, unthinking behavior that follows orders without question in a manner that is too serious about being protective of a particular mindset or way of living. Emptiness that's observing or monitoring others all the time and not fearing getting back at them. Unthinking automatic professional surveillance or revenge. Feeling that it's easy to "take someone out" with an order that doesn't waste time thinking about it.

Drones equipped with weapons could also represent anxiety about being unexpectedly embarrassed, humiliated, or defeated by someone that emptily observes all that you do unthinkingly and without emotion.

Alternatively, to dream of something "droning on" or a drone like noise may represents feelings about the emptiness of behavior or a situation that doesn't stop. The emptiness of something in waking life that is ongoing.

Example: A woman dreamed of telling someone to be careful about a joke because a military drone might be watching. In waking life, she was openly gay attending church while having a crush on 2 people attending church. In this case, the military drone may have reflected her concerns about an all-seeing authority or social pressure within the church that is constantly monitoring for any deviations from accepted norms, causing her to constantly self-censor and regulate her behavior and expressions regarding being openly gay.


To dream of a DVD represents an experience that you can have whenever you want.  A situation or encounter that you can triggered at will.  It may also reflect an ability to relive or repeat a certain kind of experience whenever you feel like it.

A DVD may reflect leisurely experiences you can enjoy whenever you want, the ability to manipulate people or situations to your will, or the ability to take time off whenever you please to pursue interests.

To dream of someone stealing your DVDs represents a person or situation that has compromised your ability to do what you want.  You may feel less free, less welcome, or unable to enjoy yourself.  People may also not respond to you the same or have as much time to spend with you as before.

Example:  A girl once dreamed of watching a smurf dvd with her boyfriend.  In waking life she was enjoying talking to him daily about all the wonderful things they were going to do with each other like sharing a house, having kids, or going places together.


To dream about email represents a delayed realization or "figuring it out on your own." Figuring something out or "getting the point" after it'd already happened. It reflects a lack of understanding about a current situation where you will "get the message", gain insight, or develop a better understanding later on. Surprise that something has slipped your attention. Awareness or discoveries gained in hindsight.

Positively, dreaming receiving email may reflect delayed realizations that a person in your life was looking out for you or considering your feelings when you were too preoccupied with other things. Unexpected surprised feelings that someone wasn't a jerk. Positive discoveries made in hindsight.

Negatively, receiving an email in a dream may represent shock, embarrassment, or unpleasant feelings about being misinformed about something you had no idea was occurring. Social signals that you are too late to respond to. Anxiety that you've overlooked something or are too late to respond effectively to a problem. Feelings about someone else that may not yet be receptive to the truth. Embarrassment that a problem you've overlooked or misunderstood has not gotten a lot worse because you had no way of clearly understanding it. Negative discoveries made in hindsight.

To dream of emailing someone else represents your intent to let someone else figure out a problem on their own or "get the point" when they are more receptive to the truth. Taking action now that will be clearly understood at a later time.

The people you receive email from in a dream may reflect situations in waking life that bring awareness through hindsight. They may also reflect insight that will be gained at a future date by someone you know due to your current actions.

Example: A girl dreamed of trying to write an email to the girlfriend of a guy she liked, but she kept getting interrupted by the guy she liked and could never finish the email. In waking life she was trying to distance herself from the guy she liked because he already had a girlfriend, but found it hard because the guy would keep showing up wherever she went.

The unfinished emails to the guy's girlfriend in this dream may have reflected her uncomfortable feelings about the guy's girlfriend discovering she liked the guy at some later date and her feelings about being unable to distance herself from the guy now in an obvious way so that if the girlfriend ever did find out about her feelings for the boyfriend at a later date the "delayed realization" would be that she already gave up on pursuing him long ago.

GPS Unit

To dream of GPS represents feelings about a clear sense of direction, purpose, or status based on someone else's intuition, knowledge, or previous experience. Blindly following an expert's advice. Feeling advantaged to follow an expert's advice to easily achieve your goals or understand your current status. Feeling that someone in your life is "paving the way" for you. A clear sense of direction, purpose, or status.

Negatively, a GPS unit may reflect too much reliance on someone else's unproven knowledge or experience. Embarrassment that you followed or trusted someone else's advice as though they were an expert when they aren't.

To dream of using GPS to track someone may reflect abuse or exploitation of secret advantages to dishonestly keep yourself informed about the status of a person or situation. Having people spy on other people for you to keep tabs on them.


To dream of hacking a computer represents your ability to manipulate other people through the understanding of their weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Feeling free to direct someone's thinking without their knowledge or ability stop you. Having the impunity to control others. Dishonest manipulation of thinking or social connections.

To dream of having your computer hacked represents feelings of embarrassment or frustration that someone is able to control you. Feeling that your emotions are being controlled or managed by someone else. Emotional violation. Feeling that you are being told what to do and can't do anything about it. Feeling that your privacy or personal space is being violated with impunity.

Example: A woman dreamed of her cellphone being hacked. In waking life she was feeling manipulated and cut off from people due to a friend that turned everyone against her. The hacking in this case may have reflected her feelings about the former friend having impunity to manipulate her social connections to make them turn against her.

*Please See Computers.
*Please See Internet.

Hard Drive

To dream of a hard drive represents the accumulation of knowledge, beliefs, memories, or skills.  Areas of your life that you have become adept at or experienced with.  A cache of personal experience.

To dream of formatting a hard drive may represent a major change to your belief system or priorities.  You may be giving up old interests for new ones.  It may also represent new developments that change everything you know.  A major correction of some kind.

To dream of throwing out a hard drive represents abandoning an area of your life.  You are giving up something that you have a lot of experience with or that was of great interest to you.


To dream of the Internet represents feelings about connections to people, experiences, or resources that other people can connect to as well. The strength of local, long-distance, or coincidental connections to people, experiences and resourcefulness that are usually easily accessible. Your sense of community or personal connection to people no matter how local or distant it is. A metaphor for the quick spread of information amongst people. Interests or experiences you want to be a part of or feel connected to. It can also be a reflection of what you wish to achieve, discover, or experience with others. Information, resources, and people you that you choose to repeatedly connect with in life that forms the life experience you are currently having.

Alternatively, the Internet may also symbolize the hidden network of life that seems to bring us closer to what we want through friends, family, or coincidences. The invisible force that always seems to give you what you need or introduces you to people who can help you. Perhaps, you thought of something and then a person showed up to make it happen the next day. Awareness of experiencing co-creation with God amongst people.

Negatively, dreaming about the Internet may reflect feelings about negative, unhelpful, or limited connection to other people, experiences, or resources. Long-distance relationship connections that are unproductive, unhelpful, or only let you believe in them. Feelings about wasting your time in a long-distance relationship. A metaphor for the rapid and uncontrollable spread of information amongst people that embarrasses or attacks you. Problems realizing that you have the option to cut off negative, unhelpful, or distant social connections. Difficulty cutting off connections to people that don't matter or aren't realistic. Maintaining a sphere of social connections that is too large at the cost of smaller, local, or more effective sphere of connections. Long-distance resources that won't allow you to enjoy a local life. A situation or person you want to be connected with, but aren't 100% certain or confident about the reality of it. Social connection to people that is not helpful to you.

To dream of the Internet unplugged may reflect feelings about being cut off from social connections, information, or resources that are usually easily accessible. Feeling cut off from friends, family, or coincidences. Feeling that other people are having experiences connected to each other and you are not. Feeling that God is not helping you co-create experiences in your life with a hidden network of life. Intentionally isolating yourself or cutting yourself off from other people or experiences. The ability to connect to other people or experiences is not working for some reason. A period of isolation or disconnection from social networks, friends, or the broader community. Feeling out of touch with current events, unable to reach out to others for support, or feeling excluded from certain groups or opportunities. This dream could indicate a need to reestablish connections or find alternative ways to access the information or support you need.

