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Sports & excercise in a dream represents a mental or emotional conflict between positive and negative aspects of your personality.  Execising reflects you or some aspect of yourself that is improving or becoming stronger.


To dream of aerobics represents feelings about the necessity of maintaining momentum, energy, and vitality to keep up with others in some area of your waking life. The mental and emotional efforts you are making to keep yourself motivated, active, or "in shape" in a situation. Your thoughts about the importance of discipline, routine, and the consistent effort required to maintain progress and avoid stagnation. Coordination, teamwork, and shared enthusiasm.

Positively, dreaming about aerobics may represent your commitment to personal goals, health, or self-improvement while keeping up with other people. A phase of energetic focus, dedicated self-discipline, or a proactive approach to challenges in a group setting. A healthy emotional state, where you are working diligently on your resilience or maintaining a positive mindset amidst life's stresses.

Negatively, dreaming about aerobics may represent feelings of exhaustion, overexertion, or trying too hard to maintain a certain facade or level of performance. A fear of losing pace, not keeping up with others, or failing to meet your high standards or those set by others. You might be experiencing stress related to continuous upkeep, a demanding routine, or the fear of showing vulnerability or weakness by pausing or slowing down.

Example: A man dreamed of doing aerobics. In waking life, he was going through a difficult hiring and interview process for a job. In this case, the aerobics may have reflected his feelings of needing to maintain a high level of preparation and momentum. The aerobics in the dream symbolized the intense mental and emotional "exercise" required to present himself as the best candidate, stay competitive, and keep up with the expectations of potential employers.

Example 2: A teenage girl dreamed of doing aerobics on and off. She also got aggressively pushed out of the way by a man doing aerobics while walking. In waking life, she was experiencing frustrations and loneliness with heavy focus on school exams. In this case, the aerobics may have reflected her feelings of being forced to keep up with the intense pace of her studies and the competitive atmosphere around her. Doing aerobics on and off could represent her intermittent attempts to stay motivated and focused amidst academic pressure.


To dream of badminton represents a challenge that requires quick thinking. A struggle to keep up. Decisions need to be made quickly or opportunities may be lost. A struggle or contest between people with quick thinking or quick acting maneuvers.

A badminton game may reflect the ability to adapt in some kind of confrontation or new opportunity.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a bank sponsor a highschool badminton match. In waking life he was being pressured into getting his girlfriend pregnant in order to get an inheritance. His girlfriend kept trying to exhaust him with sex so he would forget to use a condom and impregnate her and he kept catching on to her schemes.


To dream of a sports ball represents feelings about competition or competitive thinking. A situation where you feel the need to keep things "in play" and not let them fall apart. Issues Issues that may involve emotional struggles, conflicts, feelings of inferiority, or standing up for yourself. Awareness of having thoughts that remain competitive, conflicted, or challenged. You may sense that someone might not want the same things as you or that you need to fight competitively to make progress. A challenge for the rest of your life over something that important to you, choices that have both good and bad consequences, or beliefs that result in positive or negative outcomes. Conflicts over issues you want to resolve.

Red balls may represent negative or passionate thoughts. Blue balls may represent positive or insensitive thoughts.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing blue and red colored balls flying upwards into the air while a voice said "Isn't it incredible to see your thoughts coming to life?" In waking life, the man experienced 30 days of the most powerful hallucinations of his entire life where confronting them caused them to fade away. The hallucinations seemed to be reflections of his own personality coming to life. In this case, the blue and red balls may have reflected his feelings about experiencing his own positive or negative thoughts of his own personality like it was a competitive struggle to learn about himself to make the hallucinations go away.

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To dream of a baseball game represents competitiveness to prove you're good enough that nothing can stop you while other people help you. Feeling challenged to outperforming a problem or other person with other people's doing things with you. Feeling challenged to prove nothing can stop you with why other people collaborate with your ideas or goals. Working hard, showing skills and being strategic with other people in order to succeed. Conflict between insecurities and ambition with why other people agree with you. Feeling that you're tough on your own because other people agree. It can also represent belief that collaboration with others is required to be successful. Trying to "cancel out" a problem with support from friends and family.

A mental or emotional struggle to cancel, stop, or eliminate something while feeling backed up by other people. A metaphor for conflict over an opportunity to get rid of a problem or unwanted situation with the collaboration of other people agreeing with you. You may have the chance to "deal a blow" to a problem or your opposition with confidence of other people supporting your stance. Talking back to someone who doesn't want you confidently moving on about an issue by mentioning other people's names being with you in spirit.

To dream of players in a baseball game represent both positive and negative aspects of yourself believing that collaboration with other people is required in order to stand up to a problem. Negative competitors may reflect fears, guilt, jealousy, or unwanted outcomes that stand in your way. Jealous people or problems that don't want you getting away from them by collaborating with other people.

To dream of the actual baseball (physical ball) represents an opportunity that must be taken advantage of in collaboration with other people in order to get ahead or move on. A need to prove oneself to be unstoppable while collaborating with others.

To dream of dream of hitting the baseball represents taking advantage of an opportunity in collaboration with others to overcome challenges or obstacles and to prove oneself as unstoppable. The chance to "deal a blow" to opposition or jealousy with other people backing you up. The physical act of hitting a baseball represents feelings about being be successful through hard work, skill, and strategy in collaboration with others.

To dream of striking out at bat in a baseball game may represent failing to take advantage of an opportunity to prove you're unstoppable in collaboration with others, leading to feelings of defeat or disappointment. It may also symbolize being unable to confront or overcome a problem or opposition, due to a lack of support or the influence of negative aspects of yourself such as fear, guilt, or jealousy. This may result in feelings of insecurity or a sense of being unable to prove your abilities with other people backing you up.

