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Music or sound in dreams most often represents how you feel.  What feelings are being projected outward by a person or situation you are experiencing.


To dream of an accordion represents making others feel that you are trying too hard or overcompensating. You or someone else that is putting too much effort into something. An accordion may reflect a failed attempt to impress or convince someone.  Positively, an accordion may symbolize your attempt to show someone how hard you are trying.

Example: A young man dreamed of playing an accordion to his ex-girlfriend. In real life he couldn't convince her to come back to him. He felt that nothing he said or did could impress her. The accordion reflected his attempt to make her feel like he was trying as hard as he could to impress her.


To dream of bagpipes represents projecting feelings of enjoying being insensitive or enjoying experiencing something insensitive. Projecting feelings that being insensitive is openly accepted.

Negatively, bagpipes may reflect annoyance from others openly projecting their feelings that being insensitive is appropriate when you don't feel that it is. A casual attitude about celebrating insensitively that others are sensitive about.

Example: A young woman dreamed of hearing bagpipes in the background. In waking life she had just broke up with her first love and her friends were openly celebrating it.

Bass Guitar

To dream of a bass guitar represents making others feel good about how deep or interesting you are.

Bongo Drums

To dream of bongo drums represents feeling good noticing something happening nonstop all the time.


To dream of a bugle represents you or someone else that is making others feel the call of expediency. Making others feel that there is something important at hand. A call to attention or to hurry up.

CDs (Compact Disks)

To dream of a CD represents memories, feelings, or a sequence of thoughts that you choose to play internally. It reflects a chosen tone, mood, or agenda. "Toeing the line" or conforming to a set standard of thinking.

To dream of giving someone else a cd may represent an attempt to influence another person with certain beliefs or feelings. It may also reflect your own attempt to listen to new ideas.

To dream of buying CD's represents a choice to feel a certain way or to "tow a line" of thinking. A situation has influenced you to conform to a set standard of thinking. Who or where you buy a cd from symbolizes what it is that's influencing you.

CD Player

To dream of a CD player represents an ability to control the tone, mood, agenda of a given situation. Having things your way. You have control over how a situation feels and may be able to change it or stop it if you don't like it.

Cassette Tape

To dream of a cassette tape represents issues or situations that are interesting enough to set aside time or resources to exploring. It may reflect making plans to experience something or making a concerted effort to do something. Plans you want to make, hobbies you care about, or anything that you'd have to go out of your way to feel.

To dream of cassette tapes that you don't want to listen to represents resistance to doing something that is up too much time or work. You may think something is too unpleasant or too much work to bother with.

Example: A man dreamed of finding an old cassette tape. In waking life he discovered his old comic books and decided to sit around for the day looking at them.


To dream of a chello represents feeling that nobody cares about you.  Alternatively, a chello may reflect annoyance at having to hear about someone else's problems.


To dream that you are at a concert represents situations where you don't care about anything except noticing yourself feeling good all the time. Going out of your way to notice yourself feeling good. Making an effort or trying your hardest to enjoy yourself. Concerts may reflect social gatherings or moments where you are doing something you like all the time.

Consider the way the band's music makes you feel and how that feeling may apply to a positive situation in your current life. Dark or negative music at a concert may reflect other people's awareness of you feeling good about something a lot that they don't like.

Example: A man dreamed of being at a concert with a friend. In waking life he was always talking to everybody he knew about his preparations to sell his house and move to a beautiful tropical country.

Example 2: A young man dreamed of getting tickets to a concert from a friend. In waking life that friend invited him to come over to his house to watch a movie.

Concert Tickets

To dream of a concert tickets may represents a plan or invitation to an event is totally focused on feeling good all the time.  You may have an invitation to a social gathering or exciting situation.

Example: A young man dreamed of getting tickets to a concert from a friend. In waking life that friend invited him to come over to his house to watch a movie later that day.


To dream of a music or orchestra conductor represents controlling how other people feel.  You or someone else that is managing people or trying to keep them in a specific mindset.  Controlling the mood of a situation or always adjusting yourself to keep others feeling good about something.  Keeping a situation feeling perfect or just right.

Using all your knowledge and skill in a harmonious way.