To dream of being unable to connect to the Internet may reflect feelings of frustration, impatience, or obstacles in accessing information, resources, or social interconnectedness that other people are.

To dream of a slow Internet connection may represent feelings of delays, setbacks, or inefficiency in your ability to access information, communicate with others, or achieve your goals. A sense that things are not progressing as quickly as you would like in some area of your life. Frustrations with the pace of progress in your personal or professional endeavors.

To dream of finding something unexpected or surprising on the Internet may reflect feelings of discovery, curiosity, or the unexpected reveal of information. Stumbling upon new ideas, insights, or opportunities that were previously hidden or unknown to you. Exploring new territories, learning new things, or opening yourself up to new experiences.

To dream of downloading something or talking to someone on the Internet may reflect feelings of acquiring knowledge, information, or new perspectives. Waking life experiences where you have met someone new, discovered something, or gained access to something that helps you. Your eagerness to learn, adapt, or absorb new ideas. This dream might also signify your desire for deeper connections or understanding.

To dream of a website being down or inaccessible on the Internet may represent feelings of barriers or limitations in accessing information, resources, or connections. It might symbolize a temporary obstacle or frustration in your pursuit of knowledge, goals, or relationships. This dream could also indicate a disconnect from a source of information or a particular community that you rely on.

To dream of getting lost or overwhelmed on the Internet may reflect feelings of confusion, information overload, or the complexity of navigating through a vast array of choices and options. It might symbolize your struggle to find direction, make decisions, or discern reliable information from a multitude of sources. This dream could suggest a need to focus, prioritize, and seek clarity in your pursuits.

To dream of a virus or hacking on the Internet may represent fears of vulnerability, invasion of privacy, or losing control. It might symbolize anxieties about your security, the integrity of your personal information, or concerns about malicious influences or deceit in your life. This dream could also indicate a need to protect yourself, your identity, or your personal boundaries more effectively.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a man she loved post a video on the internet of himself kissing another girl. In waking life, she was feeling jealousy and insecurity about a long-distance relationship with doubts that the relationship would work. In this case, the Internet may have reflected her feelings about her ability to have a connection with the man she loved while someone else who made her jealous did as well. The Internet may also symbolize her awareness of the weakness or unhelpfulness of the long-distance relationship connection she's choosing to maintain which wastes her time not creating more local relationship connections.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of people filming her with their phone cameras and uploading it to the internet. In waking life, she felt that people at her church were judgmental and talked about her behind her back with other people. In this case, being filmed and having the videos uploaded to the Internet may have reflected her feelings about the easy spread of gossip or judgment among her church community. The Internet may also reflect her feelings about how dangerous shared social connections were within her church if she angered someone.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of being unable to get on the internet. In waking life, she was having a lot of difficulty getting a job while experiencing a number of life challenges. In this case, being unable to get on the internet may have reflected her feelings of being disconnected from opportunities or resources that could help her in her job search and life challenges.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of seeing chaotic news on her phone. In waking life, she was constantly afraid of the end of the world and end times. In this case, the Internet may have her repeated attempts to connect to news, events, and conversations with people that created a negative mindset of fear related to excessive thoughts about the end of time.

See the themes section of websites.

*Please See Hacking.

*Please See Computers.

Internet Chat

To dream of an Internet Chat represents feelings about impersonal engagement or self-discussion with an issue you want to feel connected with. Self-discussion or engagement with an issue you want to connect with, but aren't 100% perfectly confident about the reality of it. Life experiences you are interested in, but aren't engaging enough on a deeper personal level. Loving the idea of a person or experience you want to connect with without any personal or intimate knowledge of them.

Negatively, dreaming of an Internet Chat may reflect feelings that it's more attractive to think about or talk about something you want to be involved with without ever taking the serious action to experience it. Impersonal engagement or self-discussion that wastes time or never results in genuine experiences.

Alternatively, dreaming of an Internet Chat may reflect impersonal engagement with the idea of dating someone you want to have a relationship with when you don't really know much about them or what's actually going on in their life at the current moment. Lacking 100% certain confidence about how connecting to an interesting person or experience is possible.

Example: A woman dreamed of talking to a guy she liked in an Internet Chatroom. In waking life the guy lived far away and she had no idea how or when she would ever have a real relationship with him. The Internet Chatroom in this case may have reflected the impersonal engagement the dreamer had with the idea of dating the guy because in reality she had no idea where the guy was, what he was doing in his life, and if he actually shared her feelings.

*Please See Internet.

Internet Radio

To dream of an Internet radio show represents experiences or interaction with others where there is absolute control.  You or someone else wants to direct the flow of ideas or totally control a situation with other people.


To dream of an iPad represents a thinking style that is carefree, convenient, with openness towards new ideas while feeling different about being advanced or sophisticated. It could reflect your willingness to embrace change and adapt to modern ways of doing things. Adaptability and a forward-thinking mindset. A thinking style that feels comfortable, easy, and free of jealousy from anything difficult about an existing problem situation.

Positively, dreaming about iPads may represent efficiency, convenience, and believing in yourself with new ideas. A sense of empowerment and the simplicity of managing tasks or planning changes in a modern, streamlined way. An enjoyment of learning new things and applying them in a creative, innovative manner.

Negatively, an iPad may be a sign that you are spending too much time enjoying yourself thinking about all the easy aspects of a change you are considering with no focus on the negative difficult aspects. Thinking about a difficult situation with a mindset that is too easy, convenient, or open to new ideas to ever address a problem that requires a more serious, conservative, or typical style of thinking. Deluding yourself with a thinking style that believes everything you are doing is carefree, convenient, or openly accepted as different and more sophisticated. Not liking why other people are faster than you about thinking in a way that is carefree, convenient, with openness towards new ideas that are more different and sophisticated than you are used to. Overreliance on easy, unconventional solutions, which might feel sophisticated or different but could ultimately be impractical. The need for the dreamer to balance her openness to new, seemingly sophisticated methods with a more grounded, realistic approach to her situation, especially in crucial matters.

Example: A woman dreamed of using an iPad. In waking life, she was very focused on leaving her cheating husband. At first, she enjoyed how easy it was to have the courage to seriously plan to move, but then reverted back to a fearful serious mindset when she had to confront the reality of her husband trying to control her, stop her, to prevent her from taking any property with her when she tried to leave. In this case, the iPad may have reflected her initial feelings of empowerment and the simplicity of planning to leave her husband.

Example 2: A teenage boy dreamed of being shown a video on an iPad and then being accused of committing murder he didn't commit. In waking life, he had just written his SAT test. In this case, the iPad may have reflected his feelings about the ease and convenience of receiving feedback on his SAT performance, but also the shock or discomfort of confronting his weaknesses or mistakes.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of using a friend's iPad where the screen was stuck on a game which prevented her from connecting to the internet. In waking life, she was waiting for a response from a job she applied for. She had asked spirit guides to tell her what was happening. In this case, the iPad may have reflected her feelings about the perception of ease, convenience, and open-mindedness towards a thinking style that believed that spirit guides could advise her in a way that was different or spiritually sophisticated than other people.


To dream of an Iphone represents an increased sense of confidence about issues that have importance or value to you emotionally.  It may also represent an important area of your life that has noticeably improved in some manner.  Connections or important relationships that you feel are better than what everyone else has.

Example: A young dreamed of losing his Iphone.  In waking his relationship with his brother began to drift after months of growing closer.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing someone using a iphone to target and shoot her cheating husband.  In waking life she believed that because she was a faithful Christian that God would treat her more special than usualy by punishing her husband.  The iPhone in this case may have reflected her feelings about her connection to God being better than other people because she was more devout than they were.

