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Sexual experiences in a dream usually reflect pleasurable experiences.  Sex in a dream can also reflect your sexual interests.


*Please See Cheating.

Adult Sex Store

To dream of an adult sex store represents feelings about considering making a choice that feels good for you, but may be seem inappropriate or childish to others. Uncomfortable feelings about enjoying too much freedom. Embarrassment that other people think are a total idiot who doesn't take life seriously. Feeling that other people will think you are a "giant jerkoff" who wastes their time having fun.

Alternatively, an adult sex shop could reflect feelings about enjoying experimenting with your life in new and exciting ways that others might feels is risky.

Negatively, an adult sex shop may reflect feelings about choosing to give up on serious choices for your life to pursue happiness in ways others might find. Enjoying being a school dropout. Preferring to enjoy life as a simple person with no desire to conform to society's norms. Feeling good pretending or orchestrating a giant lie that might have serious consequences for your future. Fear of yourself preferring to choose to enjoy wasting your life in ways others think is stupid or

Example: A young girl dreamed of going into an adult sex ship for the very first time in her life and seeing all kinds of sex toys. In waking life she was considering dropping out of college to experiment with becoming an yoga instructor and felt that all her friends and family might think it's a childish idea to enjoy too much freedom when should should be preparing seriously for her future.

Anal Sex

To dream of anal sex symbolizes the creation of problems or negative experiences. Life experiences that totally "screw you over", and leave you with unresolved problems.  It reflects choices that never lead to anything productive.  

Anal sex in a dream is a sign that a situation is being made worse or that you feel you are getting "the shaft" from someone.  Anal sex may also be a sign that you are giving in to bad habits.

To dream of anal rape symbolizes a sense of powerlessness to stop a problem from "screwing you over."  You may that problems are being made for you or that they are too big to overcome.

Example:  A man dreamed of his father having anal sex with him.  In real life he had a moral dilemma that poor choices were exacerbating.  His father having anal sex with him reflected a bad conscience making the problem worse.

Example 2:  A man dreamed of a demon anally raping another man.  In real life this man was experiencing his business being totally destroyed and felt powerless to stop it.  The demon rape reflected his perception of horrible and unfair it felt to witness his business going under.


To dream of having AIDS or sexually transmitted diseases represents thoughts and feelings associated with choices or mistakes that fill you with powerful regret. You may feel permanently contaminated, ruined, or compromised.

AIDS or STDs can also be symbols associated regrets or concerns over sexual partners you've had. You may feel dirty, or violated.

Example: A young man had recurring dreams of having AIDS. In waking life he regretted losing virginity with someone he didn't care about at all.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone with AIDS. In waking life he experiencing total financial loss after not having listened to advice he was given.


To dream of having bestiality sex may represent waking life situations where you are enjoying yourself doing something that is not in someone else's best interest. Knowing you can do whatever you want to someone without consequences. Consider the animal for additional symbolism.

To dream of getting caught having bestiality sex may reflect total embarrassment that you were being arrogant, controlling, or selfish. Feeling that your reputation is ruined forever due to selfish or negligent behavior.

To dream of reading bestiality porn may represent your desire to freely use someone else with consequences. Daydreaming or fantasizing about exploitative behavior that you can't experience for real.


To dream of a bisexual person may reflect conflict between masculine and feminine qualities. An aspect of yourself that is both sensitive and insensitive, passive and assertive, or controlling and compliant. It may reflect you or someone else that is playing both sides of a situation.

Alternatively, a bisexual in a dream may represent you or someone else that desires to "have it all." It may also reflect an openness to all possibilities or choices. You or someone else that likes everything.

If you are straight and find yourself attracted to a person of the same sex it may simply reflect how nice something feels or how desireable a situation is. Ask yourself what one thing stands out the most about the person you were attracted to and how that quality may apply to your life.

Cock Ring

To dream of a cockring represents an area of your life where you are powerful, effective, or capable and are doing everything you can to stay that way.

You may have a skill, trick, or something that gives you leverage and are exploiting it for it's full potential.


To dream of a condom represents readiness for intimacy, protection, and responsibility. Preventing emotional pain or going overboard enjoying yourself. Protection, safety, and boundaries while enjoying yourself. Wanting to feel good completely while experiencing something and feeling that you need to be careful about it. A need or desire to protect oneself from emotional or psychological harm in a situation. It could also suggest a fear of vulnerability or risk-taking in personal or professional endeavors. A reminder to exercise caution and maintain a level of emotional distance to prevent vulnerability or unwanted commitments.

Alternatively, dreaming about condoms may reflect a desire to take their relationship to a more intimate level while also acknowledging the need for emotional protection and responsibility in such a scenario. A need to be more responsible in sexual or intimate relationships.