Country Music

To dream of country music represents emotions expressed that "feel good nothing in life is for free while feeling good nothing is wrong with that." Emotions of contentment and acceptance of life's challenges and obstacle with a belief in finding happiness amidst difficulties. It represents a belief that despite difficulties, one can still find happiness and a sense of fulfillment. The music reflects a down-to-earth and straightforward approach to life, embracing its ups and downs without complaints. Feelings about a down-to-earth and straightforward approach to life.

Negatively, dreaming about country music represents overdoing feeling good that nothing in life is free while feeling good nothing is wrong with that" to the point that other people might be annoyed by it. An excessive optimism or naivety about feel good about life's challenges or being down to earth. Feeling good being down to earth or confronting life's ups and downs isn't what other people like.

Music symbolism in general may reflect feelings expressed in a way that isn't the best way to feel in the current moment or annoyance that someone else feels that way.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to a country musician who was frustrated with his career. In walking life he was trying to get a better job either through a promotion or new job elsewhere. In this case the country music musician may have reflected his feelings about himself as a professional provider for his family that despite all life's difficulties or shortness on money that he wanted his family like their life anyway while good good about him doing that for them.


To dream of drums represents feelings about the repetitive nature of a situation. Behavior or situations that feel non-stop. Something is happening all the time. It may also reflect pressure you feel from someone else to do something all the time.

Alternatively, drums may represent feelings of self-determination or progressing in a situation on your own terms. You or someone else that is only willing to do things their own way. A strong will or sticking by your decisions.

Positively, drums may reflect how good it feels to notice something you like happening all the time. Progress, momentum, or keeping pace. It may also mean you are trying to prove to others that you can keep up.

Negatively, drums may reflect a feeling that something bad keeps recurring. Negative momentum or progress you don't want to experience. Feeling annoyed by recurring experiences or behavior. Consider the phrase the "drums of war."

Example: A man dreamed of seeing someone playing drums in front of him that annoyed him. In waking life his business partner refused to stop plans for the business that he didn't agree with. The drums reflected the dreamer's feelings about their partners unrelenting drive to keep repeating behavior that he didn't agree with.


To dream of a fiddle represents you or someone else that is encouraging others to feel good noticing life being harmonious. Celebrating troubles or hard work that is now over.


To dream of a flute represents you or someone else that is making others feel that nothing wrong is ever happening. Feeling that everything is perfect all the time. Telling others to never worry or care.

Negatively, a flute may reflect perfectionist tendencies or trying too hard to keep others happy.


To dream of an acoustic guitar represents encouraging others to feel good noticing how special or interesting you are by not looking at yourself. Trying to feel good impressive to others by not being impressive. Feeling good to others by intentionally not feeling better than others. Trying to make others feel good about who you are or find you interesting. Feeling good to others never needing a physical confrontation. Being love with what you are doing and hoping others like it too.

To dream of an electric guitar represents encouraging others to feel good noticing how totally awesome, never weak, or cool you are. Feeling good being dangerous edgy about why nothing can stop you. Projecting feelings about yourself being dangerously cooler or exceptionally more exciting than other people. Feelings about oneself being the coolest thing anyone has ever seen. Projecting feelings about nothing weak about everything happening being awesome or everlasting.

Negatively, dreaming about an electric guitar may be a sign that you are trying too hard to show off or impress other people. Feeling good being dangerous about why nothing can stop you.
Feeling good dangerously never losing.

Guitar dreams may also be common to people in a band to reflect issues with the band. Frustrations with practicing.

Example: A man dreamed of finding his guitar smashed and then thinking of replacing it with a new white one. In waking life he was experiencing problems with his wife sexually and was considering trying to improve the relationship.

Example 2: A man dreamed of seeing someone sitting in a garage on a folding chair playing a guitar. In waking life he was a gay male who was expecting a another gay male to leave his wife while also preparing to enter drug rehab. The guitar playing in the garage may have reflected the gay dreamers feelings about the potential relationship waiting for him (garage) while he waited for other man to leave his partner and deal with the drug addiction (guitar playing).

Example 3: A teenage girl dreamed of buying a 25 dollar guitar for her brother when he didn't know how to use it. In waking life she had a bad argument with her brother and hadn't spoken to him in over a year and didn't like noticing him arguing with their mother. In this case the guitar she bought for her brother which he didn't know how to use may have reflected her thoughts about giving her bother opportunities or signals to attempt to feel good not being impressive to her to help initiate a reconciliation.