*Please See Cell Phones.


To dream of an Ipod represents an ablity to feel exactly the way you want whenever you want at all times.  The ability to do as you please as your mood permits.  Instant access to customized enjoyment.   Not having to do anything you don't like.  The power to stop or change anything unpleasant at any time.  iPods may show up in dreams if rich people or people with more than one sexual partner.

To dream of having your songs erased from your Ipod represents unpleasant situations which make you less comfortable or that force you to confront negative emotions.  A person or situation prevents you from feeling the way you want.  Feeling uncomfortable about loses choice or options to enjoy yourself with.

Example: A man dreamed of having his iPod erased.  In waking life he had his porn collection off his computer erased.


To dream of a keyboard represents articulation of views or expression of ideas.  

To dream of using a keyboard to communicate over the internet may represent your attempt to express ideas or concerns to other people.

To dream of using as keyboard off-line to write a story, report, or other document may represent working on getting your ideas expressed the correct way or realizing your concerns.


To dream of a laptop computer represents awareness of a thinking style that looks better or is more sophisticated than average. A higher level of interest in how you are thinking. You may be more motivated or excited to explore yourself or improve yourself. Whereas a regular computer reflects a general awareness of what you are thinking, a laptop reflects more enthusiasm in yourself (professional, rich, good job, good at something). Awareness of yourself thinking in ways that are modern, making progress, or savvy. Liking organization, making serious plans, or thinking of issues related to success. Thinking related to enjoying living a professional life. What you do or see on a laptop computer symbolizes areas of your life that are the most interesting or motivating for you to think about. You may want to improve yourself, change beliefs, or cut out bad habits. Making plans on how to get ahead in life.

Problems with your laptop computer reflect mistakes, bad choices, outdated beliefs, and faulty logic.

To dream of losing your laptop or having your laptop stolen may reflect fears of having to start over from scratch when you believed you were getting ahead in life. Losing power, employment, or resources that allow you think about the more interesting areas of your life. Feeling that you've lost your ability to get ahead in life or plan interesting things. Feelings about losing the ability to enjoy success or a professional job.

If a laptop computer is your sole computing device then also consider looking up the definition for "computers" for a more general explanation.

Example: A young woman dreamed of having her laptop stolen. In waking life she feared losing her an extension on her employment. The loss of the laptop in this case may have reflected her fears of losing the ability to think of herself as a successful sophisticated business professional in life if she lost her employment extension and her income.

*Please See Computers.

Laser Printer

To dream of a laser printer represents communicating or expressing what you are thinking with absolute clarity.  Perfect articulation.

Alternatively, a laser printer may symbolize the realization of plans in a careful or meticulous manner.

Memory Card

To dream of a photo memory card represents an impermanent impression or accumulation of events. Beliefs, opinions, or notions that can be changed.  A fresh start is always an option if you decide to change your mind.  Your impression of a situation based on a choice that can be changed at anytime.  

A memory card is a sign that a decision you made has left a noticeable or lasting impression on you, and that you can "wipe" this impression clean by changing your mind.

Example: A man dreamed of having a 64 Gig photo memory card.  In waking life he refused to go along with demands being made of him knowing it would punish him with terrible lasting memories that he could have chosen to live through differently if he wanted to.


To dream of Microsoft products represents feelings that something in your life is working the way it's supposed to all the time. Noticing there is nothing wrong with a single thing you are thinking like it's standard. Intelligence about why something is functioning all the time, but doesn't have to do anything wiser than that. Not required to think in a way that needs to be exceptional all the time. Not needing to be amazing to notice everything you are doing is working all the time. Feelings about something that is perfect about just not noticing jealousy. Feelings of not having to care about why you are using something. Professionalism or expertise at not having to think of anything stupid without caring that you are. Confidence that something can be expected to work like it's supposed all the time without fear, jealousy, or recklessness. Feelings about something not exceptional, but never embarrasses you if you need to use it.

Negatively, dreaming about Microsoft products represents feelings about something in your life that works the way it's supposed to, but that's all it does. Respectable function, but nothing exceptionally sophisticated, creative, or successfully problem free. Not loved, but never believing you can do anything different or better to function properly.

To dream of Microsoft Windows may reflect awareness of issues with your normal state of thinking. Problems with Microsoft Windows may reflect jealousy that you can't restore your thinking to normal. Awareness of yourself thinking in a new way that is not normal or average for you.

To dream of updating Microsoft Windows represents feelings about your normal state of thinking increasing in sophistication or maturity.

To dream Microsoft Word represents feelings of ease with with professional or serious communication capatibility. Feelings of professionally remembering everything you can before needing to share it or act on it. Feeling that you can easily tell someone something professionally if you need to. Nothing scares you that you can easily communicate professionally if you need to. Feelings of ease with with professional communication capatibility.

To dream of Microsoft Excel represents feelings of professionally making sense of an difficult or akward situation. Your ability to communicate dififcult or awkward things to other people and instantly make sense of it.

*Please See Computers.
*Please See Video Games.
*Please See Skype


To dream of a computer monitor represents your perception about something you or someone else is thinking.  Consider the color of the monitor for additional symbolism.


To dream of a Nintendo video game system represents feelings of engaging in friendly and enjoyable challenges, where the focus is on having fun and testing your abilities without taking things too seriously. The desire to explore social and acceptable activities that allow you to challenge yourself in a light-hearted and entertaining way. Challenging yourself in increasing levels with a friendly, socially acceptable, cool, or fun situation that doesn't embarrass anyone else. Challenging yourself in increasing levels with an attitude that is safe about nothing being too serious and that's easily understood by everyone involved. Challenging yourself to see how far you can take a friendly situation that doesn't get back at you like it's awesome. Challenging yourself in increasing levels to see how much better you are than someone else without embarrassing anyone with it being too serious.

Positively, dreaming about Nintendo may reflect your ability to find joy and excitement in simple, socially acceptable challenges that don't put others in uncomfortable situations. Your desire for friendly competition and testing your skills in a safe and fun environment. Challenging experiences that see how far you can take it based on family life, affordability, or social acceptability don't embarrass anyone involved with being mean. Safely teaching yourself something different by taking it as far as you can without being dangerous to anyone else.

Negatively, dreaming about Nintendo may indicate a tendency to avoid serious or significant challenges in favor of more superficial and socially acceptable activities. A fear or reluctance to confront more substantial issues in your life. Privately challenging yourself to an idea in a friendly way that other people might not see the same way that you do if they found out. Feeling good that nobody can ever stop you from enjoying challenging yourself childishly with how far you can take a situation. A challenging experience of friendliness that isn't serious at all when that isn't what you really want. Challenging yourself to getting away with something with family or friends who are annoyed or angry that you don't stop it.

Example: A young woman dreamed of playing Super Nintendo in a locked room for a few days. In waking life, she going through a tough time being lonely trying to figure out how to socialize with classmates and get over social anxiety. In this case, the Nintendo may have reflected her attempt to challenge herself in her bedroom to come up with socially acceptable, cool, or fun ideas to help her socialize with classmates by telling them about them.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of playing Super Nintendo with a guy who tells her he likes her. In waking life, she had a boyfriend, but a friend suggested that if she was single she should start dating the other guy who appeared in her dream. In this case, the Nintendo may reflect the socially acceptable friendly nature of testing the idea of dating another guy or seeing how much she could learn about the guy's interest in her without embarrassing her boyfriend with jealousy.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of playing virtual reality Nintendo games. In waking life, she was aware of herself going to extreme lengths to help a friend. In this case, the Nintendo symbolism may reflect feelings about challenging herself in a friendly way to see how far she could help her friend out without embarrassing her friend or anyone else with feeling it was too serious.