To dream of baseball field represents the mental or emotional arena in which one is striving to prove oneself, show skills, and overcome problems or opposition in collaboration with other people. The field represents the physical setting in which the struggle between competitiveness, insecurities, and ambition plays out. It also represents the requirement of collaboration with others in order to be successful, and to get ahead or move on from a problem or situation.

To dream of a baseball field under construction represents the groundwork for proving that nothing can stop you that is developing in your life. Certain factors or situations are coming together that will lead to confronting a problem. The construction process may symbolize the effort and hard work required to transform the situation or circumstance into a positive outcome. Alternatively, it could also reflect a sense of uncertainty or insecurity about the outcome, as the field is not yet completed or fully functional.

To dream of being at bat symbolizes confrontation with a problem. You have an opportunity to overcome something. A dislike of someone telling you that you can't do something while you try to prove you that nothing can stop you. The action of standing at bat represents a manifestation of competitiveness to prove that you are good enough and that nothing can stop you, as you work hard, show skills and use strategy with other people in order to succeed.

To dream of baseball base's on a baseball diamond reflect how far you or some aspect of your life is progressing with their problems. First base is a beginning phase, second is conflict, third is near closure, and home plate reflect counting as much as you could with renewed sense of being good enough that nothing can stop you.

Example: A woman dreamed that the child that she had miscarried at 6 months was all grown up and playing baseball. In waking life she was finally able to confront her trauma and embarrassment of the miscarriage by talking about it with friends and family. Baseball in this case may have reflected her feelings about proving she is strong enough to get over her trauma with the support of other people. With friends and family by her side she could prove she was strong enough to never allow her trauma to hold her back in life.

Example 2: A man dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. In waking life he was dedicated to finding a girlfriend after being single for a long time. Baseball in the dream may have reflected his struggle to overcome single life by successfully wooing a girl on a date or "hit a homerun." Baseball may have also indicated his support from friends or family to help him meet a woman and "cancel out" being single.

Baseball Bat

To dream of a baseball bat represents a defensive attitude or wanting to take strong action. Preparation or motivation to attack someone or something. You are planning to attack your problem with everything you got. It may also reflect your wish to insult or get back at someone. Attacking your problems or "hitting back" at someone.

To dream of hitting someone or something with a bat represents defensiveness against problems or people that are in your way. Taking action against something you want gone for good. Trying to get rid of opposition. Attacking someone with a bad temper.

To see an evil or bad person with a bat symbolizes your feelings about people or situations that you believe are trying to get rid of you for good or intentionally trying to make your life worse. It may also reflect your anger or bad intentions as you plan to get back at someone.

To dream of being hit by a bat represents people or situations that you feel are out to get you or that you feel are personally attacking you. It may also reflect competition or different opinions than you're own. You may feel unwelcome. Feeling that you are the victim of a verbal assault or that someone wants to you permanently removed from a particular situation.

Example: A woman dreamed of hitting a man with a baseball bat. In waking life he was pregnant and very moody. She verbally assaulted someone very harshly when they bothered her.


To dream of a basketball game represents competitiveness to prove you matter more than someone else. Competition to prove one's superiority or worth over others. A struggle to prove that your ideas are better than other people's ideas. A struggle to prove that one's ideas, skills, insights, or resources are better than others, and to outsmart or embarrass others with better ideas or outcomes. The basketball game symbolizes different aspects of the dreamer's life or personality that are at odds, trying to prove they are the most effective or intelligent. The dream may reflect a conflict between two people who both believe they are more professional, experienced, or knowledgeable than the other, and are trying to prove it. The dream highlights the dreamer's stubbornness in refusing to listen to others who may ignore their ideas. A metaphor for different aspects of your personality or your life that are trying to prove they are the most effective or more intelligent. A conflict of between two people that equally believe their are more professional, experienced, or well read than the other with the ability to prove it.

Negatively, a basketball game may reflect competition that is overdoing trying to matter more than someone else. Overdoing or dishonestly trying to prove your ideas are better than someone else. Cutthroat competition, characterized by a strong desire to prove one's superiority or that you matter more than someone else. Childishness that doesn't think it has to stop trying to embarrass someone else that they matter less. A competitive attitude that is reluctant to listen to others who may question their ideas. The basketball game can also represent a situation where someone is being dishonest, using any means necessary to make themselves look more deserving or smarter than their competition. This may result from fear of being proven inferior by others, or a fear of being exposed as having weaker ideas.

Basketballs symbolizes power dynamics over proving you matter more. The issue being struggled over got for superiority, worthiness, or mattering more than someone else. Thoughts or ideas that are believed to better than someone else's ideas. A mindset that is focused on attaining power or achievement through example. An idea you wish to prove is more attractive than someone else's idea. Using power to prove you are a smarter or stronger person with mattering more with a particular issue.

The basketball net is your goal, desire, or life objective that you want to prove is good idea.

To dream of shooting hoops on your own represents the dreamer's inner struggle to prove their self-worth and competence. The dreamer may feel the need to prove their abilities and ideas without outside validation or interference. It may symbolize the dreamer's confidence in their abilities and the need to test their limits and capabilities. Practicing on your own to embarrass someone else that your ideas are the best. Practicing or training to prove you matter more than someone else. Proving that your ideas are right with nobody to support you. Experimenting with your ideas to make sure they are good ideas.

Missed shots or losing a game symbolizes failure to prove that your ideas are better than someone else's. You may not have the power, status, or resources you need to prove you matter more.