Negatively, dreaming about a condom may represent feelings of insecurity or inadequacy, particularly regarding intimate relationships or personal endeavors. It might suggest a fear of fully committing to a situation or a relationship due to the potential for emotional pain. There could be feelings of not being ready or capable to handle the consequences of a situation, or anxiety about the risks involved. Overdoing seeing your are ready for an experience with intimacy, protection, and responsibility. Overdoing saying you are ready to enjoy yourself completely in a safe way when you're not. Fear or jealousy that an enjoyable experience isn't stopped for someone else. Feeling of intimacy, closeness, or comfort that has been lost in your life.

To dream of an ill-fitting condom that is too big for your penis represents feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, or the perception that he might not be fully prepared for the possible implications of deserving to enjoy yourself the way you want to. Feelings of insecurity inadequacy in a sexual relationship.

To dream of taking off a condom may represent removing the mental or emotional barriers that were inhibiting one from being open and vulnerable in a particular situation. Feeling unprotected enjoying a situation when you usually are protected. It could represent a desire to take risks and be more authentic in relationships or ventures. Alternatively, it could also symbolize a reckless disregard for consequences or a need for immediate gratification.

To dream of a red condom represents passionate or dangerous readiness for intimacy, protection, and responsibility.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of putting on a red condom while near a girl he had a crush on, but noticed his penis was smaller than usual and that the condom didn't fit right. In waking, life he had told the girl he had a crush on about his true feelings, but she had a boyfriend already. In this case, the ill- fitting condom may have reflected his feelings about readiness for an intimate relationship with the girl, but also his perceived inadequacy and the potential emotional risks involved of revealing his feelings to her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having sex with a Middle Eastern man and then realizing that he didn't have a condom. In waking life, she her computer's anti-virus program had expired and she had realized she was "unprotected." In this case, the lack of a condom may have reflected her feelings of vulnerability and exposure to potential risks in her digital life. This dream could symbolize her subconscious awareness of the need for protection against online threats, similar to the physical protection a condom provides. It could also indicate her concerns about the potential consequences of neglecting digital security, just as unprotected sex can lead to unforeseen consequences.

*Please See Sex.


To dream of contraception represents thoughts about preventing or avoiding the creation of something new, such as a project or a relationship. It may also reflect a desire to be in control and avoid taking risks or being vulnerable. Alternatively, it may symbolize a fear of consequences or responsibility that come with new ventures or situations.

*Please See Condoms.


To dream of a dildo represents a discreet dishonest means to achieve or goal or make something happen that might be more incredible than you are capable of while being inappropriate to talk about. A situation where you might look stupid to other people for telling the truth about how you dishonestly achieved a goal or did something better than other people. Feeling that it's easy to assert oneself in a fake way, relying on lies to manage a situation because it's faster, and feeling good not needing to discuss it. Feeling good that you don't lose, but never wanting to talk anyone about yourself out of fear of looking obscene with being fake or unintelligent. Dishonestly asserting yourself and getting away with it. Feeling that it's easier to assert yourself in a fake way.

Negatively, dreaming about a dildo may reflect feeling that it's unintelligent to dishonestly assert yourself in a fake way. Asserting yourself with cheating and fearing ever telling the truth about it. Feelings about a woman lying that she is happy with another man. Disappointment that someone doesn't need you to have a good time. Feeling that people are too pathetic or cowardly to satisfy your needs. Embarrassment of enjoying yourself while alone in ways others might find socially unusual.

Alternatively, a dildo in a dream may reflect a lack of happiness in your sex life. A feminine assertive attitude about sex that doesn't care about what the man is feeling.

Larger dildo sizes may reflect dishonesty in asserting oneself that claims to be better than someone else or in achieving a goal in a way that may be more incredible than other people are capable of.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his ex-girlfriend in the backseat of his tow truck using a dildo while she had no legs. In waking life, he was talking to his ex-girlfriend again. In this case, the dildo may have reflected his feelings about his ex-girlfriend being dishonesty about claiming she that was happy never needing him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing black and white drawings of a penis, followed by color photographs of a dildo, followed by color photographs of a fake vagina. In waking life, she she was studying to pass her high-school equivalency test while considering cheating to pass because a certain part was too difficult. In this case, the color photographs of dildos may have reflected her feelings about remembering herself as cheater to achieve the goal of obtaining her high school equivalency diploma that would look stupid being unintelligent if she ever told anyone she cheated.

Doggy Style Sex Position

To dream of doggy style sex represents a person or situation in waking life that feels good being easy to control. Enjoying noticing someone in your life letting you boss them around. Liking to feel yourself having to be in control unquestioned. Enjoying being given total control or power. Subordination that feels good being easy and automatic.  Enjoying controlling someone because you are more attractive or interesting then they are.