*Please See Video Games.


To dream of a password represents the only solution to a problem. It may also symbolize the only answer known to be right.

A password in a dream may be a sign that you're dealing with issues that have very limited means of being confronted. You need a perfect answer or solution.

Alternatively, passwords in a dream may reflect secretive feelings about some area of your life. A wish for privacy or security. Feeling that there is are things about yourself that you don't like other people knowing. Protecting privacy. A wish to deny access to some area of your life. Feeling denied access to some area of of your life. Feeling that you can't meet certain conditions that other people want perfectly enough. Feeling locked out or excluded. Anxiety about security.

Example: A woman dreamed of a password being changed on a computer network. In waking life she she broke up with a man with whom she was attracted to and felt cut off from a psychic connection that she believed would give her the ability to change his mind to start dating her. The changed password in this case may have reflected her feelings of being excluded from her psychic ability since they weren't helping her to date the man after he rejected her.

Password Cracker

To dream of a password cracker represents situations where everything possible is being done to embarrass or defy someone.  You or someone else may be unwilling to take no for an answer or are highly motivated to find a solution to a very rigid problem.

To dream of a password cracker that fails represents inability to find the right solution or answer to very difficult problem.


To dream of a printer represents an ability or wish to express thoughts or ideas so that others can understand.  
Communcating what you are thinking or making your plans known.  Articulation.

Alternatively, a printer may symbolize the realization of plans.

Example: A woman dreamed of a printer being on a table and someone being rude to her when she wanted to use it. In waking life he was an older woman with a 17 year-old daughter. She went to college with her daughter so they could begin studying to complete high school equivalency test. The printer she was rudely kept away from may have reflected her feelings disliking not being able to ask someone to help her complete her high-school equivalency test quickly or have it given to her easily because of her age.

*Please See Laser Printer.


To dream that you are listening to the radio represents one sided communication. You may be listening to someone that doesn't listen to you. It may also reflect constant orders or instructions that you can't discuss or debate. Situation or agenda that you have no control over. A one way flow of ideas. Hearing the radio may also symbolize the "voice in your head" that you keep listening to.

Negatively, a radio may reflect eavesdropping on other people. It may also reflect the one way nature of authoritarian control that doesn't listen at all.

Alternatively, listening to the radio may represent your feelings about ESP, psychic, or telepathic communication you believe you are experiencing.

To dream of a radio being turned off may represent your unwillingness to listen to someone that is doing all the talking or decision-making. You may be tired of not being listened to or included.

To dream of changing the radio station represents a wish to be directed or informed differently. Preferring to be walked through a situation by someone different.

Example: A dreamer heard the radio repeatedly saying over and over "In the name of the Fuhrer, In the name of the Fuhrer." In waking life this dream occurred to a German living in Nazi Germany during the war. The dream may have reflected the person's growing unease about one way nature of the Nazi authority that society seemed to blindly follow and the growing use of propaganda.


To dream of the brand Samsung represents feelings about something working without thinking it's ever not going to. Accepting that losing isn't happening at all without having to dwell on it. Fantasticly reliable to deserve to not notice losing once. Feelings about double-checking being a thing of the past.

Negatively, dreaming about the brand Samsung represents annoyance that winning is all you get to do. Annoyance at having to repeatedly notice you are not losing. Breaking up, losing, or problems feel like a non-issue. Feelings about partners that laugh at you that you ever think that they are going to leave you.

Example: A man dreamed of someone who wanted to take his Samsung Galaxy S5. In waking life he was worried that his girlfriend was going to go back to her ex-boyfriend because the ex surprised her by showing up to propose marriage. The Samsung in this case may have reflected his feelings about his relationship being so confident that breaking up was felt to be a non-issue.

Security Cameras

To dream of security cameras represents feelings of being monitored, or scrutinized. You may also be concerned about what other people think you or something you're doing.

Alternatively, it may reflect a close observation of someone you are interested in or don't trust.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing security cameras filming him while he was in a music store trying to buy a cd. In waking life he was becoming annoyed with his employers at work because they were starting to watch every single thing he did at work which prevented him from enjoying his breaks.

*Please See Hidden Cameras.

Sega Video Game System

To dream a Sega video game system represents feelings about about training or having challenging experiences to see how far you can take a situation where sharing isn't important because you are faster than other people while on your own. Feeling that needing other people isn't important to see how far you can challenge yourself with being good at something. Not letting other people hold you back from challenging yourself because you're better off on your own. Your inclination to test your abilities and see how far you can go in a situation where you prefer to not listen to anyone and go it alone. A challenging experience where you feel you are better at it and don't want to say anything about it.

Positively, dreaming about a Sega video game system might symbolize the enjoyment of personal challenges, self-sufficiency, or the thrill of mastering a skill or activity on your own. A conscious choice to focus on personal growth, self-reliance, and the satisfaction of overcoming challenges without external help. A period of self-discovery, where you are exploring your capabilities and pushing your boundaries.

Negatively, dreaming about a Sega video game system could represent feelings of isolation, competitiveness, or a lack of interest in teamwork or collaboration. An overemphasis on individual achievement at the expense of social connections or teamwork. Perhaps you feel disconnected from others, focusing too much on personal goals and not enough on shared experiences or cooperative efforts. A tendency to prioritize individual achievement over teamwork or cooperation because you feel better off going it alone.

Example: A woman dreamed of a virtual reality world that switched between Nintendo games and Sega games. In waking life, she had issues with how far should go to help a friend. In this case, Sega may have reflected her feelings about challenging herself to see how far she could go to test the boundaries of helping her friend changed from a more friendly inclusive experience (Nintendo) to having to test herself on her own without her friend (Sega) after her friend gave up and she was more skilled than her friend.


To dream of a selfie represents feelings about an impressive memory or impression you have of yourself that cares about social approval or acceptance. Feelings about self-image, self-presentation, and the desire for external validation or recognition. How you perceive yourself in the eyes of others. Feelings of having a memory or recollection that makes you look impressive for your experiences or who you met. Acknowledgment of your impressiveness that you can show to others. Thoughts about yourself or others giving an impression of favoritism or endorsement to other people.

Positively, dreaming about selfies may represent self-confidence, self-respect, and a healthy level of self-esteem in that whatever you are doing is impressive to someone else. A sense of empowerment and pride in your appearance, experiences, or achievements. Feelings about your uniqueness or accomplishments being impressive to others.

Negatively, dreaming about selfies could indicate insecurity, narcissism, or an over-reliance on external validation for self-worth. A warning about the potential for shallow or insincere relationships based on image rather than authenticity. Giving off a dishonest impression of favoritism or endorsement to other people. Assuming an impressive memory of yourself will help you. Not thinking of anything except that other people are impressed by you, your experiences, or who you know. External validation with impressive memories, even at the cost of safety. A need for validation or approval from others, indicating insecurity or a reliance on external affirmation. Perhaps you feel compelled to project a certain image that may not align with your true self, or you might be struggling with societal pressures related to beauty and success.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of taking a selfie of herself and posting it on Instagram. In waking life, she was trying to impress a boy she liked by telling him an impressive story about something she did by herself as a way to keep him interested in her. In this case, taking a selfie of herself may have reflected her feelings about trying to create an impressive memory or impression of herself that she believed would be socially approved or accepted by the boy she liked to keep him interested in her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of someone asking to take a selfie with her and refusing it. In waking life, she was an employment recruiter who had to refuse someone who wanted special treatment by speaking about the meeting as confirmation of the dreamer's approval to make getting hired easier when speaking to someone else at the company with the power to make a final decision on hiring. In this case, the rejected selfies may have reflected her feelings about not wanting to give the impression of favoritism or endorsement to a potential job applicant. By refusing the selfie, it may symbolize her desire to maintain professionalism and impartiality in her role as a recruiter. The dream could reflect her concerns about how her actions and decisions might be perceived by others, especially in a professional context where her reputation and integrity are important.


