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To dream of a telephone (non-mobile) represents the ability to "get through", connect (closeness) or communicate with resources, feelings, ideas, or people that feel like it's out of necessity. Your ability to be understood when it's important so that your life works. Emotional or psychological communication with an aspect of yourself or issues that need attention in order to believe nothing is wrong. The ability to "get through" to people, listen to an inner voice, or realize an objective because it's necessary. It may also reflect a situation that could be "called" into being if desired. Alternatively, the telephone represents your communication and relationship with others and your ability to "get through" to them in a way that feels necessary.

To dream of phoning someone represents an attempt to reach out, "get through to", or connect with an aspect of yourself out of necessity. Reaching out or connecting with an aspect of yourself because you feel you need to. Initiating connection to certain feelings, situations, people with a sense of it being necessary. An aspect of yourself that you want attention from. People, feelings, or situations that you want accessible. Reaching out to connect with others, seeking assistance, guidance, or support from someone in waking life. Your desire to communicate your thoughts, feelings, or needs to someone. A need to establish or maintain a connection with someone important to you.

Negatively, phoning someone may represent feelings about overdoing an attempt to reach out, "get through to", or connect with an aspect of yourself out of necessity. Feelings about "getting through to" or connecting to an aspect of yourself that isn't listening. Efforts to confront, address, or resolve issues that are difficult, uncomfortable, excessive, or immoral. A fear of rejection or the anxiety of not being heard or understood. A sense of desperation or urgency in seeking connection or validation from others. A reliance on bad habits or negative thinking patterns.

To dream that a phone doesn't work or is broken represents feelings of frustration, communication breakdowns, or a disruption in your ability to connect with others or access important resources when necessary. Feelings of inadequacy or limitations in connection (or closeness) to resources, feelings, or people that you feel are important to have. Feelings of frustration, isolation, or a sense of being cut off from important resources or support systems. Feeling unable to initiate "getting through: to someone or "calling something up" that you usually can. Difficulties in expressing yourself or conveying your thoughts and feelings to others. Unresolved issues or conflicts in your waking life that need to be addressed before normalcy can be restored. Feeling cut off from resources or abilities. It may also reflect an inability to get in touch with someone. Feeling socially cut off. A situation may have gone awry and you feel that you can't do anything about it. Frustrations over not being able to convey your message or reach out to someone when it's crucial.

To dream of phoning someone with nobody answering represents feelings of being ignored, rejected, or neglected in waking life. Your attempts to seek help, advice, or attention from others, only to feel neglected or as though your concerns are not being acknowledged. You may feel unheard or overlooked by someone important to you, or you may be experiencing difficulties in reaching out for support or assistance. A sense of frustration or disappointment in your attempts to connect with others or convey your thoughts and feelings. A need to reevaluate your communication methods or seek alternative ways to address your concerns. Feelings of isolation or abandonment, highlighting a desire for attention or validation from others that is currently going unfulfilled. Alternatively, you may feel unable to get through to someone or unable to get attention. People may not be listening to you or respecting your wishes.

To dream of being ignored on the phone may represent feelings of frustration, rejection, or insignificance in waking life. You may have been made to feel overlooked, dismissed, or unimportant by a person or situation which you need in order to feel normal or safe. Feeling that help and attention are what you need and that you can't get it. Difficulties in having your needs met by others. It may also reflect a need to speak up more in waking-life situations where someone may not be listening to your concerns enough.

To dream of a telephone ringing or that someone is calling you represents an aspect of your personality that is trying to connect or "getting through" to you. Awareness of the need or opportunity for connection or communication in waking life. A person, situation, or opportunity in your life that requires your attention. A call to action or a reminder of unresolved issues, relationships, or tasks that you need to address. Feelings of anticipation, anxiety, or readiness to engage with an issue or person. Negatively, it may point to unpleasant issues that you are being forced to confront.

To dream of an unanswered phone ringing represents areas of your life that you are ignoring. Ignored opportunities or the refusal to address certain issues. Ignoring the opportunity to change that is trying to "get through to you." Issues or situations that you don't want to deal with or refuse to acknowledge. Ignoring people or your own conscience. Feelings of being overwhelmed or avoiding dealing with something that requires your attention. Refusing to allow someone to "get through to you" about an issue. Refusing to listen to advice. Aspects of your life or emotions that you are deliberately choosing not to engage with. Your hesitation or unwillingness to listen to your inner voice or to confront situations that make you uncomfortable.

To dream of emergency calls or calling 911 represents urgent feelings about needing to "get through" to a person or situation in your waking life that requires immediate attention or assistance. An urgent need to avoid something. Desperation to get rid of a problem. Feelings of distress, danger, or crisis that you are experiencing. Feeling overwhelmed, threatened, or vulnerable, and you are seeking help or support to address these issues. A need for quick action or intervention to resolve a pressing problem or prevent a potential disaster.

To dream of a very large telephone represents the importance of a message you wish to convey to others or a significant influence that you may be considering opening yourself up to with a sense that it may be "too big" for you. You or someone else may be close to accepting a big idea or making a dramatic change. Communication or connection in your waking life that feels significantly impactful or powerful that isn't usual for you. The need for clear, effective communication in a major aspect of your life or a situation that requires your undivided attention and assertive action. The need to amplify your efforts to reach out to someone or make your voice heard in a situation where you feel overshadowed or not taken seriously. A perceived need to make a big impression or ensure that your message is received loud and clear due to the importance of the message or the urgency of the situation.