Enjoying controlling or directing someone. Enjoying directing a situation. Feeling good having control that accepts you as in control. Enjoying controlling a pleasurable situation. Enjoying being accepted as an unquestioned leader of someone subordinate.

Negatively, doggy style sex in a dream may reflect too much enjoyment of controlling someone else. Exploiting controlling someone's good nature for fun. Enjoying thinking you are too attractive or important to be questioned. Enjoying yourself too much leading or exploiting a person who listens to you.

If you find yourself having sex with a girl who is bent over in the doggy style position this may symbolize something you wanted in life being handed to you. Something you wanted to think, feel, or experience easily happens. Easy power, control, or gains.

If you find yourself in the doggy style position, this may represent how you giving someone else easy power, control, or gains. Letting someone else enjoy themselves controlling you or getting something they wanted from you easy. It may also reflect your feelings that someone else is too attractive to ignore or reject. Enjoying being passive. Negatively, being bent over the doggy style position may reflect feelings that someone is too big or powerful to ignore. Humiliation that some else gets to control you without question.

Example: A man dreamed of having doggy style sex with a woman he knew. In waking life he was enjoying himself totally controlling this woman with his advice. The woman had a huge secret crush on him and was doing almost everything he asked her to do.


To dream of ejaculation represents the finality of a decision.  You have chosen to do whatever it takes to make a choice, or do something.  Feeling good making a choice.

To ejaculate during sex represents the finality of a choice that produces a new life situation, habit, or insight.

To ejaculate outside the body represents unproductive choices, or disappointments.  Feeling good never having to be serious about a final choice.  Enjoying experiencing something without any obligations or new problems created.

To dream of a person ejaculating on another person represents feelings of lingering failure, unfulfilled promises, or disappointments. One aspect of your personality created a problem for another one.  Intentional humilation of others with more power than them.


To dream of an erection represents motivated interest. You or someone else that is feeling excited about winning. Something in your life is motivating you to try harder to succeed or feel good "getting ahead" in life.

Erections may also reflect how powerful or capable you feel. They may also symbolize your current sexual interests.

Example: A man dreamed of getting an erection. In waking life he was experiencing renewed interest in reviving his business after a long period of stagnation. He was experiencing renewed motivation to succeed financially.


To dream of fingering a vagina represents feelings of trying to make someone feel good doing what you tell them to do. Manipulating someone into submission using pleasure.

Negatively, fingering in a dream may reflect enjoyment with small harmless risks that could end up being more dangerous than you think. Feeling that you don't have to be 100% involved in something dangerous in order to enjoy it. Awareness of yourself exploiting someone using pleasure. Feeling manipulated by someone else who is using pleasure or excitement to lure you. Risk of being "played" or used by someone powerful or attractive.

*Please See Masturbation.

*Please See Handjobs.


To dream of a handjob represents waking life situations where there is need to please someone else quickly or cheaply. A reluctant need to make someone else feel good to keep them happy or keep them supporting you. Pleasing someone whom is impatiently waiting. A mandatory need to show someone they matter. Talking about someone in a flattering way so they feel respected. Keeping a jerk happy.

Negatively, a handjob may reflect feelings of having to serve someone or make them feel good about themselves when it's inconvenient. Feeling like a loser that has to tell someone you don't respect that they matter. Making someone feel good so they will stop complaining. Feeling disgusted having to please someone. Feeling that you need to do a favor for someone you consider a lowlife, scumbag, or jerk.

To dream of getting a handjob represents feelings about being pleased by others with the intention to get it over with quickly. A quick solution to your complaints. Feeling good not being ignored. Feeling good being talked about in a flattering way. Feeling that someone has no choice about needing to show you that you matter. Feeling that someone is doing you quick favor in order to get you to shut up.

Negatively, dreaming about getting a handjob may reflect enjoyment of exploiting an opportunity to tell others what to do. Not trusting someone to respect your feelings at a later time. Demanding a quick or dirty solution that only feels good for you. Making someone who doesn't like you talk about you like they do. Awareness of yourself acting like a scumbag.

Homosexuality (Gay Sex)

To dream of gay sex represents enjoyment of a situation that is noticed by others as abnormal or unacceptable all the time. Enjoying that doing something that is always noticed as difficult to explain by others. Enjoyment of a situation that is difficult to make accepted by others. Enjoying yourself that makes other people feel something is permanently difficult to accept or explain with you. Enjoying something regularly that makes other people think is too odd to want to enjoy themselves. Enjoying your life the way it is without concern for appearances when other people might care about appearances.