To dream of Snapchat represents feelings about social interactions or communication that are casual, fleeting, or lasting a very short time. An awareness of information or experiences that are quickly coming into and fading out of your life, mimicking the application's feature of disappearing messages. A focus on the immediate present moment, prioritizing spontaneity, or highlighting the fleeting nature of certain experiences. Interaction with others that doesn't allow appearances to be embarrassed because nothing matters for long.

Positively, dreaming about Snapchat might symbolize an appreciation for temporary, unique moments in life. A desire to live in the moment, enjoying experiences for their impermanence. Acceptance and celebration of change, impermanence, or the dynamic flow of life. The dream could also suggest a form of communication that is direct, quick, and devoid of unnecessary complexities.

Negatively, dreaming about Snapchat could represent feelings of frustration or anxiety about missed opportunities, unrecorded moments, or the fast-paced nature of certain experiences. Feelings about dishonest social interaction, such as relationship cheating, where evidence is quickly erased. A fear of forgetting important moments or a struggle to keep up with rapidly changing circumstances.

Example: A woman dreamed of being suspicious of her husband and decided to check his phone. She found messages on Instagram and Snapchat of him exchanging flirtation and nude photos with other girls. In waking life, she felt the urge to go through her husband's phone to address her insecurities, but controlled herself instead. In this case, seeing her husband use Snapchat to send flirtatious messages and nude pictures may have reflected her feelings about potentially discovering evidence of her husband's casual, short-lasting, and possibly dishonest interactions with other women. The fleeting nature of Snapchat messages in the dream might symbolize her fear of infidelity, her insecurities about the stability of their relationship, and the perceived difficulty of obtaining concrete evidence due to the transient nature of such interactions.

Social Media

To dream of social media represents feelings about managing interactions with others that seem more consequential than usual, as though everything you say or do is closely monitored or considered. A heightened sense of power or importance as you perceive others paying close attention to your status or activities. Your awareness of other people's attention to your thoughts and actions, embodying social validation, attention, or recognition. How you feel about your social influence, reputation, or connections.

Negatively, dreaming about social media could represent feelings of managing impersonal interaction with other people that notices status and everything you say or do is closely monitored or considered. The stress of maintaining impersonal interactions that revolve around one's status or the ongoing affairs of others. Social connections that feel distant or detached. An unhealthy preoccupation with online validation, a fear of negative judgment, issues of self-comparison, or discomfort with the idea of keeping up with others' interest in you. Insecurity, loneliness, or the fear of missing out. Longing for more personal and intimate connections, rather than superficial interactions. Pressure to make others believe that everything in your life is progressing perfectly or working out great.

Example: A young woman dreamed of the older sister of her ex-crush text messaging her about her crush not accepting any messages on social media, which made the dreamer mad. In waking life, the woman was currently arguing with her mother. In this case, refusing to accept messages on social media may have reflected her feelings about her mother arguing with her about an issue she felt was too socially impersonal to be involved with.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of wanting to use social media apps with someone, but they refused. The person wouldn't even talk on the phone to her, preferring personal contact when the time was right. In waking life, the woman was very depressed about her appearance and mental capacity. In this case, the social media apps being refused may have reflected her feelings about her inability to connect with others or present herself positively in a social context due to her depression and recent disappointment.

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of her friend saying that the boy she had a crush on was on social media with her, but couldn't to him herself. In waking life, she lost her phone and was unable to talk to her crush and didn't want him to think she was ignoring him. In this case, the friend talking to her crush on social media might have reflected her feelings about keeping up to date with the social activities and relationship status of her crush in an impersonal way.

*Please See Facebook.

*Please See Instagram.

*Please See Snapchat.

*Please See Twitter.

*Please See WhatsApp.

*Please See Youtube.

Software Programs

To dream of software represents your personality traits, behaviors and habits. A way of thinking.  Consider the type of software.  Installing or downloading software onto your computer may represent adapting to a new way of thinking of a different way of doing things.

Sony PlayStation

To dream of a Sony PlayStation video game system represents feelings about challenging yourself to see how far you can take being completely immersed in an experience. Life situations in which you are testing yourself that require imagination, escapism, and being immersive. Training for professional advancement that doesn't deserve to be distracted.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of seeing a PlayStation video game scene for Tiger Woods Golf 2004. In waking life, he was questioning whether to exclusively focus on training to play baseball or golf for the rest of his high school term. He was giving it serious thought. The Playstation video game scene of golf may have reflected his feelings about himself being totally immersed or focused on training to play golf to see how far he could improve his golf skills.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a sale on for Sony PlayStation 3. In waking life, she was enjoying a friend's Tarot card reading regarding her relationship with her husband which encouraged her. In this case, the Playstation symbolism may have reflected her feelings about Tarot card readings allowing her to challenge herself to be completely immersed in Tarot card mysticism helping her to improve her marriage and life.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of seeing a game played on Sony PlayStation. In waking life, he was employed as a camp counselor taking care of campers and camp activities. In this case, the Playstation videogame symbolism may have reflected his feelings about the camp experience being something requiring people to challenge themselves inside various immersive experiences on the campgrounds.

Tape Recorder

To dream of cassette tape recorder represents feelings about relying on traditional or outdated methods to retain and recall information. Feelings about wanting to capture, remember, or preserve information or ideas in a traditional or outdated way. It may reflect an emphasis on keeping records, gathering evidence, or retaining important insights or memories in a more old fashioned, time-consuming, inefficient, or tedious process. Being absolutely certain that you listened, understood, or followed instructions properly. Being absolutely certain about retaining critical information.

Negatively, dreaming about a cassette tape recorder represents anxieties about miscommunication, or a fear of not having perfectly understood or retained some critical information. Fear of evidence being used against you. Your attempt to incriminate another person.

To dream of listening to a tape recorder represents a reexamination of information or ideas that you felt were important to retain or recall. You may be revisiting a situation or a conversation, trying to understand different facets or nuances. It can also mean that you are reevaluating your decisions or actions based on new information that has come to light. Listening, understanding, or following instructions. Examining evidence or critical information.

Example: A young woman dreamed of a tape recorder being used. In waking life, she was a blind person experiencing a number of difficulties. In this case, the tape recorder may have reflected her need to rely on traditional or outdated methods to retain and recall information, given her visual impairment. It might represent her challenges and the additional time or effort required to navigate her world, as compared to the more efficient methods available to sighted individuals.

*Please See Digital Audio Recorder.


To dream of a telephone (non-mobile) represents the ability to "get through", connect (closeness) or communicate with resources, feelings, ideas, or people that feel like it's out of necessity. Your ability to be understood when it's important so that your life works. Emotional or psychological communication with an aspect of yourself or issues that need attention in order to believe nothing is wrong. The ability to "get through" to people, listen to an inner voice, or realize an objective because it's necessary. It may also reflect a situation that could be "called" into being if desired. Alternatively, the telephone represents your communication and relationship with others and your ability to "get through" to them in a way that feels necessary.

To dream of phoning someone represents an attempt to reach out, "get through to", or connect with an aspect of yourself out of necessity. Reaching out or connecting with an aspect of yourself because you feel you need to. Initiating connection to certain feelings, situations, people with a sense of it being necessary. An aspect of yourself that you want attention from. People, feelings, or situations that you want accessible. Reaching out to connect with others, seeking assistance, guidance, or support from someone in waking life. Your desire to communicate your thoughts, feelings, or needs to someone. A need to establish or maintain a connection with someone important to you.