Example: A woman dreamed of playing basketball with her boyfriend and noticed that he wasn't very good. In waking life she felt all her boyfriend was consistently unable to prove himself to be worthy enough to continue dating.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of playing a basketball game with midgets. In waking life he was competing with an internet message forum webmaster who was trying to embarrass him with permanent banning. The dreamer had superior computer skills that enabled him to repeatedly humiliate the webmaster with showing up on the message forum whenever he wanted making it look too easy. The basketball game in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about his advanced computer skills allowing him to repeatedly prove he was superior with technology to the less skilled webmaster.

Example 3: A young girl dreamed of walking down a basketball court. In waking life she decided she didn't like her friends and was considering trying to embarrass them all by getting more popular friends. In this case basketball may have reflected her competitive attitude about thinking she mattered more socially if she got more popular friends.

Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing a basketball hoop. In waking life he was having difficulty deciding if he should try to get a new job when his company got bought out by another company. He was uncertain if he had the right skills to get a new job. The basketball net in this case may have reflected his lingering untested idea to attempt proving to himself that he was good enough to get a new job. He may been thinking of testing his skills to see if mattered in the job market than other applicants.


*Please See Pool Table.


To dream of bowling represents an experience in life where you are trying to remove a multi-faceted problem, or a number of problems at the same time.

Strikes indicate success, and misses indicate failures to reach goals or actualize desires.

To bowl and have a few pins remaining symbolizes success at dealing with certain issues, but failure to solve others.


To dream of boxing represents a struggle to prove yourself. Wanting to prove you are stronger than someone that thinks they are stronger than you. Attempting to prove to someone else that you are a bigger winner than they are. Proving you are strong or proving you are good enough.

Waking life situations were you are feeling at odds with issues that you want to prove aren't as powerful, scary, or important as they claim to be.

Alternatively, boxing may reflect confrontation with something you want to finish once and for all. Wanting to totally embarrass an enemy or competition with superior strength or skills. Wanting to face a problem that you feel lingers or makes you feel that you will never settle something unfinished.

Negatively, dreams of boxing may be a sign that you are too concerned with proving yourself when it's too late or inappropriate.

Example: A young man dreamed of seeing a beautiful girl wearing boxing gloves. In waking life he felt that he was losing out on a chance to prove himself with a girl he liked because he was moving out of state. He was having issues letting go of the opportunity he felt he had to make the girl his girlfriend.

*Please See Shadow Boxing.

Boxing Gloves

To dream of boxing gloves represents a need to prove oneself.  Being in the mood to finally finish off a problem.

Example:  A man dreamed of seeing someone wearing boxing gloves.  In waking life he was spending a lot of time fantasizing about finally beating up an old enemy.

Boxing Ring

To dream of a boxing ring represents a specific issue that where there is a need to prove oneself.  A final confrontation.

Cricket Sport

To dream of playing cricket represents feelings of competing or struggling to avoid being embarrassed being wrong. Trying hard to main your integrity or professional appearance over the long term. Feeling that you need to defend your integrity or ideas from potentially embarrassing scrutiny. Feeling the need to consistently prove that you are a more respectable person than someone else. Feeling the need to consistently prove yourself as more dignified responsible winner in life. Feeling the need to defend your right to be a confident secure person.

Negatively, dreaming of playing cricket may reflect feelings of needing to defend your ability to brag about yourself as always being right. Scaring yourself that you will never get to relax at all. Alternatively, cricket in a dream may be a sign that you are sensitive about proving that you are not a loser in life to other people.

Dreaming of losing at cricket may reflect feelings of being unable to defend your integrity over the long-term. People with addiction problems may dream of losing a cricket match to reflect their feelings about themselves losing to their addictions over the long term.

To dream of watching a cricket match may be a sign that you are aware of yourself allowing other people to prove themselves more deserving of status or respect than you. Allowing co-workers or competition to get ahead of you with long term projects while you idly sit by. Allowing problems to consistently stop you from getting ahead. Long term plans to look good in business that never happen.

Example: A man dreamed of watching a cricket match on TV. In waking life he was consistently feeling that problems at work kept getting in his way of making serious progress at work. He felt he was aware of himself wasting his time trying to get ahead at work.

Example 2: A man dreamed of watching a cricket match. In waking life he was concerned that taking time off a very serious work project would embarrass him with not having worked hard enough.

Example 3: A man dreamed of playing a soccer match that turned into cricket match. The opposing cricket team was winning by over a 1000 points. In waking life he was battling a serious drug addiction and felt that he couldn't maintain his will power over the long term.


To dream of dodgeball represents a struggle in your life where everything is up for grabs. An all or nothing situation. You can't make a single mistake because everything is at stake. Doing everything you can to avoid total failure. It may also reflect your attempt to totally fail person or problem that is avoiding you at all costs.


To dream of exercising represents feelings about preparations or practice. A wish to prevent yourself from looking like a loser. Trying hard to maintain a winning position or leading role. Feeling the need to keep skills strong. A mindset that focused on training. Feeling highly focused on not losing an important opportunity to win. Concerns about school work not being good enough or being behind on homework.

Negatively, dreaming of exercising may reflect situations where you are exhausting yourself trying to prevent yourself from looking like a loser. Trying too hard to prepare for a conflict or challenge. Fear of accepting yourself weaker or less skilled than someone else. An excessive drive to prevent losing. Anxiety about not being good enough at something.

To dream of exercising that isn't helpful may reflect feelings about training or studying that isn't effective.