Negatively, dreaming of gay sex may reflect feelings about enjoyment of a situation that is vain or vague about why it's noticed not behaving normal. Enjoyment of a situation that is difficult to have accepted by others. A lack of concern about enjoying something you know is wrong to do or makes others feel uncomfortable. Enjoying an abnormal situation that you know may bring backlash or have consequences. Feelings about appearances enjoying something other people may not approve of.

To have gay sex that you don't enjoy may reflect feelings of being involved in abnormal situations that others like, but you don't like. Feeling used for another person's enjoyment of something questionable. Unpleasant homosexual sex may reflect feelings of enduring a very unpleasant situation that is noticed by others as abnormal.

To dream of being raped by a member of the same sex may represent a sense of powerlessness to control a situation that is abnormal, questionable, or difficult to have accepted by others. Men raped by men may reflect powerlessness to control an insensitive situation that intentionally cares about nothing your feeling. Men dreaming of being raped may also reflect feelings about being ripped off during a questionable situation.

Alternatively, a homosexual can be symbolic of your sexual desires if you are gay, or have homosexual curiosity. Men with pregnant wives often dream of having homosexual sex. This may reflect their feelings about how immoral or wrong it feels to have sex while knowing that a child is alive inside their wives during sex.

Example: A woman dreamed of having gay sex. In waking life she felt forced to enjoy herself being single without her boyfriend while uncomfortable about appearances in public for doing so.

Example 2: A man dreamed of being raped by a demon. In waking life he was having concerns about being ripped off in a drug deal.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of having homosexual sex when she thought homosexuality was immoral. In waking life she was a widow in a new relationship. The homosexual sex in the dream may have reflected her feelings about enjoying herself in an unacceptable or immoral fashion to others.

*Please See Sex.


To dream of being impotent or sexually incapable represents thoughts or feelings associated with insecurity and powerlessness in waking life situations.  You may feel unable to control events in your life, or respond to problems.  You are ineffective in some way.


Incest in dreams can be a difficult symbol to define.  The dreaming mind does not usually discern between what's moral or immoral.

The act of sex itself represents the merging of two personality traits or qualities.  So sex with parents, siblings, or other family members is most often just a symbol for different personality traits or qualities merging.  The family members are usually like any other dream symbols...personality traits based on your opinions, feelings, or memories of them.

If you not aware of the incest as it occurs in the dream, and feel like there nothing wrong with it , then the incest as a symbol is probably irrelevant.  The sex is the most significant symbol.  The family member is just an emotionally awkward or uncomfortable symbol.

Sex with parents may reflect a positive experience you've had making a choice.

To be aware of incest in a dream, to overhear talk of it, or feel that it is wrong represents taboo, or a lack of acceptance for something.

Alternatively, you may have personal issues with a family member you need to address.

If you have experienced incest in real life then you may be having problems dealing with that or are reexamining the past.

Example:  A man dreamed of his father slowly pushing his penis into his bum.  In waking life he was conscious of himself about to make a bad decision that would have consequences.  His father trying to have anal sex with him reflected his conscience or ability to make a decision that was about to screw him over.


*Please See Cheating.

Lotus Sex Position

To dream of the lotus sex position represents an enjoyable experience where you like needing or depending on something.

Example: A young women dreamed of having sex in the lotus position, being rudely interrupted, and then talking to the guy on the phone asking him if he wants to do it again and the phone went silent. In waking life she was losing her dorm at school. The lotus style sex may have reflected her feelings about enjoying having a dorm and needing it for school.


To dream of masturbating represents pleasing yourself mentally or emotionally.  Fantasizing, daydreaming, or pleasant thoughts about desires, wishes, or goals.  Things that may not be realistic at the moment.  You or some aspect of your personality is more focused on enjoying yourself or being successful than on true achievement or real life experiences.

You may see masturbating in a dream when you are spending a lot of time daydreaming about enjoying success, leisure, or using power to attain what you want in life.

Positively, dreaming of masturbating represents feeling good by yourself because everything else is too pathetic to waste your time with. Feeling being safe on your own because every other option is too dangerous, ignorant, or pathetic to waste your time with. Enjoyable experiences with yourself are better than with other people. Feeling that nobody is good enough or worthy enough to enjoy spending time with you. Relying on yourself to have a good time because every person or option available to you is too boring, ugly, unintelligent, or immoral to accept. Feeling that there is nothing special at all about something enjoyable and you just want to get it out of the way to go back to more interesting or professional experiences.


To dream of being molested represents feelings of being violated in some way that gives other enjoyment. Feeling that your good nature is being taken advantage of. You may feel humiliated or that your trust has been abused. There may be a person with a domineering influence over you or that you're having an bitter dispute with.

Molestation may also reflect corruption of innocence. Taking advantage or abusing someone else's innocence. Corruption of someone's untapped potential for personal gain. Jealousy of having been taken advantage of while being less experienced than others or when you were a novice.