To dream of a harmonica represents feeling that you don't want to do anything to notice your problems. Positively, you may be trying to distract yourself from your noticing your problems. Negatively, you may be longing for an opportunity to escape your problems.


To dream of a harp represents you or someone else that is making others feel safe and stable. Making others feel that nothing bad is ever going to happen again. Feeling that nothing can fail you or cancel your happiness again. It may also reflect spiritual balance or healing.


To dream of a musical horn represents situations where you don't feel good noticing something that's happening.  Experiencing a situation that is a "downer."

Jazz Music

To dream of jazz music represents a style of feelings that is fluid, dynamic, and soulful all at once. It's a coolness that takes its time and isn't bothered by problems or distractions. Jazz evokes a feeling of freedom and enjoyment, without the need to explain or justify anything. Feeling that there is nothing serious about the a fluid and dynamic nature of a situation. A situation that enjoys feeling like a "cool cat" such as liking taking the day off to read an interesting book. Laid back feelings about not seeing yourself like other people because you need to notice that what you're doing is important to enjoy. Nothing feels perfecter than experiencing a situation for what it is and being cool about it. Feeling good seeing a situation for what it is with the nuances of being beautiful. Your feelings about a fluid and dynamic approach to relationships, where emotions and attractions can shift and change over time. Feeling that nothing is outrageous about having to see yourself however you have to see yourself. Feeling that nothing is your fault no matter what is going on. Feeling whatever happens happens and being laid back about it.

Negatively, dreaming of jazz music represents feeling too laid back or indifferent towards problems or responsibilities. A lack of motivation to make progress in life. Being too complacent and accepting of negative situations, rather than taking action to improve them. Additionally, constantly shifting emotions and attractions in relationships could make it difficult to form stable connections with others. A struggle with commitment and being too fluid in their relationships, causing confusion and potential hurt for themselves and others involved. Feeling in love with someone and that you'll never get over it.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of a jazz band. In waking life she was enjoying reading books. In this case the jazz music may have reflected her feelings about loving taking time off to read a good book.

Example 2: A young woman dream of a jazz piano. In waking life she was having different feelings for multiple men. She was strongly to a man she didn't love while strongly loving a man she wasn't attracted to. In this jazz music her fluid and dynamic feelings about relationships, where emotions and attractions can shift and change over time.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of ballroom dancing with a jazz twist. In waking life she experienced herself having to push people out of her life while also experiencing new feelings about random people she met everyday. She felt that people always tried to take a piece of her and she was just beginning to realize this and fight it. In this case the jazz twist may have reflected her feelings about the current state of her social life feeling fluid, dynamic, and soulful all at once.

Keyboard Synthesizer

To dream of a keyboard synthesizer represents total control over or manipulation of other people's feelings.


To dream of hearing music represents a theme to the type of emotions you are feeling. A prevailing mood or atmosphere in some aspect of your life. Ask yourself how the music or musician makes you feel while listening to it.

Consider the words to the song that you are dreaming about for additional meaning. In many cases the lyrics of a song reflect real life emotions. Try to think how the lyrics may apply to your life or current emotional state.

To dream of hearing discordant or out of tune music reprsents unhappiness, lack of harmony, and troubles in your waking life.

To dream of playing music for others may reflect a mood or atmosphere you are trying to create. Ideas, stories, or actions of yours that are projecting certain feelings to others. You may want to influence others or make them feel a certain way.

Dreams of music may also reflect rapport, getting along, or bonding.

Example: A person dreamed of soft gentle music. In real life they we're a guest in someone's house and we're being made to feel very welcome and safe. The soft music reflected the welcoming safe atmosphere being projected to them.

Example 2: A man dreamed of turning off loud music. In real life he had just endured a very chaotic and fast paced work week.

Fact: Paul McCartney dreamed of the music to the song "Yesterday" in his sleep. Beethoven also had music come to him in his sleep. Giuseppi Tartini dreamed that the Devil came to him in his sleep playing the musical piece "The Devil's Trill Sonata."

*Please See Singing.


To dream of a musician represents an aspect of your personality that's intelligent about other people needing to feel good about everything they're feeling. Expertise or experience in feeling good a certain way without seeing a problem. An aspect of your personality that values and prioritizes the emotions and feelings of others. It may represent your mastery or proficiency in creating a positive or uplifting atmosphere and the tendency to influence the emotions of those around you. Being good at controlling the moods or feelings of others. Awareness of your job paying for family life to feel good a certain way like it's your responsibility.