To dream of a phone intentionally being left off the hook represents issues or problems that you want no part of or can't be bothered with. Avoidance of communication or a deliberate choice to ignore a situation that requires your attention. A desire to distance yourself from certain issues, emotions, or relationships in your waking life. A refusal to engage with problems, a reluctance to deal with unresolved matters, or a way to prevent others from getting through to you. Intentionally avoiding making decisions, responding to others, or acknowledging important aspects of your life that need to be addressed. A time to focus inwardly without external interruptions. Intentionally shutting yourself out.

To dream of a phone unintentionally being left off the hook represents feelings about a sense of neglect or oversight about nothing being able to connect, communicate, or "get through" to you. Feelings of regret or concern over neglected relationships, unresolved issues, or lost opportunities due to not paying enough attention or being too distracted. Additionally, this dream could highlight the consequences of being too preoccupied with other aspects of your life, leading to unintentional neglect of crucial connections or responsibilities. Accidentally shutting yourself out. A need to pay closer attention to your relationships and communication channels to prevent misunderstandings or missed opportunities.

To dream of a busy signal represents feelings about frustration, delays, or obstacles in reaching out or "getting through" to an aspect of yourself. People or situations that you feel forced to be patient with. A situation where a person or resource you are trying to reach is preoccupied with other issues or commitments, suggesting a need for patience or a different approach to the situation. A lack of availability or accessibility in a particular situation or relationship. Feeling frustrated about having to wait.

To dream of having trouble dialing a phone represents feelings of frustration or difficulty in initiating a situation where communication, connection, or "getting through" to others feels important. Insecurity or uncertainty about how to begin approaching a particular situation or relationship. Feeling nervous about asking someone for help. Feeling unsure how to connect to someone or initiate a conversation.

To dream of calling the wrong person or reaching the wrong person represents feelings about waking life miscommunication or misunderstandings. A need to clarify your communication or ensure that you are reaching out to the right people for support or assistance. It may also suggest feelings of frustration or disappointment if you are unable to connect with someone who you had hoped would be able to help or support you. Consider evaluating your communication style and making adjustments to ensure that you are effectively conveying your thoughts, feelings, and needs to others.

To dream of having a bad connection on the telephone represents feelings of frustration or difficulty in establishing clear communication with others in waking life. Disrupted waking life communication or insecurity about a relationship. Bad communication skills. It may also reflect a lack of confidence in your ability to maintain a strong position or do something you are usually quite confident about. Misunderstandings or confusion with communication, connection, and "getting through" to people when it's important so that you life will work.

To dream of being put on hold on the telephone may represent feelings about being temporarily delayed or sidelined in your waking life endeavors. You may feel as though your needs or concerns are being overlooked or disregarded by others, leading to a sense of frustration or impatience. Feelings about yourself not being a priority to someone else. Feeling that you are not as important to deal with as another person or situation. Feeling that someone isn't listening to your feelings or needs. A need to assert yourself more assertively or assertively advocate for your own interests and priorities.

To dream of putting others on hold on the telephone represents feelings of prioritizing your own needs or concerns over those of others in waking life. Feelings about people or situations that you are intentionally delaying or temporarily avoiding to focus on something of higher priority. Making promises with good intentions that you can't keep. Awareness of yourself not having to respect someone or listen to their feelings. A sense of detachment or disinterest in the issues or concerns of others, possibly indicating a need to reevaluate your relationships and communication patterns to ensure that you are fostering mutual understanding and support.

To dream of calls that hang up on you may represent feelings of rejection or dismissal in waking life. You may feel as though your efforts to connect with others or convey your thoughts and feelings are being disregarded or cut short. Feelings about people wanting to do things with you or for you. Feelings about people suddenly changing their minds at the last minute. A lack of closure or resolution in a particular situation or relationship, leaving you feeling uncertain or incomplete.

Dreams of telephone calls from the deceased are very common when people are grieving. The dreams may reflect the person's desire to speak to the person again. It may also reflect the person's difficulty adjusting to the reality that speaking to the person is now impossible. Positively, calls from the deceased may reflect your wish to have a sign that they are safe or happy in the spiritual world.

Example: A woman dreamed of calling her therapist on the telephone and always getting voicemail no matter how many times she called. In waking life, she felt that her therapist wasn't listening or responsive enough during her sessions. In this case, the telephone may have reflected her attempt to communicate, connect, and "get through" to her therapist about drawing attention to her lack of responsiveness/listening that prevented a normal doctor/patient relationship and impeded her progress in her sessions.

Example 2: A person once dreamed of making telephone calls and then being interrupted by a voice that said "This is the monitoring office, this is the monitoring office." In waking life, they lived in Nazi Germany and the government was starting to make them feel paranoia and anxiety about privacy invasion. They felt that everything they did in life was being watched by others who may report them to the government. In this case, the act of making phone calls may have reflected her attempts to maintain a semblance of normal communication and connection to people in her life despite the pervasive sense of surveillance and fear of intrusion by authorities.

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