Alternatively, molestation in a dream may reflect real concerns about a child being negatively influenced while you are not around. Feeling that someone will feel good teaching your child bad things or corrupting their innocence. Trust issues with your children.

Dreams of being molested may be a symptom of post traumatic stress. If you have been molested in real life then you may need to speak to a professional.

Example: A woman dreamed of being concerned about a child molester. In waking life she was concerned about leaving her child with her ex-husband because she felt his new wife hated her and that she couldn't trust her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being tied to a bed and molested. In waking life she felt it was unfair that someone would keep taking advantage of her good nature by asking for too much help.

*Please See Pedophile.

Oral Sex

To dream of oral sex represents feelings of total submission. Serving others or doing whatever someone else wants. Doing all this asked or required in a way that makes life easier for someone else. Completely catering to others needs

Positively, oral sex can represent helping other people or a total concern for their interests. Feeling that someone is making your life a lot easier. It could also point to enemies becoming completely subordinate to you. Feelings about life being too easy for you.

Negatively, oral sex may reflect caving in completely to fear or giving all your power away to a subordinate state. Feeling disgusted with yourself for having let someone feel powerful over you with their arrogant fantasies. Alternatively, it may also reflect feelings of surprise that someone would do you a favor. You may not be respecting yourself enough to believe you deserve something easy happening to you.

To dream of getting oral sex represents feelings about a person or life situation doing whatever you want or ask. Experiences where you are feeling good being helped perfectly. Enjoying favors, gifts, or something free.

To dream of someone evil or negative getting oral sex represents a negative situation that is subordinated to. Giving up all power to someone that will abuse it. Alternatively, it may reflect your own abuse of others good nature or compliance. Enjoying having a "slave."

To dream of giving oral sex to an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend you still fantasize about can represent you empowering your sexual desire for them. A sign that you need to put more effort into getting over them. Alternatively, it may reflect subordination in some way.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Satan getting oral sex. In waking life he had succumbed to his drug addiction. He felt powerless to stop himself from giving in to the "evil" of his addiction that he felt wasted his life.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing a small dog giving her oral sex. In waking life she had gone back to school to train for a new job and found that school was too easy. She felt like her new education was being given to her.

Example 3: A man dreamed of his older sister giving him oral sex. In waking life he was experiencing a lot of success with his business, but it required managing responsibilities in ways he wasn't expecting.

Example 4: A woman dreamed of giving oral sex to her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend while the ex-boyfriend watched. In waking life she was uncomfortable doing favors for her ex-boyfriend by babysitting the daughter he had with another woman.


To dream of an orgasm represents you or some aspect of your personality that is satisified with a choice, or happy with the results of a new life situation.


To dream of an orgy represents aspects of your personality that are totally focused on sexual desire, or desire for things you want.  You can't stop thinking about what you want or people that you're attracted to.

Orgies have a tendency to show up in dreams when someone is having excessive sexual fantasies, and desires.  When you see an orgy in a dream it may be a sign that you need to resist desire for attractive people and reduce any exposure to pornography.

Alternatively, dreaming about an orgy may reflect pleasurable waking life situations where a lot of different people are working together. It may also reflect feelings about total freedom to enjoy yourself in a large number ways without any restraints at all.

An orgy could also symbolize a number of different personality traits or qualities you have merging together into a life experience.


To dream of a pornography video represents a life experience where you are feeling good doing nothing.  Desiring, fantasizing, or dreaming about having something you want.  Goals, wishes, or aspirations that feel good, but may be out of reach.  Pornography may also reflect delusions or unrealistic fantasies.

Pornography may appear in the dreams of a man who can't tell a woman he likes her, ex-partners who fantasize about former lovers, someone planning a vacation, or a business man working on a project he hopes will be successful.

Negatively, pornography may reflect problems with desiring things you don't believe you can realistically have. Trusting nice sounding promises too much. Embarrassing yourself liking something or someone that never proves itself. It may also reflect intense insecurity or jealousy of partners cheating on you sexually.

To dream of pornography photos represents memories you have that feel good to think about.

Pornography can also be a sign of excessive sexual fantasies and daydreaming.  You may be thinking about someone you desire and don't believe you can ever have.

To dream of someone you know in pornography may represent you fantasies about them. Something that is common for ex-lovers.

Example: A man dreamed of watching pornography.  In waking life he was passionately in love with his ex-girlfriend whom he fantasized about getting back together with when she showed no interest in him.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing pornography on her fiancee's cellphone.  In waking life she had just had a baby and was becoming jealous and insecure about her fiancee losing interest in her and starting to cheat on her.