Negatively, dreaming about a musician represents controlling behavior or the desire to dictate how others should feel. Manipulating emotions. A negative emotional influencer. Anxieties or doubts about not being able to make other people feel good all the time. Overdoing your role that feeling good shouldn't stop once.

Example: A man dreamed of talking to a country musician who was frustrated with his career. In walking life he was trying to get a better job either through a promotion or new job elsewhere. In this case the country music musician may have reflected the man's feelings about himself as a professional provider for his family, who wants to provide a good life that felt good for them despite life's difficulties and financial struggles. He may been too sensitive about needing his family to view him as never cutting anything off once while he switches jobs.

*Please See Celebrities.


To dream of being at the opera represents situations where you and others are expected to perfectly adhere to higher standards of maturity or more respectable codes of conduct. Having to blend in with rich people, snobs, weddings, good schools, or upscale events.

A concerted effort to behave perfectly intelligent, responsible, or sophisticated around other people. A situation that motivates you to behave or be more mature than usual. "Putting your best face on" for a special occasion. A area of your life where you feel the need to act perfect. Feeling good acting perfectly respectable or adult.

Negatively, dreaming about an opera may reflect peer pressure you feel in social situations that are dominated by rich people. It may also reflect your dislike of rich people or having to confirm during special occasions like weddings.

Example: A young girl dreamed of having a knife fight at the opera. In waking life she dressed like a Goth and attended a school with a lot of students she described at "rich preppies." The opera reflected her school having lots of rich people with high standards for mature behavior that she was expected to conform to.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her fiancee not wearing pants while attending an opera. In waking life she was about to get married and was having wedding rehearsals which she felt her fiancee was not giving a lot of effort towards.

Opera Singer

To dream of an opera singer represents a person or situation that makes everyone feel that they need to act perfect.  An aspect of yourself or an area of your life that motivates everyone else to show how responsible, professional, or dignified they are to everyone else.

Organ (Church Pipe)

To dream of seeing a church pipe organ represents something that makes you feel like you can't do anything wrong ever.  Feeling that you have to behave all the time.  Negatively, a pipe organ may be a sign that something is scaring you into having to be extra positive or well behaved.


To dream of a piano represents mastery or total control over your emotions. Feeling that a situation is absolutely perfect.

You may be practicing self-control or training yourself to give up certain feelings. A piano may also show up in a dream when you listening to certain types of music to control your mood. Sexual abstinence or reducing sexual activity may be an issue.

Consider the location of the piano to gain insight into how your emotions are being controlled. A piano in an office may point to emotional self-improvement and a piano in a bedroom may reflect emotional control over private or sexual issues.

Negatively, a piano may reflect too much confidence in your ability to master a problem. Superior mastery of a skill for immoral purposes.

Example: A woman dreamed seeing someone playing the piano. In waking life she was very confident in herself being perfectly faithful to God. She felt she had mastered her ability to make God happy with the large amount of persistent praying and good behavior.

Rap Music

To dream of rap music represents feeling emotions expressed that feel good showing off feeling being the best, being arrogant, or putting down others to feel good about yourself. Feelings of superiority, bragging, or an over-inflated sense of power. Winning first. Feeling good being bigger than others like nothing else matters.

Positively, rap music represents feeling good being the best because you keep proving you are. Confidence and has a strong sense of self-esteem that didn't except being little or a wimp. Feeling good about something strong because you feel nobody will be in love with your choices if you don't.

Negatively, rap music may reflect you or someone else that is too concerned with feeling good thinking they are the biggest or most powerful. Overdone thinking people are losers if they don't notice winning all the time. Faking feeling good being a winner all the time. Impotence to win that doesn't do anything except feel good being best loudest. Enjoying bragging or thinking you are better than other people.

Example: A man dreamed of the lyrics to a rap music song that he believed were crucial for a school assignment. However, he lost the lyrics and was faced with the possibility of failing the assignment. In his waking life, he was feeling arrogant and wanted to use the rap lyrics as an opportunity to humiliate his father at his funeral, as he held a grudge against him for causing him embarrassment while alive. However, he eventually lost the courage to follow through with his plan and felt defeated as a result. The dream highlights the man's conflicted emotions regarding his relationship with his father and the struggle to control his feelings of anger and revenge.