Negatively, phoning someone may represent feelings about overdoing an attempt to reach out, "get through to", or connect with an aspect of yourself out of necessity. Feelings about "getting through to" or connecting to an aspect of yourself that isn't listening. Efforts to confront, address, or resolve issues that are difficult, uncomfortable, excessive, or immoral. A fear of rejection or the anxiety of not being heard or understood. A sense of desperation or urgency in seeking connection or validation from others. A reliance on bad habits or negative thinking patterns.

To dream that a phone doesn't work or is broken represents feelings of frustration, communication breakdowns, or a disruption in your ability to connect with others or access important resources when necessary. Feelings of inadequacy or limitations in connection (or closeness) to resources, feelings, or people that you feel are important to have. Feelings of frustration, isolation, or a sense of being cut off from important resources or support systems. Feeling unable to initiate "getting through: to someone or "calling something up" that you usually can. Difficulties in expressing yourself or conveying your thoughts and feelings to others. Unresolved issues or conflicts in your waking life that need to be addressed before normalcy can be restored. Feeling cut off from resources or abilities. It may also reflect an inability to get in touch with someone. Feeling socially cut off. A situation may have gone awry and you feel that you can't do anything about it. Frustrations over not being able to convey your message or reach out to someone when it's crucial.

To dream of phoning someone with nobody answering represents feelings of being ignored, rejected, or neglected in waking life. Your attempts to seek help, advice, or attention from others, only to feel neglected or as though your concerns are not being acknowledged. You may feel unheard or overlooked by someone important to you, or you may be experiencing difficulties in reaching out for support or assistance. A sense of frustration or disappointment in your attempts to connect with others or convey your thoughts and feelings. A need to reevaluate your communication methods or seek alternative ways to address your concerns. Feelings of isolation or abandonment, highlighting a desire for attention or validation from others that is currently going unfulfilled. Alternatively, you may feel unable to get through to someone or unable to get attention. People may not be listening to you or respecting your wishes.

To dream of being ignored on the phone may represent feelings of frustration, rejection, or insignificance in waking life. You may have been made to feel overlooked, dismissed, or unimportant by a person or situation which you need in order to feel normal or safe. Feeling that help and attention are what you need and that you can't get it. Difficulties in having your needs met by others. It may also reflect a need to speak up more in waking-life situations where someone may not be listening to your concerns enough.

To dream of a telephone ringing or that someone is calling you represents an aspect of your personality that is trying to connect or "getting through" to you. Awareness of the need or opportunity for connection or communication in waking life. A person, situation, or opportunity in your life that requires your attention. A call to action or a reminder of unresolved issues, relationships, or tasks that you need to address. Feelings of anticipation, anxiety, or readiness to engage with an issue or person. Negatively, it may point to unpleasant issues that you are being forced to confront.

To dream of an unanswered phone ringing represents areas of your life that you are ignoring. Ignored opportunities or the refusal to address certain issues. Ignoring the opportunity to change that is trying to "get through to you." Issues or situations that you don't want to deal with or refuse to acknowledge. Ignoring people or your own conscience. Feelings of being overwhelmed or avoiding dealing with something that requires your attention. Refusing to allow someone to "get through to you" about an issue. Refusing to listen to advice. Aspects of your life or emotions that you are deliberately choosing not to engage with. Your hesitation or unwillingness to listen to your inner voice or to confront situations that make you uncomfortable.

To dream of emergency calls or calling 911 represents urgent feelings about needing to "get through" to a person or situation in your waking life that requires immediate attention or assistance. An urgent need to avoid something. Desperation to get rid of a problem. Feelings of distress, danger, or crisis that you are experiencing. Feeling overwhelmed, threatened, or vulnerable, and you are seeking help or support to address these issues. A need for quick action or intervention to resolve a pressing problem or prevent a potential disaster.

To dream of a very large telephone represents the importance of a message you wish to convey to others or a significant influence that you may be considering opening yourself up to with a sense that it may be "too big" for you. You or someone else may be close to accepting a big idea or making a dramatic change. Communication or connection in your waking life that feels significantly impactful or powerful that isn't usual for you. The need for clear, effective communication in a major aspect of your life or a situation that requires your undivided attention and assertive action. The need to amplify your efforts to reach out to someone or make your voice heard in a situation where you feel overshadowed or not taken seriously. A perceived need to make a big impression or ensure that your message is received loud and clear due to the importance of the message or the urgency of the situation.
To dream of a phone intentionally being left off the hook represents issues or problems that you want no part of or can't be bothered with. Avoidance of communication or a deliberate choice to ignore a situation that requires your attention. A desire to distance yourself from certain issues, emotions, or relationships in your waking life. A refusal to engage with problems, a reluctance to deal with unresolved matters, or a way to prevent others from getting through to you. Intentionally avoiding making decisions, responding to others, or acknowledging important aspects of your life that need to be addressed. A time to focus inwardly without external interruptions. Intentionally shutting yourself out.

To dream of a phone unintentionally being left off the hook represents feelings about a sense of neglect or oversight about nothing being able to connect, communicate, or "get through" to you. Feelings of regret or concern over neglected relationships, unresolved issues, or lost opportunities due to not paying enough attention or being too distracted. Additionally, this dream could highlight the consequences of being too preoccupied with other aspects of your life, leading to unintentional neglect of crucial connections or responsibilities. Accidentally shutting yourself out. A need to pay closer attention to your relationships and communication channels to prevent misunderstandings or missed opportunities.

To dream of a busy signal represents feelings about frustration, delays, or obstacles in reaching out or "getting through" to an aspect of yourself. People or situations that you feel forced to be patient with. A situation where a person or resource you are trying to reach is preoccupied with other issues or commitments, suggesting a need for patience or a different approach to the situation. A lack of availability or accessibility in a particular situation or relationship. Feeling frustrated about having to wait.

To dream of having trouble dialing a phone represents feelings of frustration or difficulty in initiating a situation where communication, connection, or "getting through" to others feels important. Insecurity or uncertainty about how to begin approaching a particular situation or relationship. Feeling nervous about asking someone for help. Feeling unsure how to connect to someone or initiate a conversation.

To dream of calling the wrong person or reaching the wrong person represents feelings about waking life miscommunication or misunderstandings. A need to clarify your communication or ensure that you are reaching out to the right people for support or assistance. It may also suggest feelings of frustration or disappointment if you are unable to connect with someone who you had hoped would be able to help or support you. Consider evaluating your communication style and making adjustments to ensure that you are effectively conveying your thoughts, feelings, and needs to others.

To dream of having a bad connection on the telephone represents feelings of frustration or difficulty in establishing clear communication with others in waking life. Disrupted waking life communication or insecurity about a relationship. Bad communication skills. It may also reflect a lack of confidence in your ability to maintain a strong position or do something you are usually quite confident about. Misunderstandings or confusion with communication, connection, and "getting through" to people when it's important so that you life will work.

To dream of being put on hold on the telephone may represent feelings about being temporarily delayed or sidelined in your waking life endeavors. You may feel as though your needs or concerns are being overlooked or disregarded by others, leading to a sense of frustration or impatience. Feelings about yourself not being a priority to someone else. Feeling that you are not as important to deal with as another person or situation. Feeling that someone isn't listening to your feelings or needs. A need to assert yourself more assertively or assertively advocate for your own interests and priorities.