Example: A woman dreamed of waking up in a strange exercise room. In waking life she had neglected homework and training responsibilities in college and felt bad unprepared. The exercise room in this case may have reflected her feelings about learning and studying in college.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of being in an exercise room. She felt the exercise wasn't helping her. In waking life she felt that no matter how much she studied for her school program she couldn't improve.


To dream of football represents a struggle to gain leverage or power. You are doing everything you can to get as much as you can. It may also reflect conflict as you attempt to steal back what's yours. Difficult issues that requires all your resources to gain ground or keep what you already have. A football game symbolizes issues that are hard to improve yourself on.

Football dreams are common to people trying to lose weight and keep it off.

To dream of a football field represents feelings about being involved in a challenging situation that requires you make effort to gain leverage back. Struggling or training to get leverage back in a situation or relationship. Standing on a football field by yourself may reflect feelings about simply thinking of regaining leverage in a situation without having taken any action yet.

Example: Terry Crews (actor), before he was famous, once dreamed of watching a son (which he didn't have in real life) playing a high school football game. In waking life he was trying to lose weight at the gym while also experiencing serious financial problems. The football game may have reflected his attempts to struggle to get his life back on track and keep it stable.

Example 2: A man dreamed of standing on a football field practicing throwing a perfect spiral. In waking he had lost his first business and couldn't afford to live on his own anymore. He didn't to build his business slowly to that he could regain his former income to allow him to move out of his mother's house again. The football field in this case may have reflected his feelings about the business environment he was in that required him to slowly build the business up to regain a respectable income.

Example 3: A woman dreamed of standing on an empty football field by herself. In waking life she eager to restore her relationship with her ex-boyfriend by making him jealous. Standing on the football field by herself may have reflected her feelings about trying to regain leverage in her relationship with her ex by making him jealous, but not having taken the action yet.


To dream of playing frisbee represents behavior that is co-operative or sharing. Do favors or helping each other out back and forth. Experiences of reciprocation.

Negatively, a frisbee may reflect jealousy that someone is not reciprocating as much as you are. Giving to others and not getting the same respect back. Not getting an easy experience in return after giving someone else an easy experience.

Alternatively, a frisbee may represent feelings of always getting something in return when you do something for someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of throwing a frisbee at her husband's head and then seeing him run away from her. In waking life she had been quite co-operative with her husband's demands during a divorce proceeding, but felt cheated by him when he would ignore her.


To dream of golf represents leisurely attitude towards competition, work, problems. A comfortable or no pressure attitude about dealing with conflict. Feelings about long-term challenges or conflict that you slowly getting closer and closer to. A competitive mindset about long-term challenges that don't require you to worry or be stressed about. Feeling that you could overcome a challenge or conflict if you were absolutely perfect, but that it's more likely you will require an intelligent patient multi-stage strategy. Feelings about winning, learning the truth, or sexual conquest requiring a patient laid back attitude. Long-term investments. Investing time trying to compete for good grades at school.

Negatively golf may reflect idling or wasting time. Not trying very hard to confront issues. A no stress or no pressure attitude about competing dishonestly.

Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing a man wearing a golf cap circling around her and then seeing the man tossed into a pit. In waking life she was a very young Christian girl who believe she sold her soul to the Devil to be a singer while she tried hard to restore her Christian beliefs, but gave up. The man in the golf cap circling her may have reflected her attitude about preferring to calmly confront evil for her entire life instead of submitting to permanent beliefs about her soul be sold.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone holding golf clubs and then throwing them away. In waking life he was comfortably confronting a problem without too much pressure and then made a mistake that scared him that he wouldn't be able to remain as comfortable as before.

Example 3: A man dreamed of hiding himself being bushes on a golf course at a country club. In waking life he was gay and using the internet to talk to other gay men without any pressure of a real encounter while also being insecure about anyone else in the chatroom discovering him.

Example 4: A man dreamed of being on a golf course and being surrounded by spies. In waking life she had just broken up with his girlfriend as was trying to meet someone else. He felt his ex-girlfriend was jealously keeping close tabs on him.

Example 5: A woman dreamed of seeing someone buried upto their head on a golf course. In waking life she was a student fighting to get a grade changed. The golf course symbolism in this case may have reflected the dreamer's feelings about long-term strategies to study hard to get a good grade.

Example 6: A woman dreamed of seeing someone killed with a golf club. In waking life she felt she angered someone too much by telling them that she preferred to take her time confronting a problem instead of listening to advice.

*Please See Golf Cart.


To dream of gymnastics represents feelings about an exceptional ability flexibility or balance. Exceptionalism at being flexible to remain staying the same. Mental, physical, or spiritual balance. Exceptional ability to not be jealous and keep yourself emotional stable. Experienced flexible mindset about avoiding people or situations that negatively effect you. A perfectly flexible non-jealous attitude.

Negatively, dreaming about gymnastics may reflect feelings about yourself or someone else who looks stupid being too flexible for someone else's problems. Keeping yourself exceptionally flexible for someone else's unrealistic attitude. An exceptional ability to avoid people. Looking stupid being exceptional at avoiding something.

To dream of gymnastics practice represents thoughts about practicing a strong flexible non-jealous attitude. Preparing or trying for the first time to avoid something more than you ever have. Experimenting with the possibility of making exceptional attempts to avoid a jealous situation or relationship with calm.

Dreams of gymnastics may be common to people putting up with unhealthy relationships or problem situations that they want to avoid, but may have issues permanently avoiding.

