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To dream of YouTube represents feelings about a socially interactive experience where people make it easy to share experiencing whatever perspectives, ideas, or experiences they want without thinking it's difficult with their own free will. Feeling that there is nothing difficult about experiencing whatever someone else said was possible as an option that's left up to you. A sense of safety and personal prerogative in choosing to have an experience you want being left up to you of your own free will.

Negatively, dreaming about YouTube may reflect feelings about how dishonest, excessive, or unsafe sharing perspectives, ideas, or experiences with other people is because other people use their personal prerogative to avoid listening to or respecting what you shared. Concerns about the unintended consequences of sharing knowledge and the potential for it to be exploited by others with harmful intentions.

To dream of watching a YouTube video represents an openness to new ideas or learning from others' experiences. An experience in life where you are interested in someone else's perspective, ideas, or experiences without thinking it's difficult. A curiosity about different perspectives or a willingness to be informed or entertained through others' insights. You may be interested in new ideas, want to participate in something you heard about, or experiment with something without thinking it's difficult. Your desire to connect with broader communities or trends. A desire for learning, entertainment, or broadening your horizons with other people explaining things in perfect detail.

To dream of making a YouTube video could represent an eagerness to share your thoughts, experiences, or ideas with others made easy in perfect detail that's a choice for other people to think about it or not. A desire for recognition, the sharing of your personal story, or contributing to a larger conversation or community.

To dream of a YouTube personality represents feelings about you or someone else that gets a lot of attention for easily sharing their perspectives, experiences, or ideas for others to experience on their own free will. Feelings about how easy it is to get attention while influencing or impacting others. Admiration, inspiration, or sometimes, skepticism towards the influence of an aspect of your personality that gets a lot of attention. Negatively, it may represent feelings of not liking yourself being someone whom people pay attention to for shared perspectives, experiences, or ideas. Experiencing the negative consequences and a loss of control over one's reputation for sharing experiences with people. Alternatively, it might suggest a need to be cautious about how you present yourself online and the potential consequences of seeking attention and validation through social media or other public platforms.

To dream of a YouTube channel represents a specific area of your life where you or someone else is sharing experiences, knowledge, or views with others in an ongoing manner. Wanting to organize, present, and share ideas, experiences, or talents to a broader audience in an ongoing manner. Your desire to stay informed, entertained, or engaged with ongoing interests or passions. Concerns about the pressure to maintain a certain image or persona, or anxiety about the reception of your ideas. Concerns about the need to keep going with sharing of perspectives, ideas, or experiences with other people.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a YouTube personality's face in an alley. In waking life, he was aware of ignorant jealous people from his past using the website to learn to speak in symbolism criminally for cyberbullying on their Facebook pages within photographs as a means to get back at him for a misunderstanding over his use of a business logo having a name similar to the lastname of a former friend. In this case, YouTube may have reflected his feelings about his website being openly and freely used by the people from his past to experience learning the dream language for a criminal experience instead of a safe psychological experience. The website being public allowed the people from his past to easily access and misuse the information for their own negative purposes, reflecting a lack of control over how his work was being interpreted and applied. The dream may have highlighted his concerns about the unintended consequences of sharing knowledge and the potential for it to be exploited by others with harmful intentions.

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