To dream of putting others on hold on the telephone represents feelings of prioritizing your own needs or concerns over those of others in waking life. Feelings about people or situations that you are intentionally delaying or temporarily avoiding to focus on something of higher priority. Making promises with good intentions that you can't keep. Awareness of yourself not having to respect someone or listen to their feelings. A sense of detachment or disinterest in the issues or concerns of others, possibly indicating a need to reevaluate your relationships and communication patterns to ensure that you are fostering mutual understanding and support.

To dream of calls that hang up on you may represent feelings of rejection or dismissal in waking life. You may feel as though your efforts to connect with others or convey your thoughts and feelings are being disregarded or cut short. Feelings about people wanting to do things with you or for you. Feelings about people suddenly changing their minds at the last minute. A lack of closure or resolution in a particular situation or relationship, leaving you feeling uncertain or incomplete.

Dreams of telephone calls from the deceased are very common when people are grieving. The dreams may reflect the person's desire to speak to the person again. It may also reflect the person's difficulty adjusting to the reality that speaking to the person is now impossible. Positively, calls from the deceased may reflect your wish to have a sign that they are safe or happy in the spiritual world.

Example: A woman dreamed of calling her therapist on the telephone and always getting voicemail no matter how many times she called. In waking life, she felt that her therapist wasn't listening or responsive enough during her sessions. In this case, the telephone may have reflected her attempt to communicate, connect, and "get through" to her therapist about drawing attention to her lack of responsiveness/listening that prevented a normal doctor/patient relationship and impeded her progress in her sessions.

Example 2: A person once dreamed of making telephone calls and then being interrupted by a voice that said "This is the monitoring office, this is the monitoring office." In waking life, they lived in Nazi Germany and the government was starting to make them feel paranoia and anxiety about privacy invasion. They felt that everything they did in life was being watched by others who may report them to the government. In this case, the act of making phone calls may have reflected her attempts to maintain a semblance of normal communication and connection to people in her life despite the pervasive sense of surveillance and fear of intrusion by authorities.

*Please See Cell Phones.

*Please See Iphone.


To dream of watching television represents an experience that you can easily choose to engage or disengage from any time you want to. Watching television may also reflect some level of control about immersing yourself in an experience or how a situation will turn out. Your reception of or exposure to different ideas, perspectives, or experiences. This dream might reflect your thoughts about current events of your life, social dynamics with people close to you, or cultural narratives, as well as your level of engagement with them. A sense of empowerment to casually change or reject having experience if you want to.

To dream of a TV turned off represents a conscious decision to disengage from certain experiences or narratives. A situation or experience that you can have if you want to, but aren't interested in. It could symbolize your choice to disconnect or take a break from certain influences, situations, or people. It might reflect feelings of being disconnected, choosing not to engage, or avoiding exposure to certain perspectives or experiences. Options or choices that are available but have been chosen to ignore or avoid. This could also symbolize a feeling of quiet, solitude, or introspection, a time for self-reflection without outside influences. Choosing to not experience what someone else is saying or offering to you. Feeling that it's safer to not engage in having a particular experience at all.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of a television that was turned off sitting on top of a clothing dresser. The TV began to speak in a deep male voice like a ghost saying "I am here for you" while saying the dreamer's name backwards. In waking life, he was experiencing his parents getting a divorce and chose to leave his mother's home. Although his mother had extended an offer for him to move back in with her anytime, he declined. In this case, the television turned off may have reflected the option to experience living with the mother that the teen chose not to have. The teen had a choice to not engage in experiencing what the mother was offering to him.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of watching television where the program was talking about the end of time and how the world was ending. The TV show mentioned how hopeless life on the earth was. In waking life, the man was considering committing suicide because his life wasn't working out. In this case, the television may have reflected the ease with which he could discontinue suicidal thinking if he chose to.

*Please See Sitcom.

Text Messages

To dream of text messages represents unspoken communication of ideas or intentions.  Telling someone what you're thinking without actually telling them.  Text messages may reflect body language, tone of voice, or an unspoken gesture.

To dream about sexting or sexual text messages represents unspoken communication of ideas or intentions about pleasure. It may also reflect your unspoken wish to have sex with someone through gestures or body language.

Example: A girl dreamed of her sister text messaging a boy she liked. In real life she was insecure about the boy she liked liking her sister more after she introduced them. The sister text messaging the boy she liked reflected her anxieties about the unspoken body language or rapport she feared between them.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of checking text messages on her cellphone. In waking life she was flirting with men at work and making gestures to signal interest.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of sending her boyfriend a text message. In waking life she had decided to breakup with him and signal this to him by no longer calling him.

VHS Tape

*Please See Videotape.

Video Camera

To dream of using a video camera represents committing an experience to memory. Noticing or remembering every single thing that you're witnessing. It may also represent your attempt to document an event or entire process for later use. There might also be a lot of information or details that you want to share with others.

A video camera may be a sign that you don't want to forget a large amount of information that you're being presented with. You don't want to miss anything.

To dream of a hidden video camera represents your attempt to observe or keep tabs on someone in stealth. Keeping a close eye on someone without their knowledge. Alternatively, a hidden camera may reflect behavior that is nosy or bordering on stalking. Invading others privacy or inappropriately paying attention to people you know you shouldn't be.

Example: A man dreamed of using a video camera to film a wedding. In waking life, he started a journal about everything that was happening to him with a new work project. In this case, using a video camera may have reflected his desire to meticulously document each step and detail of the new work project, perhaps out of excitement, fear of making a mistake, or the significance he attributed to the project.

Example 2: A gay teenage boy dreamed of his boyfriend filming him with a camcorder and then seeing the boyfriend vanish. In waking life, he felt that his relationship was getting over the honeymoon phase as he and the boyfriend both learned everything about each other. In this case, the boyfriend filming him may have reflected his feelings about the process of having a dating experience with his boyfriend committed to memory in which his boyfriend learned every single thing about him while having anxieties about having nothing else new to enjoy experiencing learning about him. He may have felt that his boyfriend was now bored experiencing the process of getting to know him.

Video Chat

To dream of video chat represents connection and engagement with someone that feels distant. Connection and engagement with someone that likes you in the current moment, but doesn't have to forever if they don't want to. Feeling connected and engaged with someone without a perfectly strong sense of confidence. Liking or caring about someone, but feeling distant. Interaction with others with a sense of personal distance.

Negatively, dreaming about video chat may represent jealousy of not being as close to someone as you would like to be while being social with them. Feeling interactive with old friends with a sense of personal distance.

Example: A young woman dreamed of video chatting with her boyfriend. In waking life she had a big fight with him and after they made up she was left feeling as though he liked her without a strong sense of confidence.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of talking to family members on video chat. In waking life the family members were very distant from her home.

Video Games

To dream of a video game represents feelings about a challenging experience you are having to see how far you can get doing something without failing. Testing how far you can challenge something pushing limits. Enjoying a challenging experience to test limits or to avoid failure. Feuding or competition. A win or lose situation. You also may be experiencing a situation where you need to do everything right in order to achieve a goal. Competition that feels casual. Two opposing forces trying to prove they are better than each other. A competition where you are enjoying trying to overcome a challenge faster than someone else. Attempting to prove yourself to yourself with increasing difficulty or risk. Surprise or disbelief that nobody will stop you from taking a situation as far as you can. Escapism that challenges itself in order to avoid boredom.

Alternatively, dreaming about a video game may represent a challenging experience in your waking life to achieve the best improved time or highest count in some area of your life. A challenging experience with others to see who can do the most, highest, or longest with a record. A challenge to outdo someone else's reputation or best performance.