Example: A young girl dreamed of missing gymnastics practice every time she tried to go to it. In waking life she was tried to tell herself that it was a good idea to try to get over a guy she was dating after he cheated on her, but every time she tried she couldn't because he would show up at her house to spend time with her. The gymnastics practice in this case may have reflected the dreamer's wish to begin practicing avoiding her unhealthy relationship with a perfectly flexible non-jealous attitude.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of choreographed gymnastics that she wasn't interested in before walking off to follow her boyfriend. In waking life she had for a very long time wanted to break up and move on from her boyfriend, but found it difficult to go through with it. The choreographed gymnastics in this case may have reflected her flexible non-jealous feelings about practiced preparations to break up and avoid her boyfriend.

*Please See Balance Beam.


To dream of playing hockey represents a competitive situation over an intentionally or temporarily uncertain problem that is "frozen", on hold, or stuck the way it is. Conflict or competition that is trying to get an advantage or improved standing over someone else before a "frozen," unresolved, deadlocked situation releases or progresses. A struggle to offload responsibility, obligation, or blame during an uncertain standstill. Conflict with another person over an issue about improving your standing during a situation that's stuck the way it is. A hockey match is a sign that you are trying to tell someone else that "it's your problem, not mine" during an uncertain standstill issue that has yet to be completed.

Negatively, dreaming of hockey may represent feelings of frustration, impatience, or a desire to escape from a difficult temporary uncertain situation that is "frozen", on hold, or stuck the way it is. Dealing with unresolved issues by creating any advantage possible before progress resumes. Feeling embroiled in a situation where no one is willing to compromise, leading to a prolonged stalemate or deadlock for any advantage possible in smaller ways to help you increase your chances of winning with the bigger issue at hand.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a hockey player. In waking life, he was recovering from a long-term illness during ongoing legal entanglement. In this case, the hockey player may have reflected his feelings of exceptional recovery and unexpected success in his health before the legal entanglement became unfrozen or was released.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of hockey players. In waking life, she lived on a farm while trying to build up her self-esteem regarding her marketable skills by studying psychology through home-school correspondence so that she'd have more to offer an employer when she finished her schooling. In this case, the hockey players may have reflected her feelings about her worklife being "frozen" while living at home on a farm, and choosing to use the opportunity to be competitive about improving her skills so that she could leave her life on the farm for a better job.

Hockey Stick

To dream of a hockey stick represents an ability to deflect responsibility or a burden. You may be involved in a competitive situation where avoiding taking responsibility for a problem is an issue. You or someone else that is saying "No, you deal with it because it's not my problem."

Positively, a hockey stick may represent your decision to stick up for yourself or respect yourself more than someone else. An unwillingness to take responsibility for something that is wrongly being placed on you.

Negatively, a hockey stick represents an arrogant attitude towards taking responsibility. Bullying that enjoys playing without any work or difficulties. It may also reflect your fear of someone else having the leverage or power to brush you off like you don't matter when times get tough.

Ice Skating

To dream of ice skating represents confidence about issues that you don't feel the need to do anything about. Feeling good noticing that a situation is permanently not going to change. Feel good believing that a problem will never matter or embarrass you. Playing or having enjoyment with the frozen status of a situation.

Negatively, you may be "sliding by" on responsibilities because you feel good beating the system or don't believe that a problem applies to you. A sign that there is something that you need to take more seriously. Playing behind an authority figure's or bully's back when they temporarily can't control you.

To dream of ice skating backwards represents total confidence or security that you will never be embarrassed by a problem or unwanted change. A complete lack of concern for your actions or having to pay attention to responsibilities while a situation in in a "frozen" status.

To dream of ice shavings on your skates represents a slow improvement to a problem that you don't feel the need to deal with. You may feel good noticing that something is taking care of itself.

Example: A woman dreamed of ice skating. In waking life she was pregnant and enjoying time off work. She was scared to tell anyone at work that she was liking time off.


To dream of the olympics represents feelings about competing to be the best as though nothing else matters. A competitive wish to inspire others with your competitive excellence. A wish to successfully compete for a goal that inspires others. Feelings about needing to the "best in the world." Competing to be the most original, smartest, practiced, or hardest working person in a situation. Attempting to set all "all time highest record" that has never been set before.

Negatively, dreaming about the olympics may be a sign that you are too concerned with competition for appearances, showing off being the best, or needing to inspire others. Feelings about not being able to be the best making you feel like a total disappointment. Feeling that second place is never good enough. Too much concern for thinking you deserve to be better than other people or to show off being the best. Behavior that is too competitive. A drive to succeed or be the best that makes feeling good or being friendly impossible.

To dream of terrorists at the olympics may reflect feelings about jealousy, ignorance, or arrogance that wants to cut off competing or stop a chance to prove oneself. Fear that wants to stop or overshadow a chance to prove being the best that has ever been.

Olympic dream symbolism may reflect a strong need to compete in business or finance.

Example: A young man dreamed of being in the olympics. In waking life he was very concerned with drawing the best art in his art class at school.

Playing Pool

To dream of playing pool represents a struggle or competition you are experiencing where you want to do everything you can to cancel out the opposition first.

Punching Bag

To dream of a punching bag represents a person or situation that you are taking out your anger or frustrations on. You may also be looking for a safe outlet to express your frustrations. Alternatively, the dream may mean that you are feel like someone is taking out their anger or frustration on you.


To dream of a quarterback represents an aspect of yourself that is responsible for orchestrating an attempt to get more leverage in a conflict. Controlling or assisting a situation to get back control or power by whatever means necessary. Leading a difficult struggle to achieve progress of any kind.

Positively, a quarterback may reflect feelings of respect and confidence as you lead a situation to get back power or control. Leading others to get a very difficult job done. Feeling the glory of good team work.