Porn Star

To dream of a porn star that you know represents feeling good wanting something that never materializes. Ask yourself what feelings or memories stand out most about that porn star for further symbolism.

An ugly porn star would possibly represent your feelings of how unpleasant it feels to wait or doing nothing while being told to feel good about it.

To dream of being a porn star represents your interest in making others desire things that may never happen. You may be lying to someone or trying to make someone feel good being patient.

Example: A man dreamed of a porn star named Kira Kener. His most honest feeling about this porn star was that she was so beautiful he couldn't think of anything else. In waking life he had a long standing health condition that finally began to slowly improve. Kira Kener in his dream reflected how preoccupied he was with how wonderful it was to heal while never healing completely.


To dream of a prostitute represents an aspect of your personality that sells itself out. It may reflect your self-interest before higher ideals or being more concerned with money than anything else.

Alternatively, dreaming of a prostitute may reflect you or someone else that provides a service whenever they are asked to. You or someone else that is easy to use.

Negatively, a prostitute may represent "caving in" or giving up higher ideals as soon as pressure is felt. Abusing talents, or lowering your standards, morals, or principles for personal benefit. Getting ahead or enjoying yourself without any regard for standards or quality.

Men with pregnant wives commonly dream of having sex with prostitutes. This may reflect their impersonal feelings about using their wife to have sex when she too pregnant to be in the mood.

Example: A man dreamed of a seeing a prostitute walking towards him. In waking life he spoke a second language fluently and someone who needed his help kept offering to pay him to do translations. The prostitute reflect his willingness to do whatever he was asked when paid.

Riding Sex-Cowgirl (Girl On Top)

To dream of riding sex represents a positive experience where someone or something is catering to another.  Feeling good noticing something being done for you.

If you are riding someone it may reflect a positive experience where you are doing all the work for someone.  If you are being ridden it reflects a positive experience where someone is doing all the work for you.

Riding sex can point to situations where you like someone so much that you enjoy doing anything you can for them. Negatively, it can point to a person in your life that you are allowing to use you.

Example:  A young man dreamed of having riding sex with another male friend where he was the girl.  In waking life he enjoying hiding his friend from the police.


To dream about sex represents a positive and pleasurable experience in your waking life that feels exhilarating and as good as it can get. This enjoyable and thrilling experience is deeply personal and just for you. The person you have sex with in the dream represents a quality you recognize in yourself or a situation that you find fulfilling and enjoyable. Thinking of everything required to be safe to have a thrilling experience. A thrilling experience that you privately aren't telling anyone about being thrilling to you. A sense of disbelief that you are allowed to have such an enjoyable or thrilling experience, as it doesn't happen in all your usual encounters with people.

Whatever the thoughts, feelings, or memories that stand out the most to you about the person you have sex with represents what you are experiencing more of in your life.

For example, if you have sex with a celebrity it may symbolize a quality you see in that celebrity coming out of you or enjoying an activity you associate with that celebrity.

Alternatively, sex in a dream may reflect your most private thoughts about your own sex life.

To dream of being unable to find a safe place to have sex may represent challenges in expressing yourself, doing what you like, or pursuing your interests due to conflicting feelings or external complications. Interests or goals may be sidetracked by complications or conflicting feelings. You might be struggling to find a secure and comfortable environment to connect intimately with someone or to fully explore your desires and passions. Alternatively, it may reflect your inability to be close or intimate in your relationship.

To dream of having sex interrupted represents outside forces intruding on your private time, relationship, or ability to enjoy what you are doing. Your career, personal commitments, or other distractions may be interfering with your love life or your ability to focus on your passions. External elements are spoiling your special moment or your opportunity to shine.

To dream of having sex with a person who has something wrong with them may represent your enjoyment of feeling needed or superior in some way. An enjoyable or thrilling experience that is limited, less capable, or feels lucky to happen at all. A thrilling enjoyable experience that doesn't think of what average people do. Enjoying yourself in a way that can't be 100%, but still feels good anyway. You may also be enjoying the role of being more desirable, important, or interesting than someone else. Alternatively, it could also symbolize your enjoyment of an experience that has vulnerability or imperfections.

To dream of having sex with someone in public may represent attention you are attracting yourself with your personal interests or achievements. A thrilling experience where you don't care what anyone else thinks about it. Your private life being made public or other people speculating about your life. A fear of being exposed or judged by others.

To dream of having sex with a vanishing partner represents a thrilling experience that initially excites you but eventually loses its appeal or significance. Your confidence in the situation may wane, and you might feel that the experience wasn't as incredible as you initially believed. This dream could also symbolize a lack of commitment, an inadequate partnership, or feelings of insecurity in a relationship. It may indicate sexual or romantic frustrations and a sense of uncertainty about the connection or bond you once had with someone.