Negatively, a video game may reflect an attitude that is arrogant about challenging itself to see how far you can go with certain behaviors without failing. Testing a situation or person too far. Ignorantly not understanding that other people don't like you testing how far you can take a situation. A reckless or dangerous attitude about testing something with how far you can take it. Issues with thinking you are better than someone else and needing to test it. A competition between people who want to get back at each other. A deadly or serious challenge to see how far a situation can be taken without failing while ignoring the deadly or serious nature. Petty feuding or teenage competition. A cold or casual view of a competition with big stakes. Childish or petty competition. Not taking a serious conflict seriously while having a casual attitude about competing. Passive aggressiveness that chooses petty attacks instead of discussing the problem or negotiating. Childishly wanting to get back at someone more than they are getting back at you. Seeing how far you can dishonesty push a situation or get away with something. Wasting time competing with others over petty achievements or goals. "Playing games" with trying see how far you can push people or put up with an obstacle to your goals. Childishness that plays games with a situation instead of being serious.

Alternatively, a video game symbolizes an escape from your problems, instead of confronting them. Intentionally wasting time. Competing in your head without competing for real.

To dream of a "level" in a video game may represent feelings of progression or advancement in a situation where you are challenging yourself to see how far you can take it. Increasing amounts of difficulty as you test yourself in a situation with how far you can take it. It may symbolize the attainment of new skills or knowledge, as well as the overcoming of obstacles or challenges. It could also indicate a need for a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment in one's endeavors.

Consider the type of video game character, video game, or video game system for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of stealing 2 video games from someone who didn't like him. In waking life, he was running a business and confronting a dishonest person who was trying to compete with him illegally. The dishonest person who was trying to compete with the dreamer illegally had a very casual attitude about competing even though there was a lot of money at stake. The dreamer had to strategically take action to cut off the illegal competitor, but the competitor just kept trying to compete anyway. In this case, the dreamer trying to steal video games from someone may have reflected his attempt to abruptly stop someone from illegally competing with him in the first place to make the person go away.

Example 2: A man dreamed of playing video games. In waking life, he was forced to endure a challenge from a coworker to see how long he could walk back and forth along a path without getting tired. The dreamer kept defeating old times as the challenge lasted for months.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of playing an old video game on a CRT television. In waking life, he had a job interview scheduled. In this case, the old video game may have reflected his practicing answering questions for his job interview to challenge himself to become more confident during the job interview.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of seeing a video game being created. In waking life, she was trying to find escapism from life in general.

Example 5: A young woman dreamed of playing a video game that involved being strategic about matching things. In waking she was aware of a guy she liked sharing things with her, but couldn't get him to answer any of her texts. In this case, the video game may have reflected her attempt to challenge herself to keep improving her relationship with the guy she liked by seeing how many things she could get him to do similar to her. She was playing games trying to get the guy to interact with her and respect her.

Example 6: A young man dreamed of seeing himself on a screen as though he was in a video game. In waking life, he was challenging himself to be the best he could be at being an expert at out-of-body experiences.

Example 7: A young adult dreamed of a video game-like scene where spider crabs came out of the wall and having to shoot them like it was a video game. In waking life, the dreamer was reluctant to accept a sister back into the home after the sister returned from a mental health facility. In this case, the video game-like scene may have reflected the dreamer's competitive tendency to try to turn people against the sister when nobody else in the family thought the same.

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*Please See Xbox.

*Please See Sony Playstation.

*Please See Sega Video Game System.

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*Please See Cellphone Games.


To dream of a video tape represents an experience that must be repeated if you make a mistake or miss something.  It may reflect embarrassing or annoying situations where there is no room for error.

To dream of a horror video tape represents a very scary or negative experience that must be repeated if you don't everything perfect.

Example:  A man dreamed of being given a videotape.  In waking life he was undergoing testing for a new job that required him to start over completely if he failed anything at all.

Web Cam

To dream of a web cam represents absolute clarity about your thoughts, feelings, or activities to others.  You are doing something to make sure that your intentions or objectives are obvious to other people.  You may also wish to prove yourself show others that you aren't hiding anything.

To dream of unwanted people watching your web cam represents too much private or personal information being revealed about you.  Being open, honest, or trying to prove yourself may have backfired or embarrassed you.


To dream of WhatsApp may represents feelings about socializing that's getting away with believing in yourself however it wants while bypassing any personal cost or questioning of it. THe dream highlights scenarios where you have the liberty to interact with whomever you wish, without any constraints, as though there are no negative repercussions. Such dreams might occur when you find joy in having the ability to circumvent any social pressure, doing as you please.

Negatively, dreaming about WhatsApp may represent a tendency to indulge in insincere or morally dubious social behaviors, enabled by the ease of evading accountability. Scenarios where romantic partners communicate inappropriately with others outside the relationship, viewing their relationship as too restrictive. Avoidance of beneficial social pressure in favor of immediate gratification, potentially at the cost of trust or long-term benefits.

Example: A young man dreamed of his girlfriend posting a naked profile picture to her WhatsApp account. In waking life, he was concerned about her cheating on him or flirting with other guys because he had already caught her once after they had experienced financial problems. In this case, the WhatsApp symbolism may have reflected his feelings about his girlfriend's ability to get away with socializing easily with other men believing in herself thinking it isn't a problem, without being caught.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of a man calling her on WhatsApp and then later seeing him being too busy to talk to. In waking life, she felt that she pushed someone away by rejecting him too much and regretted it. In this case, WhatsApp may have reflected her feelings about having lost the liberty to interact with the man whenever she wished, without any constraints, as though there are no negative repercussions due to pushing the man away. WhatsApp may have also symbolized her feelings about losing feelings of easy communication with the man without any personal cost of embarrassment of rejection or needing favors from other people to introduce them.


To dream of WiFi internet represents feelings about how exceptionally easy it is to be connected to other people in shared experiences without effort. A higher degree of feeling that it's easy to have desired experiences without thinking about it. Feeling that there is an "air of easiness" to your life. Connected experiences with other people that are automatic, convenient, with few obstacles.

Negatively, dreams about WiFi internet may reflect jealousy or annoyance at how easy other people lives are working out. A dislike for how easy it is for other people to connect or share experiences.


To dream of Xbox video game system represents feelings about challenging experiences of training, skill, competition, and collaboration are important. Having fun being good at your job and talking to people about it. A serious or professional feeling of needing to test yourself with everything possible so that you can be good at what you do. Testing yourself with teamwork, communication, and cooperation in achieving goals or improving skills. Engaging in competitive yet collaborative activities

Negatively, dreaming about Xbox may represent a dislike of training, competition, and collaboration with other people while challenging in yourself in some way. Feelings of stress, rivalry, or conflict in group dynamics. It might symbolize the challenges of balancing personal ambitions with the needs of a team or group. Perhaps you feel pressured to perform well in a competitive setting while also managing relationships with others.

Xbox dreams are common to people with employment issues.

Example: A man dreamed of his Xbox being stolen, but then found it. In waking life, the man had a recent job interview. In this case, the Xbox may have reflected his competitive nature about challenging himself to see how far he could take talking about himself being professional or experienced with his current job to get a better job.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of a computer turning into an Xbox. In waking life, he preferred to be skilled at technology privately and not help or talk to others about it. In this case, the Xbox may have reflected his feelings about disliking collaborating with other people while being competitive with technology.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his friend packing up an Xbox. In waking life, the dreamer's friend got married and moved into a newly built house. In this case, the Xbox being packed up may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about not collaborating with his friend about anything professional or competitive again due to his friend's new married life.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of being chastised by a co-worker for playing Xbox after hours because it wasted the company's money. In waking life, she was told a week earlier that she needed to get a new job. In this case, the Xbox being played after hours may have reflected her feelings about challenging herself to see how far she could take using company resources to collaborate with people outside the company to get a better job that might have ended up getting her fired.

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