Negatively, a quarterback may reflect your feelings about failing to properly increase leverage in a situation. Mistakes, oversights, bad timing, or improperly delegating that has resulted in reversed momentum or progress. It may also reflect an arrogant attitude that feels it doesn't need other people to get a difficult job done. Poor team attitude.


To dream of the sport rugby represents situations in your life that are overly competitive or aggressive in terms of achieving progress. A conflict or challenge with a lot of resistance. A conflict of leverage where being mean or abrupt is normal. Conflict of leverage where there is no hesitation with getting rough or exploiting weakness if needed. Conflict of leverage where both sides noticeably don't care about being unfriendly in order to defeat each other. Conflict where being polite is not respected. A conflict or challenge between two sides that refuse to be pushed around.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a rugby player and enjoying riding a horse with him. In waking life she was enjoying making her ex-boyfriend jealous in order to make him come back to her. The rugby player may have reflected her feelings about being willing to get mean with her boyfriend using jealousy of other men in order to make him desperate to come back to her.

Shadow Boxing

To dream of shadow boxing represents feeling good thinking about proving yourself.  A sign that you may not be doing enough to actually prove yourself.

*Please See Boxing.


To dream of skiing represents feelings about breezing through the aftermath of a difficult situation. Breezing through the aftermath of an unbearable situation. Feelings about how easy an area of your life feels after an accomplishment has been achieved or a difficult situation is over. Enjoying noticing the most difficult or unbearable part of a situation is over.

Negatively, dreaming about skiing may reflect enjoying yourself easily escaping or moving away from something dangerous. Unpleasant or terrible situations that you are doing everything you can to quickly get over with. Desperately, or quickly trying to escape the unbearableness of a situation that has settled. Feelings about easily getting away from troubles.

To dream of cross-country skiing represents feelings about carefully taking your time getting through the unbearableness of a situation that has finished. Enjoying taking your time enduring an unbearable situation. Feeling good surviving or enduring the unbearable ending of a situation. Feeling good not being a fake as you get through an unbearable situation. Enduring everyday life during retirement.

Example: A man dreamed of enjoying a lot of skiing and then felt that he had to stop. In waking life, he was semi-retired enjoying time off work, and felt that working life was calling him back. The skiing may have reflected his feelings about enjoying how much easier his life felt to live of his accomplishments in semi-retirement while feeling that he had to stop skiing may have reflected his dislike of going back to work.

*Please See Slope.


To dream of soccer represents competitive thinking about not cheating with being perfectly capable of doing things on your own. An attitude of "hands off easy" while competing with others over doing things on your own the hard way. Competition where choosing easy options to avoid difficulty or quick fixes aren't allowed. Proving yourself all the time that you can do things the hard way. Feeling fine that you don't have to "hands things to yourself easy" while being competitive. Competition where it's important to prove yourself never asking for anyone's help.

Negatively, dreaming of soccer may indicate competitiveness in which you don't want to say to others why something is difficult to do easily on your own. Competitiveness that doesn't mind leaving people behind doing things the difficult way. Feeling that nobody is talking about why doing something difficult isn't difficult while you feel you can't keep up.

Example: A man dreamed of walking onto a soccer field. In waking life he was having an argument at work with a co-worker about which method was best to get a job done. In this case the soccer symbolism may have reflected the dreamers feelings about being competitive with his co-worker about being capable of solving a difficult work problem on his own without cheating anything. The soccer field was a new competitive playing field at work where people show off that where difficult work is easy to never cheat with.

Example 2: A 17 year-old teenage male dreamed of seeing a professional soccer match lose. A young woman he knew that gave him sexual tension sat on his lap during the game. In waking life he was jealous of experiencing his friends have girlfriends of the appropriate age while the girl he liked was 14 and age inappropriate. Watching the soccer match in this case may have reflected his feelings about being a spectator to his friends being competitive for girls and all capable of having girlfriends of appropriate ages while he felt like a cheater with sexual tension for someone too young for him. He felt "hands off" for the girl he liked because she was too young while his friends didn't have that problem.

Example 3: A man dreamed of seeing his son in white shirt and shorts playing soccer on a field with one other person. In waking life it was the 1 year anniversary of his son's death. In this case soccer may represent the man's feelings about the competitive nature of life and his need to prove to himself and others that he can continue to face life's challenges even after the loss of his son.

*Please See Soccer Ball.

Soccer Ball

To dream of a soccer ball represents an issue where you feel competitive attitude about never cheating at something difficult you are capable of doing on your own. Competition where doing things on your own is important to do with no shortcuts. Competitive issue where proving yourself without asking for help is important. Competitive feelings about no cheating at school or work doing things the hard way.

Example: A young woman dreamed of seeing a small boy with a deflated soccer ball on his head with bees swarming around his face. In waking life, the dreamer was ignoring her school work for days before the dream appeared. In this case, the deflated soccer ball may reflect the dreamer's "deflated" competitive attitude about getting school work done without taking shortcuts.


To dream of sports represents issues that you are struggling with. The opposing teams represents mental or emotional conflict between positive and negative aspects of your personality. The ball represents the a specific issue.

To dream of playing sports at school represents anxieties or personal issues that you are struggling with. You have concerns or interests that are presenting challenges to you in your life. You may have anxiety or concerns about being the best that you can.

The different kinds of sports all symbolize different perspectives of a struggle mentally or emotionally.