To dream of a having sex with a faceless person represents a enjoyable or thrilling experience that allows you to learn more about what really pleases you. Feeling good with something you are undecided about, enjoying being single or trying new things, and feeling free in not knowing what you really want. Exploring your desires and passions without the constraints of a specific identity or emotional attachment. An enjoyable or thrilling experience where you don't really know what someone thinks about you, or why something is the way it is.

To dream of having sex with yourself may reflect your enjoyment of showing off your skills or experience to others. Having a good time being the center of attention or showing off. An enjoyable experience where you feel you are the most important. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are going too far enjoying showboating or asserting yourself. Enjoying yourself thinking your more attractive or better than other people. Being so in love with yourself that you don't see it as a problem. This dream could serve as a reminder to maintain a balance between self-confidence and humility.

To dream of foreplay or sexual activity in a bedroom that never leads to full sex may reflect unfulfilled desires, hesitations, or insecurities in your waking life. It could signify that you are contemplating taking action on something enjoyable or thrilling but are unable to commit or follow through completely. Potential opportunities or experiences that are within your reach but remain unexplored. It might suggest that you are struggling to overcome personal barriers or external factors that prevent you from fully embracing these opportunities. You may need to assess your priorities and work on building the confidence and determination necessary to pursue your desires and passions more actively

To dream of chasing someone to have sex may reflect feelings of longing, desire, or frustration in your waking life that an enjoyable or thrilling experience alludes you or isn't achievable. Feeling that someone is making it difficult for you to like yourself the way you want to. Your feelings about other people never wanting to have a good time with you. A common dream for elderly people.

To dream of people watching you have sex may reflect feelings of vulnerability, exposure, or a lack of privacy in your personal life. It could also signify that others are judging or scrutinizing your intimate relationships or personal interests. Feelings about a person or situation making it difficult for you to enjoy yourself. Additionally, it may indicate a fear of being caught or revealing something you'd prefer to keep private.

See the themes section for sex for a more in-depth look at sex symbolism.

Example: A man dreamed of having sex with Oprah. In waking life, this man was a successful public speaker. Oprah to him represented excellent communication skills. In this case, the sex with Oprah represented how thrilling it felt to be so good at public speaking.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of having sex with an android. In waking life, she was having sex with someone she felt was socially boring and easy to control sexually. In this case, the dream was about her most private honest thoughts about her sex life.

Example 3: A man dreamed of having sex with himself and suddenly seeing himself yelling at himself. In waking life, he had embarrassed himself going too far showing off his skills to customers the point that his business partner had to lecture him on stopping it. In this case, the dreamer having sex with himself may have reflected his enjoyment of being the center of attention and showing off his skills to the customers

Example 4: A young woman dreamed of sexual foreplay in a bedroom that never leads to full sex. In waking life, she was considering asking a guy she knew to the prom, but couldn't get the confidence to ask him for real. In this case, the the prospect of sex that never happens may have reflected unfulfilled desires and hesitations about asking the guy to the prom that never allows a thrilling experience of going to the prom with the guy she had a romantic crush on.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing a man having sex with a woman in front of her. In waking life, she was amazed at how easy a man she met could translate another language. She felt left out and stupid. In this case, watching someone else have sex in front of her may have reflected her feelings of being left out and witnessing someone else's thrilling experience or ability that she could not participate in or match.

Example 6: A man dreamed of having sex with multiple woman in which he described the incident as "banging chicks." In waking life, he was a police officer who was enjoying abusing authority to control people whenever he wanted. In this case, dreaming of sex with multiple women may have reflected the man's enjoyment of exercising his power and authority over others in his waking life, experiencing a sense of thrill and satisfaction in controlling people whenever he wanted.


To dream of sodomy represents feelings of violation of social norms about believing in yourself liking who you are. Discomfort, taboo, shame, guilt, or humiliation related to activities or choices that are perceived as unconventional, taboo, or against social norms of what other people think about you. Anxieties or struggling with concerns about being ostracized or punished for defying social norms. Internal conflict, confusion, or self-judgment regarding one’s identity, preferences, or behaviors that are perceived as deviant or unacceptable. Feelings of control, vulnerability, or agency in the dreamer's waking life.

Negatively, dreaming about sodomy could represent feelings of fear, rejection, or condemnation for believing in yourself liking who you are in non-conforming ways. Conflict over preferences that you believe are not widely accepted. Internalized shame, self-criticism, or self-hatred due to perceived abnormal behaviors. Feelings of being torn between what one has been taught to believe and one's true feelings.