Records (Vinyl)

To dream of vinyl music records represents situations where you want to enjoy feeling a certain way without interruption. A sign that you may be depressed, nostalgic, or just very focused on feeling a certain way by yourself. Not wanting to feel stupid having a good time interrupted.

Negatively, a record may reflect sensitivity about wanting to enjoy social interactions without any interruptions unpleasant topics being brought up.

Example: A man dreamed of enjoying listening to a record being played with his friends when the record abruptly ended, but the turn table kept turning and he got angry and shouted at his friends who weren't listening. The man had become increasing impatient with a paralyzing illness and wished to die. He actually did die days after this dream.

Record Player

To dream of a record player represents the freedom to feel how you want whenever you want without interuption.


To see or play a saxophone in a dream represents making other people consider or pay attention to your feelings. You may have spoken up for yourself, made a complaint, or appealed to someone to pay attention to your needs.

Alternatively, it may also represent your view of another person that wants others to consider their feelings or needs.

Sheet Music

To dream of sheet music represents insight into how to create specific feelings. Setting a mood or doing what someone else wants to help them feel a certain way. Waking life situations where you are being directed or given instructions on what you others think feels best.

Positively, dreaming about sheet music may reflect communication between people that gives a partner insight into keeping them happy. Something learned about another person that makes them feel a certain way.

Negatively, sheet music in a dream may reflect a perfect method or advice on how to manipulate others emotions. It may also reflect your heightened sensitivity about needing to be perfectly considerate of others emotional state. Feeling that you are unable to be yourself because you need to comply with others emotional needs first.

*Please See Musical Notes.


To dream of singing happily represents joy, happiness, or harmony. A positive, uplifting or cheerful mood. You may have been in the mood to celebrate. Your outlook in life is looking up. Alternatively singing may reflect how you communicate, embrace, or express your feelings.

To dream of singing sadly may represent how you are communicating, embracing, or expressing your pain.

To dream of singing to someone else may reflect a need to project certain feelings to others or to make others feel a certain way. You may be very concerned about making someone feel good about what you are saying to them.

Example: A man dreamed of singing a song to his parents. In real life he was preparing to lie to them and believed that his story had to feel perfect to them. His story and rhetoric had to be totally on key. The singing reflected his need to make his parents feel good about his lie.

*Please See Music.


*Please See Music.

Speakers (Stereo)

To dream of stereo speakers represents communication of feelings.  Verbal or nonverbal gestures that let others know how you are feeling.  Your ability to get your feelings expressed.

Music coming out of a speaker may reflect the type of feeling you or someone else is expressing.

To dream of strange noises coming out of a speaker may represent mixed messages you or someone else is giving about their true feelings.


To dream of a symphony represents harmony and cooperation
in a situation or relationship.  A special moment where everything is coming together or working in tandem.  People you know are all doing their part to make something special happen.

A symphony may also reflect your sensitivity that a number of people or situations are working together perfectly.


To dream of a trombone represents making others feel that someone else needs you. Noticing someone else has a problem. You or someone else that is making it known that duty or guiding others is important.

Alternatively, a trombone may reflect not feeling good noticing other people's problems or feeling you have to stop what you're doing for someone else.

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing her husband playing the trombone. In real life she was happy to see how supportive her husband was of their son as they bonded while they bonded. The trombone represents the feelings.


To dream of a trumpet represents you or someone else that is making others feel that something is important to be noticed.  A call to attention.  

Feeling good noticing things doing what their supposed to be doing.  Feeling good noticing you're being noticed.


To dreaming of seeing a tuba represents feelings of standing out more than others. Positively, it may reflect feelings of importance. Perhaps, there is an important messsage that you or someone else is drawing attention to. Negatively, it may reflect feeling embarassed by unwanted attention.


To dream of a violin represents interesting others in giving you sympathy or caring about your problems. The violin could also represent your feelings about someone else that wants sympathy or for others to feel sorry for them.

Negatively, the violin may reflect self-pity. Positively, it may reflect your desire for people to acknowledge you in some manner.


To dream of a xylophone represents you or someone else that is encouraging others to notice how wonderful you are. Feeling that you or someone else is a good person.  Radiating a sense of trust, kindness, or safety to others.

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