Sports Bra

To dream of a sports bra represents feelings of protecting yourself passive in order to competitively deserve to matter without explaining it. Confidence in not being cheated out of doing things the same as other when being assertive because you are usually passive. Protecting yourself not looking stupid being assertive when being passive is more normal for you. Passive behavior that is protective of itself never embarrassing itself being a flopper - someone who fails to deliver on their promises – and your determination to never undermine your worth or give up being doing what you said you'd do. A sense of protection or security in your ability to stand up for yourself when you usually don't. Not having to say anything to someone about protecting yourself thinking your better than them. A sense of not being vain about believing you matter when someone wants to tell you that you don't. Supporting yourself by reassuring yourself by being more aggressive than you usually are about not back down from something assertive you did.

Positively, dreaming about a sports bra may represents a newfound realization that being assertive isn't problematic. Feeling undeterred by the fear of being perceived as less than others, particularly when being assertive is an unfamiliar terrain for you. The fierce independence of a woman and her refusal to shy away from asserting her rights or defending her stance. Emotional resilience and readiness to assert independence.

Negatively, dreaming of a sports bra could symbolize the fear of being perceived as weak or vulnerable about backing down from assertive claims or behavior. A defensive stance or the need to shield oneself from potential emotional harm or scrutiny. A competitive attitude or a tendency to be overly serious or focused on outperforming others. Feelings about women being too competitive for your comfort level.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of wearing a sports bra. In waking life, she had recently ended a relationship with her boyfriend and was constantly having to remind him to respect her decision and leave her alone. In this case, the sports bra may have symbolized her emotional fortification, signifying her readiness to assert her independence and protect her emotional well-being by believing that she doesn't need to her ex-boyfriend because she'll probably meet someone else soon. It reflected her refusal to provide further explanations for her decision to end the relationship and her willingness to pursue other dating opportunities competitively, all while trying to avoid emotional embarrassment of ever thinking of dating him again due to talking to him.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a vampire woman wearing a sports bra. In waking life, a woman he was dating broke up with him. He trained her to be a competitive weightlifter. He felt that she was a hateful, vindictive, and mean person. In this case, the vampire wearing a sports bra may have reflected his feelings about the ex-girlfriend using him for sports training while being aggressive about thinking she's better than him to the point of not wanting to date him.

Sports Trading Cards

To dream of sports trading cards represents your interest in having or acquiring something. You may want to ensure that you don't miss out on feeling a certain way or having a certain type of experience.

Seeing a lot of trading cards or boxes of trading cards may reflect your wish to have all of something. You don't want to miss something or lose out in any way.

*Please See Trading Card Plastic Sleeve.


To dream of the sport softball represents an mental or emotional struggle to cancel, stop, get back at something, or opportunity to "hit a homerun" with a problem that feels easier than most. Softball may symbolically be more focused on getting away with something than on stopping it because the challenge is easier. An opportunity to change something, the past, or confront a problem that is feels more easily handed to you and more difficult to get away with than to confront.

*Please See Baseball.


To dream of tennis represents feelings about a back-and-forth issue you are competitive about. Thoughts about the importance of strategic engagement, back-and-forth dynamics, and sustained focus in your personal, professional, or emotional life. A back-and-forth conflict over who has a better advantage. Conflict over issues that you are arguing over whose problem it is. A back-and-forth conflict or argument. Fighting back and forth over the superiority of different agendas. Fighting over "whose ideas are better." A respectable conflict between two people trying to avoid jealousy. "Serving" someone the jealousy of a problem or cost that they fight back and forth over. Competitiveness back and forth that leaves the issue "in their court" to respond to you. Legal arguments over divorce or litigation.

Negatively, dreaming about tennis could represent feelings of being caught in a relentless back-and-forth situation or conflict. An exhausting competition, relentless argument, or a situation in your waking life where you constantly have to be on your toes. Perhaps you feel trapped in a cycle of reciprocity that seems endless or draining. Snobbily noticing you are better than someone in a back-and-forth faceoff.

To win a tennis match indicates overcoming a back-and-forth challenge. Successfully navigating a complex situation or conflict, demonstrating your competence and resilience. This could signify a boost in self-confidence, the attainment of a goal, or the successful resolution of a dispute.

To lose a tennis match represents feelings about "losing ground" in an ongoing back ad forth conflict or discussion. Feeling outmaneuvered or outstrategized in a back-and-forth dynamic, potentially leading to feelings of inadequacy, frustration, or being ill-equipped to handle the situation. It may also reflect a loss of competitive advantage or momentum in some area of your waking life. Not being able to compete or put up a fight with a back-and-forth issue. A back-and-forth argument you weren't strong enough to win. Accepting jealousy that someone else had a better idea or advantage than you did.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of walking toward tennis courts that were illuminated. In waking life, he was trying to get serious about weightlifting and kept forgetting. Whenever he missed his weight training session, people at the weightlifting training room would mention it. In this case, the tennis symbolism may have reflected a back-and-forth dynamic of proving he's serious about striving for better performance at the weightlifting room and dealing with comments from others when he missed his training sessions.

*Please See Tennis Balls.
*Please See Tennis Courts.
*Please See Tennis Racket.

Tennis Balls

To dream of a tennis ball represents a back-and-forth issue that you are competitive about. Back and forth fighting an issue. A conflict, problem, or challenge that is in dispute and requires strategic engagement or a response to resolve. It may symbolize a problem, task, or situation that is continuously being passed back and forth, often requiring your attention or response. This dream may reflect the competitive dynamics of your personal, professional, or emotional life, and the need for strategic engagement and sustained focus in these areas. The tennis ball could also signify the onus of responsibility or a task that keeps shifting between individuals or parties in your waking life. A back-and-forth conflict that may require a superior advantage or skillset to win.