Example: An older woman dreamed of a man standing in court facing criminal charges for sodomy of her disabled schizophrenic son. She felt pain and wanted to grab a knife. In waking life, she felt bad about not taking care of her disabled schizophrenic son enough and it made her mad at herself. In this case, the man facing sodomy charges may have reflected her feelings of violation against her own principles or societal norms due to her perceived neglect or inability to provide adequate care for her disabled son, leading to feelings of deep shame and self-blame. She may have perceived herself as immoral for not caring enough about a disabled person as much as she usually does in order to enjoy her personal life more.


To dream of sperm represents a final choice, or decision.  It can symbolize the motivations or intentions that lead to a final choice.

To have sperm on your face, or see it on the face of someone else represents the consequences of unproductive or negative choices.  Some aspect of your personality has made an unproductive choice that negatively effects you or embarasses you.  


To dream of spooning represents feelings of comfort, closeness, and supportiveness. A desire for connection, affection, or a sense of security and protection. Thoughts about the importance of emotional bonding, shared warmth, and tenderness in a relationship. Close bonding that feels good being supportive that doesn't have to think about anything being wrong with it at all. Listening or caring about someone else's feelings when nobody else ever would. Listening or caring about someone else that feels good never getting back at them.

Positively, dreaming about spooning might symbolize the experience of mutual understanding, emotional support, or a loving and caring relationship. A conscious desire to nurture and be nurtured, to give and receive affection, and to feel emotionally safe and secure. A deep and intimate bond between you and another person.

Negatively, dreaming about spooning could represent feelings of emotional dependence, vulnerability, or a fear of being alone. A need for reassurance, comfort, or validation from others. Feeling an over-reliance on your partner for emotional support, or you might be experiencing a fear of rejection or abandonment. It can also indicate feelings of being smothered or crowded in a relationship. Feelings about someone being unafraid to be close to you, but never wanting to pursue it further.

To dream of being the person spooning the other person from behind represents feelings of wanting to provide comfort, support, or protection to someone else. Your readiness to provide emotional support, security, and affection to others. It may reflect your nurturing nature or a sense of responsibility and protectiveness over someone.

To dream of being the person who is being spooned from behind represents feelings of being cared for, supported, or protected. It might signify a yearning for emotional connection, affection, or a sense of security and protection from someone else in your life. This could be a reflection of your desire for emotional closeness, shared warmth, and tenderness in a relationship.

To dream of spooning sex represents feelings of exhilaration with an experience of comfort, closeness, and supportiveness.

Example: A man dreamed of spooning a woman he had just met. In waking life, he was sharing his artwork with this woman over the Internet and she always had something good to say about his art. In this case, the spooning may have reflected his feelings of emotional connection, warmth, and mutual understanding with this woman, as they shared and appreciated each other.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of being in bed spooning with a man who never got sexually aroused. In waking life, she had just met a man and was uncertain about his feelings because they had bonded, but he said he had to get his finances in order before choosing to be in a serious relationship. In this case, the spooning may have reflected her feelings of emotional closeness and intimacy with this man, while the man's inability to be sexually aroused points out the uncertainty and vulnerability she felt due to his reluctance to fully commit to the relationship due to financial concerns.

Threesome / Three-Way Sex

To dream of having a threesome represents multiple aspects of your life that you are coming together for a really enjoyable experience.

Example: A young man dreamed of having three-way sex with a fellow student and his girlfriend.  In waking life he was
enjoying showing off his musical talents to his girlfriend that he got while practicing with his fellow female student.


To dream of transgender people, or people with both make and female sexual organs represents aspects of your personality that share both masculine and feminine traits. Something powerful and impotent or beautiful and insensitive.

For example, if a man dreams of a woman he sexually desires having a penis it may symbolize his desire for that woman being very powerful over this decisions. Something that may allow that person in real life to control him.

Transsexuals may also represent your anxieties, uncertainties, or discomfort about masculine/feminine roles or passive/aggressive behavior.


To dream of a vibrator sex toy represents the ability to keep yourself or someone else feeling good automatically on their own. Enjoying an effortless experience done for you while alone. Feeling good not needing anyone else. Feeling good by yourself leaving a situation the way it is. Feeling good never having to believe in other people.

Negatively, dreaming about a vibrator sex toy represents feeling good staying by yourself never needing anyone else. Enjoying yourself by yourself never believing anyone will find out.

Dreaming about using a vibrator sex toy on someone else represents initiating and maintaining sexual interest in someone lonely with little effort. The ability to easily make someone lonely feel good and keep them waiting. Using pleasure to play with someone else's feelings and then keep them in that state.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his ex-girlfriend busy in a restaurant and noticed a vibrator plugged into the wall that. In waking life he had recently spoken to this ex-girlfriend on Facebook after breaking up with her. In this case the vibrator plugged into the wall may have reflected his feelings about speaking to his ex-girlfriend having the potential to initiate and maintain lasting sexual interest in her with little effort.


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