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Video Games

To dream of a video game represents feelings about a challenging experience you are having to see how far you can get doing something without failing. Testing how far you can challenge something pushing limits. Enjoying a challenging experience to test limits or to avoid failure. Feuding or competition. A win or lose situation. You also may be experiencing a situation where you need to do everything right in order to achieve a goal. Competition that feels casual. Two opposing forces trying to prove they are better than each other. A competition where you are enjoying trying to overcome a challenge faster than someone else. Attempting to prove yourself to yourself with increasing difficulty or risk. Surprise or disbelief that nobody will stop you from taking a situation as far as you can. Escapism that challenges itself in order to avoid boredom.

Alternatively, dreaming about a video game may represent a challenging experience in your waking life to achieve the best improved time or highest count in some area of your life. A challenging experience with others to see who can do the most, highest, or longest with a record. A challenge to outdo someone else's reputation or best performance.

Negatively, a video game may reflect an attitude that is arrogant about challenging itself to see how far you can go with certain behaviors without failing. Testing a situation or person too far. Ignorantly not understanding that other people don't like you testing how far you can take a situation. A reckless or dangerous attitude about testing something with how far you can take it. Issues with thinking you are better than someone else and needing to test it. A competition between people who want to get back at each other. A deadly or serious challenge to see how far a situation can be taken without failing while ignoring the deadly or serious nature. Petty feuding or teenage competition. A cold or casual view of a competition with big stakes. Childish or petty competition. Not taking a serious conflict seriously while having a casual attitude about competing. Passive aggressiveness that chooses petty attacks instead of discussing the problem or negotiating. Childishly wanting to get back at someone more than they are getting back at you. Seeing how far you can dishonesty push a situation or get away with something. Wasting time competing with others over petty achievements or goals. "Playing games" with trying see how far you can push people or put up with an obstacle to your goals. Childishness that plays games with a situation instead of being serious.

Alternatively, a video game symbolizes an escape from your problems, instead of confronting them. Intentionally wasting time. Competing in your head without competing for real.

To dream of a "level" in a video game may represent feelings of progression or advancement in a situation where you are challenging yourself to see how far you can take it. Increasing amounts of difficulty as you test yourself in a situation with how far you can take it. It may symbolize the attainment of new skills or knowledge, as well as the overcoming of obstacles or challenges. It could also indicate a need for a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment in one's endeavors.

Consider the type of video game character, video game, or video game system for additional meaning.

Example: A man dreamed of stealing 2 video games from someone who didn't like him. In waking life, he was running a business and confronting a dishonest person who was trying to compete with him illegally. The dishonest person who was trying to compete with the dreamer illegally had a very casual attitude about competing even though there was a lot of money at stake. The dreamer had to strategically take action to cut off the illegal competitor, but the competitor just kept trying to compete anyway. In this case, the dreamer trying to steal video games from someone may have reflected his attempt to abruptly stop someone from illegally competing with him in the first place to make the person go away.

Example 2: A man dreamed of playing video games. In waking life, he was forced to endure a challenge from a coworker to see how long he could walk back and forth along a path without getting tired. The dreamer kept defeating old times as the challenge lasted for months.

Example 3: A young man dreamed of playing an old video game on a CRT television. In waking life, he had a job interview scheduled. In this case, the old video game may have reflected his practicing answering questions for his job interview to challenge himself to become more confident during the job interview.

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of seeing a video game being created. In waking life, she was trying to find escapism from life in general.

Example 5: A young woman dreamed of playing a video game that involved being strategic about matching things. In waking she was aware of a guy she liked sharing things with her, but couldn't get him to answer any of her texts. In this case, the video game may have reflected her attempt to challenge herself to keep improving her relationship with the guy she liked by seeing how many things she could get him to do similar to her. She was playing games trying to get the guy to interact with her and respect her.

Example 6: A young man dreamed of seeing himself on a screen as though he was in a video game. In waking life, he was challenging himself to be the best he could be at being an expert at out-of-body experiences.

Example 7: A young adult dreamed of a video game-like scene where spider crabs came out of the wall and having to shoot them like it was a video game. In waking life, the dreamer was reluctant to accept a sister back into the home after the sister returned from a mental health facility. In this case, the video game-like scene may have reflected the dreamer's competitive tendency to try to turn people against the sister when nobody else in the family thought the same.

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