Example: A woman dreamed of picking up a tennis ball. In waking life she was in an abusive relationship and felt that she had given in to her husband. Picking up the tennis ball may have reflected her feelings about thinking of beginnging to be more competitive with her abusive husband on issues that she thought were his problem and not hers. The ball may also have reflected her competitive thinking about "serving" a divorce.

*Please See Tennis.

Tennis Courts

To dream of a tennis court represents feelings about a setting, situation, or relationship where there is a back-and-forth dynamic or competition. It could reflect your perception of the rules, boundaries, or structure of this ongoing interaction. An empty tennis court may represent a potential dispute or challenge that awaits you, or an opportunity to prove your merit in a back-and-forth situation. A crowded or active tennis court might symbolize active disputes, conversations, or competitions in your waking life with a back-and-forth dynamic.

Example: A teenage boy dreamed of walking toward tennis courts that were illuminated. In waking life, he was trying to get serious about weightlifting and kept forgetting. Whenever he missed his weight training session, people at the weightlifting training room would mention it. In this case, the tennis court may have reflected his feelings about the setting of the weight training room having a back-and-forth dynamic of proving he's serious about training versus dealing with comments from others when he missed his training sessions that made him feel that he wasn't serious.

Tennis Racket

To dream of a tennis racket represents the tools or abilities you have to keep the back-and-forth competitive issue going. It signifies your capacity to respond, strategize, and engage in the dynamic that's ongoing. It might reflect your skills, resources, or strategies you're using in a situation where there's a competitive back-and-forth dynamic. A broken racket could signify feeling ill-equipped or unable to respond adequately in such situations, possibly causing feelings of frustration or inadequacy. Professional skills about getting back at someone who is competing with you with a back-and-forth issue.

Track And Field

To dream of track and field events represents feelings about waking life situations where attempting to be the best, strongest, or fastest is a priority. Training to be the best, strongest, or fastest. Feelings about needing to be absolutely perfect as possible. You have a competitive nature. Obstacles in life that require perfect performance to succeed. A desire to be a perfect winner in some area of your life. A competitive situation in your life where performance ratings are being observed. A challenging situation that puts skills to the test for "bragging rights."

Negatively, track and fiend events may reflect an overly competitive attitude. Desperation to be better than someone else. Desperation to be the best at something that ever was. Desperation to perform perfectly because you feel that your future or reputation is on the line. Desperation to prove yourself as the best. Risking everything to defeat someone else in an challenge so that they can never earn the right to talk down to you. Concerns or anxiety about being embarrassed in front of people that you aren't the best.


To dream of a "trampoline" represents feelings about situations in waking life that encourage rebounding, responsiveness, or striving for improvement. Opportunities, support systems, or circumstances that allow you to bounce back quickly from problems or take chances on new possibilities. Thoughts about seizing an opportunity after a setback or using available resources to launch yourself towards a goal or desire. Resilience or your ability to bounce back from difficult or emotional situations repeatedly. You may be doing everything you can to stay positive, avoid problems, or remain upbeat. Your ability to keep going.

Positively, dreaming about a trampoline may indicate striving to maintain optimism, adaptability, and resilience. A supportive environment or internal mindset that allows you to recover from setbacks with confidence or even use challenges as a springboard to greater heights. Enjoyment in risk-taking or a sense of excitement about potential opportunities.

Negatively, a trampoline in a dream might represent unpredictability, instability, or a lack of groundedness in your plans or emotions. Taking unnecessary risks without considering potential consequences or that you're relying too much on external factors for your sense of security or success. A sense of danger in "jumping too high" without a safety net or a plan. Wasting time striving for improvement in a situation.

To dream of falling off a trampoline represents feelings of failure or embarrassment that your resilience, positive outlook, or support system was not enough to keep you stable or secure. A loss of control, confidence, or motivation in your ability to "bounce back" from a challenge or setback. A situation may be encouraging you to give up striving to be better or succumb to negative thinking patterns.

Example: A woman dreamed of jumping on a trampoline where the springs broke. In waking life, she felt that her marriage was over. In this case, the broken trampoline reflected her feeling that her marriage couldn't bounce back from any fights, problems, or tension that kept coming up because all support or motivation to salvage the relationship was lost.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of jumping on a trampoline. In waking life, she kept getting embarrassed that God wouldn't punish her husband for cheating on her. She felt that if she kept praying harder that God would finally give her a miracle of punishing her husband. In this case, the trampoline may have reflected her use of religion as a support system to rebound from her hurt through prayer, constantly striving for a spiritual or moral reckoning by invoking divine intervention. The act of jumping on the trampoline symbolizes her repeated efforts and resilience in seeking validation or justice, continually trying to elevate her situation through prayer and expectation.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of getting married to her cousin and then jumping on a trampoline with children after the wedding ended. In waking life, she recently got engaged and was trying to abstain from sex with her fiance before marriage, but found it difficult. In this case, the trampoline may have reflected her sense of morality that repeatedly encouraged her to strive as hard as she could to remain sexually abstinent before marriage after each instance of giving in to temptation.


To dream of volleyball represents conflict in you are waiting or hoping for somethng to fail on it's own.  You are preferring to wait and see what happens.

To see volleyball players injured or losing a game represents you or someone else that failed to act or make a decision on time.


To dream of lifting weights represents you or someone else that is working to improve themselves. Trying to become stronger in some way.

If you see evil people lifting weight this symbolizes negative aspects of yourself that are becoming more powerful. Insensitive, deceptive, or negative habits are flourishing. You may be looking for ways to be meaner, scarier, or get revenge.

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